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How to Watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Online For Free?

2023.03.26 20:35 Traditional_Bison162 How to Watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Online For Free?

Marvel’s Movie! Here’s options for downloading or watching Black Panther 2 streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit,1movies, 9movies and yes movies, including where to watch the science fiction at home. Is Black Panther 2 2022 available to stream? Is watching Black Panther 2 on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option / service.

Watch Now: Black Panther 2 Full Movie Free Online

Following the death of King T’Challa, played by the late Chadwick Boseman, this movie follows Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett), Shuri (Letitia Wright), M’Baku (Winston Duke), Okoye (Danai Gurira), and the Dora Milaje as they band together to protect Wakanda from intervening world powers. “Black Panther 2” has sailed past the $1.1 billion mark at the global box office.

Details on how to watch Black Panther 2: Wakanda forever Streaming online for free all year long are provided.
If you’re a comic book fan, you will want to take advantage of this! The plot centers around Black Panther: Wakanda Forever streaming for free, trying to get home after becoming lost on an unknown planet.
With spectacular graphics and an exciting story, Black Panther 2 is undoubtedly a film you don’t want to miss! Additionally, our website offers Black Panther: Wakanda Forever online free.
Eventually, there is a plan to add Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever to Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+ service in the near future. This may be true, but no official announcement regarding the streaming of the show has yet been made even though it is true.
Release of Black Panther 2 (Wakanda Forever) in the US
When will Black Panther: Wakanda Forever be available? Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the latest movie in Phase Four of the MCU, made its global debut on October 26, 2022, at Hollywood’s El Capitan Cinema and Dolby Theatre.

On November 11, 2022, it became an available-to-purchase item in the US.
How to watch Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever for free
Release on a website with a free trial. We recommend our readers against ever accessing content online without paying for it and never using illegal tactics.
Where to Watch Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever free:Online
There aren’t any platforms available to watch Black Panther 2 online.
As a result of the film’s massive popularity, MAPPA has opted to release it exclusively in cinemas.

On the other hand, the studio wants to refrain from redirecting money since streaming the film would reduce their earnings.
No streaming providers are thus permitted to provide Black Panther 2 Movie for free. However, platforms like Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll would likely purchase the movie. Finally, which channels are most likely to release the film globally?

How to watch Black Panther 2 Online In The US?
Top IMDb Movies Online, Most Popular, Most Watched and Rated. Here, we may download and watch 123Movies movies.

The most excellent choice to see Black Panther 2 for free online in 2023 is the 123Movies website. The most effective Solarmovie substitute is 123Movies. Black Panther 2 may be seen online in the US in a few different ways.

Use a streaming platform like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Netflix. The movie is available on Google Play and iTunes for purchase or rental.

If you have cable, you can stream it to your TV or streaming device on demand or through a streaming app.

How To Watch Black Panther 2 Free Streaming on Reddit?
You can watch Black Panther 2 on Reddit without having to create an account or supply your credit card information. Click the play button below to begin viewing the film immediately. There are also no advertising or pop-ups here; instead, you’ll find great material! So why not watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever online right now? It’s completely free and easy.

Watch on : Black Panther 2 Full Movie Free Online

Do you want to watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever online for free? 123movies, Reddit, and google drive all have Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. You may now watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 2022 free here on Hulu!. Click the play button below to begin watching Black Panther Two streaming online. There’s no need to register or provide credit card information!

Does Netflix offer Black Panther 2?
The streaming behemoth’s colossal television and film library does not have “Black Panther 2.” The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is just one of the dark fantasy movies we advise our readers to watch.

Does Hulu provide Black Panther 2?
“Black Panther 2” is not accessible for watching on Hulu. Subscribers may access Afro Samurai Resurrection and Ninja Scroll.

Does Crunchyroll have Black Panther 2?
Crunchyroll and Funimation, who will be in charge of its distribution in North America, have acquired the movie’s rights.

Therefore, we suggest that our readers check the streamer for the movie in the following months. Customers also get access to dark fantasy shows like “Jujutsu Kaisen.”

Does Amazon Prime have Black Panther 2?
The current list of Amazon Prime movies does not contain “Black Panther 2.” In the following months, the film could finally become available on the site as video-on-demand—fantasy movies on the official Amazon Prime page.

The first “Dororo” episode may be seen if you want to see anything similar.

Does Funimation have Black Panther 2?
Its official website, Crunchyroll, could soon add the film to its library. Suppose they wish to see anything similar in the interim. In that case, viewers can access “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train.”

When Will Black Panther 2 Be on Disney+?
The movie has yet to receive a streaming release date. According to Deadline, the Disney+ launch is scheduled for 2023.

Based on Black Panther 2’s popularity, the film will have a longer than the 45-day theatrical window, which will keep it in theaters until the end of the year.

The sequel may debut on Disney+ at the earliest in January or February. As soon as it becomes available, we’ll let you know.

What is The Black Panther 2 About?
Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, and more appear in the ensemble cast.

A young woman who lives in a business town in the year 2250 in the movie begins to think that the man in charge of it is keeping a terrible secret from her.

Watch Here: https://123topmovies.com/en/movie/505642/black-panther-wakanda-forever
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2023.03.26 20:24 FiauraTanks Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (FanFic) - Final (Nature of Predators FanFic)

Back First
As I discovered yesterday I will have to be more precise when posting these in the future, yes there is something else in the words but apparently you cannot edit the title of the post on this website, good to know.
Anyway, I thank you all for your comments so far, they brightened my days this week. Please, let me know what you think when you finish, I would be delighted to hear it; good or bad.

Memory Transcription: Captain Neil Campbell, United Nations ‘Black Watch’ Company #4
Date [standardized human time]: December 4, 2136
“Make very shot count, we don’t have much left!” Campbell shouted over his radio then fired at a couple of muzzle flashes in the night. Many of his troopers were using their night vision gear while others hadn’t brought it with them or had seen it shot to pieces in the fighting.
The difference between them and their enemy, they could pull back, regroup and come back. Campbell's troopers were running out of lines to retreat to. Slowly their ring around their anti-orbital interceptors had gotten tighter and tighter. Their sams fired their final missiles at a fighter and managed a final air kill. The fighter crashing into the Black Watch’s previous position now occupied by Arxur, turning them into a trail of flames, ash, and body parts.
The world around Campbell was loud chaos. Yet to him, it wasn't chaotic, it was a strange symphony, one he had prepared for and rehearsed all his life.
Campbell pulled up his rifle and fired off a few shots on his queue. Next to him a trooper was using an Arxur weapon, his own weapon having run out of ammunition. Only one mortar was still firing but Campbell wondered how many shells they had left. The Mortar was located behind them, at their "Keep". The final defense line.
Campbell saw a trooper stand up with a light AA missile only to get torn apart by a plasma shot to his face. The Arxur had learned suppression fire was useless against the discipline of the watch. Instead, they would fire off shots for their attention and then deliver a plasma shot to try to kill whoever retaliated.
Campbell picked up the missile and took aim, then sprung, fired the shot and got down before a plasma bolt whizzed where he had been seconds before. He was rewarded with an explosion and the follow up boom of a gunship slamming into the ground. The feeling of magnetism died around him.
As if the electricity in the air were suddenly ripped away. Campbell knew that was the railgun being de-powered. Its generator hit and that left them with no anti-orbital guns left or interceptors. Finally the Arxur could launch a bomb on their site and they could not stop it.
“Whose left, sound off!” His final twenty troopers replied, one after the other. He had to listen carefully above the echoes of gunshots. The original ninety-nine plus him and the Americans, reduced to twenty.
“Fall back to the keep, all troopers, fall back to the Keep.” Campbell repeated and started to move through their indentations in the ground, not really trenches but enough one could stay lower than the plane of the ground. Just enough for cover, they did not have proper time to build a real trenchline sadly.
Campbell checked his pocket for his dead man's switch, he turned it on and wrapped his belt around it to hold the switch down, then shoved it into his pocket.
They moved for the communications tent, it had an overhang of rock to cover them from above. The engineers had built a ring around it, through solid granite to make trench in the rock. Those that got there would form their final line of defense.
Campbell felt his arm, the cybernetic take another hit and fly off into the pre-dawn darkness. He shifted and resisted the instinct to go find it. It was lost to the brush and fog of war now. He arrived at the keep with his sidearm firing shot after shot, having to reload it one handed.
Only eight troopers made it to the line. Zim came charging out, firing a pistol and screaming in defiance, “Die Predator Scum!” She dove into the trench next to Campbell and continued to rise and fire, fumbling to reload when the rifle failed to keep shooting.
Campbell tossed her the last grenade he had, no longer really able to pull the pin. "Make it count!"
Zip grabbed it, yanked the pin, and chucked the time-bomb, right into a charging Arxur’s mouth and he swallowed before being torn into mist and shrapnel. Those standing near him getting peppered with the fragments pushing out of their comrade.
Campbell fired off his pistol as shape after shape of gray appeared from the darkness. The gunshots near him slowly getting fewer and fewer.
Zim laid against the trench wall beside him, pulling the trigger of her rifle. She was bleeding from an uncountable number of places and her dominant arm was hanging by her side. She was using one of her insectoid legs in place of the unnaturally twisted limp. She was bleeding from multiple places. Her rifle clicked, Campbell paused to reach over and unload the magazine for her, then slammed a new one in and she racked the bolt as he patted her on the head to indicate it was good to go.
The vestiges of dawn's light peaked over the top of the Caldera and they fought on. The entire ridge had been turned to rock-slides burying Arxur under them, now showing the desecration of nature's beauty turned into carnage. A forest fire had started and was burning out as the napalm and diesel fuel had done their job.
Black Watch lay strewn with hundreds of Arxur bodies around them. Campbell stopped hearing the crack of ’s rifle. “See you on the other side, .” Campbell felt a pang of regret for the Tilfish Mayor whom he had voluntold to be here. She was gone now, no longer could the Arxur make her suffer and she had died for her people. "You became the bravest I ever knew."
A whoosh and the feeling of extreme heat behind him had him ducking for cover. It was then he realized he couldn’t hear anything but ringing in his ears. He looked back to see the cave entrance collapsed, likely under the emergency explosives by Thompson. His helmet fell to the ground, the camera pointed back at him, watching him now as he worked down the trench firing his pistol, using the weight of it to count his remaining rounds.
A rush of adrenaline was pushing him on, despite the fact he could no longer see out of one of his eyes, half his vision just gone. He lost count of his ammo and the number of Arxur that had fallen to him.
To him it just meant he no longer had to close an eye to aim.
He saw an Arxur, nearly upon him. He pulled up his pistol and it did not fire, he looked at it to see the slide in the locked back position. Without hesitating he threw the weapon at the approaching Arxur. It smacked into the gray’s face and caused it to stagger away from aiming the rifle at him and instead to fall over when the footing became untenable.
Campbell grabbed an Arxur weapon on the ground. Just as the Arxur he hit with the pistol sat up, he put a plasma-bolt through its skull. He continued firing shot after shot, hating the slower rate of fire and feeling of heat coming off the weapon. Campbell sent three more Arxur to the ground.
Finally the rifle clicked as six Arxur approached his weapons upon him. He was bleeding from a searing burning on his temple. His shoulder had been punched but without the cybernetic arm, it didn’t make much difference. Campbell knew he was beat and fell back onto his butt, sitting down and laying against rock wall behind him.
He felt the switch in his pocket shift and went to grab it, the belt was still holding it place, just barely. It would only take a shove against it to push the belt off now. He set the switch under his thigh, against his hamstring. He secured the switch under his leg. He was sitting there, taking out his nearly empty flask of whiskey. The sounds of battle died down as he swirled the remaining liquid inside. He looked down to see his body armor had stopped three rounds by sheer luck. The rounds had hit in vastly different spots and he hadn't even noticed he'd been hit since the cyber arm had been shot off. Somehow, none had penetrated him. “Human, it is over. Surrender.”
He looked up at the speaking Arxur and considered it. They looked as exhausted as he did. Several of them were sporting wounds and bandages, thrown back into combat. He nodded to the Arxur as he slumped against the trench wall.
“Up.” One of them commanded.
Campbell laughed much to the Arxur's confusion. Campbell ignored him and casually unscrewed his whiskey flask with his lips. He took the last swig of his favorite malt. While the reptile got frustrated and jumped into the trench with him. He dropped the empty flask onto the ground between his legs and made a show of reaching for it.
“No… I don’t think I will.” He replied, sitting up and holding the detonator for the Arxur to see. His thumb now holding down the dead-man's switch. All the explosives for Sims special surprise ready to go. The Arxur looked horrified at him holding the dead man’s switch. “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit.” He spoke, two Arxur shots rang out, bullets piercing his heart and lungs. They did not know it was a bomb that would go off if he leg go of the switch.
They watched the beeping light of the switch roll between Campbell's legs to ting against his flask in the dirt. Then the light stopped.
The world as the Arxur knew it became fire, fury, and flashes. A series of explosions rippled across the Caldera. Everything a military explosives expert with a forty year long career knew how to do, was exploding.
One explosion would go off, only to set off a container of fuel to add a fireball to it and the heat would trigger several rounds of Tilfish weapons they had seized from the heat cooking it off, giving off a plasma ball. The scene repeated over and over again. Anfo, deisel fuel, incendiary rounds, Tilfish plasma, and grenades no one could carry, turned into a final send off. The Arxur scrambled to get out only to be hit by more explosives as the keep turned to a rock-slide. They had been very careful and precise to not set the charges in a way to cave in the tunnels their flock whom they were protecting were in. No explosives were within 100 meters of the entrance or any part of the tunnel that might strain it. The recording started to fade from the virtual reality simulation.
The Teacher’s Voice took over for the recording as she turned the speaker off. Her adult version of events was much more graphic than her students but it gave her extra insight into a time when all was war and chaos. The Tilfish teacher had to be prepared to answer their questions and try to tone it down for the children.
This was something the Tilfish knew she would have to steel herself for if she was to witness the events and answers her pupil’s questions. She read from the script provided by the museum to bring the class out of the simulation. As child after child ranging from grade one to four, took off their VR helmet when their individual specialized version was finished depending upon age, species, and culture.
“But Campbell was turned to ash along with most of the rest of the Black Watch bodies and Arxur on the surface. The death toll was 99 Black Watch, 11 3rd Armored Cavalry, and 1 Tilfish Mayor for 9,729 Arxur Dead, 1,277 Wounded, and 303 Missing.
"Leftenant Williams would be found in the destroyed hull of the Eisenhower IFV. He had tried to get the vehicle working before his injuries put him unconscious again. In the state of his concussion he did not realize the vehicle was inoperable. He was found alive and rushed to a UN ship for emergency medical attention. He would survive and become a teacher like me.
"Two days after Campbell’s last stand; Tia, Jellio, Cleland and Hanover would make their way into the cave to join the refugees inside. On their way in, they would find the artifact of the battle, the only surviving part of any of the Black Watch members." The teacher had to smile, avoiding the fact she meant in the literal apart of their body sense. The children would realize it at some point.
"All total survivors who had been inside the Caldera; 30 Arxur raiders, 22 of the Black Watch Company #4, twenty of which were the ones escorting the civilians into the caves. In addition to this, 1 3rd Cavalry Tanker, and 4,200 Tilfish Civilians plus 2 Tilfish Volunteers.”
Sitting in the museum were fifty children from a variety of species. A system of AI that approximated things based upon eyewitness accounts, algorithms, photographs, and footage available to create all the memory engrams. Then turned it into a more enchanting story with less blood and violence than the events that their teacher watched.
This exhibit before them was called, “The Black Watch.” It was carefully curated and preserved by the Tilfish Cultural History Restoration Society. The hand was really most of a cybernetic human arm from nearly one hundred years ago. It was inside a stasis field, still wrapped in the fragments of military fatigues it was found in. The hand was placed upright into a supporting mold and the fingers had been made into an approximation of a thumbs up.
An alarm went off as the Tilfish teacher reached down to look at her phone, 3:00 pm local time. “Alright class, let’s get to the transports so we can get all of you home.” As the children filed out, three approached the glass case and looked at the cybernetic hand inside.
On the outside, near the wrist of the human cybernetic arm were words inscribed there.
‘A Scot loved a Yank, that is how your grandmothers met. Remember, from them, it matters not what you look like inside or out, but what you do that you should be judged by.’
The words were faded on the inscription but the stasis field had managed to keep them legible since the arm was found. A holographic display called up while the three near the glass to show the arm in it's absolute pristine state it had once been in.
The three children were all of different species as they leaned in close, the human broke their silence. “So it really did happen like great-grandma said it did.”
The Tilfish smiled, “Well yes, we wouldn't be here if our ancestors were not taking cover in those tunnels. We have pictures of our family in there before our grandparents met.” They both turned to their friend, Julless.
The Arxur looked down in shame, she looked away from her friends and rubbed at the back of her hand nervously, “My… ancestor was there, trying to kill your’s.”
Leia Cleland reached up and lifted up Julless’s head to face her two friends, she still tried to look away as they both smiled at Julless warmly and nodded, “Yes but that is in the past and you are not those people.” Leia smiled as Helena stepped forward on her many legs. “Yeah, look, you are our friend and honestly, that is all that counts with us. Come on, let’s not miss the transport, maybe it can stop at the park. We can play predator and prey if you want.”
Juless smiled at Julia and turned from the Tilfish to the Human, “Hey don’t look at me, I’ll have fun so long as you don’t actually bite me or my sister.”
The group took a moment to take in everything around them. The various pieces of history on display for a single battle called, Tal Reach's Last Stand.
The room full of artifacts from that day had fascinated the children. The broken down and nearly destroyed Eisenhower IFV. Pictures of where Williams had laid and the armored vehicle crews happy and doing maintenance. The display read: "A Tank is a Tanker's Home."
The next display was a blood stained bible surrounded photographs of Grissen and O’Malley talking. Footage from O'Malley's helmet set on the desk, played with audio to headphones to show the conversation they had. The display was called: "Found friends, now in heaven."
Dozens of pieces of combat footage on a variety of screens though many were covered due to their graphic nature with an age warning next to them.
One that was left open was the harrowing walk of the recon squad survivors to get through the booby-trapped caves. The entire film was nearly two hours long and showed the footage from the helmets of them traversing the caves. It was a horror movie but suddenly turned into a relief when the radios could penetrate the rock and call down. A horror movie with a happy ending full of hugs and cheers called, "A Walk through The Shadow of Death".
The twisted remains of Thompson’s radio. The recon squad fire-team B’s detonator. Dozens of dog tags from the various members were on display with the cannon to the War Kitty sitting across the length of the display, a piece of wood and several insectoid stations to sit on as a new bench. Literally sitting upon a piece of history to show it's size and weight.
“Oh come on, Leia, Juless would never. My sister is just teasing, come on, the last one to the transport is a rotten egg!” Helena grabbed onto Juless’s clawed hand and Leia’s human one with her mandibles leading them through the halls at a brisk pace from where the centerpiece of Tal Reach's Last Stand.
"A Highlander’s Hand."
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2023.03.26 20:23 clrflbrwn Mental Health Support Needed For Sister

Hi all,
I’m wondering what I can do to help my sister as she’s experiencing a mental health crisis. We live in Minnesota and she’s 21 (I’m 20 and we both live at home with our family as that’s regular in our culture).
Ever since she started her new job a month ago, she’s been having somewhat concerning behavior. She obsessively worries about every single text or conversation she has with her coworkers, and tried to dissect and analyze everything. It got to a whole new level of concerning on Thursday. She had wanted to get therapy for a while so she had a psych evaluation scheduled on that day. Ever since she got back, she’s been saying more and more concerning things. She said she thinks she has dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and BPD. She also thinks our whole family had BPD. Mind you, none of us have ever been diagnosed with anything. She told our younger sister that ADHD medication is given to smart people by the government to dumb them down.
The worst part is that since Friday night, she’s been convinced that she is a subject of a psychiatric experiment that came from her workplace, and everyone she is in contact with (her coworkers, friends, and family) are in on it. She even thinks our cat is in on it. She’s sabotaging her job and friendships. For the last month she hasn’t been sleeping well, but these past few days she only sleeps for a few hours and she hardly eats anything. She isn’t functioning at all; she only texts people, writes things down in her notes app, and has concerning conversations with people or just says things out loud in her room alone.
I’ve tried to do many things, but nothing has worked. I called her therapist office hoping that she could get an earlier appointment, but they rudely told me they don’t have any openings and if I want help I should call a crisis line. When I called the crisis line they said she has to call herself since she’s 21. She called them herself but only talked to them about anxiety and stress, and they just told her to get a therapist. The bad thing is she doesn’t see that she had as bad of a problem as she does since she thoroughly believes the study thing and can’t be convinced otherwise. Whenever we try to get her to think more rationally, she says she’s tired and makes everyone leave her alone. We even brought her to the ER (we wanted to bring her because of her mental health but she agreed because her heart hurt) but when we got there they only checked her heart but there was nothing wrong so they sent us home.
My family just doesn’t know what to do and if anyone could help that would be great, thanks!
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2023.03.26 19:59 jaxmyraj0 How should I explain death to my son?

