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2019.04.02 20:49 meanmedianmoge Discussion, patch sharing, and sounds of the Empress ZOIA - a modular synthesizer in pedal form

Discussion, patch sharing, and sounds of the Empress ZOIA and Euroburo - modular synthesizers in pedal and eurorack form.

2023.03.26 19:40 r3crac New items in Couponsfromchina (26.03.2023 17:40:53)

Image compilation: https://i.imgur.com/f3HAYZj.jpeg or https://i.ibb.co/KKCGLp0/3e8956c61e0e.jpg
New items in Couponsfromchina database. You can set price alerts.
-1- 49cc Motorcycle Engine With Accelerator Handle [EU] ($75.99): https://bit.ly/3JPi9MQ
-2- HEADWOLF HPad 1A T616 8/128GB 4G LTE 10.4 Inch 2K Android 12 Tablet ($209.99): https://bit.ly/3nqKNww
-3- HEADWOLF WPad 2 T616 8/128GB 4G LTE 10.1 Inch Android 12 Tablet ($184.99): https://bit.ly/3JLHV4H
-4- Liectroux HCR10 Window Robot Vacuum Cleaner [EU] ($112.79): https://bit.ly/3JEFwsk
-5- HEPA Filter for JIMMY JV85 JV85 Pro H9 Pro A6/A7/A8 Vacuum Cleaner ($2.97): https://bit.ly/42Ig9i7
-6- Lumintop Tool AAA EDC Keychain Flashlight ($17.59): https://bit.ly/3K6IpCP
-7- HEPA Filter For JIMMY H8 / H8 Pro Vacuum Cleaner ($7.99): https://bit.ly/3JOEH0o
-8- Carpet Rolling Brush for JIMMY JV53 / JV63 / JV65 / JV83JV85 / JV85 Pro / H8 / H8Pro Vacuum Cleaner ($16.99): https://bit.ly/40lmdvq
-9- ZLL SG300S Mini Drone RTF ($14.99): https://bit.ly/3lL6QgE
-10- BUBM Storage Case Electronics Bag ($6.99): https://bit.ly/3JKACu0
-11- Mipad 90SM 20 Games Handheld Mini Game Console ($10.99): https://bit.ly/3JKSXHh
-12- 24V Recovery Electric Winch Crane Wireless Remote Controller [EU] ($16.71): https://bit.ly/3zaHjAS
-13- Smart Touch Light Dimmer Switch Zigbee ($23.19): https://bit.ly/3JMl1u7
-14- Tuya Zibee 3.0 Smart Socket EU Plug 16A ($13.99): https://bit.ly/3JNByxD
-15- Teclast T50 T616 8/128GB 4G LTE 10.95 Inch 2K Android 12 Tablet ($229.99): https://bit.ly/3JKAF9a
-16- Teclast P40HD 2023 10.1inch Tablet 6/128GB ($154.99): https://bit.ly/3JIHkRn
-17- Teclast M40 Plus 10.1inch Tablet 8/128GB MT8183 ($173.99): https://bit.ly/3z9tKBG
-18- HGLRC M100 MINI GPS Module for Drone ($16.92): https://bit.ly/3lL71sk
-19- PR3000 36MP 1080P Night Vision Trail Hunting Camera ($38.99): https://bit.ly/3JJPoRH
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2023.03.26 19:21 No-Reindeer6348 Help! Traveling from Idaho to Vegas and back!

So! My 2012 Honda civic LX is doing something funky, I’ve had it for 4 years with no problems and put probably 50,000 miles on it for a total 208,000. Before our trip we swapped our oil and filter, and air intake filter, a headlight, rotated tires.
On our way down from Idaho to Vegas we stopped in southern utah for 20 minutes and when we got back in the shifter’s trigger wouldn’t unlock, we couldn’t shift. So we popped the little cap next to it and shoved a knife in there and bypassed it; shifted no problem. But we drive for maybe half a mile and the light that’s indicates traction control is off, ( I hope this makes sense) that light turns on, and the power steering light comes on, now like I said we checked all fluids and made sure the car was ready to roll 800 miles and besides the power steering is an electric one, not hydraulic, we checked, but it’s working fine! And we don’t need traction in Nevada so it hasn’t been giving us any problems so far besides the shifter.
We took it to orielly amd had them throw a code reader on it and no codes. So we took it back to where we were staying and reset that battery, ya know like unhooked the battery and hooked positive and negative together for like 40 minutes thinking it must just be an electric problem because car is driving fine. Any adivce or ideas is welcome, we are on our way back right now. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 18:43 Dongilmet iPhone GarageBand latency issue

When I try to connect a set of Roland TD-07’s to GarageBand via iPhone. First my issue was that I was able to connect and record a track. But then the recording was behind the guitar track. So I reassessed and shut off my local control. Now I’m having an issue with latency on the pads all together. Though a shorter delay. I don’t hear my Roland’s until I hear the delayed strokes. I’m connected Bluetooth module to iPhone then printer connector to a camera connector to lightning usb. Is there an option in garage band to somehow reduce the latency of the strokes or is it unfixable due to the Bluetooth-GarageBand thing?
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2023.03.26 18:30 Mystery9819 Calling all motorbike users

Hello everyone I had my CBT (compulsory basic training) for a motorbike I passed everything but one module slow control.
I have an xiaomi pro 2 how could I practice slow control on my xiaomi so I pass my CBT anybody with technical know how please help thank you
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2023.03.26 18:19 Dysheki [FS][US-WA] RSV-L4500U White box server, Networking cards, Misc GPUs and more.

Hello, looking to offload some stuff I've accumulated over the last year or so. Prices include shipping to CONUS only *except the Rosewill*, sorry!

Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/FkDjhvu

Whitebox Server

Networking Items



Misc Items

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2023.03.26 18:11 Eph289 Miner Explorations 1: Of Mines and Mods

Hey, we’re the STOBETTER team here with another exploration into STO’s mechanics and this time we’re starting on a new series of exploring the depths of mines. This is an especially difficult one for me to write because Must. Resist. Urge. To. Make. Mine. Gags. There’s just so many of them that come to mined. See what I mean? Anyway, if you’d told me even three years ago that I would care about mine mechanics, I would have buried any such suggestions. Yet, here we are and since I’ve done Leap of Faith on a toon with cold-based kit modules I guess you can say hell has frozen over enough to where we can mine it. Let’s dive in.

Why care about mines?

For the average STO shipbuilder, mines are not going to be something to build around or even include. If I had to pull numbers out of thin air, my guess is that there’s probably 50% of the playerbase running some Frankenbuild that defies classification. The stuff that Jay’s nightmares are made of. Of the remaining 50%, probably 50-75% of them are running what’s essentially an energy build. The rest are running exotic builds, and to a lesser extent projectile builds and to an even lesser extent other focuses that are optimized around specific ideas like carriers or mines. The point is that mines have three use cases and none of them are common. It’s hard to effectively mix mines into an energy build because:
  1. They don’t trigger Super Charged Weapons
  2. They lack really strong global set bonuses like the Lorca’s Ambition 2-piece
  3. They’re even less reliable than torps on normal/advanced for actually hitting things due to their slow travel time, long cooldown, and difficulty in getting them to hit targets reliably.
  4. They're poorly understood.
We’re here to help sort out that last one but first back to those use cases. Per above, if it’s not useful for the most popular build, i.e. energy builds, why would you slot a mine launcher?
If you’re running a projectile build, mine launchers will deal more damage than most turrets/omnis in the aft weapon slots due to scaling with things like Projectile Weapon Training, Ordnance Accelerator, Ceaseless Momentum, etc. It’s somewhat debatable for certain aft energy weapons depending on your overall build, but in general, mines are going to do well, especially on DPS-parsing maps.
If you’re running an exotic build and have extra aft weapon slots after you’ve chosen from the pool of Dyson Proton weapon (2-piece with the torp), Dark Matter Torpedo (if it’s not in the front and using the WAHDBB for the 2-piece), Morphogenic (on a Tac-focused ship), Advanced Inhibiting/Altamid Omnis for the -DRR procs or -DRR procs+crit. Any remaining slots would probably benefit from slotting a mine launcher, specifically if you’re using any of the following: Resonating Payload Modification personal trait, Ceaseless Momentum starship trait, Deconstructive Resonance Emitter console, and the more the better. The Fek’Ihri Torment Engine, which is basically must-slot, also has certain interactions with specific mines in that mines with DOT effects (Thoron-Infused Quantum) can trigger it, and its +Physical bonus benefits Web mines.
If you’re building specifically around mines, we recognize this is the most niche of niche setups, but it can work. I’ve stomped around a variety of Random Advanced TFOs in my minelayer and have parsed over 650K with it in a team environment. even before I really knew what I was doing with it.
Okay, now that most people have closed this tab or hit "back" since this doesn't pertain to their build, let's go deeper.

