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2018.05.09 21:30 obertone3 Demoman+Hell

Ye be treading on thin waters. What makes me a sad story? IF I WERE A HAPPY STORY, WOULDN'T BE SITTING HERE LAUGHING AS MY LIFE BLOWS UP, WOULD I!? You can join me on my quest to seek absolute whimsical explosion and drunk manure posting on this fine website. Just be careful not to break any laws. We do not want our dysfunctional government to take away our freedom to do this kind of stuff, as our lives ruin.

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A subreddit for pregnant women and partners who are due in August 2017.

2023.03.22 14:32 DuckyRai My opinion on the current state of the game. (It is not good)

For anyone not wanting to read. TLDR; It's trash.
For anyone that wants to read, and this is really just therapy for me, it's good to get things off your chest sometimes and vent frustrations, so ignore to your hearts content anyway.
The game is in a poor state. In almost every conceivable way that matters. We'll start with balance because that's the easy one. The devs/balance team have already told us they're incompetent and out of touch with the meta/ladder and peoples general experiences and feelings. They told us this when they buffed Sandman far too late after nerfing Zabu and Surfer and they told us in the same patch, when they buffed Thanos, the runaway best deck at the time. I'm only in my 4th season, so I'm coming at this from recent times.
The latest patch, which I've been waiting a long time for, as I've barely played the game since the 3rd week into season 3, not even to do my dailies is another example of this astonishingly poor perception of their own game and balance. (Only it's not poor, in genius and smart and insidious, but we'll get to that). They buffed Shuri, somehow, the buffed one of the 2 decks that have plagued ladder for 2 months now, and will be longer by the time it's fixed. They reduced counter play and interaction to very narrow plays that had very little counter play before, to having almost zero now. The She-hulk/Task play in Shuri. Galactus. I mention Galactus as Aero, still works as a means to counter a single Galactus, it is no longer good enough to warrant a space in most decks as a tech card, so that matchup becomes for most people, a Sac, you sac that matchup everytime. And that's real fun right?
They buffed Red Skull somehow, despite identifying it as the problem card in Shuri decks. Red skull was the problem card, not Shuri they said, but they buffed Red Skull and left Shuri alone. This one act should really tell you all you need to know.
The changes also kill a bunch of archetypes, a bunch of fun b-c tier strats that myself and others enjoy playing. Cerebro is looking to basically never be viable. Moon Girl Double up decks are not a thing, Agents of shield decks are hit, Dracula dump decks are hit and as soon as Shuri is balanced properly. The Sandman change will ensure all fun and creativity is killed and stopped.
The more insidious stuff. We know now for sure, we no longer need to be cynical and skeptical, we know that the motivations based on the Lead Designers comments are ones of greed and incentivizing token buying. Meaning you can now never trust this team to balance the game for the health of the game, but what makes them the most money. Shuri will absolutely be balanced once she goes down to pool 3 next, to further solidify this, though, as they're smart, they'll probably do this a week before that happens to not make is seem so obvious you're being fleeced.
So Balance is bad, out of touch, nonsensical, lazy and motivated by greed.
Then we have the matchmaker. Something we know is broken and continues to be broken. I'm sure they're "fixing" it in some ways, but has it stands and as they continue to treat their playerbase with poor communication and insidious decisions, I am not hopeful. The matchmaker is currently a travesty, it does an extremely good job at manipulating your experience. In the words of the devs, it feeds bad players to good players to help them climb. It feeds bots to you when you've lost a few games to get that dopamine rush and keep you playing. It's paring system is awful, the back to backs are awful, the cheating bots are just scum. Rank 60s playing infinite players is just wack. The MMR system is awful, the fact the game can be manipulated to give you an easy climb every season by either tanking your MMR or playing enough to be in bot elo just gives the whole experience absolute no credibility whatsoever.
What is left? The art is cool I guess. The game has proven itself to be exactly what it is, a predatory, manipulative, money maker.
These are my opinions as someone who hit infinite in his first 3 seasons and has lost the will to play against only 2 decks and small group of human players.
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2023.03.22 14:31 KRiZtixn am i asexual?

So, I'm not sure whether or not I'm asexual. I do masturbate and watch porn, i am in a relationship with a girl i adore (we're not sexual or anything), she's very attractive but when the thought of sex and I mix i get sick to my stomach, like i can't imagine myself having sex with her, or anyone else for that matter, am i asexual? (I'm not gay)
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2023.03.22 14:31 bopwoop8888 22 [M4F] NH/VT/MA USA/ONLINE: 99 posts for the subreddit… what’s one more do it again, 100 posts for the subreddit

