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2023.03.22 13:01 Far-Childhood9338 If we can all help we will make it not so hard to Ukrainians

I m European already send clothes to Ukraine a full truck, but now its worst, its winter.
those 2 people will manage pictures and social media plus all the accounting and money donation.
The idea is
  1. we will get a few trucks full of clothes( free ) and get that till Ukraine
  2. we will stay there for about 5 to 6 months doing volunteer work, helping with evacuation of civilian, helping with distribution of food and other things.
spoke with a few people and its possible to take a few trucks and a few SUV, ambulance, mobile clinic,
(I am not sure if op needs or already has:)
Now the main objective is to go to towns that are recently liberated or on the front line, take civilians out, leave food in, take wounded out, take them to treatment in our safe back place, and do first aids, then take them to hospitals far away from front lines.
All that will be filmed and put in web social media, creating revenue with donations.
Clothes can get a truck loads per month for free, donations,
drones will give us safe places and safe roads in front of us and in towns before we go in,
communications, so no one stays back or not informed,
security so when we take the trucks full of stull food and clothes, there are no panic or disorder,
Now if there are people that can help to increase visibility of this post, I did some work like this in Africa and South America, but will need a strong team. Training can be provided after the wester border in an academy for 2 weeks for some of the people that have no training, if you can help please send me an email
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2023.03.22 13:01 Smart_Emu_4435 Easy Way to Stop Drinking book?

Hey guys.
My (32F) boyfriend, “Josh” (34M) is a full blown alcoholic. After a series of drunken episodes, and nearly getting fired he has finally admitted he is an alcoholic and wants to get sober.
I am trying to be supportive and help him through this as much as I can. I heard wonderful things about ‘Easy Way to Stop Drinking’ book by Allen Carr and would love to find it in an audiobook if possible. If not, a pdf will work.
I cannot find either anywhere on google except for one on Amazon for nearly $75.
Can anyone please point me in the right direction to find it?
Also, please give me all the tips, advice and suggestions as I try to support him through this!
Thank you!!
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2023.03.22 13:01 priceactionhero Mark Douglas 20 Trade Experiment

There was a tipping point that tilted me into the direction of being a consistent and profitable trader. I had managed to get through 20 trades without touching my SL and TP. Since then I have learned how to adjust trades in the market, while letting my winners run and cutting my losses short.
However, this week, I recognized another issue. I had slowly resorted into missing trade set ups when they were there. That can't happen.
So, I'm starting up another 20 Trade Experiment to push myself to always take my set up every time. I'm using this as a means of accountability and will be posting my 30 second charts to display the trade when feasible.
Overall, I look for trend exhaustion and trade the retracement or pullback of it. I only trade NQ, my stop loss is 100 ticks, my TP is 100 ticks.
I have 15 funded accounts with Apex.
I manage a $2.6 million dollar fund that I'll be trading with as well.
With Apex, I will be trading 4 micros on all but one of the accounts. One of them I will be trading 4 minis.
On my fund, I will be trading 8 minis.
Initially I have TP set to take a contract off at 45 ticks, 75 ticks, and 100 ticks. The last contract I want to run the distance when it can.
In general, I only take about 3-6 trades a week.
For reference, here's the youtube video of the late great Mr. Douglas explaining the experiment - (18) Mark Douglas Explains 'The Exercise' - YouTube
He also has 5 more hours of content from a workshop he did likely 20 years ago that still has relevance today. I encourage everyone to watch it. And if you haven't read it yet, pick up a copy of his book, Trading in the Zone.
The man changed my life.
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2023.03.22 13:00 Godjihyoism_ The root to the problems of individual (young) idol's cultural inappropriate actions: Debuting too young.

