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Slapfight on Garona

2015.05.16 01:44 stellery Slapfight on Garona

Guild Hangout for Slapfight

2014.07.17 13:41 Ohzz Married At First Sight

Strangers getting married! Season 16 in Nashville, Tennessee now airing Wednesday nights at 8pm EST on Lifetime and streaming on Prime Video, Google Play, VUDU, and iTunes. -- "Tennessee based singles embark on a journey to meet the love of their lives during this 23-episode season, where they'll marry a complete stranger, travel to their honeymoons and then move in together as husband & wife." -- We are a fan run sub with no affiliation to Lifetime or its constituents.

2018.01.25 04:52 June_19_1962 Siesta Key MTV

This subreddit is dedicated to the discussion of the MTV reality show Siesta Key. NEW EPISODES AIR EVERY THURSDAY 8PM EST ON MTV

2023.03.26 21:18 XeroxisChaoticArt WIBTA for now allowing my kids to see their aunt cause my sister won't allow me to see my nephews.

I know how the title sound. But please hear me out. About a year ago my family and my sister (28) had a falling out. The main issue was her boyfreind (25) amd a incident that happened between him and my disabled father. It was a physical altercation where my father (55) was the victim and I won't go I to any more details cause of the rules of the reddit. But to make this easier I'm calling my sister A and her boyfriend R.
Now here's the issue lies. A has gone no contact with me, my mother and father, cause she was angry we called the cops and pressed charges. We respect her discussion and none of us had contact with her since then. However she still in contact with my sister (18 who i will refur to as M). Now M doesn't update us on A's life and we don't ask. All we know is that sometimes M would tell us she's having my nephews [8 and 3] over so we can avoid any drama. Which again is fine, when she tells us this we dong try to visit for that time.
I do allow my daughters [10 and 5] to be picked up by M to see their cousins cause I firmly belive that just cause adults are not on talking terms, that the children should stay out of it. Don't take your anger out on the kids. That's how I believe it should be.
Now more issues have been occurring cause my oldest has informed me that my nephew has expressed that he has a hatred for my mom and dad and that he was TOLD not to talk to any of us or to even look at us if they see us. It has gotten to the point that he is not allowed to go to any field trips, or school events if A finds out we will be there as chaperones. I make it a point that if my kids want to go to these events they will go. But in turn my nephew can enjoy anything cause my sister won't allow him to go. Which I feel is not fair to him.
Last time I seen him was when I was taking my kids to a school dance. My oldest told me he was upset he couldn't go cause I was there. Which is why I feel it's unfair to him. Even if he did go I'd still respect my sisters wishes and not interact with him.
Now it has gotten to this point I had found out that A has been in contact with my kids along with R. I have told M at this point that I will allow my kids to see A but not R he does not respect anyone and I don't trust him and think ho estly he's a waste a air and space and just all srpund a poor excuse for a man.
Both my kids have told us R has been coming over to M apartment with A to visit when my kids are there or when M goes to pick up my nephews R comes out to say hi to my girls. so now I'm at a point that I am thinking about not allowing M to pick up my kids of she's going to A's house after. Cause to me it's not fair I'm not allowed to see my nephews cause her boyfriend doesn't want us to.
I am willing to drop off my kids at M's door so that way the kids can have a relationship. But at the same time it's getting to the point that it's not fair to me or my kids that we are having to juggle arpund A just to be able for my kids to see their cousins. And if I'm not allowed to see my nephews then i only think its fair she doesnt get to see my kids.
I am conflicted cause I want to be the bigger person and always had been the bigger person. Cause I don't see a reason why do the kids have to suffer cause of issues that should stay between adults. And I can't vent to anyone else cause anytime we do A always goes into our dms saying we are being messy or petty for bringing it up. But we don't mention her name as I didn't here or anything but she will go into our dms and tell us that we are being messy or petty.
So I ask this reddit WIBTA if I tell my sister she's no longer allowed to interact with my kids.
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2023.03.26 21:18 Various_Ad_1759 Curious!!

