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A subreddit dedicated to madden YouTuber yoboypizza. If your looking for fun family friendly madden content look no further than yoboypizza’s channel!! (looking for mods and a banner)

2019.02.24 17:20 ogdaddy1238 Madden Mobile Gods

This subreddit is dedicated to our savior, MMG. He single-handedly decimated YoBoy Pizza, while also blessing us with Minecraft. #WeWantBella

2022.11.03 16:36 joz-goz A random guy's address

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2022.10.22 22:38 Valuable_Ad5878 thank you yoboy pizza for your content

yoboy pizza im the one you replied to i love your videos and the one with frank 1000 pack opening when you got stephon gilmore i couldnt stop watching it
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2022.04.18 22:53 Unlikely_Airline_269 QB Kick Return Guesses

I am currently doing an idea fused from YoBoy Pizza's 32 QB 1 time kick return bracket and Lazarbeam's QB kick return series. If you feel like it, leave your predictions in the comments.

PS: Lamar is not currently winning.
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2021.12.22 04:20 Additional_Swing6147 Madden 22 Next Gen Xbox Fantasy Draft

Next gen fantasy draft. A league preferably like KayKayes or Yoboy Pizza. As many users as possible. Dm if interested.
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2021.06.19 18:17 Superniemann101 Fantasy Draft

Trying to start a fantasy draft on xbox with 32 teams. Going to be similar to YoBoy Pizza with the 4th down rules. If you don’t know them it’s basically no 4th down unless you’re 4th and short or in the end of the fourth quarter. Only drafting the first 5 rounds rest are sim.
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2020.02.05 21:27 JamesFactor15 Favorite Madden Youtubers

There is some small gems out there like CKbirds out there who has very interesting concepts, but my personal favorite is YoBoy PIZZA he used to be quite annoying but now that he got used to doing YouTube he mellowed out a little and he features his friends more who had a nice comic relief and he’s funnier now and has more of an identity because he’s got a lot of series and different types of videos.RBT is another good one who has nice ideas and executes them nicely and he’s quite funny as well. TDBarrett might be the worst of all though he is annoying and all he does on his channel is challenge the “best” madden players and his videos are getting annoying and stale. Please share your opinions and who you like and dislike below
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2018.09.19 16:36 AndyHutchins Daily MUTterings (September 19, 2018): I Leveled Up

New Rookie Stars: Garett Bolles and Malik Hooker

This week's Rookie Stars — which followed this week's Team of the Week cards in being revealed a night before their release via an EA blog post — are LT Garett Bolles and FS Malik Hooker.
This should especially please owners of the Rookie Premiere Garett Bolles from MUT 18, which never got an upgrade beyond a 74 OVR Team of the Week card. (Three MUT 17/18 Rookie Premiere cards — Bolles, Jonathan Allen, and O.J. Howard — have now gotten Rising Stars cards in MUT 19.)
These are the first Rising Stars this fall to get 81 OVR base cards and 87 OVR Final Editions, and those 87 OVR cards are consequently arguably the closest of the Rising Stars crop to starter-quality cards on high-end teams.
Hooker has good height (6'2"), Speed (86), and Acceleration (89) for a FS, and actually compares favorably to the 88 OVR version of Sean Taylor in every back-of-card stat but Play Recognition, Pursuit, and Hit Power. The 87 OVR Bolles, meanwhile, is arguably the best run-blocker at LT in the game, an interesting distinction at a position dominated by pass-blockers.
You can get one 81 OVR version of Bolles and/or Hooker from two new non-repeatable Rising Stars sets that require two Silver Tokens each.
I still think the investment on these cards is far too steep for most players, much less judicious investors, but getting to higher-OVR players just five weeks into a program that could very well run all fall means that there might be 89 and 90 OVR players in the works — and if those players end up including a wider swath of second-year studs, we could see some very good Rookie Stars later this fall.

Solo Battles Finally Return

After Monday's technical issues with Solo Battles and EA's make-rights on Tuesday, the Solo Battles for this week are finally actually available, with the Featured Battle against YouTuber YoBoy Pizza returning and four different teams available to me on Xbox than were available on Monday.
The scoring requirements for this week have also been adjusted downward, though the requirements remain the same from the nine-Battle week that was rolled out in the wake of the Jacksonville shooting.
Level Score Requirement
Ultimate 175,000
Elite 140,000
Gold 105,000
Silver 85,000
Bronze 50,000
Veteran 25,000
Pro 10,000
Rookie 3,500
Unranked 0
Because there's only one refresh available this week, you should be able to play all nine Battles at any point on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, so long as you log in before Friday to see this first batch of Battles for the week.

Patrick Mahomes II Getting Power Up On Friday

During this morning's Madden stream by EA on Twitch, Guru revealed a big piece of news: Patrick Mahomes II is getting a Power Up on Friday.
Guru explained that only briefly — you'll need his Core Gold, his Rising Stars card, and his TOTW card, per Guru, which ... isn't exactly news, given that we know how Power Ups work? — but a new Power Up for Mahomes quite possibly portends more than a few new Power Ups.
Expect every card related to Mahomes to get far more expensive in the next few days — Core Gold Mahomes cards have very recently been posted for 52K, 57K, and 60.5K on the Xbox Auction House, and the one for 52K sold — and expect the Mahomes Power Up to be one of the game's best QBs due to his prodigious Throw Power.

