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Subreddit for HBO's Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon”.

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News and discussions relating to George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels, his Westeros-based short stories, the "Game of Thrones" and "House of the Dragon" TV series, and all things ASOIAF - but with particular emphasis on the written series.

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House, an acerbic infectious disease specialist, solves medical puzzles with the help of a team of young diagnosticians. Flawless instincts and unconventional thinking help earn House great respect, despite his brutal honesty and antisocial tendencies.

2023.06.05 16:22 FeelMyBagel No motivation to work.

I'm in a very lucky situation at the moment. I'm house sitting for a few months and have 0 rent payments right now. Im self employed carpenter and was able to still work during covid. I was working 6-7 days a week during that time and have saved up over 100k. I am extremely financial stable at the moment.
I used to be depressed but have been going to therapy. I have motivation to workout and do general life tasks. I just feel completely burned out from work, and have no motivation to go to my job.
I'm lucky with my job and I generally enjoy it. I can take as much time as I want off because there is nobody that is counting on me. I'm just have such a difficult time actually motivating myself to get to work. How do I fix this? I feel motivated in every other aspect in my life.
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2023.06.05 16:22 birds_swim [Gratitude] Toss a coin to your Programmer!

Let's face it: there are some FOSS software projects that you have come to absolutely depend on. If they went away tomorrow, you'd be toast!
Today, let's shower the teams behind these projects with love and gratitude! You're not only saying "thank you", but you're also casting a vote in favor for the project's future. I'll be linking the projects' donation pages at the end of the post.
I want to focus this list on the Custom Android ROMs and the Aurora Store to keep it short and simple (KISS). But please comment and upvote below to add more projects to this list.
CalyxOS: - One Time Donation - Membership (comes with cool perks!)
GrapheneOS: - Donations Page
Aurora Store: - Toss a coin here
If any project members see this post and there are any errors, then please let me know. I am willing to correct them.
My personal Thank YOU to the devs of these projects (listed and unlisted) for being absolute BADASSES.
You give me privacy & security, and you make awesome software! :)
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2023.06.05 16:22 PhillConners Millionaire Study is BS

Dave always talks about his millionaire studyand then uses that data to tell us what to do.
I think it’s BS. “The study shows millionaires have their house paid off, so you should focus on paying off your house.”
That does not mean they saved a million dollars by paying off their mortgage, it probably means they made a ton of money and the. decided to get rid of debt.
Correlation is not causation.
It’s like saying the ultra rich drive fancy cars and have yachts, so I should buy a lambo and a boat if I want to be ultra rich.
We shouldn’t model finance after people who are already rich because they are now on a different playing field.
Anyone agree?
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2023.06.05 16:21 lazybones_18 Full Renovation.. extremely confused about flooring

Renovation starts today in Socal
After spending countless hours on research, I am thinking to go with this floor
6 Feet (XL) x 9" x 6.5 mm / wear layer 27 mil
But then yesterday my contractor said get a better thickness ?
Was also advised to NOT use hardwood if i have kids in the house.
If money is not a issue, what floors should i get ?
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2023.06.05 16:21 Ok_Ninja5942 Fuel Share (San Diego)