Miner Movements

One of the biggest issues with mines is getting them to arm and fire on targets since they spawn where you launch them, take a few seconds to arm, and then need a target within their radius to attack. There are basically three ways to do this:
  1. You can use the Relocate Mines captain ability, which pulls ALL your mines to within 2-5 km of the target. We’ve tested this on Hive and even pre-spawning a ton of mines, it will pull them all from spawn to 30 km away at the initial engagement. At minimum cooldown (likely achieved through the use of the Intelligence Agent Attache captain trait), this is up every 30 seconds.
  2. You can wait for them to move off and attack on their own. Most mines have a chase distance of 3-4 km on their own, doubled by the Hot Pursuit trait.
  3. You can chuck them at targets with Kinetic Magnet, which pulls all mines (and targetable torpedoes) within 10 km to attack the marked target. With good cooldown support, this can be used every 30 seconds.
  4. There’s also the Covert Mine Layer Suite, which is 1) expensive, and 2) causes your mines to creep slowly towards enemies, creeping from 10km down to within 6 km. Honestly, even with the -.5s shared mine recharge time (more on that later) and Cat1 mine damage, I can’t recommend this. I prefer a combination of 1 and 3.
One last note on Kinetic Magnet that we’ve said before but is worth repeating. Kinetic Magnet confuses ALL mines/torpedoes, turning them into some weird un-aligned state of both friendly and enemy meaning you can not only kill yourself but your teammates too. You can’t kill your allies with Tricobalt Torpedoes, regular Tricobalt Mines, Heavy Gravimetric Torpedoes, even though you can blow yourself up with them. However, you can absolutely nuke somebody 100% to 0 with a well-timed Kinetic Magnet if they’re hugging their target and all the mines hit. If there was a (NSFW) Skippy’s List for TFOs, using Kinetic Magnet to blow up your allies, especially PUGs, in TFOs would be on it. In other words, this is not recommended.
Still, between Kinetic Magnet and Relocate Mines you can chuck mines at your desired foe fairly often and effectively. Certain enemies with damage immunities (Voth), lots of speed (Hur’q when not controlled/tractored/Gravity Well’d), or both (Undine) are not going to be great targets for mines. Ditto for those with lots of AOE (Sphere Builders, Krenim) since all mines are targetable and fly rather slowly. Hapless, slow/immobile enemies with lots of HP (Borg, arguably Tzenkethi) are great targets for mines as are enemies that spawn in rather predictably (Hur’q on Swarm, Binary Stars, Starbase One, etc.) Also, there’s no experience quite like playing Counterpoint and chucking the maximum number of mines at Terok Nor in the opening part of the third segment.

Miner Limits

You’re going to see some repetition from the wiki here. As a reMINEDer (Editor’s note: boo), you are limited on how many mines you can have of a given type active at a time. The general rule is 4x the base number of mines when dispersal patterns aren’t involved, so for mines that launch 4 mines per pattern, the 4x rule means 16 total of each base type (e.g. 16 max Photon mines of any type). Tricos get 4 total since they launch 1. Nukara Web Mines are limited to 4 total and launch 2 per salvo. This means that to maximize mine output on those projectile builds slotting multiple mine launchers, you’re slotting more than one type.
When using a mine pattern, you can have a single additional set from each rank of each Dispersal Pattern. Since they share a cooldown, this generally means you’re only slotting 1 pattern at 1 rank so this is largely useless. The general rule is 4x standard mine launches + 1 pattern. If you’re into micro-mine-aging (Editor’s note: please stop) during the briefing phase, make sure your mine pattern doesn’t apply to the same mine twice.
Some other exceptions:

Mine Cooldowns

The main methods of reducing mine cooldowns are the Ordnance Accelerator console from the Gamma Reputation, which reduces it by 20% and conveniently also reduces the global cooldown (time between mine launches) by -1.5 seconds on paper. There’s also the Covert Mine Layer Suite, which on paper reduces the global cooldown by 0.5 seconds. However, we’ve done some extensive testing with frame analysis of video for the global cooldown, and here’s the global cooldown results, which likely due to server performance and some spaghetti code differ from expected results:
Setup Expected Tested
OA+CML 1.5 2.3
OA Only 2 2.3
CML Only 3 3.2
Base 3.5 3.4
Table formatting brought to you by ExcelToReddit
However, as you can see, there’s one pretty key takeaway: the Covert Mine Layer Suite does not reduce global cooldown.
As far as the individual cooldown reduction, let’s go back to that 20% from Ordnance Accelerator. Per standard Cryptic math, the equation is not 20% off the final, such that a 20 second mine cooldown is reduced to 16 seconds, but a 20% recharge haste so the equation is:
Final cooldown = Base cooldown / (1 + recharge haste ) 
For example a 20 second mine cooldown with Ordnance Accelerator is:
20 / (1.2) = 16.6667 
There are also mine cooldown reduction Projectile Weapons Officers, which basically work the same as the torp ones. On use of a mine, they have a chance to reduce cooldown by 2/3/4/5 seconds depending on rarity. They’re also expensive since they come from a C-store doff pack.


Mr. Tilor did a bunch of data collection and base damage derivation using Tribble to collect his data. Jay and I added to it by doing controlled PvP testing to check the radius where we had a minelayer launching mines at a target while another player was a certain distance away from the initial target. This was a little persnickety since the mine explosion damage is checked based on edge-to-edge for hitboxes while the distance measurement is center-to-center, but we tested it enough to have good confidence. We did not test all the mines for this part, just the ones we were interested in and had conveniently available. Additional mines can be tested upon request unless it’s a Lobi mine, in which case I’ll need 40 keys because that’s an expensive experiment, or unless it’s the Tractor Mines. Look, it’s possible that Tractor Mines do fancy things like proccing stuff but that has yet to be deter-mined (Editor’s note: We are docking your pay) and my desire to test them is low since they don’t have a listed tooltip damage.
Mine Type Type Base Dmg Chase Range Mines Dispersal 1 Dispersal 2 Dispersal 3 Cat1 Preload Reload Estimated Base DPS Notes
Photon Photon 852.54 4 4 7 10 14 118% 15 227.34
Biomolecular Photon 852.54 4 4 7 10 14 118% 17 200.60
Black Ops Blackout Photon 900.00 4 2 4 5 7 123% 15 120.00 Is 3 on Beta
Black Ops Blade Photon 90.00 4 2 3 5 7 120% 15 12.00 Is 4 on Beta
Black Ops Blade Explosion Photon 449.97 4 2 3 5 7 123% 15 60.00 Afte 60s
Tetryon Photon 869.40 4 4 7 10 14 120% 15 231.84 20% ShPen
Quantum Quantum 1,055.57 3.5 4 7 10 14 118% 20 211.11 20% ShPen
Modulating Competition Quantum 793.03 3.5 4 7 10 14 177% 20 158.61 Mine damage scales per second
Tethered Quantum Quantum 1,114.39 3 2 4 6 8 115% 20 111.44
Thoron Infused Quantum 1,055.57 3.5 4 7 10 14 121% 20 211.11 20% ShPen, extremely weak DoT
Plasma Plasma 669.83 3.5 4 7 10 14 118% 16 167.46 Burn DoT is per mine, stacks a lot
Corrosive Plasma Plasma 1,136.82 0 1 2 3 4 115% 15 75.79 They last for 1 minute before despawning
Chroniton Chroniton 726.28 3.5 4 7 10 14 118% 20 145.26
Inhibiting Chroniton 726.20 3.5 4 7 10 14 121% 20 145.24
Advanced Inhibiting Chroniton 726.20 3.5 4 7 10 14 120% 20 145.24 The 2% bonus from the T6 reputation doesn't apply
Transphasic Transphasic 700.00 3.5 4 7 10 14 118% 20 140.00 80% ShPen
Tricobalt Tricobalt 4,457.40 3.5 1 2 3 4 118% 30 148.58
Tractor Beam Other 2.5 3 5 7 9 No tooltip for damage
Concentrated Tachyon Other 3.5 4 7 10 14 Scales with DrainX, not anything else, 1km AoE is really weird. -2.5% Shield Hardness per mine
Nukara Other 321.00 3.5 2 4 6 8 112% 30 171.20 50% ShPen, every 0.5s for 4s. Doesn't scale with most +mine or +[Type]. Does scale 2x with Torment Engine
Table formatting brought to you by ExcelToReddit
The colony mines, FWIW, are the same as the standard mines except for having the [Proc] mod. They have the same base damage.

[Radius] - There Should Only Be One

The most interesting piece out of this for me personally was learning that [Radius] applies once and only once. All of us out there who’ve been running [Radius]x3 Bio-Molecular Photon mines, we have two dead mods. Maybe this worked differently at one point, but [Radius] appears to be only applying once no matter how many instances you have it. It is adding 0.5 km to the radius compared to a mine of the same type without a [Radius] mod.
I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been discovered before so maybe it used to work differently, but I’m quite confident in the fidelity of our testing and methodology. Trico Mines with [Radius] from the colony have the biggest blast AOE of any mine we’ve seen at 1.5 km (compared to 1.0 km for standard Tricobalt mines) but [Radius]x3 is not worth rolling into or buying.

That Resonates With Me

Resonating Payload Modification is a personal trait from a lockbox that per the in-game description does the following: Torpedos cause -5 Physical and Kinetic Resistance Rating for 20 sec per stack (5 Stacks max).
It’s also a little incomplete in its description.
First off, mines also apply this damage, and they are treated as separate sources for the purposes of the stack limit. That is to say, the standard launch of 4 mines hitting a target will apply 4 stacks of Resonating Payload Modification independent of stacks from your torpedoes and yes they’re applied in an AOE to any targets you hit. Tricobalt Mines only add 1 stack by default since they only launch 1 mine at a time. It gets higher when you use a mine pattern.
But wait, there’s more.
Pottsey mentioned that Black Ops mines have some weird interactions with the trait. We investigated further and he’s correct. Because the blade mines attack each second, each blade mine generates 5 stacks of RPM over 5 seconds. Thus, a non-mine-patterned Black Ops mine launch will generate 12 stacks of RPM (2 blade mines each contribute 5 stacks, 2 blackout mines grant 2 more). Dispersal Pattern Beta II generates 30 stacks, because there are 5 blackout mines (5 stacks) and 5 blade mines (5 stacks each). This is independent of any other stacks you’ve added.

What ships make the best minelayers?

A lot of torp boats are using 4/4 ships to slot mine launchers in the back, so any ship with LtCmdr Cmd, a decent number of tactical seats/consoles, and 4/4 will do well at this. If you’re feeling less interested in using mines, you can do such a build on a 5/3 ship as well.
If you really want to build around mines rather than as secondary weapons, the Vorgon Ytijara Dreadnought Cruiser is very hard to get if you don’t have it already since it comes from an Epic Phoenix box, but is unique in having 5 aft weapon slots. However, it does lack Intel seating if you prioritize Kinetic Magnet. Alternately, you can stick with a 4/4 ship and prioritize Intel seating with Kinetic Magnet, preferably on a full Miracle Worker ship to get an extra tactical console and Mixed Armaments Synergy, and that’s how you end up with a Lexington built around . . . mines. I look forward to applying these conclusions and seeing if I can break 700K with it.

