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2023.06.05 14:45 peniswenisbenis Music

I vividly remember trying to listen to drake and mainstream rappers back in 2019 because I wanted to fit it with other peoples music and I couldn’t find my own genre that I liked. (Other than nightcore and europop at the time.) So glad I don’t force myself to listen to drake anymore.
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2023.06.05 14:45 new_wings Video Upload Problems

I having a slight problem with uploading, once it gets to 100% it goes straight to an error message. No clue if it’s a site wide problem or just a few cases but it’s kinda concerning on my end.
To add, once I get to 100% then the error pops up I can still upload the video but not sure if the video is bugged or not. So if I could have some assistance in this problem and find a solution to this it would help out a lot.
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2023.06.05 14:45 ExtensionSeries5280 Lack of information?

I find it incredibly disturbing the lack of information given about how this app actually works. After winning the $100 jackpot I tried doing research on how it actually works, I mean why ask me to pay $100 and so you can give me $100 later instead of just applying it to the order? Does it get locked in the app? Will it send it to my bank account? Who knows! And it makes sure to give you a 3 min timer so you feel extra pressured to go through with the transaction without being given any actual information on how you will get the money you’re owed. Anyways, the $100 off went away when opening the app once more, just find it a bit ridiculous how vague this site is.
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2023.06.05 14:45 DomoandFinch What's your favouwite Nijika contest submission?

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2023.06.05 14:45 LeTostieman Working for a developer/investor

Post undergrad school studying architecture and construction management and have been working in construction for over 3 years. looking to find companies that specialize in rehabbing/wholesaling…developers who pretty much flip homes for living. I don’t want to work for a huge company that does massive commercial projects because then I’ll just stuck working for someone else and helping them take all the profits while I work on a regular wage(typical 9-5). I’ve been an auto-cad drafter and have been managing my designs from start to finish , primarily with stairs from start to finish. From working with the workers to speaking with clients and contractors I want to start to learn more about the process, working alongside a developer, and eventually seeing enough and saving enough to start my own venture. Unfortunately I feel that such doesn’t exist or I’m looking in the wrong area. Perhaps I’m idealizing it, and my youthful mindset is just very optimistic. Any advice , routes I can go down? Do investors / developers even need people of my skill set ? Or do they just prefer to work alone and I should just work at a company and learn when I have enough saved ?
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2023.06.05 14:45 Wannabedoctor24 Dog Still Pooping in the House

Hi guys! Sorry I’m advance for the long post, I wanted to make sure I added enough context
I have a 1.5 year old dog, he is a Beagle/American Staffordshire/Jack Russel mix (I think) named Jay who I adopted a little over a year ago. I started house and crate training him as soon as I got him and he got the hang of peeing outside quickly, but getting him to poop has always been a struggle. I think he got too distracted when we were outside by squirrels and rabbits, and he would poop once we got back inside. I attempted to solve it by just taking him for walks and it kinda helped.
The problem is I am a college student and I was still living on campus so when summer was over I had to leave him with my parents, so I had no absolute guarantee that he was still being trained the way I wanted. But alas, I did the best I could.
My parents adopted a puppy a little while after I left bc the family dog passed and they wanted to have two at the house, and I think the puppy may have served to regress my dog a little bit.
I moved out of their house about a month ago and took Jay with me, so now I get to see all of his shenanigans. We have a schedule set for his eating and bathroom times, and he is okay with it as long as I am home. If I leave the house though, he poops while I am away, even if he pooped before I left. It’s not every time I am gone, and I can’t seem to find a pattern in it. Sometimes I can leave for 5 hours and he is absolutely fine, but other times I’ll leave for 45 minutes and come back to poop.
I start my new job in a few days and I don’t want to leave him crated for the 8 hours that I am gone, and I would think that he is old enough that he should be okay to be left out, I just don’t know how to get this pooping situation figured. I understand I may have to leave him crated for now to avoid it, but how can I move forward from that?
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2023.06.05 14:45 scouchy Hello, its me again and my second car... (I dont plan to buy more in the near future)

Hello, its me again and my second car... (I dont plan to buy more in the near future)
Hello, yesterday i found something amazing after 5 or 6 different shops... Ofcouse you need some patience and time to find something cool because we all know, we have alot of fans... A little bit sad, because this car dont have GOLD color, but i have very good butterflies feeling in my stomach. In the near future i dont plan to buy something more, and thanks to everybody for answers in my previous topic. HAPPY COLLECTING EVERYONE!
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2023.06.05 14:45 gaspelofIndia 28[M4F] India/ Online - Hoping to find my constant shots of Dopamine.