Hello! I am a huge nerd that is currently looking for a serious long-term relationship. I am trying to find someone I can spend time getting to know and fall for. I’m looking for someone who is serious about finding that lifelong partner. I will introduce myself properly if you send me a message!
So a little about me, I am a big nerd and a homebody. I am a college student going for CIT in my third year. I really enjoy playing video games (PC), watching movies, anime, D&D, and MTG that sort of stuff is where I feel at home. My hobbies are mostly revolving around those interests and I’d love to try and share them with you! If you wanna know what I look like just ask, I’d much rather send you a picture than try to describe myself.
What am I looking for? I’m just looking for my person. I want to be able to hold someone and look them in the eyes and know they will love me no matter what. I wanna give someone my endless amount of free time and be able to share a life together. I’m really just trying to find someone who will accept me as me.
What about you? I do want you to share SOME interests with me. It would be preferable if you played games especially if we can’t meet. Location? As long as we can make time for each other. Personality? I’d be happy if I wasn’t talking to a brick wall. Please be emotionally available. Physical stats? I’m not too picky but if you aren’t okay with me not making the average male height then this might not work.
I'd love to play something online, call or go on a real date if we could. I really want to give someone my time and effort. Don't be shy, send a message but please make it a little more than just a "hey"! Tell me why you messaged me!
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2023.03.22 14:30 rainrebelx Prevent Premature Ejaculation - Stirling Cooper Books

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2023.03.22 14:30 bopwoop8888 22 [M4F] NH/VT/MA USA/ONLINE: 99 posts for the subreddit… what’s one more do it again, 100 posts for the subreddit

Hello! I am a huge nerd that is currently looking for a serious long-term relationship. I am trying to find someone I can spend time getting to know and fall for. I’m looking for someone who is serious about finding that lifelong partner. I will introduce myself properly if you send me a message!
So a little about me, I am a big nerd and a homebody. I am a college student going for CIT in my third year. I really enjoy playing video games (PC), watching movies, anime, D&D, and MTG that sort of stuff is where I feel at home. My hobbies are mostly revolving around those interests and I’d love to try and share them with you! If you wanna know what I look like just ask, I’d much rather send you a picture than try to describe myself.
What am I looking for? I’m just looking for my person. I want to be able to hold someone and look them in the eyes and know they will love me no matter what. I wanna give someone my endless amount of free time and be able to share a life together. I’m really just trying to find someone who will accept me as me.
What about you? I do want you to share SOME interests with me. It would be preferable if you played games especially if we can’t meet. Location? As long as we can make time for each other. Personality? I’d be happy if I wasn’t talking to a brick wall. Please be emotionally available. Physical stats? I’m not too picky but if you aren’t okay with me not making the average male height then this might not work.
I'd love to play something online, call or go on a real date if we could. I really want to give someone my time and effort. Don't be shy, send a message but please make it a little more than just a "hey"! Tell me why you messaged me!
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2023.03.22 14:30 horvatitus Single 27F - Where to Settle Down in SE US?

I'm looking to move somewhere in the next few months and hopefully stay there (for at least 3-5 years). I'm looking in the SE US, specifically: Charleston, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Nashville. I've visited all, but I'm wanting to gather more perspective. I'm a remote employee so traffic doesn't matter to me as much, though of course, I know Atlanta's is horrid. FWIW, I went to college in Nashville, but when I visited last February I couldn't believe how much the city has changed in 5 years!
- studio/1 bed within <15 min of the 'happening' areas for ~$1.7k or less
- would be able to afford a small 2-3 bed house in a few years for about 250-400k
- good dating prospects for LTmarriage; I'm not super political or religious
- active culture (a good number of fitness studios, walking trails, biking/rollerblading areas) in the area
- enough to do - I enjoy all sorts of things, from museums to paddleboarding to art festivals to concerts
- not a huge foodie but would like GF options for restaurants

Other things on my mind, to share my thinking:
- will Charleston be too hot in the summer, relative to the other cities?
- what sort of increased climate change will there be in these places in the coming years? (I used to live in CO and seeing ash fall from the sky/not being able to go outdoors due to poor AQI really took a toll on my mental health)

Open to all thoughts and perhaps anything I haven't considered. TIA!
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2023.03.22 14:29 One-Watercress-3779 A thought (or hypothesis) regarding the origin of the Traveler, the Witness, and the Vex.