This is my personal thoughts on the issues.
First off, the only idol i'm gonna reference is Twice's Chaeyoung, in like of recent activities.
This may just be another 1039131 of the 'same posts' to y'all, but i want to ehco some things here, linking to 2 common issues with idols debuting TOO YOUNG and why it is a NONO and should stop.
Call me ignorant, insensitive, uneducated, selfish or whatever but i feel this has to be said. As much as Chaeyoung DID do wrong, was ignorant and understandably offended many people of related culture (i'm not defending her, just thinking the situation from a reasonably perspective), people have been bashing her one sidedly without thinking outside of the box, to the root of the problem. I'm sure she didn't mean it, it really was a case of uneducated teens (seeing she did debut very young). I want to say that i'm not part of their fandom nor a hater and is only a solo stan of one of their member, so i'm not "delusionally defending my bias/fave group".
It doesn't take a genius to realize that with idols debuting younger and younger (yes i know old idols have debuted young too, this doesn't mean it's fine), skipping out on school, spending more "meaningful time" of their early childhood in music shows than in schools (where they SHOULD be at this age) hence not getting proper educated on issues and understand things to be aware of, these kind of issues are only gonna pop up every once in awhile, triggering people to "cancel" idols who have dedicated literally their entire life to debuting. This isn't an "excuse to defend idols".
Undoubtly school systems and syllabus, in this case History lessons, are different in different regions/countries , and definitely skewed to the system's bias, ideology and directions, we can't expect them to know literally EVERYTHING that has happened in the past, plus respectfully they definitely do not have the amble time for them, with most of them having jampacked schedules to attend. Even so in the expected "correct"/educated perspective of what normal people went through, on the other end of the earth. There definitely will be something that they (infact everyone of us too) do not know/understand that will eventually hurting others for it. through unintended mistakes.
TakeChaeyoung'scase, i'm sure not just me, many people too do not know the difference of the symbols, even me being a SEA Asian, being of Buddhist religion, never having interest or interacting with stuff regarding the religion do not recognize the Swastika symbol and what it's supposed to mean and what are the issues that surrounded it. Matter of fact people are just educated differently, or just not at all on some/these/different topics, infact ALL of the issues in the past, you can't lie to yourself that you know EVERYTHING. I'm not "infanting/babying" an idol, yes people make mistakes but that doesn't mean they entirely intended to do it, why would an idol who dedicated their entire childhood life want to ruin their future? Think logically. Lack of time to develop/gain knowledge = not properly educated = makes unintended mistakes as public figures, simple as that.
Which brings me to my 2nd point, i won't mentioned names but there definitely have been YOUNG idols debuting with questionable/not so optimal idol capabilities (singing, dancing and rapping) getting "hate" for it, it's literally a result of the problematic system. Sure people can say that "idols can grow and improve as they perform post debut" but there have also been idols who trained for a significantly longer time, debut at an 'older' age albeit still very young but displayed immense capabilities and got phrased for it, usually the "unnies" of the groups. I don't see this as a negative at all, training longer, being more proficient, skilled in terms of skills, having better mentality to handle pressure and understand situations/history more knowledgably. Why rush to debut? @ the general norms.
The problem is with the industry, large portion of fans and even their parents for approving/advocating/promoting this constant culture of debuting young kids, and it has been peaking recently with new debuting groups consisting of childrens, this will probably never end. There should really be a reasonable 'age limit' set or logical accepted norm among fans for debuting teens by companies/korean companies. Say 18, to stop/slow down this disgusting culture but sadly all they care about is money and these teens are only products for them to put out and earn money with. Hence these "uneducated idol" issues will forever pop up every now and then.
It's always better to grow as a person decently first before growing as an 'idol' for people (mostly the future generations) to 'idolize'.
TLDR This child debuting culture is disgusting and plays a bigger part in the problems than many think.
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2023.03.22 12:59 motorhead111 I am so frustrated

Hey Guys,
I started playing FIFA again in the beginning of the year, I guess the last one I played was Fifa 13 or so.
As I knew it is not comparable with the old games anymore I played Career mode for a couple of weeks till I at least won every game in World Class difficulty without problems before I got startet in FUT against other players
So it made loads of fun and I somehow managed to go up to Division 5 ( I know its pretty low but eflt good for me)
Since I am in this Division, I am constantly loosing, like I have a streak of 15 losses or so, a lot of them like 6-0 or even worse ( I mostly don't quit the game to have tha chance to improve against strong opponents). From the last 10 opponents, nearly all had Mbappe, Jairzinho, Al Owwairan and who else.
I know if you block their passes well it should not be an Issue but how am I supposed to hold up? I definitely not am that skilled but with those players in the opponents teams its always the worst and I have no idea how basically everyone seems to have them in their teams.

Ist it really just the skill?

I mean if I could at least get down a Division but nope, I am stuck with opponents who are way more skilled then me and have teams that are so way stronger than mine.
I dont want to invest money and buy packs or coins but somehow i dont make any progress anymore, no matter how hard I train and focus on flaws in defence.

Any tips?
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2023.03.22 12:58 acrowscaw Dissociation, Crying, Horrible Intrusive Thoughts, Sense of Doom

This is written horribly but I'm in a bad place rn and can't do better sorry. Started taking months ago. Went up to 60mg in Dec? probably. This month I started to get more agitated. Would cry once a week, then a few times a week and then this week got really bad. Wanting to cry nearly everyday, bad OCD, sense of doom, dreamlike/nightmare feeling. I was supposed to go up to 90mg. Took it once and started feeling high somehow said F that. Took 60mg next day. Then down to 30mg today (Bad, I know but I was getting suicidal and couldn't wait bc I'm pretty sure it's this Hell Drug). Today I was finally happy, then got bad tonight. Anxiety and dissociation. My thoughts are awful. I almost thought I would have a psychotic break (no history of any). Calmed down for a minute but I can't shut up my intrusive thoughts. They're almost feeling real, either that or they're too horrifying for me to be able to fully react to them. They go against every fiber of my being. Tonight feels like a nightmare.
It was already getting this bad without going down, but are these withdrawals too now? Idk what to do. This is such a new type of bad. I'm so mad I got prescribed this, and mad at myself for taking blindly. Also taking 0.5 Rexulti for depression, should I quit that too? I had to go lower on that too bc the higher dose was also making me worse before Cymbalta. I was hoping I'd get lucky with withdrawals, kind of need to get lucky. Hopefully day 2 will be better. Not sure why I'm posting this but cheers! If anyone is reading this in the far future bc they have similar symptoms, I'm sorry and hopefully I have good news in the future.
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2023.03.22 12:58 No-Bluejay3897 Was what happened to me considered SA?