My son is 12 years old. He can read & write but is non-conversational. He can understand more than he can tell us.
We found out before Xmas that our cat had very aggressive cancer and needed to be put to sleep. I wasn't sure how to explain it, so I was very direct, "MeMo is very sick and it hurts. She can't get better. So I am taking her to the cat doctor but she's not coming home."
We later got a new kitten (and he fell in love with her). But kept asking us, concerned, "NuNus go to cat doctor?"
I assumed he thought she wasn't coming back, so I spoke w the vet ahead of time. I brought my son with with me to pick the kitten up after she got fixed. The vet came out and told my son, "Newt (NuNus) is very healthy and will live with you for a long time."
My son has an old baby book that he loves - tactile book. And there's a cat that looks like Mo (MeMo) in the book. He says a lot of "pet MeMo MeMo doctor," etc.
I then tried even more direct, "do you understand what dead means?" He gave me a look like, "akkkk," and ran off to play X-Box.
Should I let him work this out? I ask because his favorite person in the world is his grandfather and he is getting older and having some health concerns.
I know I cannot prevent sadness but I want to properly prepare him and hopefully get him to stop dwelling on Mo's death. We are not religious people. I have a hard enough time convincing him I carried him inside me let alone delve into an afterlife.
Is there anything else you would recommend?
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2023.03.26 19:49 throwaway_cheapskate UPDATE: My (M32) wife (F31) thinks I don’t love her because I want her to pay for half of our shared expenses

It’s been a year since my last post so I wanted to give an update to my previous post:
Thanks everyone for your input in the previous post. Sorry I couldn’t respond to much of anything. I had posted it at night, went to work the next day, and by the time I got home and started responding to a few comments, the post had been locked. I read through all the comments and I appreciate the ones giving advice, but to the ones trying to find holes and making wild assumptions, slow your roll a bit. We knew each others financial situations before we got married and have talked plenty about financial goals. I know everyone wanted us to have a shared account already, but we can’t change the past so all of this is based on the reality of separate accounts.
My wife and I discussed the issue further. I explained that I didn’t really want her to pay half of the expenses but I only wanted to discuss and ask how I am actually being a cheapskate. She admitted that she said some things she didn’t really mean in the heat of the moment. She apologized for her name calling and we were able to have a rational conversation. A lot of people jumped on the 100% pay = 100% love comment so I asked her what she meant and she took it back and said she was wrong to say it. She has been doing better about calling me names and I really haven’t heard it at all for the past year.
I asked if there were any deeper issues bothering her (thanks for the suggestion) and she said that she would like some additional outings or a vacation. With Covid, we really haven’t done much in the past two years. We agreed that we should start getting out more. We have been trying out one new restaurant each week. We took a vacation last year and we are planning some more trips this year. She also wanted more hugs.
We discussed that having a shared account with a 55/45 contribution ratio would be fair and the remaining would go to individual accounts. We still don’t think it’s for us for various reasons, but we are still discussing it, and eventually we realize if we have kids, it’s going to end up like that anyway.
We sat down and went through the budget together. We realized that I had made a mistake and copied my own salary for her section so it looked like she had a bit more leftover (sorry everyone). She plugged in her numbers and we looked through it. We decided that until we are comfortable with the shared account, property taxes and home repairs would be split 55/45 and I would continue covering everything else. We are happy and at peace with this resolution. We still sit down each month to plug in our expenses into our budget and see where we are at.
This really had nothing to do with the advice I was looking for, but many people were asking for more information so I’ll fill you in so you can get closure and stop making assumptions.
Shared expenses included home insurance, car insurance, health insurance, water, electricity, heating, internet, property taxes, and home repairs.

Me Her
Shared expenses $1700 $0
Groceries/Restaurants $300 $300
Gifts/fun money/misc $200 $200
Gasoline $100 $100
Parking $0 $100
401K $1750 $1750
Roth IRA $500 $500
I-Bonds $850 $850
Total Expenses $5400 $3800
Monthly pay (after tax) $5600 $4600
Remaining $200 $800
With our new system, property tax and home repair costs are split so it’s about $650 /$450 leftover respectively.
We have no mortgage. When we bought the house, we were married and my wife paid 2/3 of the house, I paid 1/3 ($160k/80k). If we ever sell, she will take 2/3 of the sale and I will take 1/3. The house is in both our names. It was never my intent to ask for EVERYTHING to be 50/50, but some of you told me I should pay her to true up to 50/50. I brought it up in conversation to see if that’s what she wanted, but she said that would be a bad deal because she’d rather have the higher percentage of an increased house price if anything ever happened.
We have no car payments. I drive a 16 year old car and she drives a 10 year old car.
The item my wife broke and needed to be replaced was the garage door. She ran into it with her car. She fixed her car immediately. The initial quote for the garage door was about $1300, but with the supply chain issues the costs increased and we ended up paying $1600 after three months of stalling.
I work about 50-55 hours/week. My wife works 40-45.
We both buy groceries and we both agreed that she likely spends a little more than I do, but we never really tracked until now. We both pay for restaurants with each other. Sometimes she pays, sometimes I pay. This is something we have never argued about and we usually alternate and it feels fair to both of us.
I don’t have any expensive hobbies, I’m happy making and eating homemade sandwiches everyday, and I don’t go on any shopping sprees. I really live a simple life as explained in the previous post.
We split chores. She cooks most of the time (but not every day), I do yardwork, snow shoveling, home repairs. We have a robot vacuum, we do our own laundry, and we share other cleaning tasks.
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2023.03.26 19:14 whatisthatblinking Went out Friday night, had an eye-opening experience.

I went to a late movie showing at a small theatedrafthouse on Friday, the first time I've been to the movies in probably 6 or 7 years, and the first time I've been in a bar since I stopped drinking. I'm at a point where I'm not tempted being around alcohol, so I didn't really expect any issues. But man, was the theater crowd rowdier than I naively anticipated: loudly laughing & talking over the film, yelling lines before they were said (it was a special event, so not a new release), getting up for more drinks 3-4 times, spilling popcorn & beer.
I still enjoyed the movie, but I was more than ready to get home to bed afterward - and then on the way out, ran into some friends I used to drink with but hadn't seen in a few years. I was genuinely happy to see them, and they seemed excited to see me, but the whole interaction felt almost surreal. I don't think they actually asked how I'd been or anything for the entire 30+ minute conversation, just meandered through the same stories multiple times, overshared some things, tried to befriend strangers, etc.
The realization that this is how I used to be when I was drinking was staggering. I could see myself as I once was, using alcohol as a way to deal with my horrible social anxiety, thinking I looked cool showing off, trying to outdrink everyone, being completely oblivious to how loud I was being or how tired & annoyed the bartenders looked when I was one of the last people in the bar at 2 a.m. I didn't feel judgment toward my friends, or even for my past self, just self-awareness without shame, and gratitude for my sobriety. A weird night, but so affirming of the progress I've made and that I'm on the right path for myself.
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2023.03.26 19:13 Optimal-Organizer Advice for Shark Tankees

Thanks, Paul Mitchell and Aveda.
I wish I can taste more meals from the Bonanza library itself. I wish I can visit the Windmill/Rainbow Library.
Thanks, Doctor Martens.
I wish I can play pickleball/tabletennis again. Hope the Stiga table and the Monarch paddles/balls are sanitized. Hope my games are covered. Even not just by one person alone. Hope there is safe mopping of the gym floor, wood not swelling.
Thanks, Time and Tru/Walmart.
I wish Walmart hot food items could be shared with Help of (Southern) Nevada clients/staff.
Thanks, builders and guardians (even the dog) of my most recent stage near downtown with beautiful lights (like bus stops) nearby.
How's the water bill of Sam's Town?
Thanks, I love my coats, Kasper and more.
How are the kitchen sets of Parkway and Millennial East and Rainbow apartments?

  1. Frywall: Can there be a cover over it, transparent or eg opaque, eg pleated, even sisal, papier mache, palm leaf? Patent (c) Dr. Diana Hallare (R)
  2. TubShroom: Why not have it as a wire/yarn/recycled plastic thread/Christmas ribbon spool? Christmas tree ornament to decorate (DIY)? A little lamp? (c) Dr. Diana Hallare (R)
  3. Ring: As aforementioned, toilet guards? Circadian shelter guards like Mamava eg for UPS/FedEx/DHL?
  4. Sleep Styler: To comfort rescued birds, turtles, baby seals, baby dolphins, baby cubs?
  5. Zipit Bedding Set: Could it be featured in Choice Hotels, eg commercial or gift stores or ecommerce like World Vision and St Jude's?
  6. Grace & Lace Thigh High Boot Socks: WIC clients, eg pregnant ones? Could it have 1-2 stripes (or braided stripes), eg maroon, green, navy blue, lavender, amethyst, daisy yellow
  7. Doodle & Co Pop Pacifier: What do you think, WIC, CDC, FDA, EPA? How about sink/bathtub plug? seedling care? Paintbrush holder? (Inventory) Resources from the beach? Which one(s)?
  8. Bridal Buddy: "Wedding on Plastic Beach"?
  9. The Comfy: How about for the homeless who are trying to lose weight?
  10. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook: Varsity Tutors? A-Z Tutoring? University in-person tutoring? Kaplan/Princeton?
  11. Line Cutterz: What do you think. FDA, EPA, NPS, TSA?
  12. Goverre Portable Stemless Wine Glasses: reminds me of aromatherapy and candle cases. For the latter, how about Pandanggo sa Ilaw balancing? Gifts for wedding guests?
  13. BevBuckle: Does the beer bottle have glow-in-the -dark beer by Mr. Z? (FEMA? Rescue.org?)
  14. Baker's Edge Brownie Pan: Growing beans and seedlings? Feeding lab pets? Interesting soup "bowl" - eg for restaurant, Panera, Olive Garden, Bubba Gump's?
  15. Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler: Does it have fragrance (Scentsy rival later perhaps?) or antimicrobial properties?
  16. BetterBack: Can it have a heating/cooling pad? Can it be cleaned - drycleaners/LG steam? Is it helpful in rehabilitation hospitals/physical therapy?
  17. Third Wave Water Tablets: What do you think, FDA, CDC, School Nutrition Board? Why do you/they drink coffee with distilled water?
  18. Japanese Maple Pop-Up Card: I exclaimed in awe. Nice for engagement proposal or as wedding invitation. Sell in Canada too. Sell at WestJet "counters". Sell with/for Vermont "Compassion Pilgrimages"/Disabilities Center(s).
  19. Thompson Hydro-Shield (Sweat) Tee: Export to Africa/Australia/Asia/Latin America? Advertising in Parenting Magazine?
  20. Beard Head Beanies: March 17? Dance/orchestra/skating troupe?
  21. Good Hangups: Hello HGTV, how is it? Hello Bakers of Guy Fiero, how is it?
  22. Citi Kitty Toilet Training Kit: Humane Society, how is it? Petpol, how is it?
  23. Creaclip Set Hair Cutting Tool: how's this, GreatClips and SuperClips and recycents? FDA, CDC? Hazma?
  24. Fizzics Beer System: How's it, Virgin Hotels? Fremont Experience?
  25. Nerdwax: Silver Spring? Bethesda?
  26. Phone Soap 3.0: Any cellphone can fit here? Any Safelite needed?
  27. The Spatty Last Drop Spatula: Vase cleaners or makers? Lab Beaker cleaners?
  28. Squatty Potty: For the homes near UCSB? Is it OK for someone with spina bifida or muscular dystrophy?
  29. Beard King Grooming Cape: Hostels/hotels/motels? University dorms?
  30. Q-flex Acupressure: (Rehabilitation, Cardiac Unit, ICU) Hospitals and Geriatric Care?
  31. ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System: Door or Wheel Stopper? What's your opinion, Savvy?
  32. The Monkey Mat: Bye Bye Baby? Bed Bath and Beyond? TSA?
  33. Fun Bites Food Cutters for Kids: Daycares, what do you think?
Thank you,
(c) Dr. DIana Hallare (R)

Enjoy your meals. I hope the RTCSNV gets enough toilet supplies.
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2023.03.26 19:12 Standard-Scene5606 I'm 36 years old, make $167k as a Product Manager in a MCOL city, and this week I worked on my estate plan

