Is jake and vienna still together

Cats and Dogs being bros

2019.07.11 17:19 Cats and Dogs being bros

Cats cuddling/playing/goofing off with dogs

2020.07.22 05:17 Atlas_is_my_son TotalNoobWoodworking

This is for the people that have just put together their first lopsided box, that while it has no legs and is on a piece of particle board it still managed to wobble. Please share your first projects, and\or stories where you were a total noob at woodworking.

2011.09.13 12:15 Kitt84 Better Than Ezra; not just Good


2023.03.26 20:28 dateofservice Mosquitos on deck—how to best pitch bats or other solution to HOA?

I live in a condo association that is made up of a majority of residents in a high-rise building but still has a large number of townhouses—so basically for me it's like an HOA but I mention the technical name in case there is any important difference to make. Our block's backyards has a bit of grass and then goes into the woods; we all have decks but with the woods we suffer from pretty bad mosquitos whenever the weather is nice. I'm wondering if having bats could be a good solution, and if there are any ideal ways to propose this to the condo association. I am content with our HOA and the community manager has taken to past proposals of mine positively, so it's not a dysfunctional HOA situation, but regardless I worry people will just think about bats attacking their hair or spreading diseases or whatever other first impressions people have of bats. I'd like to propose buying and putting up some bat houses in the HOA-owned woods near our backyards/decks, and I was wondering if anyone had practical advice for how to best make my pitch so that it's front-loaded the first time around to avoid back-and-forth. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 20:28 Outrageous-Card-121 Do I have to read the Bible to be Christian?

The Bible is too hard and long for me to read. I read important Bible verses online though, and I like that way better. Am I still considered Christian?
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2023.03.26 20:28 PB_CT Feeling Guilty

Long story short, my stbxw and I were married 13 years, and in Jan'23 she had an emotional affair (and started discussing divorce), and in Mar'23 she had a physical affair (both with the same "man") and make the divorce decision. For the past 13 years I haven't looked at another woman because i had had all I ever need, wanted, and dreamt of. However, since the divirce decision (it is an amicable decision and divorce), I have struggled with the idea of eventially having to "look at women" again (perhaps feeling guilty that i have tried to look at women) and throw myself into the dating world once again. In the grocery store today (which is where we all look our best, and search for a mate, of course), there was a beautiful woman with a beeming smile, and we almost ran into each other's cart twice, and all I could think was...."oh shnikeys, I can't believe I just checked out this other woman while I am still married, I need to let my wife know so she doesn't think anything bad of me".
Has anyone felt this type of feeling before? And if so, how did you get past the mental hurdle of having to prepare yourself for the dating world again? I know I'm not divorced yet, and I will have to give myself time, but I just feel like it's something that I shouldn't ever do.
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2023.03.26 20:28 erclark99 Safari removed a shared tab group but the other person can still access it

I created a tab group and shared it with someone and just randomly today I found out that the group is gone. The person I shared it with still has access to it, and it still says I'm the owner. I tried sharing it back to me, that didn't work. I check all my other Apple Devices and it's missing on them as well.
How can I restore this tab group to me? Why did this happen?
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2023.03.26 20:28 AetherZeus [Static] [LFM] [Aether] [NA] [MC sHC] [UcoB]

LF: 2x Tank, 2x Healer, 1x Melee (flexible on roles)

Born2FishForced2Raid is looking for members after a falling out with a bad raid lead over his poor communication, and starting our own group.

We're friends who cleared TEA together and are moving on to UcoB, our group is more midcore but we want to be able to have consistent players and banter should only come once people are comfortable on the phases and willing to halt if it impedes prog.

We're very LGBTQ friendly, with multiple trans members, myself included, and I want to make sure this space is one where people are comfortable and welcomed no matter what.