TW: sort of sexually graphic?
Some months back, I had sex with a friend with benefits. We had both been drinking and smoking (nowhere near black out drunk) and started making out and he then told me he didn’t have any condoms. Me not being on birth control then told him to go look for condoms in the little bag on my dorm floor which the RA provides for safe sex measures.
He came back and said there weren’t any, so I went to the communal bathroom where another little bag of condoms is kept and found some so I grabbed a couple and brought them back to my room. I feel like all of this was a BIG indicator of me wanting him to wear a condom. I’m pretty sure at one point I said “I want a condom (to have sex).”
We resume where we left off making out and all of a sudden he just put his bare dick in me. I had no time to say no and I was stunned so all I could really say was, “are you wearing a condom” even though I fully well knew that he wasn’t. He said no of course and I feel kind of ashamed to say this but after making him put one on, we still had sex. Then the condom he was wearing broke while he was still inside of me and he tried to continue having sex with no condom on but I stopped him and made him put on another before continuing sex.
The next morning I definitely felt the whole condom thing to be “off” and disrespectful but I didn’t cease contact with him — in fact I almost hooked up with him again (stupidly). But then a few weeks later I found out he has a supposed past of him stealthing at least one other girl which isn’t that different from what he did to me. But what happened to me wasn’t the exact same as stealthing, so is it right to consider what happened to me as sexual assault?
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2023.03.22 12:58 ZeusForever12 [Online] [Other] [PBP] Hitpoints: A Very Light RPG

Name: Hitpoints
Players needed: 2
Genres: Action-Adventure, High Fantasy, MMORPG, the 7th Millennium 4140 F.E, Brand New World, Magic Based World.
Game Description: Worlds, Actions, Reactions. All three of these things make up what humanity has reaped and sowed into its past, present, and future. First, you have the genocide of the human race and near extinction of them going towards low populations. Then, Mages take their place while conserving the last few humans left to exist. Welcome to Tygaria, where the Sky people are abundantly prosperous and well-educated races who wish to spread the knowledge of those who have become floor dwellers and have it rough on themselves. While a Divide is happening, The Dark Lord is ready to become the Ultimate Distraction to tear apart the Heroes.
If anyone is interested, let me know.
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2023.03.22 12:57 Opening_Reflection80 Não consigo ver meu ex como amigo

Nos conhecemos pela internet durante a pandemia em 2021 e iniciamos um relacionamento a distância, na época eu tinha 16 e ele 17 (hoje tenho 18 ele 19). Ambos somos pessoas com pouca ou zero desenvoltura social, por não conseguirmos relacionamentos fora da internet, acabou que nos damos muito bem. Contexto importante, desde o 9° ano, minha família decidiu que eu iria fazer faculdade em outro estado, por conta da educação aqui não ser uma das melhores, então desde antes de conhecer ele eu já tinha escolhido estudar numa universidade que ficava no estado dele, no início de fevereiro de 2024 vou me mudar. Desde o início sabíamos que era uma atitude imatura e uma péssima ideia, ele sempre foi mais maduro do que eu, e avisava que não tinha tempo por conta de estar terminando o ensino médio e ingressando na faculdade, por conta da distância não conseguíamos ficar juntos e nos separamos. Após 4 meses sem se falar, nós continuamos mantendo contato desde o começo de outubro do ano passado, ele deixou claro com todas as palavras que não queria nada romântico pelo celular no momento e que deveríamos esperar. Mas eu detestei isso, lembrar da maneira doce que ele me tratava e elogiava mesmo que por uma tela era confortante, e eu acabava tratando ele como namorado e não tinha correspondência da parte dele. Quando eu falo sobre se encontrar, morar juntos, dividir nossas coisas, ele sempre entra na brincadeira, divide ideias, decorações, fala como seria o dia a dia, vejo ele muito feliz falando disso, até se aprofundando mais do que eu, vire e mexe ele faz piadas "quando a gente morar junto quero só ver, quando eu te encontra não vai ser bem assim", mas quando eu dou investidas românticas, ele esquiva, e se eu questiono ele repete o mesmo, "no momento você é só minha amiga, não quero nada romântico pelo celular". Recentemente comecei a tomar hormônios por conta própria (sou uma mulher trans no início da transição), isso foi o suficiente para ele ficar super irritado comigo, mas disse que não vai se esforçar para me fazer parar com nada, já que sou adulta e sei o melhor para mim, deixou claro que não não iria reagir positivamente, isso me doí, queria ver ele me apoiando nas minhas mudanças físicas, traçando esse caminho comigo, mas nas palavras dele "enquanto isso não for seguro, não espere meu apoio". Estamos sem se falar a bastante tempo, tenho medo de evoluir para nunca mais conversamos, falta menos de um ano, mas acabei estragando tudo por que não soube esperar e respeitar.
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2023.03.22 12:57 X_CosmicProductions First date Saturday. Advice appreciated!