Possible trigger warning: Discussion of chronic illness, death, and suicide
Section One: Assets and Debt
*Note: My husband (M) makes around $180k but we have separate finances so all income, debt, and expenses listed here are mine, unless otherwise noted*
Retirement Balance:
· My poor 401k has taken a beating in the last year or so; it’s currently sitting at about $338k despite recently increasing my contributions significantly
· I contribute 16% to my 401k and my employer contributes 8%
· I receive a small pension from my employer; they contribute 3% of my pay per year to this fund but it doesn’t perform well and I’m not including this in my retirement planning
Equity if you're a homeowner:
· M and I purchased our home in early 2020 for $615k, right before the housing market went WILD
· We put down $100k (which was from sale of previous home), and our rate is 2.99%; we refinanced in 2021 and took out $50k equity for bathroom renovations and kept our same interest rate (thankfully!) so current mortgage balance is $515k
· Our home is now worth approx. $950k so we have about $435k in equity
Savings account balance:
· My personal savings is really low right now at $3k
· M and I have a joint savings account we use for home expenses and a 529 for our child, A, who is currently 7; I’m hoping to increase our 529 contributions soon
Checking account balance:
· Currently $137; I keep this pretty low and just use it to pay for day-to-day expenses after all my bills are paid
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it):
· $19k in total, across 4 credit cards
· It makes me physically ill to type this out, but I am actively paying it down using my remaining funds after expenses are paid each month
· This debt accumulated over a number of years and was largely due to expenses/inflation drastically outpacing my income
Student loan debt (for what degree):
· $0
· I had a private student loan for part of my MBA but I paid it off in early 2022. I’m really fortunate that my company pays up to $10k per year for education so my undergrad and most of my graduate degree were covered under that program
Other debt:
· $6k for an unsecured loan I used to pay for a surgery that wasn’t covered by my insurance
· $15.5k remaining on my auto loan
Section Two: Income
Income Progression:
· I got my first job at a fast-food restaurant when I was 13; I worked all through high school, sometimes two jobs at once, to pay for all my clothing and school supplies. My parents provided food and housing but everything else was up to me
· I started working at my current company when I was 18 years old; my starting salary was $19k per year. My mother kicked me out the month I turned 18 so it was a really hard year, but I learned a lot about self-reliance
· Fast-forward to the last few years: I made $85k in 2019-2020, $95k in 2021, and $100k in early 2022
· I started my current role at the end of 2022 and my current base salary is $140,000; I receive bonuses which bring my total cash compensation to approx. $167k annually
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
· My net pay is approx. $6230 per month
Pre-tax deductions are-
· $22 Dental insurance
· $154 FSA contribution
· $150 Medical insurance (for me only; M has A on his insurance due to my MS expenses)
· $995 401k contribution
· $11 Vision insurance
After-tax deduction-
· $20 charity; employer matches
Side Gig Monthly Take Home
· None right now; in the past I have delivered for Uber Eats, mainly for the tax write-offs
Any Other Monthly Income Here
· None
Section Three: Expenses
Monthly expenses:
· $1500 Mortgage payment (this is my half; M pays the other half)
o This includes homeowners’ insurance and property taxes
· $150 contribution to a joint savings account with M
· $150 contribution to savings account & 529 plan for A
· $335 auto loan payment
· $311 surgery loan payment
· $370 minimum payments for credit cards
· $112 term life insurance payment
· $350 electric/gas/watetrash/internet (this varies each month but $350 is avg.)
· $89 cellphone (just mine; M has his own plan with another carrier)
· $3 Apple storage
· $48 gym membership
· $10 Uber Eats subscription
· $80 pet expenses (my half, split with M; this covers food, meds, etc.)
· $60 auto and jewelry insurance
· $72 A’s private soccer lessons (my half; split with M)
· $100 A’s regular soccer team expenses (my half; split with M)
· $700 groceries/restaurants (my half; split with M)
· $60 gas for my car (blissfully low since I work from home and A’s school is close to us)
· $0 for Netflix and HBO-Go; we have friends & family who kindly share with us
· $65 for pest control (scorpions are bad here) *
Quarterly expenses:
· $90 HOA fees (split with M, this is my half)
· $120 monitored home alarm system *
Annual expenses:
· $99 Duolingo
· $129 Amazon Prime
· $450 professional memberships (related to various certifications I hold)
· $99 annual fee for travel credit card; airfare savings more than make up for it
· $30 PTSA membership fee
*Since M covers A on his health insurance, I pay for the pest control and home alarm system since it ends up being about the same cost
Day 1-Sunday:
7:00 AM: Slept in a little and it was glorious. Got out of bed, took my morning meds, chugged some water, and headed downstairs to check on A. He was already up for the day and he was watching a kids’ show on Netflix with M
7:15 AM: Made a green tea for my caffeine fix using half bottled, unsweetened green tea and half water to dilute it a little bit. Made breakfast for A; he wanted half a bagel with cream cheese and some green grapes. No breakfast for me since my morning fatigue med suppresses my appetite and I usually don’t start to get hungry until late morning or early afternoon.
7:30-8:15 AM: Hung out with A while he ate his breakfast, then I got dressed and headed to the gym
8:30-9:30 AM: Took a really fun cycle class where the instructor works with a live DJ. It makes it a really cool environment with great music, which makes the hour fly by
9:45 AM: Home from the gym, took a quick body shower and threw a load of laundry in the washing machine. Made some avocado toast with Ezekiel gluten-free bread, goat cheese, and eggs. I recently removed cow’s milk from my diet and I’m trying to also limit gluten; they’re both really reactive for my body so as much as I love ALL THE CHEESE and bread and pasta and ice cream, I know that reducing them may help with some of my MS symptoms. Sigh.
10:25 AM: Moved the laundry to the dryer and started the next load, then played Minecraft Dungeons with A for 30 minutes. He is an only child, so M and I play games and do various activities with him a lot. It’s sometimes hard when I’m really fatigued but I truly cherish all the time we get to spend playing with him and doing things he enjoys. I know I’m going to miss it when he gets older and decides he’s too cool to hang out with his parents.
11-11:30 AM: I only took half of my fatigue medication today, so I am dragging. I try to give my body a break from that medication once per week because I don’t want to become dependent on it. Unfortunately, I am exhausted on those days where I take a smaller dose or skip it. I made a chai tea latte with almond milk to try to get a caffeine boost (spoiler alert: it did not work). Talked on FaceTime with my mom and my little brother, who’s deployed overseas right now. Did light makeup and put my hair in a half-up/half-down thing while I was talking to them. I got dressed in comfy jeans, a coral-colored sweatshirt, and pastel Birkenstock sandals. M, A, and I left to go meet M’s family for lunch to celebrate M’s brother’s birthday.
12-1:30 PM: Had a really nice lunch with M and his family; I adore them and feel abundant gratitude for having in-laws I really like and enjoy spending time with. I wasn’t super hungry since I had a late breakfast, so I ordered some beef sliders and then drank 2 honey blonde ales. M’s family kindly treated everyone to lunch so no cost to us ($0).
1:30-3 PM: Took a little nap to sleep off the honey ale, while A and M hung out downstairs. Got up from my nap and made a snack for A of grapes and some chips. I munched on some grapes and gave myself a silent talking-to for overdoing it at lunch. Took my afternoon meds.
3:00-5:30 PM: A and I played outside with the dogs, throwing tennis balls for them to fetch and tossing a frisbee back and forth. We also practiced some soccer stuff. I did my daily French lesson with Duo Lingo, picked up the yard (dog owners-you know), and then A and I picked some fresh lemons, oranges, and tangelos from our citrus trees. We are really fortunate to have a huge backyard with tons of fruit trees and other plants. I washed all the fruit we picked, then used it to make a centerpiece for the kitchen island. We played some Mario Kart and another round of Minecraft Dungeons before getting ready for dinner.
5:30-6:30 PM: We had a quick dinner of leftover pizza, chicken wings, and salad. I cleaned up the kitchen while M did the dishes. M and I played a card game (Pinochle) while A took a shower and got his jammies on.
6:30-7:45 PM: M, A, and I finished watching “Rock Dog” on Netflix-it was cute. I packed A’s backpack and snacks for school tomorrow. It’s his first day back after Spring Break but he really enjoys school so he’s excited.
7:45-8:15 PM: Read stories with A for half an hour before he fell asleep. He wanted to know how to say some silly phrases in French, so we practiced that for a few minutes before I headed to my room to get ready for bed.
8:15-10 PM: I did my nighttime routine-brushed the dogs’ teeth (they both enjoy it and follow me to the bathroom at night when they know it’s time) and did my skincare routine. I have been loving products from The Ordinary and the granactive retinoid emulsion I use at night has been a game changer for my skin. I scrolled Reddit for a while before passing out.
Daily total: $0
Day 2-Monday:
3:30-5:00 AM: Woke up in the middle of the night after having a really stressful dream and could not get back to sleep. Scrolled Reddit and checked personal e-mails and texts until I finally fell back to sleep at 5 AM.
6:30 AM: Woke up after snoozing my alarm repeatedly. I checked my work e-mail and Slack messages to get caught up for the day; my team are all on the East Coast so they’re three hours ahead of me. Took my morning meds and drank a bunch of water.
6:45-7:45 AM: Went downstairs to grab my daily green tea and checked on A, who was doing a quick workout with M. A is very much into fitness right now and loves participating in whatever workouts M is doing. Made breakfast for A (bagel and cream cheese and grapes again), put away two loads of laundry, fed the dogs, showered, got dressed (pastel sweatshirt and yoga pants), helped A brush his teeth and get ready for school, picked up the yard again, and made an almond milk smoothie for my breakfast with pineapple and some of the citrus we picked yesterday. Before we headed out the door for school, A spotted a little rabbit sitting in our back yard, so we kept the dogs inside the house and gently chased the bunny out our gate to the front yard. I’m sure poor Peter Rabbit was terrified, but we didn’t want the dogs to get him. I realized that I have grown up to be Farmer McGregor!
8-11:30 AM: Dropped A off at school and sent a Venmo payment to A’s soccer coach for his soccer lesson later today ($35). Called my cellphone provider to inquire about an incorrect charge on my bill (they refunded it-$10), called my pharmacy to refill two prescriptions, and hopped on Amazon to order a new sports bra, some vitamins for the dogs, and some fancy gold sprinkles for cupcakes I’m making at the end of the month ($71.23). My first morning meeting got moved to later in the week, so I got caught up on all my e-mails, helped a coworker with some questions she had, and made a to-do list for my work tasks today.
11:30 AM: I made a quick lunch (breakfast?) of a breakfast burrito and finished an episode of “How to Get Away with Murder”; I am OBSESSED with this show and kicking myself for not starting to watch it until recently! I ate 2 cookies for good measure and headed back to my home office.
12-5 PM: Attended some meetings, prepped a presentation for tomorrow, and did other admin work. I talked to one of my sisters about issues our other sister is having while I emptied the dishwasher. I also completed my daily Duo Lingo lesson and typed up some of my Money Diary. Took my afternoon meds.
5-7 PM: M and A got home from A’s private soccer lesson and we heated up dinner (more leftovers) and ate quickly before A and I headed back to the soccer center for his regular practice. A was a rockstar and put so much energy into practice, as usual. I completed another Duo Lingo lesson while watching him practice.
7:15 PM: Home from soccer, ordered Dairy Queen delivery through Uber Eats ($26.73). It was a special treat for A since he did so well at his soccer practice and soccer lesson today. Am I going to feel terrible tomorrow after consuming so much dairy? Probably. Is it worth it? We shall see!
7:30-8:30 PM: A took a quick shower then M read him stories and put him to bed. I did my nighttime routine, watched another episode of “How to Get Away with Murder”, and then it was lights out.
Daily total: $132.96
Day 3-Tuesday:
4:45 AM: My alarm goes off and I begrudgingly crawl out of bed. I drink some water, take my morning meds, and make my green tea, before getting dressed for the gym. It’s still dark outside and it’s raining like crazy so my motivation to go to the gym is waning.
5:30-6:30 AM: I took a cycle class at my gym, with a different instructor and format than the one on Sunday. It wasn’t as challenging as the other cycle class, but it was also super early, so I am not complaining.
6:30-7:45 AM: Head home from the gym, shower, get dressed (a gray t-shirt and yoga pants), and hang out with A while he eats breakfast (bagel with cream cheese and some grapes again). I responded to Slacks from my team and checked my calendar for the day while I made another green tea. After A was done eating breakfast, we played some Minecraft Dungeons together. He doesn’t usually get to play video games before school, but he got himself dressed and ready to go in record time, so I didn’t mind making an exception.
7:45-8:15 AM: Dropped A off at school and headed home to finish getting ready for the day. I put on some light makeup and dry shampooed my hair so I would be presentable for the multiple meetings I have today.
8:30-11:15 AM: Took a bunch of meetings, two of which I thought would be really tough but ended up going well. Made a brunch of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam and ate that while I typed up more of this Money Diary before my next round of meetings began.
12-4:30 PM: Lots of meetings and work to do in between them. I took a quick snack break and ate 2 cookies while I did today’s Duo Lingo lesson. I also took my afternoon meds while I had a break between meetings. I’m thankful for modern medicine but I would be lying if I said it’s not a pain to manage so many pills at different times throughout the day.
4:30 PM: Signed out of work for the day and-you guessed it-played some Minecraft Dungeons with A and M. A finished all his homework at school so we let him have some extra video game time before dinner.
5-8 PM: We had dinner (grilled chicken, quinoa, peas) then A and I had a dance party in the kitchen while I cleaned up from dinner. I snuck a leftover brownie and treasured every bite. We all watched a movie together then I read stories with A and put him to bed.
8:30-10 PM: I did my nighttime skincare routine, brushed the dogs’ teeth, scrolled Reddit for a while, then lights out.
Daily total: $0
Day 4-Wednesday:
5:45 AM: Woke up to the sound of a furious rainstorm outside. I live in a very dry climate so getting rain always feels like a luxury. I remembered today is the day I can begin making dining reservations for an upcoming trip to Disney World, so I log in to my Disney account and start looking at options. I’m surprised and delighted to get 3 different reservations I was hoping for right away. The last time we went to Disney World in 2021, I had to check daily for reservation openings, and I ended up just paying for a service that monitors restaurant availability in order to get the reservations we wanted. I was not expecting it to be so easy this time around! I had to pay to hold our reservations ($344.79) but will end up splitting them with my sister and her partner, whom A and I are going on the trip with. I have funds set aside in a travel sinking fund so using some of that for this expense. Note: A doesn’t know we are going on this trip and my sister, and I are planning to surprise him the morning we leave. I cannot wait!!!
6:00-7:45 AM: Made breakfast for A (Cheerios today) and got him ready for school while I drank my green tea. I got dressed (striped sweatshirt and yoga pants) and put on some light makeup since today’s schedule is pretty meeting heavy. I took my morning meds and started responding to Slacks, then checked my calendar to ensure I wasn’t added to any new meetings since yesterday afternoon. I started mentally preparing for a meeting I know is going to be difficult today. I try to treat everyone with kindness but there is a person I have to meet with today who does not seem to share that same value. Oh well, c’est la vie.
8:00-10 AM: After dropping A off at school, I got fully logged in for the day and jammed through all my e-mails and morning meetings. I took a quick break to work on the Money Diary and do today’s Duo Lingo lesson. I made a chai tea latte with almond milk and it went down a treat.
10-10:30 AM: Break between meetings so I used the time to empty the dishwasher and start a load of laundry. The rain finally petered out, so I picked up the yard and checked the mail while listening to a true crime podcast.
10:30-1:30 PM: More meetings, one of which was really fun! I really like my team and I appreciate that we can have a good time together, even when our work is stressful. Between meetings, I found a dermatologist with good reviews and called to make a Botox appointment. I paid a deposit to hold my appointment ($50); it will be deducted from the cost of my service. I’ve been hesitant to start getting Botox since I’m bad about keeping up with beauty routines, but I just need to do it and force myself to maintain it. I ate a quick sandwich with some turkey and grainy mustard on Ezekiel bread.
1:30-4:30 PM: Took my afternoon meds. Did some admin work, tried pulling a report in Snowflake but couldn’t wrap my brain around fixing the syntax errors so I called it quits for the afternoon. I really need to carve out time for SQL practice each day; my brain is not naturally good at coding and it feels impossible that I’ll ever get more comfortable with it. M and A got home and we celebrated A’s progress on his reading comprehension grades. He is extremely gifted with math and spelling but he has struggled a little bit this year with reading comprehension, so we try to really celebrate any growth he shows in that area. I downloaded some songs from iTunes ($5) and listened to those while I worked.
4:30-5 PM: I put together my to-do list for tomorrow, did one final sweep of Slacks and e-mails, and logged out for the day. A and M played Minecraft Dungeons for a few minutes while I finished working.
5-7:30 PM: M smoked a prime rib today, which we had for dinner, along with salad and leftover quinoa. A and I tossed around a football while M finished cooking the meat. I ordered invitations for A’s birthday party next month ($36, split with M so my total is $18). He is all about Minecraft right now so naturally that is the party theme he chose. I vacuumed the downstairs floors and cleaned the kitchen then we finished watching the movie we started last night. I ordered some clothing for myself and used a small credit I have from the store to bring down the total cost ($120.81).
7:30 PM: M put A to bed and read stories with him while I brushed the dogs’ teeth and did my nighttime skincare routine.
Daily total: $538.60
Day 5-Thursday:
4:45 AM: Woke up when M’s alarm went off; looked at my phone and saw how early it was then promptly fell asleep.
6:05 AM: Woke up to my alarm and dragged myself out of bed. I have a meeting at 7 AM my time so I need to get moving a little earlier than normal. M is taking A to school today so I get dressed (gray shirt, light pink Vuori pants), take my meds, put on some light makeup, and start checking Slacks and e-mails.
6:45 AM: A is still sleeping so I wake him up for the day. The dogs are so excited to see him so they accompany me to his room and jump up on his bed for kisses. I help A pick out clothes for the day and leave him to get dressed while I make his breakfast (Cheerios and grapes today).
7:00-7:30 AM: I log in to work and attend the early morning meeting; it’s a frustrating conversation and nothing gets accomplished, so will have to follow up with the stakeholders early next week.
7:30-8:00 AM: I make a Chai tea latte with almond milk for myself, fill A’s water bottle, and do a final check of his backpack to make sure he has everything he needs. I always pack A’s backpack each night with snacks, his homework folder, and any library books he needs to return the next day. It makes mornings a little less hectic and sets the tone for a less-stressful day for us. I kiss A and M goodbye as they head out the door, then go back to work. I had signed up for a short cycle class later this morning but I am not feeling it today; I cancel my registration and promise myself I’ll do a workout at home later in the day (spoiler alert: did not work out later).
8:00-10:00 AM: I listen to a podcast someone mentioned in their Money Diary (“I Will Teach You to be Rich”) while I do some admin work and put away the laundry I started yesterday. I have back-to-back meetings later today so trying to get any household and admin things done first so I can fully focus on those calls. I ate a quick breakfast of a tomato, goat cheese, and egg scramble with two pieces of Ezekiel bread toast.
10:00 AM-1:00 PM: Attended back-to-back meetings and coordinated follow-ups for our team as needed. My previous roles were always very meeting heavy, but a lot of those meetings felt pointless; I like that in my current role, people tend to only meet when it’s really necessary, so we get more out of the time we have together. Took my afternoon meds.
1:00-4:30 PM: Finished work for the day, had a brownie and a Dilly Bar made with coconut cream for snacks. I have definitely noticed a correlation between my level of stress at work and how much sugajunk food I eat. I stepped outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air and check the mail. I received my Disney redemptions gift card for $77 from my Chase Disney Rewards credit card. I browsed the Shop Disney website and debated buying some Snow White themed “Minnie ears” for the upcoming trip, but I already have a few pairs I will bring so I decided to hold off on buying it. I did purchase a new Magic Band + for the trip ($26.96). I got it at a discounted rate since we have an upcoming reservation on-property. While the Magic Band isn’t required, it does make life easier since you can use it as your room key, to purchase food and other items in the parks, etc. I had previously bought one for A which I plan to give to him when my sister and I surprise him the morning we leave for the trip. I completed my Duo Lingo lesson for the day and got about 90% of the questions correct! I feel like it’s starting to “click” and I’m making good progress.
4:30-6:00 PM: M went to see the new John Wick movie, so A and I decide to order burgers and fries via Uber Eats for dinner ($27.35). M usually cooks dinner each night and while I know how to cook and can make basic things, I was really tired so I took the easy route. While we waited for dinner to arrive, I helped A with his homework and hung out with him while he played Minecraft Dungeons for a few minutes.
Daily total: $54.31
Day 6-Friday:
6:30 AM: I slept in a little this morning since I have no meetings until later today. I checked my Slacks and e-mails in bed for a few minutes, then took my morning meds and headed downstairs to make my green tea. A is already up and dressed so we hung out for a few minutes and then got his breakfast ready. He wasn’t very hungry this morning, so I let him have a granola bar and grapes instead of a bigger meal. Every single morning, he tells me he isn’t hungry and I remind him he needs to eat something or he will be hungry and distracted once he gets to school, so this is a well-rehearsed conversation for us.
7:00-8:00 AM: A ate his breakfast then finished getting ready for school while I took a super quick shower and got dressed (a blue sweatshirt and workout shorts). I only have one meeting today so I decide to skip makeup and hair and just put on my moisturizer and some lip balm. I drop A off at school and get fully logged in for the day.
8:00-9:30 AM: I chat with my team on Slack about some data analytics we got asked to provide today; I feel very grateful to work with smart people who view things differently than I do. It challenges me to think outside of the box and I feel like I’m constantly learning new things. M and I decide to increase our contributions to A’s 529 account, so I update my budget binder to plan for $100 per paycheck to his account instead of the $75 I have been doing. M puts in the same amount each pay period. Note: I know there are so many online budgeting tools I could use but I really love having a place to write it down and make it a little more fun by using different colored pencils for different categories.
9:30-11:00 AM: I had an awesome meeting with someone I mentor; part of it was career-related and part of it was just catching up on life. We make plans to meet again in two weeks and I’m excited to talk to her again. After the meeting, I quickly catch up on admin work and e-mails.
11:00 AM-12:30 PM: M and I worked on our estate plan. It’s been on my mind for a while because of my MS and we recently lost a loved one at a very young age so we decided to finally get this done. We utilized a free legal service through my company’s Employee Assistance Program, which walked us through filling out the different documents we need. We created a trust and will to ensure A and our dogs go to the guardians we’ve chosen for them and specified how we want our assets and property to be divided up. We also put together a living will/healthcare power of attorney for me, which was way more emotional than I anticipated. I’m on a high-efficacy treatment but MS is progressive and as of now there is no cure. I’m doing what I can to stave off my disease progression, but I want to specify my wishes regarding my long-term care in case I ever become incapacitated (physically or cognitively). Assisted suicide isn’t legal in my state but I let M know that would be my preference if my disease progresses to a certain point; maybe by then it will be legal here and if not, we can go to a state where it is legal. I know it was difficult for M to talk about this but I feel better knowing he understands my wishes and is willing to do what I ask.
12:30-1:30 PM: After the estate planning conversation, I needed an emotional palate-cleanser, so I scrolled Reddit for a few minutes and made a quick lunch (breakfast) of scrambled eggs with goat cheese, tomatoes, salsa, and guacamole. I called my sister and caught up with her for a few minutes and then went back to work to wrap up some admin tasks. Took my afternoon meds.
1:30-3:00 PM: I reviewed some proposed documentation to provide feedback, listened to another episode of “I Will Teach You to be Rich”, and watched a how-to video for SQL database creation. I placed an Amazon order for some health and beauty items ($58.59) and talked to M about the plans for tonight. The PTSA at A’s school is hosting a family game night so we chatted about what time to go and whether we should eat dinner first. I am currently running for a position on the PTSA Board at his school and I love events like this so I’m looking forward to it.
3:00-3:30 PM: M picked up A from school and they did some soccer drills in the backyard while I finished work. I also did my Duo Lingo lesson for the day and confirmed my reservation at a local restaurant tomorrow morning. My family and I try to get together every few weeks and tomorrow morning we are meeting there for an early breakfast.
3:30-4:30 PM: It has been a long, stressful week and my work is done for the day so I log off a bit earlier than usual. I check the mail, pick up the yard, and relax for a little while before it’s time to leave for the family game night.
4:30-6:30 PM: We ate a quick dinner of leftover pizza and salad then headed to the family game night. A had a really nice time playing the different carnival games and hanging out with his friends.
6:30-8:00 PM: We played Minecraft Dungeons for a while, M mixed a delicious cocktail for me, then M put A to bed while I did my nighttime routine.
8:00-10:00 PM: M and I watched a movie together then lights out.
Day 7-Saturday:
6:30 AM: Woke up with my alarm, took morning meds, and headed downstairs for green tea and cuddles with A. We watched some cartoons on Netflix then A and I started knocking out our Saturday morning chores while M was at the gym.
7:30 AM-10:00 AM: A and I went with my family to breakfast and it was delicious. A ordered pancakes and sausage and I had a delectable avocado eggs benedict dish and a cold brew with almond milk. My stepdad paid for everyone which was really nice ($0). After breakfast, my family came back to our house for a few minutes. We showed them our garden since A is really proud of the progress his fruit trees and veggie plants are making. M went grocery shopping for the week (my half was $90).
10:00 AM-1:30 PM: My family left and M, A, and I spent a couple hours just hanging out, playing some video games, doing laundry, and having lunch. I dropped off a return at the local post office (will be $35 once refunded) and put some gas in my car while I was out ($30).
1:30-4:00 PM: A had a soccer game in the afternoon; his team lost but he played pretty well and received good feedback from his coach. M headed to a friend’s house for a party and A and I went home. I did more laundry and played outside with A and the dogs since it was a nice, warm day. I placed an Instacart order for some candy for A’s Easter basket and a couple other items I forgot to have M grab at the grocery store ($40.78). A and I drew and colored for a while then made paper airplanes.
4:00-8:00 PM: A and I played some Minecraft Dungeons then had a dance party in the kitchen while I made dinner for the two of us. We had gluten free pasta with meatballs, garlic bread, and peas. After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and more dancing ensued. We watched some TV and then put away A’s laundry and made the beds with the bedding we washed today.
8:00-10:00 PM: A and I watched some TV and I let him stay up later than usual since it’s a weekend night. A fell asleep around 9:30. I did my nighttime routine and scrolled Reddit until 10 or so when M got home from his friend’s house, then lights out.
Daily total: $160.78
At the end of each day please tally up your daily expenses. Then at the end of your diary please tally up all expenses in the following categories:
Food + Drink: $184.86
Health + Beauty: $108.59
Clothes: $120.81
Transport: $30
Travel: $344.79
Other: $156.19
Total: $945.24
Lastly, reflect on your diary!
Man, I have so many thoughts on this diary. I’m in this kind of weird space where I want so badly to pay off my debt because I have a lot of shame associated with it. On the flip side, I want to travel and enjoy the time I have right now because I don’t know if my health will permit that in the future. Overall I spent less on food than I usually do, partly because our families generously treated us when we went out with them. I feel grateful to make enough money to start paying off my debt more quickly, even though I have a long way to go. I’m also proud of how far I’ve come from the terrified 18 year old who didn’t know how I was going to pay my rent and still eat each month. If you made it through this super-long diary, thanks! I’d love to hear from anyone in a similar place with their health regarding how you balance responsible finances with having fun and enjoying your life.
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2023.03.26 19:05 Jcb112 Wearing Power Armor to a Magic School (23/?)