I m 28. Have been travelling through the country mainly cause of studying! Delhi is one place which was left before I started running my family business. I did my engineering from Bangalore and then did my masters in philosophy from Mumbai! I was an atheist but I slowly am turning into a believer mostly cause of my business. I love travelling and experience different cultures and people. Love food! I m not chubby or fat! I walk a lot so kind of average.
I have grown up defying my parents expectations, and kids are just annoying once they are your own. And I have seen the world enough to figure out that it’s not the place anymore to populate.
Hiking, cycling is something which I really enjoy!
I am an Introvert. And the only way I knew how to express myself at times or most times is through writing. I have stories written. Philosophies or ideologies written which I m too skeptical to post.
Have been a solo traveller too! Gives me ample amount of time to explore the place better!
You can ask for my picture if you want to see me.
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2023.06.05 14:44 Duuurrrpp Not sure what is going on

I have a M3 Max. I spent a bottle of resin finding settings for Elegoo Water Washable that balance between tensile strength and dimensional accuracy. For about 5 or 6 bottles it was working great. I could do very large and small items. Then the FEP stretched and got a hole in it.
I replaced the Bullet Brand screen protector where the resin leaked and dried then replaced the FEP. The last time I did this, I installed it upside down so the frosted part was down. This time I installed it correctly with the frost side up. I leveled the bed then back to printing. The ambient temp of both the resin and air has remained the same.
I can do small items, 30mmX30mm X 40mm but when I go larger the items are failing to stick to the supports. The raft and supports are sticking fine to the plate. I tried increasing my exposure by 50%, lift distance by 100%, and speeds by -20% (reduced the speed). Larger items are still failing. By larger I am mean items that are somewhere around 75mm X 75mmx by 100mm. The first cm or so prints then the entire piece falls off the supports.
One of these failures was printed in the past with more material (I made changes to remove most of the bottom since it is not needed.
At this point I am stumped. I have tried asking in specific M3 Max forums and other general resin forums but can't figure out what is going on.
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2023.06.05 14:44 Purple_Lavishness183 Need An Instagram Hacker Need An Instagram Hacker I Need A Facebook/messenger Hacker Hire A Hacker Instagram Hack Facebook Hack Email Hack Phone Hack Instagram Account Hack And Facebook Account Hack Bitcoin Wallet Hack and Recovery Nft Hack WhatsApp Hack

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Contact him darkdantehackingagency AT GMAIL DOT COM
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2023.06.05 14:44 Normal_Ear_1115 Inexpensive housing in Cambridge area

My 23-year-old son is planning to move to the Cambridge in August. He received a fantastic opportunity unexpectedly about a week ago, so he doesn't have much time to find a place to live. For unavoidable reasons he has to conduct his search remotely from the NYC area. His budget is low-- under $2,000/month, so he's looking for a studio. It doesn't have to be anything special, but it does have to be near public transit. Like everyone else, he wants to live in a low-crime area. He absolutely positively does not want any kind of shared living arrangement.
I've been searching online and found some interesting options for him to look into. Based on experience trying to find an apartment to rent in New York, I assume they're either too good to be true, not actually available, or the agent will never respond.
Fresh Pond Apartments/Ridge Towers in North Cambridge claims to have a couple of very affordable one-bedrooms available. These are not reserved for Section 8. He appears to be eligible, but I suppose priority would be given to people already living in the area. Still, it doesn't hurt to try. Haven't heard from the landlord yet. In the meantime, could anyone please tell me what the neighborhood and these buildings are like? Thank you.
If anyone can offer any advice on decent areas to search and on navigating the rental market, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
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2023.06.05 14:44 maikelbr03 My lenovo doesnt find wifi

My lenovo ideapad 3 cant find some wifi networks for some reasosn. It also cant fin a hotspot.
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2023.06.05 14:44 CheekyMonkey678 When did you realize things had gone horribly wrong?

My divorce was final in 2012. I spent some time in therapy, travelling, establishing a new business, working out and making new friends. All of the things I needed to to do to establish my new life as a single woman in her mid forties.
I had never looked better, I was debt free, had money in the bank and a positive, can do attitude. That was a little over ten years ago.
Today I'm a shadow of my former self in every way. Once I started dating I met man after man who lied, used, cheated, abused and basically sapped my energy and my faith in humanity. At first I thought it was something about me, that I was doing something wrong and attracting these men. I searched online to find answers. What I found was astonishing. A number of forums dedicated to exactly what I was experiencing.
Woman after woman having the same experiences as me - and often much worse. Because these forums were anonymous women were candid. They shared their embarrassing and humiliating stories. They berated themselves for being 'stupid' and making the same mistakes over and over.
I realized this was a world wide phenomenon. I wondered if things had always been this way but women had been too embarrassed to talk about it before? Anytime I tried to talk to friends about my dating woes in real life they would give me terrible advice or blame me for 'picking the wrong men.'
I've come to the conclusion that yes, things have always been bad BUT online dating, internet porn and sadly third wave feminism with it's embracing of sex positivity and prostitution, have enabled that bad behavior to intensify and worsen.
I think we are living in one of the worst times for women. I have not seen this level of misogyny in my lifetime until now. In addition, we lost Roe v. Wade, birth control and no fault divorce are under attack in state legislatures and the cost of living as a single is prohibitively expensive. We are being pushed back into a situation where it is more and more difficult to maintain our independence.
I remember reading The Handmaids Tale when it came out in 1985. Since then everything the author said would happen has come to pass. I don't think things will end up looking exactly like Gilead. There will still be enough women in power to convince us that we've attained some level of equality - but the reality of how women are being treated in our society tells a different story.
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2023.06.05 14:43 jrh619 question for those who have taken time off