So if I have 10 Bitcoins and 10 ETH in an earn account and NovaWulf declared they intend to keep all the stETH then my liquid recovery for my ETH will be 0.Would that mean I will get more BTC in exchange for my ETH or more of their worthless EST.Doesnt sound fair if someone else only has 10 BTC's!!!
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2023.03.26 21:17 RoobixCyoob How to get into competitive as a beginner?

I have no friends that play the game, and I can't seem to find any communities where beginners are accepted and taught how to play. I've heard horror stories about solo queueing in matchmaking, so I don't really want to do that, especially when I know nothing about how to play the game. Basically, what I want is a squad of players that aren't toxic and are willing to accept someone who doesn't really know what they're doing yet. I'm very willing to learn and adapt, I just need help in order to know what to do at the start of a round, and things like where I should be going, what I should be buying, etcetera. I've been trying to improve my aim, but it's a slow process.
If anybody knows of communities with beginners that play on the regular, or are looking for a player themselves, please let me know. My time zone is EST, if that matters to you for ping or timing reasons. I'm usually playing pretty late at night since my internet is better then, but I might be able to play during the day if the internet seems like it's running okay.
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2023.03.26 21:16 Nevali5081 [US][A][STORMRAGE] 8/8H 3/8M Recruiting Healers for Mythic Progression!

[US][A][STORMRAGE] 8/8H 3/8M Recruiting Healers for Mythic Progression!
Hello and thank you for considering < Out of Focus > to be your new home! We are a semi-hardcore Mythic Progression raiding guild formed at the beginning of Shadowlands consisting of motivated players anxious to make meaningful progression together and we sincerely hope you will consider taking off into Dragonflight alongside us!
Though the guild was only formed last expansion those of us who started it are well versed and experienced leaders! We have raiders with CE experience, raiders who are grizzled veterans from Vanilla to now, raiders who have raid lead and organized raids from the most beloved to the floppiest of flops. I want to reassure anyone considering us to rest assured that the majority of us are dedicated raiders, players and friends who have been doing this for a long time; we have the raid leading and guild managing experience that allows us a significant advantage to be able to build an exceptional community not only for aspiring raiders but for all who step foot inside our welcoming halls.
As was the case with most small guilds in Shadowlands, we had our ups and our downs as subscriptions declined and recruiting fell stale, but through it all we never wavered and were able to weather the storm and emerge with the majority of our team in tact and ready to take on Dragonflight together. Our progression was 6/10M Nathria and then the Blizzard Nation attacked with it's endless slew of lawsuits and bad takes setting us behind with 3/10M Sanctum and 1/11M Sepulcher as we just could not recruit enough to make the significant strides we had hoped for. Nevertheless, we pressed on and in Season 4 we cleared all Fated Raids for our Slime Kitty before deciding to take a raiding break until better content came out.
With Dragonflight now upon us we know we can do better and we will, and that is why we are putting out the call to join our team and soar towards our Mythic goals with us!
Our TYPICAL Schedule is as follows:
  • GUILD M+ NIGHT: Fri. 8-10PM EST
  • ALT NIGHT: Saturday 8-11PM EST (bi-weekly)
  • SOCIAL NIGHT: Monday 8pm-10PM EST (every second Monday of the month)
The events we offer range from Progression Mythic raiding to an optional M+ Night where we organize groups and are able to push high keys successfully on time as well as mentor others to be able to join us in high pushes; to Alt Raid night to a Social Event once per month in order to foster bonds and unwind from the daily grind (this can be anything from Guild Among Us sessions to Expansion Transmog World Tours or WoW Trivia Nights with Guild prizes!).
In addition to scheduled events, our group is a close-knit group always looking to expand. You will always find someone willing to run a key with you or just chat in discord while you do dailies. We all play together across multiple platforms (we even have a FFXIV Free Company pushing Savage content!) and games and would encourage you to join us in our warm and welcoming environment.
Additionally, we have a side Horde Guild (also on Stormrage for Mythic raiding purposes) with a connected community for those who wish to remain in the guild but swap to Horde races with the new cross-faction provisions. The purpose of this is to keep guild chat flowing smoothly among our team and we sincerely hope to expand upon that for flexibility on our raid team. The dream is that Blizzard will allow all factions to be under one guild someday, but this is our way of accommodating our raiders who always dreamed that one day their Human Hunter could be an Orc. We do not want factions to be an issue and are working hard to keep it organized so that they aren't!
As stressed above, our community is super important to us and as such is the main focus of all we do. I can assure you that those of us who chose to invest in this space did so after great thought and personal reflection after watching other guilds struggle with the unfortunate toxicity that can plague the mid-tier. We wanted to make this guild to weed out that disease and make a good, strong base so that we may achieve our end game goals in a healthy frame of mind and with people we enjoy playing with.
So what are we looking for? Currently, we are in need of Healers- and healers with hearty offspecs for versatility. Classes we would prioritize include, but are not limited to:
  • Monk (Mistweaver)
  • Priest (Holy)
  • Paladin (Holy)
  • Shaman (Resto)
The bottom line? We are always looking for exceptional players to push high content with and have fun doing so! If you are interested or have additional questions or comments please contact Hyliia: HYLIIA#1004 or Nevali: Nevali#5081 on discord. Thank you so much for your time and happy dragon riding!
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2023.03.26 21:14 No-Contribution2018 Femboy X Bodybuilder