Our times are from 4:30pm EST - 8pm EST on weekends

Our current roster is
Tank: open
Tank: open
Regen: open
Shield: open
Caster: BLM (me)
Caster: SMN/RDM
Phys. Ranged: DNC (willing to flex non healer

If this seems alright with you feel free to message me on discord @ Persepheos#8307 <3
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2023.03.26 20:28 Super_Mario_Luigi Roth accounts are overrated

I'm not by any means saying Roth is bad. I'm simply saying it's overrated. People act like Roth is the greatest thing ever. For many, it's because they need that instant gratification of not having to worry about taxes. If the math works for you, then it works. Few actually consider that, though. Even if you do the math, you are, at best, predicting your future income and future tax laws. Most people probably also don't need to (and won't be able to) withdraw more in retirement than they made during their careers. With a Roth, you also lose a lot of flexibility in using tax laws, deductions, withdrawals, etc., to your advantage.
Speaking of future laws, I would be very surprised if we don't see retirement reform/relief. Fewer private sector jobs have pensions. Many people have little or no savings whatsoever. Social security needs a rehaul. The 401k is still a relatively new retirement plan. People love to throw out that taxes in the future will be higher. If I were a betting man, I'd say it's not far-fetched that a movement comes around to provide tax relief to retirees in some way.
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2023.03.26 20:27 VetteFan Changing Sump Pump Discharge Location?

Moved into my first home in November. The realtor told me there was previous water and foundation problems that the last owners had fixed. Part of that fix was installing an internal drainage tile system that feeds into a sump pit. The sump discharges straight up about 10 feet then out to the back of the house where it drains into a buried drainage pit with a small lid at ground level that pops up if it's full to drain out. (Forget what the name of this is) The pit is maybe 12 to 15 feet from the house which seems close. I've noticed the back yard collects a lot of water and slightly slopes towards the house. I've tried running a flex line further out in the yard to move the water away. But still my sump pit fills up and the pump kicks on every 10 minutes. I'm thinking the all that water is just draining back to the house.
My front yard though does slope away from the house. So I was thinking of running the discharge pipe across the open floor joist in the basement and to the front where it can drain away from the house. This would be about a 25 ft horizontal run from where the vertical line is now to the front wall.
My question then is would this cause any problems? I have a 1/3 hp submersible pump currently. Would the pump possibly need to be upgraded to allow the longer distance? Are there codes or regulations on how long a run can be before it has to open to the outside? (I'm in Minnesota). I'm aware that ultimately the grading of the back yard would need to be addressed to completely eliminate this but that's not an option at the moment.
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2023.03.26 20:27 VendoGatos My PC won't boot :(

It's very clean because I did maintenance thinking that was the cause but still it doesn't turn on, I don't know if it's the power supply, the motherboard or the processor. I tried a speaker to identify the problem but it didn't beep. Also The motherboard has an LED on and the graphics card too, so I don't know what the problem is :(
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2023.03.26 20:26 GonzoSmooth I relapsed after being clean from H for 8 months…

I recently relapsed after being clean for 8 months. I don’t know what to do, I feel terrible and I don’t know who to talk to about this. My wife has been helping me get through these weird times of post sobriety and she told me how proud she is of me and that finally we can be happy together and start new. Well I relapsed. I don’t understand how it happened it all happened so fast. Before I knew it I was smoking H again… I feel so ashamed… I don’t want to tell my wife because it will break her heart and she told me she will leave me if I started again… I feel so hopeless. I put in so much effort and in a matter of minutes I ruined it… I am starting to feel suicidal because of these thoughts…. I don’t know what to do anymore… Why can’t I be stronger??
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2023.03.26 20:26 2Lazy2BeAwesome [Version 3.5] Spiral Abyss Breakdown - New Floors 11 and 12

[Version 3.5] Spiral Abyss Breakdown - New Floors 11 and 12
Hello, fellow Travelers! This time we’ll look at Floors 11 and 12 of Spiral Abyss that were changed with 3.5 update.
In this post I will mostly just repeat everything I show in my video Breakdown. There are certain limitations with local editor, so I'd suggest you to watch the video, but feel free to stick to the format you prefer.
Instead of telling you what you should use, I focus on what can cause problems or give you advantage, so you could adjust your teams and strategy to get better results with what you have.

General Abyss tips

  • Fight as many enemies at once as possible. Most of attacks in Genshin have AoE (Area of Effect) - it’s free damage.
  • Protect yourself! Have reliable ways for each team to survive.
  • You don’t have to always make teams around Blessing or Floor buffs.
  • If you struggle to clear the entire floor, focus on one chamber at a time.
  • Benedictions (cards) change with daily reset. Just try your luck next day if you need better buffs.

Floor 11

Floor 11 now increases your Pyro damage and good thing about this buff is that it works for Melt and reverse Vaporize teams, because these reactions amplify your total damage after all buffs.