(This isn't really my original post, I posted this in another Destiny 2 subreddit)
Hi, so I decided to make this post just because a thought came to my mind. We know the Witness' words cannot be trusted, but I would like to assume that the story of "The Primordial Garden" that the witness talked about in Unveiling lore book (while it was pretending to be the Darkness) might actually be a metaphor of the Witness's original world. This is partly influenced by Savathun's words in two truths, two lies about the Origin of the Witness, the one about the Witness being blessed by the darkness. And Nezarec talking about "the first of its victim" in the Roots of Nightmare raid. This will sound like a story, but don't worry, this is all just a hypothesis.
(I also don't know if someone already made this hypothesis before, but if someone already did, I guess that just means I'm not the only one who had this thought)
Anyway, my whole hypothesis comes from the question "What if the Witness, before it became a single totality, used to be the very first civilization in the universe?"
Within that planet, which I assumed would be the first to ever harbor life, a civilization was born that would soon discoverealize what the "Light" and the "Darkness" are. Then, this civilization utilized both powers to further develop themselves. Soon, they would even create a terraforming machine, the Traveler, alongside Resonant technologies such as the Pyramids, for space-faring purposes. And the Vex, was meant to be their greatest computing device, one that would even allow this civilization to predict the future and assure their survival through the countless simulations. (A trait which would soon become the very foundation of what the Vex are).
The Traveler was meant to terraform this civilization's other planets, stabilize their stars, and perhaps even prepare other systems for them to extend to, thus they gave it the ability to teleport through long distances. It was meant to be something that would allow this civilization to utilize the light much easier.
The pyramids on the other hand, was meant to be these transportation vessels. Think about it, these Pyramid Ships are actually strangely great for traveling in space. They can traverse through the Ascendant Plane, making the journey safer and possibly shorter, and they have this strange ability to send all attacks directed upon them to somewhere else, where it would be suspended.
In any case, just like in every civilization, a conflict of ideals is sure to occur even in a civilization as old and as advanced as them. That's where the ideals of "Light" and the "Darkness" was born from. I want to make an assumption that there are two factions. One believed in the Light's ideology of a "Gentle World" and the other believed in the Darkness's ideology of "Existence is the struggle to exist".
No matter, just as the story of the "Primordial Garden" said, these two factions had conflicts, countless of times. But those who followed the Light always stopped to offer peace. Until one day, the Vex managed to simulate a universe of simple and endless survival. The Darkness faction found it good, this meant they will continue to survive. But the Light faction wanted more, just as their ideology says, they wanted to gift the light to other civilizations rather than monopolize it for themselves. The Darkness faction was angered, and another conflict would transpire. This time, they wouldn't accept peace.
And so, the Darkness faction did something the Light faction didn't expect. Through their mastery of the Darkness, and perhaps through the use of this civilization's resonant technologies, they merged their minds into a single totality, The Witness. Through the power they obtained, they aimed to finally cut down all of the Light faction. The light faction lost, but in a last ditch of effort, they decided to send the Traveler away. With it is their last objective, to gift the light to as many civilizations as possible and to run away, that so the Witness would never obtain the light.
The Witness chased the Traveler ever since, it altered the space-faring vessels this civilization created and used them as weapons. The Traveler, continued to do the last objective it was given. It continued to gift the light to any civilization it finds. It continued to run away once it sensed the Witness approaching. The vex, after finding that their former masters are now gone, continued to strive for "survival" but this time, they calculated their own survival.
So, that's it. I told you, it would sound like a story, but this is my hypothesis regarding the possible origin of the Traveler, the Witness, and the Vex. I'm not as well-versed in the lore, most of the things I know came from binging all of Byf's videos. Still, after all the revelations we have so far, it does feel like this hypothesis can connect all these three together.
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2023.03.22 14:28 b1tchlasagna My brother was falsely declared as self employed by an employer. What are our options?

My brother is in a situation where he worked for a company. On the phone he was told he'd be employed
When he got there, they said it was self employed
He was required to work the hours they set, and had no option to set his own hours. He also wasn't paid for any of those hours due to making no sales, because they see it as "self employed" even though he was at the mercy of that company
I intend to go to small claims, for stolen wages regardless but I was wondering if there's anything else we can do?
Would it also matter if he's mentally and physically disabled? Ie: surely it's a lot more damning if a company is exploiting someone like that? I'd love to know what options are available, given they provided zero wages and then they accused him of stealing a shirt that he handed inu
They gave him no contract, and no terms. The only proof he has that he's worked there is the email saying that they're going to the police for this non existent shirt that he already handed in. It apparently belonged to a client but he wasn't exactly free to choose what that client is.
He did quit within the first week fwiw. He was made to go through their training, and he was made to then go on a door to door sales. Surely a self employed person wouldn't require training?
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2023.03.22 14:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Loss of seniority of candidates recommended earlier a matter of grave concern: SC collegium Times of India

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2023.03.22 14:28 RhubarbOne454 22[F4M] Good morning everyone

User in my bio
We can talk about anything or you can ask me any questions and I will answer them no matter what the questions are.
It’s up to you but feel free to message me throughout the night.
If I missed your message before send a new one and I’ll hopefully get to it.
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2023.03.22 14:28 eternallySadMan Rookie PC question, where should I store my games?

So I have a 500GB nvme, a 500GB SATA and a 1TB external hard drive, the question is, does it matter where I store my games? For example does it take longer to load games or should it be the same? Also is there a big difference between SATA and NVME?
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2023.03.22 14:28 KimchiPunchi Pay by company credit card, place order by personal merchant account?

I recently formed a multi-member LLC, opened its bank account and have its debit/credit cards.

To buy inventories for the business, I logged into eBay/Amazon using my personal account, and then bought some stuff using the LLC's debit/credit cards.

So, the payment is done through the LLC, but the order itself is placed under my personal account.

Is this allowed? I vaguely feel like the best practice is to create a merchant account under the business's name and deal with everything there. But as long as financial transactions are completely separated from my personal ones, the means through which the transactions occur shouldn't matter.

Please enlighten the lost sheep! Thank you.
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2023.03.22 14:27 smmmxx Ex’s mom lied to her son for me.