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“So, does that weapon of yours have a name?” The wolf inquired with unrestrained enthusiasm. If his voice didn't already give it away, then the ferocious wagging of his tail most certainly did.
“There’s… a lot of nomenclature involved, but for the purposes of this conversation I’ll try to keep it brief. We call it a gun, Thalmin.”
The gun.
A tool as varied in complexity as the problems it was designed to solve.
An answer to a question that has been asked in a thousand different languages, over a thousand different ways, across a thousand different eras.
A question that ultimately boiled down to a single, simple, sentence:
What is the most effective way to kill?
For most of human history, and the Nexus it seems, the answer was almost always reliant on solutions as simple and as limiting as the hands that gripped them. From the club to the blade and the spear to the polearm, strength and skill had proven itself time and time again as the only reliable means to achieving this deceptively simple end. Acting as the indisputable limiting factor to any who attempted to answer this age old question.
This placed a hard limit on things. Most notably, it restricted scalability and accessibility.
Civilization, however, wasn’t ever content on leaving a question of such importance answered so half-heartedly.
The Nexus seemed to stumble upon a better answer to this question by virtue of their inherent gifts, extending their effective reach, and embracing the natural advantage afforded to them in the form of mana manipulation.
Humanity, however, wasn’t so fortunate.
We didn’t have the ability to summon lightning, earthquakes, and magic missiles right out of the gate. We didn’t have the privilege of evolving a second, unseen set of limbs through which to manipulate the world around us in ways previously inconceivable.
All we had to our name was a set of two gangly hands, ending in those five, blunted, wiry digits.
But that didn’t stop us. In fact, it was those very ‘limitations’ that forced us to think outside the box.
As what we lacked in claws, in fangs, in venom, or in magics, we made up for in deductive reasoning and innovation.
For all it took was a simple mix of chemistry and metallurgy for the tides to truly shift, and by the advent of industry, that shifting tide had all but become an unassailable wave leading to nearly two millennia worth of further refinements and unprecedented advancements.
Two millenia, that saw us starting off with bamboo tubes with some spicy powder, before arriving at fifth generation composalite with a veritable buffet of chemical propellants and magnetic accelerants to choose from.
Although unlike the Nexus, what we had wasn’t a force multiplier exclusive to a select few, nor one that was gatekept behind ancient tomes and hidden spells.
What we had was a weapon. One that only took two hands, a good eye, some bullets, and a tempered resolve to wield. A weapon that with a single squeeze of a trigger, was capable of bringing forth to the table a destructive potential once locked behind decades of training and practice. A weapon which was capable of bringing that same destructive potential to bear consistently and without fail, until you ran out of bullets or resolve.
This weapon wasn’t rare, either. It wasn’t locked away in a far flung tower to be handed and gifted to adventurers daring and brave enough to make the long, perilous journey. Nor was it talked about under hushed breaths within the dark corners of taverns or the deepest depths of a scholar’s study.
It was as common, or perhaps even more common, than your average spear. It was so ubiquitous that there were, at the present era, enough of them to arm every single human currently alive more than a hundred times over.
Humanity, with all of its so-called ‘shortcomings’ with a lack of magic, mana, or other such natural ‘gifts’, had answered this age-old question with the ultimate testament to its indomitable resolve. A resolve which was only satisfied so long as the envelope kept being pushed. To forever address and re-address all of life’s questions, especially the ones that were so crucial to its continued survival.
To do anything but innovate, to be satisfied with the current standard, was to invite stagnation to begin its inevitable creep.
“So, what would you like to know about guns?” I asked Thalmin with an excitable grin underneath my helmet, the wave of underlying anxiousness that had lingered from the battle being supplanted somewhat by this new hyperfixation. A part of me knew this was a temporary distraction from the uneasy feeling still welling within my gut, but another part of me knew there was no point in allowing it to eat at me more than it already had. Or, at least that’s what I told myself.
“Well first off-”
“Can we see it?” Thacea, surprisingly, interjected with a great deal of apprehension, cutting off Thalmin before he could even finish his sentence.
Both Thalmin and I turned to face each other in a small bout of disbelief, but just as quickly turned back to Thacea with a toothy grin on both of our respective faces.
The avian, however, didn’t seem to share in either of our enthusiastic spirits.
We made our way over to the sofas and lounge chairs, set against the backdrop of the deep orange rays of the dwindling sunlight. It was here that I once more found myself palming my holster, and the magnetic locks that kept my sidearm virtually impossible to rip from my side.
The only real way of doing so would be to disable the suit’s power supply, which really did give a whole new meaning to prying it from my cold dead hands.
“Alright.” I spoke to no one in particular as I flicked open the maglocks, only for my heart to flutter. This… wasn’t the fluttering of excitement, however. I knew how that felt, and this wasn’t it. It took me a second to recompose myself before I realized what it was, as that uneasy feeling of gut-churning vertigo came back with a vengeance only to disappear again as soon as it began. My breath hitched for a moment, my shaky hands taking a second to steady themselves. My mind didn’t immediately register it, but the feeling was undeniably similar to when I’d first unlocked the pistol from my side back in the gardens.
I refused to let it get to me however. It was literally just one engagement, I was fine.
Resuming the motions that had all but been drilled into muscle memory by this point, I pulled out the gun in a single swift motion, the weapon’s safeties automatically set by default as paired with the suit’s current threat alert status.
As expected, both Thacea and Thalmin’s gazes were utterly transfixed by the decidedly simple weapon held firmly in my hand.
Though it was clear to me that it wasn’t its design or ornamentation that caught their eye, but the raw destructive potential it held within such a small, compact, and unassuming form.
They’d seen what it was capable of after all.
They knew it could kill.
And it was clear from Thacea’s piercing gaze that she was trying to dissect it, even before I started explaining anything.
With Thacea seemingly caught in a trance, it was Thalmin who broke the awed silence with a question I thought I could anticipate coming from a mile away.
Emphasis on the thought part.
“Well, two observations first and foremost. One, that’s a very unassuming name for such an impressive weapon. Two, that’s a very bland and frankly, uninspired design for such an impressive weapon. All of this leads me to believe that the people of your realm do not know the ways of the aesthetic arts as it applies to weapons crafting and design.” The lupinor mercenary prince had put his all into roasting my gun. So unexpected was this response that I was caught completely off guard.
Though it was clear by the tone of his voice, and by the exaggerated expressions on his lupine face, that this was more a facetious jab than anything.
“And I like it that way.” The prince quickly added with a sly smirk. “Flashiness does not a good weapon make.” He spoke resolutely. “I know a good weapon when I see one. A masterfully crafted blade and a mana-imbued artifice, needs only speak for itself in the heat of battle. I judge a good weapon the same way I judge a soldier’s character: by their actions and not their boisterous displays. The moment a weapon attempts to speak outside of its intended role, is the moment that weapon loses all pretenses of its original purpose, relegating it to becoming more of a decorative piece than a functional tool. The design of a weapon ultimately speaks volumes to the values of its people of origin. Which in your case Emma… means that my respect for your people yet again grows stronger.”
I couldn’t help but to feel the inklings of a grin forming across my face at the lupinor prince’s bait-and-switch. “Well Thalmin, if you think this thing is bland, I don’t know what you’d make of some of the ergonomic monstrosities some of the psychos back at home had come up with over the years.” I chuckled, my whole body shuddering at the thought of some of the freak designs humanity had come up with over the millennium. “Compared to what’s being passed off as standard issue nowadays, this thing is borderline art.” I spoke off handedly, which seemed to catch Thacea’s attention, but not enough to elicit any questions or comments just yet as she merely looked on with that same apprehensive look of dread.
Thalmin, however, seemed content enough to continue with an unrestrained bout of enthusiasm. “Let’s leave that discussion for another day, for now, I want to know just how this gun of yours works, Emma. I think that's what we're both dying to hear!” The Lupinor’s eyes met my own, giving me a look that could best be described as a cross between the ravenous hunger of a fully-fledged predator and a half-grown pup’s insistence on begging for seconds.
It was clear we were beating around the bush up to this point, so I made no further pretenses in delaying the inevitable, as I placed my gun on the table for both to clearly see. “You can look, but just don’t touch it.” I warned, taking stock of the ravenous gaze of the mercenary prince as I did so. “I’m serious. I apologize if I might come across as patronizing when I say this: but this is a weapon, and where I come from, there’s an expectation of level-headed awareness and respect that must be observed when handling any weapon. Especially guns.”
Thalmin’s expressions changed somewhat, whilst still very much ravenous to learn, his gaze shifted towards something of a more reserved one. As if that explanation had triggered something else in his mind. “The sign of a good warrior lies in the respect for their weapon, this extends beyond its use and maintenance, to its treatment within contexts not bound to the scope of battle. I understand your caution, Emma, and I respect it. Please, proceed.”
“There’s… a lot to unpack.” I began with a deep breath. “It’s been two thousand years since the inception of the gun, and a great deal has changed over that course of time. It would be a lie to say that some fundamentals haven’t changed either. But I’ll try my best to break it down. What you see in front of you is a specific class of gun that falls into an overarching category we refer to as kinetic-based weapons systems, or KWS’ for short.”
“I’m starting to see that your culture seems to have a rather unhealthy affinity for abbreviations, Emma. Dare I say it, it’s almost as if you abhor long-winded titles, yet still desire to maintain it in your own convoluted ways.” Thalmin briefly interrupted with a dry chuckle, before raising a single hand for me to continue; that one gesture was perhaps the closest he got to living up to his noble heritage thus far.
Well, he isn’t wrong… I thought to myself, before moving onward just as swiftly. “At its core, KWS’ work by accelerating a solid-state projectile at high velocities towards its intended target. The end goal, as you can imagine, is usually to inflict damage through penetration for the purposes of neutralization.”
“Like a bow or a crossbow?” Thalmin interjected once more, this time however it was done in a clear attempt to understand, as he attempted to tie the concept to something he had some familiarity with.
“Fundamentally, yes. They both accelerate a solid-state object towards a target. However, there’s a component of that description that places bows, crossbows, and any mechanically-charged weapon into its own sub-category.”
“That component being?”
“The fact that contemporary KWS’ are defined by the accelerant component being anything other than mechanical. And by mechanical, I mean a user’s strength. The draw of a bowstring, the cranking of a crossbow’s winches, all of that qualifies as mechanical-charging as it relies on the user putting in the energy to fire the projectile forwards. In effect, any kinetic weapon which relies on the direct or compound translation of physical strength to kinetic energy, is no longer really utilized and so isn’t classified as a contemporary KWS.” I explained as best I could, which led to more questions on the part of the lupinor.
“You’re speaking as if you’re leading up to an explanation that involves mana.” The mercenary prince spoke bluntly. “If it isn’t for, in your words, mechanical charging, then what other method is there to propel a projectile forwards? It’s at this point that I’d expect a Nexian mage to come in to enlighten us on the wonders of mana-imbued weaponry. But-” The lupinor prince paused for effect, as if to emphasize the point he was making. “I understand that mana is dangerous and entirely unheard of in your realm. So, and this is not my attempt to sound like Ilunor-” He leaned in forwards, his eyes practically inches away from the gun at this point. “Pray tell, what exactly is causing this hidden projectile to surge forwards at speeds reserved only for the mana-imbued weapons of the Nexian outer guards?”
The wolf was very much animated at this point, his tonality, his expressions, everything about him was trying desperately to understand a weapon so far removed from his reality.
Which gave me pause as Thacea seemed to be doing the exact opposite, as she sat there, completely unflinching, her eyes still glued to the weapon sitting idly on the wooden coffee table.
“You’re right, Thalmin.” I acknowledge the wolf’s assertions with a single nod. “There’s no mana involved. In fact, I think you could tell by the lack of any ‘mana-fields’ around it when idle and in use.” I shuddered as my mind went back to the battle for the split second, only for me to force those images out of my head as quickly as they’d apparated. “All that’s involved is a clever manipulation of the laws of the natural world, and a game of trial and error that stretches back over two thousand years.”
I decided that the best way to move forward, the best way to truly hammer home the core fundamentals of how the gun worked was by visually demonstrating it.
Without the actual discharge aspect of it of course.
I removed the gun’s ‘magazine’, placing it butt first on the table, as I palmed one of the few physical indents on the device, releasing just one of the immaculately-packaged ‘rounds’ that would’ve seemed entirely foreign to anyone born prior to the 25th century.
Advancements in material sciences, applied chemistry, and in the reliability of military-grade electronics, coupled with centuries of aggregated datasets across hundreds of wars had made what was once a fragile and expensive novelty into something that had now all but phased out the traditional firearm.
This shift was subtle, adoption having been staggered, until a certain point where it all seemed to happen at once; akin to any other paradigm shift in human technology.
Caseless became the standard, electronic firing mechanisms and electrothermal-chemical technologies supplanted traditional mechanical actions, barring a few exceptional circumstances.
This mission, almost being one of them.
“This.” I held the ‘round’ between my fingers, pinching what amounted to a rectangular pellet that looked as if it’d come straight out of a stack of those hi-chew candies. “Is both the projectile, and what we call the ‘propellant’, basically the stuff that allows the projectile to be pushed forwards.” I started simply, before I began pointing at the aforementioned parts which made up the cartridge. “Whilst its design has changed over the years, the fundamental principles have remained more or less the same. You ignite the propellant, causing a controlled explosion, which pushes the projectile forward.” I explained succinctly, yet still felt as if I’d let down over two thousand years of ballistics experts and gun enthusiasts alike. Having reduced their lives’ works and passions into a single, simplified sentence.
It was at this point that Thalmin’s expressions began to shift. His excitement had become restrained, his perky ears remained as they were, but seemed tense as they refused to flutter about as they usually did with every cock of his head. Something started to click inside of the wolf, as his questions began reflecting his newfound understanding of the terrifying weapon sat benignly in front of him.
“So if I’m to understand this correctly.” He began, his voice retaining its curiosity, but with its excitement dampening down towards a more reserved one of concern. “That small little-”
“Cartridge.” I quickly added.
“-Cartridge.” The wolf mimed back, before continuing. “Barely the size of one quarter of my finger, is what killed the null?!” His voice shook, not in fear, but moreso in disbelief.
“Well, yes, the bullet did. Which, given current technologies, is what makes up most of the cartridge nowadays.” I attempted to explain.
This would be the perfect time to slip in the I bought the whole bullet, and I intend on using the WHOLE bullet joke. But I knew this wasn’t the time or the place for it.
“Right.” The wolf nodded several times over, though still looked as if he was somewhat lost. “I think I get it-”
“What Emma means is that a single cartridge contains both the projectile and the accelerator. The projectile takes a portion of the weight and size, and by the same logic, the accelerator, be it a powder, a solid, or what have you, must also share that same space. That’s why a point was made in order to delineate between the bullet and the rest of the cartridge.” Thacea blurted out in a string of words that carried with it a heaviness of intense realization that mimicked the shock and awe from our discussions regarding the nature of human technologies the previous night. It was honestly quite jarring hearing the explanation coming out of the avian’s beak, given that everything she said was entirely accurate, at least to the extent of what I’d divulged thus far. This meant that she’d sat there, absorbing every last scrap of information, without misunderstanding a single beat.
“That’s… all entirely accurate, princess.” I reaffirmed, my tone of voice clearly relaying just how impressed I was from the avian’s deductive reasoning skills.
With that being said, it wasn’t surprising that Thacea temporarily took the reins of the conversation over from Thalmin as her piercing gaze now landed on the gun and the cartridge I held between my fingers. “To delve deeper into the specifics of this weapon… am I correct in assuming that these cartridges are single-use?”
“When discussing this specific type of cartridge, yes.” I answered simply, which seemed to elicit a slight twitch of the avian’s feathers.
“And am I correct in assuming that there exists some complex… mana-less mechanism by which this propellant is ignited?”
“That’s a given for all guns, but the complexity really depends on the specific system each model uses.”
There was a sudden pause as Thacea seemed to be taking everything in. Her eyes never once deviating from its fixated gaze on the cartridge I still held between my fingers.
“Emma, if you’ll allow me to begin another line of questioning, I would like to inquire further into the specifics behind the implications of your statements regarding this weapon’s model.” Thacea began, before diving deep. “The existence of models implies other competing smithies with similar weapons. However, the nature of this weapon seems to be so very… precise. It seems more akin to a hyper specialized artifice, one which a team of leading blacksmiths would find challenging to make, let alone a competing number of smithies. This is not to mention how I am being led to believe that this weapon is being utilized en masse, given your mentioning of this particular model being a standard issued weapon. Which brings me to my next point…” The avian took a deep, sharp breath. “Emma, are you implying that this model of weapon, and others like it, are the standard weapon-of-carry for the soldiers of your realm?”
It was clear to me now what had been gnawing at the princess throughout this entire conversation. And it was clear that only one answer would address this gnawing anxiety, as I took a deep breath in before responding simply, and bluntly.
The color from the pair’s faces had all but been drained at that answer. Or at least, I assumed that was what the puffing up of Thacea’s feathers and the deep sullen whine from Thalmin meant.
It was with this revelation that Thalmin had firmly placed his entire muzzle into the crook of his hands. I could see his pupils dilating, his leg starting to shake in place, as the ramifications of this revelation started to sink in.
“Every soldier’s a battlemage.” He spoke under hushed breaths to himself.
“Correction, every soldier equipped with outer-guard grade enchanted equipment and near-tier artificed weaponry.” Thacea quickly added in a series of deep, resonant coos.
“What… what of swords? Surely your people couldn’t have just done away with melee combat.” The wolf continued to mutter out, his mind clearly going through the wringer as he tried to visualize a whole world, an entire realm, armed with the same ranged weapons. “What sort of combat is fought when everyone fights on the same playing field as a Nexian Outer-Guardsman? I can’t even begin to visualize…” The wolf trailed off, which prompted Thacea to take his place. The poor wolf clearly began entering a series of internalized crises as the avian spoke.
“The only limiting factor I see is that this weapon, unlike swords and enchanted armaments, is rendered entirely useless without these cartridges.” The avian deduced. “To deploy an army armed exclusively with such weapons must require an immense number of these cartridges, which leads me to the disturbing thought of a society that places an inordinate amount of time, effort, energy, on such an esoteric fixation.” The avian turned to face me now, piercing eyes of genuine concern and disbelief meeting my own. As if to ask me by virtue of this one question if humanity was actually sane.
“But we do… and all I can tell you right now is that we have more than enough to supply our armies for decades-long campaigns if we needed to, and that’s just the active stores.”
“But why?” Thacea snapped back.
“Because we have no other choice.” I expressed emphatically. “We weren’t born with the advantages afforded to everyone else. We weren’t magically imbued with the ability to fly, to summon lightning, to crack open the earth with a single glance, but we always wanted to, and so we did. And when I say we didn’t have a choice, I don’t mean that this was done out of desperation, but rather, out of a natural extension of our developmental trajectory. The state of affairs we find ourselves in is a direct result of a society that thrives on continued innovation out of necessity and in response to new, unprecedented challenges. This has always been the case with humankind, and it continues to be the case as we press onward.”
Another silence descended on the room after I’d made my case. A silence which emphasized the sheer dread on the pair’s faces as they both slowly came to terms with these series of earth-shattering revelations on their own terms.
“I’d say you pressed onwards in a way that far superseded what anyone could’ve ever expected from a mana-less civilization, Emma.” Thalmin turned to me with a tired, exasperated smile. As if trying to mask the growing level of apprehension still welling within him.
I shrugged, all the while trying to make sure I was still forcing out a more amenable tone of voice. “It’s the only way we know how to press on.”
“Well for your sakes, and for your realm’s sakes, and for the sake of all those who have yet to have bent under the weight of the Nexus’ yoke… I hope you don’t stop.” Thalmin’s tone slowly entered one of a confident sincerity. It was clear what he was hinting at, as difficult as it was for him to really put it into words. That fiery zeal of resistance, that open discontent with the Nexus, there was only one thing he could be hinting at with that brazen statement.
“We have no intent on changing our direction or momentum anytime soon.” I shot back with a confident nod.
“With all of that being said… you need some rest, Emma.” Thacea urged, gesturing towards the rapidly setting sun as she did so.
“But, I need to head over to the weapons inspection-”
“We can’t afford you to crash at the weapons inspection, Emma. We need you in tip top shape, so come on, it’s time to rotate out.” Thalmin urged with a toothy grin of reassurance.
“Like we said, Emma. We’ll watch over you while you rest.” Thacea quickly added.
“Besides! There’s a good…” Thalmin paused, reaching over to grab what looked to be a similar variant of the pocket watch I saw Thacea pulling out earlier in the dining hall. “Four? Five hours to rest before the night’s end?”
I let out a massive sigh as I regarded the pair with weary, worn out eyes.
Who was I kidding, I fucking needed the sleep.
“Alright, I think I’ll catch three or four hours of shuteye.” I managed out through a yawn. “Should give me about an hour for the weapons inspection.”
With a group sentiment of agreement, I began walking off, my sights set on the tent, and the cold hard flexible composite floor that called my name.
First Previous Next