If you have taken a week+ break from OTF, were you able to find time to relax and give yourself space to recharge? Also, obviously it will be individual but should I expect my paces to decrease at the return?
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2023.06.05 14:43 drofdarb72 American looking to play with a Francophone player, looking for language exchange, someone open to talking on discord or zoom

I'm 25m, normally EST but for the summer I'll be in Europe.
About me: I'm a sophmore at a liberal arts college, Bard College, studying history and classics (ancient greek and Roman history and literature)
I'm into religion/mythology, history, philosophy/metaphysics, left of center politics, hiking, DnD/renfaires/larps, partying, and rugby (I play on my school's team.) Ha, I'll be going to watch the French rugby finals soon.
What I'm looking for: I'd like to play with someone for fun and also do language exchange with someone who speaks English and French. I'm new to French, I know some phrases here and there and can pick up some words and topics here and there, and I don't grasp much of the grammar haha.
I'm currently in France for a few weeks studying here for college credits, and I'd love to get to know someone from France or another Francophone area. And making online friends would be neat.
Minecraft: I like survival, I'm into unmodded or modded. I like mining, exploring, building, I find the game relaxing... I have an itch for it rn
If you're interested, You're more than welcome to reach out!
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2023.06.05 14:43 titan1978 Nissan Rogue 2021 - Any way to turn off music from auto playing when I start the car?

For some reason, my Nissan Rogue (2021) starts autoplaying the Bluetooth streaming music from my Android Phone (I use AIMP on my Android phone Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra FYI) whenever I start the car. My bluetooth is always connected (i need it on to take calls) and i used to keep my audio menu on bluetooth and not Sirius XM because I didn't like the blaring of music when I turned the car on.
But over the last few months, whether or not I've "killed" my app on myphone, the Nissan launches it and starts playing the last music I played.
This is really annoying and I havent been able to find a setting to stop it from doing so. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.05 14:43 frankie0694 NBD! (New to me anyway!)

NBD! (New to me anyway!)
Passed my test last month (finally!) - I was on a budget but managed to find this lovely bike. It needs a bit of cosmetic TLC but can't complain! To anyone around Northamptonshire, I'm keen to go on some ride outs and meet new people - is there anywhere I can look to see what's going on in the area? Thanks!
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2023.06.05 14:43 jjhhoon Water softener advice

I find the hard water in Berlin makes my skin dry. Has anyone used a water softener and found it helps?
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2023.06.05 14:43 ThrowRABreakupUnsure I (26m) broke up with my gf of almost two years (26f) this weekend, any advice?

