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Stardew Valley

2013.02.12 12:51 Morticide Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG with support for 1–4 players. (Multiplayer isn't supported on mobile).

2023.06.05 15:27 Disguised__Cat Funny multiplayer farm names

For those who play(ed) Stardew Valley multiplayer, what did you name your farms? My friend and I can't figure out how to name ours, please give us some inspiration
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2023.06.05 15:24 CluelessPotato2_0 Things I like and probably aren’t normal

The smell of a reptile shop.
The feel of paper (especially when it’s warm)
The feel of reptiles (snakes, bearded dragons, frogs.)
I like cleaning up rabbit poop (not with my hands ofc, but I just find it sort of fun when I sweep it up)
Cleaning cages, tanks etc.
Organising my phone or computer.
Baggy or big clothes.
Sitting in my wardrobe.
Sitting on my windowsill at night.
Soft things. (cause they’re soft?)
The smell of clean rubbish bags.
Having organised books or books that aren’t in any way damaged.
Corners. (I LOVE corners. Especially tight corners.)
That’s all I can think ab, might update it when I can think of more.
Oh and I also LOVE stardew valley and any dress up games. (However I hate unpacking.)
Anything you guys like that I haven’t listed? I’ll say if I disagree or agree and why :]
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2023.06.05 14:10 TheMysticNamedAmy Let us create something magnificent!

About Me

What I am looking for

What I offer


Fandoms I am interested in

Favorite Genres

Some Tropes I enjoy

Writing Examples - Long, Medium and Short. Do not feel obligated to read them all, it is just to show off the varying lengths of my messages.

Please DM me if you are interested and fulfill the requirements.
Tell me exactly what you want and send me an example of your writing as well, so I know you read this all or I will not respond.
I am sorry if that seems rude but I am tired of people not even reading half of all this.
Have a lovely day :D
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2023.06.05 13:58 Substantial-Put-6288 Defimons

Defimons is a massively multiplayer online virtual world, inspired from popular games such as Stardew Valley, Pokemon and more. Here you can battle monsters, craft items, complete quests, design apartments and so much more, as you explore a vast, open-ended and player created world.

The game content is briefly as follows:
  • - Defimons MMORPG is free to play and does not require players to purchase anything to play the game.
  • - There are multiple adventure types to which a player can send their monsters, each with different levels of risk, requirements and rewards.
  • - Minigames, Quests, Farming and Fishing
  • - Unique monsters
  • - Engaging Turn-Based Battles
  • - An Ever Expanding World
Since the game is in alpha, it is not possible to log in without an invite code and your twitter account.
For those who want an invite code to enter the game and have a twitter account, here are the invite codes I have:

- Go to main site.
- Chooses a Sequence login.
- Verify account.
- Choose an in-game username.
- Input Twitter username without the "@".
- Send the generated tweet.
- Then go back and tell the system that sent the tweet.
- Wait for approval. ( Note: If your application for approval was rejected, you can go to discord and ask for help)
- Enjoy the alpha.
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2023.06.05 13:13 Mikinyuu I tried very hard to find it on my own, but I honestly can't find a way to convert hex or RGB to hsv 0-100

I'm starting Stardew Valley and I want a specific hair and eye colour and their hsv picker goes from 0-100 and that wouldn't be a problem if my desired eye colour didn't have a hue of 219
I know this is stupidly specific but I wouldn't know what sub to go to that wouldn't have this post taken down
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2023.06.05 12:41 Prodigalize 33/EST/PC Non-Voice Chatter - Survival/Chill games

Sup everyone. Right now I'm looking for a duo partnelong-term friend to play some survival craft or relaxing/chill games with just for a change of pace from the games I usually play and knock some off the bucket list. Some games off the top of my head are:
Core Keeper, Terraria, Valheim, 7D2D, Stardew Valley, Raft, Dinkum, Minecraft Survival and any other co-op game worth beating. I'm also relatively new to most of these games so it would be nice to play with someone who is also new too.
Though I don't use voice chat I'm still fairly social and can talk about most things through text and a pretty approachable person overall. My schedule is also pretty lenient so any time will work for me mostly. If anyone would like to know any other interests I might have feel free to DM me.
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2023.06.05 10:15 kokirimoon 22 F from Australia, looking for people to [chat] to

