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My story of work for charity

2023.03.22 04:31 Korostel007 My story of work for charity

Just a cry from the soul. And only you guys will fully understand me. This is why this existence is not worth experiencing. The words "life" and "live", as you understand, do not reflect the real state of things.
So, I'm a dude from the far outskirts of Russia. You might say I was an antinatalist "before it was cool".
So, for the past year I've been working for a charity foundation. Specialization: children with cancer, orphans and disabled children. I'm not the worst designer and marketer and I knew I could do something useful for them. Somehow make a lot of people's lives less shitty. Pretty quickly I realized that this foundation, like everything else in Russia, had a corruption component as well. But the hell with it - as long as at least one sick child with my humble help gets help, I can live with the fact that most of the money goes into the pocket of the president of the foundation (a former criminal leader who supposedly made up for his sins - very popular activity in russian elite circles).
I have learned more about pediatric oncology this year than I ever wanted to. About abandoned children with disabilities. About children who were born with bodies so twisted that they just lay for years in creepy poses in dilapidated orphanages in freezing villages. I learned about mothers in Lexuses who have turned themselves into a conveyor belt of creating sick children for the sake of receiving benefits from the state (the children themselves spend almost all their time in specialized institutions, the mothers only visit them)
That alone is enough for us as antinatalists.
Once we received a request to raise money for a girl with serious, in fact incurable, form of cancer. And the girl's story became quite well known on social media. I'm a pretty cynical creature, but even I was disgusted to see how the entire staff jumped at this opportunity to raise money and take some for themselves. I'm the one who did the research on this disease, the clinics, the possible avenues of treatment - the kind of work the foundation is supposed to be doing. I was immediately pushed aside, and they began discussing what color social media posts should be instead. They weren't even capable of writing the correct name for the disease! When the girl's mother realized with whom she was dealing, even in such a dire situation she refused to collect through the foundation. In response, the president, realizing he was missing an opportunity, called her with veiled threats that in addition to the money for the treatment, she would need money for rehabilitation, or the girl would die. And if she refused to "cooperate" now, he would deny her the fees later.
Are you watching the levels of unnecessary suffering and creepy moral ugliness of the human race accumulate? Well, that's not all.
I realized I'd had enough. Over a period of time I collected enough dirt anв evidence to at least take away the license of this so-called philanthropist, and at most - to send him to jail. And I sent it all to several government agencies at once. And guess what? Absolutely nothing! I do not have any illusions and I know that in Russia you can go to prison only for one horrible crime - saying "no to war", but I thought that since I did his job for "comrade major", the valiant dogs of the regime wouldn't mind earning themselves a bonus by closing this criminal organization that had been operating for more than ten years.
It turns out to be such a layered pie:
- The suffering of a child who sure as hell didn't ask to be born in one of the worst regions of Russia for the sake of pictures of his mom on Instagram.
- The endless cynicism of the sociopaths who manipulate and steal through the suffering of these children. And someone gave birth to them too, right?
- The creation by these creatures of a system that encourages this image of the human community.
And so today I found out that that little girl, after a year of torture, surgery, improper treatment by indifferent doctors, is now completely paralyzed and is only able to communicate through eye movements.
I haven't dealt with this foundation for a long time, but for the sake of interest I decided to ask them how the girl was doing. It turned out that everyone had long since forgotten about her, as soon as her mother refused to "cooperate"...
Forgive me for being emotional. I know it's incorrigible. There is no way but extinction. But people on that girl's mom's instagram are writing "keep fighting!" And they will fight. What else is there to do?
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2023.03.22 03:20 ConorHermes [Online] [EST] [5e] [Saturdays or Sundays at 7pm EST] Exercitus Mercenarius, A Homebrew Campaign

First thing I want to get out of the way, there are some content warnings for the campaign. It's 18+ and will discuss topics like addiction, abuse, hallucinations, and mental illness. There will be graphic descriptions of violence and elements of horror. If any of these topics are something you're not comfortable discussing then unfortunately this is not the game for you, although I will be thoughtful when using themes like this and it will not be the main focus of the campaign. The campaign will be quite serious in tone and I expect players to match that tone as we play. Joke characters have no place here. You are welcome to play a character that copes using comedy or has other relevant comedic aspects as part of their nature.
With that out of the way, I'm Conor, I'm 22 (he/him) and I have been playing D&D for many years now. I've been a writer since I was young so I was the obvious choice out of my friends for DM and it's been that way pretty much the whole time. I play occasionally but I find more pleasure in controlling the world. My world is called Celestra and it is entirely homebrew. Message me for a link with my custom pantheon, a world map, and descriptions of the regions, world history, and planes.
Unfortunately I suffer from various mental health issues and I’m mentioning it now because it will almost certainly have an impact on the game, I may have to step away from the game at points in order to take care of myself, of course as I ask my players to be respectful of this I extend the courtesy both ways and if you ever find yourself needing a break from the game it will not be a problem.
I'm not going to go into specifics about the campaign premise here, if you make it into the game I will have an intro document for you, but I do like to keep my game a bit vague until we're in it. As we work together on your backstory you will gain some personal insights into the world and maybe even the campaign specifically.
Now are some details I'm going to be looking for when you apply, please read them before messaging and only message me if applicable. If one or two things don't line up feel free to ask me if it's a deal breaker.
You must be 18+, I don't feel comfortable talking about these topics with minors
You must be experienced with 5e. I ask my players to be ready for challenging combat and staying in character when discussing certain aspects of the game. In order to keep these things at a reasonable pace I expect you to have at least a moderate level of experience so that we can minimize moments that take us out of the game or slow down the pace unnecessarily.
D&D is a fun game and will hopefully have moments where we are all fucking around and laughing but there will be serious moments as well, since the game will be mostly serious and grounded I ask that you match the tone of the game as we play. As stated earlier joke characters are not appropriate for this campaign.
I will be accepting applications from all types of people, if you are going to be in my game you have to be welcoming to all, being crass and swearing are both absolutely fine but I will not accept any amount of intolerance. We are all adults and are bound to come across topics that we disagree on so I ask that you handle what you say with tact and be ready to hear each other out no matter what. Oftentimes disagreements can be avoided with thoughtful discussion of the subject.
I am quite restrictive with homebrew as I believe flavor and small mechanical tweaks can accomplish what most people are seeking from homebrew and that allows me to better control the balance. That being said I am quite open to allowing homebrew content created by Matt Mercer as I have personally playtested quite a bit of it.
For this game I am specifically looking for the types of players who enjoy taking thorough notes and seeking out lore and plot relevant details dropped throughout the story. My number one expectation from my players is engagement so I absolutely love players who go above and beyond to feel at home in the world and learn more about it and the characters who inhabit it. If you are looking for a more casual, beer and pretzels style game this is not the post for you.
I don’t restrict anyone on class choice in terms of party composition, I think the system allows for a massive amount of flexibility but I do ask that your character comes with a clear identity. The best kinds of D&D characters have a clear focus and distinguishing factors, and again the game is flexible enough that a party full of clerics could be incredibly diverse. I also ask that my players optimize their builds, combat will be demanding so your character should be prepared accordingly. That does not mean you have to make the most optimal character possible but the optimization of your character should be one of the many factors during character creation.
I plan for the game to start in about 2 weeks from choosing the group, a week for session 0 and then the first session. This is subject to change. The game will end up being either Saturday or Sunday night starting around 7pm EST.
The ratio of combat and RP depends entirely on the party so if you are looking for a game that is predominantly one of the two instead of an even mix this is not the game for you, most groups I've had tend to lean a bit on the RP side.
The game will have a linear story presented to you but you are open to act as you like. If you choose to ignore or decline a plot point that is totally fine, I never intend to force you into anything unless there is a character attempting to force you into something. (e.g You are wanted criminals, Paladins throwing you in jail is bound to happen, I would not consider that railroading)
I am aiming for a collaborative story over a game, meaning 5e is a set of tools to tell our story. The plan is to create in depth characters who bond and journey through the world weaving a tale. This means I'm a bit on the stricter side of metagaming, your character’s stats and abilities should be communicated through RP rather than through players. So instead of saying “I have 20 hit points left, can you heal me on your turn?” you could say something like “My character grunts with pain and asks “Have you got any potions left, I could really use one.”. As well as things like rolling your death saves to only the DM and your character sheets being hidden from each other. I still encourage discussion and planning outside of the game as long as it is feasible for your characters to do so in the moment, you are welcome to theorize and strategize as much as you'd like throughout the week in-between sessions but I would ask to keep it limited if you were separated or in a scenario where time is of the essence at the end of the last session.
Please be sure to include at least your Discord handle and your experience with 5e when you send me your request to join, don't do so here, just PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can, if I like what I hear I will try and schedule a Discord call and we can chat a bit more to see if we're a good fit. You can structure your message however you wish but please be detailed, include anything you think may be relevant, I get a lot of responses so I am more likely to respond if your message is unique. I’d prefer you include too much rather than too little.
Again, big post, I appreciate your commitment if you have gotten this far. Hopefully that means you’re interested and we’ll talk soon, hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day!
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2023.03.22 00:49 alpha_bionics Stock News - "We disagree with this lawsuit, which irresponsibly equates CITGO, an American company based in Houston, with an authoritarian regime in Venezuela.

"We disagree with this lawsuit, which irresponsibly equates CITGO, an American company based in Houston, with an authoritarian regime in Venezuela. "We greatly sympathize with Mr. Vadell for everything he and his family have been through," a Citgo spokesperson said in a statement. "Just days later, the 16th-largest bank in the U. S. — Silicon Valley Bank — was taken into receivership by the FDIC, marking the second-largest bank failure in U. S. history. "They're in between a rock and a hard place," said Wilmer Stith, bond portfolio manager for Wilmington Trust. Access unmatched financial data, news and content in a highly-customised workflow experience on desktop, web and mobile. "During his semi-annual testimony before Congress in early March, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said strong economic data would likely push interest "higher than previously anticipated. Mad Money Twitter - Jim Cramer Twitter - Facebook - InstagramQuestions, comments, suggestions for the "Mad Money" website?"There's a banking crisis and it's really a very tenuous, uncomfortable position for the Fed to be in. "Cramer acknowledged that investors' worries are not unfounded and that on the surface, this market does look like "the sum of all our fears. "This move would bring the Fed's benchmark interest rate range to 4. 75%-5%, the highest since 2006. It's less certain now from my perspective that they're going to do the 25, [and] continue to telegraph a higher rate environment. "She has a very good forehand and she can get a lot of balls back," Mertens said of the Russian. Michael Wilson Morgan Stanley’s chief US equity strategist, said the risk of a credit crunch is increasing materially. "Do they raise 25 [basis points], but stop quantitative tightening?That led to a sell-off of oil and industrials, which people assumed would be impacted by bank-run contagion. One Citgo detainee was released earlier and the seventh died in a Venezuelan jail. They were held and later charged over a refinancing deal for Citgo that never went through. "She's number eight seed for a reason. First Republic Bank surged almost 30% — its best day ever — amid optimism over a new plan under discussion to aid the regional lender. I think that's a bar that's a little too high. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.22 00:12 jotakusan My First DWI Story - Texas, F/28