(Author’s Note: Hey guys! This chapter was a huge challenge to write as I know that there's a lot of buildup and thus expectations regarding the matter of Emma's weapon! It went through quite a few changes and edits, in order to make sure that all the details and characterizations were alright, I really hope what I have now lives up to expectations! :D The next Chapter is already up on Patreon if you guys are interested in getting early access to future chapters!)
[If you guys want to help support me and these stories, here's my ko-fi ! And my Patreon for early chapter releases (Chapter 24 of this story is already out on there!)]
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2023.03.26 19:01 Individual_Salad6743 Dominant 4 - 1 -2 - 2- 1 (Morphs into 3 - 2 -5 or 2 - 1 -2 -5 in possession depending upon opponent) Tactic. Post broken into a TLDR (Too long didn't read), Tactic info, and Story section to read whatever interests you

Dominant 4 - 1 -2 - 2- 1 (Morphs into 3 - 2 -5 or 2 - 1 -2 -5 in possession depending upon opponent) Tactic. Post broken into a TLDR (Too long didn't read), Tactic info, and Story section to read whatever interests you
TLDR: Built a custom tactic that went unbeaten in the Portuguese league (Breaking the league point record) and made the UCL quarter finals while accumulating a $140 million dollar transfer profit and integrating 5 youth players into the team (I am Benfica so, while my youth players aren't superstars, they are leading division 2/bad top flight players when they get integrated).
Also noting I simmed the first season and used updated databases so this was done without Enzo and Goncalo Ramos (and not starting players like Rafa and Joao Mario in most games). Youth team striker ended with 27 goals and I lead the league in goals, second in average possession, and had an AM with 15+ league goals and assists.
It is important to note I went into the season with the second best odds for the title, so I would not use the tactic for an underdog as its pretty attacking (event though I did have some upsets in the CL).
**Tactic information:**With the emphasis (in real life) in on having a 3 - 2 - 5 formation in possession, I wanted to try and build one without using a downloaded tactic or riffing off something I saw on RDF Tactics or HoodGamingUK (both great youtube channels if you haven't seen their videos) and it turned out much better than I expected.Both wingbacks have "Stay wider", "Cross from Byline", and "Shoot less often attached"- This is too ensure that wingbacks are providing width as its a very narrow formationBoth AMs have "Roam from position", "Move into Channels" (SS already has this) and "Shoot less often"- Allows both AMs to operate in between the lines and in the halfspaces which causes havoc for theopposition DMs and back line given the AF is stretching the field and there are two other CMs
The goal of the formation is to create space for the AMs to either feed the AF or create shots for themselves. At the end of the season, all 3 "forward players" ended with 13+ goals and both AMs had over 10 assists. Its important that the AF has good finishing and the AM (not the SS) has some playmaking ability as he will often be the facilitator of the 3. Additionally, the wingbacks should be really athletic as they provide all the width for the tactic. Given the narrowness of the formation, I made my home pitch as small as possible which lead to really great home form.
Happy to answer any q's or share passmaps if that is helpful!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Story (If interested): I don't normally post my tactics but I am really proud of this one as I put a lot of thought into it so I thought I would share.
I had two missions when I started the save; they were to build a formation that morphed into a 3 - 2 - 5 in possession and integrate at least 2 youth team players in the first team every season (as I had heard this was Benfica's target in a recent Tifo podcast). So, I simmed the first season and spent my first summer window offloading many of the teams start players to make room in areas where I had promising youngsters. From there, I was able to promote a RB, 2 CMs, 1 AM, and ST to the first team (all of which progressed rapidly over the season). It took me a little while to figure out the nuances of the tactics (i.e. what type of players works best in what role), but by the end of the season we were scoring goals for fun without conceding many (even in the CL where we were not the favorites). I did have to retrain a few wingers to play as SS or AMs, but once they were used to the role, they were fantastic. Overall, I am very pleased with this as its the first time I spent a lot of time on the tactical side of things as I usually just have a core set of principles but morph my tactic to fit the players I have, rather than the other way around.
Going into season 2, I am still not the odds on favorite to win the title but have now gone 45 games without losing. Additionally, since I started the save, I have made over $310 million in player sales (not including Enzo who was already sold) and only brought in $130 million worth of players.
I tried to keep this brief and it seems like I did a terrible job at that, but hopefully breaking this into sections made it easier for people to parse what they cared about vs. what they don't feel like reading. I know a lot of people have done similar things, but I wanted to share as I was proud of the achievement.
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2023.03.26 18:48 Cheap_Bat5663 Ask a question or let it be?

TL; DR - Should I ask my parents how my grandpa died?
So this is a potentially wild story... it's gonna be a long one, although I'll do my best to summarize as best as possible.
My grandpa passed a little over a year ago in January 2022. He was 91. For potential reference, I was living out-of-state at the time and didn't see him for years before his passing.
He previously had lung cancer when he was in his earlier years (I think in his 40s) but fully recovered.
He and my grandma (when she was still alive) moved in with my aunt and uncle in 2008.
In the following years, my grandma became ill and was diagnosed with Parkinson's. She ultimately died from the disease in 2017.
My aunt was a major caretaker for my grandma and after my grandma's passing, my grandpa continued living with my aunt and uncle.
From 2017 to late 2021, it was clear that my grandpa was mentally aging and probably had some mild dementia - he would forget or misspeak names and it would take him some time to find his words. Not anything crazy abnormal, in my opinion, though.
However, over the span of 7 months, from April 2020 to just November 2020, he physically lost weight and started looking worse. He looked quite frail until his passing in January 2022.
In Fall 2021, he was diagnosed with a UTI and was hospitalized for the treatment of it.
My aunt kept us updated and said he was doing okay and hoped to be home soon. About a week later the update was he was getting better but then relapsed a bit so he had to stay a little extra.
He was finally released after nearly 3 weeks in the hospital. Alright and fine, no issues after the stay.
He's back home and at some point there was a bad winter storm and they lost power for 10 days. Definitely not ideal but kept the fireplace on for warmth. Everyone came out okay.
Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went and my grandpa was still in a fragile state but enjoyed the holidays with family.
A short backstory, my aunt used to call me quite frequently - a lot, actually (she still calls but not as much now that she works outside the home).
She would call me a lot (sometimes while clearly intoxicated) and would oftentimes end up talking about essentially feeling "trapped" on how she can't travel or just take off due to her responsibilities.
She cared for my grandma for almost a decade while also being the primary breadwinner of the house (my uncle is disabled after a terrible work accident in the early 2000s).
She told me on more than one occasion that she'd love to just rent an RV and drive around the country.
I guess I wasn't surprised at what she was saying because I can only imagine being in her position for so long and sacrificing a large portion of your life to care for multiple people.
Some conversations entailed talking about some deeply sensitive matters like infertility and loss. I learned that we both experienced those things.
She wanted to have more kids but wasn't able to. This is especially relevant because her only child died of a drug overdose at 22.
In some of these conversations she would get very emotional and I could just hear the guilt at even talking about wanting to do something for herself.
I honestly don't remember when, but one day in winter 2021 she called me and said my grandpa was now on hospice care.
I honestly remember being shocked because it struck me as odd. Why would he be on hospice care?
Was he really not doing that well??
Early January 2022 he died at home.
Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2022 and a different aunt (we'll say aunt #2) tells me that my other caretaker aunt as I'll refer to her from now on purposefully withheld food and water from my grandpa and that is how he actually died.
My parents, uncle, and both caretaker aunt and aunt #2 had visited my grandpa in the hospital while he was getting treatment for the UTI.
Aunt #2 says a nurse told her that caretaker aunt said not to feed him but that was unacceptable to the nurse and so she broke protocol to tell my parents and herself and her husband (my uncle).
Aunt #2 and uncle (married) have had a very contentious relationship for 15 years with caretaker aunt and uncle. It all started when aunt #2's son was in a wreck from drunk driving and he ended up staying with caretaker aunt and uncle to try and heal.
I honestly don't know much detail at all but aunt #2 and family claim that their son was treated poorly and wasn't helped while there or something.
Caretaker aunt and uncle claim otherwise. That's all I've got.
But ever since then, there has been a hatred amongst the two families with deep distrust of one another.
Aunt #2 also says caretaker aunt is extremely controlling and it is therefore convinced that she withheld food and water from my grandpa.
I actually lived with caretaker aunt while I moved back to the area after being away for a few years (until I got my own place).
While I am appreciative of them letting me stay, I can absolutely say first-hand that she is controlling and it made my stay unpleasant.
She never trusted me to properly take care of the house (don't put oil down the drain, don't leave the water running, etc). Their water heater started leaking due to no fault of my own and I was looked at sideways like it could have been my fault (what was new or changed in the house? Me).
I was also criticized for making chicken sausage links three times for breakfast over the course of 6 weeks of my stay there.
I also mentioned that I enjoy eating bacon from time-to-time and it was like I just said a meteor was coming to Earth. Panic ensued and I was lectured about the dangers of bacon and then again criticized because I don't eat salads (just not my thing, I eat veggies but not limp salad leaves).
Continued side comments about myself and the choices I make really started to wear me thin.
I also felt like I had less than ideal privacy.
I lived in the basement where my grandparents used to live. It's a full house with it's own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.
But multiple times both caretaker aunt and uncle would randomly come downstairs with no warning. Luckily I was never in the shower or something during those times but what if I was?
Anyways, I got my own place as quickly as I could because I always felt like a burden even though I was invited to stay there. Definitely odd.
I should also mention that my uncle hated my grandpa. I'm told that it's because my grandpa "went cheap" on care for my grandma.
Aunt #2 claims that my caretaker aunt's husband (uncle) told her daughtemy cousin that he jokingly would push my grandpa down the stairs.
Caretaker aunt and uncle also did not tell the truth about their son's passing. As mentioned earlier, he died of a drug overdose. They told people he was in a motorcycle accident. The viewing was a closed casket.
Aunt #2 also told me that caretaker aunt again was not truthful about his passing with my grandpa with my grandpa's own brother. According to aunt #2, caretaker aunt told my grandpa's brother that he passed of kidney cancer.
If my grandpa had cancer and that wasn't shared widely with the family, then that is very disappointing, at least to me.
And if he didn't have cancer, then what was the actual cause?
From what I know, aunt #2 has some mental health struggles. I'm not judging, I do, too.
I don't know if that could be potentially playing into the allegation that caretaker aunt intentionally lead to the demise of my grandpa?
Aunt #2 claims that my parents were fully aware of the situation and didn't do anything to intervene.
I've thought about asking my parents but it's a little difficult for me as my own very young niece has a terminal illness and it weighs on our minds every day.
I moved back to be with family so if something sketchy did happen, I think I want to know.
I don't necessarily want to bring up the topic of passing on, but also desire to know how my grandpa passed.
I get along with everyone in my family. It has been bothering me for years that there is this "us versus them" mentality. It's my parents and caretaker aunt & uncle versus aunt #2 and her family.
Even on the other side of my family (my mom's family who has nothing to do with this), I get along with everyone there, too, even though there are tensions between my mom, her sister, and their brother.
I call people, I talk with them, I genuinely care about everyone on both sides of my family.
It's difficult for me to be in the middle of it all. Aunt #2 also calls me sometimes and tells me things too, so I really do feel like I am trying to play referee while still being impartial.
What would you do?
If you read to the end, I salute you!
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2023.03.26 18:47 Cheap_Bat5663 Ask a question or let it be?