We were each other's first real relationship, and it was good more often than it wasn't, but we had our issues still. For one, I have ADHD, which manifests among other ways as being loud, doing little voices or jokey bits or characters, that sort of thing. The issue arises that as much as I really feel like that is a part of me that I love and love doing - and a trait that I share with a lot of my friends and my family as well - she not only wasn't as much a fan of that, but actively disliked it, regularly telling me that she didn't like whatever little voice I just did or to stop doing that little bit. It certainly wasn't malicious or vindictive or anything, but it made me think that maybe we just weren't compatible enough - she didn't like it, I did, we're just different, nobody's wrong or right. That, coupled with my own sensitivity to rejection (real or perceived) from the ADHD that lead it to feel like a rejection of me as a person caused a lot of constant anxiety for me about our relationship and doubt - how can I be loved for me if this major part of me is something she doesn't like? Is there a future for us if I feel like I can't fully be "myself", even though we do truly love one another?
Secondly, she was thinking about marriage, already wondering if I could see us being married - no specific timeline, just sometime in the future. I had told her I didn't know, and I realized the reason for this (which I hadn't communicated it or even realized myself fully until we did break up and talk some more) that the way I saw it was if I knew definitively we should just do it right then and there, and because I wasn't ready to be married immediately I don't know if it was a yes or a no in the future either. This was something that was always on my mind, wondering how long I could not know, especially when she communicated not knowing felt like it might as well be a no.
In addition, I have always had issues with commitment of any kind, out of fear of making the wrong decision or the consequences of the decision being too painful or whatever - hell, for the first year we knew each other we weren't officially "dating" yet, just hooking up and sometimes hanging out, because I was afraid of committing that way too despite her communicating it was something that she wanted pretty early on which she had realized about a year into our "official" relationship caused her more pain than she even realized st the time. The idea that I might just be leading her on in the relationship, as much as I loved her, if the answer did end up being a no to being married for whatever also made me insanely anxious, to the point of starting anti-anxiety meds with my psychiatrist in addition to meds for the ADHD.
We had been going to couple's counseling and on Saturday at the most recent session I had voiced how stressed and anxious and everything I was feeling and she suggested we maybe try a trial breakup and see how it goes, and I decided to finally make a decision that I thought would be best for us even if it hurt and suggest full breakup so I wasn't hurting or leading her to a possible eventual "no" to marriage and breaking her heart anyway down the line.
There are other ways we maybe weren't compatible, but this being our first real serious relationship I don't know how much of those incompatibilities (which even I know are inevitable in any relationship) are too much or too big to handle, but now that we're broken up, we miss each other so much. We still talk and want to try and heal and remain friends, as long of a process as that may be - we have so many friends and interests in common it just makes sense, even if romantically maybe it wouldn't work - but it won't be the same.
We talked the day after we broke up to work towards healing together as individuals and she asked if I'd consider in the future a second chance for us and I told her it's possible (and I didn't tell her how much I desperately would want it to happen and more importantly work and be healthy for us both) but the last thing I want to do is drag it out or lead her on only for it to end the same way and break our hearts all over again. Plus, I need to work on myself and be better, for me as much as her sake or the sake of anyone else I might be with - work on commitment issues, rejection sensitivity, self esteem, whatever - before dating anyone again. Really, this is the biggest part I am seeking advice on - would it be a bad idea to try again? Or would that only lead to more heartache down the line?
She had even said she might actually miss the silly, goofy little things I do, but I don't know how much of that is just missing what we had or how much she'd be able to put up with it or enjoy it if we were back together. Likewise, I do find myself thinking about us back together and marriage and all that, but can't help feeling like that's just me longing for the relationship as it WAS, not necessarily how it would change and commit more and evolve? As mentioned, I've neither of us had ever been in a real relationship before so this hurts us especially hard because it's a new pain, and I don't know how much of this is normal breakup pain vs me realizing I made a mistake?
I'm sorry for rambling or if this didn't make much sense, I'm happy to answer whatever questions or clarifications are needed. If this is the wrong sub since I guess technically we aren't in a "relationship" any more please let me know or direct me to a better sub and I'll happily post there, any and all advice is welcome.
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2023.06.05 14:42 CaryWhit My sister and I ran away from home during a thunderstorm. Can we just drive around till it stops? We find car rides soothing!

My sister and I ran away from home during a thunderstorm. Can we just drive around till it stops? We find car rides soothing!
Nephew was out of town for the day and we had a big surprise thunderstorm. These two took off to the barn for some reason and then jumped their wet stinky asses into my Jeep when I went to feed. They just wanted to ride around till it stopped then happily went home after ruining my Jeep! Couldn’t resist those big eyes!
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2023.06.05 14:42 Sticky-Toez Is there a sub for help finding something out?

Something happened a long time ago when i was in grade school. Someone i was playing with had an accident and passed away. It took me a long time to realize what had happened as i blocked some of what happened from memory. I feel partially to blame and wish to pay my respects. Try all i may all i might after 20 some od years i cannot find any information. I need closure, and i need help finding information. Anywhere i can go?
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2023.06.05 14:42 scootmcdoot 71-N Hit and Run Witnesses

I am desperately searching for (even partial) witnesses to a hit-and-run on 71-N, right before I-70 and 315-N, this past Friday June 2nd at 12:36pm. An unknown vehicle (possibly white) swerved forcefully and struck the back of a bright blue Hyundai Elantra which spun out into the far left lane and struck the barrier facing traffic.
I would be immensely grateful for any sharing anyone in the area is able to do, as this has affected my life in an enormous way being a wheelchair user who cannot get around in just any vehicle.
None who called the police witnessed the crash - even the color and size of the other vehicle would be helpful as unfortunately my glasses were thrown off and I was left facing the wrong way to see a damaged vehicle drive off quickly enough.
I especially beg you to report if you know someone whose vehicle suddenly has front-right damage or hasn't been seen since Friday without explanation.
If this happens to reach far enough, I also can't possibly give enough thanks to the young truck driver who risked his own safety to protect me from the very real chance of being struck head-on in the incredibly busy interchange. Even if nothing had happened, the terror of this experience would have been many many times greater without you. If I can at least find you, I owe you one hell of a care package.
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