So basically to prevent writing a novel, I’m just gonna try to sum it up. My ex of 4 1/2 years broke up with me and I was completely blindsided right before we broke up. I found out he was cheating on me the day before we broke up. We own a home together and we’re planning on getting married. I thought we were going to get back together I was trying really hard to work things out and kind of work through this. However he didn’t want to at all and has been with this new girl since a day after we broke up.
Right after the break up, I met with his mom because I wanted to connect with her on this whole thing because he had pushed away his family and everyone was kind of left out of the loop as to what happened.
Essentially, I told his mom everything I told her the truth I told her about the cheating I told her everything that I found everything that he’s done and said to me throughout this whole thing, but I didn’t say it in a malicious way. I said it more so in a caring way as I do care for him. right before we said bye, I had asked her not to tell her son anything we spoke about or that we met until everything was kind of settled with our house and when I was kind of out of his life.
in one of our fights post break up, it came out in anger that I met with his mom and that I told her the truth about everything.
I found out yesterday that he recently asked his mom if she met with me and she said no to him. she kept her word to me, but she lied to him. He is now super pissed at his mom. I feel so bad because his mom always thought of me as a daughter so I feel terrible that I said anything as she kept her word.
I told him that he needs to understand that I asked her not to say anything and that he shouldn’t be mad at her. He said it doesn’t matter as he’s her son.
I don’t want to reach out to make things worse, but is there any reconciliation here or should I just leave it be?
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2023.03.22 14:27 rhepes how do you autocraft with the metallurgic infuser in ae2

(I'm playing rustic waters 2 / version: 1.16.5
hi i know this has been asked a lot but most of the methods i found didn't work or where not fuel efficient

first i tried to use the pattern and put in osmium ingot and 4 redstones to make a basic circut board but that didn't work so i went and put in just osmium and filled the 4 redstones myself

the second thing i tried was to put 1 metallurgic infuser for every tipe of fuel(redstone,diamond,...) and filled them with their respective fuel.
but when i tried to put the redstone in the metallurgic infuser from the chest with pipes it didn't work( i tried 2 kinds of pipes the first one from the mod Pipez and the second one was the logistical cable from the mekanism mod)and yes i have configured the input and output correctly.

so now my question is that how to put in the redstone in the metallurgic infuser or if you have any better way of autocrafting with the metallurgic infuser that is more fuel efficient it would be appreciated if you tell me.
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2023.03.22 14:26 falconsooner Thoughts on my first Nemophila show

I went to my first Nemophila show this past Sunday in Dallas. Enjoyed myself immensely (despite the sound issues) but had some thoughts I wanted to share.
Background – I’m not a metal head. I am a rock guy (huge Band Maid fan). Nemo has been a bit of a slow burn for me. I liked the vibe of the ladies from the get go but their early songs were hit or miss for me. I liked Monsters, Life but struggled with the songs with screams. The Seize the Fate album was a bit of a game changer for me….I had gradually been warming up to them but that album and had a lot of rock elements (some great bluesy stuff from Saki), awesome melodies and I even found myself liking most of the screams. My 2d favorite song from the album (#1 is Rock and Roll Is) is Zen which is nothing but screams. But she screams in melody (not as off putting to me as the angry male vocal screams) and it is a great pump up song. Wish I would have had it back in my High School days.
Venue and Sound – I live in San Antonio so drove up to Dallas on Sunday. I really wanted to support them. As others have said the sound wasn’t very good but it didn’t bother me as much as some others. I’m tall and position myself in the middle several rows back. Yes the distortion was bad but I could hear Mayu. The only one I really could not hear was Hazuki. I wasn’t that impressed with the Venue. A bit of a dive. I guess I was spoiled by the HOB Dallas and Houston venues for Band Maid. I was sad to see the venue about half full if that. This is one of the most talented bands in the world and they deserve a bigger and better. I was reading a recent interview with Kanami of Band Maid and she mentioned how much better their sound was this last tour because they were able to use the same equipment (they had their own equipment van) for each show and they brought their own sound guy that went with them to each venue. Made a big difference. Really want to see Nemo get popular enough to be able to do something similar to what Band Maid did last tour.
Setlist – Overall I really enjoyed the setlist. I was sad they didn’t do a vocal version of Monsters nor did they perform Rock and Roll Is. Felt like the setlist skewed towards the scream heavy songs versus the clean vocal songs but might be my perception. But the show moved along fast and I was never remotely bored. Setlist highlights for me were Zen, Life and Night Flight.
Performance – The ladies are incredible performers. One gets the feeling that it doesn’t matter if there are 10 people there or 10K…they will give it their all. But that seems to be a trait among Japanese bands. They were very engaging with the crowd with a lot of eye contact and smiling. They were just a lot of fun to watch. Very charismatic. Made up for a lot of the sound issues. However there was one lady that stood out above the others to me and that was…….
Saki – When Band Maid toured I was surprised by how captivated I was by Saiki the whole show. Well Saki had a similar effect on me. She was mesmerizing and way more attractive and charismatic in person than I expected. IMO she has this Slash “I’m the coolest person here and we all know it” vibe to her. The gal just oozes rock and roll out of every pore of her body. She also has this IDGAF vibe to her as well and I mean that as a compliment. One gets the feeling she will play what she wants and when she wants. She reminds me a lot of those American/British rock and metal bands from the 70s-80s. If someone were to ask me which Japanese female artist would be the most likely to take a male groupie back to her hotel room, sleep til noon and wake up surrounded by half empty bottles of Jack and lingering MJ smoke then I guess it would be Saki. Not saying she is like that but that was the vibe she gave off to me and I dug it.
Final thoughts – Overall I had a fantastic time and I hope they hit it big. I will definitely try to make future shows if I have the opportunity. Any frustrations I had were not the band’s fault. The one bit of constructive criticism I would have is….I would like to see them build a bit more call and response in their songs to help get the crowd involved. To their credit the ladies really tried to get the crowd involved (the Night Flight dance and Life sing along) but I think a few more call and response in the songs would really enhance the show experience.
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2023.03.22 14:26 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (33)