Hey everyone,

I'm King7Monkey, and I'm starting a new streaming show called "The Pendulum". The show features conversations between two people from completely different backgrounds and perspectives, exploring how they live their day-to-day life and the challenges they face.

For my first episode, I'm looking for a femboy and a bodybuilder who are open-minded, thoughtful, and willing to share their experiences with the world. I'm interested in exploring the unique challenges and triumphs that come with being a femboy or a bodybuilder, and how these two seemingly opposite lifestyles intersect.

If you're a femboy or a bodybuilder who's passionate about their lifestyle and would like to share your story, please shoot me a DM and tell me a bit about yourself. This is a great opportunity to have a thought-provoking conversation with someone from a completely different world, and to connect with a new audience on "The Pendulum".
Id like to start it today (March,26) at 11:30 Pm EST
if I cannot gather guests today I will shoot for tomorrow same time

Id like the show to be around 30 mins to an hour long,

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!

You can contact me Here or Via Twitter @ King7Monkey
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2023.03.26 21:14 Past-Capital-6467 pandabuy Please choose product sku

Wanted to buy a pair of of lot https://shop1372944448.v.weidian.com/item.html?itemID=4439379179&spider_token=4572 When I select the particular model and the size ist says "Please choose product sku"
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2023.03.26 21:12 Deannachu [Crystal][LFM][7of8][Static][Casual][6.3][Savage]

Due to some roster changes, we are looking for a friendly, chill RDPS for our static to finish clearing P8S. We are currently on P2 HC1/LD cleanup and NA2/HC2 prog and are no longer doing reclears of 5-7 as a group. We are LGBTQ+ friendly group. We are not looking for parses, but progression. We're here to have fun, but also want to progress. This is a casual static, but expect members to show up on time and prepared to raid so we can get great prog and then clear of this tier. We would also love for this member to stay with the static for the next tier as well!
Raid times: Tuesday 8-11 PM EST and Friday 8-11 PM EST
Current comp: WAR, PLD, WHM, SGE, RPR, MNK, BLM
Expectations: -Be on time real life stuff happens, but please let us know if you can't make it or have to be late. Good communication is important.
-Please be at least at HC1/LD prog in P8S
-Be Respectful
-Join voice for calls (mic not required, but preferred)
-Review outside of raid time, if needed.
-Understand your job/role... take the time to work on your rotation outside of raid if need be.
We are also happy to take members outside of the Crystal DC as well as long as the time works for you!
DM myself (Deannachu#7681) or our raid leader (Valruyn#9904) on discord if this sounds like a group you'd be interested in joining! 😊
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2023.03.26 21:11 Kazumi_The_Introvert (24m) Looking for new friends