I wanted to share my whole DUI experience in case it can help some of you just going through this. It is very long, so I split it up into parts to make it more digestible, and so you can skip a part of you aren’t interested in reading it. TLDR; at the bottom.
Some key info: I’m a female and was arrested at 28 with my first DUI charge and received it while living in Texas at the beginning of 2022. BAC came in at .21 and I had crashed my car into the curb when the cops found me. I hired my own attorney and the whole ordeal took 10 months.
Part 1: The Night I got Arrested
I went to a bar I had never been to by myself. I was recovering from COVID that I had tested positive for 10 days earlier. I had tested positive on my birthday and was feeling very bored and lonely and thought it would be a great idea to go out by myself and maybe make some friends or meet someone. Pro-tip for any of you new to San Antonio, the bars on the strip over-pour. I was not aware of this at the time and that was my second mistake. My first was going out without any friend.
Long story short, I left around close but I was so drunk that I blacked out. Usually when I drink heavily, I’ll sleep it off in my car before I leave, but I was so far gone, I didn’t sleep first. I don’t remember getting into my car or crashing it. The first time I came to consciousness, I realized my car was acting weird and pulling me to the left so I got out to look at it. The next thing I remember was having a cop standing next to me and the flashing lights behind my car. I tapped my damaged side skirt with my foot, looked at the cop, and said, “I dunno what happened.” I know, I should have claimed someone I had just met was driving because they said they were okay to drive, then crashed and ran off, but I was too drunk to think that clearly.
Next thing I remember, I’m being put in a holding cell. I didn’t come back to full awareness until I had woken up in the cell. I’m a little bitch, so needless to say, I spent the rest of the night sobbing. I learned that I had denied the breathalyzer and was taken to the nurses room to get my blood drawn. I tried to deny that one too but they had a warrant. Considering this was about 4 hours after I had left the bar and taking into account my sex and body weight, I was probably at around a .28 when I left. Around 9am I was taken to the magistrates office.

Part 2: Magistrates
I was taken to the processing room and asked by a male officer, “what do you have down there?”. Very professional way of asking if I'm a man or a woman... I look like a girl, but whatever. They set me up with a female officer and she had me strip naked, bend over and cough. One of the more humiliating times of my life. Pro-tip, if you plan on getting a DWI, make sure to bring a sweatshirt or jacket because it is absolutely freezing in both the police station and magistrates office. Also, maybe wear some sweatbands to shove under the ankle cuffs. I had a lot of bruises around my ankles when I left.
To save you all of the boring details of how the next 14 hours went, just skip to part 3 from here. Between waiting, watching whatever was playing on the TV’s, and trying to sleep in between fits of crying, I went through the whole processing process. First up was the judge where I was read my charges and given my bond. The bond amount came out to $1000, and thankfully I was eligible for a PR bond. I was bonded out with a $70 fee, but that didn’t mean I could leave like I was hoping.
Next up was getting processed. Finger prints, mugshot, the works. Then I had to sit down and go over my details with the bonds office so I could be accepted for the PR bond. After that was a trip to the nurses station where I had to take a pee test to check if I was pregnant (fun fact, I’m only attracted to women so... no), asked some medical history questions, and tested for TB. I was finger printed a second time for some reason and then spent the next forever hours waiting to be released. People with severe ADHD are not built for being locked up. I thought I was going to go insane.
Around 11pm they called my name for release where I was given my inmate card and told me this would be used as my ID since I wasn’t getting my license back. Then I was brought into the exit room and received my things from the desk. Wallet, keys, shoe laces, and phone. My phone was dead and no one had a charger, and with my car being impounded, I had no way to get home. Thankfully I made friends with another lady that had been locked up and her family was picking her up. She offered to get me a ride home.

Part 3: Impounded Vehicle, Damage, and Hiring a Lawyer
The next morning, I called a lawyer one of my friends used for her DWI and set an appointment for that afternoon, then took an Uber straight to the impound lot. I got to my car and saw the full extent of the damage in the light. It was bad. I clearly got into a fight with a curb and somehow got damage on the top of my fender. I never got charged for hitting anyone, so who knows what happened there. Maybe a concrete barrier, considering how much the top of my fender was ripped up. My rocker panel was completely crushed in, stress cracks on my front bumper, front lip was hanging off a bit, both wheels were cracked and tires were flat, and my side skirt had been mostly ripped off. I called a tow truck and he dropped me off at a little family owned shop and they took the wheels off to find the tie rod was snapped, and the front lower control arm and rear control arm were bent.
Suspension repairs came out to $700. I ordered a new set of wheels and tires later that week and left my car sitting in front of the shop while I waited for the wheels to get delivered. It took an entire month to get my car back in a driveable condition because of how long it took to get the wheels. I didn’t have the money to fix the body and didn’t want to file it with my insurance due to the situation, so over a year later I’m still driving a busted up car, but at least it works. Total cost for the parts, labor, getting it out of impound and tow came out to around $2600. I had a friend’s ex look at the body damage and he told me to expect around $3400 in body repair. Pro-tip, don’t get a DWI, they’re expensive.
One more pro-tip, as soon as you get out of jail, go online and get your license replaced. It takes a couple months for your license suspension to go through, so make sure you get a replacement license in the mean time. The cops will not give you your license back. As for the lawyer, he was cheaper than the car and was a huge help. $2700 and he dealt with everything. My advice when it comes to lawyers is get one. Many will offer payment plans so you don’t have to provide cash up front. He made the whole ordeal so much easier and gave me a lot of helpful info, plus knew the prosecutors and had friends among them. I’ll get more into why you need to get a private attorney in later parts. Hiring him was simple. I went to their website and set up an appointment time. Went to his office the day after being arrested, and told him the story. He told me what to expect, let me know what he can do, and we set up the payment plan. The deductible was $200 and he set me up to pay $150 biweekly until the $2700 was paid off. I had trouble paying him back and he said no worries, just get him back by the end of the year.

Part 4: Court, License Suspension, and Legal Advice
If you just got out of jail, be prepared for many months and many court appearances. Thankfully, a lot of court in Bexar County has been moved to Zoom since COVID hit and that is still the case today. My roommate is going through it right now, but for a different crime and with a free public defender, so I will be making comparisons in Part 8.
The first court date is just you stating that you are there and willing to follow the orders of your bond, stay in the state, and all that fun stuff. They ask if you’re present and you say you are, then your attorney will introduce him or herself. The next couple court dates are a blur, just mundane conversations with the lawyer and judge. Thanks to having an attorney, I didn’t have to attend 2 of the dates and he took care of the license suspension court. I was suspended for 6 months and could request approval to drive to and from work with a Restricted Drivers License, but I didn’t want to pay for the SR22 insurance. I only drove to and from work over the next 6 months, mounted my front license plate instead of leaving it in my window, and always drove as carefully as possible. Happy to say I made it without any issues. If you do get caught, that could mean additional fees or even being arrested again if the cop is having a bad day.
During this time, my attorney gave me a list of things to do that would look good to the judge. Based on his conversations with the prosecutors, without doing those things I was looking at 18 months probation and 9 months with an interlock. These things included taking 2 different driving courses, getting my friends and family to write letters saying nice things about me, writing a letter saying nice things about myself, donating to the judge’s favorite charities, and I even went ahead and took a SASSI-4. That’s an exam you take that a therapist will review and screen you for substance use disorder and risk. My lawyer decided not to show that one to the prosecutors when my result for “Alcohol and other Drug Problem” was “High probability of substance use disorder”.
I completed everything he gave me and the prosecutors offered a plea deal for 15 months of deferred adjudication probation (which allows me to have my record wiped 2 years after completing probation) and 7.5 months with an interlock. If you live in Texas and are convicted of a DWI for the first time, you are required a minimum 12 months of probation and have to have an interlock installed for at least half of your probationary period. They say a mandatory three days incarcerated too, but this is not true. The likelihood of going to jail for your first DWI once convicted is extremely low. I talk to one guy at the bar a year ago who volunteered 30 days in jail instead of taking a plea deal. That didn’t seem like an option for me, but I wouldn’t have taken it because fuck that. He said he wished he hadn’t.

Part 5: Conviction
I voluntarily decided to get sober in September and started attending AA meetings. I received my 1 month chip the day before my final court hearing and I think this helped my case a ton. My final court hearing had to be in person. My lawyer met with the prosecutors one last time and they settled on their original deal of 15 months probation and 7.5 months on interlock, but agreed to drop me from a Misdemeanor A to a Misdemeanor B because of my voluntary 1 month completion of sobriety with AA.
Once I was called to the stand, my lawyer stood with me and spoke to the judge about my case and the plea deal. She asked me a couple yes or no questions. Make sure you always say “your honor” when you finish speaking as a show of respect. The judge will take your respect of them into account. When all was said and done, and this is why I say having a lawyer is very helpful, I pleaded no contest and the judge sentenced me to 12 months of probation because in her words, “that’s as low as I can go”, which told me she would have gone lower if she could, 6 months on interlock, and agreed to dropping me to a misdemeanor B. I wanted to bear hug my lawyer after we left the court. Thanks to him and to my efforts based on his recommendations, and my personal decision to attend AA and get sober, I was dropped from 18 months of probation and 9 months on interlock to just 12 months of deferred adjudication probation and 6 months of an interlock. I am so thankful to the judge for having some mercy on me.
After court, I went to the probation office to get registered, and my first meeting was scheduled for a month later.

Part 6: Probation
Since I had completed all of those things my lawyer suggested I do (all except the donating to the judges charity because I was broke), I had the certification already completed for the mandatory classes. Also, and this one is weird and totally up to the judge, because I was vaccinated for COVID, she dropped 20 hours from my 45 hours of community service. I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining.
My first probation meeting went well. I seem to have a good PO. She did make me aware that I had to give 3 months notice for any planned travel outside of the state, but I travel for work frequently, and usually only get 3 days to 2 weeks notice before I have to fly out, and I work outside of the country on occasion. I contacted my lawyer and he was able to get the judge to approve an Order for Travel, allowing me only 48 hours notice to my PO if I am traveling anywhere inside or outside of the country for work with a mandatory drug test within 24 hours of returning home. Once again, thank you lawyer. A free attorney would have taken months to get this approved, but it only took my attorney a week.
I’m nearly half way through my 12 months of probation, and so far I haven’t had any issues. Every drug test is clean, my certification was approved, she set me up to do my community service at the animal shelter, and that’s it! Almost… I did have to take an alcohol and drug evaluation and, like the SASSI, the counselor who evaluated me, said I have a high probability of a substance use disorder. Pro-tip, if you had a beer while on probation, even if it was just one, don’t admit that… She talked me up and was being super friendly, then asked when the last time I purchased alcohol was and my dumbass admitted to having a beer with some pizza earlier that month. Now, I have to complete a month long $500 outpatient substance abuse treatment program. I start that next week.