I (M18) recently met a Ukrainian girl (18) on Tinder and after chatting for a while, I mustered up the courage to ask her out. We agreed to go to a restaurant in her city this Saturday. We have a lot of shared interests and she's overall very interested in me. She was asking a lot of questions and in the beginning, overall leading the conversation at first.
I think she moved here (Belgium) recently since she's in school for learning Dutch and only knows a few words.
I'm currently very nervous since I struggle with social anxiety quite a bit and I'm worried there'll be awkward silences where I won't know what to say.
I just have a lot of questions such as: Who is supposed to pay on the first date? Would it even be appropriate to bring up her origin since everything is in English and Dutch is the primary language, ...
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.22 12:57 Sea-Fig4139 Does anyone else feel like CompTIA is nothing but a money grab? (Rant)

Just wanted to put this out there, no idea how it would be received in this sub but I'm just extremely frustrated right now...
So I started my first job in InfoSec after my Master's degree in September. This job has been great, but although they don't pressure me too hard about it they definitely want me to get my Security+ cert. But when I was looking for work after graduating nobody would even take a look at me twice when I told them I had a master's but not the Security+ cert, and honestly it felt kind of insulting. I talked to several recruiters that very clearly did not know very much (if at all) about information security, but as soon as they heard I didn't have a certification it was always "okay well ggt your security+ and call me back" and then they tried to get off the phone as quickly as possible. My entire time in grad school I studied cyber security because it has always been my end goal in studying computer science, and I feel like the security content that I learned in grad school was way more in depth than the content in the Security + book.
Now on to my second gripe and main complaint... But the way CompTIA markets and sells their products feels like the biggest scam of all time. First of all, I bought the Security+ ebook due to it being a few bucks cheaper and also the immediate "access" rather than waiting for shipping and all that. I put "access" in quotes because I found out after buying it that I didn't actually own the book, but rather purchased the right to use it for only a year. While I admit that part of the blame is not on me for fully reading and comprehending the terms before purchasing, I can't help but feel scammed. Why do I get 'punished' for buying a digital copy, saving us both a few bucks for printing and shipping as well as a few trees? Not to mention the fact that the digital books features are unusable in many cases (for example, certain terms are highlighted in the text and you're supposed to be able to click on them for definitions. Which works for terms near the top of the page, however as you work your way down the page the definitions for terms still appear at the top, and trying to scroll up to read them just makes them disappear and brings back the text. Therefore tough shit for me if I want to read the definition for a term that's not in the first two paragraphs. This is just one example of shit that doesn't work). I opened a support ticket and was basically told "thanks for bringing this to our attention but we don't plan on fixing this, go pound sand". Not to mention that I have to pay over 300 dollars just to take the exam?
Sorry for the long rant but I hope I'm not the only one that feels at least a little that CompTIA is taking advantage of IT workers. It seems like they built up a reputation in providing certs and are now milking everyone in the industry. My question to you is has it always been like this? When did CompTIA start nickel-and-diming people who want to learn and prove their knowledge with halfway usable products? When did education and experience lose all their value in the hiring process to certifications? Certifications that, at least for the lower levels, seem mostly like rote memorization without in-depth knowledge or reasoning? Share your experience please
Sorry for the rant again. Hopefully you see at least some validity in what I'm saying and that I'm not just complaining for no reason. I do plan on getting the Security+ cert still, as well as more advanced certs, I just feel like they're not worth it at all outside of the hiring process.
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2023.03.22 12:56 babakkuu Book club in Tallinn

If anybody is interested, I am starting a book club in Haabersti Youth Center. First club meeting will be held on March 24th, this Friday at 17:00. We will decide the book and the genres after the first getting-to-know-each other meeting. Please DM me if you are interested.
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2023.03.22 12:55 Brave-Heat Strange smells and Sounds