Hello! I'm looking for some new friends around my age, preferably 20-28 (gender doesn't matter). I'm more of an introvert, so I find it a bit hard to go out and meet people, so why not try reddit lol. Let me introduce myself a bit...
Most people call me Savi or Ban (we can do real names later), I'm a 24yr guy in the EST timezone.
I love to try new things and like to think of myself as a jack of all trades but alas a master at none. Some of the things I am always into are learning languages, reading/writing, and all things spooky.
I love animals and have had so many over the years. I currently have two dogs and a kingsnake that I love to death. I really enjoy learning about animals and the things they do. I especially love dinosaurs and learning how they used to live.
I'd say I'm a very creative person. I'm a dungeon master for two D&D campaigns, I build fantasy worlds regularly, and I love doing written roleplays.
As far as music and tv goes, I listen to a bit of everything but my least favorite genres are rap and country. I prefer metal above everything. I don't watch too many movies but I love watching documentaries (crime, dinos, cryptids, etc.). I do watch a lot of YouTube but the channels vary heavily lol.
I love video games and have most systems, including vr. I play everything from Stardew Valley and VrChat to Dead By Daylight and DayZ. I really love survival games and chill co-op games.
Other things I think my potential friends should know would be that I don't drink or smoke. I don't care if others do, I just can't. I'm allergic and take medication so it's out of the cards for me. I'm disabled, so I don't work and have a service dog but I don't let it get the best of me. I'm bi and engaged, so if being bi in a gay relationship bothers you, we won't get along.
But that about wraps me up. If any of this has you interested in being friends, by all means DM me. I'm pretty laid back and always reply, so don't worry about being ghosted. Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.26 21:11 No-Contribution2018 Femboy X Bodybuilder

Hey everyone,

I'm King7Monkey, and I'm starting a new streaming show called "The Pendulum". The show features conversations between two people from completely different backgrounds and perspectives, exploring how they live their day-to-day life and the challenges they face.

For my first episode, I'm looking for a femboy and a bodybuilder who are open-minded, thoughtful, and willing to share their experiences with the world. I'm interested in exploring the unique challenges and triumphs that come with being a femboy or a bodybuilder, and how these two seemingly opposite lifestyles intersect.

If you're a femboy or a bodybuilder who's passionate about their lifestyle and would like to share your story, please shoot me a DM and tell me a bit about yourself. This is a great opportunity to have a thought-provoking conversation with someone from a completely different world, and to connect with a new audience on "The Pendulum".
Id like to start it Today (March,26) at 11:30 Pm EST
if I cannot gather both guests today I will shoot for tomorrow same time

Id like the show to be around 30 mins to an hour long,

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!

You can contact me Here or Via Twitter @ King7Monkey
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2023.03.26 21:11 Quant2011 Monetary Question for those smarter than me

Monetary Question for those smarter than me
Currently, fiat assets are quite large % of wealth people (and firms) hold. Fed data shows that fiat assets (bonds and currency) are this % of peoples wealth in US:
- top 0.1% richest: 14.8%
-top 1% richest: 19.7%
90-99% : 16.8%
50-90%: 15.9%
bottom 50%: 11.7%
while gold is below 0.5% (my est.) for enire US (excl. central bank)
In fact, its even more than that as pensions hold about 20% in bonds (in USA, abroad its 40%) and some mutual fund are also in bonds.
So my question is this. In hiperinflation, when fiat goes to heaven , hell or simply trash, its value drops faster than CNN credibility - are all other assets like real estate and stocks automatically overtake the monetary value previously held by fiat instruments? So if gold was 0.4% of american private wealth, it will still be 0.4% of total wealth? some are of opinion that this will be the case. In other words, if now it takes 200 oz gold to buy avg home, after USD is trash, will it also take 200 oz gold for a home?
lets say current composition is
  • 25% real estate
  • 5% consumer goods
  • 30% stocks
  • 15% pensions
  • 10% private business
  • 15% fiat
After fiat is zero, will each of the above get portion of the 15% previously occupied by fiat? Or gold will jump into this category as liquid, universally accepted monetary asset?
My view on this , commons sense suggest me, gold with silver will be where fiat was. Or at least to a big degree. Any reasons why it could not happen?
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2023.03.26 21:11 Hugh_Munguses Why does the liberal establishment generally support aid to Ukraine?