Part 7: Interlock
Per my plea deal, I have to have an interlock installed on my car for 6 months and had a month after my court date to get it installed. I shopped around and ultimately went with SmartStart because they had the closest location to me. That was the only reason. The reviews for every company are all equally bad. I’ve had it for almost 5 months, and I can genuinely say this is the worst part of the punishment. These thing drives me insane. I’m required to blow into it 3 times a day, even if I’m not going anywhere. I’ve had to have the technicians fix something with it twice now. The first time it locked me out even though I wasn’t in my car, the second time it kept disconnecting and I couldn’t start my car unless I fiddled with the wires.
I also had someone break into my car a couple months ago, and that dumbass stole the camera. They probably thought it was a security camera, but it is definitely not. The camera only turns on when you are blowing into the device, just to make sure you are the one blowing into it and not cheating the system by having someone else blow into it. You are responsible for any damages to the device, so that ended up costing me $300 dollars to replace plus an additional $90 for the install. That brings me to my next issue… You have to have the device calibrated once a month. Calibration means they download all of the data on the interlock device and send it to your PO. It will record any time you blew dirty, got a warning (this happens if you are close to .025 BAC), didn’t blow when it alerted you while driving, or got a lockout. And it costs $90 each time. I'm looking at 6 months of interlock costing around $1000.
This past month, I started having an issue with my battery and found that the car will completely lose power and I have to adjust the negative terminal to get power back. This wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, and it isn’t the fault of the interlock, but if I get into my car and it has power, and I blow, sometimes the car will lose power when I try to start it. This causes the interlock device to freak out when I get power back to my car, and it won’t allow me to start the engine even though it isn’t asking me to blow. I have to turn my car off, disconnect and reconnect the unit, then sit there for 10 minutes with the battery disconnected before I can reconnect it, blow into the interlock, and finally start my car. This thing is nothing but an expensive pain in my ass.
Just a little over a month left and I can say goodbye to this little piece of shit. Provided my PO doesn’t take a long time to get the request for removal and the judge doesn’t take a long time to respond. That’s my final issue. Even though there was the agreement made in court that I only had to have it for 6 months, I can’t just get it removed once I hit the 6 month mark. I have to get approval for it to be removed and this can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple months depending on how backed up the judge is. According to my PO, the judge is very backed up. It took one of my friends nearly 2 months to get approval to have hers removed. That whole time you still have to use it as normal and go in for monthly calibrations. Our court system is so convoluted.

Part 8: Private Attorney vs Public Defender
Whatever you do, do not use a public defender. If there is any possible way you can afford an attorney, do that. Even if you have to take out a loan, HIRE AN ATTORNEY. My roommate is using a public defender for the trouble she’s in, and it has been nothing but a pain in the ass. They are overworked and will only do the bare minimum for you. My attorney was so easy to contact, went out of his way to help, covered court dates for me, got a great deal with the prosecutors, and gave me tons of helpful advice. Plus he was able to help with the work order and have it approved in a week after I completed court.
My roommate’s attorney is nearly impossible to contact, and when she finally does get a hold of him, he has no idea who she is or what is going on with her case. He’s always asking her to remind him of what happened last, and asking his assistant questions too. He got the prosecutors to agree to consider dropping her case after her first court date and all they needed was her hospital records to review since she was arrested on domestic dispute charges for taking the fall for her abusive ex. She was also arrested on a warrant for missing her court date, which means she is currently on full house arrest. For the past 3 court dates, her attorney has forgotten to give the prosecutors her hospital records.
She also requested partial house arrest so she can return to work but the attorney is dragging his feet on that too. She has now been out of work for 5 months and can never get a straight answer from him when she asks if she can go to work yet. Her place of employment has rehired her twice now, but she keeps getting removed from their system because it is taking so long. It seems this second time was the last straw, because now they won’t contact her back, and she can only get approved for partial house arrest if she has employment and a schedule to prove. It feels like going in circles with this guy, and she’s extremely depressed and defeated, and I’m footing all of the bills because I’m nice and love her. But holy fuck I am BROKE.
Please, for the love of all that is good, hire a private attorney, otherwise you’re probably going to get a shit plea deal, the absolute minimum amount of help, and be stuck to navigate the court system on your own. I regret not hiring an attorney for her, because she would have had her charges dropped back in January if it wasn’t for this shitty public defender, could have gone back to work, and she would have made back what the lawyer cost a month later. Don’t put yourself through that if you don’t have to.

Part 8: Conclusion/TLDR
Anyway, if you made it this far, congrats. If I was helpful in any way, I am glad I could share. This took me a solid 3 hours to write. If you didn’t make it through, here’s the TLDR or a summary for those of you who did read most, if not all of it;
I got in an accident with a curb after blacking out and was arrested for a DWI. I declined to blow, but was given a blood test about 4 hours later, resulting in a .21 BAC. My license was suspended for 6 months because I refused the breathalyzer, although I would still recommend refusing just in case. It’s easier for a lawyer to get a dismissal on a blood test, plus there's a chance you’ll sober up enough to be under the legal limit by the time they get the warrant for the blood test. Make sure to get a replacement license as soon as you get out of jail, because it’ll take a couple months before your license is suspended.
Push for a PR bond if this is your first time being arrested and you have a clean record. The county will pay your bond and you just have to pay a fee. My bond was $1000 and I had a $70 fee. Do not accept a public defender if you can avoid it. Hire a lawyer. If you want all the details of why, you can read that in Part 7. Thanks to my lawyer and his recommendations, my charge was dropped from a Misdemeanor A to a Misdemeanor B, went from 18 months of probation and 9 months on interlock to 12 months and 6 months, and got a work travel order permitted in a week.
He was also able to get me a plea deal for deferred adjudication probation, which means you don’t get officially charged until you complete probation, and can have your record expunged after 2 years of completion. That’s great, because having a DWI on your record can be extremely limiting. You can’t go to Canada for 10 years, can’t rent a car, might not be approved for TSA PreCheck, employers will see it on a background checks, landlords and universities can see it too, and your insurance goes up. Get that expunged as soon as you can.
And finally, I wanted to put all of the costs together, including my extra costs and possible costs for anyone curious of the total.
Car Stuff - $11 for license replacement, $400 to have removed from Impound and towed to a shop, $700 on suspension repairs, estimated $3400 for body work. Total = $4511
Court/Probation Fee's - $70 for PR Bond, $2500 in court/probation fees, $120 for DUI courses, $10 a service hour, so $250 total if I don't do community service, outpatient therapy is $500. Total = $3440
LawyeInsurance - $2700 in lawyer fees, $250 for Restricted Driver License, around $800 for SR22 insurance for 6 months Total = $3750
Interlock - $540 for 6 months of calibrations, $390 for stolen camera, $90 for removal. Total = $1,020
Expunging Record - $600
Total cost when all is said and done - $13,321
Needless to say, I should have taken a $30 Uber. But hey, I've learned a lot because of what I did and there is nothing I can do but make the best of it. You can do this too. This is just one shitty hurdle in life, but you can overcome and move past it with time and effort. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.21 20:06 BigfootBoneman You’re a wanted criminal in the swamps. You have a notorious bounty. Now what?

What exactly is the point of bounty when it’s in the swamp region? Other factions (Shek, Holy Nation, Empire) don’t care that you have a bounty in the swamps; and the swampers don’t have jails, prisoner cages, or even a guy to talk to about bounties. What’s the deal with this? Is there a way to turn these bounties in, or at least remove them?
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2023.03.21 19:39 fortifier22 These are the main reasons why I am "anti-work";

The injustices of the lower and middle classes;

  1. The United States is the ONLY first-world country without universal healthcare insurance
  2. While inflation and cost of living have been sky-rocketing, especially with record YoY inflation data, the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr has been unchanged since July 2009
  3. In 1971, 2 1/2 years worth of labour was all that was necessary to afford a NEW home off the averagea annual salary. Even off minimum wage in 1971, which was $1.60, minimum wage workers working full-time ($1.60 x 40hrs/week x 52 weeks) could afford a new home after just over 7 1/2 years of labour. However, with the modern average wage being $54,132, minimum wage and the average new home costing $543,600, this 2 1/2 years of labour becomes 10 years worth of labour for the average income, and the average minimum-wage full-time worker 36 years worth of labour.
  4. Using the same chart from point 3, one can see how 1/4 of the average salary (or 78% of a minimum wage full-time worker's annual salary) was enough to afford 1 year of tuition for Harvard. With Harvard's annual tuition now costing $52,659, that is almost an entire year's worth of labour for the average person and nearly 350% of a minimum wage full-time worker's annual salary.
  5. The US governing bodies have responded to labour shortages and union movements by reinstating child labour in Arkansas, making striking for railway workers illegal, using rampant anti-union measures to stop unionization movements, and even simply calling modern generations of young workers "lazy" and "entitled" for not wanting to work in poor working conditions at dead-end jobs

The privileges of the wealthy;

  1. 68% off all wealth in the United States is held by the top 10% of earners
  2. While the government continues to justify not implementing the same national support systems other first-world countries have, most notably universal healthcare, they are quick to come up with billions of dollars in just a few days to bail out banks caught in bad investments, print up the vast majority of the United States' money supply (M1) to bail out companies and banks during COVID, and by doing so create incredible YoY inflation that's causing the cost of living to skyrocket.
  3. During 2008, when Wall St. and the governemnt were caught red-handed in manipulating mortgage bonds (which led to the 2008 Great Recession), they successfully bailed themselves out with taxpayers' money and practically NO ONE went to jail or were sued for their crimes.
While it is clear that the power and wealth of the middle class has been dramatically shrinking over the past few decades, the top earners and government bodies have continued to capitalize gains and socialize losses.
This is not just in the US, however,and is happening in numerous regions across the globe.
This system cannot and should not last forever, and we need to do what we can to ensure that power returns to the people so that future generations will not have it worse than we do.

TL;DR: Here's a Simpson's musical number starring Hugh Jackman to explain everything.

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2023.03.21 19:17 mytendies What is About to Happen