Hi! I’m 22, from Australia, and just looking for new friends to chat with. I’m a little bit awkward, but I genuinely love getting to know people! I love video games (my faves right now are TOTK, Skyrim, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and Stardew Valley), art, reading (currently rereading LOTR), TTRPG’s, anime, camping/hiking/nature, and much more! Please be 20+, gender doesn’t matter to me at all :) Hope to meet you soon! x
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2023.06.05 10:09 1Snowflower 23M looking for some friends to chat with throughout the day

I'm John and I study web design. I enjoy reading books, playing video games, listening to music, watching kdramas and shows in general, walking and also agonizing about bad choices I made years ago. That was a joke, I do not enjoy the last one. When it comes to games, currently I'm playing League, FFXIV and to a lesser extent stardew valley and valheim. I also have a ps4 and am a big fan of the Witcher, Dragon Age and Souls franchises. Though I'm honestly open to trying things. For books I'll read lots of random ones but in the past I was really into history and science as topics. Currently I'm going through Osamu Dazai's no longer human and also the witcher books. For music I mainly listen to kpop and pop atm but would be happy to share and receive recommendations and Playlists. I do not have any pets atm (though i am hoping to adopt one this summer) but if you do I'd love to hear about them! If any of the things I mentioned drew your interest hmu.
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2023.06.05 09:41 echo-writing ALL SCRIPTS FROM THE STARDEW VALLEY SCRIPT COLLAB SERIES! 6x [F4A], 6x[M4A] [romance] [dating] [marriage proposals] [letters] [two scripts tie the collab together, but they can all be done as standalone audios too] [stardew valley]

so, remember that stardew valley collab I organised which just.... faded from existence? if you do, you'll be pleased to know that the scripts are finally out here! so without further ado....

the full stardew valley script collab series

the intro, with the explanation and each bachelor and bachelorette's letter;

the mines ending, if the listener chooses for none of them;

the proper scripts, each of which can be standalone

recharging social batteries with sebastian;

spending a night at the museum with penny;

eating dinner at the graveyard with abigail;

a "perfect" date with maru;

visiting leah at her riverside cabin;

talking with haley about the progress she's made;

a nice date at the movie theater with emily;

elliot needs your help with the opening of his new book;

harvey does a checkup on your heart;

stargazing in the fields with shane;

alex reveals a few secrets to you and talks about what's next;

sam wrote a song for you!
if you want to fill/monetize my scripts, you're required to send me the mp3 version of the finished project!
As always, if you want to post a fill, check out my patreon, talk to me or see the scripts as they come out, join my discord!
I hope to see you there soon,
the mp3 will not be re-hosted or shared in any way, it's only for my own private listening pleasure.
also, there's this fun thing called the scriptwriter's guild, which is a discord server that we made where VAs, listeners, writers and everyone else involved in the community can hang out, get to know each other, and generally have a fun time! the link is , so if you have a discord account and want to check it out, please be my guest!
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2023.06.05 09:00 curvydumpling 35 [F4R] West Coast/online - ISO warm fuzzy feelings