I’ve seen that it may be illegal to try and sell your Mirai fuel card… but is it illegal to share the card with the other brave people that have endured how unreliable the fuel stations have been? I still have over 11k on my card and it’s about to expire in October 2023… TLDR: Interested in organizing meet-ups at the Misson Valley station to share my card to help others. No gimmicks; I want to help others and not let this balance go to waste.
Those who live in San Diego will know the struggles we have had in the past years to even use the station in Del Mar and dealt with the horrible techs that treat you like shit (not all but some). Not only that, but being lied to when you bought the car used. If you want to hear my story and or know you were not alone feel free to read on… otherwise the text below is just a rant of me sharing my quams with the whole process.
For me it was being lied to about the car being involved in an accident and getting a surprise when getting to the finance office. I had called out the fact that I noticed damaged and the sales person straight up lied to me up and until I was about to sign the paperwork. Not only that the sales person was making racist jokes about the finance guy (the sales person and I are white and the finance guy was of a minority). The finance guy did not seem to mind…. But who knows if he was saving face in an uncomfortable situation, either way I was uncomfortable.
I raised my concerns about how I’d been watching the Mission Valley Station since 2019 and it said it was slated to open in early 2020, originally stated it was to open late 2019 and I had seen it delayed before (this way my main objection as I was skeptical of it’s availibility… if only I had a time machine).I was told that the station would be opening when I pressed harder for a solid date they told me the hydrogen website was accurate and there would be no delays (This was Oct 2020, reguardless of your believes, the world was going though some shit, and I understand that there may be delays caused buy such an unpresidented event). This was out of their control those as I guess there was a lawsuit against putting the station in, then the station decided to scrape and rebuild the entire station from the tanks up.
There were many red flags here, but I had just been laid off due to the pandemic and was desperate for a car and believed heavily in the present and future of Hydrogen and wanted to help support the growth of infrastructure.
There were some technical issues with the car too… the heated steering wheel would turn on and off by itself. I had never owned a car with this many bells and whistles, so I thought that it was a feature when it would come on… but then realized that it was the first summer I had the car and the wheel would turn on when it was 100 out and I would not be able to turn it off. One day when I took in the car for service, the tech proactively asked me if my steering would turn on and off by itself, I was like YES how did you know?! (Must be a known defect with the car) Either way they tried to charge me 1500 for the new console since the whole thing had to be replaced to fix the defect. I spent a lot of time talking with Toyota and the fact that it must be a known issue if the tech asked me, they made a one time exception which I was grateful for.
There have been a handfull more of issues that I will not get into, but I did try to call Toyota, explaining the challenges I had with using the fuel card and they basically told me to get stuffed. I’m a father of two neborn twins and the options for hydrogen vehicles has shifted and I may need to go the EV route for a few years. I’m incredibly optimisic of the future of hydrogen and I feel it’s a better long term solution than EVs. So heres to hoping I can help others by sharing my free fuel.
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2023.06.05 16:21 MudGroundbreaking $TMO Awaiting Short Signal based off 30 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.05 16:21 Humanophage Per capita casualties in Russia's regions as of 2th June 2023 - identified deaths, based on BBC/Mediazona data

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2023.06.05 16:21 Zeeennnooo Save up for UTOTS or get better players/training players?

Save up for UTOTS or get better players/training players?
For the UTOTS exchange, you’d need the base tots version of the UTOTS player. I think getting those base versions would need a lot of money, especially if it’s Haaland, Messi, or Mbappé. Of course I would like to get one if possible, but i’m also aware that my team needs improvements.
In short, I’m torn between getting a UTOTS player or getting new players such as gullit, r9, blanc, or whoever I plan on getting to improve my team.
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2023.06.05 16:21 AndersIsHorny The Secret - Part Three

The Secret - Part Three
Here is part three of a story that I wrote AGES ago. My writing style was pretty rough back then, so be kind. Love you all and hope that you enjoy! Part One Part Two