TL; DR - Should I ask my parents how my grandpa passed?
So this is a potentially wild story... it's gonna be a long one, although I'll do my best to summarize as best as possible.
My grandpa passed a little over a year ago in January 2022. He was 91. For potential reference, I was living out-of-state at the time and didn't see him for years before his passing.
He previously had lung cancer when he was in his earlier years (I think in his 40s) but fully recovered.
He and my grandma (when she was still alive) moved in with my aunt and uncle in 2008.
In the following years, my grandma became ill and was diagnosed with Parkinson's. She ultimately passed from the disease in 2017.
My aunt was a major caretaker for my grandma and after my grandma's passing, my grandpa continued living with my aunt and uncle.
From 2017 to late 2021, it was clear that my grandpa was mentally aging and probably had some mild dementia - he would forget or misspeak names and it would take him some time to find his words. Not anything crazy abnormal, in my opinion, though.
However, over the span of 7 months, from April 2020 to just November 2020, he physically lost weight and started looking worse. He looked quite frail until his passing in January 2022.
In Fall 2021, he was diagnosed with a UTI and was hospitalized for the treatment of it.
My aunt kept us updated and said he was doing okay and hoped to be home soon. About a week later the update was he was getting better but then relapsed a bit so he had to stay a little extra.
He was finally released after nearly 3 weeks in the hospital. Alright and fine, no issues after the stay.
He's back home and at some point there was a bad winter storm and they lost power for 10 days. Definitely not ideal but kept the fireplace on for warmth. Everyone came out okay.
Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went and my grandpa was still in a fragile state but enjoyed the holidays with family.
A short backstory, my aunt used to call me quite frequently - a lot, actually (she still calls but not as much now that she works outside the home).
She would call me a lot (sometimes while clearly intoxicated) and would oftentimes end up talking about essentially feeling "trapped" on how she can't travel or just take off due to her responsibilities.
She cared for my grandma for almost a decade while also being the primary breadwinner of the house (my uncle is disabled after a terrible work accident in the early 2000s).
She told me on more than one occasion that she'd love to just rent an RV and drive around the country.
I guess I wasn't surprised at what she was saying because I can only imagine being in her position for so long and sacrificing a large portion of your life to care for multiple people.
Some conversations entailed talking about some deeply sensitive matters like infertility and loss. I learned that we both experienced those things.
She wanted to have more kids but wasn't able to. This is especially relevant because her only child died of a drug overdose at 22.
In some of these conversations she would get very emotional and I could just hear the guilt at even talking about wanting to do something for herself.
I honestly don't remember when, but one day in winter 2021 she called me and said my grandpa was now on hospice care.
I honestly remember being shocked because it struck me as odd. Why would he be on hospice care?
Was he really not doing that well??
Early January 2022 he passed at home.
Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2022 and a different aunt (we'll say aunt #2) tells me that my other caretaker aunt as I'll refer to her from now on purposefully withheld food and water from my grandpa and that is how he actually passed.
My parents, uncle, and both caretaker aunt and aunt #2 had visited my grandpa in the hospital while he was getting treatment for the UTI.
Aunt #2 says a nurse told her that caretaker aunt said not to feed him but that was unacceptable to the nurse and so she broke protocol to tell my parents and herself and her husband (my uncle).
Aunt #2 and uncle (married) have had a very contentious relationship for 15 years with caretaker aunt and uncle. It all started when aunt #2's son was in a wreck from drunk driving and he ended up staying with caretaker aunt and uncle to try and heal.
I honestly don't know much detail at all but aunt #2 and family claim that their son was treated poorly and wasn't helped while there or something.
Caretaker aunt and uncle claim otherwise. That's all I've got.
But ever since then, there has been a hatred amongst the two families with deep distrust of one another.
Aunt #2 also says caretaker aunt is extremely controlling and it is therefore convinced that she withheld food and water from my grandpa.
I actually lived with caretaker aunt while I moved back to the area after being away for a few years (until I got my own place).
While I am appreciative of them letting me stay, I can absolutely say first-hand that she is controlling and it made my stay unpleasant.
She never trusted me to properly take care of the house (don't put oil down the drain, don't leave the water running, etc). Their water heater started leaking due to no fault of my own and I was looked at sideways like it could have been my fault (what was new or changed in the house? Me).
I was also criticized for making chicken sausage links three times for breakfast over the course of 6 weeks of my stay there.
I also mentioned that I enjoy eating bacon from time-to-time and it was like I just said a meteor was coming to Earth. Panic ensued and I was lectured about the dangers of bacon and then again criticized because I don't eat salads (just not my thing, I eat veggies but not limp salad leaves).
Continued side comments about myself and the choices I make really started to wear me thin.
I also felt like I had less than ideal privacy.
I lived in the basement where my grandparents used to live. It's a full house with it's own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.
But multiple times both caretaker aunt and uncle would randomly come downstairs with no warning. Luckily I was never in the shower or something during those times but what if I was?
Anyways, I got my own place as quickly as I could because I always felt like a burden even though I was invited to stay there. Definitely odd.
I should also mention that my uncle hated my grandpa. I'm told that it's because my grandpa "went cheap" on care for my grandma.
Aunt #2 claims that my caretaker aunt's husband (uncle) told her daughtemy cousin that he jokingly would push my grandpa down the stairs.
Caretaker aunt and uncle also did not tell the truth about their son's passing. As mentioned earlier, he died of a drug overdose. They told people he was in a motorcycle accident. The viewing was a closed casket.
Aunt #2 also told me that caretaker aunt again was not truthful about the cause with my grandpa with my grandpa's own brother. According to aunt #2, caretaker aunt told my grandpa's brother that he passed of kidney cancer.
If my grandpa had cancer and that wasn't shared widely with the family, then that is very disappointing, at least to me.
And if he didn't have cancer, then what was the actual cause?
From what I know, aunt #2 has some mental health struggles. I'm not judging, I do, too.
I don't know if that could be potentially playing into the allegation that caretaker aunt intentionally lead to the demise of my grandpa?
Aunt #2 claims that my parents were fully aware of the situation and didn't do anything to intervene.
I've thought about asking my parents but it's a little difficult for me as my own very young niece has a terminal illness and it weighs on our minds every day.
I moved back to be with family so if something sketchy did happen, I think I want to know.
I don't necessarily want to bring up the topic of passing on, but also desire to know how my grandpa passed.
I get along with everyone in my family. It has been bothering me for years that there is this "us versus them" mentality. It's my parents and caretaker aunt & uncle versus aunt #2 and her family.
Even on the other side of my family (my mom's family who has nothing to do with this), I get along with everyone there, too, even though there are tensions between my mom, her sister, and their brother.
I call people, I talk with them, I genuinely care about everyone on both sides of my family.
It's difficult for me to be in the middle of it all. Aunt #2 also calls me sometimes and tells me things too, so I really do feel like I am trying to play referee while still being impartial.
What would you do?
If you read to the end, I salute you!
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2023.03.26 18:44 CostasA007 Are you tired of exploring the vast universe of Star Citizen alone? Join 7Hills Industries

Do you want to be part of a serious and respectful community of adults from around the world who share your passion for space exploration, trading, excellence, and discovery? Look no further than 7Hills Industries!
We offer a friendly, drama-free, and organized environment with assertive and measured leadership to facilitate effective decision-making in organized operations. We provide support for regular and hardcore players through leadership, logistics, and operations/event-planning opportunities. We're dedicated to growing and expanding our organization.
With a fleet ranging from MPUV to Javelin, we have all the necessary ships for every lawful career, including science, exploration, mining, construction, transport, fuel, repair, supply, medical, salvage, rescue, and security.
Our supported divisions include Exploration, Engineering, Base Building, Mining, Hauling, Salvage & Repair, Trading, Combat, Escort, and Scouting. We also offer opportunities for Bounty Hunting and Personal Transport.
We value community, kindness, and cooperation, and we seek members who have strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as the patience and perspective to pursue long-term goals. Our ultimate goal is to become as independent as possible.
If you are 18 years of age or older, you are welcome to join our ranks. Whether you have a big ship fleet or only a small starter, whether you are a Fighter or Transport Pilot, Racer, Trader, Escort Pilot, Officer, Team player, or Role player, you'll find a place in our organization. With our crew rotation, all members have their place. Join us now and become a part of the 7Hills Industries family!
For more information, visit our website at
Discord channels at https://www.discord.gg/7hills
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiPIQxZG54GRrDL_jO-CJBQ
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@7hillsindustries
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2023.03.26 18:39 FergusC186 [USA-MA][H] Asus Strix 2080 Super, Asus Strix B450-i, Sliger Cerberus, HyperDrive Thunderbolt 4 Power Hub, Spotify Car Thing, Amazon Tap [W] Local Cash, Paypal

I am the original owner of all listed items unless otherwise noted; items come from a smoke-free & pet-free home and are in excellent condition.
Timestamp 1 Timestamp 2
Asus Strix Gaming 2080 Super (Condition: Very good) - $250 SOLD to u/secretdeguchi2 for $260 shipped
HyperDrive Thunderbolt 4 Power Hub (Condition: BNIB) - $225 $200
Asus Rog Strix B450-i Gaming (Condition: Excellent) - $125 SOLD to u/Bigthangsssdashin for $125 local
Sliger Cerberus (Not X) (Condition: Good) - $160 $150
Spotify Car Thing (Condition: Like New) - $50 SOLD to u/lockethebro for $55 shipped
Amazon Tap (Condition: Excellent) - $25 $20
Govee Smart Light Bars, RGBICWW (Condition: Like New) - $30 $20
EDIT: Price drop on a few items
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2023.03.26 18:38 SagansCandle 42M Caucasian - What environmental factors could cause blurry vision?



I have blurry vision: "Blurry" as in looking through a fogged windshield when driving at night - everything has a kind of halo. Text appears to have a blurry double. Doctors diagnosed me with dry eye, but it goes away when I leave home for a few days. Eye drops help temporarily. Doctors suggest it's environmental, but can't suggest what it could be. This is one of those "not looking for a diagnosis, but maybe someone has some info that could help find the cause" posts perfect for the hive-mind of reddit.

Suspected Environmental Causes


I own my home, so moving isn't an option. I don't think it's mold, but I'm pursuing that, anyway. Previous owners (bought the house 5 years ago) had birds in the bedroom, which soiled the carpets through. I've since had the carpets replaced. A faint odor remains, nonetheless. That's my main suspect at the moment. I have two air purifiers running 24/7 (two floors). I definitely notice the condition worsens with them off. I also have central air with a HEPA filter.
Condition has worsened over ~2 years very slowly. Again, leaving the house helps and air filters help. Condition is worse in the mornings. I live in the northeast and it's humid in the summer and dry in the winter - the condition persists through both seasons.
I want to rip my house down to the studs to resolve this issue, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. Like most, money is tight and I'd rather have a prescriptive cure. Hoping someone here can lead me to the cause - two different eye docs were left scratching their heads with no real advice except "come back if it gets worse and we'll put in some stints." I don't want to operate on my body if the cause is environmental. Docs say my vision is great otherwise.
Any thoughts on what this could be or who might be able to help?
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2023.03.26 18:30 TheGrinningFrog Erebert the Novice Monk, Zilight Fantasy Playthrough, Day 5 ad 6

This is a journal playthrough of Zilight Dark Ages, a solo play zombie game using a regular deck of cards and dice. The aim is to survive for 28 days...

Day 5 — Diamonds 6: Hunter's Cabin

(Plague roll d6-3: roll 3 - 3 = 0, location is clean)
(Roll 5 & 6 for arrows = 5 Bodkin & 3 Broadhead)
(Exploration cards: Clubs 9 [Medical Supplies] & Diamonds Ace [discard])
Through the night, my mind is troubled by visions of plague-mucus stained faces, contorted by death, yet kept animate by the will of Hell. I wake before sunrise in a sweat. Should I have burned the corpses?
My certainty and resolve is to move onward to the east.
Steep banks tumble down to what I'm sure must be Coldbeck, that flows through the fen village to the south. Despite the realisation of my slow progress, it won't be far to detour and cross their bridge. Better than risk the greasy banks. Although my mission may be clearer than ever, yesterday's encounter has rattled me somewhat. Come to think of it, I'm feeling dizzy and unwell.
With village long houses in sight ahead, I happen to glance back upon what looks like a hunter's shelter against the hillside and shielded by a small grove of hazel bushes. It's not far away, and with the possibility of finding arrows for my bow, I decide to go look.
Before I enter, I check around the area. I don't wish to be caught off-guard as I was with the bear. All is quiet, but I discover a grave — likely dug within the last two weeks — topped by a fresh posey of flowers.
Circling to the front of the hut a pain in my ribs stabs deeply and, stumbling, I collapse in the doorway. Through blurred senses I hear a voice, feel hands and the world goes dark.
When I awake there is a cool cloth at my brow, a light calm voice and a good scent, like the monastery refectory at mealtime. My wounds have been packed with soothing poultices, moss and bound.
She asks me why I am travelling so soft and unprepared and I feel my cheeks blush to be reminded of myself by a girl below marriageable age. She laughs and lets me know her name is Begu. We talk about my mission and she speaks of losing her father, the hunter, last week. Before we eat, I insist that I say a benediction over the grave. Begu is grateful and her tears remind me of her youth.
After the nourishing simple stew I fall asleep quickly.
In the morning, Begu gives me a few arrows she can spare and some healing oil. I feel so much better and call her my blessing. I leave her with my cross to hang in her home to bring her God's grace. We part with smiles and I pray for her safety.
*Author Note: After drawing the 6 medical supplies card (fully healing my character + 1 spare), I came to the conclusion that someone who knows what they are doing would be a better narrative decision than Erebert trying to patch himself up. And it didn't affect any of the other cards drawn, so I journalled it this way.
Game Mechanics - When you are at a location, in this case, the Hunters Lodge, you ignore any other location cards drawn that turn - so the Ace of Diamonds was ignored. Rich got luck with his rolls, getting much needed arrows and a whole bunch of healing.
Locations can be contaminated with the plague. The busier the footfall in a location, the higher the plague rating will be. We estimated that a remote hunters lodge would be a fairly safe place.

Day 6 — Hearts 2: Dying Mother

(Quest: Rolled 4 = [Column 2] next 2 Spades in deck, followed by next Diamond [and 1 explore card])
(Drew through deck to see what the order of my journalling tasks will be — if I survive each! — Drew Spades 6: Fat Zombies ×6; Spades 2: Zombies ×2; Diamond 2: Abandoned Caravan [Explore ×1 = Clubs 2: Bag of Turnips])
Silence and stench are overwhelming walking through the settlement. Between some of the houses I see the occasional body lying in the mud, but I do as I must. Let the dead bury the dead, my work is so the living can live. Crossing the bridge gets me a few more steps closer to my goal and this low country will be behind me.
'Help,' it's a woman's voice, weak but insistent, from an open door.
'I hear you out there,' there is despair in the tone. 'You can help find my boy. Please? Don't go.'
And my quest grows longer. She is Bertha and she is dying, but, as the apostle Paul told the Romans, I say to her, 'Where there is life there is hope.' And taking her hands in mine, 'Where there is love there is life. I will find your son.'
Bertha was sure her boy, Rædwald, would run to the Rool-scar ruins two leagues east. And it is a place of which I've heard told in hushed breaths. Before even the soldiers of Rome the Old Scar was an ancient fort; and when I was a boy myself, there were tales of the ghosts of iron men from times long ago.
But the road east is good and I reach the foot of the high whitestone cliff by the sun's zenith, so I will not be in its shade. From here Bertha's directions were jumbled, from stories before her husband died, but my thirst took me a short path north against the escarpment to the White Mere to rest a moment.
The waters appear clear, blue and quiet, until I get closer and clumsily break a dry branch. One by one, six heads break the calm surface and then their bloated bodies follow. Suet-white and corpse-grey flesh seems ready to slough off like jelly on bones. I ready my spear glad they don't seem fast (roll 5 & 4 = 2 point hit), but only succeed to release the first from foul unlife. I realise these may be tougher to defeat than I thought. (Initiative roll Erebert 3; Zombies 3; then E 5; Z 2) Mud on the shoreline grips at their ankles long enough for me to take one more strike. (Roll 6 & 2 = 1 hit) As I suspected some of the congealed mass discorporates, but — gutless — it remains standing and (roll 6, 5, 4, 2 & 2 = 2 hits) the five surround me. Only my helmet saves me from the two violent blows to the head.
I should run, but what if the child is near. (Roll 3 & 1 = miss) I need to calm myself if I'm to stay standing and not get… surrounded. (Roll 6, 6, 6, 6 & 4 = 4 hits) I'm hit from all sides and pain opens my eyes wide to the slow, slack-jawed slovens. (Roll 5 & 5 = 2 point hit) I find a gap to escape through and decapitate the fattest. (Roll 6, 3, 3 & 2 = 1 hit) Although they struggle to catch me, a ham first crunches into my ribs and something that was healing tears. (Roll 6 & 4 = 2 point hit) Anger fills my decisive thrust, bursting a swollen belly that explodes with writhing black leaches. (Roll 6, 3 & 3 = 1 hit) Fat corpses slip and slide in the ichor saturated ground and one bites my ankle, (roll 6 & 4 = 2 point hit) so I stab it through the skull. (Roll 4 & 3 = both miss) The grass and weeds of the lakeshore are making the fight a slow, clumsy slog. (Roll 4 & 2 = 1 point hit) I barely keep my footing, only luckily severing the spine of the first one I hit. (Roll 5 = 1 hit) Distracted by extracting my spear from purulent organ fat, the remaining thing of miscreation grabs and rakes my throat. (Roll 6 & 4 = 2 point hit) Close enough to smell rancid decomposition, my spear finds its mark and I am coated in the filth of the thing.
It feels like a risk, but I wash myself off in the lake. Briefly a mire of gore surrounding my pained and bruised body, the cleansing helps my resolve the child must be to the south in the haunted ruins. I continue with vigilance and a trepidation born of childhood stories.
The path at the base of the cilff seems well trodden and ahead I see some tents of cannabis cloth. Raising my bow, I see two skinny figures. Their gait is unmistakable. (Roll 5 & 5 = 2 hits) I don't let them get close.
In one of the tents (plague roll 4 -2 = 2; current exhaustion level is 4, so no roll required) I find Rædwald, the boy of not yet seven summers, hiding beneath a blanket hugging a sack of turnips. He asks if I know his daddy. I tell him I'm here to take him to his mum, and on the journey back I lift him to my shoulders as I was carried as a boy.
Bertha's delight is worth all my effort and pains and her son hugs her until the late afternoon, when the Lord calls her soul to his side. Before she does I promise to take the boy to safety and Bertha gives me a gift I could not have imagined. Clubs A (Breastplate +6) "To go with the helmet," she says. It was her husband's — an heirloom of a more civilised age.
Before sunset, I take Rædwald north to Begu. With hope they will help each other over their losses and she will teach him to hunt.
Quests are additional side trips and provide an opportunity to obtain items twice - usually when you find an item, such as the breastplate, that's it. You can't find it again. Except you are allowed to find duplicates during quests.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found here (40 hours left at the time of writing)
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2023.03.26 18:23 BDSHOP24 Pro Tri-band Mobile Signal Booster for All Network's in Bangladesh

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2023.03.26 17:51 icylilies Struggling with my newly diagnosed autistic Mother

My mum (52F) was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD about a year ago and I have watched her go on a downward spiral that I personally feel is problematic and I am getting to the point where I want to cut ties with her. I (25F) was diagnosed with ADHD at 19 and managed to turn my life around with the help of ADHD treatment and will be graduating next summer with a veterinary and a cancer biology degree. Unsurprisingly, my mother had recognised a lot of my ADHD traits in herself and decided to pursue a diagnosis as she felt she could never get things done and maybe she could achieve something. Several things happened, (broken leg that took 18months to heal with surgery, covid, my dad threatening to end their marriage, hysterectomy due to a fibroid that weighed 2kg) which delayed her ADHD diagnosis appointment. When she finally got to it she got the Autism curve ball. Autism isn't something we are unfamiliar with, my mum suspected my brother to be autistic but he never got a diagnosis as my dad boohoo'd us getting labels. My mother has always had "Anger issues", but we just viewed it as passionate, and does not work- infact has a nice life in the countryside with everything she's ever wanted (quite literally too! Theres a whole studio that she never uses just full of craft supplies she collected over the years).
During all my mothers bad health, she was chair bound for a long time. Me and my brothers could pick up the slack because we were home a lot (covid times!). We were happy to pick up the slack! But as she has got better, she has remained stationed on the sofa for 5-6hrs a day and still expects us to manage the house and animals. I don't think i have seen her hoover in the last 3years and it's a miracle if she does not complain about having to cook a meal by herself. In the last 18months I have come home to find the animals neglected with no hay, standing in water logged fields and no poo picking done for over a month.
In terms of ADHD my mother takes the same medication that i do after specifically asking for it because "it worked for you so it must work for me,". She's despondent, angry, and just unpleasant to be near now. I was asked home after my exams because she wanted to spend time with me and my nan was visiting us (Not very close with my nan, she is only stopping as she is on her way to see my cousins', that i don't know, new baby). In the time I have been home after 5hours of driving, she has barely spoken to me because shes playing games on her phone or shouting at me for not doing something the way she wanted it to be done. She has since gone out with my dad for the rest of the day, leaving me at home to look after the dog and greet my Nan when she eventually arrives, before i drive 5hours back to University tomorrow.
My friends have had a running joke for the last few years that I am the main person who runs my family home even though i spend 9months of the year across the other side of the country. I have always defended my mum to my dad, but I am finding it harder to justify why she has become more confrontational, rude and "lazy" when she is getting support for her Autism through therapists and psychiatrists. A week ago she told me over the phone she doesn't know why she goes to her Autism therapy sessions because theres nothing that needs fixing. I don't know how to support her anymore and I'm not sure where to draw the line between Autism, and the anger from a late diagnosis, or whether she's just turned into a nasty person.
I would say I am not without fault, I have a fiery temper too and my meltdowns rock our household. I don't have Autism, but I have a few traits that I have picked up from my mother so I can empathise a lot with her. However I have put in a lot of work in bettering myself and being more aware of my problems in order to function as normally as possible. I don't expect my mother to be me, to suddenly become the perfect "normal" human but I definitely didn't expect for things to get a lot worse, to watch our animals suffer and for me to be pushed to the point where I don't ever want to interact with her ever again.
Does anyone have any advice on dealing with a parent with an autism diagnosis? Especially if they have become worse after said diagnosis.
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2023.03.26 17:45 Unknown___GeekyNerd Sometimes I feel my family experience things rarer than being struck by lightning combined with also winning the lottery. (Kind of a rant, but it's mostly funny stories/seeing the humorous side to things.)