Mines Over Matters

It’s worth reminding people that having too many entities on the map (i.e. hangar pets, mines), can start to visually despawn enemies. This is mostly a problem on DPS-chasing maps if you have more than torpboat. If you’re doing DPS runs, torpboat should be coordinated to only have a max of one in the group, just like you generally want only 1 tank.
That’s probably enough fun and games for now. I’m sure we’ll be back with more miner (Editor’s note: somebody unplug his keyboard) updates in the future.


Thank you for reading and hope you didn't mined all the puns! We'll work these (mines, not puns) into TRINITY...eventually.
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2023.03.26 18:04 JustGurang A Conceptual Model of Natural Language Generation

A Conceptual Model of Natural Language Generation with Generator and Analyzer
Abstract Natural language generation (NLG) is the task of producing natural language content from non-linguistic input, such as text or voice. NLG has many applications in various domains, such as dialogue systems, summarization, storytelling, and content creation. However, NLG also faces many challenges, such as ensuring the quality, diversity, and relevance of the generated content. In this paper, we propose a conceptual model of NLG that has the concept of a generator and an analyzer. The generator can produce content from a text or voice of a human from a large dataset of information, and the analyzer can check the quality of the content by comparing it to another large dataset of human-generated content. The analyzer can then give feedback to the generator on how to improve the content in terms of naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style. The generator can learn from the feedback and generate better content in the next iteration. We describe the components and methods of the model, and discuss its potential benefits and challenges for natural language generation.
Introduction Natural language generation (NLG) is the task of producing natural language content from non-linguistic input, such as text or voice. NLG has many applications in various domains, such as dialogue systems, summarization, storytelling, and content creation. For example, a dialogue system can generate natural language responses to user queries or requests; a summarizer can generate concise summaries of long documents or articles; a storyteller can generate engaging stories from keywords or images; and a content creator can generate informative or entertaining content for social media or blogs. However, NLG also faces many challenges, such as ensuring the quality, diversity, and relevance of the generated content. Quality refers to how well the generated content conforms to the linguistic and pragmatic norms of natural language, such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, fluency, coherence, logic, and politeness. Diversity refers to how well the generated content covers different aspects or perspectives of the input or topic, such as facts, opinions, emotions, humor, and creativity. Relevance refers to how well the generated content matches the input or topic, such as context, intention, purpose, and audience. One way to address these challenges is to have a human-in-the-loop approach, where a human can provide feedback or evaluation to the NLG system on the quality, diversity, and relevance of the generated content. However, this approach has some limitations, such as scalability, cost, availability, and subjectivity. Scalability refers to how well the approach can handle large-scale or real-time NLG tasks with high demand or frequency. Cost refers to how much resources or time are required for the human feedback or evaluation. Availability refers to how easily or quickly a human can provide feedback or evaluation. Subjectivity refers to how consistent or reliable the human feedback or evaluation is across different humans or situations. Another way to address these challenges is to have an automated approach, where an NLG system can self-evaluate or self-improve its own generated content without human intervention. However, this approach also has some limitations, such as data quality, model complexity, and evaluation metrics. Data quality refers to how accurate, complete, and representative the data used for training or testing the NLG system is. Model complexity refers to how sophisticated, robust, and generalizable the model used for generating or evaluating the content is. Evaluation metrics refer to how valid, reliable, and interpretable the metrics used for measuring the quality, diversity, and relevance of the content are. In this paper, we propose a conceptual model of NLG that has the concept of a generator and an analyzer. The generator can produce content from a text or voice of a human from a large dataset of information, and the analyzer can check the quality of the content by comparing it to another large dataset of human-generated content. The analyzer can then give feedback to the generator on how to improve the content in terms of naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style. The generator can learn from the feedback and generate better content in the next iteration. We describe the components and methods of the model, and discuss its potential benefits and challenges for natural language generation.
Model Description The proposed model consists of two main components: a generator and an analyzer. The generator is responsible for producing natural language content from a text or voice of a human from a large dataset of information. The analyzer is responsible for checking the quality of the generated content by comparing it to another large dataset of human-generated content. The analyzer can then give feedback to the generator on how to improve the content in terms of naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style. The generator can learn from the feedback and generate better content in the next iteration.
Generator The generator is a neural network model that can produce natural language content from a text or voice of a human from a large dataset of information. The dataset of information can be any source of structured or unstructured data, such as databases, knowledge graphs, documents, articles, images, videos, or audio files. The text or voice of a human can be any query, request, command, or instruction that specifies the topic, purpose, or style of the desired content. The generator can use different methods to generate the content, such as sequence-to-sequence models, transformer models, generative adversarial networks (GANs), or variational autoencoders (VAEs). The generator can also use different techniques to enhance the quality, diversity, and relevance of the content, such as attention mechanisms, copy mechanisms, reinforcement learning, or controllable generation. The output of the generator is natural language content that can be in any form or genre, such as text or speech, sentence or paragraph, question or answer, fact or opinion, story or summary, or joke or poem.
Analyzer The analyzer is another neural network model that can check the quality of the generated content by comparing it to another large dataset of human-generated content. The dataset of human-generated content can be any source of natural language data that is relevant to the topic, purpose, or style of the desired content. The dataset can be collected from various domains or platforms, such as news websites, social media platforms, blogs, forums, reviews, comments, ratings, or feedback. The analyzer can use different methods to evaluate the content, such as classification models, regression models, ranking models, or scoring models. The analyzer can also use different criteria to measure the quality of the content in terms of naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style. Naturalness refers to how fluent and grammatical the content is in terms of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Coherence refers to how logical and consistent the content is in terms of structure, organization, and argumentation. Conciseness refers to how brief and clear the content is in terms of word choice, sentence length, and redundancy. Accuracy refers to how correct and factual the content is in terms of information, evidence, and citation. Style refers to how appropriate and expressive the content is in terms of tone, mood, voice, and personality. The output of the analyzer is feedback that can be in any form or level, such as binary or numeric values, labels or categories, scores or ratings, comments or suggestions, or corrections or revisions.
Model Discussion The proposed model has some potential benefits and challenges for natural language generation.
Benefits One benefit of the model is that it can leverage large-scale datasets of information and human-generated content to produce and evaluate natural language content. This can improve the data quality and model complexity of the NLG system. The model can also use different methods and techniques to generate and evaluate the content according to different criteria and preferences. This can increase the diversity and relevance of the NLG system. Another benefit of the model is that it can have a self-improving mechanism that allows the generator to learn from the feedback of the analyzer and generate better content in the next iteration. This can enhance the quality and performance of the NLG system.
Challenges One challenge of the model is that it may require a lot of computational resources and time to train and test the generator and analyzer models on large-scale datasets. This may limit the scalability and efficiency of the NLG system. Another challenge of the model is that it may face some difficulties in finding suitable evaluation metrics that can capture all aspects of quality, diversity, and relevance of natural language content. This may affect the validity and reliability of the NLG system. A third challenge of the model is that it may encounter some ethical or social issues in generating and evaluating natural language content that may have some impact or influence on human perception, behavior, or decision. This may raise some questions about the responsibility and accountability of the NLG system.
Conclusion In this paper, we proposed a conceptual model of natural language generation that has the concept of a generator and an analyzer. The generator can produce content from a text or voice of a human from a large dataset of information, and the analyzer can check the quality of the content by comparing it to another large dataset of human-generated content. The analyzer can then give feedback to the generator on how to improve the content in terms of naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style. The generator can learn from the feedback and generate better content in the next iteration. We described the components and methods of the model, and discussed its potential benefits and challenges for natural language generation. We hope that this paper can inspire more research and development on natural language generation with generator and analyzer. We believe that this model can offer a new perspective and direction for improving the quality, diversity, and relevance of natural language content.
How to Experiment with Natural Language Generation using PyTorch
Abstract Natural language generation (NLG) is the task of producing natural language content from non-linguistic input, such as text or voice. NLG has many applications in various domains, such as dialogue systems, summarization, storytelling, and content creation. However, NLG also faces many challenges, such as ensuring the quality, diversity, and relevance of the generated content. In this paper, we propose a method to experiment with NLG using PyTorch, a popular deep learning framework. We describe how to collect or create large-scale datasets of information and human-generated content, how to build and train neural network models for the generator and the analyzer components of the NLG system, how to generate and evaluate natural language content using the models, and how to analyze and report the results of the experiment. We hope that this paper can provide a useful guide for researchers and practitioners who want to explore and improve NLG using PyTorch.
Introduction Natural language generation (NLG) is the task of producing natural language content from non-linguistic input, such as text or voice. NLG has many applications in various domains, such as dialogue systems, summarization, storytelling, and content creation. For example, a dialogue system can generate natural language responses to user queries or requests; a summarizer can generate concise summaries of long documents or articles; a storyteller can generate engaging stories from keywords or images; and a content creator can generate informative or entertaining content for social media or blogs. However, NLG also faces many challenges, such as ensuring the quality, diversity, and relevance of the generated content. Quality refers to how well the generated content conforms to the linguistic and pragmatic norms of natural language, such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, fluency, coherence, logic, and politeness. Diversity refers to how well the generated content covers different aspects or perspectives of the input or topic, such as facts, opinions, emotions, humor, and creativity. Relevance refers to how well the generated content matches the input or topic, such as context, intention, purpose, and audience. One way to address these challenges is to have a human-in-the-loop approach, where a human can provide feedback or evaluation to the NLG system on the quality, diversity, and relevance of the generated content. However, this approach has some limitations, such as scalability, cost, availability, and subjectivity. Scalability refers to how well the approach can handle large-scale or real-time NLG tasks with high demand or frequency. Cost refers to how much resources or time are required for the human feedback or evaluation. Availability refers to how easily or quickly a human can provide feedback or evaluation. Subjectivity refers to how consistent or reliable the human feedback or evaluation is across different humans or situations.
Another way to address these challenges is to have an automated approach, where an NLG system can self-evaluate or self-improve its own generated content without human intervention. However, this approach also has some limitations, such as data quality, model complexity, and evaluation metrics. Data quality refers to how accurate, complete, and representative the data used for training or testing the NLG system is. Model complexity refers to how sophisticated, robust, and generalizable the model used for generating or evaluating the content is. Evaluation metrics refer to how valid, reliable, and interpretable the metrics used for measuring the quality, diversity, and relevance of the content are.