Riley led the way inside. “Do you have a change of clothes?”
“Yeah, I left them on the table over there.” I pointed to the other room. He went over and collected them since I was still pretty unstable on my feet. He ushered me to the bathroom and offered to keep me from tipping over while I got changed. I gladly accepted. He saved me from falling down two or three times while I was trying to get my feet into my boxers.
“Dude you are a mess.” He laughed.
“I told you I’ve never drank before.”
“Haha, I guess you weren’t lying.”
Once I was dressed he set me down in the living room and went to get changed himself. After a few minutes he returned and led the way down into the basement. Erin’s family had converted the basement into an entertainment room. Riley took a seat on the massive leather couch and motioned for me to sit beside him. He reached around behind the couch and pulled out a pair of Nintendo controllers. He handed me one before hitting a few buttons on a massive remote control. Suddenly the lights went out, a motorized screen rolled down from the ceiling and a projector clicked on.
The next thing I knew, I was in a heated MarioKart battle on a massive screen. The first few rounds, it was all my inebriated brain could do to keep me on the track, but after a while I started to sober up slightly and won a few races.
“Did you go to high school with Mike?”
“Nah, he and I met in college.”
“You come back here with him often?” I assumed he did based on how well he knew Mike’s entertainment system.
“Yeah, I don’t really go back to my place very often on breaks so Mike invites me to come here usually.”
“Oh that’s nice of him.”
“Yeah, he’s a really nice guy.” He stopped talking for a moment to concentrate on a difficult portion of the course. “You know you really fucked up your chances with Erin tonight.”
“You think so?”
“Yeah dude. You don’t ditch a chick to hang out with her brother and his friends.”
“But I’m having fun doing this…”
“More fun than you’d be having if you were up in her room right now?” he raised an eyebrow at me.
“I don’t really know.” The booze took over for a moment and I added, “I’ve never really done any of that kind of stuff before.”
“Hung out with a girl?” he elbowed me and I momentarily lost control of my kart.
“No, ya know. Sex stuff.”
“Oh, well you won’t really know what you’re missing out on until you try it.”
I concentrated on the game for a while before I had the courage to ask him, “What does a vagina feel like?”
He was so caught off guard by my question that he crashed his kart. “What?”
“What does it feel like?”
“I don’t know dude!” he tried to laugh off my question.
“You’ve never had sex before?” I assumed that since he was attractive and in college that he would have by now.
“I’ve had sex before dude!”
“Well then how don’t you know what a vagina feels like?” At this point, he and I were way behind all of the computer players.
“Because I don’t like girls.” He went back to concentrating on the game. His statement took a few moments to get through the haze of alcohol that surrounded my brain.
“You mean that you’re…” I glanced nervously at him and then back at the screen.
“Gay, yeah. Is that a problem?” he sounded slightly upset.
“No.” I still sounded slightly shocked. I hadn’t ever had anyone tell me that they were gay before. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware that people admitted things like that to people they had just met. Our conversation dried up and I soon found myself nodding off.
Riley offered to call it a draw and I gladly accepted.
“C’mon, I’ll show you where the guest bedroom is.” He led the way upstairs. The guest room was up a back staircase above the garage. It was a fairly large bedroom and it looked as though they used it to store random items that didn’t have anywhere else to go in the house. There was an exercise bike in one corner, a pile of half constructed wreaths beside the closet, and a box of old trophies next to the door.
Riley pulled a trash can from underneath the desk. “If you’re going to be sick, just hurk in this.”
I nodded and climbed into bed.
“Alright dude, I’ll be down on the couch in the basement if you need anything.” He turned to leave.
“There isn’t another guest room?”
“Nah this is the only one.”
“You don’t have to go sleep on the couch.”
“I can’t sleep in here with you dude.”
“Why not?”
“How drunk are you right now?”
“A little.”
“That’s why.”
“Please?” I patted the other side of the bed.
He hesitated for a minute. “You sure?”
He shut the door and turned off the light before climbing in beside me.
We laid in silence for a few minutes. My head was starting to clear up a bit but I didn’t want to let on that it was. It was easier to talk when I could pretend that it was the booze doing the talking.
“Do you think I’m hot?” I asked nervously.
“Do you think I’m hot?”
He was silent for a moment. He obviously had heard me fine the first time but wasn’t expecting the question.
I had never really considered myself to be attractive. I was in good shape due to my hyperactive metabolism. It gave me a swimmer’s build. I was a fairly average height at just under six feet tall. My brown hair tended to look like a mop if it grew out but I didn’t like the way it looked when it was short so I was constantly battling with it. I had a few freckles that old women always seemed to dote over. But apparently my main selling point was my brown eyes. People usually described them as doe eyes. I learned at an early age that I could get out of trouble fairly easily by giving people the ‘innocent eyes’.
Riley looked at me for a moment, “Yeah, you are.” He said quietly. Butterflies started dancing in my stomach. My skin began to tingle. After I didn’t say anything for a while he added, “You don’t think I was trying anything funny when I was helping you get dressed do you?”
I thought back to earlier. He had clearly seen my ass but it didn’t seem like he had tried to see more and I had been facing away from him while getting dressed. “Nah man, you were just helping me out.”
“Ok cool.”
There was clearly still a bit of booze in my system because I hardly hesitated in telling him, “You’re hot too.”
He was silent for a long time. He finally leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. The butterflies started in earnest now. I grabbed his shoulder before he could retreat back to his side of the bed. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was planning on doing but somehow I wasn’t surprised when I found myself kissing him. His lips were surprisingly soft and even though I’d never kissed anyone before, I found it very natural. After a minute or so he pushed me away gently.
“We can’t go any further.”
“Why not?” I was slightly out of breath.
“Because, you’ve been drinking and I don’t take advantage of people like that.”
“I’m not really drunk anymore.”
“Drunk people love to say that.”
“Really though, I’m not.”
“That’s fine. I believe you, but I’m still not going any further tonight. I’m not sure what you were hoping for but it isn’t going to happen. Sorry.”
“Ok...” my voice betrayed my disappointment.
“Are you even gay?”
“No!” my mouth reacted instinctively. After a second I added, “I don’t know. I’m not really sure.” I hoped that was a sufficient enough answer for him.
“See, you don’t really know what you want. That’s not something you decide after having some drinks.” I nodded in agreement but the look on my face said otherwise. He finally gave in a bit and pulled me over close to him.
“Just this, ok?”
“Ok.” I closed my eyes and basked in his warmth. I fell asleep wrapped in his arms.
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2023.06.05 16:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - House GOP launches two-pronged assault on gas stove bans FOX