Sorry, I don't know how to flair this post because it's multiple things.
I'll mark each funny / 'what are the chances?' stories into clear sections.
Story 4a & 4b is by far the most impressive (I personally think).

For context:
I'm a trans man (adult) and I live at home with my (somewhat supportive but don't necessarily say the right things) parents and my two younger siblings.
My brother (child and teenager) is also trans and my younger sibling (preteen) is quite the unique character (my brother, mum, and I are secretly "betting" that my youngest sibling is an enby lesbian, but of course we're not telling/saying anything to them but just making sure they feel supported and in a safe environment at home (cannot do much about the outside transphobic world) - they should do given that their older brothers are trans and gay). The "betting" is light-hearted and in good spirit, and we're not betting money or anything, but rather trying to guess/predict what their gender and sexuality is (did my parents get 3/3 or is my sibling the odd one out and not trans / genderqueer and gay/queer sexuality)).

When my brother came out as trans he broke the ice, and because I was so fearful of coming out (kind of had known since I was 4, but didn't quite understand what it was or believed it until my brother came out), I saw it as a perfect opportunity and jumped on the train to the trans rainbow world, which I have never regretted (it's been around 5 years now). I told my best friend that my brother and I are trans, and he also came out as trans. This all happened within a 24 hour period, it was a lot to process even though I had known for a while and suspected it for my brother and friend.
Later that year, I came out as gay, and it turns out my brother liked the idea of letting someone else come out first and just saying "me too", and did that for coming out as gay - we didn't discuss any queer feelings to each other before coming out to people.

My brother and I are medically transitioning, and we have hypermobile EDS (hEDS). When my brother and I were diagnosed with hEDS (after we started our medical transition), the person diagnosing us said that we dealt with the problem of progesterone/oestrogen. It turns out that those hormones make the chronic pain suffered from hEDS worse, and that taking HRT (specifically testosterone) actually helped with that and in reducing our chances of dislocations (it's still higher than the majority of the population because of hEDS, but it's nice to know going onto testosterone has physically benefited our bodies because we're often told by others that it's 'bad for our heart' and things).
My best friend also has hEDS (diagnosed before me and my brother), so he also gets the wonderful benefits of HRT's interaction with hEDS (our HRT being testosterone).
My family believes that my youngest sibling might also has hEDS.

Last week, we discovered that my sibling has this really rare condition and the severity of it is even rarer. My sibling will need surgery (hopefully) very soon because it can be really dangerous (it is for my sibling), and there are only 6 (or maybe 7) other recorded cases in the UK that have had this surgery (and they were all grown adults if I remember correctly).
While my sibling is waiting for this surgery, they're having to put oestrogen cream in the area.This means that my mum, my youngest sibling, me and my brother are all on HRT, meanwhile my poor dad is left out. I pity his excluded soul from the party of HRT.

The surgery my sibling needs will also reconstruct their genitalia (this isn't a surgery to "fix" being intersex (god forbid people are born with sexes outside the binary - /s), it's completely unrelated to that, and also (I'm pretty sure) my sibling isn't intersex - as far as we all know). This surgery is needed because it is dangerous (potentially life threatening) if it goes untreated (the oestrogen cream is a temporary 'fix' / measure to try and stop it getting worse).
I want lower surgery, and so does my brother (the last he said).It would be funny if all three of us ended up having some form of reconstructive genital surgery - it looks like that will be the case. My family also find it amusing - amongst the seriousness of it because we realise how unlikely it is for all three siblings to need it and the youngest one that hasn't expressed a want / need for getting reconstructive genitalia surgery (before the medical issues arose), will certainly be the first to get it.

4a) (4a is not trans-related but 4b is)
My brother and I have a condition where we need tinted lenses in our glasses to help us process visually as well as academically - for example it can help our spelling abilities.
We live in the UK, and there isn't a place to tint it here, so we have to send off our glasses to America.
When we figured out the right tint (it's different for each person), we had to then send off our glasses to America so they could tint them, however, this was (I think?) beginning of last December, where Royal Mail had been hacked by Russians or something, so international Royal Mail wasn't being sent / transported / active (it had to be Royal Mail but I cannot remember the reason for it). Anyway, we had to wait 3 or so months before we could send them off which was just our luck.

The company that tinted them sent them back, and we got an email saying that we can expect it to arrive in customs within the next day. We got another email updating us saying it had been received and that customs were going to hold onto it until we sent a scanned image of my brother's passport.
We were very confused thinking that it's a scam or whatever, but it was from their official email and all of that (we checked multiple times).
It was weird the way they asked for his passport and not mine, because it was address to both of us on the package, and it's not like either of us were travelling inside the package.My brother also didn't (and doesn't) have a valid passport. His old one was out of date, and also in his deadname and sex assigned at birth, so it's not like we could send customs his old passport explaining it's the most recent one we have for him, and they'd let the parcel go because it would seem like a completely different person (in terms of documentation). He also doesn't have any other ID because they're either out of date, or in his deadname and sex assigned at birth.I have a valid passport (in date and right name and sex), so I was very annoyed that they happened to ask for his. I was also annoyed because ID is not a legal requirement in the UK and he's under 18!
Anyway, after emailing customs back, they responded and we discovered that the reason they were holding the parcel was because his name was the same as an internationally wanted criminal. My brother changed his name (first name surname were on the parcel) to one of an internationally wanted criminal (without realising it).
I of course (jokingly) told my brother off for his name choice. We also managed to get the parcel after a lot of explaining and sending his deed poll off along with information like he's a minor.

That's just a few of the ridiculousness things that's happened to my family (I think all the ones related to being trans), but goodness gracious me does it feel ridiculous and like there's a god plotting against my family. /j
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2023.03.26 17:37 Smolblobfish I am 27 years old, make $76,000 CAD, live in British Columbia, work as an Environmental Project Specialist, and this week I drained my chequing account to buy a camera.

Assets and Debts
Retirement Balance/Investments: $65,239 – This is all in a Tax Free Savings Account. I add about $1800 each month to my Questrade brokerage account, which I started doing (at a lower amount) regularly around two years ago when I finished school. When the First Time Home Buyers Savings Account (FHSA) becomes available, I will swap my contributions towards maxing that first.
Equity if you're a homeowner: $0 – oop, in this market?
Savings account balance: $16,834 – Most of this is my emergency funds (vehicle maintenance, vet emergencies, FU money, etc.) and the rest is a sinking fund for travel/fun.
Checking account balance: $2873 This is where my pay cheques are deposited and the account I use to pay off my credit cards.
Credit card debt: None, paid off monthly.
Student loan debt: None, I lived at home during my undergrad and my parents set me up an RESP that covered all my tuition, books, etc. When I moved for grad school I received scholarships and grants which supported my research and my living costs. I worked on campus as well which helped cover tuition.


Income Progression: This is my first full-time job in my field, and I’ve been working for a bit over a year and a half. My starting salary was $68,000 and I got a raise and promotion to $76,000 at around the one-year mark.
I work at a consulting company and my role is to manage and facilitate a variety of different environmental monitoring programs. I work out in the field in northern Canada mostly in the summer. The rest of the year I primarily work from home and travel periodically for conferences, meetings, and occasional project work.
Before I started this job, my income progression includes:
Role Pay Description
Sales associate/cashier $10-11/hr Miscellaneous retail and fast food jobs I worked in high school (15-20 hrs/wk)
Research assistant $14-17/hr I worked for research labs part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer while I did my undergrad (15-40 hrs/wk)
Teaching assistant $25-28/hr I TAed various undergrad courses while I was in grad school (100-250 hours/semester)
Wildfire service $25/hr I worked a summer in wildland fire after I finished grad school. This was my wages averaged out to once hazard and OT/stat pay are included (60 hrs/wk)
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $4650 after deductions (EI/CPP, taxes, medical/dental)
Side Gig Monthly Take Home: $600 – This includes a few different things. I work occasionally as a photographer (portraits, headshots, events), make and sell crafts, and save up my travel per diems. When I travel for work I get a flat per diem and don’t need to submit receipts so I usually prep and bring a bunch of vacuum sealed meals with me. The take home for all of this really varies month to month and $600 is my very rough estimate.


Note: My partner G and I don’t have combined income. We maintain separate accounts, though they’re P2 on a couple of my credit cards. G is working part-time as a server and on campus while finishing up their degree. Their monthly take-home is probably around $1200-2000 depending on their hours. We split eating out, groceries, gas, cat expenses, and other living costs equitably, though occasionally some of these costs gets a bit jumbled when G, our roommate A, and I all shop together. We use Splitwise to keep this all sorted as cleanly as possible. Everything that is listed below is my share of costs.
Fixed Expenses:
Variable Expenses:

Money Diary

Day 1 –
9 AM: I wake up and scroll on my phone until my partner (G) wakes up. We make the bed and get up to feed the cats and make breakfast. G is cooking ham silog, but I’m not really feeling a savoury breakfast today so I make a mango protein smoothie and have a slice of toast with peanut butter.
11 AM: G heads out for work and I lounge around indecisively. I had wanted to go to the gym this morning before meeting up with a friend, but it’s rainy outside and I don’t feel like putting on all my rain gear and biking over. I end up just catching up on some chores around the house while FaceTiming my Mom.
1 PM: My friend drives over and picks me up for a rainy walk in the park and to grab coffee. We walk drive to the park and walk around, chatting and catching up. Both of us have been busy with work so I haven’t seen him since last month. We walk to the coffee shop afterwards and I get a large latte and a breakfast burrito ($17.08). We walk back to my friend’s car and he drops me off at home.
4 PM: I strip off my rain gear and curl up on the couch with the cats and scroll social media. I put together a small platter of cheese, crackers, and grapes, and watch an episode of The Last of Us. G hates any shows that are spooky, so I’ve been watching it by myself when they’re not home. I text live updates to one of my friends who’s caught up on the news episodes and has been impatiently waiting for me to catch up so we can discuss it.
5:30 PM: G gets home from work and I drive to the gym. I stop into a bookshop on the way, pick up a book that my friend recommended to me this afternoon, and leave before I convince myself I need any more books ($33.59). I walk over to the gym and I do arms and shoulders, a bit of stretching, and then drive home to shower.
7:30 PM: G and I make totchos for dinner with garlicy chicken and cuddle on the couch and rewatch a few episodes of Shera. I would say I’m a Glimmer sun, Scorpia moon, and Mermista rising.
10 PM: G and I both shower and then I read in bed while G plays Stardew Valley before we fall asleep.
Day 1 total: $50.67
Day 2 –
8 AM: I wake up and check my phone in bed. I’ve developed this bad habit of immediately checking my work email and Slack first thing in the morning and immediately becoming stressed out. Most of the projects I work on are federally funded and the fiscal year end is in March, so my emails have been extra stressful lately.
10 AM: After taming my inbox and hopping off yet another meeting that could have been an email, I join G in the kitchen for breakfast. I have a chai latte and munch on leftover tater tots from last night – G added eggs to it so I’m pretty sure this constitutes as a breakfast item. They watch TV and feed that cats while I get back to work. I’m supposed to be travelling for work at the end of the month to facilitate some workshops and I and have been scrambling to get all the materials prepared for this.
1:30 PM: G leaves for class and I play with the cats while making some chili oil noodles for lunch, which I eat while mindlessly scrolling Tiktok before returning to my desk to work on a report that I’m finishing up.
4 PM: Take a break to lay in bed with my cat and then spend the rest of my work day catching up with messages before logging off. I get changed to go on a bike ride and stuff some snacks into my handlebar bag. I head out for a quick loop and pop on my earbuds. I am listening to Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin and it’s sooo good so far!
6:30 PM: G texts me to pick up a couple items, so I stop at the grocery store on my way home. I lock up my bike and grab a cucumber, some carrots, oranges, milk, potatoes, pork chops, and a big pack of trail mix ($35.52). I stand outside the grocery store shoveling trail mix into my mouth before riding home haphazardly dangling the bags off my dropbars. G helps me unload groceries and makes poke bowls for dinner while I shower.
8 PM: G heads out to meet up with some friends for drinks and I wash dishes and then read in bed with the cats.
10 PM: I drive downtown to pick up G and then we get ready for bed together, watch Tiktoks and snuggle.
Day 2 total: $35.52
Day 3 –
8 AM: I wake up, panic check my emails, and then get up with G to make the bed, wash up, and brush our teeth. They recognize I’m already stressing about work and coax me into making breakfast together. We make scrambled eggs together and toast with butter and eat together and I feel a little bit less overwhelmed when I finally sit down at my desk.
12 PM: I stop to eat lunch and then head out for a quick walk. It’s finally sunny after a week of cloud and rain. I stop by the pharmacy to pick up some tissue paper and a big jug of Metamucil ($24.65). Maybe TMI, but I’ve been weirdly constipated the past few days. I recently started upping my protein intake and perhaps I’m not quite drinking enough water to compensate. I walk home and gulp down a big glass of Metamucil before getting back to work.
5 PM: I meet G at their bus stop and we walk to the pet store together to restock on cat food and litter ($58.15). G starts cooking dinner and I bike to the gym to do chest and back. After my workout, I drink the protein shake that I brought with me. In the Costco Facebook group I’m in everyone is obsessed with these chocolate milk protein drinks that seem to always sell out immediately after they’re restocked. The last time I was at Costco, I finally got a glimpse of them in real life and everyone and their Moms was flinging them into their carts. I got caught up in the FOMO ended up buying two flats of them. G was seriously judging when I came home with my Costco haul and I revealed that I spent nearly $80 on chocolate milk… I counter that this is the price for gains, but I'm not so sure....
7 PM: I bike home, shower, and eat the katsu curry that G made. While I’m eating I finally order the cycling jersey I’ve been eyeing up because I got a discount coupon in my email ($78.75). G and I watch The Hunger Games and share a big bowl of microwaveable popcorn.
10:30 PM: I prep some overnight oats for G and me before showering, brushing my teeth, flossing, and heading to bed.
Day 3 total: $103.40
Day 4 –
6 AM: I groggily wake up to the sound of G making coffee. They work opening shifts at their serving job on Wednesdays and I always say that I’ll wake up early with them and get a head start to my day. I lay in bed, eyes closed, contemplating why I would want to do something so foolish.
7:30 AM: I finally actually get out of bed, dressed, and cleaned up.
8 AM: I hop into a meeting with some project partners and I finaaaaally get the go ahead to book my travel for later this month. My company allows me to charge my expenses to my personal card and claim it afterwards, which has been awesome for accumulating points.
9 AM: I feed the cats and eat my overnight oats before returning to work. I switch over to a report for one of my other projects that’s wrapping up soon. It feels nice to work on something where my efforts feel like I’m (at least working towards) a seeable endpoint, rather than an endless cycle.
11:30 AM: My brain is already over the day. I take an early lunch, wash dishes, play with the cats, and return to work.
4:30 PM: I log off and get geared up for a bike ride. I’m so happy I bought loaded up my handlebar bag with snacks. I eat multiple packs of sesame snaps and do a quick 30k loop, listen to an episode of Ologies, and return home.
7 PM: I do a quick, stretch, shower, and eat leftover curry with G. G has some assignments to work on and I join them on my laptop and watch Youtube videos. I FaceTime A, who is travelling this week for a conference. She emails us her flights so that we can pick her up at the airport this weekend.
9 PM: After my call ends, G and I decide to do face masks together and take a screen break before bed. We chat about our travel plans in the coming months. We’re meeting up with G’s siblings in southern California next month and we’re trying to figure out whether it will be worth it to go to Disneyland for a day while we’re there and which restaurants are a must-visit on our list.
10:30 PM: G and I get ready for bed and then read and cuddle before going to sleep.
Day 4 total: $0
Day 5 –
7 AM: I wake up to G getting out of bed. I stay in bed and see a notification on my phone for Facebook Marketplace. There’s a specific camera that I have a search alert set up for because I’ve been trying to buy for months now and someone in my city just posted it for sale. I message him and get a response right way. He lived within walking distance of my house and says I can come over any time to check out the camera! I get up and changed and bike to the bank and more or less empty my chequing account.
8 AM: I meet up with the seller and trust him right away. He invites me into his house and explains when he got the camera and that he’s selling it because he recently got a higher end model. I fiddle with the camera and check all the mechanics. Everything is in immaculate condition and I feel like I’ve seriously lucked out because he’s the original owner. I pay him in cash and happily bike home ($2200).
8:30 AM: G is making breakfast when I get home. They’re used to me hyperfixating on my various special interests and listen to my blab incessantly about the camera while we eat.
9 AM: I log into a Zoom meeting and then work on my workshop prep again. I’ve been travelling for this project numerous times since last May and I have yet to get approval for travel more than two weeks in advance and that two weeks is always so stressful and chaotic.
11 AM: G leaves for school and I bike to my office to pick up some materials that have arrived for me. I stay and chat with my supervisor and a couple of my coworkers that are in the office today as well.
12:30 PM: I bike home, boil some frozen dumplings for lunch, and finish off my workday at home. I squeeze in a load of laundry, bake a frozen lasagna, and watch a bunch of Youtube videos about my camera. It has truly taken all my self-control to not spend all day playing with it.
6 PM: I go out for a short walk with my camera and listen to my audiobook while I snap pics.
7 PM: G comes home from school and we eat lasagna and rewatch Everything Everywhere All at Once, which has been all over social media again after it swept at the Oscars.
10 PM: G and I get ready for bed and I watch some more Youtube videos while G plays Animal Crossing.
Day 5 total: $2200
Day 6 –
8 AM: Wake up and make a smoothie for breakfast and get started with work.
10 AM: I take a snack break and say bye to G as they leave for school.
12 PM: I join a meeting with one of my co-workers to discuss an upcoming deadline and stay on the call to chat about our weekend plans. One the call is over I boil some tortellini and top it with marinara and some shredded cheese for lunch.
4:30 PM: I bike to my gym and decide to do a full body workout. It is extra busy today and none of the racks are free.. I guess this is my sign that I can skip squats for the day…
6PM: I bike home, shower, and we eat leftovers for dinner.
7 PM: I work on some crafting in the living room while G watches shows. I was commissioned for a project by a friend that I have been slacking off on. I have really mixed feelings about monetizing my hobbies and go through waves where I sometimes feel really enthusiastic about it and consider investing more of my time into building a business and other times, I feel drained of all creative passion.
11 PM: G and I get ready for bed and I stay up a bit longer to read my book in bed.
Day 6 total: $0
Day 7 –
6:30 AM: I wake up to G giving me a lil forehead kiss before they go to work. Love it, but not enough to wake up.
8 AM: Woken up once again. This time it's by two very rude cats stomping all over me and meowing for food. I make the bed and get up to feed them and myself.
8:30: I sit down at my desk to catch up on some work. I usually don't work weekends, but I feel overwhelmed by everything I need to get done this next week. I cannot wait for March to be over and to return to a manageable amount of work.
11 AM: It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and I change into my bike gear to go out for a ride. I eat a leftover slice of lasagna and then a banana and some peanut butter. I never know how much to eat before I bike so I end up steaming some dumplings and eating those too.
11:30 AM: I meet up with a friend to ride together and we stop halfway through our ride to lounge in the sun and get milkshakes. I pay for both of us ($13.65).
4 PM: I get home, strip off my sweaty bike kit, and shower. G is home for work and surprised me with takeout sushi. I am famished and eat my spicy tuna rolls ravenously.
5 PM: G is napping and I sit outside on our front porch and work on a sewing project while listening to some music.
7 PM: G and I go out for a walk to watch the sunset and stretch out a bit. When we get home, we play a few rounds of Dominion. I win twice and G wins once. Then G showers while I read on the couch.
11 PM: G drives us to the airport to pick up A. We’re both exhausted and blast a kpop playlist so that we don’t doze off. I pay for short-term parking ($2) while we wait in the airport for A’s flight and then we all drive home together.
Day 7 total: $15.65