Another vanisighting?
Another vanisighting: https://www.reddit.com/NatureofPredators/comments/11y624d/vani_doing_things_he_does_lost_and_found_fanart/
Thanks to u/Brotanics
First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vichak, venlil school principal
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-09
A few timepaws after professor Baslik left my school things returned to normal. I settled into my office and prepared to start my first task on the list, tackling my overflowing inbox. With my mail client opened, I began scrolling through the endless stream of messages. Most of them were routine: reminders, updates, and requests for meetings. But one particular letter caught my eye, standing out amidst the sea of text.
I looked at the email and saw the sender's name, Sirkal (of Kadu from Kleran). It was someone from this town and the host of her mailing address showed why I have never heard of her before. The letter came from the University of Charok, the same institution where Professor Baslik taught. It is not that odd, really. Kleran and Charok are located next to each other. It's not that unthinkable for someone who was born here to move there. The reverse is also true. I remember that the parents of some of my students are from Charok.
"Dear Vichak,
My name is Sirkal of Kadu from Kleran, and I am a legal overseer assigned to the Department of Social Science at the University of Charok. I am writing to you regarding Professor Baslik's recent visit to your school."
As a legal overseer, I have been entrusted with the responsibility to manage a legal challenge that might arise from his visit. I also would like to follow up with you on some important matters related to your institution.
I believe that it is in your best interest to reply to this letter at your earliest convenience to schedule a meeting and I will be able to synchronize with your cycle. Your prompt response will allow us to address these matters effectively and efficiently.
With Respect
The letter from Sirkal and her request for discussion about legal matters made me feel a bit apprehensive. I see how being involved with Professor Baslik, even indirectly, could potentially be controversial. So I did need to tread carefully to avoid any missteps. The fact that Sirkal's mail server was the same as Baslik's is quite reassuring. I'm not an informatics expert, but I think it would be difficult to spoof such a thing.
It was likely that Sirkal was indeed who she claimed to be.
Still, as a responsible educator, It was important to do my due diligence before responding to Sirkal's request. I spent some time conducting an online search, looking for more information about her and her background. As I sifted through the search results, I found several pages hosted by her workplace, as well as her personal page. What I discovered was a woman who was much more than just a legal staff member at the University of Charok. Sirkal also worked as a pro bono advocate, offering her legal services to clients who might not otherwise be able to afford them.
That kind of dedication gave me confidence in her character. So I finally wrote my response to her.
"Hi Sirkal
My school operates in Shift Minus One. I am available for half a claw during the middle of my timepaw. Let me know a suitable date for our meeting.
Regards, Vichak"
Despite people living in their own shifts, we do need a standardized way. The government of the entire planet works in the same shift and they work in what's known as "Shift Zero". The four others are Minus Two, Minus One, Plus One, and Plus Two.
I was about to read another email when my intercom chimed in with a request for a call. Having ascertained that I am awake, the advocate switched to voice call.
"Do you have an agenda on the between 1 to 1.5 claws from now? If not, allow me to visit you." her email read.
The timeframe she had given me was during my mid-meal break, which I usually spent in my office eating. I wasn't sure what Sirkal wanted to discuss. I really, really hope this won't end with me getting bogged down with workplace politics at the University of Charok.
"I mean… I am free, but are you going to visit soon?" I said, hoping for a bit more information.
"Thank you for confirming your schedule. I shall be going." She said before ending the call.
At the designated break time one claw later, I was about to enjoy a meal that my mother and I had made earlier that day. Just as I was about to take my first bite, the school's security guard contacted me through the intercom.
"Ma'am, someone named Sirkal is at the gate right now," the guard said.
"Let her in," I instructed the guard. "I'll meet her at my office."
I took the first bite of the Döner Kebab and I wondered just what she was here for. When Sirkal appeared in my office the advocate sat before I even had the chance to allow her. The woman has dark fur with a shocking white stripe extending from behind her eyes down to her back. It was a pattern that I had never seen before, and I wonder if it was natural or a result of some kind of dye.
"Thank you for giving me the time and place for us to talk," Sirkal began, looking at my lunch box. "Do not let my presence hinder the enjoyment of your meal." Her body language was minimal, and her gestures were subtle, but there was a sense of intensity in the way she composed herself. I couldn't help but wonder if, like Vani and Baslik, there was something "wired wrong" in her head.
Not "wrong", I chastised myself, but "differently".
I extended a gesture of hospitality to Sirkal. "Do you want something to eat or drink? I can order one from the cafeteria." I asked.
"Cold water suffices," she replied. "The wrap you have there has a peculiar form and texture. May I inquire as to what those things are?"
I chuckled slightly at her curiosity. "Oh, this? This is a human dish called Döner Kebab. I've heard that it used to use flesh, but they have plant-based variations now."
Her eyes bulged slightly. There was a barely restrained desire in her gaze as if she was fascinated by the idea of consuming human food. But before I could get further into this topic, Sirkal spoke again.
"I have heard from Baslik about your adventure to the capital," she said.
"I did… yeah. Hey, do you want half of mine?" I pushed my lunchbox toward the advocate, offering her a share of my Döner Kebab.
