Jacob elordi dating sydney sweeney

Everything Sucks!

2009.07.03 08:39 Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks! is a Netflix original coming-of-age comedy-drama created by Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan that parodies teen culture of the mid-1990s. The series is set in the real-life town of Boring, Oregon in 1996, and focuses on a group of teenagers who attend the fictional Boring High School as they proceed to make a movie together while dealing with issues such as dating and sexuality. The series stars Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Peyton Kennedy, Patch Darragh and Claudine Mboligikpelani.

2023.03.22 12:11 CelebBattleVoteBot Sydney Sweeney vs Jeanine Mason vs Melissa benoist vs Millie bobby brown vs Stefanie Scott vs Anastasia Ashley

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2023.03.22 12:05 Mean-Doughnut9577 Sydney Sweeney vs Jeanine Mason vs Melissa benoist vs Millie bobby brown vs Stefanie Scott vs Anastasia Ashley

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2023.03.22 09:56 dannysleep Sydney Sweeney is flawless

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2023.03.22 07:28 Impossible_Self_9394 Sydney Sweeney Sexy Bikini Video (Latest)

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2023.03.22 07:20 monkeys546 The Voyeurs (2021) Sydney Sweeney & Ben Hardy Sex Scene (Naked and Sex Edit)

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2023.03.22 06:49 James007BondUK Sydney sweeney

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2023.03.22 06:48 Jakeson032799 23 turning 24 [M4F] Philippines/Taiwan/Anywhere/Online

Hello guys!
I'm Jacob and I am half-Filipino, half-Taiwanese currently residing in the Philippines. I'm looking for someone I can date.
I'm primarily looking for women from East Asia but I don't discriminate based on race. Even if we don't become in a relationship, we can still certainly be friends.
My hobbies are writing, listening to music, playing video games, taking photos, and learning languages. I work as a freelancer and my interests are usually politics, the economy, history, music, literature, and video games. I'm also an aspiring writer, IT professional, and video game dev.
So if you're looking for an Asian guy to date, here I am. Don't hesitate to send me a message. I wouldn't mind your location, but know that my replies would be late since I am busy doing stuff.
Anyways, bye and hope to talk to you.
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2023.03.22 04:50 Otherwise-Yard-3176 Sydney Sweeney

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2023.03.22 02:51 JSTLF What are the newest payphones in Australia?

As the title says. There's precious little info on payphones in Australia other than that they're free and where they are based on cursory googling. I will probably do some deeper research later but I suspect that I won't find anything substantial or up to date. I would guess that they're at least as new as the Sydney Metro, as most Metro stations I've been to have payphones, so that would put them in the last 5 years at least.
Also wondering how often they're serviced. I reported a broken payphone to Telstra last week and they said they'd fix it — came to it a few days later and they had indeed changed out the affected part, but it was even more broken than what it had before lol.
Honestly would just love to know anything and everything about payphones in Australia. Would appreciate obscure sites about them, news, or personal knowledge.
Something I might offer up is that the newer Sydney Metro payphones use 04 numbers instead of 02 numbers like most of Sydney. I also ran into an 04 payphone the other day not on the Metro (I have been collecting payphones to add them to my contacts so I know if a mate is calling me from a usual location).
Oh, I also want to know about non-Telstra payphones if you know anything! The last stats I saw was 15k Telstra 5k non-Telstra which kind of blew me away because I thought only Telstra operated them. How can there be 5k non-Telstra payphones? I've seen ONE, out of hundreds of Telstra payphones. (Tri-tel, in the University of Sydney Wentworth Building — but it looked like it was out of order and I think Tri-tel went out of business years ago)
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2023.03.22 02:11 ShroomieDoomieDoo I need a scent that will make my boyfriend blush

We've been together for a few years now and are in love in a way I never thought possible. I'm not particularly worried about things getting stale or boring, but I always like to change it up a bit to keep things fresh. We're coming up on our anniversary soon and I would like to find a new scent to intrigue him with.
I already have a daytime/work perfume that works well for me (Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs), so I'm looking specifically for date nights. I want something that'll turn heads, and make him blush when he kisses me. I'm thinking warm, spicy, seductive, and maybe incense-y but I'm open to suggestions. A feminine version of Sex Panther by Odeon, if you will.
I've heard some good things about La Belle Price by Jean Paul Gaultier, but it's expensive so I wanted to get some input first lol. Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.03.22 02:01 Tacoking7891 Sydney Sweeney