In this paper, we propose a method to experiment with NLG using PyTorch, a popular deep learning framework. PyTorch is an open-source library that provides a flexible and easy-to-use platform for building and training neural network models. PyTorch also supports various methods and techniques for natural language processing (NLP) and NLG, such as recurrent neural networks (RNNs), attention mechanisms, transformer models, generative adversarial networks (GANs), and variational autoencoders (VAEs).
We describe how to collect or create large-scale datasets of information and human-generated content that are relevant to the objective of the experiment. We also describe how to build and train neural network models for the generator and the analyzer components of the NLG system. The generator model can produce natural language content from a text or voice of a human from a large dataset of information, and the analyzer model can check the quality of the content by comparing it to another large dataset of human-generated content. The analyzer model can then give feedback to the generator model on how to improve the content in terms of naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style. The generator model can learn from the feedback and generate better content in the next iteration.
We also describe how to generate and evaluate natural language content using the models, and how to analyze and report the results of the experiment. We hope that this paper can provide a useful guide for researchers and practitioners who want to explore and improve NLG using PyTorch.
Method In this section, we describe the steps involved in experimenting with NLG using PyTorch.
Data Collection The first step is to collect or create a large dataset of information and a large dataset of human-generated content that are relevant to the objective of the experiment. The dataset of information can be any source of structured or unstructured data, such as databases,knowledge graphs, documents, articles, images, videos, or audio files. The dataset of human-generated content can be any source of natural language data that is relevant to the topic, purpose, or style of the desired content. The dataset can be collected from various domains or platforms, such as news websites, social media platforms, blogs, forums, reviews, comments, ratings, or feedback.
The size and quality of the datasets may affect the performance and outcome of the experiment. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the datasets are accurate, complete, and representative of the input and output domains. It is also important to preprocess and clean the datasets before using them for training or testing the models. For example, removing noise, duplicates, outliers, missing values, or irrelevant information from the datasets.
Model Building The second step is to build or use a neural network model for the generator and another neural network model for the analyzer. The models can be built using PyTorch's modules and functions that provide various layers, activations, optimizers, loss functions, and other utilities for building and training neural network models.
The generator model can use different methods to generate natural language content from a text or voice of a human from a large dataset of information, such as sequence-to-sequence models, transformer models, generative adversarial networks (GANs), or variational autoencoders (VAEs). The generator model can also use different techniques to enhance the quality, diversity, and relevance of natural language content, such as attention mechanisms, copy mechanisms, reinforcement learning, or controllable generation.
The analyzer model can use different methods to evaluate natural language content by comparing it to another large dataset of human-generated content, such as classification models, regression models, ranking models, or scoring models. The analyzer model can also use different criteria to measure the quality of natural language content in terms of naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style.
Naturalness refers to how fluent and grammatical the content is in terms of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Coherence refers to how logical and consistent the content is in terms of structure, organization, and argumentation. Conciseness refers to how brief and clear the content is in terms of word choice, sentence length, and redundancy. Accuracy refers to how correct and factual the content is in terms of information, evidence, and citation. Style refers to how appropriate and expressive the content is in terms of tone, mood, voice, and personality.
The output of the generator model is natural language content that can be in any form or genre, such as text or speech, sentence or paragraph, question or answer, fact or opinion, story or summary, or joke or poem.
The output of the analyzer model is feedback that can be in any form or level, such as binary or numeric values, labels or categories, scores or ratings, comments or suggestions, or corrections or revisions.
Model Training The third step is to train the generator and analyzer models on the respective datasets using appropriate methods and techniques. The training process involves feeding the input data to the models, computing the output data and the loss function, updating the model parameters using an optimizer algorithm, and repeating these steps until the models converge to a desired state.
The training process may vary depending on the methods and techniques used by the models. For example, sequence-to-sequence models may use teacher forcing or scheduled sampling techniques to train the decoder part of the model. Transformer models may use masked language modeling or next sentence prediction techniques to train the encoder-decoder part of the model. GANs may use adversarial training techniques to train the generator and discriminator parts of the model. VAEs may use variational inference techniques to train the encoder and decoder parts of the model.
The training process may also require some hyperparameters tuning and regularization techniques to optimize the performance and generalization of the models. For example, choosing the appropriate learning rate, batch size, number of epochs, number of layers, number of hidden units, dropout rate, weight decay rate, etc. for the models. PyTorch provides various tools and libraries for hyperparameter tuning and regularization, such as PyTorch Lightning, PyTorch Ignite, Ray Tune, Optuna, etc.
Content Generation The fourth step is to generate some natural language content using the generator model, given some text or voice of a human as input. The generation process involves feeding the input data to the generator model, computing the output data and the probability distribution over the vocabulary, sampling or selecting the most probable word or token from the distribution, appending the word or token to the output sequence, and repeating these steps until the end-of-sequence token is generated or a predefined length limit is reached. The generation process may vary depending on the methods and techniques used by the generator model.
For example, sequence-to-sequence models may use beam search or greedy search techniques to generate the output sequence. Transformer models may use masked language modeling or next sentence prediction techniques to generate the output sequence. GANs may use adversarial sampling or temperature sampling techniques to generate the output sequence. VAEs may use variational sampling or posterior sampling techniques to generate the output sequence. The generation process may also require some decoding strategies and constraints to control the quality, diversity, and relevance of the generated content. For example, using top-k sampling or top-p nucleus sampling strategies to avoid repetition or low-probability words in the output sequence. Using length normalization or coverage penalty constraints to avoid too short or too long output sequences. Using keyword extraction or topic modeling constraints to ensure that the output sequence matches the input or topic.
Content Evaluation The fifth step is to evaluate the generated content using the analyzer model, comparing it to the human-generated content dataset and giving feedback to the generator model. The evaluation process involves feeding the generated content and the human-generated content to the analyzer model, computing the output data and the evaluation metrics, comparing the metrics between the generated content and the human-generated content, and giving feedback to the generator model on how to improve the content in terms of naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style. The evaluation process may vary depending on the methods and criteria used by the analyzer model. For example, classification models may use binary or multi-class labels to evaluate naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style of natural language content. Regression models may use numeric values or scores to evaluate naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style of natural language content. Ranking models may use pairwise or listwise comparisons to evaluate naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style of natural language content. Scoring models may use ROUGE, BLEU, METEOR, BERTScore, etc. to evaluate naturalness, coherence, conciseness, accuracy, and style of natural language content. The evaluation process may also require some aggregation and analysis techniques to summarize and interpret the evaluation metrics and feedback.
For example, using mean, median, standard deviation, or confidence interval techniques to aggregate the evaluation metrics and feedback across different samples or categories. Using correlation, regression, or significance testing techniques to analyze the relationship between the evaluation metrics and feedback and the input or output variables. The feedback from the analyzer model can be used by the generator model to improve its content in the next iteration. The feedback can be in any form or level, such as binary or numeric values, labels or categories, scores or ratings, comments or suggestions, or corrections or revisions. The feedback can be used by the generator model in different ways, such as updating the model parameters using gradient descent or reinforcement learning algorithms, modifying the input data using data augmentation or editing techniques, or adjusting the output data using post-processing or refinement techniques.
Result Analysis The sixth and final step is to analyze and report the results of the experiment, such as how well the generator model improved over time, how well the analyzer model measured the quality of the content, and how well the generated content met the objective of the experiment. The result analysis involves collecting and organizing the data from the experiment, such as the input data, the output data, the evaluation metrics, and the feedback. The result analysis also involves applying some statistical and visual techniques to summarize and interpret the data from the experiment, such as descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, charts, graphs, tables, etc. The result analysis should answer some important questions about the experiment, such as:
  • What is the objective of the experiment?
  • What are the methods and techniques used by the generator and analyzer models?
  • What are the datasets of information and human-generated content used for training and testing the models?
  • How are the models trained and tested on the datasets?
  • How is natural language content generated and evaluated using the models?
  • How is feedback given and used by the models to improve natural language content?
  • How is natural language content improved over time by using feedback? - How is quality measured by using different criteria and metrics?
  • How is quality compared between generated content and human-generated content?
  • How is quality related to input or output variables?
  • How does generated content meet the objective of the experiment? The result analysis should also provide some conclusions and implications of the experiment, such as:
  • What are the main findings and contributions of the experiment?
  • What are the strengths and limitations of the experiment?
  • What are the implications and applications of the experiment for NLG research and practice?
  • What are the future directions and challenges for NLG research and practice?
Conclusion In this paper, we proposed a method to experiment with NLG using PyTorch, a popular deep learning framework. We described how to collect or create large-scale datasets of information and human-generated content, how to build and train neural network models for the generator and the analyzer components of the NLG system, how to generate and evaluate natural language content using the models, and how to analyze and report the results of the experiment. We hope that this paper can provide a useful guide for researchers and practitioners who want to explore and improve NLG using PyTorch.
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Hello, I am working on a widget in AngularJS and I have to make a simple animation that is giving me trouble and I can't understand why it executes the way it does.
The idea is that on the page there is one div that is a reel and it contains another div that contains an array of element (in this case an array of letters). Next to the reel there is a "spin" button that when pressed spins the reel and initially it spins infinitely while waiting for the waitingForResponse() function that at the moment simulates the program waiting for a response from the backend. When the response "comes" it spins 2 more times and after that it slows down a bit and after 2 more seconds I want it to spin one last time while easing out so I would get a nice smooth slowing down animation. That doesn't happen. When the program comes to the
symbolsElement.css({'animation': 'spin 1000ms ease-out 1'}); 
line the spinning just stops instead of spinning one last time while slowing down. I'm struggling to understand why that happens. My first thoughts were that the program checks for the number of iterations that were already done and it sees that it's greater than the new instruction is asking and it stops the animation but then I thought I'd get a reference to the number of iterations that were done until that point and I'd add one final iteration to it with
symbolsElement.css({'animation': 'spin 1000ms ease-out ${iterationCount + 1}'}); 
but that caused an even weirder outcome. The reel would keep spinning 5 more times and then stop. I have no idea why it would spin 5 more times.