Question Background: I actually found this one kind of baffling. I mean I get it, there's a rift between the neoconservative and the traditional conservative and every subfaction in between, but the Ukraine war is one that really throws me. You'd think that the liberal establishment, after all this talk of "pulling out of wars" would be against intervention, whereas the conservative establishment would see an opportunity to fight against a principle enemy in Russia. Instead we've all flip-flopped what I expected.
Personal Background: I'm probably best described as a centrist. My liberal friends would say I lean conservative and my conservative friends would say I lean liberal. I'm of the "leave me the fuck alone variety", but I am also a military man and see Russia and China as existential threats. Regardless of whether I end up swinging totally conservative or totally progressive, I will always view Russia and China with special derision. Call me Cato the Censor -- "Carthago delenda est."
That being said, I am not keen on intervening in another conflict without some long-term plan. Afghanistan and Iraq were, in my opinion, huge wastes, and the quick pull-out was catastrophic. I also believe the emotional rhetoric of "freedom for the Ukrainian people against evil Putin!" is all window-dressing and should not be a factor in deciding whether we intervene in conflicts.
In other words: if Russia invaded China, we'd let them have it out without contributing a single dollar even if China was defending it's territorial integrity.
So my question to the liberals: why is the liberal establishment now largely for this proxy war where such unabashed support was not present for our more direct interventions a la Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc -- those of which were under conspicuously Republican administrations?
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2023.03.26 21:08 Bahgz Morning Raid Team LFM for Ulduar HM progress and beyond!

< Coffee and Karazhan > [H] Mankrik
Morning Raiding Guild
5/10 HM 25M , 9/10 HM 10M Wed & Thur 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST
Currently recruiting:
About C&K:
Raiding Times:
What You Can Expect From Us:
Loot System:
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2023.03.26 21:07 Bahgz [US][H] [Mankrik] Morning Raid Team LFM for Ulduar!

< Coffee and Karazhan > [H] Mankrik
Morning Raiding Guild
5/10 HM 25M , 9/10 HM 10M Wed & Thur 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST
Currently recruiting:
About C&K:
Raiding Times:
What You Can Expect From Us:
Loot System:
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2023.03.26 21:01 Kwecks Putting the fall in waterfall