Sirkal hesitated for a moment but then gestured with gratitude. "Along with this cold water, how much do you sell this for?" she asked, rummaging through her satchel.
"Uh... free?" I replied, a bit taken aback by the question. The advocate had taken a cash card, but she put it back again.
"Thank you," she said, taking one of the kebab wraps.
"Oh yeah, let me get you your drink," I got off and made my way to my bar to pour her a glass of water.
"So, what brought you here?" I asked, finally getting down to the business.
"As per my letter, my colleague Baslik visited your school yesterday, and I have a moral obligation to visit," she said, her voice almost as flat as Vani's.
"How well do you know Professor Baslik?" I asked, placing the glass of water on the table and pushing it toward her.
"I am the reason Baslik is still teaching at our university," she replied. "People he works with tend to get caught in the crossfire, which is why I am here."
Her words left me with more questions than answers, but before I could ask any more, Sirkal pulled out a pad and requested to add her contact information to my device. I accepted her request and watched as her details were added to my contacts.
"We, the crosswired, need to stick together," Sirkal said, looking up at me with a hint of intensity in her gaze. "I'm offering you my service free of charge."
I raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Crosswired? Is that what you call yourself?"
Sirkal nodded, "Yes, though the human term 'neurodivergent' is gaining popularity too. I know you're used to people like me," While I wondered if she meant my students or my brother on Earth, I realized that she stared crossed-eyed with her snout pointing at me.
My brother then.
"I see. I did notice that Baslik has no fear toward humans."
"He's devoid of feeling," Sirkal continued. "Fortunately, his parents instilled altruism in him."
I couldn't help but think of the recently expelled student, Radaktil, as she mentioned.
"I know about your brother," Sirkal continued. "He is blessed to have a sister like you."
Her monotonous words felt like a warm embrace, and I felt a sense of gratitude toward this stranger. "Oh, I can't hog all the compliments," I said, smiling. "My mother also supported Vani throughout his life. How about you?"
Sirkal continued to eat the kebab, savoring each bite as she stared at me intently. "This human food tastes very delightful," she remarked between bites. "Thank you for introducing me to their cuisine."
It was obvious to me that she was avoiding answering my question.
"I'm sorry for asking that," I said, sensing that I had touched on a sensitive topic. "It must have been terrible."
Sirkal seemed to relax a bit at my apology. "In case I am being recorded, I do not consent," she said, pausing to take another bite of the kebab before continuing. "It has been said that I survived the Correctional Facility. Of course, if you search for my public record, you will find that there is no mention of me being committed to such a place."
I sensed the unspoken implication in her words and felt a bit sad for her. The thought of anyone having to endure the Correctional Facility made me dread it, and for now… I wondered again if I had done the right thing with Radaktil.
"How much do you know about my school?" I asked.
"Your institution has a reputation," Sirkal replied. "I could have had a more comfortable life had something like yours existed in my time. I am personally invested in ensuring your school's continuation."
I felt a sense of relief at her words. "Regardless... sometimes we're way over our heads," I added, as the recent incident with the violent student was still heavy on my mind.
"Please elaborate," Sirkal said, her gaze intense as she leaned in closer to me.
"Sirkal, there was a violent student of mine that I might have condemned to a correctional facility," I admitted, feeling a sense of guilt and shame wash over me as I spoke.
"How violent?" Sirkal asked, her gesture twitching slightly as she spoke.
"He assaulted several students, but we only caught him after we installed a hidden camera. Mind you, the student he caught assaulting was crosswired too," I felt a lump form in my throat as I spoke.
Sirkal stared at me for a moment, as if judging me for my character. She took a final large bite of the kebab before continuing. "Our system is built in such a way that sometimes things like this are unavoidable," she said finally. "I understand in a way that does not condone nor condemn."
"Do you think I should do something different?" I asked Sirkal, hoping for some guidance and reassurance.
"That question is your burden to bear, Vichak," Sirkal replied. "I am here to provide you with legal services to protect your school and your students. But making you feel better about your decision is not in my job description."
When she finished, I heard a chime from my office's sound system, signaling the arrival of a new notification. Checking my desk, I realized that I had received a letter from an advocate on behalf of Kiyat. It took me a while before I realized that Kiyat was Radaktil's mother.
"I believe I need your services, Sirkal,"
Sirkal nodded. She chugged the glass of cold water until it was drained empty before taking out her pad from her satchel and turning its screen on.
Memory Transcription Subject: Vani, venlil foreign exchange participant
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-10
The next day, after spending a restful night in Dieng, we departed early in the morning for the city of Wonosobo. We needed to restock our supplies and perform maintenance on the Van. Once we had everything dealt with, we continued our journey towards the City of Yogyakarta, but not before we made a detour to a temple called Borobudur.
We approached the temple after we paid the entrance fee. With a clear grassy field surrounding the temple, it looked more like a monumental mound than a place of worship. The details of intricate carvings on its walls became more visible as we came closer. However, we were only allowed to go as far as the fence that surrounded the temple, which was about ten meters from the base. As we stood there, taking in the sight of the temple I wished that we could get closer.
"So… I presume we are not allowed to get in?"
"Back then tourists were allowed to get in and they wore down the stone of the temple. Nowadays they only let religious leaders or scholars in."
Curious about the temple's origins I asked. "Is this a Hindu temple too?"