Your girl is single, 35, Caucasian, and about to blow up her stable life by quitting her job and taking to the road. The final destination is unknown, but the goal is personal fulfillment and a place she can put down roots.
Third person gets old fast, so pronoun shift: Hullo! I'm home with the flu, too sick to do anything fun but not sick enough to sleep all day, and thought it might be fun to see who else out there is feeling friendly. Most of my good friends are preoccupied with spouses and babies these days, so it's time to cultivate new friendships.
As I mentioned, I'm about to give notice at my job, pack up the apartment, and hop in the car to try to find a path forward that fills me with joy instead of blah. Doing the "smart" thing over and over and over hasn't made me successful or happy, so I figured I'd try something different.
Salient details? I'm introverted but thrive on deep connections with people. Am very empathetic. My friends are small in number but high in quality; we go back years and decades. I've been involved with penpal communities in some form or other for over 10 years; some of those connections have turned into thriving in-person friendships. I'd give the shirt off my back and fight a bear for almost anyone who needed it. It's true I have definite opinions about injustice and fairness, but I've also lived in enough places across the world that I can listen to and learn from those I disagree with.
My fatal flaw? I can't have an intelligent conversation about video games. Truly, I've never even met Mario. The closest I've managed is Stardew Valley.
My hobbies include pottery, reading widely (from historical nonfiction to Brit Lit to sci-fi-fantasy to trashy romance), indoor plants and outdoor gardening, letter writing, and all manner of crafty endeavors I've done once and always thought I'd get back to. I've hiked and camped a little, and traveled a lot. I can listen to most music, barring screamy/foul/whiny stuff. Although I don't have a true ear, I really enjoy classical music and going to symphony concerts. Classical music calms my mind right down. Dvorak's Serenade for Strings is one of my favorites.
I've fallen in love once, a long time ago. Although the love didn't last, the experience was a gift because I had been thoroughly skeptical that it was a real thing. It would be nice to find again someday.
Screen-wise, old black and white movies are often favorites. I'll argue until the end of time that The West Wing is the best piece of television writing ever produced. Most superhero flicks are a fun romp. It's really hard for me to separate myself from the characters on screen, so I tend to avoid realistic violence. Big emotions on screen tend to strike particularly hard; I'm definitely a crier. Most recently I enjoyed (and cried at) Everything Everywhere All At Once.
Physically, I'm short, with straight brown hair past my shoulders, blue eyes, a small upturned nose, and freckled white skin. I believe the polite phrase these days is thicc, but to cover all the bases I could also be described as curvy, a lil chubby, and slightly overweight. I rock 50s style dresses and would fit right into a Renaissance painting.
Wanna be friends? If you got this far, put PRIDE in your message :)
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2023.06.05 08:40 Bigchingusisbussing I did most of the things you can do in StardewValley and now I don't know what to do. Recommendations?

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2023.06.05 07:48 GaspieV2 SMAPI never loads after loading the mods, stating its ready.

SMAPI never loads after loading the mods, stating its ready.
I have already done the deleting the startup thing in the saves folder, and I have already done the check compatibility thingy. No mods in red, just the warnings.
Last year, literally almost a year ago in a previous version of SMAPI with a help of a friend setting it up, I got the game to load within 1-2 minutes, now this time after updating SMAP (i uninstalled first, then reinstalled SMAPI just incase), and updated all of the mods in the listings, and no cmd isnt selected either.
Not sure what is missing, and i already checked the other trouble shooting stuff as well. Is there something im missing or did something not get removed from previous version when i uninstalled?

After waiting a bit, that all popped up.
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2023.06.05 07:33 Few-Lunch-8394 Stardew Valley isn’t so cozy for me

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2023.06.05 07:11 PointyReservoir Games like Elder Scrolls/Rune Factory/Stardew Valley that have lots of little stats you can level up by performing actions

Another couple of games that come to mind that have something similar are GTA San Andreas and GTA 5. Just wondering if there are more games like this I should know about, where you have a good number of stats you can increase by performing regular game actions, so that you're consistently improving your character by playing.
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2023.06.05 06:40 Almost-Famous0527 Rimwise