Slot Machine

{{ symbol }}
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I searched a lot and found nothing useful. As far as I understand setting a new animation or a new animation-duration should overwrite the last one and it should spin one more time but it doesn't. Please help me understand why.
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2023.03.26 16:37 heavyhomo Successfully finished CotN last week. Netherdeep+Heart of Despair review, Alyxian and Rivals recommendations, and AMA.

I finished Call of the Netherdeep last week with my party. Looking back, it's probably my favourite campaign I've ever run. I like to run games with in-depth RP and lots of interaction with fleshed out NPCs. My players loved how unique this campaign was. I put a lot of effort into Alyxian throughout the campaign, and it paid off in spades at the end. If you're new to DMing, or not great at RP, this might not be the campaign for you yet. It's totally doable, but you might miss some of the emotional impact of the campaign.
I told my party in advance that there would be another group whose fate was intertwined with their own, and that they might be referred to as The Rivals, but they could have any kind of relationship with them. I also mentioned that there were multiple endings depending on how they played throughout the game, which intrigued and spooked them a little.

Early chapter notes

Chapter 1: I've seen some people talk about wanting to beef it up, but I think it's better to leave this chapter as-is. Some really light-hearted and low-stakes stuff to get everybody's energy up, and move things quickly. Focus on party bonding, and letting the party start to see how the rivals interact with each other, and then loop the party in. My party ended up with the Jewel, and befriended the rivals.
Chapter 2: I've seen lots mention that there are pacing issues here, but the way I ran it, there were no issues. Give things some breathing room. This is (potentially) the first time the party is traveling together. Play out some campfire scenes where they are getting to know each other. If you include the rivals in these travels, more chance to watch the rival group bond, and bond with them. I ended things with the Ruins of Sorrow, and it was perfect. Put on some sad music, ask the players some tragic things that happened in their characters' past, and let them sit in that sorrow while these awful monsters try to murder them (2 crits in a row from the boss had my party extra terrified, one shots). Emotionally manipulating your friends isn't wrong when it's to set the tone ;)
Chapter 3: I had to nerf the gibbering mouthers, because my party had limped right to Bazzoxan after the Ruins fight. It created an ever better sense of tension, understanding that there's no rest in this part of Xhorhas, you always have to remain vigilant. There were some real pacing issues here, leading into Betrayers' Rise. I ran the Hythenos Estate quest since there was a PC tie-in, but I wish I had run a little more content prior to the dungeon. The party levelled up too fast with nothing really having happened. The party had needed some nudges to remind them they were here to ask about the Jewel, they almost missed out on some really good information. The rivals challenged the party to a second race to the Shrine in BR, keeping up the friendly competition and reminding them they're rivals even though they're friends. I do NOT recommend trying to create an additional boss fight, because the PCs are their own boss fight depending who fails their saves. I warned the party they could experience a near-TPK here... DC 16 charisma save is no joke.
Chapter 4: It took quite a while for the party to get settled in to Ank'Harel. I gave the party a tour guide to fly them over the city and let them get an idea of the major points of interest to help drive their interests, it worked very well. I wish I had created some reasons for combat early here (random street brawl, arena contest, anything) because I think we went 2-3 full sessions without combat. The rivals started to drift from the party here, mainly because the party had some freedom to explore their own things. My party locked themselves out of both the Consortium and Cobalt Soul quest lines, so they ended up with the Allegiance by default. There was some real player strife that happened when selecting a faction, we had somebody really disruptive single-handedly shut them out of the Consortium, and we had some players split from the party here. The campaign would have lasted much longer, but our replacements didn't have as much investment, so I had to wrap up some personal quest threads and move right into the final chapters.
Chapter 5: Make sure you play the Aboleth to its strengths. It's hyper-intelligent. I had it basically mind control one of the party members, and then stay out of sight while the party fought each other. A fun game of hide and seek, until it killed one of the players and took the Jewel. Naturally, "Alyxian" attuned to the jewel and it made round 2 a lot toughemore fun. Could the Aboleth have awakened it to its final form? In theory yes, but I didn't want to take that away from the players. The party got a bit stumped trying to figure out how to get into the Temple, the bartender eventually was able to point them in the right direction after they defeated the Aboleth.

Running the Rivals

The rivals were one of the best parts of the campaign for us. Yes, technically the campaign can be played without them. They created a fantastic push and pull dynamic to the party, even as great friends. The rivals kept posing to the players "another race"; the groups are friends, so there wouldn't be any real conflict, so it was important to find a way to remind the party that Ayo's group is its own party.
It's a great idea in your DM prep before the campaign, to try and really understand the rivals and how they might interact with each other. Especially when the parties are friends, it needs to be very clear they are separate groups. My party wanted to keep joining up with Ayo's group to tackle everything. So Ayo had to keep gently reminding them that they're a separate party, they want to do things their own way. Part of reinforcing that was letting the party see Ayo's group ("The Emerald Pact", a great suggestion I saw here long ago) RP with one another. I had to make sure it never got self-gratuitous though.
Something I had to downplay for the sake of time (since we had some replacement party members) was Ayo and Ruin's Wake. It allowed me to add some extra tension in that final interaction outside the Heart of Despair (talked about below). It also gave Ayo a reason to work against the party, despite their clear friendships. Ayo had warned the party, before meeting in the Netherdeep, that she expected the party to find their convictions how they wanted to handle Alyxian, and when they meet again down there it won't likely be as friends. This really spooked the party.
The Rivals ended up being a really wholesome addition to run alongside the PC party. They did serve a purpose, in that the party always felt just a little bit pressured to not lose the next race to the rivals. If you give the Rivals some real life, and allow the party to interact with them on a semi-frequent basis, I think they're a truly magical part of the campaign.

Roleplaying Alyxian

Everything the book writes about roleplaying Alyxian is spot on, so this is more supplemental. I took roleplaying him very seriously, since the outcome of the campaign fully depends on how you've portrayed him throughout the campaign. I practiced my lines, invested as much emotion into them as I could. I specifically left out the "don't release Alyxian" line from Theo the ghost, because I wanted to let my RP stand on its own.
Alyxians role in the campaign is what sets CotN apart from any module I've run to date. If you can nail his RP, the end of the campaign will be pure magic.

Chapter 6: The Netherdeep

This dungeon is probably the coolest dungeon I've ever run. The art to share with players really really helps to set the tone. Pick some great sort of eerie music to play (I ended up using the WoW Vale of Eternal Blossoms NZoth Invasion music). Setting the tone is a key part to really immersing your players in Alyxians prison.
Whenever my players successfully resolved one of Alyxians memories, I told them that they earned a "secret point". They were very intrigued and this motivated them further to solve things peacefully.
This may be controversial, but I don't think the combat here is all that engaging/interesting, and that's okay. The focus isn't really on the combat. The set piece encounters are mostly really high-value (minus the wave battle, which I skipped since we were running out of time). I also wanted to set the expectation that combat is not the most important thing as we run up to the finale.
Maybe part ego, part shenanigans, part curiosity, I didn't have Theo tell the party "don't release the Apotheon". Why tell them not to get the bad ending? I really wanted to keep the option and see what they did. But it also felt important to me to let my Alyxian RP stand on its own, to let that be the driving force behind what they chose to do with him.
As we reached the final session, my players were really eager and excited because they had no clue what the final session had in store for them. Compare this to other modules, where you typically have a really clear idea of who the final boss is, where it's going to take place, etc. So they really liked that aspect of it. I could barely contain myself after keeping these secrets for 8+ months, so I gave them a cheeky hint/spoiler that there were 0-2 encounters left in the final session.
The players ended up talking their way out of an encounter with the Rivals. They had been good friends all along, and even with some middling rolls the RP was great. Ayo made it clear that she wanted to take a stance OPPOSITE to the party, what to do with Alyxian. This was the finale for the Rivals, and despite their friendship I wanted them to feel opposed in some way. Ayo was a bit extra hot headed thanks to Ruin's Wake, but the party RP ended up with the rest of Ayo's group holding her back, and taking the spear away from her, giving her a clear head, and gaining her blessing to handle Alyxian as they saw fit.