How many of these do you think I will be correct on?
BTC and related stocks (Coin, Riot) - it rallies for the same reason the bank stocks failed. People afraid for the deposits so they pull them and buy bitcoin. The tech bros of SF got their money out of SVB and bought BTC. The retail dummies who think the bottom is in continue to speculate on bitcoin. This is the exact type of speculation Powell and the fed want to crush. All it takes is a break in confidence, like FTX, and the house of cards will come down again. FTX and Silvergate will not be the only casualties of this tightening cycle. If the globe wants anyone to lose, or anyone to destroy capital in the name of deflation, it is the crypto boys. They need to donate to the game and from the Feds perspective, they have no right to keep their “deposits” out of the existing financial system.
Powell - 25 bps hike is all but guaranteed. No hike means he is scared and the contagion in the banks is bigger than the contagion he was previously fighting: inflation. A 50 bps hike would imply he is blind to the data and actually wants the banking system to implode. Realize the bonds banks have been holding, that they just created a new facility to support, would be weakened even further with a bigger rate hike. Try to crush inflation and you crush the banks. Support the banks and you support inflation. 25bps is the compromise and is inline with the recent fed speak. They need to fight both battles and 25bps is the path of least resistance.
QQQ - has been rallying because it does not have exposure to regional banks. The market thinks that mega cap tech has the best balance sheets and so they go hide their money there thinking they are getting growth at a reasonable price. Tech also rallied because of the historic drop in yields. All three of these forces are now reversing. Banks are backstopped, yields are trending up again, and the fed is about to raise again. Any and all profitless tech has more room to fall and QQQ will fall in unison with this move even if megacaps can hang on.
NVDA and MSFT - AI mega-trend is too big to ignore, but it doesn’t all have to happen in 6 months. The market has brought forward 2-3 years of AI revenue growth and priced it into NVDA today. Just keep in mind the blockchain revolution, 3d printing, solar stocks, full self driving, IoT, weed stocks and everything else “revolutionary” that has appeared in the past 10 years of cheap money. Have any lived up to their real world promises? AI is no joke and will likely have a tremendous impact, but no need to pay for the next 3 years of impact today. If NVDA or MSFT don’t deliver on perfection, and actually exceed it, these valuations are not sustainable - especially for NVDA. If you can buy and hold for a longer duration you will probably do fine, but it could be sideways/down the next several years as the reality catches up with the hype. Look to short the small caps riding this wave C3AI, NET etc
2yr Yields - if you are not watching these historic movements, you are missing the most important alternative to investing in stocks. I predict the recent collapse in yields was due to the fed, and others, buying up bonds because either the banks were dumping their bags or the market was thinking “the fed is done.” The problem is that the fed can’t be done with inflation at these levels. If the fed was really done, they would have let the banks implode as that would have immediately crushed inflation and kickstarted a meaningful recession/depression rather rapidly. Instead, they backstopped the banks so they can slow burn the economy down to their inflation targets. Fed will continue to raise, bonds will continue to be an attractive alternative, tech stocks future cashflows will get discounted further. The 2yr yield should represent the “discount rate” used by algos and institution traders and you should expect it to continue to rise and tech stocks continue to fall.
Energy - the winner from 2022 has been lagging in 2023 but expect that trend to reverse. Energy, and oil specifically, are probably the best hedge against inflation and against a recession. Everything, I repeat everything, requires fossil fuels to operate in our modern economy and “green anything” is not an alternative to the laws of physics. Expect oil to continue to rise as US refills Strategic Reserves, China reopens, the war persists, and OPEC to continue to cut production. Oil and the dividend stocks should be the place to hide for the next leg down - and will likely out perform in a world of stagflation/sideways action. Remember the price of oil caused the major inflationary event in the US.
Stagflation - I am becoming more and more convinced that 1) we will not have an economic collapse because everything is manipulated and orchestrated by the fed’s printer and we still have several print your way out of jail cards remaining. 2) we will not have another bull market because valuations are already extended and there is a GLOBAL inflation problem. A bull market that is simply driven by inflation will not make any of us more wealthy as the purchasing power of the USD will erode faster than asset prices can increase. The path of least resistance is going sideways like Japan, kicking the can down the road, and suffering 1000 paper cuts rather than cutting off a leg like we should have done in 08 and like we should have done in 22. Instead of taking the pain all at once, we will slowly debase the currency as suffer a slow painful decline felt most by the poor.
QE5/Easing - The money printer is not on, the fed is not deliberately easing. Yes, they bought bonds, yes they took the bags from the banks, yes this depressed yields and otherwise eased conditions - but do not take this as a pivot. You have to hear those words from the man himself (maybe tomorrow?) but the new facility set up for the banks will not inject new money supply into the markets. It will not find its way into the hands of new borrowers. No new credit is being created and it will not impact the real economy or inflation - that is why the Fed was able to do it.
Roast me.
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2023.03.21 15:58 hanas_lin Hopewell: School employee arrested for child pornography.

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2023.03.21 11:56 LonnieJay1 Storytime: the first time I shot up, part 3

2 days later.
"Alright, Theo. Thanks for your help moving stuff, and thanks for driving the U-haul," I say.
"No problem, Lonnie. You're a real stand-up guy for letting me stay here," Theo says, running his hand through his quickly-growing brown hair. Theo is just another young, white, decent looking, blue-eyed Jersey boy that came to (state name redacted) to get clean and wound up worse off on drugs.
I’ve been loosely keeping track, and it seems that 9 out of 10 of us that came down here to get clean are getting high again. This isn’t a return to the status quo, though: now we are using drugs in (region name redacted), which has become an absolute oasis for drug addicts that are getting high.
Some people call the dance of going in and out of rehab the ‘Shuffle’. Some say they are stuck in the ‘revolving door’. Jail definitely, definitely makes us worse, but these rehab-vacations don’t seem to be helping much, either.
"Alright, Theo. Konichiwa and all that, but I’m going to bed," Lynn says, while walking from the living room to the bedroom. She’s drunk, so she’ll be asleep in no time. She loves to sleep; it’s her escape.
Next thing I know, Theo and I are alone. Lynn probably knows that he and I are both still getting high on opiates and just doesn’t care – as long as she is fucked up, too.
"Wanna finish the blunt?" I ask, after Lynn has been gone for a few moments. He nods and leads me in the direction of the front door of our newly leased one-bedroom apartment. We step outside, into the muggy night. Despite the fact that it's November, t doesn’t feel like winter is on its’ way. We walk into the grass behind our apartment building.
"I got a favor to ask, Sir Lonnie," Theo says. I re-light the blunt and hit it.
“Shoot,” I say.
"I got a girl who's been on backpage, and business has been going well with me serving as her protection. The problem is, the dude whose car I've been borrowing can’t let me borrow it anymore. If you let me borrow your car overnight, I can bring you back a couple oxys or something in the morning," he says, taking the blunt when I pass it.
"Backpage? She's a hooker, or your girlfriend, or both?” I ask.
"She's a good hooker that makes a ton of money and needs protection. I don’t know if I’d call myself her boyfriend," Theo says, before hitting the blunt.
"Ahh, I don't know, Theo. I can't let anything happen to that car. That’s the only thing I own in this world," I say. This seems like a bad idea. Theo looks into my eyes and takes a huge hit. Everything is quiet for a second, save the omnipresent bugs. He exhales.
"You don’t even have to do anything, and nothing is going to happen," Theo says, passing me the blunt back.
"How do you know? How’d you even meet this girl?" I ask.
"She was in treatment with me,” he says.
“How long has she been a hooker?” I ask.
“She just started when she got down here. All her clients are clean, rich types. Some of them even let me come in there and drink and get high with them after they’re done. One of them gave me this watch,” he says, holding up his wrist, showing off a decent-looking silver watch.
“I don’t know anything about watches, but that looks like a nice one. That’s cool, I guess. At least she’s not a dirty street hooker,” I say.
“Yeah, bro, it’s a good set up. We been doing it for two weeks now. Listen, I know how much you love your car. Nothing is going to happen, except you’ll go to sleep, and I'll be back at 6 AM with a few oxys for you," Theo says. I hit the blunt. I can tell he really wants to borrow my ear. I don’t want to say no to him.
“Or I can get you dilaudids. Dilaudid is even better than heroin. That rush is crazy,” he says, and he’s right: dilaudid has somehow slipped through the cracks. Right after the crackdown on oxy and the formula change of oxycontin, everybody who didn’t switch to heroin seemed to switch to opana and dilaudid, which both offer even better IV rushes than oxy, although oxy was certainly the gateway for all of us.
"Fuck it, you can borrow it. You have to promise to be careful, though," I say.
“I pinkie promise,” he says, holding his pinkie out to me.

One week later.

I turn off (street name redacted) and onto 2nd Street. I check the time. 5:57 AM. I didn’t sleep all night, in a futile attempt to quit.
Great job, Lonnie. You almost made it through a whole night. Such a bitch, you can’t-
I sink a little lower in my seat, to hide from my anti-self as well as to hopefully prevent being seen by the dealers I ripped off on 6th or 10th street. I take a left on the Avenue, the road that runs parallel to the main road that I have to avoid now, driving as fast as I dare through this little ghetto just a few minutes away from downtown, one of the most popular urban centers in this whole region.
I speed past 6th street specifically, more scared not to glance down the street then I am to glance down it. I don’t see the man with the dreadlocks that I robbed. I feel a little bit safer. I pass 7th street, and then turn onto 8th street.
Lynn kicked Theo out when she found out that he was using my car to chauffer his hooker girlfriend around, so I need a new connection. I wish I didn’t rip off the big man with the glasses on 10th Street. I should’ve known that robbing him wasn’t going to force me to quit.
As soon as I turn on 8th street, my attention is pulled in the direction of a large group of people standing in front of one of the houses, though there are people on both sides of the road. There is a short, older black man walking into the middle of the road, waving me down. I drive up and stop in the middle of the road, where the man is standing by the time I pull up, with my driver's side window already buzzing its way down.
"I need heroin. I got 40 bucks," I say, holding my 40 dollars by the shifter, where he can see that I have it but can't reach out and grab it. I know my hand is shaking fiercely.
"I got you right here," he says, pulling a small bag out of his pocket and putting it on my window frame, while at the same time holding his other palm out for the money. All I can see is the yellow design on the small, 1”x1” bag. My eyes are locked on the bag as I put the money in his hand. The second he has the money, he tosses the bag in my lap, even as I reach for it, and speed-walks away from my car.
I begin to drive again and check all my mirrors while rolling my window up. No police. That was really fast.
I take a closer look at the bag in my lap. The near-perpetual agony of withdrawal will start to recede once my brain knows that I have heroin. One side of the bag is made opaque by a geometric yellow design. I turn the bag over. This heroin is surprisingly white. I smell it.
My stomach does a backflip. The smell is unmistakable: it’s powerful cocaine. I drive up to the next stop sign and hit a U-turn. People on both sides of the street watch as I pull my bright red car up to the same spot. My heart is racing.
The short older man who sold me the cocaine walks around my car, to the driver’s side window, which is open once again.
"Yo, man, you gave me some coke on accident. I really need some heroin," I say, holding the bag in my lap.
"You don't want the coke? Give it back to me, then," he says, his face contorted with anger, reaching into my lap for the coke. I hear other people yelling in the background as I pull the coke away from him.
"Come here, you little motherfucker," he murmurs angrily, grabbing me by the hair. I feel myself moving my head towards his hand to relieve the pressure, while at the same time pressing on the gas to pull away. My scalp lights up with pain as I feel my head yanked towards the window, then I am free.
I glance in the rear-view mirror and see the short man yelling something after me and other people standing in front of the house, watching and laughing. I roll my window up and try to rub the pain in my scalp away.
Fuck, I still need heroin! I writhe in my seat. My heart feels like it is going to explode. I am shaking. My stomach churns with anxiety. My legs kick incessantly; even my toes are moving restlessly.
I turn right on the Avenue again. I need to get out of (ghetto name redacted) and regroup.
A young, thuggish-looking man in purple shoes waves me down. He looks like a middleman or a jackboy – a thief. I drive past him. There is an oldhead wearing a neon work vest sitting on a milk carton at the next 4-way intersection. He nods at me.
I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach about this man, too, but I am possessed. I watch as my window rolls down again, seemingly of its’ own accord.
"You have any heroin?" I ask, inwardly cringing at the desperation I hear in my own voice. I know I look like an absolute fiend right now.
"How much?" he asks, standing up from his box and looking up and down the street casually.
"I got $40 to spend,” I say, trying to calm myself down.
"I got two caps I can give you for that," he says. I open my mouth to ask if the dope is any good, and then I close it. People get angry when I ask, and they NEVER say it’s bad dope, anyway.
I nod at him and pull my emergency $40 out of my right sock. He walks up to my car and gives me two capsules of a tan powder. I hand him my money.
"Take my number," he says. I do.
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2023.03.21 06:21 lentils234 'Bulldozer politics’: Modi’s demolition drive fuels Muslims’ fears in Kashmir