Just so have some comtext on area we live in my famliy and me live in a mobile home park were the trailers have been converted to homes.So recently me, my wife and the rest of the family that lives with us have been hearing and/or smelling strange sounds at first we thought it was the stray cats or raccoons but then things started getting weirder we started hearing sounds sometimes it would be footsteps other times we would hear knocking we thought maybe we smoked a bit too much of devils lettuce but everyone else in the house was also hearing these things that's when the sounds started sounding like people talking to us but the weird thing was it always sounds like they are incredibly far away the most recent thing was the smell of a rotten corpse of some kind but I couldn't for the life me remember when I last smelled a corpse like that but the smell seemed almost intense as if it was right in front of me I checked around our home and under it too make sure there was no dead animals this happened at almost 12 at night when me and my wife were outside smoking I had my brother come out and check and even he agreed that it wasn't just me who smelled it he said it smells like a corpse of person and that's when I remembered why the smell seemed so familiar because a man had died a few years ago and I remember how many times we walked by his corpse till they realized he died inside the wall but I never forgot the smell it was a very horrid smell. Still that smell only has happened once and it hasn't come back that I know off I'm usually one to think of scientific reasons I ended up checking if any possible sewage had leaked from a pipe or if it came from our neighbors but nothing seemed out of the ordinary these weird happenings only seem to happen at night and most of the people who live near us are usually asleep by 10 pm and we stay up till about 12 or 1 in the morning my neighbors have told me that on the few occasions they have been outside at that hour they say they feel uncomfortable or they hear something but they chalk up to maybe the random animals or them being tired I'll post an update if anything significant happens would also like any opinions or theories to know what it might be.
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2023.03.22 12:55 Financial_Most6036 Birthday Cakes Near Me

You can select midnight delivery when you shop online instead. The cake will be delivered to your house precisely at midnight in this case. Take a pick from the reputable shop to buy Birthday Cakes Near Me.
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2023.03.22 12:55 Ok-Programmer-3287 I resent my brother for making more money than me because I don’t feel he deserves it at all.

My brother has always been a bit of a piece of shit. He lied all through college that he was going to classes and then dropped out halfway through, so my parents let him live there rent free. They paid for him to go to another college, and right out of college he gets an offer for over 100k (possibly close to 150k) and they’re paying for his masters, too.
I, on the other hand, worked my ass off to pay for myself through college, graduated with a good GPA (not stellar but what do you expect when you’re working at the same time as taking classes), and despite being in nearly the same field as him (mine is actually slightly more advanced, he’s mechanical engineering I’m aero) I can only get offers close to 50k. I suspect my brother either lied on his resume or is the luckiest bastard to ever live and found the dumbest company that thought he was worth that much.
I just keep asking- where is my windfall? When do I get to find a cushy job that literally sets me up for life without ever having to worry financially ever again? Where is my second college being paid for by my parents, and masters degree for free from some stupid employer? I hate to say it but I hope it turns out he lied and they fire him so I don’t have to live knowing that he gets rewarded for failing.
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2023.03.22 12:54 Bagofdicks55 Credit Score: 538 to 700 in 2 years - can it be done?

TLDR: I defaulted on an account that went to a debt collector, I’ve paid the debt in full but my credit score took a big hit. I have plans to move house in and re-mortgage in 2 years, how can I build my score back in time?
Long story medium, I got conned into the O2 x Virgin VOLT package and ended up with a SIM card I was told I wouldn’t be paying for (spoiler alert: I was meant to pay for this thing for the next 18 months). Naturally rang them up and waded through the usual barrage of call centres and cancelled it, was told I’d have to pay the full £500 contract which of course I refused to do having been assured it would be a completely free (in hindsight a massive error).
Fast forward a few months and my debt had been sold to a debt collector, checked my credit score and it tanked down to the high 400s. Naturally shitting myself I set up a payment plan for 3 months and then paid it all off in full last week. My credit score now stands at 538 (according to Totally Money - max 710). My partner and I are planning to move house in 2 years and will be remortgaging to do so therefore I’ve got 2 years to build my score back to something vaguely respectable - can it be done?
Financial details for context:
My partner and I (24 and 25) bought our first home in May 2021 and have c.£147k remaining on the mortgage (25yr mortgage from May21). My partner has strong credit score with no defaults or anything limiting other than not a lot of activity.
I earn £40k/yr and partner earns £27k/yr we have no credit cards and total current outstanding debt is £1300 sofa on 0% finance for 3 years
The credit score quoted is from Totally Money (538/710) ClearScore = 590/100 Experian = 999/999 (clearly useless)
So in summary:
Is it possible to improve my credit score a significant amount in 2 years? I’ve looked into credit builder cards but from what I can tell they’re just regular credit cards with shit APR% and don’t do anything special to boost the credit score, happy to get one and just pay it off but is this null and void with a mortgage I’ve never missed a payment for?
I understand the default will disappear after 6 years now it’s been paid off (if I’m correct?) but would rather this mistake didn’t haunt me for that long.
Any advice massively appreciated TIA
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2023.03.22 12:52 SamGuitar93 Some freehand skull drawings and comments - any advice/criticisms to add to what I’ve already noted?