Weekly Total:

Food & Drink $66.25
Pet $58.15
Camera $2200.00
Shopping $112.34
Other $26.65
Total $2463.39
Most of this week was pretty typical for spending. The camera was both planned (something I anticipated) and unexpected (the random timing). I know the reason I budget and save is so that I can spend that money guilt-free. Despite that, some anxiety still lingers and a lot of back and forth thinking, was this impulsive? No, I was prepared for this…. That was SO much money… Money anxiety has been one of the major discussion topics I’ve been working on with my therapist and that I have gotten better about over the past year or so. Spending time reading and engaging with a lot of personal finance content, I feel like I am constantly bombarded with messaging on how to minimize spending on ‘wants’.
Since I started tracking my finances in early 2021, my hobbies have been my top spending category besides rent and groceries. It brings me tons of joy to be able to go on trips, buy camera gear and bike gear, and do the activities that I’ve dreamt of having the means to do since I was a kid. I have been working on finding balance between saving and spending, living the type of joyous and adventurous life that little smolblobfish wanted to have, and ensuring that I’m doing my best to set up a secure future.
Edit: Realized I had only included my primary income in the title. Wanted to add a note that with side hustles, my income is around $82k presently.
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2023.03.26 17:23 MGK_2 Thanks To Upwithstock, We Can See The Forest Through The Trees

Folks, can we see where we are? Let’s see if we can figure it out. I will leave the FDA SOPP attached if necessary to try to arrive at an understanding of where we are. If necessary, we can try to connect what is happening with the FDA documentation.
In a chat conversation I had with Upwithstock last night, quoting the BioSpace Article, Upwithstock writes, “The FDA identified five distinct areas it wanted the company to remediate. CytoDyn has addressed and submitted documentation for all five, Arman said. The regulator then came back in February with a sixth item, for which the company has since submitted documentation. Arman hopes to hear back “in the very near term” about having the hold lifted.
It's the last line, in the very near term that I interpret as more of providing a document that answers a question. In medical devices, we have all kinds of engineering concepts that are used to justify how a product works and why it works, but we have to supply documentation of the engineering concept to prove it or at least the bench testing that proves it. In CYDY's case, with the quality system that needed to be implemented; it either had to be certified by an outside credible source as being implemented or they needed to justify where they got the quality system structure from and that it is proven to work. Something of that order…
After rereading that Biospace article, I am confident that this week is the "very near term"
sorry last item. The article states: The FDA identified five distinct areas it wanted the company to remediate. CytoDyn has addressed and submitted documentation for all five, Arman said. The regulator then came back in February with a sixth item, for which the company has since submitted documentation.
The comment about "The regulator came back in February with a sixth item". Maybe that is the amendment ? or he was informed that it would be complete once 6th document was submitted but it could have been submitted in the last day of February. If that is the case we are still looking at next week. How freaking beautiful would that be?
PharmaJunkee responds, “The FDA requested 5 docs. They reviewed the 5 docs and had one additional request. Based upon the complexity of 2/5 docs and the fact there was only one additional request bodes well in my opinion for the completeness being met. I would be 95% confident they have all they need at this point.
Upwithstock is a genius and PharmaJunkee confirms. Completeness was met. Upwithstock is saying that CytoDyn learned that a 6th document was required in February, (I’m thinking about 10 days into the review process). At that point, the Clock stops, (I’m thinking with about 20 days left on it.) As Upwithstock explains, the BioSpace Article came out on 3/15 and because it takes 5 days to prepare, it can be assumed that some time before 3/10, CytoDyn provided the 6th document to FDA and then the clock resumes where it left off at T-20 days left. 3/11 + 20 days is 4/1 or next Saturday, so according to the FDA SOPP, they would let us know by the Friday prior which is next week. It sure is looking like the hold may get lifted damn near on its birthday. CytoDyn Announces Partial Clinical Hold of HIV Program and Full Clinical Hold of COVID-19 Program CYDY - CytoDyn Inc. News OTC Markets
The hold is born and dies on the same day.
As he said he would, Cyrus has done everything like he said he would. By the book. From the 9/28/22 Conference Call, Cyrus Arman: “Quite literally, everything else will come down to leadership , experience, most importantly, the ability to execute. I want to be clear, that achieving everything I just described, is going to take a new level of focus. and More importantly, A new level of discipline that the company has not had before. but that I am completely committed to executing on. This Plan is Not just Limited to Development strategy or to Resource allocation, but it is a Core theory of how our business now operates. To put it simply. What got us here today, is not what will lead us into the future.
Quite simply, we are in the midst of this new level of discipline and a new level of focus and it is not just the Development Strategy of old, but it is building a foundation.
Our Board of Directors brought on this kind of leadership and they were 100% right. The entire Board of Directors and the Entire Scientific Advisory Board of Experts are all together united in one accord to first get the hold lifted and then proceed with the goals of regular bio-pharmaceutical companies. We sit now in wait and see mode. Cyrus’ number one task is to get this hold lifted. Full stop. This is what he was brought in to do. And do it, he will.
The FDA decision is imminent. It will be Time changing. CytoDyn shall go from a T- to a T+ time frame because Time will be added following the FDA decision. Time switches from removal to addition on the birthday and death date of the hold because Cyrus begins on his plans of execution and each goal he meets then adds to CytoDyn’s future. Alignments have already begun to form and we can see a hint of such an alignment with Merck in the BioSpace Article.

H. If the sponsor (CytoDyn) addresses all the clinical hold issues identified in the clinical hold letter (i.e., a complete response), (the 5 documents), CBER will respond to the sponsor within 30 days of receipt of the complete response. The complete response is reviewed and a decision as to whether the study or studies may or may not proceed will be made in advance of the 30-day goal date allowing sufficient time to issue a letter to the sponsor within 30 days from receipt of the sponsor’s complete response. (21 CFR 312.42(e)). For active INDs, CBER will attempt to work with the sponsor to address any remaining hold issues, (the 6th document) before the 30-day response due date.
I. If an amendment is submitted that provides additional information to the complete response after the 30-day review clock has started, it will be handled in accordance with the Guidance for Industry: Submitting and Reviewing Responses to Clinical Holds. 3082FNL.PDF (gmp-compliance.org)
a. H. How will the FDA handle an amendment providing additional information to the complete response that is submitted after the 30-day review clock has started? Will FDA extend the 30-day review clock?
i. No. Such an amendment received during the 30-day review process will not extend the clock. The division may choose to review the amendment in the time remaining, or stop the 30-day clock and start a new 30-day clock based on the receipt date of the amendment. Amendments to the IND on nonclinical hold issues will be handled in the usual way.
b. I. What happens once the Agency receives the complete response?
i. The FDA will review your complete response within 30 calendar days after the receipt of a complete response, indicating whether the hold is lifted and, if not, specifying the reasons why not. After an IND has been placed on clinical hold, the study may not be initiated until the Agency has contacted you (via phone, fax, letter, or e-mail) telling you that the study may proceed (21 CFR 312.42(e)). (Communications by phone, fax, or e-mail will be followed by a letter.)
C. For review of responses to clinical holds:
  1. Review the response to clinical hold to determine whether the response is complete, incomplete, or partially complete, and update the characterization in the regulatory system. [RPM and Review Team] Note: refer to Section IV for definitions.
a. If the sponsor identified the response as complete, yet it is determined that the response is not complete: Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research SOPP 8201
i. It should be characterized in the regulatory system as an incomplete response, and
ii. Inform the sponsor (via telecon/email/fax) as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after receipt of the response that the 30-day clock will not start until a complete response is received. Document the communication in the regulatory system and ensure it is uploaded into the CER. [RPM]
b.If the sponsor identified the response as a partial response with more data to follow and it is determined that the response is a partial response, characterize it in the regulatory system as a partial response. [RPM]
c. If the submission has not been identified by the sponsor as either complete or partial and it is determined that the response is partial, characterize it in the regulatory system as a partial response and inform the sponsor as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after receipt of the response that the 30-day clock will not start until a complete response is received. Document the communication in the regulatory system and upload it to the CER. [RPM]
d.If it is determined that the response is complete and allows for a decision to be rendered (i.e., lift or continue hold), it should be characterized in the regulatory system as a complete response. [RPM]
  1. Initiate review of responses to the hold issues that have been determined to be complete as soon as possible in order to respond in writing not later than 30 days after CBER’s receipt of the submission. [RPM, Review Team]
a. If continue hold, partial hold, or new hold issues are identified, notify the Branch Chief, and Clinical Division Director. [RPM, Review Team]
i. Note: For active INDs, if there are potentially resolvable issues, these should be discussed with the sponsor
b.Ensure reviews are documented and entered into the appropriate regulatory system. [Review Team]
  1. Draft, review, finalize, sign and issue letter conveying partial hold, continued hold, remove hold, or a combination of these determinations within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complete response to clinical hold. [RPM, Review Team, Clinical Division Director]
  2. Enter the letter into the regulatory system and upload it into the CER. Ensure that the correct IND status is captured in the regulatory system, based on the communication entered. [RPM] Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research SOPP 8201
  3. Ensure that the completed review memo, with supervisory concurrence, is entered into the appropriate regulatory system. [Review Team Members] VIII
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2023.03.26 17:19 pzeqrynosl 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





"So, how should we go about doing this?" Ranma asked.
I learned quickly that sex could be noisy. I tried to be as quiet as possible while slapping her butt with my groin. I went slow, in and out, taking her without noise but with a lot of pleasure. She was rolling her back, biting her lower lip while her legs shook. Her eyes closed, flew open, closed again then she smothered herself again while gasping for air through her fingers. She dissolved to the mattress and rocked her butt as she whispered “Do it but you have to get out first.”
“They said they’d be home in a couple of hours.”She replied.
“So you fucked? Cut the histrionics, I’m already bored.” Nicole piped up lazily.
“Only I want to become a blood slave, as I feel that if you are going to do this then you should surrender yourself completely to one Master, and never look for another.” Kim said in an assertive voice. I was stunned to say the least, as I knew what she was looking for, but never thought I would hear those words come out of anyone's mouth. I just sat there unable to say anything as my mind was going a million miles a minute.
One of a kind its a master piece
I hope you enjoy the following installment of my series. Thank you for reading.
Jerry could not take it any longer and put the camera on the counter and aimed it at the action. He stripped and moved up behind his mother. Reaching around her he grabbed June’s other tit and squeezed as he rubbed his crotch against her butt cheeks.
She let out a deep breath.
Amy: What do you want?
And her hand went right back to his dick just teasing him
“I can’t!” she exclaimed.
quickly faded away and Tina withdrew her finger, wiped
As I took my first step to my first class after shutting my locker, the bell rang and we all took our seats. I had the same schedule as Jessica, thank God, but we sat a few seats apart in first period. Usually we would pass notes but we were caught a few days earlier and the teacher kept close watch on us. I looked over at her, and she smiled at me sideways as though to not attract attention but to indirectly greet me. She looked down at my feet, motioning for something, so I followed her gaze.
Yvette kissed his lips. “Man, that was a big cum!” She was grinning from ear-to-ear.
When that happened she immediately stopped what she was doing. She pulled my head out of her breasts and looked me straight in the eye.
That girl Nicky asked me out when she and her boyfriend broke up again. She told me she “wanted that big dick again”. I wasn’t really interested, she wasn’t a good cock sucker, and wasn’t a fun lay. Id rather go home and get the best head and pussy on earth.
Much to her annoyance, he completely ignored her.
Yvette thought for a long time, trying to figure out a counter-arrangement.
"Um... really?" she said nervously.
Instead of being disgusted by the taste, it was more of the salty, bitter flavor that I was now used to. I licked with more enthusiasm, even probing the center of the rosebud, the tip of my tongue toying with the opening.
The crowds of citizens were in panic from the sound of the gunshot. She raced across the street, pushing through several people in order to get to where she was going. She turned down an alley near where she had heard the sound. She saw blood on the ground, and turned the corner. Her blood chilled at the site.
"Oh, we're brother and sister, only separated by three years. She is blossoming into a sexy, young, sixteen-year-old woman, but could easily pass for twenty," I muttered before I dropped my hands. "Why do I want her? Why could it be so hot for me to want to screw my sister? I don't know, but she is gonna sleep with me tonight in my bed. Oh, crap, this is going to be weird. How can I hide my attraction from her when she is sleeping in the same bed as me?"
“We’re about t--- Oh, my fault. We’re about to light up. Join us?” she asked.
An hour away from Mom's house I tried lifting the mood with my earphones. Approaching the house I was welcomed by Mom and Christian, her boyfriend. Dad drove straight off after hugging me and wishing for me to stay. Moving back into my old room was hard, nothing has changed and everything was where it was. It was really annoying as I'm grown now and My Little Pony does not suit me.
to meet me tomorrow at
He was still sweaty but she didn't care. They were both completely naked and he threw on her back onto the bed. She bent her knees and brought her feet as close to her butt as she could. Justin inched his way up her leg kissing every perfect curve. As he got to her pussy he kissed it and put both his hands on her boobs. She arched her back in pleasure and closed her eyes. She began to perspire. He licked her pussy once and looked at her. She shivered. She stared down at him and felt the heat from his warm mouth at the entrance of her pussy. He squeezed her boobs firmly and had her nipples in between his fingers. She drew back. Her hips thrusted up in the air and her ass clenched. He started by putting his tongue on her clit and rubbing it around then sucked it several times, pausing before each individual suck.
“We don’t get crazy high and drunk on the weekends, and don’t party ‘tll the cops come. Are you our brother?”
It took Gabrielle a moment to recover from my pounding of her pussy, and finally she turned around and sank to her knees. All she could manage was to open her mouth, so I moved forward until she sucked the head in as best she could.
No, I went to my girlfriend's house, but it was a bad night. She broke up with me.
“I made the offer to have you fight to settle your differences with Carlos,” Jim tells Guy who shrugs.
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After going on a few more rides, Sarah and Steve wander into a random gift shop and look around at all the silly things for sale. They have all sorts of trinkets, toys, shirts, bathing suits, mugs, key-chains, and even novelty giant sunglasses. Sarah puts the giant sunglasses on her face and turns to Steve. "Boy it's a bright one out there today, lemme tell ya!" she jokes. Steve chuckles and reaches for something off the shelf next to him. He puts on a cowboy hat and turns back to Sarah.
Mom said, “And she means everything too. We got his room, his car, his complete record collection, and every cent that he had earned that summer.”
As insulting as it was, it did work. “You and your insults, mom. If I didn’t know any better, that would constitute as child abuse.”
“You’re such a wimp” she said then grabbed him, she kissed him and wrapped her hand around his dick, he kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her squeezing her perfect ass. She kissed his neck and slid down so she was eye to eye with his pulsing member, Fletcher tried not to smile, he didn’t think it would be a wise idea with her teeth so close to his most cherished part of his body next to his hair.
Sophie hated Katy; Luke was far too friendly with her. All the boys were far too friendly with her; she, and her boobs, always seemed to be the centre of attention for all of them. Sophie despaired of ever getting her hands on Luke. No matter how hard Sophie tried to look grown-up, Katy had her hair in pig-tails but still managed to look more adult. “The twatshit!” Sophie muttered to herself.
2012-11-11 08:56:41
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Will nodded, as Brook slowly opened the door to her grandfather’s bedroom. Everyone was still, as Brook slowly turned the door-knob. She quietly opened the door, making sure not a signal noise came from the wooden door. She stepped inside, tiptoeing threw the room slowly.
We poured the pancake batter onto the griddle and finished cooking them.
cursed me out. After a few minutes I thought maybe I had killed him, but he slowly raised his head,
Read 43689 times
Just as she said that two men came out a room and saw us.
We heard Mom's car pulling in the driveway, and I said a silent prayer. I needed some time to think. Deb must have read my mind, as she said, "Think about it, I really have no close friend, and I want to talk. Judy is a good friend, but I don't have a best friend as such. I just want you to be my best friend in this, like you have been for everything else."
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