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2023.06.05 16:21 just-now-now Your thoughts on CBDCs

This is a pretty broad question but I kind of am curious if these are even on the radar of South Africans.
Do you have any thoughts on CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and does this factor in of your current or future finance decisions?
My current (not completely structured) summarised thoughts on this topic is that it's unlikely that SA will move in a large way in using its own CBDC (which is apparently being researched) as we have a huge cash user base. But that could change if government grants are moved to digital. Adoption would not be as big a challenge then. Then there is also the global impact of other countries moving to CBDCs and pushing out the power the dollar has of the global economy.
So yea any thoughts on the topic as a whole?
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2023.06.05 16:21 DaemonPrinceOfCorn [RECRUITMENT OPEN] Amok. - Seeking Rising Fleet Commanders

Attention, capsuleers! Amok., a top-tier EVE Online corporation, consistently ranking in the top ten on zKillboard, is officially recruiting commanding officers of the highest caliber. We're not searching for just any pilot - we're on the hunt for the crème de la crème. Those who can command small gang PvP fleets with skill, audacity, and an unyielding desire to conquer are highly sought.
💫Top-Tier PvP Status: As a regular name in zKillboard's top ten, we're renowned for our PvP prowess. Join us and stand among the best of the best in New Eden.
💫Zero Security Space Access: Experience the thrill of zero security space, ripe for exploration, exploitation, and domination. Be part of our vanguard in the untamed regions of New Eden, where risk meets reward in the most exhilarating fashion.
🚀End Game Content: As a member of our corporation, mundane tasks will be a thing of the past. We're constantly engaged with the game's most challenging and rewarding content, testing our pilots' skills and strategies at every turn.
🤝Close-knit Community: We believe in unity. Our community is more than just a group of pilots - we're a spacefaring family that stands together in victory and defeat, sharing knowledge, experiences, and the spoils of our exploits.
⚖️Merit-based Leadership: Politics has no place among our ranks. In Amok., your ascent is determined by your skills, commitment, and contributions to the corporation. Our leadership model rewards those who truly earn their wings.
🌐Experienced and Growing Fleet Commanders: Can you lead a small-gang PvP fleet to triumph against overwhelming odds in New Eden? We need strategic, quick-thinking commanders who flourish in the turmoil of combat. Are you just beginning your FC career and looking for opportunities? Come grow with us.
🔬Adaptable Strategists: EVE Online is a game of constant flux. We need pilots who can adapt to shifting scenarios, adjust tactics on the fly, and sway the tide of battle in our favor.
🔧Team Players: Our corporation is a finely tuned machine, and every pilot plays a vital part. We value individuals who can operate within a team, follow instructions, and contribute to our collective success.
If you possess the skills, the heart, and the will to command New Eden, Amok. is your next port of call. Join us, and let's etch the next chapter of EVE Online's history together.
To apply, contact us via our in-game recruitment channel Am0k. Public (c&p!) or join us on Discord.
Happy hunting, commanders. New Eden awaits you.
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2023.06.05 16:21 Lolpro-lol [CH] [H] Keyboards: Ori CLS-2//65, SAlvun/Wilba Salvation; Keycaps: GMK Laser, JTK Suited Assassin EPBT Voo Cherry, Kinetic Octopus [W] PayPal, Trades

All prices in USD, everything below my cost and OBO. Not including Shipping unless specified. Keyboard does not include Stabs, Switches or Keycaps. Can add Stabs/Switches if the you prefer the board built.
Comment before PM.
Item Condition Description Price
Ori CLS-2//65 Black Used, perfect condition - Millmaxxed PCB - Alu Plate - Brass Plate - Brass weight and Badge - Red alu weight and badge - Gold Leaf Badge 700
Salvun/Wilba Salvation Copper Slag Barely used, perfect condition - 2 Fr4 plates, one cut to halfplate - Solder PCB (Used) - Hotswap PCB 400
Item Condition Description Price
GMK Laser used shine on WASD and 6.25 spacebar. Used GMK Laser Base 70
EPBT Voo Ceerry unused Unused Voo Cherry base 60
JTK Suited Assassin unused Unused Suited Assasin base 80
Kinetic Octopus Shine on WASD, spacebar and some alphas Used Octopus base 25
All caps come shipped in bags, can ship in PBTFans tray for +25$.
Will ship from Switzerland with Swiss Post or UPS.