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2023.03.22 01:43 Slow_Ad_98 Good A** Job (Hypothetical)

Background: Good A** Job was initially meant to be the fourth installment in Kanye West's "College Dropout" series. The album was first teased by Kanye in 2007 and was intended to be released in 2008. However, due to personal and professional issues, the album was delayed and ultimately scrapped. In 2023, after years of anticipation from fans, Kanye decided to revisit the project and release it as a final tribute to his "College Dropout" era.
Story: Good A** Job is a reflection on Kanye's journey since the release of his debut album, "The College Dropout," and serves as a culmination of his experiences and growth as an artist. The album takes listeners on a journey through Kanye's past, present, and future, with a mix of unreleased tracks, scrapped songs from previous albums, and new material. The album is a celebration of Kanye's artistry, and a reminder of his influence on the industry.
Release Date: June 23, 2023
Track List:
  1. Anyway
  2. I Got This Love (feat. 88-Keys)
  3. Follow your Heart
  4. Down Town (feat. Brandy)
  5. What It Is (feat. T-Pain)
  6. Grammy Family (feat. Consequence)
  7. Higher (feat. Tarrey Torae)
  8. Gimme The Mic (Skit #1)
  9. Crazy Life (feat. Tony Williams)
  10. Love Me
  11. Lonely
  12. The Light Is Not Afraid Of The Dark
  13. Throw Money Everywhere
  14. We Fight/We Love (prod. Q-Tip)
  15. Midnight
  16. Smoked Up (Skit #2)
  17. Takin' Off (prod. Kanye West & Dave McCracken)
  18. Put On (prod. Drumma Boy)
  19. Impossible (feat. Twista)
  20. Do What I Gotta Do
  21. I See Now (Aww)
  22. Room to Breathe
  23. Don't Look Down (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
  24. Let's Celebrate (Skit #3)
  25. Born To Lose
  26. You Again (Skit #4) (feat. Tony Williams)
  27. Dreams
  28. Hot Sauce (feat. John Legend)
  29. Arguing (feat. John Legend)
Features: Brandy, Tony Williams, John Legend, Tarrey Torae, Twista, Lupe Fiasco, Consequence, Little Brother, and Young Jeezy.
First Week Sales: The album's first week sales would surpass 1 million copies, making it one of the best-selling albums of the year.
Awards: The album "Good A** Job" would go on to win multiple awards, including Album of the Year at the Grammys, BET Hip Hop Awards, and Billboard Music Awards. It would also receive critical acclaim from music critics, who praised Kanye's artistic growth and evolution.
Public and Critics Response: Good A** Job received critical acclaim for its innovative production, introspective lyrics, and cohesive storytelling. The album was praised for its ability to capture the essence of Kanye's "College Dropout" era while still pushing the boundaries of hip-hop. Fans and critics alike hailed Good Ass Job as a classic, and praised Kanye for his growth as an artist.
Good Ass Tour: Kanye embarked on the "Good A** Tour" to support the album, playing shows across North America, Europe, and Asia. The tour featured state-of-the-art production, elaborate stage designs, and a stunning visual experience for fans, and guest appearances from some of Kanye's closest collaborators.
Some of the tour dates and locations include:
The end of the tour would mark the end of the "College Dropout Quadrilogy" era, with Kanye hinting at a new album in the far future. He would thank his fans for their unwavering support and dedication throughout the years and promise them that the best is yet to come.
Fans and critics alike would agree that "Good A** Job" was a fitting conclusion to the "College Dropout Quadrilogy" and a testament to Kanye's genius as an artist.
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2023.03.22 01:10 TastyBananaPeppers Let's GO! - Shiny Meltan available again! More Ditto in the wild! How to get the Mystery Box? [Anti-Cheat Warning /Timezone Coords / GPX Routes / Discord]

Let's GO! - Shiny Meltan available again! More Ditto in the wild! How to get the Mystery Box? [Anti-Cheat Warning /Timezone Coords / GPX Routes / Discord]