Some freehand skull drawings and comments - any advice/criticisms to add to what I’ve already noted? submitted by SamGuitar93 to learnart [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 12:52 whenthedont I don’t know how to unpack it all at this point

I’m a 22M, raised in a close knit semi-strict religion, only surrounded by that community. I had a rough childhood with mentally ill parents.
I left and traveled around the world at 18 and developed some PTSD from a few situations.
I came back, got involved with a very toxic deceptive woman, (she had untreated BPD), and this got me outcasted from my religion, which meant all of my friends and family. Then her and I broke up the same week, and I ended up homeless for 6 months, isolated.
Many more situations continued to disturb my life and traumatize me, but now I’m no longer in a toxic relationship, but my depression is so bad I don’t even have thoughts in my head anymore- only rumination or flashbacks. I don’t know how to socialize. I still never hear from my family or all of my old friends anymore.
Only now have I been able to begin starting over after losing my whole support system, and I don’t even know where to start. I’m scarred from all relationships, my mood swings, anxiety, and social issues are all over the board.
I don’t know where to even start.
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2023.03.22 12:51 JustRollWithThis Interdimentional villain exchange program -2- The Fall

Interdimentional Villain Exchange Program -2- The Fall

So Here i am, beaten up, stranded in an unknown world, and currently falling to my death in a seemingly endless expanse of an azure sky…
I wonder if it truly is endless. I'm honestly not sure whether I would prefer to fall until I die of thirst, or of abruptly stopping falling. Well, whichever it is is a secondary issue, since I would much rather survive instead.
I looked around, hoping to see one of those floating islands near enough to simply conjure a wind to push me a little before casting a simple [Feather Fall] spell and be done with it, but sadly none were near enough. Although there was one that could be worked with. One of the smaller islands looked barely close enough to give it a shot. A little bit too far for my liking to be honest but far enough down to leave enough wiggle room to work with. It was entirely covered with sparse forest, with the exception of a small pond in the middle.
It would have to do. Although I will have to be a little bit creative to get there.
Normally there would be no problem with crossing the distance that separated me from this island. It was only about six miles after all. A simple [Fly] spell would be more than sufficient to cover many times this distance. And that's not even taking any dimensionalism spells into account
The problem however was, that this isn’t a normal situation. Without any sort of spell focus any complex spell formula I try to use is going to be highly unstable, leaking mana like crazy at best, or completely collapsing at worst. Because of that any advanced, multifunctional spell with a complex formula is out of the question.
My mana reserve is not small by any means, but even I cannot sustain a 5-10% mana efficiency [Fly] spell for long. Not to mention that depending on the mana density around me the spell relatively complex might just collapse, and a backlash from an imploded spell is the last thing my battered body needs at the moment.
That leaves me then only with the First Magic spells at my disposal. They might not be the most powerful or complex, but their incredible casting speed and a spell formula designed to function without a spell focus is just what I need right now.
But after mentally running through all the first magic spells i know i realized i don't quite have anything that could easily get me out of my situation. All the First Magic spells I knew are focused on one of two things, combat utility, mainly disruption and creating distance from my opponent, and making my day to day existence easier.
‘Yeah… Why would I learn [Glide] if I already know [Fly]? A complete waste of time I said… it's much better to learn the [Chill] spell to cool my drinks.’ I lampooned silently.
‘Ok. Focus. There will be time to punch myself in the face later. Now it's time to get creative, not depressed.’
When my mind was still trying to work out what I could do to save myself from death, I suddenly remembered my first ever magic teacher. He was an old cripple who served in the Royal Army until he lost his arm. By now I obviously know that he wasn’t much more than a third rate mage with a forth rate training. However thanks to that he knew the life of the weak and powerless much better than any other teacher i ever had, and although most of his teaching have been lacking in detail, or were straight up incorrect, he taught me two things that other mages not only would not teach me, but did not fully understand themselves.
Those lessons have saved his life numerous times, so he made a point to teach them to me before anything else. And since then they have saved mine over and over again. And it was time to rely on them again.
It only took me a second to come up with a plan. I started casting a [Blink] spell. [Blink] Is a very useful spell. It works by creating a small portal door to a different location within around ten meters, and then dragging the entrance portal through the space that the caster occupies, making the caster appear at the location of an exit portal.
It's the simplest dimensionalism spell, due to its small range and a brief existence of the portal. The degree of mastery that a mage has over this spell however, is often said to be the easiest way to differentiate an amateur from the master of magic.
That's mainly due to the insane versatility this spell has. Sure its most obvious use is to create or close the distance from the enemy combatant, however there is so much more that this spell can do. You can dodge arrows with it, or even redirect them at the enemies. You can cast it anchored to an enemy that is too close to you for your liking and reposition them, and so much more.
Even the advanced dimensionalism spell [Dimensional Shield] is nothing more than a mana construct using [Blink] spells to redirect attacks aimed at the caster towards the attackers.
All of that was possible thanks to the fact that [Blink] created a temporary portal gateway instead of being an instant transmission spell like [Shadow Step] was. Which meant that it allowed the objects transported with it to carry momentum they had before instead of canceling it out.
This was exactly the quality I desired to use right now. Normally the entrance and the exit portals share the same angle of entrance. You would not want to [Blink] only to find out that you are upside down now, right? However with just a small alteration to the spell formula, the exit portal can be angled however you would like. As a result, when i casted the spell, I chose to place the entrance portal under me facing up, and the exit portal above me, facing towards the floating island I was aiming for, which resulted in me shooting towards my goal at terminal velocity, and resetting my falling speed to zero.