Chamber 1

First chamber includes Kairagi duo followed by Consecrated Beasts duo we’ve seen in the previous version.
Floor 11, Chamber 1, First half - Enemies
Note: RES (Resistance) values' colors match corresponding elements (white for Physical, red for ALL). For reference, the most common value is 10% ALL RES.
As usual, the main time save against Kairagi is killing them both at the same time. Otherwise, when you kill one of them, the other one restores HP and buffs himself becoming immune to control. Just distribute your damage equally between them and use heavy hitting attacks as a finishing blow. Freeze can also win you an additional second or two.
Kairagi heals and buffs himself after you kill the other one
As for beasts, they are not on Floor 12 anymore, so they are less bulky this time, but still hit very hard and are extremely difficult to stagger. If you want to learn more about them, I explained how they work in details in the beginning of my previous breakdown. Mainly, they have high RES, especially to their own elements, until you stun them by breaking the crystal they summon. Just make sure you have reliable elemental attacks to do so. In order to survive this part, you can rely on shields, healing, Freeze or just stick to ranged combat with taunts.
And one more tip. Scorpion often stays in place casting AoEs around itself. You can simply leave it and focus on Vulture during this. If you struggle with them, just play it safe.
In second half we start with Freeze combo from Eremites.
Floor 11, Chamber 1, Second half - Enemies
The easiest way to fight them is to simply freeze them back. You can also rely on abilities that apply other elements to you such as Bursts of Bennet and Jean to prevent freezing.
Then we’ll have to deal with three Hydro mages. Dendro and Cryo make short work of their shields. Just rush to the one with an aura. Others will teleport to you shortly after. And remember that your damage doesn’t matter against shields. Only elemental application does. It will be important later as well.
Floor 11, Chamber 1 - Summary: First and Second halves
First half – Better: Shields, Healing, Freeze, Ranged combat / Worse: Pyro, Electro Second half – Better: Freeze, Dispel, Dendro, Cryo

Chamber 2

Chamber two starts with another Freeze team. This time from Fatui. They come in two waves.
Floor 11, Chamber 2, First half - Enemies
All human enemies have reduced Physical RES, so Physical damage will be slightly better here. If you can’t quickly kill the Skirmishers, make sure to bring counter to their shields. Their shields are unique and can be countered with only a single element taking almost no damage from others.
  • Pyro counters Cryo shield
  • Cryo counters Electro shield
  • Electro counters Hydro shield
  • Hydro counters Pyro shield
  • Blunt DMG (Claymores, Plunging Attacks, explosions - whatever works for breaking ores) counters Geo shield
But they shouldn’t pose much of a threat with enough crowd control and AoE damage.
As for girls, remember that Mirror Maiden has increased Hydro RES and Cryo Cicin Mages can protect themselves with a Cryo shield. It’s durability scales with the number of alive Cicins they summon, but Cicins die easily, so AoE damage will help you here as well.
The easiest way to fight them is to deal with Cicin Mages first dodging Mirror Maiden’s attacks in the process. She’s not that scary unless she hits you and gets into enhanced state.
Mirror Maiden's enhanced state details
In second half we have every type of Hydro mimics except for Raptors – the flying ones.
If you want to learn more, I explained their features and weaknesses in details in my guide for Oceanid.
Pyro, Cryo, Geo and Electro will work great against them. Modified Hyperbloom or Burgeon teams with less or even no Hydro can also work well here. Mimics deal surprisingly high amount of damage, so make sure you are ready to tank it.
Floor 11, Chamber 2 - Summary: First and Second halves
First half – Better: AoEs, CC (Crowd Control), Blunt DMG, Physical DMG, Pyro, Electro / Worse: Hydro Second half – Better: Shields, Healing, Pyro, Cryo, Geo, Electro, Hyperbloom\, Burgeon* / Worse: Hydro*