Chapter 7: Heart of Despair

I searched for music for the background music, and then for each of the phases. I wanted something serene, but a little bit off, for while in the Heart. If I used music that was too peaceful, they might just let him go. But if I made it too angsty, it might make them feel like they had to fight. So I found something discordant, and it really pushed that there was something off.
The party had completely forgot about their faction mission by this point (ask nicely to keep access to Ruidium), which made me chuckle but was totally fine. Things started off exactly as I was hoping. They had lots of questions, and some of the RIGHT questions. They prompted the "Alyxian's Fury" response, which I made sure to RP his simmering rage as part of. My party asked for a single Insight check through all the RP with him, which I considered a win for me. The player rolled super low, and I told him he could just trust what he was sensing through the RP, he was satisfied with that.
I let the players discuss amongst themselves how they wanted to handle him. They were very clear that they wanted to redeem him. One of the players was starting to suggest they give him a little bit of therapy before letting him go. The rest of the party members started to latch onto the idea. And when it was finally presented to Alyxian ("lets stop and pray at each of these shrines to help unburden you before we leave"), the encounter was triggered.
First phase wasn't overly difficult. The party fought toe to toe against him. I forgot for the first round or two to have Alyxian keep RPing during the fight. The party had seemingly already forgotten/given up on Alyxians redemption. Music was very intense terror.
Phase two, Alyxian the Callous, is where it started to turn around. Somehow, my party had forgotten that flying creatures exist and never prepared for it. So Alyxian just hung high in the air, raining his radiant spears down on the party. I kept trying to push the RP, but nobody was engaging him. Somebody finally made a comment back at him, and I asked if they wanted to rephrase it and use it as a persuasion check. Yes. And as they rolled, I told them they got advantage as the memory of (insert where they got it here) sprung to mind. Things finally clicked for the group, as the persuasion check dealt exactly enough damage to bring Alyxian back to the ground and pushed him to his final form. This was my favourite music of the night, I don't think I've ever used music with any kind of vocals, but this fight was WAY too JRPG to not use something like this (I couldn't stop thinking Innocence from FFXIV). https://youtu.be/0WMYL6HuUoI
The final phase, the music cut back and slowed down and felt more sad than combat. They were fighting an exhausted old man, it couldn't stay epic. They were doing their best to persuade him and didn't actually engage in combat anymore. They were preaching peace and reconciliation as Alyxian tried his hardest to keep fighting back against it.
The party got their 3rd persuasion success, and the music swapped to "epilogue" style. I cried as I read Alyxian's final block text, everybody ended up a little misty-eyed. The intent had always been to end the campaign after Alyxian, so I described what their next couple days looked like. Their final supper with the rivals. Helping Alyxian settle into life in Ank'Harel. And had the players tell me a little bit about what the next steps were for each of their characters.
Despite some areas that really need some extra work to really shine (Ch2,3,4) this was a fantastic experience for myself and my group. This will probably live as one of my favourite modules to have ever run, and I don't imagine anything will quite compare to it. I hope my write up helps give some ideas or provokes thought on what to expect as you move through. And of course, happy to answer any burning questions. Cheers.
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2023.03.26 16:33 HinduNatCel Is Allen Kota Leader batch worth it?

I might have to take a drop I dont have much hope for 2nd attempt I got 64 percentile in first attempt my syllabus wasn't complete and I hadn't even revised 11th class but even for 2nd attempt I don't think I will get enough time to complete syllabus and revise.
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She looked at me and smirked: « Oh, that’s right! I’m so clumsy! You can’t go out like this can you? Allow me!»
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“Yes,” she said, “I want to see all of you.”
MP rushed up to me afterward, the concern etched on her face. She saw our principal approaching behind me. I was about to be suspended for fighting. The fact that I was obviously defending myself from an unprovoked attack meant nothing. The school had a zero tolerance policy and I was going. MP called her mother and told her she was sick and she would be coming home with me. My mother and I used our telepathy to communicate on the way home. MP laughed, “I’m getting better at this. I’m picking up almost every other word. Maybe I have a future as a witch.” We went home and MP joined me in my room. We didn’t have sex; we didn’t even kiss but we did talk—a lot.
“Thanks.” She replied and continued working. After a moment she noticed I was still standing there. “Did you need something?”
Tim said, “Better yet, come with me after school. My parents both work and that’ll give you an hour with her. I’ll play your game and give you two some space.”
“About the Derek thing,” Morgan said dryly. “We’re even now.”
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“I’m not admitting anything, I’m just gonna try to explain what I remember.”
Do it yourself my lord.
“That will be a lesson for another day sadly, for now we’ll just finish cleaning up… if you would be so kind as to soap me up?” She added the last with a raised eyebrow.
“You tasted great,” Damien said. “Sorry, I never ate you out before.”
The spilled food, however, was the last thing on my mind. “Piece of… fffuck!” I tucked my right hand against my chest, as if trying to shield it from the pain. As quickly as my brain could process, I stepped over to the sink and flipped on the cold water, sticking my hand underneath.
“I do. But it can be confusing sometimes.” I admitted.
“Then I’ll keep calling until you do. Don’t make me be annoying, I can be annoying.”
She chuckled and stood up, hugging me. "Maybe I need a refresher." She told me. "Maybe I'll do something fun on the weekend."
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“Carlo is fascinated by not only your size, but your shape. Your nipples are often poking out at him, and your areola are what he calls ‘puffies’. I find your breasts quite cute myself” Gina finished.
The train wasn't due for another five minutes and I had all that time to figure out what I was going to do when she stepped off. I grinned, I wanted to play a little game, payback for that promise she had me make. I looked down the tracks and could just make out the headlight off in the distance.
They talked for hours. About the normal stuff, it wasn't any different then their usually days.
Nick looked over to Tiffany with a questioning look. As her best friend for nearly 15 years, Tiffany knew more about Stacy than even she herself did at times.
Kelly's fingers curled into fists, her face twisted into a snarl, her stomach twisted into a knot. So it was not enough to call her out in his office, he had to humiliate her in front of every teacher and every student in the school?
"No problem," I replied.
“Oh Simon, that feels so nice,” she says between deep breaths. She stops me for a second as she
I felt like I had Mike under control, at least for now. Even if I didn't, I wouldn't have anyone else fighting my battles for me, especially not her of all people.
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2023.03.26 16:15 halo3junkiee GPU drivers not loading

Hi friends,
Recently acquired a Dell r730xd and have installed an quadro p2000 into riser 3. A fresh install of TrueNAS v22.12.01 does not load the drivers. Have also tried going back to v22.02.4 with same results. Not loading the drivers means I can't pass it through to an app, such as Plex.
Below is the output of nvidia-smi and also lspci to show that the host can definitely see the gpu
[email protected][~]$ nvidia-smi No devices were found [email protected][~]$ lspci grep VGA 03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP106GL [Quadro P2000] (rev a1) 0a:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Matrox Electronics Systems Ltd. G200eR2 (rev 01) [email protected][~]$ lspci -v 03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP106GL [Quadro P2000] (rev a1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Subsystem: Dell GP106GL [Quadro P2000] Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 235, NUMA node 0, IOMMU group 21 Memory at 91000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M] Memory at 3bfe0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M] Memory at 3bff0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=32M] I/O ports at 3000 [size=128] Expansion ROM at 92080000 [disabled] [size=512K] Capabilities:  Kernel driver in use: nvidia Kernel modules: nouveau, nvidia_current_drm, nvidia_current 
I have also seen this post on truenas forums and don't think it is related since this is a brand new install and Kernel driver in use: nvidia seems to check out.
Any ideas why truenas isn't loading the nvidia drivers? I can provide more info if needed.
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Courses for 26 March 2023

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2023.03.26 15:16 smartybrome Best Free Courses for 26 March 2023

Courses for 26 March 2023

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2023.03.26 14:55 Crazy-Ad-7869 Steve Cohen of Point 72 Article in the NY Times

Steve Cohen of Point 72 Article in the NY Times
The NY Times did a big article on Steve Cohen (Point 72, a hedge fund short GME) today re: his ownership of the Mets and how he's beloved in Queens because of that. I have to say, though--the journalists threw in some gems that let the reader know how old Stevie comes across. I copied some of those gems below:
sauce (there's a paywall): https://www.nytimes.com/2023/03/26/sports/baseball/steve-cohen-mets-new-york.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage§ion=Sports
[Note: Cohen's former hedge fund, S.A.C., got shut down because of legal issues ... so he bought the Mets, lol.]
"People own teams for all sorts of reasons: boredom, passion, civic mission, macho flex. Images can be retouched, stories recast. Winners write history, and can rewrite it."
"In dozens of interviews with allies, adversaries, current and former employees and players, the Cohen rendered is by turns paradoxical and straightforward: He can be brusque and solicitous, open-minded and closed off, faithfully process-driven but seemingly convinced of his own destiny in any venture. Here is a man who has everything, except total control over his public legacy, betting that his savvy and financial muscle can bend an unfamiliar world to his whims because winners win, and what is Steve Cohen? Those who know him say his view of subordinates can be similarly binary — morons and moneymakers, doers and duds — producing sometimes savage encounters in the workplace. Business associates have been routinely berated in front of peers, their intelligence insulted in a hail of expletives. “That’s your best idea?” he has asked his traders, peppering profanities. “Are you stupid?”"
"Even Cohen’s speaking manner betrays a certain wear-you-down relentlessness. He often begins sentences with “listen” and ends them with “right?” — a tic that conveys his wishes clearly: Hear him out and kindly agree with him."
"As an executive, Cohen has rarely been known to spare the feelings or calendars of business subordinates, filling weekends with calls and summoning charges to his Connecticut home for 20-minute breakfast meetings in the name of efficiency. “I’ve got to eat,” he has reasoned. At S.A.C., a desk-side “Steve cam” transmitted his daily happenings to others in the operation. Details as granular as the thermostat setting have captured his interest. (Cohen has been said to prefer a temperature around 68 degrees for optimal productivity.)"
The article ends on:
"When Cohen has gone quieter, some players have gone to him. As he struggled in his first Mets season, Lindor said he turned to his boss for counsel. Life is long, Cohen suggested. Time passes. “It’s just, ‘Hey, I have bad days, too,’” Lindor remembered. “‘If people judged me based on what I did every single day, you know, I would be probably one of the worst guys in the world.’”"
Read that last line again--Lindor was quoting Cohen and it's the last line of the article! 😂😂😂
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2023.03.26 14:45 AhmedOsama3294 Why some parts of my "Save As" dialog is black, and the "Hide Folders" button doesn't work, and the left pane doesn't appear??