The color of magic
Tell me about it
Tell the world its
Okay to feel and
You're the only one
Who ever showed me
I could be different.
Record hand scratching
Warming, sinew relaxing,
Back and forth hear
Samples out of sync
The mind is a terrible master
And my only link.
This was never finished
And I hardly know what to think.
There is cacophany in the valley and I 95 or so years before time mull around on my front porch hacking off my last remaining lung. It's a bitter old gripe made older by my arrogant age.
That's shit, delete it, I refuse myself in odd days when it's easy, when i should do it when it's hard.
I've been dangling out on the rim Where the water from our oceans flows out like a cascade over the universe.
Here i am perched on the edge of a stone like a bored gargoyle with eyes cupped over rare holographic polyhedrons. There are the stars and turtles soaring across the cosmos with nary a care for such little things. And that shelled insensitivity arrives to protect me just the same, shield breaking into jagged shards at later expiration. It's shame, it's hiding, it's cowardice. It is the blind certainty and thus imprisonment that the next spell will burn down the world. It is sitting on fire not coals when the past floods down the road. Zoetrope called at birth and i still don't hear the bars when I think I do.
The past is done, it has volcanically cooled. That fear is an illusion projected on ocean spray, that there is no way to cross the rolling ocean. There is no ship bouyant enough to carry a payload of so much doubt. There's no time to pitch it in the storm, the best is just bailing out. And damn looking down over the roof was like a glass of gin once upon a time. No doubt in my mind that i couldn't drown if I tried. All of these are raw mesmerizing illusions projected in my skull-sized kingdom.
But these falls: That's where i shattered my ribcage on the rocks. I hear voices from over the edge, yours and others. I think about the uncountable number of things that revolve without us.
Forwards is outwards, onwards is inwards. Obtuse is cute he said, to the ice in his eyes in the mirror though I swear it makes sense to but Listen! Not you, dear me hear me fight me reader, me; LISTEN. I spoke to myself too harshly, and, Now there is a little kid in the corner of the scary room. I think about him often but he's so hard to see. I've been trying to find the words to say to him, like I once heard about a young woman in the attic. He needs someone, something, he needs to be forgiven, or maybe he needs nothing at all. And here I'm already withholding it like i can bribe him when i know i cant. I can't just pull him out of this room by the arms. I just want to feed him and wipe the dirt off his cheeks and hold him and tell him it'll be alright. I know he feels like he messed up and everyone upstairs is mad, like his friends are leaving early. No one came to his party; he doesn't think he deserves one anyway, he never even sent the invites. He'd try to apologize and make it worse and fall into that well even harder, hit his head on the way down and escape to the center of the planet. It's all hyperbole, it's all performance, it's untrustworthy.
No, you're right- the song has been playing backwards. It's masked by porcelain crumpling in my hands holding my head. It's my hunter, not my carnivore, that wins too often. How can we possibly put it all in metaphor? Can we do it straight, no chaser? Is there no other way? Asked to the citizens of you or I, not both - either accusatory or self-pitying I realize. "We" acts like I know it all and I don't know shit. (This is why a part of me hides in a corner, for fear of harsh correction, bloodless and whipless and merciless and all done by myself to myself.)
It tries to bury itself in kids toys and hard drugs so it doesn't have to look itself in the mirror. It's beating out of time, set to go off on a hair trigger, douse the entire prom.
I don't think i want to post this, but I probably will. The thoughts have to go somewhere and this notes app is insufficient. They must be bottled and surrendered to deep ocean selkies, a ritual bloodletting promised without solicitation. This is my only mask in the gallery, crisis limited to one rainbucket, or I would drown in it all. The rest i stuff in the closet, hinges creaking.
Bury my stream of conscious. It always sounds worse out loud, running my mouth and finding out the babbling brook of tar and pain that leaks out of me. Like i don't know what's inside of me, or I just can't listen to it until it's laid out. It's not light or dark, it's a lot of nervous unhealthy guts.
I worry you were right, that what I crave is that internal static. I've felt it, hard, especially these months. Headshot numb me up, but I'd have to stand far away to self administer it. I keep twitching while I'm under.
I want to let it out, like i can unlatch my chest in a field somewhere so noone will get hurt and jettison it into space. The blast incinerates me whole on the launchpad and lets the feeling search the galaxy for you.
I have felt you in moments where i was not there. I was astral projecting in the drivers seat. I heard your name call down from intercloud lightning swear to god i did. I bared my naked chest to that cold storm, the same way i wanted to cut my actual heart out later. The water.
Now all I know to do is sew it back together. After learning how it happens, it's all I want to do - stand out in the fields.
I don't want to pretend my affection can't hurt. Every lover has a dagger in their hand. I don't want to carve out hearts anymore. Straining and pulling in all directions, casualties.
I feel like I haven't been living honestly. Maybe it will always feel off-angle.
I am a snakehead eating the head on the opposite side. I am jagged unpolished pyrite. I am not what I expect.
If time is
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2023.06.05 06:38 19olo What stardew does to a mf

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2023.06.05 06:25 kriisiriisi I think he could be our little fellas cousin. Ice sculpture in Stardew Valley.