Chamber 3

For the final chamber we have two bosses.
I have a video about Terrorshroom, where you can find more details. Here I’ll just remind you that it has increased Dendro RES and the best way to fight it is to stun it using Quicken. There are three enrage attacks it can use before falling and if it decides to go for a run, just restart the chamber and pray for better random if you want to save more time.
As for Hydro Cube, Pyro will be your best bet here to deal damage, but adjusted Hyperbloom or Burgeon teams will also work. And Dendro is actually the best option when it comes to killing droplets.
Killing droplets with Dendro
Cryo is the second best, so make sure to bring one of those for easy finish.
Floor 11, Chamber 3 - Summary: First and Second halves
First half – Better: Electro + Dendro / Worse: Dendro Second half – Better: Pyro, Dendro, Cryo, Hyperbloom\, Burgeon* / Worse: Hydro*
Here’s what we get in the end and the teams I used for this floor.
Floor 11 - Summary and my teams
Note: I specifically made their builds a bit worse than what I usually use and still had some time left in the end. I show build cards in the video for power level reference if you are interested, but they are mostly bad, so I won't post them here. Just know that my characters weren't OP :D

Floor 12

Floor 12 this time got much harder. And unfortunately, not because enemies here have complex mechanics. Enemy compositions actually got easier to deal with, but this time they just either have lots of HP or waste your time. Comparing to last rotation, you definitely need more damage if you aim for nine stars.

Chamber 1

In first chamber both halves work the same. First, you have to fight Eremite elite with a couple of bodyguards, then deal with Abyss Heralds.
Floor 12, Chamber 1 - Enemies
I explained how Eremite elites work in details in my previous breakdowntheir own element is the best against them. And luckily, in both halves the same element is actually the best against respective Abyss Heralds’ shields. Freeze team is a good alternative for the second half if you don’t want to deal with constant freeze from Eremites. Cryo works great against Herald’s Hydro shield too.
In the beginning of each fight run behind the elite enemy before starting your setup. Guards slack sometimes, but this way they synchronize and stick together.
Synchronized Eremites
Cryo Herald can drain your stamina, but it’s hardly impactful. Hydro Heralds, on the other hand, are much more annoying, because they move around a lot and can increase cooldowns of your abilities. If you rely on those to apply elements, care to dodge these two attacks.
Attacks that increase your cooldowns
Otherwise, all of your active cooldowns will get six extra seconds if you get hit. And with two of these guys, it might slow you down significantly. Alternatively, you can protect yourself with a shield. Cooldown increase won’t activate if you don’t take damage.
Here are teams that I had success with.
Floor 12, Chamber 1 - Summary and my teams
First half – Better: Pyro Second half – Better: Shields, Dendro, Cryo

Chamber 2

Second chamber starts with Maguu Kenki and there’s really nothing we could exploit here.
Most of his attacks can be easily dodged with i-frames, so just bring your best team. And try to avoid using abilities with fixed AoE. Kenki periodically dashes away during the fight. Pushing him against the wall seems to reduce the chance of that, but it still happens sometimes and it might ruin your setups. And remember that even though you can’t deal damage in the beginning, you can still generate Energy. Same goes for his first big AoE cast.
For the second half we have Black Serpents. They have increased Physical RES and RES to their respective elements, so in terms of damage Electro and Dendro will be the most reliable ones.
Floor 12, Chamber 2, Second half - Enemies
AoE Freeze teams are also good alternative for such annoying enemies. Black Serpents also heavily counter shields gaining strong buffs if they hit a shielded character, so don’t rely on them. Oh, and the new Geo guy protects his friends with a shield blocking all attacks from the front, but he’ll remove it if you just get behind him.
Enemies in the second wave start pretty far from each other. As soon as they spawn, run behind Anemo Knight. This usually forces the other two to come closer to you.
You can use something like this, for example.
Floor 12, Chamber 2 - Summary and my teams
First half – Worse: Static AoEs Second half – Better: Freeze, Electro, Dendro / Worse: Shields (and every other element)