What I just did was the result of the first lesson I ever received. A lesson I could still hear today as clearly as the day it was first given.
“Listen to me carefully Young One, because what I'm about to say will not be taught to you anywhere else. Magic allows us to bend reality to our will, and most of us, Mages, pride ourselves on dominating it to do our bidding.” He said with his old, tired voice “Reality however is not your enemy, but your greatest ally. If you learn to walk alongside it on the road to your goals, you are going to achieve much more than if you had to fight it on every step of your way”.
This lesson, although simple, has saved me more times than I could remember. Yet to my shock when i asked about it my next teacher he just scoffed and said that “this is a lesson of a weak and powerless”, and that “a true mage bows to no one, not even the world itself”
I was still young and naive back then so I believed him. After all, He was already systematically pointing out a thousand flaws and imperfections in my spellcraft, and seeing my spellcasting improve by the day I believed him that he was also right about this.
It was only a few years later that I realized how foolish that was. I was escaping from an heir of the Ruderic noble family. He was chasing me through the woods because I dared to attempt to stop him while he was about to have fun with some poor village girl that caught his eye.
I did not know he was a mage himself. and a good one at that. Much better than me back then anyway. I was running for my life, burned in places, sliced others. I managed to evade him for a while. However, I was caught when I mistakenly ran into a small ravine. I had nowhere to run and no one to help me. I was trapped with no escape and no help in sight.
And then he caught up to me. Seeing i was trapped he started to boast about how pathetic i am, and what he is going to do to me before he kills me. Luckily in my moment of panic I remembered the lesson the old man gave me, and spotted an opportunity.
A giant boulder, much more massive than anything I could lift with magic was positioned right above where the nobleman was standing. But I didn't have to lift it. Only then I realized the wisdom of the words I have been told. Don't fight reality. Because if you make it your ally, you will never fight alone. And as the stone hurled down to save me, I swore to myself to never question the wisdom of the weak ever again.
However that was only the first part of the wisdom bestowed upon me that day. And now, in possession of the tremendous speed bestowed to me by my greatest ally, it was time to use the second part.
It's true that I didn't have the perfect spell for the job. But since when is perfection necessary? “It is said that a Great Mage has a hundred spells ready for any situation he encounters” The old man said “But in my opinion a true mark of greatness is the ability to use a single spell in a hundred situations. Do not learn how to stop an arrow in a dozen ways, learn a dozen ways to use an arrow stopping spell”
Once again that wisdom was rebuked by prideful masters, dismissed as the whining of someone incapable of memorizing enough formulas for greatness.
However today I know that they were the ones too stuck in the conventions to achieve anything.
And it proved true once more when I spread my hands and legs while casting a [Mana Shield] spell making it fill up the space between my limbs. [Mana Shield] is an unremarkable spell, useful only due to its extremely simple spell formula, granting it an extremely short casting time even in comparison to other First Magic.
It created a solidified wall of mana that stopped anything from moving through it, be it physical or elemental in nature. Even notoriously difficult to block pure mana projectiles were blocked by it. Its main downsides was relatively low mana efficiency, and possible strength in comparison to more complicated spells. However sometimes you just want a wall in front of you “right fucking now” and all other concerns are secondary.
The main reason I use it now however is the fact that by stopping the air it could serve in a similar way to a wing. This spell can’t extend too far away from my body however, so I could not form those, and I settled on imitating a squirrel-like animal capable of gliding that I once saw at one of the noble houses I burned down and took with me as a pet until it died.
I didn’t have much success at gliding first, until I weakened mana output to the [Mana Shield] allowing it to deform slightly. However after that it only took me a few moments to figure out the kinks of this improvised spell.
But that still would not be enough.
As I closed in on the island I realized that I'm not going to make it. and I watched in horror as the edge of the island moved higher and higher.
However, an inspiration came at the last possible moment when I saw a bird circling above the island.
I need to create an updraft!
And I know just the right spell…
Without wasting any more time I casted [Gust] spell aimed upwards and pumped as much mana as I could into it. After all the spell was created to disperse the fog and smoke type spells or to create a cloud of dust to obscure something if it was casted on sand, not to lift a person upwards, and as such it needed a lot of extra juice to manage.
As the howling wind intensified I could feel the formula of the spell strain under the enormous amount of mana being pumped into it by me. It seemed to almost creek and deform under the pressure, and it seemed as if it was going to shatter. But it would hold.
It had to.
When the part of the formula seemed to falter under the stress I grafted more structural mana onto it, increasing its durability at the cost of mana efficiency.
The formula was breaking, huge amounts of mana were leaking…
…but it was working!
I was slowly but steadily getting closer and closer to the cliff. Just a bit more…
And then, three things seemed to happen all at once.
First, the spell formula finally gave out. It imploded with a thunderous crack sending the excess mana it operated back into its host, shocking every muscle fiber and bone in my body.
Then as the result of the mana backlash from the collapsing [Gust] spell I lost control over the [Mana Shield] spell, causing it to collapse as well. And making me plunge down as a result.
The third thing, and the last thing I remembered before blacking out was the loud THUD sound of me falling to the ground.
‘I made it.’
That was the last thought I had before the unconsciousness took me into its warm embrace.
And I gave in to it.
Safe at last
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2023.03.22 12:51 Developer_Dreamer First timer QC Request: BPF Explorer 124270... EXPLORING new ways to spend my Money.