Hello again. As some of you might remember, I run a small B&B close to a National Park with mountains, hills and forests. The vast majority of our guests are lovely (if a little boring for this particular subreddit). Here's a little gem that happened this weekend, though.
Let me introduce you to "The Girls" as they call themselves - all caps. Let's call them Mel, Liz, Laura and Cece - all in their fifties and on a little getaway from their husbands and teenage kids. They came in on Friday around 4pm and, after sitting down with me for check-in and our little "welcome to our B&B, this is the common room, feel free to use it at any time" spiel, they immediately brought out several bottles of Rosé Cava - not without offering me to join them for a glass or three. Having a few more check-ins, I politely declined, bu enjoyed seeing them getting ever merrier and even drawing another two women into their card games at the fireplace.
Loud and motherly, Mel is the self appointed "ringleader" and loves drawing everyone around her into conversation. According to her, she loves hiking a lot and food even more, "hence my figure" - which, granted, is a bit stocky. Her brown eyes framed by dark, greying curls and the hard-to-miss bright red spectacles have deep laughing lines around them.
The Girls are well-equipped for a long weekend on the trails: high end, well worn hiking boots, sustainable outdoor wear (in line with Cece's faded "Greenpeace" shirt from the 90s and Laura's vegan option for breakfast) and sensible layers for the unpredictable weather this time of year. Finally, some guests I don't have to worry about sending out into nature. The next day (Saturday), at breakfast, I recommend them my favourite hiking trail: out the door, up and around the hill with sweeping views of the forests and mountains. On the way back, following a stream to a beautiful, mirror like lake. Along the outlet on a bit of an advanced trail to a slightly hidden, cute little waterfall and back through the forest. All in all, it should take around four hours (five with breaks) - plenty of time between their start around 11am and their bookings at the restaurant next door at 6 and the sauna for 8pm.
3:15 pm - I'm in the garden pruning some plants for spring when my phone rings. It's Cece. "Hey, I'm really sorry to bother you, but Mel fell into the water. She is kind of wet..." (Muffled sounds, Mel comes on the phone. Laughing. A good sign.) "Yeah, I did a typical Mel. Listen, I can't seem to walk well. Is there any way your partner could come and pick me up? We're at the waterfall."
Why my partner (Chris)? He is active with the hiking club and as a trail maintenance volunteer has permission to drive the car on the forestry trails. Worried, I tell them to wait at the lake (closest pickup point he can drive to) and pry Chris away from ironing next week's laundry for the B&B. I can't go with him (the car's a five seater and there are four Girls), but here is what he later told me:
Arriving at the lake, he walked towards the waterfall and found the four of them in good spirits, albeit a bit cold - with not one, but TWO of them sopping wet: Mel and Liz. After some deliberation, he led Mel and Liz to the car, put a tarp on the back seats and drove them home. Apparently, Mel insisted that Laura and Cece "finish the beautiful walk for all of us" - which they did.
Back here, I received them with fresh towels and was worried to see that Mel wasn't just wet, but also limping. I offered to call emergency services (our country has good health insurance), but she declined with one of her typical laughs and opted for a shower instead. Assisted by Liz, she limped off to their apartment, the two of them leaving a trail of water and mud all the way to their door. Which, I should add, Liz offered to clean up herself - Chris, my sweet guy with a mop already in hand, wouldn't hear of it.
An hour later, after Laura and Cece had also returned and showered, The Girls were back in the common room and opting for the Mulled Wine I offered them after the cold dip they had. This time of year, the mountain streams are barely over freezing temps after all. Finally I got to hear the whole story: apparently Mel did a real classic - posing for a photo in front of the warerfall, she slipped and fell backwards into the water. Luckily, it was a stream and not a ravine. With the stream bed being muddy as well as rocky, Liz had to half-jump in herself to help Mel, who had lost her balance completely and apparently twisted her knee in the process. She got lucky not to hit her head, though, and is in good spirits.
Laughingly, they show me the "before" and "after" photos - Liz and Mel posing sopping wet and covered in mud, but clearly laughing in front of the waterfall.
After having a good dinner next door (and apparently befriending the owners), The Girls spent an hour in our sauna before opting for an early night. This morning, after breakfast, it was time for check-out. I was glad to see that Mel was doing much better, but wearing pajama pants at breakfast. She explained why, too - not that I asked, but she loves (occasionally over-)sharing. Apparently she chafed her legs badly while walking back from the waterfall to the lake in her wet pants - and the only thing she could bear wearing this morning were her PJs. At least the knee is doing much better after the sauna, apparently.
While checking out they made their next booking for a long weekend in June. "Have to finish that hike, after all!"
Gotta love The Girls.
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2023.03.26 21:01 SonofLoco 370m guild looking for new members! 20⭐ RoTE TB + 1 Reva twice per month, cPIT on farm, UK/EU/US friendly!

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2023.03.26 21:00 150thBrimlock [A3] [Recruiting] Need a warhammer unit? It needs you. The 150th BRIMLOCK DRAGOONS is looking for people to join, many roles available. No special forces. (Semi serious, OPS @ 21:00 GMT, Attendance optional with reasons given)