Chamber 3

Last chamber starts with a single Ruin Guard with increased Physical RES followed by Cryo Lawachurl duo with increased Physical and Cryo RES.
Floor 12, Chamber 3, First half - Enemies
The best counter to Lawachurls is a team with a lot of Pyro application to break their shields really quick. Ideally you want to do this before they start raging, but if they do, either deal a lot of poise damage to stagger them or bring strong shield or good healing to survive it. You have to deal with them in about a minute, because in the second half we have the Sandworm...
It has increased overall RES, especially against Anemo and the only way to reduce it is to pop Windbite Bullets it summons with one of the elements you can Swirl (Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, Electro).
Setekh Wenut's RES - Abyss version is buffed!
Boss’ RES towards used elements will be reduced while it’s stunned. This is the best window to deal damage to it and Wenut summons Bullets approximately once a minute, that’s why you have to leave about two minutes if you want to use two of these openings. In Abyss it doesn’t use all of its attacks and there seem to be certain patterns of what moves it uses during the fight but otherwise it’s exactly the same, so check my full boss guide for more info.
Stick to teams that deal damage primarily with one of those four elements. Like mono elemental, Vaporize, Melt or Aggravate teams.
Characters that deal consistent damage or rely on short bursts will be able push some damage with each opening. You’ll get three or four of those each time before the big ones. Try to not rely on very long setups and make sure to start them in advance and ideally pop the bullets with the element you deal the most damage with during big opening. Also remember that even though Anemo characters won’t deal much damage here, they can reduce boss’ RES even further and significantly boost your damage.
Here are my teams for this chamber.
Floor 12, Chamber 3 - Summary and my teams
First half – Better: Pyro / Worse: Cryo, Physical Second half – Better: Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, Electro / Worse: Anemo
As for teams that could clear all of that in a single run, Pyro based team for the first half and Aggravate for the second have the best chances. But they have to be pretty good for that.
Floor 12 - Summary and my teams
Anyway, that’s all for now, fellow Travelers! I wish you good luck with your runs and a great rest of your day ^^
P.S.: If you have anything to add or point out something I could improve in the future, please, leave it in the comments below. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 20:26 bluntandannoying Need a 2nd opinion on if this sounds okay to send to a guy (24M) that wants to meet me (24F) for a date

He asked me what I'm looking for and I wanted him to go first and he said "to take a cute girl named (my name) out on a date". Thought this was funny and cute so yeah I'm down to meet. He brought up that I didn't tell him what I'm looking for still, and as a joke, I said "it's a secret". To this, he said "I think I know what it is" and asked for my number to "figure out a good day for our date".
To be honest, what I'm looking for depends on the person. With some people I meet, I'm down to see them just casually and fool around and have fun. With others, getting to know them more is the priority as I may not want to see them just for casual stuff. And then for some other people, I might just wanna be friends and leave it at that. Plus, I'm in a new city now so my main priority is just putting myself out there and meeting people. Before giving my number, I was going to say "haha so since I'm new to the area, I'm just on here to meet new people and see where things take us after that."
Does this convey things well or should I say anything else? Open to any other suggestions!
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2023.03.26 20:25 Hairguy_Blondie I don’t like it that people are telling me that I should travel more

Some of my coworkers call me stubborn because I really don’t go out and do much and I am also a one dimensional person in that regard. The things that I like to do are simple, I play video games, hang out with a few of my friends I love watching movies and TV. And listen to music. Now my coworkers really don’t understand the full length of my intellectual disability I mean I don’t expect him to get it, but I at least expect him to have some respect that there are things that I will, and will not do. Now traveling by myself as a guy who already has enough challenges getting through the day with his intellectual disability that’s just gonna leave a lot of anxiety. My coworker is telling me that he travels through Asia at 19 and he got all these experiences and all that. And I’m like that’s great but that’s not gonna be my life and no matter how much you force it down my throat that I should do this or do that it’s gonna make me not wanna do it. The only place I’ve ever that I want to travel to is Ireland because I think it’s beautiful there. I find it frustrating that other people can’t respect other peoples place in there life. I have a minimum wage job. I’m not gonna all of a sudden drop and say hey I’m gonna go travel the world. And if I do travel, my parents are helping me out because they understand my challenges. And my coworker says to me that my priorities are skewed. Even so I had like some psychedelic mushrooms on Thursday just in my house and my coworkers telling me well you shouldn’t really do psychedelic mushrooms inside your house with your dog. And I’m like dude how I have fun and what I do is gonna be different than you. I am planning on taking them again outside but it just hit spring. It’s not really that nice to go outside for a walk still and even so it gets to like -2 or 2°. And I’m like I still had weird things happened I was just inside my house and not outside and that may sound stubborn that I’m not willing to do new experiences or go to new places. But I really like having a one dimensional life. I’m not gonna kill myself at the end of the day just because I didn’t do this or do that I don’t have any regrets. I find it frustrating that my coworker can’t let things go, and he has the force down his views on me.
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2023.03.26 20:25 gribbird Musicians of the internet generation