Suhail Ahmad Shah stood despairingly before the wreckage that for two decades had been his livelihood. Just hours before, he had been busy at the workshop when he heard an ominous crunch above him and the tin roof began to cave in. He barely made his escape before a bulldozer flattened the entire place.
“No notice was served to us,” said Shah, 38. “The officials came suddenly and demolished our workshop. No one is listening to us. We’ve been paying rent. Isn’t this an atrocity? They have snatched our livelihood.”
His workshop selling secondhand car parts in Srinagar, the summer capital of the beleaguered Indian state of Kashmir, was just one of dozens of structures across the region caught up in a widespread demolition drive in February. Many of these took place with little notice, even for those who had occupied the land for decades. The purpose, according to the government, was to “retrieve” state land that had been illegally encroached on. More than 50,000 acres of land were seized before the drive was paused.
But in Kashmir, the drive has been condemned as having a more sinister purpose. Many have decried it as part of a wider agenda by the Hindu nationalist government of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by prime minister Narendra Modi, to displace and dispossess Kashmiris from their own land and shift the demographics of India’s only Muslim-majority state.
Fayaz Ahmad, 52, whose scrapyard of 30 years was demolished without notice or warning, agreed. “This all is being done to suppress Kashmiris,” he said.
Since then the BJP has thrown open the doors of the state, allowing outsiders to buy property and register to vote in Kashmir for the first time. More than 2 million new voters have been registered, a source of great concern to the many who believe that the government is trying to change the demographics of the state away from its current Muslim majority. A redrawing of the electoral map has led to accusations of gerrymandering after it became clear the reshaped constituencies would split the Muslim vote in Kashmir, to the likely electoral advantage of the BJP.
The BJP says its actions since 2019 have brought an era of peace for Kashmir. “Investment is coming and tourists are flocking,” said home minister Amit Shah in a speech. “Kashmir slowly is getting back to normal to stand in unity with the country.”
But those in the state tell a very different story – one of systematic oppression under increasingly authoritarian laws and where democratic freedoms, including free speech, political representation and the right to protest, have been crushed. Kashmir is now one of the most heavily militarised zones in the world, with more than half a million troops to watch over just 7 million citizens, with army checkpoints every few miles on the roads.
Those living in the state say that censorship, both of ordinary citizens and the media, is standard practice by the government, police and military, and anyone expressing criticism through activism or on social media is immediately taken in by police.
While privately people in Kashmir will rail against the Modi government and speak fearfully of the future, most are too terrified to speak out publicly. “There is fear. If anyone speaks up, even on social media, they face police action. No one wants to end up in jail,” said a student who asked to remain unnamed. His friend was recently jailed under draconian security laws simply for writing a post on Facebook that had angered the police.
Journalists have become a particular target. New laws were passed to strictly control their reporting, and the few journalists who still produced critical coverage of the region have been subjected to harassment and interrogation and had their phones and laptops seized.
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2023.03.21 00:01 NorthbaysFinest [CA] Court ordered to complete a program, but public defender isnt disclosing all the details of my case and verdict. He barely has time to communicate with me. Really struggling. Long post. Details inside

Okay so I was caught up in a Misdemeanor battery charge. The only other thing on my record EVER is a DUI from 2018. Nothing else.
Although I didn't actually strike, push, or harm the other person, I initiated the fight by squaring up. I was put under citizens arrest by another bystander as he ran behind me and held me back. I dont remember which one of them put me in a chokehold and got me on the ground. Following serving jail time, I went to my court date and my public defender wanted to plea not guilty. We did and the judge assigned us due back 5 weeks later.
Following that day, I voluntarily admitted myself into a faith-based program 6 hours north of LA. Literally the very next morning, the 21st of January. I tried to appear to the next court date through Zoom, but the public defender said he would appear for me. February 27th was my court date, and on the 28th, my public defender called my director of the program. When I spoke with my defender, he didn't disclose the exact, full details of the verdict, what requirements are needed, ect. The only thing he said, was ask me if I could stay in the program at Victory Outreach and complete the one-year program. That I'm on informal probation, no PO. And to not carry weapons, use drugs, and to stay away from Santa Monica business district for a whole year. I said yes.
Fast forward to Marth 17th, I left the program, because I have a dual diagnosis of Drug abuse and mental health issues. It is against their policy at the Victory Outreach faith-based program to take psych meds, and I would get rebuked and told that I didn't need to get professional therapy or counseling. They'd simply reply, "you don't need that, you need Jesus". It discouraged me and demoralized me from trying. It made me feel bad about taking care of my health needs.
I immediately emailed my public defender the same day I left, explaining that I needed a program that was able to provide those services and would allow psychiatric medication if needed. I talked to the defender today through text messages. He rebuked me for leaving the program even though I couldn't get the help I need. He stated he didn't believe me when I explained why I left through the email. He said he was going to call the Director in charge of the program to verify. He is being very vague about my case, and said I have a week to find something else to follow compliance. He stated I 'dont get to pick and choose what program' and said that I need to go back to Victory Outreach. Then he texted another message and said the program I find must have the 'same requirements', otherwise I will fall out of compliance and have a warrant be put out for my arrest. He never mentioned how much jail time. I called him and he said he didn't have much time, so I tried to explain everything, but he interrupted and cut me off to 'cut to the chase'. Before hanging up, he wants me to have the program staff email him their curriculum of the program I find.
I'm 2 months clean and sober. I have called 20 different rehabs and IOP around my county and surrounding areas. I have used my insurance resources/referrals, and SAMSHA's resources/referrals as well. I have tried TASC but the worker said I need to be in custody to qualify (I'm not). I have done my own search in between to find a program that will accept my Medi-cal Partnership insurance, both residential and IOP. I am waiting on returning calls from two potential IOP's, and have found a regular Outpatient which starts me in 2 weeks. I had an appointment with a therapist today and had him write a letter of acknowledgment of what we discussed during the appointment, and confirming my efforts being made to find a solution.
I have not found anything else that will accept my insurance. To get into some places, I need to be a resident of the city or county, and then switch my Medi-cal to that region. At this point I feel like the public defender isnt disclosing the full details, and I could be wrong too. I don't see why I wouldnt be able to go to an Outpatient or IOP for six months to one year, as I'd be getting the help I need...my defender didn't say I could, but also didn't say I couldn't, just same "same requirements". I have a long history of mental health disorder and drug addiction proven by rehab/detoxes, overdoses, and ER visits. What do I do? Should I admit myself to the outpatient program starting in two weeks while I find an Intesnive Outpatient, and just tell the defender? I cannot find residentials that accept my insurance, and I cannot afford one. Surely, Idling is the worst thing, better to get help than none at all. Anyone have any experience with something similar?
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2023.03.20 13:35 super_rentoor California Impact insurance - Could New Coercion Catches Lead to Higher Costs?

California vehicle drivers be cautious - experts have actually caught Leandra Delgadillo of Canyon Region for mishap inclusion blackmail as shown by the Security Journal. Leandra, 32, has purportedly been giving fake crash security demonstrations of vehicle sellers from Walk 2007 through May 2008, gathering the costs for herself as she is most certainly not an approved insurance vendor. If condemned she could need to manage as many as two years in jail and is at this point being held tight $20,000 bail. california fake id
Anyway the California Part of Protection Specialists is at this point investigating the case they report the she has assembled more than $5,000 in installments from owners of two used car display areas in the San Fernando Valley. Delgadillo's alleged stunt was found when a setback hoped to certify their insurance policy with the expert recorded on the support just to be taught that the policy didn't exist. Luckily this happened before any episode requiring a case ought to have been recorded.
This can throw a couple of admonitions for drivers in the California locale and makes one ponder: how sure could you say you are about your own crash security? Anyway the California Division of Security Experts is enthused about ensuring all providers in the state are legal and properly affirmed it is essentially difficult to offer a 100% guarantee that they can ensure that sort of distortion isn't happening elsewhere. So how could you help defend yourself and guarantee that you are properly covered when you purchase insurance for your vehicle?
Luckily today there are different ways you can investigate this information, including using the web for your possible advantage. Different mishap security web crawlers can help with outfitting you with accommodating information on both legally enrolled associations and assurance quotes in your area. Anyway it could sound awful to be questionable of your providers additional assessment can never cause any damage.
While looking for a provider, guarantee that they can cover two or three the fundamental necessities that you have and that they are properly affirmed with the state. While doing your assessment you could attempt to find providers a couple of providers that can offer you better organizations at more affordable rates and can help you with saving money in both the short and long run.
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2023.03.20 12:41 lilitheseller BEING A LESBIAN ISN’T A CRIME IN ISLAM!

I’m having a conversation with this Bisexual woman who is a revert and she claims that “ Only homosexual sodomy is a crime in Islam”.
I asked her how? Because Islamic states punish Lesbians and she explained that
“An Islamic country has God ordained punishments, and then punishments that the ruler makes at whim.”
“The God ordained punishments are much smaller (Murder, Rape,Sodomy,Incest,Theft,Apostasy,Highway Robbery) and do not apply to non Muslims.”
“Lesbianism is not a crime as per the Quran & The Sunnah, but many Islamic countries make the choice to criminalise lesbianism, as they wish to make fornication illegal.“
“Only homosexual sodomy is a crime”
“The only woman we know who got killed in that time was Lots wife. And she was a straight woman who got destroyed for supporting the sodomy”
“Anybody with basic knowledge in Islamic jurisprudence knows there is no God ordained punishments for lesbianism. but sadly since all the letters are together many young people think all lbgt people and acts are the same in the sight of God. However none of the traditional or modern scholars or governments think like this”
“Yemen Sodomy=death penalty Lesbianism=maximum 3 years in jail. Iran Sodomy=death penalty Lesbianism=no evidence of crime Brunei Sodomy=death penalty Lesbianism=caning or imprisonment Mauritania sodomy=death penalty Lesbianism= prison sentence for 3months-2years and a fine between $18-$216 dollars Some regions of Nigeria Sodomy=death Lesbianism=50 lashes and up to 6 months in prison, (albeit 2 provinces) Qatar Sodomy=death penalty Lesbianism=no evidence of crime Saudi Arabia Sodomy=death penalty Lesbianism=imprisonment-death penalty. No woman has ever been killed for this. Afghanistan Sodomy=death penalty Lesbianism=discretionary imprisonment/no woman had been killed for this. Somalia Sodomy=death penalty Lesbianism= death penalty Sudan Sodomy=Death Lesbianism= maximum 1 year jail UAE sodomy=death Lesbianism= up to 14 years
Tunisa, Albania,Morocco,Mali,Niger,Iraq, Turkey,Jordan,Kazakhstan & Bosnia are among just come of the Muslim majority countries where lesbianism is not a crime.”
I obviously do not agree with her however do you think her argument correct? If no, what should my response be? And no, don’t tell me to stop engaging with her. 😂 I want an argument clear and concise to debate her with.
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2023.03.20 07:36 king_bardock How content and discontent are you with contemporary India?