Unit Details:
- NA/EU based community - Semi-Realism / RP
- Dedicated Guardsman unit bearing Brimlock Dragoon lore.
- Community of 40k enthusiasts and those wanting an entertaining experience with the Warhammer 40k universe.
- Hybrid ArmouMechanised Doctrine - Chimera APCs and Leman Russ MBTs available
The main roles you can acquire in the unit are:
- Rifleman
- AT
- Medicae
- Vox Operator (Radio Operator)
- Auto Rifleman
- Weapon Specialists - Grenade Launchers, Melta Guns (WIP)
- Marksman
- Combat Engineer
- Vehicle Crewman
Additonal Information:
- Follow the rules and guidelines set out in the Unit and you'll do just fine
- Age Requirement 18+
- Recommend attending a few OPs to get your bearings and gather first impressions.
- Upon joining, select an appropriate role from the bot - recruits must fill out the Google Form to get accepted fully.
- [] Thanks for taking the time to read this ad and hopefully you'll join us soon!
People with any level of experience are welcome.
Main Operations Saturday - 8:00 PM BST / 3PM EST
Our Discord: https://discord.gg/7Au8Yakg2s
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FR : Merci de lire avant de poster

Ce forum libre permet de discuter de tout et de rien et vous permet notamment de poser vos questions génériques par rapport à la ville et la région. Si vous venez d'arriver sur Paris et que vous voulez savoir où trouver des bars, manger un Pho ou trouver des clés à molette, ce forum est pour vous !
Pour toute question un peu plus corsée (et non touristique), n'hésitez pas à créer un sujet à part.


EN : Please read before posting

If you have a simple question or tourism related one about the city, this megathread is for you!
Is the pricing of the métro confusing?
Do you want to know where you can find the shops that have that odd thing you're looking for?
The locals can help, ask away.

You should first take a look at the wikivoyage page on Paris for general information. You should also download the app Citymapper to find your way around the city.
Information regarding the Covid situation can be found on the official Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Paris Visitors Bureau websites.
The procedure to obtain a French vaccine pass can be found here. Additional information about the vaccine pass is available on the official French Administration website.


Ce sujet est généré automatiquement tous les dimanches soirs à 21h. - Archives.
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2023.03.26 20:59 mobilesuitkev 29M/USA/EST - Looking for a new friend or two to game with 😄

Hi! I'm hoping to meet a new friend or two to chat and play Xbox with. I work evenings (3pm-11pm) and am usually up until 3am chilling. I'm kinda shy at first and I do open up though :) I also don't really take games seriously or am the greatest at pvp so hopefully that's alright as well.
Some of the games I have are RDR2, Halo, MW2022, Monster Hunter Rise and World, Borderlands 3/Wonderlands, Minecraft, BF2042 and Fallout 76. I also have game pass so the options are quite a bit haha.
I'm cool with any time zone in the States/Canada, bonus points if you're a night owl too!
Hope to hear from you! 😄
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2023.03.26 20:58 Ready-Guidance8412 Se me elimino el windows 10 del pc

Se me elimino el windows 10 del pc
Necesito ayuda, me arme el pc hace poco, y me sale este error, no se la causa de este, les dejo los componentes del computador
Placa madre: GIGABYTE INTEL H410 .
Tarjeta de video: MSI GTX 1660 SUPER VENTUS XS OC.
Procesador: INTEL I5-10400F.
Ram x2: RAM 8GB 3600Mhz DDR4 Kingston Fury Renegade.
SSD: Western Digital Blue SA510 500 GB.
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2023.03.26 20:58 Less-Requirement-65 27/IST/Pc - had so many friends but l’m losing them as I’m getting older, would love to make new ones

I'm looking for people who can play games, no matter what gender you are or if you're a noob or pro (I'm noob probably)
The games I play
Paladins (free Overwatch)
Worms Rumble (just purchased)
Battlefield V
Car x Drift
Apex Legends (Can add more as long as they are free/cheap) spent enough on the build already xd I casually play whenever I get free time since I'm working and I respect your time so we can decide whatever time that suits us.
Dm me if you like
I have Discord we can shift to there
Have a great day!!
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2023.03.26 20:57 MichaelPemulis7 [LFS][PC][Crossplay][RoN] 3/26 (Today) 3:30 EST a few first timers

My two friends and I are looking to learn root of nightmares in about 40 minutes at 3:30 EST. Short notice, but we were going to do it anyways and figured looking for a Sherpa would be better.
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2023.03.26 20:56 liftedmk7 Bought my first sewing machine. Pretty stoked to start making my own custom stuff.

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