Niantic's new Anti-Cheat Behavior System is active

Using a 3rd party modified app, joystick app, adventure sync app, or any kind of cheating app carries risk for a strike/ban. It does not matter which kind of Pokemon Go (official or 3rd party modified) app you use with your cheat, you will have a chance for a strike/ban. This is all dependent on what is being tracked in the anti-cheat behavior system. If you did not get a strike/ban back in 2022, you are considered lucky.
If you value the time and money you invested into your account(s), you should not cheat with your account(s). If you own multiple accounts, you are subjective to whatever punishment they come up for owning more than one account according to the Pokemon Go's Terms of Service. If you do not care about the strikes/bans, you can do whatever pleases you. You are welcome at any time to share your strike screenshot in my subreddit.
Just because I provide you with the information on how you can break the game's Terms of Service by the use of game cheats or exploits, I am not responsible or liable for the loss of your Pokemon Go account(s) or money used to buy in-game items and tickets. If you want to read more about the Anti-Cheat Behavior System along with the 3-Strikes Discipline Policy (punishment system), you can go to https://www.reddit.com/PoGoAndroidSpoofing/comments/10t45l4/all_about_threestrike_discipline_policy_and/.
Event Date:
How to get a Meltan Mystery Box for free?
  • Anyone can get the Meltan Mystery Box for free without an Nintendo Switch. Do not pay money to get the box because you will need to give your Username or Email Address with Password in order for someone to perform the service. Follow the infographics or picture about on how to do it.
  • If you are stuck, you can YouTube a video on how to do the process. Make sure you go to the official Nintendo website as stated in the infographics above.
  • The Pokemon Home app is slow, so you should wait for the app to process your login.
  • You can pair your Pokemon Home account to multiple Pokemon Go accounts, but there is a daily transfer limit.
  • You can make multiple Home accounts too. You must write down the birthday date used to create the accounts because you will need it when you want to use the forgot password option. This is the fastest way to change your old password to a new one.

Spoofing Hot Spots & Event Coords with GPX Routes Download
Research Task Coords with Discord method
Research Task Coords with "Coords Go" app method
The best place to find weather boost raids or Golden Lure Parties is in a Discord group:
Useful stuff as always:
These are links you can click with your mouse or press with your finger to open.
[Click/Press Here] MEGA POST #4: Everything You Need for Android Spoofing 2022 - Guides for No Root Spoofing, Rooted Spoofing, and Botting - GPX Routes, Poke Maps, Nests, Discord Groups, and Frequently Asked Questions
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2023.03.22 00:57 qtatami When I watched the short video...

...of lore Olympus starring Sydney Sweeney, that's what initially got me into the series. I was expecting Persephone to have two sides, one that is evil and filled with malice and the other that is all things good. I thought it would be a fight between these two sides of her, but instead I found out how she really ends up being like and it's very boring. I feel like she never gets to make mistakes and is always perfect and UwU wholesome. I would have much rather seen a morally grey character that what we currently have...
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2023.03.22 00:54 lemon9629 Guess my age based on the most popular names in my high school class

Sarah x8
Andrew x7
Megan x7
Madison x6
Matthew x6
Rachel x6
William x6
Daniel x5
Emma x5
Hunter x5
James x5
Lauren x5
Sydney x5
Zachary x5
Ashley x4
Brianna x4
Caitlin x4
Camryn x4
Christian x4
Evan x4
Jack x4
Jacob x4
Katherine x4
Morgan x4
Nicholas x4
Taylor x4
Alexandra x3
Audrey x3
Brandon x3
Cameron x3
Connor x3
Dylan x3
Emily x3
Ethan x3
Garrett x3
Haley x3
Kaylee x3
Lily x3
Mia x3
Michael x3
Riley x3
Ryan x3
Sean x3
Sofia x3
Stephen x3
Victoria x3
Aaron x2
Adrian x2
Aidan x2
Akhil x2
Alec x2
Alexander x2
Anna x2
Ashlyn x2
Austin x2
Avery x2
Brittany x2
Carly x2
Chloe x2
Danielle x2
David x2
Edward x2
Elise x2
Elyse x2
Gage x2
Gary x2
Grace x2
Hayden x2
Isabella x2
Jason x2
Jaxon x2
Jessica x2
Jonathan x2
Joseph x2
Joshua x2
Kelsi x2
Kendall x2
Lexi x2
Lucas x2
Mackenzie x2
Macy x2
Madeleine x2
Mitchell x2
Molly x2
Nathan x2
Nicole x2
Samuel x2
Sophie x2
Tyler x2
Xavier x2
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2023.03.21 23:20 PhysicalCommercial68 Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell with family members in Australia. They are currently filming their upcoming romcom in Sydney.