Why some parts of my

Hand-made Save Dialog
The save dialog code is actually in FSUtils.h ,at function:
HWND SaveFileDialog(LPCWSTR filters, COMSPEC_FILTER* fltr, PWSTR* fname)
#pragma once #include  #define STRICT_TYPED_ITEMIDS #include  #include  // For COM headers #include  // for IFileDialogEvents and IFileDialogControlEvents #include  #include  // for KnownFolder APIs/datatypes/function headers #include  // for PROPVAR-related functions #include  // for the Property key APIs/datatypes #include  // for the Property System APIs #include  // for StringCchPrintfW #include  // for COMDLG_FILTERSPEC #include  #pragma comment(lib, "Shlwapi.lib") #pragma comment(lib, "Propsys.lib") #pragma comment(lib, "comctl32.lib") #if defined _M_IX86 #pragma comment(linker, "/manifestdependency:\"type='win32' name='Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls' version='' processorArchitecture='x86' publicKeyToken='6595b64144ccf1df' language='*'\"") #elif defined _M_IA64 #pragma comment(linker, "/manifestdependency:\"type='win32' name='Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls' version='' processorArchitecture='ia64' publicKeyToken='6595b64144ccf1df' language='*'\"") #elif defined _M_X64 #pragma comment(linker, "/manifestdependency:\"type='win32' name='Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls' version='' processorArchitecture='amd64' publicKeyToken='6595b64144ccf1df' language='*'\"") #else #pragma comment(linker, "/manifestdependency:\"type='win32' name='Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls' version='' processorArchitecture='*' publicKeyToken='6595b64144ccf1df' language='*'\"") #endif // Indices of file types #define INDEX_WORDDOC 1 #define INDEX_WEBPAGE 2 #define INDEX_TEXTDOC 3 // Controls #define CONTROL_GROUP 2000 #define CONTROL_RADIOBUTTONLIST 2 #define CONTROL_RADIOBUTTON1 1 #define CONTROL_RADIOBUTTON2 2 // It is OK for this to have the same ID as CONTROL_RADIOBUTTONLIST, // because it is a child control under CONTROL_RADIOBUTTONLIST // IDs for the Task Dialog Buttons #define IDC_BASICFILEOPEN 100 #define IDC_ADDITEMSTOCUSTOMPLACES 101 #define IDC_ADDCUSTOMCONTROLS 102 #define IDC_SETDEFAULTVALUESFORPROPERTIES 103 #define IDC_WRITEPROPERTIESUSINGHANDLERS 104 #define IDC_WRITEPROPERTIESWITHOUTUSINGHANDLERS 105 HRESULT CDialogEventHandler_CreateInstance(REFIID, void**); class CDialogEventHandler : public IFileDialogEvents, public IFileDialogControlEvents { public: // IUnknown methods IFACEMETHODIMP QueryInterface(REFIID riid, void** ppv) { static const QITAB qit[] = { QITABENT(CDialogEventHandler, IFileDialogEvents), QITABENT(CDialogEventHandler, IFileDialogControlEvents), { 0 }, #pragma warning(suppress:4838) }; return QISearch(this, qit, riid, ppv); } IFACEMETHODIMP_(ULONG) AddRef() { return InterlockedIncrement(&_cRef); } IFACEMETHODIMP_(ULONG) Release() { long cRef = InterlockedDecrement(&_cRef); if (!cRef) delete this; return cRef; } // IFileDialogEvents methods IFACEMETHODIMP OnFileOk(IFileDialog*) { return S_OK; }; IFACEMETHODIMP OnFolderChange(IFileDialog*) { return S_OK; }; IFACEMETHODIMP OnFolderChanging(IFileDialog*, IShellItem*) { return S_OK; }; IFACEMETHODIMP OnHelp(IFileDialog*) { return S_OK; }; IFACEMETHODIMP OnSelectionChange(IFileDialog*) { return S_OK; }; IFACEMETHODIMP OnShareViolation(IFileDialog*, IShellItem*, FDE_SHAREVIOLATION_RESPONSE*) { return S_OK; }; IFACEMETHODIMP OnTypeChange(IFileDialog* pfd); IFACEMETHODIMP OnOverwrite(IFileDialog*, IShellItem*, FDE_OVERWRITE_RESPONSE*) { return S_OK; }; // IFileDialogControlEvents methods IFACEMETHODIMP OnItemSelected(IFileDialogCustomize* pfdc, DWORD dwIDCtl, DWORD dwIDItem); IFACEMETHODIMP OnButtonClicked(IFileDialogCustomize*, DWORD) { return S_OK; }; IFACEMETHODIMP OnCheckButtonToggled(IFileDialogCustomize*, DWORD, BOOL) { return S_OK; }; IFACEMETHODIMP OnControlActivating(IFileDialogCustomize*, DWORD) { return S_OK; }; CDialogEventHandler() : _cRef(1) { }; private: ~CDialogEventHandler() { }; long _cRef; }; // IFileDialogEvents methods // This method gets called when the file-type is changed (combo-box selection changes). // For sample sake, let's react to this event by changing the properties show. HRESULT CDialogEventHandler::OnTypeChange(IFileDialog* pfd) { IFileSaveDialog* pfsd; HRESULT hr = pfd->QueryInterface(&pfsd); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { UINT uIndex; hr = pfsd->GetFileTypeIndex(&uIndex); // index of current file-type if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { IPropertyDescriptionList* pdl = NULL; switch (uIndex) { case INDEX_WORDDOC: // When .doc is selected, let's ask for some arbitrary property, say Title. hr = PSGetPropertyDescriptionListFromString(L"prop:System.Title", IID_PPV_ARGS(&pdl)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // FALSE as second param == do not show default properties. hr = pfsd->SetCollectedProperties(pdl, FALSE); pdl->Release(); } break; case INDEX_WEBPAGE: // When .html is selected, let's ask for some other arbitrary property, say Keywords. hr = PSGetPropertyDescriptionListFromString(L"prop:System.Keywords", IID_PPV_ARGS(&pdl)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // FALSE as second param == do not show default properties. hr = pfsd->SetCollectedProperties(pdl, FALSE); pdl->Release(); } break; case INDEX_TEXTDOC: // When .txt is selected, let's ask for some other arbitrary property, say Author. hr = PSGetPropertyDescriptionListFromString(L"prop:System.Author", IID_PPV_ARGS(&pdl)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // TRUE as second param == show default properties as well, but show Author property first in list. hr = pfsd->SetCollectedProperties(pdl, TRUE); pdl->Release(); } break; } } pfsd->Release(); } return hr; } // IFileDialogControlEvents // This method gets called when an dialog control item selection happens (radio-button selection. etc). // For sample sake, let's react to this event by changing the dialog title. HRESULT CDialogEventHandler::OnItemSelected(IFileDialogCustomize* pfdc, DWORD dwIDCtl, DWORD dwIDItem) { IFileDialog* pfd = NULL; HRESULT hr = pfdc->QueryInterface(&pfd); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { if (dwIDCtl == CONTROL_RADIOBUTTONLIST) { switch (dwIDItem) { case CONTROL_RADIOBUTTON1: hr = pfd->SetTitle(L"Longhorn Dialog"); break; case CONTROL_RADIOBUTTON2: hr = pfd->SetTitle(L"Vista Dialog"); break; } } pfd->Release(); } return hr; } // Instance creation helper HRESULT CDialogEventHandler_CreateInstance(REFIID riid, void** ppv) { *ppv = NULL; CDialogEventHandler* pDialogEventHandler = new (std::nothrow) CDialogEventHandler(); HRESULT hr = pDialogEventHandler ? S_OK : E_OUTOFMEMORY; if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { hr = pDialogEventHandler->QueryInterface(riid, ppv); pDialogEventHandler->Release(); } return hr; } /* Utility Functions *************************************************************************************************************/ // A helper function that converts UNICODE data to ANSI and writes it to the given file. // We write in ANSI format to make it easier to open the output file in Notepad. HRESULT _WriteDataToFile(HANDLE hFile, PCWSTR pszDataIn) { // First figure out our required buffer size. DWORD cbData = WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, 0, pszDataIn, -1, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL); HRESULT hr = (cbData == 0) ? HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(GetLastError()) : S_OK; if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Now allocate a buffer of the required size, and call WideCharToMultiByte again to do the actual conversion. char* pszData = new (std::nothrow) CHAR[cbData]; hr = pszData ? S_OK : E_OUTOFMEMORY; if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { hr = WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, 0, pszDataIn, -1, pszData, cbData, NULL, NULL) ? S_OK : HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(GetLastError()); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { DWORD dwBytesWritten = 0; hr = WriteFile(hFile, pszData, cbData - 1, &dwBytesWritten, NULL) ? S_OK : HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(GetLastError()); } delete[] pszData; } } return hr; } // Helper function to write property/value into a custom file format. // // We are inventing a dummy format here: // [APPDATA] // xxxxxx // [ENDAPPDATA] // [PROPERTY]foo=bar[ENDPROPERTY] // [PROPERTY]foo2=bar2[ENDPROPERTY] HRESULT _WritePropertyToCustomFile(PCWSTR pszFileName, PCWSTR pszPropertyName, PCWSTR pszValue) { HANDLE hFile = CreateFileW(pszFileName, GENERIC_READ GENERIC_WRITE, FILE_SHARE_READ, NULL, OPEN_ALWAYS, // We will write only if the file exists. FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, NULL); HRESULT hr = (hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) ? HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(GetLastError()) : S_OK; if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { const WCHAR wszPropertyStartTag[] = L"[PROPERTY]"; const WCHAR wszPropertyEndTag[] = L"[ENDPROPERTY]\r\n"; const DWORD cchPropertyStartTag = (DWORD)wcslen(wszPropertyStartTag); const static DWORD cchPropertyEndTag = (DWORD)wcslen(wszPropertyEndTag); DWORD const cchPropertyLine = cchPropertyStartTag + cchPropertyEndTag + (DWORD)wcslen(pszPropertyName) + (DWORD)wcslen(pszValue) + 2; // 1 for '=' + 1 for NULL terminator. PWSTR pszPropertyLine = new (std::nothrow) WCHAR[cchPropertyLine]; hr = pszPropertyLine ? S_OK : E_OUTOFMEMORY; if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { hr = StringCchPrintfW(pszPropertyLine, cchPropertyLine, L"%s%s=%s%s", wszPropertyStartTag, pszPropertyName, pszValue, wszPropertyEndTag); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { hr = SetFilePointer(hFile, 0, NULL, FILE_END) ? S_OK : HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(GetLastError()); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { hr = _WriteDataToFile(hFile, pszPropertyLine); } } delete[] pszPropertyLine; } CloseHandle(hFile); } return hr; } // An