Billy and his band were all born at the same time that access to the internet became widespread. They are the first generation to grow up with, essentially, the catalog of all of recorded music, on-demand 24/7. And it shows.
I know there are other amazing musicians out there from this generation and later. Would anyone else like to use this thread to point them out?
Right now my favorites are Billy Strings and Josh Turner and friends. Josh is about the same age as Billy. Check out the links below.
Musicians like this inspire me, enliven my days, and give me confidence in our collective future. Thank you all for your music, and keep up the good work!
Here is Josh Turner's YouTube channel.
Just a few particular gems among many:
Baby Driver - Simon & Garfunkel Cover (Live from The Bus)
The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book Cover) with Carson McKee
Still Crazy After All These Years - Paul Simon Cover
Swingtown - Steve Miller Band (Josh arranged with bassoons!)
Harvest Moon - Neil Young cover. Live in Amsterdam with his band/friends
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2023.03.26 20:25 Salt_Affect7686 Played my first game of Tiny Epic Dungeons

Played my first full (I had attempted this a long while ago was overwhelmed) game (solo, 2 heroes) of Tiny Epic Dungeons this afternoon. I ended up losing because I had pulled a fifth Goblin on to the room. Was currently with 4 goblins and 1 minion (ogre). I had one last room tile to go also and peaking afterwards it was the entrance to the Lair. So there’s a CHANCE I could have made it to the Boss battle. Was able to collect 3 items of Lion legendary armor for my Half-Org Barbarian and 2 items from the Panther set for my Elf Ranger. Though he got knocked unconscious by a goblin.
I had a lot of help through the Dized walkthrough and just things made a bit more sense this time. Still a little iffy on process flow and some conditions flags when certain actions happen. To BGG! No doubt someone has created a flow chart or FAQ or high-level gotcha list.
Overall, I liked it. The flexibility of actions for heroes and the “mission clock” of the Act 1 mat really forces smart moves instead of let’s explore for exploration sake. Which is cool and I think I’ve read of other games that have more of that but one has to keep their “eyes on the prize” with this one.
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2023.03.26 20:25 19l0v3r99 I(24F) am getting back into the dating pool and I am hitting it off with this guy(24M) but he just got out of a 3 year relationship 5-6 months ago…

So I(24F) downloaded bumble a few days ago. I had previously downloaded back in the day but had immediate deleted it after a little too skeeved by the horror stories you hear about that people experience when finally meeting with who they were talking to, and I was still only 18-19 so I definitely still felt rather young. Not long after swiping by a few, I made a few matches, but still being the chicken I am, let a lot of the time run out on these people. There was one guy(24M) who I thought was kinda cute and with just a few hours to spare, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and message him. It’s been about two days and we’ve been hitting it off pretty well, we like a lot of the same movies/music/tv shows -I mentioned UNHhh not by name and he knew what I was talking about! And of course we were both like “this is crazy!” But my only thing is, at some point he asked me how long it had been since I was last in a relationship, I told him my last serious one was about 4 years ago and that I’ve only dated a few guys casually the past few years, but I honestly didn’t count them because they honestly just were fwb. I don’t know if maybe I’m just looking too hard at it, but when I asked him how long it had been since he had been in one, he said it had been a 3 year relationship that ended 5-6 months ago and that the breakup was mutual. Am I just bein one of the girlies who thinks a lil too hard or is that possibly a little too soon to start dating again?
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2023.03.26 20:25 DinDin-Lawrence [No spoilers] Modding help! I'm at my wits end and I'm about to give up and just uninstall everything. Any and all help you can give is appreciated.