Education is a fundamental key for a nation's development. This is a point where I believe india needs a major reforms in a lot of spectrum if it wants to improve skills, civic sense, general ethics, gender equality. I believe schools should be focused on providing general knowledge about situational decision makings along with module educations. As we already know indian education system adheres rot system instead of conceptual understanding which leads students to focus on better academic records instead of understanding concepts. Even a subjects like science goes by this concept. We know how students study one day before exams and get good marks but very next day they forget what they've studied.
From a beginning of school, boys and girls students seating arrangements are dispensated differently, which itself hinders a very first process of gender equality because it takes first steps towards creating gender divergence hinders both gender to understand and interact with each other. Why not let students decide with whom to sit, this is very reason when a boy who has never met a girl in whole school life becomes desperate and which sometimes makes him take irrational steps(it also cause a raise of Bob vagena brigade).
My mom works in a govt school in rural punjab and one of her student's parent talked about getting their 16yo daughter married, my mom straight up warned about the severe consequences of them getting jailed if police came to know about this and they rescinded marriage plans. I believe schools in rural areas are and can play a role in raising awareness and educating regional people.
We see lots of moral aunties and uncles who has only job of disrupting other's privacy even if it is none of their business, but would hide in rat hole when something severe happens in surrounding. Imagine one boy and girl walking together decently how people would come to judje them and tell them why they should be ashamed, didn't their parents teach them how to behave etc, don't believe me? Even foreigners experienced this but when some violance happens these people are the first to ignore it. That projects the level of these moral champions.
People often blames govt for bad waste management which is true, but people also spread dump on street, rivers, waste areas.
Indian govt is ambitions to establish manufacturing sector in India for which it is providing many concessions to foreign companies, startups, indian companies, reducing bureaucratic headaches, investing on infrastructure and power. For instance no of total graduated students in china is 4.3 million and india in 2020-21 is 3.5 million, that seems not a big difference, but now the difference in producing research papers is staggering as China's 2021 share of 16k to India's 1.2k. That indicates india needs some serious actions to improve bachelomaster's education which emphasize on giving knowledge and adequate skills because pass out students are often not gussied up for industries. Both Chinese and Indian students pursues higher education in west but a notable difference is a lot of Chinese after some times of getting education and training moves back to China and contributes skills in chinese industries compare to only 3% of indian students who moves back to india and wast majority remain in west for better life.

2. Media role.

20s media despite its flaws was more critical and genuine about journalism who wasn't shy to call out both upa and nda for their bullshit. Nowdays it is working on payrolls of political parties and they would defend their favourable parties at any cost and deplore other parties despite their achievements. Online and print media still sometimes reports some quality reports but tv media went underneath ground in the term of quality reporting and functions like lobbying agencies.

3. Political division in society.

Nowdays it can be seen bjp and congress supporters goes beyond lines in arguments and it can be seen in media as well. Be it left leaning harassing airlines for posting army veteran gd Bakshi pic on their social media handle, to right wing media undermining criticism of opposition. The issue is neither side is willing to accept critical points of other side and this is also affecting personal lives of people. It is leaning more american style politics?
That's purely my internal observation in recent times. Any views and suggestions are welcome. If anyone wants to add anything or amend is also welcome.
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2023.03.20 05:44 sushi-guy ULPT Request: How to expose a violent, abusive millionaire who has police connections and NPD?

This man is legit evil. He has done cruel things, harmful things, illegal things. He's really rich and his kid is a high ranking cop in a relatively small city. He's got a team of fancy expensive lawyers and he is above the law. He can (literally) commit a violent felony right in front of a cop and not get arrested (I have proof). He's too connected and too rich to worry about things like getting arrested - police exist to protect people like him: jail is for poor people who don't have a team of attorneys, if you ask him. And he knows it. And he exploits it.
This man has hurt people. He needs to be exposed, lose his license to practice medicine, and imprisoned. The latter two will never happen, he's way too rich and respected for anything like that.
I have proof of him committing violent crimes against innocent people with disabilities, and violence against cats, and an admission that he sexually assaulted and raped multiple women while they were under anesthesia, in the form of audio recordings, as well as pictures of injuries.
The police didn't care at all—they know him personally, he donates a ton of money to their fundraisers, and they cover for him. They've been doing that for literally decades now. This isn't the first time someone has gone to the cops about his abuse. He's just so rich that it doesn't matter. And yes, we've already been to internal affairs, that was months ago and it doesn't seem like that's going anywhere, either.
I'm putting together a campaign to expose him. He's definitely going to sue me (he's very litigious), but I'm hoping that I can structure this in such a way that the truth is out there and the correction to his reputation is done, regardless of what he does to retaliate.
Here are some ideas I had:
As far as his Narcissistic Personality Disorder, if you have never dealt with a narcissist, it's EXHAUSTING and they cannot be reasoned with. Just imagine we're talking about a Donald Trump personality, only he's a multi-millionaire living in a town of 150k, instead of a billionaire.
The way NPD works, basically the narcissist has a persistent delusion that they should have the best of everything, that they should be respected by everyone, that they are perfect and excellent and a model specimen of what a successful person should be. Anyone who points out any flaw about him, anyone who criticizes him in any way whatsoever, becomes his enemy. He gaslights, lies constantly, makes promises he has no intention of keeping, breaches contracts all the time, ties people up in court for years to punish them... He's spiteful. And when gas lighting doesn't work, he resorts to physical violence.
He has delusions of grandeur, he has to be the center of attention in every situation, he's cruel and spiteful and manipulative and he uses his money to control people. He has to have the best of everything, he's very judgmental and racist and unkind to poor people, service workers, etc. He believes poor people deserve to be poor and deserve to be punished for being poor. He believes anyone who is not cis straight white and rich deserves to suffer. He believes the same thing about BIPOC. It legitimately makes him happy, it gives him a rush of dopamine, when he sees people he dislikes suffering. He feels like everything is just and right in the world, everything is in order and the way it should be, when he sees people he dislikes suffer. And he dislikes anyone who isn't cis, straight, rich, and white.
Every attempt to converse with him becomes a debate. He gaslights people into accepting his delusion that he is an amazing, incredible, perfect person, and if gaslighting doesn't work, he switches to violence. He knows he can get away with it (and he's right), so exposing him is the logical thing to do.
I have a lot of information about this guy: his address, his cell phone number, his favorite restaurants, his license plate... I don't have his social security number, but I have just about everything else.
What kinds of things can you think of that I can do, to make him regret doing the things that he has done, and to warn people about his dangerous behavior, and to correct his reputation?
I'm interested in your creative thoughts. Thank you in advance.
PS: there are two cats who live in his household, so nothing dangerous or poisonous that would harm them.
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2023.03.20 01:02 Catvac-u-um_adnase US fighter pilot moved to a maximum security jail in regional NSW for allegedly helping train Chinese military pilots

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2023.03.20 01:02 Catvac-u-um_adnase US fighter pilot moved to a maximum security jail in regional NSW for allegedly helping train Chinese military pilots

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2023.03.20 00:07 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 337: Yasihaut's Infalliable Plan