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2023.06.05 06:21 yxsulive 🌙 Commissions Are Open 🌙

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2023.06.05 06:18 Cactus_Madrassi Can experienced players please give me some advice?

How to survive in the skull cavern? I am not able to make it beyond level 4 even with the galaxy sword. I carry ice cream with me, so that helps. And how do I increase my max health? Any tips?
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2023.06.05 06:16 SoupRonin 31 [M4F] Washington state/Online/Anywhere?/Gamer friend?/Same timeline?/Idk where I'm going with this - Ravioli ravioli, give me a gamer frienduoli. Good title. 🤡 👍

Hello, I am a 5"11, chonky, bearded, long curly-headed, hoody-loving, pale-looking, avoider of the sun, loser doofus type guy. Just looking for like-minded people to hang out with. Stuff like gaming or watching movies/tv shows. Maybe even form a long-lasting connection if I'm lucky lol. Sorry if my post is long and confusing. I am not very good at this. Please don't hurt me, I am fragile. 😤
Pros and interests:
Annnnnnd onto the cons *clears throat and shifts glasses*
There aren't a lot of things people can do over the internet, so please be somewhat interested in gaming or watching stuff online? I've been playing a lot of random roguelike games such as Gunfire Reborn and Dead Estate. Some of my favorites are The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Skul: The Hero Slayer. My go-to chill game of course is Stardew Valley cause that game is well... chill lol. I don't play FFXIV, Valorant, DbD, or Minecraft. Sorry, just never got into those games. I have PLENTY of other games of course. Or we could watch movies or binge some shows/anime. Really lacking in anime watching lately so I need to get cracking on that lol. I don't mind if you are clingy. Punch me in the face and call me crazy I guess. You probably should have a sense of humor cause I'll say dumb shit that I think is funny. You probably should like memes and be ok with awkward quiet moments. I'll also say random shit to break the ice. Be ready. e_e
I'm not saying all that stuff is the be-all-end-all for me, but lately, I find that most people that message me end up not having similar interests at all. Which is kind of a bummer.
I'm also trying to work on myself. And that can be a drag lol.
Despite sounding like a REAL MONSTROSITY OF A PERSON... I'm actually not that bad. I'd like to think I can make people laugh if you get me talking. Send a PM if none of this has scared you away lol. Please write something more than "hi". I most likely won't respond if you don't give me something to work with lol. Just give me a small basic rundown of yourself, please. No pressure!
"This would look good if it didn't look so awful." me looking at myself in the mirror.
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2023.06.05 06:05 Phantomkid2005 18 m [friendship] hoping to find someone cool or interesting and we can just talk about stupid stuff together

heyy ngl i’ve been pretty down lately, school is getting quite stressful since it’s weapping up with finals and junk soo i was hoping to maybe make some friends and see where it goes!: D anyways about me: i like lots of things, mainly video games like overwatch 2, minecraft, stardew valley, final fantasy, nier, kingdom hearts, and horror games like outlast, fnaf, resident evil all the good stuff and anime such as one piece, aot, trigun, demon slayer, chainsaw man. i also really like music, mostly metal and rock tho which i think is pretty neat, uhhm that’s all i can think of so if i sound cool hmu. i’d prefer if we talked on like a different app since i don’t use reddit chat much so if you dm me i can just give you my discord username or snap or whatever else lol. anyways if you read this far i appreciate it and hope you have a great day and weekend c:
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2023.06.05 06:05 Away_Veterinarian579 I HAVE BEEN FALLING FOR THIRTY MINUTES!!

Aw, StardewValley took this down after it got 2k votes. Said it was “too memey.” Told me to post it here. Welp, hope you guys enjoy! 😊
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