"Oh, this one is a-" Johan paused. "I have a feeling we might be allowed to enter."
I looked in the direction Johan was looking, and a furless human approached us, they were clad in what I remember as formal clothing.
"Hi. I'm Sudarmo. Do you want to see the Borobudur up close?" My translator was still in subtitle mode and there was no hint of gender in the text. But I think he was a man. Sudarmo has no single fur on top of his head, just like Johan. But he still had fur above his eyes, unlike Stawa.
"But do you not restrict access to scholars?" I asked him.
"Aren't we all scholars?" He said with a smile, the micro gestures on his face implied that he wanted me to get into this tour.
"I suppose you have a point," I said, returning his smile. "Lead the way.
The man led us along the fence, through the crowds of tourists, who stared at us. I guess they are envious that they were not given the same opportunity that we had. Approaching the gate in the fence, I noticed that it was not particularly tall and a human could easily jump over it. However, there seemed to be a sense of respect and decency that prevented them from doing so. I wondered if there were mechanisms in place to detect and prevent unauthorized access.
Sudarmo placed one of his fingers on a sensor on the gate, and after a beep, he pushed it open. A set of stairs on every four sides of the temple allowed us to climb upward. We walked to the one nearest to us, and when we reached the bottom of the stairs the function of a shelf near one of the stairs became clear. Sudarmo removed his feet covering and stored it on the shelf.
"I need you to remove your shoes as well." The tour guide ordered.
"Is this a purity thing, or do you want to reduce the tear and wear on the stone?" I asked.
"A bit of both, but mostly the latter." Said Sudarmo.
The tour guide explained that the Borobudur is slightly younger than the temples in Dieng, but not by much. The temple was somewhat "lost" until it was found in the nineteenth century and restored.
"What deities are venerated in this temple?" I asked, curious about the religious significance of the site.
"This is a Buddhist temple," Sudarmo replied. "While we do have the concept of divine beings, these gods are also bound in the cycle of rebirth. Are you familiar with the concept of reincarnation?"
I nodded. "This is what the people of the Sun in my homeworld believed. The people of the Stars, on the other hand, believe that their soul will ascend into the sky and watch over their descendants."
Sudarmo went on to explain that the temple is adorned with a series of intricate reliefs that depict scenes from the life of the religious teacher who founded the Buddhism belief system. The reliefs were originally painted white and then given color later. All this has disappeared more than one thousand years later.
"You said that humans have restored part of this temple. Why not restore the colors too?"
"Well... it's controversial. We don't know the original color of the relief, for example. Well let's get up shall we?"
When I placed my foot on the stone floor of the temple, I felt something akin to…awe? I thought about the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of humans, who have set their feet on the temple. The sense of "deep time" I felt in Dieng was present here as well.
We climbed up to the first terrace and there we walked around as Sudarmo continued commentary on the relief on the wall and the balustrade of the terrace. He also injected the temple's history and significance. I found myself captivated by his storytelling, and before I knew it, half a claw had passed and we were at the topmost part of the temple. A statue of a human sitting sat before me, he looked so serene in his meditation.
Sudarmo told me that it was the Buddha himself.
"So, your main goal is to be free from the cycle of death and rebirth? How do you achieve it?"
"Well… if I have to sum it up I would use the five precepts. We have to abstain from killing living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, and intoxication. Mind you, this is only a summation, people still argue about the details."
I was intrigued and asked, "All living beings? So you refrain from eating flesh?"
Sudarmo replied, "The vat-grown meat can be harvested without killing. Though I only eat them for my birthday." He added with a chuckle.
The idea of eating flesh only on one's birthday seemed morbid to me, but any argument I can think of against vat-grown meat would be based on my prejudice, not something coherently utilitarian.
Johan added, "Yeah, plant-based meat is cheaper and doesn't taste that different."
Curiosity got the best of me and I asked, "Is there any religion where flesh-eating is its central part?"
Sudarmo looked at Johan and I looked at my human too.
"Well… uh… when I say 'sacrifice' can you explain what the translation is?"
"To sacrifice is to do something detrimental to yourself for the betterment of others."
"Yeah… that is more like self-sacrifice to us. Sacrifice can also mean something we give for an offering to a deity."
"Oh… you used to offer flesh to your deities?"
"There is a religion where the sacrifice of animals was a major festival, but times have changed. That religion now accepts vat-grown meat as a substitute."
Sudarmo nodded in agreement. "Yes, the concept of sacrifice has evolved. The practice of animal sacrifice has been around for thousands of years, but we humans have become more aware of our impact on the environment and other living beings. As Johan said, many religions have adapted their practices to reflect these changes."
As much as they tried to hide it. My time in the museums revealed that humans had gone through dark times in which they waged war and committed atrocities against each other and other species. But as the geologist tour guide said, our ancestors' mistake is not our own. Humans, like everyone else. learn from their mistakes and grow.
Their commitment to creating a kinder future for their society is something that I found comforting. They had climbed up the food chain, but once they came victorious at the top... they looked down at those they trampled and… they chose to fix what damage they did.
I hope that more people in the future will be able to understand this.
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2023.03.22 14:26 marc_the_hitchhiker Traveler looking to make a group of friends in Antalya