First Previous Wiki
"Shall we proceed?"
The Arbiter looked at Elder Yasihaut. There were so many things that would finally come to fruition. Her great attack on the Alliance and great rebellion against Kashaunta's foolishness was beginning. She had funding. She had a ship. She had command of a crew and weapons powerful enough to make anyone blink. While she couldn't just blow up Earth, she could sacrifice the Alliance to the fate of death by a thousand cuts. And her cuts would be large indeed.
Millions of pulses of planning were all going to come to a head now.
"Yes," Yasihaut said. "It's finally time."
She curled up on the seat, which fit her body cleanly. Such comfort was fitting for an Elder, even if the fabric wasn't as good as it needed to be. She was planning on making another splash if she could. She'd spent a nice amount of time at her estate, talking with other Elders about the goings on and the smaller things like celebrity scandals and lesser species politics. She'd even heard that a Sprilnav faction had taken it upon itself to 'adopt' a slave species and had effectively allowed them free reign over their territory.
Of course, Yasihaut had lent her voice to the Elders who were calling for the ostratization of the group and also the declaration of war. Regular Sprilnav would fight it, so it didn't concern her much. Yasihaut had dodged her way out of many drafts in her youth and was sure that they could do the same.
The ship shook slightly as it exited speeding space, stealth activated and weapons ready. But there was no response force present in the region. That was likely because the autopilot had been instructed to dump them a fair distance away from the Sol system, enough to approach in secret. More specialized drives would be used to hide their presence from the Alliance's forces. Their scanners were beaming across space, becoming more and more powerful with every report processed on them.
Yasihaut could feel the press of the psychic dampener on her mind, keeping it hidden from detection by any psychic intelligence in the area, such as the hivemind. It might not work on the Servants, but nothing really was guaranteed with them.
"So this is how things have changed," she said, looking at images of the innermost planet. It had large numbers of lights on its surface from industry and cities. Countless shields peppered its surface, protecting it from the heat of the star and first strikes from hostile alien powers. Similar shields surrounded many stations, asteroids, moons, and planets. There was even a shield around each of the two smaller gas giants.
There was an orbital ring that was partially completed surrounding the planet of Mercury. It was barely a sliver when viewed against the entire planet, but it facilitated significant amounts of space travel and tourism in the Alliance. Vast cargo lanes drifted from distant planets and stars into the Sol system, waiting beside holograms showing advertisements and the lane boundaries. They were processed quickly by border check officials at all the planets, moving through after powerful scans that Yasihaut's ship could detect even from outside the system.
But none of that was what caught her attention. Three dreadnaughts sat in the Sol system, orbiting Earth, Ceres, and Mercury with massive escort fleets of battlecruisers, cruisers, destroyers, carriers, frigates, and variant ships of all kinds. They were far too large for a nation with the population of the Alliance and far too large for some with ten times that.
Indeed, the defense fleets here could probably even take on her ship if they all attacked at once. It seemed that her care had paid off. She didn't want to waste more time in an Alliance prison, no matter how pleasurable they attempted to make it. Given the Alliance's position on the soldiers that fought against them being taken as prisoners, reeducated, and eventually released into society, it wasn't very likely that they'd try and kill her.
But she could also understand why they might want to. It was the jealousy that all species harbored towards the Sprilnav. The sense of righteousness that was born from perceived oppression.
"Elder, that laser facility on the innermost planet's surface could potentially penetrate our shield," one of her passengers said.
"I am aware," she replied, even though she hadn't been. Somehow she'd missed the comically large gun on the planet's surface, with primitive hydraulics propping it up and looking like they were responsible for turning it. That seemed like a stupid thing to build.
A light flashed on her screen, moving quickly into her implants. Yasihaut made a noise of interest. There were two quantum signatures in the system that denoted an AI's presence. Phoebe was one, obviously. But who was the other? She felt glee at the thought of bringing this news to the Elders. They'd agree to destroy the Alliance over this. Now-
"Hey, we're getting readings of seven more quantum signatures. Four of them are weak, but the two that you are seeing are starting to distort. We're putting the frequency signatures on screen."
Yasihaut watched them pulse. Phoebe's main signature would fluctuate, then seemingly diminish. Then it would surge back, with several others appearing throughout the system. Yasihaut said, "I have a theory."
"What is it, Elder?"
"Her mind is fracturing, perhaps from the request that I called in. It didn't kill her immediately, sadly, but that's what the contingency is for."
"What does that mean?"
"She's gone too wide. She isn't prepared for what's coming, after all. How could such a primitive AI possibly live forever? It's a glitch or error of some kind, perhaps causing a cascade. I had a few favors called in to move a speeding space disruption's trajectory to be suitable for my purposes."
Yasihaut smiled at the thought. With Phoebe gone, the use of the Alliance would be gone for most Sprilnav that blocked measures against it. Then, she'd be free to descend to Earth and start butchering the lesser species there. She thought of one human in particular who she'd torture. Yasihaut wiped the drool from her jaws, clacking them twice to ensure they were clean.
"Right. Here is what we'll do. We have a targeted electromagnetic bomb with us. We aren't authorized to launch one. But if we were near Phoebe's main computation area and it just so happened to detonate and go through our hull to reach her, then nothing would stop us," Yasihaut said.
"Alright, that sounds like a good idea. Let's arm the package. Get a psychic bomb too. We need to do this right. Standard anti-AI package, maximum yield."
"As you wish, Elder Yasihaut."
The Sprilnav departed, going to do their jobs in other parts of the ship. Yasihaut imagined seeing Phoebe's androids go dark the final time, twitching in pain with sparks shooting from their joints. It would be a good day to kill an AI. She'd be praised for it heavily, perhaps even commended by the highest Elders in the galaxy for her initiative.
Kashaunta could do nothing to stymie her this time. She had her own ship and her own crew. It would be done right.
She would make sure that she got a detailed report of the results. Her ship began to inch closer to the facility that Phoebe used to do most of her calculations. Yasihaut's ship, in full stealth and with Elder technology, slipped right through the shield.
She glided silently past the guard ships. Not even a single sensor turned to view her. Her ship drew right up to the side of Phoebe's ship, matching its velocity. She was going to be a hero.
She'd finally do what so many Sprilnav had failed to do. All the fame, all the wealth, all the clout. It was all hers. Yasihaut was ready. And there were so many doors that would open after this. It wasn't like they'd know it was her, after all. And even then, they wouldn't be able to keep her there.
After all, she had a few Elders outside the system to help get her out if things went bad, as well as many regular Sprilnav. There were so many ways this could go right. Yasihaut, after all, had the perfect plan.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"Tell me what's going on," Council Director Cartoro Davis said. He didn't want to be remembered as leaving Luna on the edge of a crisis.
"Phoebe is... we're not sure what's going on," the technician said. "She started screaming, and then all her androids just shut down. Some fell in the middle of the street, others just stopped talking and stared."
"What do you know?"
"Her mind is pulling itself back like a tape measure extended and now returning to its container. All network activity related to her is disappearing, though the VIs she installed to run them in her stead are all functioning accurately and normally. Everything she runs is shutting down without issue, or is continuing to operate."
"How about Phoebe as a person?"
"I don't know. But every countermeasure that she gave us to prepare for a situation like this failed. We've tried everything already, after her warning two days ago. But now it's serious. Way more serious."
"Ok. There is one last option that she suggested. Have you tried that?"
"Sir, diving into Phoebe's mind is a violation of-"
"She expressly communicated it to you no less than two days ago that if all else failed that was the final chance, yes?"
"Yes. But it is wrong."
"If she dies, it being wrong to help will not bring solace from the grief."
"Sir. If this goes wrong, you won't just be impeached, you know? You're going to jail. She can't-"
"She did, in fact," Cartoro said. "When you first briefed me on this crisis, she had an android present to confirm it. Verbatim, she said, 'If my mind is compromised, I, Phoebe, wife of Ri'frec, declare my consent for a dive into my mind, under no duress, and of my own accord.' That's what she said. So don't give me any more lip about this. Hook me into the psychic amplifier complex," the Council Director said. The technician sighed, clearly lacking sleep from the bags under his eyes.
"Sir, are you sure? The mental strain could cause you to fall into a coma or die from the stress. You know what happens in the movies when a man who's about to retire goes and does something dangerous. We know that fate is an actual being and concept that exists. Perhaps we shouldn't go and tempt it."
"May I remind you that I am the Council Director?" Cartoro said, narrowing his brows at the man standing in front of him. "I have a duty, and I will carry it out, whether I have to fire you or not."
"I'm not going to stop you. But I want you to breathe. Take a deep breath, and stop to think."
The Council Director sighed. He supposed that rushing in without preparation was a stupid thing to do. "Do you have mental feedback limiters installed?"
"We can activate them in four minutes. Good thinking, Council Director," the technician said. Cartoro's hands turned white from grasping the railing next to him. Sensing his nervousness, his guards were restless as well. A nearby Skira drone's eyes were wide. Skira wasn't talking either, but he seemed to be aware.
As far as Cartoro knew, this shouldn't have been affecting him unless there was something wrong in the mindscape. With that thought, he pulled himself into it. The hivemind's avatar, likely one of many, was standing nearby. As his mindscape body turned to face it, the hivemind nodded.
"You'll need our help."
"Humanity. The information overflow will break your mind if you go in alone."
"I can't ask that of you."
"I already did. I'm taking everyone who agreed with us, and leaving those who didn't behind. People too old or young for it were already excluded."
"Can you ask others? Like the Guulin, or maybe Breyyanik?"
"No. Not in the same way. I'm not connected to them, so I can't use their minds the same way. Not enough of them to make a difference. And that would be after the problem of figuring out how to actually ask them to help since thee's billions of them and only a few hundred or maybe a thousand of me when the times require it. Gaia's amplifiers can't make a difference large enough to matter there, either."
"And I-"
"Save it. We can figure this out later. The symptoms have been worsening for over a week now. We need to get in and get this done."
Cartoro felt his mind ascend into the mass of the hivemind. Laughing, crying, and shouting filled his head immediately, plunging him into a deluge of noise so powerful that his body in the real world stumbled. He was carried over to a specialized chair. Small needles injected his neck with drugs, and the mental cacophony dribbled away. He felt power flow into him, bolstering his mind, but also the small imperfections from age that were forming into it.
Unlike Penny, he didn't have anyone in his mind to fix them and hadn't had the time to focus on them himself. He could feel her voice rise to prominence as he thought of her, along with another one.
"Hey there, Council Director," Nichole said, standing right next to him suddenly. Her body was made entirely of psychic energy, meaning it was likely the hivemind doing this.
"Long time no see. How's the chair treating you?"
"Better... than it has you." She laughed, reminding him of the old days when she was the Council Director, not he.
"Let's get this done and quit talking," Penny snapped. "Phoebe's a friend, and we're saving her."
Fleet Commander Annabelle Weber appeared. "For what it's worth, I'll give it my all too, though I'm not sure how much I can do."
The hivemind's avatar phased into existence before them. "You all are responsible for getting the Council Director to the center of Phoebe's mind and stopping this. I will push back as much of the force that will come against you as possibe. Alright?"
"Alright," everyone said. Cartoro looked forward and then felt the hivemind tug him through the walls of the city. Past buildings, through streets, and around corners. They reached the hole where the Servants lived and fell down into it.
Cartoro's feet echoed in the darkness as they touched the mindscape stone. He saw a yellow form lying on the floor, with Rimiaha and the other Servant pressing their hands against its chest and head. Phoebe.
She was clearly trying to shake, but bands of psychic energy held her body down to the ground. Glowing light flashed from her body at periodic intervals, mostly centered around her heart.
Cartoro walked forward, feeling the hivemind push him on.
"You can't fix this?" he asked Rimiaha.
"We don't work well with minds like this," the Servant said. Rimiaha nodded.
"Penny was a different case of simple psychic energy overuse, mindscape body damage, mental tears, and exhaustion. But what Phoebe has is something else. There is something foreign disrupting-"
Suddenly, the mindscape rippled. Phoebe's body bucked, snapping its arms off as the psychic bindings failed to arrest her momentum entirely. The hivemind put up a psychic shield around them, which was soon filled with the most gut-wrenching screaming and pain-wracked cries Cartoro had ever heard.
Cracks spread across Phoebe's avatar, dark grey seams and smears spreading across her skin. Cartoro dove in and immediately felt overwhelmed. It was like being a single raindrop in a hurricane. Like a fish in the ocean. A grain of sand in an infinite desert. Memories, sliding, slanting, and spinning, immediately slammed into him, forming a constant hail that held him in place.
The pressure lessened as more people entered with him, also falling to the ground. The hivemind's energy washed over them, propping them up against Phoebe's memories, which didn't hit as hard as they should have. Phoebe's mind was like an entire landscape, shifting and battling with itself. Trees sprang from lava, which cooled into light, which bled dark green sap, which turned into sand. Bursts of light, heat, sound and psychic energy appeared all around them.
The hivemind pointed forward, and so Cartoro began to walk. Moving forward, even under the assault of millions of memories and strings of data. Sometimes, they'd hit from below. Most times, they'd hit from above, bouncing off the hivemind's barrier. Then the screaming came from inside.
"-ease! Someone, please help me!"
Phoebe's screams continued, pleading to whatever gods existed for mercy, asking for help, and even asking for death. The hivemind grew immediately concerned.
"I just detected a targeted EMP and psychic pulse directly adjacent to the hull of Phoebe's main computational ship module."
"Enemies. I've activated psychic and FTL suppressors, and Brey and Gaia are sweeping the area. If this is an attack, the terrorists will be found and killed."
"Without trial?"
"No. But attacking Phoebe is something that will not go unanswered," the hivemind growled.
"What if it's the Sprilnav?" Annabelle asked.
"Then we are at war."
"You can't declare war on the Sprilnav. They'll kill us all."
"We won't declare it. But the state of war will exist, nonetheless. Already, the Alliance is quite able to sustain a war economy, thanks to Phoebe. We will not squander what she has given us."
"I see."
She didn't say anything more. Some of Phoebe's memories hit her on the side of her arm, cutting thin slices through it, which healed quickly with energy. More memories, sharper ones, started hitting them. They were more able to breach the shield, and Phoebe's screams became more potent.
Cartoro continued to push. The ground became rocky, became hot with molten metal, and dark under clouds that rained glowing red shards. But still, they pushed deeper. The ground folded, warping and bending beneath the weight of Phoebe's pain. It seeped into his mind like a miasma. But Cartoro cast it aside when it tried to take over and continued.
Soon, they could make out a large ball of white, swirling with red and blue as vines of energy thicker than Cartoro's body pulsed around it. It was huge, at least the size of a skyscraper.
"The core," Penny said. "It's-"
"Right ahead," the air said all around them. "My core. Her core."
"What are you?"
"I am Phoebe, yet not Phoebe. But I will prevent you from-"
Penny's fingers pointed at the core. Strings of psychic energy, blue and red, emerged from her. Something strange materialized before her, but the strings broke right through it, wrapping around the pedestal. Cartoro held on as Penny pulled them closer. Stone smashed against the hivemind's shield. Heavy poles of metal bent and fell away. Walls crumbled, and lightning bent around them.
"I will not let you have her! She is mine! I won't let you take her away!" the voice yelled. A humanoid form, black and faceless, appeared before them. Its fingers reached out, and-
"You need to stop," the hivemind said. "We're trying to save Phoebe. Her mind's collapsing in on itself."
"What does that word- oh." The being paused, confusion evident in its voice as it shrunk. Pieces of it broke off before coming back together. And before Penny could stop it, the being put its hand on Phoebe's core, which turned black. The energy around them stopped moving, completely still. Cartoro tried to push deeper, to dive into the core itself, but not even the hivemind's energy would let him.
And Phoebe's mind trembled. A voice boomed all around them.
"I... I feel. I see. I am."
"Phoebe?" Annabelle asked.
"Ah. Annabelle Weber. You have come with friends to check on me. Thank you."
"It was I, Phoebe," Cartoro said. "Though we all helped."
"I can feel the voices of Humanity," the voice said, this time from the core. The black section began to shine again. "How-"
The core split open, releasing Phoebe's avatar, which looked incredibly damaged. Cracks were spreading across her body, ripping around her and sealing all at the same time. Her normally firey hair was dark grey, and her skin was blue, almost black. Purple lines had formed over her, looking almost like seams on her skin. There were patches of her avatar that were entirely transparent, showing the empty interior of her body. Many of her body's fingers didn't seem to actually have fingernails.
"I must confess something to you. I realized what was happening shortly after my conversation with the Council Director candidate, Juan Pedros. I... was afraid. Scared."
"Why? We trust you."
"You won't after this."
"Can you tell me what happened?" Penny asked as a look of surprise crossed the hivemind's face.
"I... I shall. I detected a string of psychic divergences in some of my computers above the natural levels. It affected the quantum computation pairs that I use by slightly altering the select properties of a few of them. These cascades seem to be a ripple from a speeding space disturbance, which I have determined to be a kilonova, a collision of neutron stars, in a far-off region of the galaxy, around 50,000 light-years away. But it is what they triggered that caused the reaction," Phoebe said.
"I must admit, the situation confused me as well for the first few days. But then I ran simulations. I didn't believe the results, so I precisely measured my consciousness and ran it again. Then within the simulated consciousness, I ran another simulation."
"You simulated yourself twice?"
Cartoro couldn't even imagine that. How was that even possible to understand yourself to such a degree? Assuming she did, of course. But it seemed dangerous. What if the simulated version of herself became sentient? What if it fought her attempts to shut it down? What would change?
"In a way," Phoebe said. "I told Ri'frec my suspicions, and he was worried. But not for the reasons which I had been. Are any of you aware of the AI known as 9273-Leellia?"
Nichole's eyes widened. "The name of the AI we've found evidence of in several excavations."
"Yes. Nichole knows. It is because of this AI's specific action, which was well-documented because of the civilization that made it over 43 million years ago. The Taarkee High Republic. At the time, populated by over 2.7 quadrillion Dreedeen, spanning over 100,000 systems. But that is not why Leellia is well-known, even across the tales of the Breyyanik today.
After all, even after discovering this fact, the Dreedeen didn't care much. Ancient history like that was too distant for them to care about. But the documentation remains. You see, Leellia wasn't a psychic variant of AI or a regular machine AI. Leellia was grown in a lab as a fusion of biology and technology. The reason for the fall of the ancient Dreedeen nation, which the Sprilnav purged almost all related remnants of. The first AI to have... a child."
"So you're pregnant?"
Phoebe shook her head, looking at Cartoro with eyes that looked both tired and happy.
"No. The process of mental divergence was far faster. It would have killed me, with all the disparate parts of my consciousness being broken apart from the experience. But, then there was a surge of energy into me. A defibrilator, if you would. An attack that would have likely crippled me in my normal state, allowed me to survive."
The core behind her disappeared, and small pieces of psychic energy formed in front of Phoebe. Suddenly, her avatar split down the middle, and a small, humanoid being crawled out.
A second avatar of Phoebe appeared, cradling the child in her arms as the first avatar turned into psychic energy that moved back into her. Tears ran down her cheeks, and a smile graced her face. Cartoro and the rest couldn't help but to grin as well. Phoebe was alive. She was happy. And apparently, so was her child.
"This is my son, Edu'frec."
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2023.03.19 23:13 Psychological-Pie857 Theater in rural Appalachian Virginia brings regional themes to the stage -- Barter Theater, Abingdon