Today's To-Dos

As always, comments, corrections, and feedback are welcome.
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2018.09.17 16:45 AndyHutchins Daily MUTterings (September 17, 2018): It's the Same Here

New Flashbacks Kam Chancellor, Heavyweights Daryl Williams, Veterans Derrick Johnson

This week's new Flashbacks card is a 90 OVR Kam Chancellor with 84 Speed and 94 Hit Power; notably, his Flashbacks card having 89 Tackle means his Power Up should have 90 Tackle, and thus be able to get Secure Tackler.
This week's new Heavyweights card is a 90 OVR Daryl Williams that sits comfortably among the best three or four RT cards in the game.
This week's new Veterans card is an 88 OVR Derrick Johnson, who is slow and bad relative to the wealth of very good MLB options even at this point in the year.
I've seen both the Chancellor and Williams on the Xbox Auction House, so they're definitely live in packs; haven't seen the Johnson yet, possibly because no one is pulling for a Raiders Derrick Johnson.
Because the Chancellor is a very good card and almost certainly the last Chancellor released in MUT this year — I really don't envision EA giving a just-retired player more than one "new" card a cycle, so don't expect another Vontae Davis, either — it is likely that Elite Token pieces are about to get at least a minor bump today.

Sunday Switch-Ups

Sunday's only changes to the game were the ones we expected based on recent weeks:
I think you get why I don't write a Daily MUTterings on Sundays.

Week 7 Objectives List + Squads Challenges Available

There's a new Week 7 Objectives List available as of today. The "earn 50 Training Points" objective returns from last week, the Battle Points objective is up to 35,000 points (...but probably still bugged such that completing a single Solo Battle completes it), and the hard ("hard") objective of the stat total trio is getting three sacks in a single game.
In total, completing the Week 7 Objectives list should reward 20,500 Coins and seven Series 1 Trophies.
This week's Squads Challenges pit you against "the Legends of the Wild West" — apparently, this consists of Washington, the Broncos, and the Cowboys, which ... maybe tells you something off top about why this was an iffy concept? Having waited quite a while late Sunday to get into matches for these Squads Challenges, I would suggest you complete them today or tomorrow, if possible.

Solo Battles Update

So I finished No. 25 in Solo Battles on Xbox this week (yay for me!) on my main account, and would likely have been near the fringe of the Top 100 on my second account if not for the aforementioned DNF. I guess this proves the validity of not just the methods I'm using but my execution of them.
Given that, I'm going to try to get this long-rumored Solo Battles guide out over the next two days. And I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!
Update: While Solo Battles rewards should have gone out in waves beginning very shortly after the Store reset this Monday, as is their usual cadence, that will not be the case today, as Kraelo advises that they are not dropping today.
This week's first batch of Solo Battles — featuring YouTuber YoBoy Pizza as the Featured Opponent — are available to be played, but Kraelo notes that he's gotten feedback about problems with them, so maybe hold off if you're inclined to play them right now.
As always, comments, corrections, and feedback are encouraged.
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2018.07.18 16:45 Royvin YoBoy PIZZA vs Antonio Brown 1 on 1 ....ankles get broken

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2018.06.17 14:05 hamat711 Anybody else notice that most big MUT youtubers hardly even play mut anymore? Toke and VictionaryHD are the only ones who are level 52 with at least 100k subs.

Honestly it's not hard hitting level 52 if you play a few games every other day. I don't blame them because we haven't had good content since the NFL Draft. Seems like half of them started playing Fortnite or other games because they actually keep the game fresh.
Since their most recent upload, here are the levels for all Youtubers with 100k subs
  1. YoBoy Pizza - Level 24
  2. Jmelflo Level 50
  3. MMG - Level 45
  4. ThatWalker - Level 43
  5. TD Presents - Level 42
  6. Antodaboss - Level 45
  7. RBT - Level 33
  8. Kaykayes - Level 48
  9. Cullenburger - Level 50
  10. MrGoldenMut - Level 50
  11. MikeMAACC - Level 50
* Gutfoxx - Level 51 ( I know he doesn't have 100k but thought I should add)
Forgive me if I missed any.
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2017.11.16 21:26 BFORTHEV YoBoy PIZZA comments on one of my videos

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2016.12.17 07:44 UnderwhelmingOrgasm YoBoy Pizza is the biggest disgrace of a Madden Youtuber on the planet

I came across one of his videos again unintentionally, and I think a fire fueled by hatred just lit inside of me. I don't even know where to start. For one, his channel was built on stealing other people's content. Obviously, there have been numerous amounts of Youtubers that have used the Madden Challenge format that Lazarbeam made popular. But your fucking bro pizza had made literally hundreds of these unoriginal challenge videos, and they are the sole reason that he has the main amount of subscribers he does. The thing that really bugged me though was his blatant theft of that position vs position series that Not the Expert started. Pizza took a unique idea that wasn't his and is fucking milking it as much as he can. Also, the way he formats his titles are so ridiculous. He can't even be consistent with the all caps and just randomly capitalizes words. WOULDN'T you agree THAT THIS looks KINDA weird? I think the worst thing about Pizza is his inept sense of humor, or lack thereof. I am having flashbacks to those kids in school that think they are really funny and make jokes all class long but nobody laughs. Pizza has got to be one of those people. You can't force a sense of humor, and I promise you it is obvious that Pizza is doing that. The way he talks is just dreadful in general. He and Toke seem to share a similar problem with volume control. EVERY SENTENCE DOES NOT NEED TO BE YELLED FOR NO REASON! Pizza is the epitome of every shitty Madden Youtuber cliche that exists. I've never been suicidal, but YoBoy Pizza is kinda making it look appealing. Fuck him man.
tl;dr - Watching YoBoy Pizza is about as painful as ripping out your own fingernails and stabbing them into your eyeballs
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