function which renders file saving dialogs // Returns: An HWND for dialog customization. HWND SaveFileDialog(LPCWSTR filters, COMDLG_FILTERSPEC fltr[], PWSTR* fbb) { // CoCreate the File Open Dialog object. IFileDialog* pfd = NULL; HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FileSaveDialog, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_PPV_ARGS(&pfd)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Create an event handling object, and hook it up to the dialog. IFileDialogEvents* pfde = NULL; hr = CDialogEventHandler_CreateInstance(IID_PPV_ARGS(&pfde)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Hook up the event handler. DWORD dwCookie; hr = pfd->Advise(pfde, &dwCookie); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Set the options on the dialog. DWORD dwFlags; // Before setting, always get the options first in order not to override existing options. hr = pfd->GetOptions(&dwFlags); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // In this case, get shell items only for file system items. hr = pfd->SetOptions(dwFlags FOS_FORCEFILESYSTEM); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Set the file types to display only. Notice that, this is a 1-based array. hr = pfd->SetFileTypes(_ARRAYSIZE(fltr), fltr); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Set the default extension to be ".doc" file. hr = pfd->SetDefaultExtension(filters); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Show the dialog hr = pfd->Show(NULL); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Obtain the result, once the user clicks the 'Open' button. // The result is an IShellItem object. IShellItem* psiResult; hr = pfd->GetResult(&psiResult); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // We are just going to print out the name of the file for sample sake. PWSTR pszFilePath; hr = psiResult->GetDisplayName(SIGDN_FILESYSPATH, &pszFilePath); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { TaskDialog(NULL, NULL, L"CommonFileDialogApp", pszFilePath, NULL, TDCBF_OK_BUTTON, TD_INFORMATION_ICON, NULL); CoTaskMemFree(pszFilePath); } psiResult->Release(); } } } } } } } // Unhook the event handler. pfd->Unadvise(dwCookie); } pfde->Release(); } } pfd->Release(); return FindWindowExW(NULL, NULL, MAKEINTATOM(32770), "Save As"); } 
The problem starts from line 290, here:
 // An function which renders file saving dialogs // Returns: An HWND for dialog customization. HWND SaveFileDialog(LPCWSTR filters, COMDLG_FILTERSPEC fltr[], PWSTR* fbb) { // CoCreate the File Open Dialog object. IFileDialog* pfd = NULL; HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FileSaveDialog, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_PPV_ARGS(&pfd)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Create an event handling object, and hook it up to the dialog. IFileDialogEvents* pfde = NULL; hr = CDialogEventHandler_CreateInstance(IID_PPV_ARGS(&pfde)); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Hook up the event handler. DWORD dwCookie; hr = pfd->Advise(pfde, &dwCookie); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Set the options on the dialog. DWORD dwFlags; // Before setting, always get the options first in order not to override existing options. hr = pfd->GetOptions(&dwFlags); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // In this case, get shell items only for file system items. hr = pfd->SetOptions(dwFlags FOS_FORCEFILESYSTEM); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Set the file types to display only. Notice that, this is a 1-based array. hr = pfd->SetFileTypes(_ARRAYSIZE(fltr), fltr); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Set the default extension to be ".doc" file. hr = pfd->SetDefaultExtension(filters); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Show the dialog hr = pfd->Show(NULL); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // Obtain the result, once the user clicks the 'Open' button. // The result is an IShellItem object. IShellItem* psiResult; hr = pfd->GetResult(&psiResult); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { // We are just going to print out the name of the file for sample sake. PWSTR pszFilePath; hr = psiResult->GetDisplayName(SIGDN_FILESYSPATH, &pszFilePath); if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) { TaskDialog(NULL, NULL, L"CommonFileDialogApp", pszFilePath, NULL, TDCBF_OK_BUTTON, TD_INFORMATION_ICON, NULL); CoTaskMemFree(pszFilePath); } psiResult->Release(); } } } } } } } // Unhook the event handler. pfd->Unadvise(dwCookie); } pfde->Release(); } } pfd->Release(); return FindWindowExW(NULL, NULL, MAKEINTATOM(32770), "Save As"); } 
WindowsProject4.cpp "the application which uses FSUtils.h"
// WindowsProject4.cpp : Defines the entry point for the application. // #include "framework.h" #include "WindowsProject4.h" #include "../FSUtils.h" #define MAX_LOADSTRING 100 // Global Variables: HINSTANCE hInst; // current instance WCHAR szTitle[MAX_LOADSTRING]; // The title bar text WCHAR szWindowClass[MAX_LOADSTRING]; // the main window class name #define RECTWIDTH(rc) (rect.left + rect.right); #define RECTHEIGHT(rc) (rect.bottom + rect.top); // Forward declarations of functions included in this code module: ATOM MyRegisterClass(HINSTANCE hInstance); BOOL InitInstance(HINSTANCE, int); LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc(HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM); INT_PTR CALLBACK About(HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM); int APIENTRY wWinMain(_In_ HINSTANCE hInstance, _In_opt_ HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, _In_ LPWSTR lpCmdLine, _In_ int nCmdShow) { UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER(hPrevInstance); UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER(lpCmdLine); // TODO: Place code here. // Initialize global strings LoadStringW(hInstance, IDS_APP_TITLE, szTitle, MAX_LOADSTRING); LoadStringW(hInstance, IDC_WINDOWSPROJECT4, szWindowClass, MAX_LOADSTRING); MyRegisterClass(hInstance); // Perform application initialization: if (!InitInstance (hInstance, nCmdShow)) { return FALSE; } HACCEL hAccelTable = LoadAccelerators(hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDC_WINDOWSPROJECT4)); MSG msg; // Main message loop: while (GetMessage(&msg, nullptr, 0, 0)) { if (!TranslateAccelerator(msg.hwnd, hAccelTable, &msg)) { TranslateMessage(&msg); DispatchMessage(&msg); } } return (int) msg.wParam; } // // FUNCTION: MyRegisterClass() // // PURPOSE: Registers the window class. // ATOM MyRegisterClass(HINSTANCE hInstance) { WNDCLASSEXW wcex; wcex.cbSize = sizeof(WNDCLASSEX); wcex.style = CS_HREDRAW CS_VREDRAW; wcex.lpfnWndProc = WndProc; wcex.cbClsExtra = 0; wcex.cbWndExtra = 0; wcex.hInstance = hInstance; wcex.hIcon = LoadIcon(hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDI_WINDOWSPROJECT4)); wcex.hCursor = LoadCursor(nullptr, IDC_ARROW); wcex.hbrBackground = (HBRUSH)(COLOR_WINDOW+1); wcex.lpszMenuName = MAKEINTRESOURCEW(IDC_WINDOWSPROJECT4); wcex.lpszClassName = szWindowClass; wcex.hIconSm = LoadIcon(wcex.hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDI_SMALL)); return RegisterClassExW(&wcex); } // // FUNCTION: InitInstance(HINSTANCE, int) // // PURPOSE: Saves instance handle and creates main window // // COMMENTS: // // In this function, we save the instance handle in a global variable and // create and display the main program window. // BOOL InitInstance(HINSTANCE hInstance, int nCmdShow) { hInst = hInstance; // Store instance handle in our global variable HWND hWnd = CreateWindowW(szWindowClass, szTitle, WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, CW_USEDEFAULT, 0, CW_USEDEFAULT, 0, nullptr, nullptr, hInstance, nullptr); if (!hWnd) { return FALSE; } ShowWindow(hWnd, nCmdShow); UpdateWindow(hWnd); RECT rect; GetWindowRect(hWnd, &rect); INT x = RECTWIDTH(rect); INT y = RECTHEIGHT(rect); HWND hWnd2 = CreateWindowExW(WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE, L"Button", L"Save As", WS_CHILD WS_VISIBLE, x / 2, y / 2, 140, 20, hWnd, NULL, hInstance, NULL); ShowWindow(hWnd, nCmdShow); UpdateWindow(hWnd); return TRUE; } // // FUNCTION: WndProc(HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM) // // PURPOSE: Processes messages for the main window. // // WM_COMMAND - process the application menu // WM_PAINT - Paint the main window // WM_DESTROY - post a quit message and return // // HRESULT hr; PWSTR fpb; LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc(HWND hWnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam) { switch (message) { case WM_COMMAND: { if (HIWORD(wParam) == BN_CLICKED && LOWORD(wParam) != IDM_ABOUT && LOWORD(wParam) != IDM_EXIT) { COMDLG_FILTERSPEC fs[] = { {L"Word Document (*.txt)", L"*.txt"}, {L"All Documents (*.*)", L"*.*"} }; SaveFileDialog(L"*.*;txt", fs, &fpb); } int wmId = LOWORD(wParam); // Parse the menu selections: switch (wmId) { case IDM_ABOUT: DialogBox(hInst, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_ABOUTBOX), hWnd, About); break; case IDM_EXIT: DestroyWindow(hWnd); break; default: return DefWindowProc(hWnd, message, wParam, lParam); } } break; case WM_PAINT: { PAINTSTRUCT ps; HDC hdc = BeginPaint(hWnd, &ps); // TODO: Add any drawing code that uses hdc here... EndPaint(hWnd, &ps); } break; case WM_DESTROY: hr = MessageBoxA(hWnd, (LPCSTR)"Do you want to exit?", (LPCSTR)"APC Application Closing Protection In-Proc Server", MB_ICONINFORMATION MB_YESNO); if (hr == IDYES) { PostQuitMessage(0); } if (hr == IDNO) { return false; } break; default: return DefWindowProc(hWnd, message, wParam, lParam); } return 0; } // Message handler for about box. INT_PTR CALLBACK About(HWND hDlg, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam) { UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER(lParam); switch (message) { case WM_INITDIALOG: return (INT_PTR)TRUE; case WM_COMMAND: if (LOWORD(wParam) == IDOK LOWORD(wParam) == IDCANCEL) { EndDialog(hDlg, LOWORD(wParam)); return (INT_PTR)TRUE; } break; } return (INT_PTR)FALSE; } 
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