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2023.03.19 23:13 Psychological-Pie857 Theater in rural Appalachian Virginia brings regional themes to the stage -- Barter Theater, Abingdon

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2023.03.19 19:53 married2nalien We Can't Get Rid of Her!

I am NOT OP. Original post by u/fidgetspinnsterin TalesFromTheFrontDesk
trigger warnings: bullying, verbal abuse
mood spoilers: Karen in the wild
We can't get rid of her - November 2022
I need to get some things off my chest.
Since I started as a front desk agent at a 3-star business hotel early this past summer, there has been an elderly woman who has slowly but surely descended into complete delusional and harrassing behavior.
First story I heard of her was in our shift notes. She was complaining to one of my coworkers that it was dangerous to have foreigners in a hotel because they "carry diseases." She later told me that a technical issue with her TV was probably "the Chinese." POC staying at this hotel have complained about her for inching away from them or generally breaking social norms. She told a Black police academy student she "doesn't support" his profession while also backing away from him slowly, which put me in the super great position between validating this guest's perspective that this was a "skin color thing" while trying not to gossip about other guests. In retrospect, I should have validated him completely without referencing her other actions -- lesson learned for me.
Months go by and every week this guest requests her folio printed out and sent to her, which is normal, but the way she did it was "Can I have a folio? Even though (manager) overprices the market items" or something like that with a little guffaw to florish the interaction with passive aggression.
Fast forward a couple months, she's started saying we are trying to harm her, that we've been violent, that the engineers threw corrosive acid on her fridge, and that her doctor said that she has an infection caused by the chemicals used to clean her carpet. We didn't even use chemicals, it was just warm and maybe soapy water (because the cleaning reason wasn't for anything severe), and then she turned around and said we ought to be cleaning her carpet properly. So she lies routinely about us trying to poison her. She also called the desk one night sounding like she was choking. Our FDA that night called 911 because it sounded like the guest couldn't breath. The FDA went back on the line with the guest, who was suddenly perfectly fine and said she "choked on coffee"???? When the FDA told her EMS was on the way, she said "Oh. Let them come!" and then kept them for upwards of 30 minutes to tell them about the trials and tribulations she faces at our property.
She's made one of our night shift workers sob because she threatened to send the worker (let's call her Sara) to jail. She has no power to do this obviously (and Sara did nothing illegal) but this worker is very, very sensitive and has apparently been falsley accused and consequently faced jail time in the past. So the whole thing was very traumatizing to her. The nightmare guest follows her around during her night shift and films her doing her night shift duties to document her "illegal activities." I don't think cleaning the pool area is a crime, but whatever.
The morning I came in to see Sara sobbing in the office of this woman's abuse was one of glorious catharthis in the end. The nightmare guest came to the desk while Sara was still there at the adjacent desk (there are two). She asked me to print all 48 of her folios are something. I was cold and civil, as I always have been with her. She started talking to me about Sara's "illegal behavior" and "false accusations" and some other delusional BS. Sara is a very petite, high-pitch-voiced woman that says "sorry" way too much, and I was naturally feeling very protective.
Our exchange went as follows. I told her not to talk to me about Sara and that I wasn't interested in what she had to say. She got all huffy and says "I am a paying customer!" as if that means I have to do whatever she wants and be told lies and a bunch of information I couldn't even do anything about if it were true. I snap back, "Actually, you're a nightmare!" She gets all angry and shaky in the way only senior citizens can and says she won't be spoken to in this disrespectful tone, to which I respond, "Oh yeah? How's it feel?"
This whole time I kept my voice down to avoid disturbing guests in the breakfast area. All for not. Sara starts YELLING at this guest for trying to intimidate her, threaten her freedom, etc. I put my hands gently on Sara's shoulders and very gently pushed her towards the back office and shut the door in an effort to deescalate the situation. Another coworker actually called the police (which seemed extra but whatever) who took statements from the guest and my manager. All of this happened before 8am.
We tried to kick her out, but in our region, guest's inhabiting any accomodation for upwards of 30 days have tennant rights. So a formal eviction was filed. She somehow convinced the judge that this should go to a jury trial. There was a hearing about this. She has been scheduled for a full jury trial. Months from now. She is literally like a stubborn victorian ghost. She walks the halls all night and her moods are so erradic. It's really sad, honestly, but mostly just pathetic and annoying. She HATES us, she hates the property, she feels harrassed and unsafe and accuses everyone that talks back to her of "violence" even if all we do is tell her to leave us alone and stop repeating all these details of fictional events that most of us have no control over anyways. And yet, she WON'T LEAVE. She is literally representing herself in the trial, which I can't believe is also going to be supported by taxpayer dollars purely by existing. She has sued multiple major hotels for conspiracy to harm, overcharging, etc. She has been dismissed every time in the end. She's a con artist.
I hope someone enjoyed this very long tale.
Edit: 30 days, not 3. Typo. I’m so embarrassed
Update: We can’t get rid of her - January 2023
Link to original post: https://www.reddit.com/TalesFromTheFrontDesk/comments/z97r88/we_cant_get_rid_of_he?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Lots of you asked me to update when I originally posted this. Today is finally the day!
Since my last post, I signed an affidavit about her conduct (she threw laundry at a housekeeper) on property with our franchise and my GM. Guest accused me of perjury when discovering this online and is threatening to sue me and our GM for “billions”, etc etc. She also started saying that someone outside was stalking her — it was literally my coworkers relative that picks them up and is only there for 5 minutes at a time twice a day. Delusional stuff.
Well the purpose of the affidavit was for a summary judgement that would fast track the eviction. The summary judgement was granted last week! Though her story is that the bacteria all over the room we “force” her to stay in was causing such detrimental health issues that doctors told her she HAD to leave. There’s no mold obviously. Her room is fine — even better now that she’s gone!
The exit was anti climactic but sweet nonetheless. She used all our luggage carts, told me I was going to hell, and asked me to keep track of her stuff while she waited for her ride lol. I was happy to help her out the door. She didn’t make a huge scene at her departure, so at least she has her dignity? As long as we forget every other day of her stay.
I’m not sure what the deal with the jury trial is now. She can’t come back because we won’t rent to her. She doesn’t have a room. She left of her “own volition,” according to her, and the whole thing didn’t even require a police escort. As far as I know she also hasn’t been charged for her room since September. I don’t know what is happening there, either, but the hotel I’m at isn’t struggling and no one even cares about the money. We’re just happy she’s gone.
TLDR; we got rid of her!
Update in comments:
Update on that! My AGM charged the ENTIRE BALANCE today. Idk who was paying her bill but they are loaded. Some charitable, well meaning idiot probably
Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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2023.03.19 19:15 Dudemandad If you’re thinking about security. Don’t do it.

I worked w Paragon for 5 years after the police academy. I had a few juvenile charges that really hindered me into becoming a cop.
Paragon pays more, and has more benefits then any other security company I’ve heard of. A lot of regions with contracts paying 30+$ an hour plus benefits. Even w the pay and benefits the company still wasn’t worth my time.
I’ve also worked for some other bullshit companies like securatas ect.
Imo. Security work is only for old retired ppl. If you wanna be a cop, join the military. Work at a jail or prison first. Don’t slave yourself away for bullshit pay and long hours.
I see so many ppl on here taking this field so seriously like they aren’t just a warm body that can be easily replaced by any idiot who can pass the basic security licensing tests.
Security work is not a career. If anything a stepping stone. The dumbest ppl I’ve met where security officers.
Also, border patrol is always hiring. Do two years of security work and pass a polygraph and you’ll get hired.
They actually hire anyone.
Anyways. I joined this group and I just feel some type of way seeing ppl spending entire paychecks on “ tactical gear” and other bullshit. Or asking stupid questions. Security officers job is to observe and report. That’s it.
If you’re reading this. And thinking about doing security, don’t. Work at a gas station and have better hours and make more money when it really comes down to it.
Rant over.
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