Hey! I just moved to Antalya on Monday evening and have been slowly settling in my apartment. Last time I was here (December) I posted on this subreddit and got a couple of responses so I thought I will try again. Unlike last time, this time I'm going to be staying here for much longer (at least until 22nd of April, so still a full month).

About me - I'm a 29 year old guy from Poland, I work in IT and I'm trying out the digital nomad life, Antalya is my first destination and I hope it will be one of the most memorable ones :). I try to live an active life - I love long walks, I hike in the mountains, work out in the gym, train bouldering and play squash, not a fan of team sports though. I traveled a lot, including a lot of hitchhiking - I hitchhiked on 3 continents and traveled over 20000 kilometers that way. I'm a very open minded person - I think anything is okay as long as it doesn't harm others, I try not to judge people for the things we disagree on and I actually like to talk about those as long as the discussion is not turning into a fight. I don't really drink much, but I like to have a beer or two with a nice group of friends. I speak Polish natively and I'm fluent in English, I know cyrylic, but can't really speak Russian, I learned French but I can't say much more than "hey, my name is" and I can wish you bon appetit in Turkish.

What I'm looking for:

My only requirement is that you are respectful to others. Keep in mind that I plan to work on most of the days Monday-Friday (though I can take some days off if needed). Please say anything more than "hi" in the first message - I will reply to everyone for sure, but at least either introduce yourself or say what you are looking for.
If this post gets some attention (last time I got a few replies) then we can plan something as a group or even make it regular. If you DM me then maybe let me know if you'd prefer to hang out one on one or maybe go out together with other people.
Have a great day!
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2023.03.22 14:26 MASTERFUL_WANG_89 37M - Is this a loss of grey/white matter differentiation, or is my CT just low quality?

37M, 6'3", 86kg
No drink no smoke no drugs
Main complaint worsening personality changes
This is a from CT I had of my sinuses back in January. I got sent a link to the images, and looked at them out of curiosity. I thought it was weird that I couldn't see any detail in the brain at all. I am freaking out a bit, because I had a really bad fall in December, and since then I have been having more and more problems, and some pretty huge personality changes. Like I was a different person before I had the fall.
I know you will say go to a doctor, but that could unfortunately take weeks where I live, and then if they do take me seriously (big if) I would have to wait months to see a specialist. Just wondering if there are any radiologists in here who know what they are looking at, and could take a look at this for me. I don't know much about CT scans, so maybe it is just the way the CT scan was set up, although I have selected the correct window for brain matter. I am wondering if this is loss of grey white matter differentiation due to hypoxic injury, or cytotoxic edema.
Thank you.
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2023.03.22 14:25 cadeicew00d With the new NHL Fanatics, it’s unfortunately only a matter of time till NHL jerseys look like Euro Hockey Jerseys filled with ads

Hopefully this never happens , but if you’ve ever seen any Euro Hockey Jerseys you’d see the nasty mumble of ads covering every jersey. I have a scary feeling this may be around the corner for the NHL, shit even for other leagues wouldn’t be surprised if NBA teams started having patches on shorts for sponsors. It’s so frustrating seeing the ads all over the screen even on TV, watching Wings games, I don’t think I’d be able to handle the ads on jersey.
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2023.03.22 14:25 Revelationnsvx An easy way to quit vaping

This may come off unconventional or odd but trust me on this. As someone who was a complete addict to nicotine and masturbation, this odd experience transformed the way I battle nicotine addiction as a whole. Back story: I tried quitting nicotine for many years but never worked, during that time I was also heavily addicted to masturbation. But one day I decided to stop masturbating for a whole or ejaculate at all for that matter. After 3 days of 0 masturbation I decided to quit nicotine, to my surprise I had basically 0 withdrawal symptoms, even tho many times before when I tried to quit I suffered extreme withdrawal symtppms. If u want to quit nicotine, I suggest trying not to mastrubate/have sex for 3 days first then quitting becomes a breeeeze. Tested and approved by me. U can try it nothing to lose only something to gain. A life of freedom again.
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