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2023.03.21 23:18 deeptechsharing Beatport Top 100 Deep House March 2023

Genre: Deep House Release Date: 2023-03-21
DOWNLOAD in 320kbps here: https://sharing-db.club/djs-chart/426366_beatport-top-100-deep-house-march-2023/
Tracklist: 1. Oscar Barila – Miles (Original Mix) (5:04) 2. Fred again.., The Blessed Madonna – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) (4:45) 3. Tomàn – Sunshine & Ravioli (Original Mix) (7:23) 4. Mallin – Set Me Free (Extended Mix) (6:04) 5. Capeesh Society – Subculture (Extended Mix) (6:27) 6. Discosteps – What Kind Of Love (Extended Mix) (6:45) 7. Groove Armada – Rescue Me (DJ Island Remix) (5:44) 8. Mallin, Sam Dexter, Clover Ray – Thick Of It (Extended Mix) (5:56) 9. Boogie Vice, Deep Aztec – Promises (N-You-Up Extended Dub Mix) (7:36) 10. Mo’Cream – I’m Sure (Original Mix) (5:31) 11. Oden & Fatzo – Lauren (I Can’t Stay Forever) (Extended) (6:36) 12. RSquared – Draw The Line (Original Mix) (6:39) 13. Kevin Yost – Messing With My Soul (T.Markakis Remix Extended) (7:54) 14. Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas – Cure My Desire (feat. Clementine Douglas) (Extended Mix) (6:38) 15. M-High – 12 O.C Riddim (Original Mix) (7:00) 16. Shiba San – I Wanna (Tchami Remix) (5:04) 17. Daphni – Cloudy (Kelbin Remix) (5:36) 18. Marten Lou – My Love For You (Yebba’s Heartbreak) (Original Mix) (5:47) 19. 40 Thieves, Qzen, O-SHiN – Don’t Turn it Off (Session Victim Extended Remix) (6:47) 20. Pornbugs, Leeni, Danilo Kupfernagel – Samtoscha (Leeni / Danilo Kupfernagel Remix) (6:12) 21. Sascha Dive – Digital Voodoo (Original Mix) (10:13) 22. Black Alien, Gabe, Viot – Como Eu Te Quero (Remix) (6:36) 23. Mij Mack – Blasted (Original Mix) (6:24) 24. Prunk, RUZE – Incredible (Original Mix) (6:39) 25. Sebb Junior – As One (Saison Rework) (5:58) 26. M-High – Lost In Translation (Original Mix) (7:08) 27. Bross (RO) – Faith (Original Mix) (6:51) 28. Steve Bug – Get Away From Me (Original Mix) (6:39) 29. Craig Knight, Tom Caruso – The Truth (Extended Mix) (6:24) 30. Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down (James Cole Remix) (6:58) 31. Sound Support – Eve (Original Mix) (5:44) 32. Dilby – Soul Vision (Original Mix) (6:28) 33. Chloé Caillet – NYWTF feat. Mikhail Beltran (Extended) (5:46) 34. Acid Jerks – Counter Balance (Original Mix) (6:20) 35. Dilby – Addicted (Original Mix) (6:35) 36. HotLap, SHELLS – You & I (Extended) (4:10) 37. Austins Groove, Paul Mondot – This House Music (Extended Mix) (5:17) 38. Dilby, Oliver Schories, Gorge – Connect the Dots (Oliver Schories & Gorge Remix) (6:43) 39. M-High – Leaving Time (Original Mix) (6:14) 40. KOKO.IT – 7 Days In The Hotel (M-High Remix) (6:25) 41. Milton Jackson, Ski Oakenfull, Fred Everything – Integration (Fred Everything Dub) (6:36) 42. Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down (feat. Jorja Smith) (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Extended Remix) (5:15) 43. Joe Vanditti, Alex Bohemien – Play This Game (Extended Mix) (6:24) 44. AJ Christou – Gory Love (Original Mix) (7:24) 45. Gruuve – Cloud (Extended Mix) (6:12) 46. Ama – Put Your Hands Together (Extended Mix) (6:41) 47. Jesse Jacob – Push It (Original Mix) (6:41) 48. Dilby – Remember Me (Extended Mix) (6:19) 49. Acid Jerks – Distant Power Plant (Original Mix) (6:14) 50. The Checkup – Wintergarten (Original Mix) (6:51) 51. Lello Russo, Sabatino S, Venessa Jackson – Dos and Don’ts (Sebb Junior Extended Remix) (6:08) 52. Eddie Amador – House Music (Robosonic Remix) (6:46) 53. Acid Jerks – A Thousand Kisses (Original Mix) (5:40) 54. Oliver Tree, Robin Schulz, Marten Lou – Miss You (Marten Lou Remix) (5:40) 55. Lost.Act – Poema De La Noche (Calabasa Remix) (8:02) 56. Never Dull – Turning You On (Original Mix) (6:45) 57. Easttown – Paradise Garage (Original Mix) (6:05) 58. Prunk – French Toast – Sharing-DB.club (Original Mix) (5:40) 59. Mr. V, Prunk – Friday Night (Original Mix) (7:08) 60. Dillon Francis, DJ Hanzel – Pull Up (Extended Mix) (2:40) 61. Gianmarco Limenta, Sam Dexter – La Vida (Extended Mix) (6:12) 62. Dazed, Chela (CO) – Feel The Vibe (Extended Mix) (5:08) 63. Prunk – New Genesis (Original Mix) (6:11) 64. BUNT., Nate Traveller – Clouds (Extended Mix) (Extended Mix) (4:11) 65. Dennis Cruz – Poke Bowl (Original Mix) (5:20) 66. Mallin – Off My Mind (Extended Mix) (6:05) 67. Session Victim – Dromedary Twist (Original Mix) (6:09) 68. Kevin Yost – Ready For Me (Extended Version) (7:28) 69. Sascha Dive – Come High Tonight (Original Mix) (6:31) 70. Prunk, Dennis Quin – Drive (Original Mix) (3:59) 71. Chris Stussy – Seeing & Believing (DJOKO Extended Remix) (6:01) 72. Oliver Dollar, Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Original Mix) (6:57) 73. Sam Ruffillo – Mind & Soul (Art Of Tones Remix Extended) (5:39) 74. Andrew Azara – Frontline (Original Mix) (7:07) 75. Chloé Caillet, Poté – Know Now feat. Poté (Extended) (4:11) 76. Vintage Culture, Sonny Fodera, SHELLS – Nightjar (feat. SHELLS) (Extended Mix) (4:25) 77. Kevin McKay, J.Pe Bruna, 88HATS, Adiel Mora – We Should Be Together (Extended Mix) (5:21) 78. Josh Butler – Hideout (Original Mix) (7:11) 79. El Maar – Temptation (Original Mix) (6:57) 80. Kevin Yost – Doing Fine (Original Mix) (7:29) 81. Gianmarco Limenta – Get Down (Extended Mix) (5:35) 82. Saison – The Riff (Ross Couch Remix) (6:14) 83. Travis Emmons – Redbone (Kevin McKay Extended Remix) (5:54) 84. M-High – 12 O.C Riddim (Paolo Rocco Remix) (7:04) 85. Lis Sarroca – Oasis Floor (Original Mix) (8:00) 86. Elderbrook, Tourist – Howl (Logic1000 Remix) (4:49) 87. The Checkup, Ale Castro – Pleasure (Original Mix) (6:37) 88. Coeo – Back in the Days (Original Mix) (5:40) 89. Andrew Azara – There Comes A Time (Original Mix) (6:43) 90. Gab Rhome – Alter He-Go (Fiona Kraft Remix) (5:36) 91. Tuccillo – Let’s Do It (Original Mix) (5:56) 92. Fusion Groove Orchestra, Steve Lucas – If Only I Could (feat. Steve Lucas) (Liem Remix) (7:06) 93. Josh Butler, Tom Da Lips – Sax Tool (Original Mix) (6:06) 94. Lauhaus, Mario Franca – Space Ibiza (Aday Chinea Remix) (7:04) 95. Mo’Cream – Up All Night (Mo’Cream Extended Version) (6:46) 96. Carl Waller – Back To ’92 (Extended Mix) (6:40) 97. Dilby – Last Word (Original Mix) (6:50) 98. Lubelski – Diffuser (Black Loops 4am Mix) (6:39) 99. The Checkup, Cansu Kandemir – Waited Long Enough (Original Mix) (6:36) 100. Mo’Cream – Just The Game (Original Mix) (6:12)
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2023.03.21 22:58 Humble-Tailor49 Sydney Sweeney