[No spoilers] Modding help! I'm at my wits end and I'm about to give up and just uninstall everything. Any and all help you can give is appreciated.
Aight, so I managed to get a stable modded DAI through just Origin + Frosty three years ago, played through the game, everything was golden. Now I wanted to do another run. Have never uninstalled the game and had to switch over to EA App just recently. Didn't have a whole lot of trouble with the switchover (other than the EA App refusing to be installed on any drive other than C: for whatever reason????) and even managed to launch DAI through Frosty without issues and with working mods. Then I decided to update the Enhanced Character Creator (my last version was from 2020 and still called Enhanced Inquisitor Sliders).
Everything went well, game loaded properly with mods, except that the CC had slider name issues that I suspect were due to EA insisting that everything needs to be in German, despite me telling them the client and the game is in English. I didn't try fiddling with stuff for a while and tried again this weekend to figure something out to finally play.
Now, for reasons I do not understand in the slightest, I'm having massive trouble with infinite loading screens on start up, despite not changing my mod list or anything. I tested with 50/50 method, then worked through my mods and no issues all the way down until I added ECC and its patch. Without ECC + patch startup works just fine. With ECC I get infinite loading screens before I even get to the main menu.
I tried removing mods like Explore Abilities (that was a part of a mod listed as incompatible), Perks Unbound, a hair retexture and mods that I added after updating ECC but before everything stopped working, changed load order, removed the chargen bundle that was mentioned as a perpetrator of issues in another thread.
I tried FrostyFix and the game wouldn't start up at all (although I might have used it wrong, not 100% on that).
Now I'm back to square one. Got a working modlist until I add ECC, then infinite loading screens. The EA App is freaking weird. I'm launching through Frosty's Platform Launching set to EA App.
Here's my modlist, I'm running Windows 10 and Frosty Manager I'm also using ReShade 4.9.1 if that makes any difference.
I'd appreciate any help, honestly I don't know what to do anymore. It's probably something super obvious and I'm just too dumb to notice (or something fucky with EA because the app is... certainly an app..). If anybody has the time and patience, I'd also hop over to Discord, conversation might be easier there.
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2023.03.26 20:24 curiouspersonhere I need to stretch an object, but the angle I need to stretch it isn't exactly on any axis. What's the best way to achieve this?

I need to stretch an object, but the angle I need to stretch it isn't exactly on any axis. What's the best way to achieve this?
I was thinking to reorient the object and try and stretch it that way, however when I do that the object still has the axes saved from when it was level with the bed for printing. Is there a way to reset those axes for the new rotation so I can stretch it? Is this the best way to do what I want?
need to stretch on the axis perpendicular to the bed; the Z axis
As you can see from this screenshot, the scaling tool still thinks the Z axis is the way the object was oriented on the bed.
Again, perhaps there's a better way to do what I'm trying to do, and I'm open to any solution.
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2023.03.26 20:24 kworping is he getting tired of me or did he never like me to begin with?

so, just yesterday, we were on a call with a group of friends and we all took a quiz called “are you a likeable person?” i took it for myself and got a 50, but everyone else got 70s and 80s (except for the only other girl) so my guy friend who i feel pretty close to said he would take it and answer what he feels about me. he got a 60, which i know is better, but it still made me feel a bit hurt. does that mean he doesn’t think i’m a likeable person? i don’t really know if we still really like each other at all, or if he ever liked me. we used to all call a bunch, and me and him were the closest out of my friendships with our friendgroup. whenever we would talk to each other we would be really giggly and cheesy shit like that, and we would try harder to be well liked by the other (we still do). i think he’s a really nice person, but i think he is a bit cocky and overconfident. i like being around him because he’s very empathetic, and i don’t know why he liked being around me but it seemed he did. i had another friend ask this guy if he would date me seperately, and his answer was “oh 100%” but only if i asked and pursued it first. we don’t call as regularly now (probably once a day but with other people initiating) but when we’re in calls alone or together, i can recognize that he generally pays the most attention to me (asks me questions, listens to me over others, etc). when we’re alone, we have deep conversations. does he like me? did he ever like me? am i overthinking?
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2023.03.26 20:24 Turbulent-Cloud-9704 Leviatharus, the Abyssal Serpent