First timer QC Request: BPF Explorer 124270... EXPLORING new ways to spend my Money.
Buzzing through this sub and interacting with many of you has got me so excited for my journey as a Rep owner! so thanks for that - decided to pick up 3 watches, the first that's come up for QC is the Explorer. Any help on the QC here would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.
  1. Dealer name: The One Watches
  2. Factory name: BP Factory
  3. Model name (& version number): Explorer 124270 36mm (BP VR3230)
  4. Price paid: $388 (not including Shipping)
  5. Album Links:
  6. Index alignment: Looks fine. 3 might be every so slightly higher but nothing you would notice on the wrist.
  7. Dial Printing: Looks fine, the hands are blocking the Rolex and Explorer texts but it seems to be fine in the video.
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: No date wheel, Aka its perfect
  9. Hand Alignment: Looks fine but this is the one area where I don’t know what to look out for.
  10. Bezel: Looks like a million Bucks.
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): nice and Tight, I thought the bottom right had a gap but I didn’t see it in any other pictures other than the first.
  12. Timegrapher numbers: looks good – 4s a day is a no brainer for me
  13. Anything else you notice: Yes, I’m seeing what looks like dirt in the 9 and the 3 hour markers. Its frankly the first thing that hit me when I opened up the pictures to start the QC, and I’m not a picky chap but this would bug me for sure. The contrast of the white dirt vs the black dial really makes this stand out. Its visible in all the pictures and the video, it would have been an Easy GL but I do think this is a deal breaker personally. Let me know what you guys think, thanks in advance :)
Oh also I haven't seen pics of the Reheat - I should ask for those right?

Near perfect.. BUT
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2023.03.22 12:51 Saintskinny51792 I’m thinking about making a Quick refine mod, anyone interested?

I always mod my game files to reduce refine time and reduce the number of hits it takes to get resources from trees/rocks. I do this because I often have a fairly limited amount of time to play, so it helps reduce grind time when it comes to getting metal, wood and stone.
I was contemplating opening the mod tool today and seeing about uploading it to the workshop as a mod, but wanted to see if anyone else is interested. Please let me know if this is something you would want.
Also, how much should I reduce it to start? I can make it anywhere from ‘just a tad bit quicker refining with one less hammer hit,’ to ‘damn near instant refining and one hit to turn tree to logs and another hit to make it refinable.’
Let me know what you think and if people are interested I can start on it today.
submitted by Saintskinny51792 to ScrapMechanic [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 12:51 kailenedanae Recommendations for 1-2 Month Pilates Online Bootcamp?

I live in Japan and work a job where I sit a lot. I am VERY not flexible, and while I got on walks/bike rides a few times a week, I’m generally pretty sedentary.
There is a local Pilates class near me that I’d like to join, but they only do group training. It’s only broken down into Level 1/Level2, and I’m pretty positive a lot of the attendees are not truly “beginners.”
While I want to start Pilates, I really hate the idea of being embarrassingly low level compared to everyone else. I live in an area without many non-Japanese people, and my 5’9” 24 BMI body already makes me self conscious living here. I will already really stand out if I join- the idea of being laughably inflexible/lacking in strength is just awful.
I see a lot of people recommending videos by certain instructors, but can anyone recommend a 1-2 month boot camp type course (paid is fine) that I can use to get started and boost my confidence enough to start attending actual classes? Something pretty structured/ordered would be ideal rather than having to put together my own video to playlist!
Thank you!
submitted by kailenedanae to pilates [link] [comments]