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2023.03.21 22:54 TettiDewKorti Sydney Sweeney

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2023.03.21 22:10 bluehoodxiv Sydney Sweeney

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2023.03.21 22:03 HockeyMod Game Thread: Minnesota Wild (40-22-8) at New Jersey Devils (45-18-7) - 21 Mar 2023 - 07:00PM EDT

Minnesota Wild (40-22-8) at New Jersey Devils (45-18-7)

Prudential Center

Projected Lineups

Left Center Right Left Center Right
Timo Meier Nico Hischier Jesper Bratt Marcus Foligno Ryan Hartman Mats Zuccarello
Erik Haula Jack Hughes Dawson Mercer Marcus Johansson Joel Eriksson Ek Matthew Boldy
Ondrej Palat Jesper Boqvist Tomas Tatar Brandon Duhaime Frederick Gaudreau Oskar Sundqvist
Nolan Foote Michael McLeod Yegor Sharangovich Mason Shaw Connor Dewar Ryan Reaves
Left D Right D Left D Right D
Jonas Siegenthaler Dougie Hamilton Jacob Middleton Jared Spurgeon
Ryan Graves John Marino Jonas Brodin Mathew Dumba
Kevin Bahl Damon Severson Alex Goligoski John Klingberg
Goalies Goalies
Vitek Vanecek Filip Gustavsson
Akira Schmid Marc-Andre Fleury


Player Date Injury Status Details Return
NJD Curtis Lazar 19 Mar 2023 Lower Body OUT According to coach Lindy Ruff, Lazar will miss "some time" with a lower-body injury, Amanda Stein of the New Jersey Devils' official site repors. 30 Mar 2023
NJD Miles Wood 14 Mar 2023 Undisclosed OUT Wood (undisclosed) isn't ready to play Tuesday against the Minnesota Wild despite joining his teammates for the morning skate, Catherine Bogart of the New Jersey Devils' official site reports. 24 Mar 2023
NJD Nathan Bastian 14 Mar 2023 Upper Body OUT Bastian (upper body) will be out at least two more games, per Amanda Stein of the New Jersey Devils' official site. 24 Mar 2023
NJD MacKenzie Blackwood 21 Feb 2023 Lower Body IR Blackwood (lower body) skated Sunday and should return to practice soon, Amanda Stein of the New Jersey Devils' official site reports. 24 Mar 2023
NJD Jonathan Bernier Hip IR-LT Surgery 30 Mar 2023
-- -- -- -- --
MIN Kirill Kaprizov 08 Mar 2023 Lower Body OUT Kaprizov (lower body) has yet to start skating, but coach Dean Evason said that he is still on schedule to return in 2-3 weeks, Joe Smith of The Athletic reports. 29 Mar 2023
MIN Pavel Novak Illness IR-NR 29 Mar 2023
MIN Gustav Nyquist 28 Feb 2023 Upper Body IR Nyquist (upper body) hasn't begun skating yet but will travel with the team to meet his new teammates, Michael Russo of The Athletic reports Monday. 01 Apr 2023

In-Game Updates

Time Clock


Teams 1st 2nd 3rd OT Total
0 0 1 1 2
0 0 1 0 1

Team Stats

Team Shots Hits Blocked FO Wins Giveaways Takeaways Power Plays
29 18 22 52.9% 7 3 0/1
48 11 16 47.1% 13 6 0/3

Goal Summary

Period Time Team Strength Description
OT 05:00 Even Matt Boldy (23) Backhand, assists: none
3rd 12:08 Even Timo Meier (35) Wrap-around, assists: Nico Hischier (37), Jesper Bratt (34)
3rd 06:41 Even Mason Shaw (7) Wrap-around, assists: Connor Dewar (11), Oskar Sundqvist (18)

Penalty Summary

Period Time Team Type Min Description
3rd 16:32 Minor 2 Matt Dumba Roughing against Timo Meier
3rd 09:45 Minor 2 Alex Goligoski Tripping against Jesper Bratt
2nd 11:47 Minor 2 Tomas Tatar Cross-checking against Frederick Gaudreau
1st 05:12 Minor 2 Brandon Duhaime Hooking against Dougie Hamilton
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2023.03.21 21:54 archerjn Sydney Sweeney

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