Leviatharus, the Abyssal Serpent
Leviatharus, the Abyssal Serpent
Leviatharus, the Abyssal Serpent, is a colossal and ancient sea serpent that dwells deep within a vast underwater cave system known as the "Abyssal Trench." This fearsome creature has been a prominent boss character within the game, striking terror into the hearts of even the most seasoned players. Leviatharus is a monstrous creature, measuring well over 200 feet in length with glistening, dark-blue scales that camouflage it seamlessly with the inky depths of its watery lair.
The Abyssal Trench is a treacherous, labyrinthine network of caverns, filled with deadly traps, hostile aquatic creatures, and powerful currents that can sweep unsuspecting adventurers into uncharted depths. This underwater cave system is only accessible to players who have completed a series of challenging quests, which unlock the necessary equipment and skills to withstand the crushing pressures and lack of oxygen within the Trench.
Within the Trench, bioluminescent plants and animals cast an eerie glow, providing the only source of light in the darkest corners of the cave system. The environment is characterized by towering stalactites and stalagmites, which create a natural maze that players must navigate to reach the serpent's lair.
Leviatharus' Lair: The lair of Leviatharus is a massive, dome-shaped cavern, with a ceiling that rises high above the water's surface. The chamber is adorned with glittering mineral deposits and ancient, underwater ruins, hinting at a long-lost civilization that once worshipped the fearsome beast as a god. A massive, sunken altar sits at the heart of the lair, where Leviatharus coils around it, protecting its sacred domain. Abilities and Attacks: Leviatharus boasts a range of devastating abilities and attacks that test the mettle of even the most well-prepared players:
  1. Constricting Grasp: The serpent uses its massive body to wrap around and immobilize a player, inflicting continuous damage until the player's teammates can free them.
  2. Abyssal Roar: Leviatharus emits a deafening roar that stuns and disorients all players within range, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
  3. Tidal Wave: The serpent summons a powerful wave that sweeps across the cavern, dealing massive damage and potentially knocking players into treacherous terrain.
  4. Poisonous Fangs: Leviatharus bites its target with its venomous fangs, inflicting a potent poison that deals damage over time and weakens the player's abilities.
  5. Luminous Lure: The creature's bioluminescent markings emit a hypnotic pattern, briefly mesmerizing players and drawing them closer to the beast.
Strategy: To defeat Leviatharus, players must work together to navigate the treacherous cave system, avoid or neutralize the serpent's deadly abilities, and exploit its weaknesses. Players must carefully manage their resources, such as oxygen and healing items, while also using their unique abilities and teamwork to dismantle the serpent's defenses and eventually bring down the mighty Abyssal Serpent. Victory against Leviatharus will require a combination of skill, strategy, and perseverance.
Credits to ChatGPT and Midjourney for assistance.
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2023.03.26 20:24 WaveOfTheRager Getting real help with long term issues.

I’m 32M and have been struggling to get real help with my mental health. I find it increasingly difficult to really make any progress getting any diagnosis or more tailored support, I always find myself going round in circles.
Last year I was given what I assumed was a formal diagnosis of ADHD-combined, which made a lot of sense and really shone a light on a lot of my mental and emotional behaviours and thinking patterns. It gave me a deeper understanding of my own mind, but wasn’t the solution to everything.
I’ve reached out to various charities and organisations, attended therapy for relationship counselling and childhood trauma, but outside of generic CBT skills never seem to really delve into the root of the issue, yet I’m always trying to dig deeper. At times I feel more vulnerable, left with emotions or memories I feel unable to deal with effectively.
I had an extremely abusive upbringing, and abused alcohol throughout my teens and 20s as a way to self-medicate, and although I’ve improved a huge deal in that area I still can have unhealthy behaviours regarding alcohol as I still carry a lot of shame and fear of being judged, instead of just being honest about my struggles.
Ultimately I feel - I know - there is much for me to address and work I just don’t know the right avenue to go down to really start making progress, I have no idea where to begin. Countless times I think I’m in a good place, I feel on top of things and in one moment of absurdity I realise how wrong I am, and I’m still so easily affected by my mental health fragilities which is really disheartening.
Any advice or identification would be greatly appreciated!
TL;DR Advice on what’s best for getting further support on diagnosis and treatment regarding long term mental health issues.
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2023.03.26 20:24 whatisthis1566 How is the weather at Mount Washington today?

It’s such a beautiful day. Thinking of going on a day trip to Mount Washington. Is it still snow clad and is it snowing there?
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2023.03.26 20:24 thenoodleperson Grappler arm fragments not spawning?

so ive decided to actually finish the game after my previous save from 3 years ago got deleted accidently when i reinstalled my PC.
Problem is i cannot for the life of me find the grappler arm fragments. I so far have found 1 (one) out of the two you need by checking out every wreck where it supposedly spawns. I have opened and swam trough all wrecks and vacuumed the seabed clean at this point but still only one fragment remains.
Funny thing is, on one of the wrecks (mountains) where it is supposed to spawn apperiantly i found 5 (yes 5) drill arms and only 1 grappler. On the underwater islands one, it spawned no arms at all, and i cant even scan the two prawn suit fragments that are still in the wreck for some reason.
On every video or picture i saw where arms CAN spawn in these wrecks its just been replaced with benches...............i cant grapple with benches
is it even possible for it to not spawn?
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