I'm interested in the following but also open to other trades:
Monokei Kei Brass Bottom
F1-8x / f1-8k-snow edition
GMK Yuru
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2023.06.05 16:21 gingereno Daily "Get an Achievement" - THE BIG CON - "The Video Store Employee"

If you like checking out the newest titles on Game Pass, but don't like rushing through a game to get an achievement OR accidentally popping a second achivement in a session - Im here to help.
Each day before or during work (braek) I play a short game session over the Cloud on recent GP titles. Today's game, THE BIG CON, has two relatively quick achievements for you, and also introduces you well into the game's narrative. This post will tell you when the first one unlocks, and how far you can go until the second one is about to unlock.
The Big Con is an adventure game developed by Mighty Yell and published by Skybound Games. In the game you control Ali, the daughter of a woman who owns a video rental store in the 90s who runs into money problems. Gameplay is 2D, top-down, with text-based dialogue.

Achievement #1: The Video Store Employee

This achievement is very easy, part of the story, and acquried within seconds of starting a new game. Just make your way to the video rental store for work. Upon entry, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.
Couldn't be easier. Now, if you're interested in setting yourself up for an achievement tomorrow, or just want to know how much of the game you can experience before coming across a second achievement, here you go:

Setting yourself up for tomorrow:

The next achievement is a good ~10 minutes (give or take a few) depending on if you rush, or go slow.
Long story short, keep playing the game casually; eventually you will encounter a major NPC selling ice cream who gives you a specific task. Once you're complete with the task DO NOT GO TALK TO THE NPC - doing so unlocks the next achievement. Pause the game, Save & Quit. Profit for tomorrow.


The game itself is enticing enough. Even though I only spent 20 or so minutes in it, I am genuinely interested in where the story is going. The art style is cartoony and simple, but works for the presentation. Dialogue seems a bit obtuse at times (such as spying on customers in the rental store) and the audio barks NPCs give when you continue through the dialogue gets irritating (or, at times, just doesn't match the vibe of what's said). Still, the story has enticed me, and I wonder what it is that "the big con" will be.
That said, I probably won't be playing it again outside of Rewards Points farming; I have Tears of the Kingdom to beat and a plethora of other games on my backlog which have more of my interest.
That's it, that's all. Hope this helps you reach your daily 50 points. Happy hunting, gamers.
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2023.06.05 16:21 cubingtothegame Friend feels like they shouldn’t be dating because of OCD

My 22F friend 24F feels like they deserve to be alone because of their OCD.
She needs to clean everything while cooking. Her hand that holds a vegetable needs to be clean the whole time and it can’t touch anything, even the table, the bag, etc… she doesn’t eat food in her room, needs to clean anything if it drops to the floor with soap and if her pajamas touch anything that she accidentally bumped into, she needs to clean it.
Those were some examples and it also applies to if someone else were cooking and stuff, only in her own house though.
Though yesterday she told me she shouldn’t be dating because this is affecting someone else. She communicated about this to her girlfriend but according to my friend, her girlfriend’s response was there’s therapy and “I’ll always be here,” which my friend found to be dismissive because she felt like she wasn’t heard about her concern.
Idk what advice or what to say to my friend. I don’t think anyone deserves not to love, but I can also see why it affects a partner greatly. I don’t know if it’s on the partner to accommodate or if it’s on my friend to change
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2023.06.05 16:21 Zagaroth [No Need For A Core?] - CH 087: Dinner and a Treaty

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
Her escort returned, then led her into the main hall and towards the thrones, where he bowed to the king and queen as he introduced her. “Your Majesties, this is Lady Moriko, of the Sakiya Temple.” The hall was not terribly busy, but it was also the center point of business for the court, so there were plenty of people to see her being introduced and hear her name. She’d also spotted Princess Kagami, though she didn’t really have the opportunity to look around for the rest.
“It is a pleasure and honor to meet you, Your Majesties.” Moriko said to them as she curtsied. She’d practiced enough to not be awkward, but she’d always preferred bowing. Court rules were more formal than the rest of life however, and she had been given a recent education to make sure she got the basics right.
“Lady Moriko, it is good to put a face to one of the names I’ve been hearing so much about recently.” King Yoshihiro replied, giving a slight nod to acknowledge her introduction, signaling her escort to leave.
Queen Phaedra shot her husband an amused glance before leaning forward to give Moriko a warm smile. “I’ve heard much about you from my daughters, they seem quite taken with you. I am quite looking forward to talking with you over dinner tonight.” The queen’s fair appearance gave quite a bit of proof to Princess Kagami’s name, the eldest daughter was practically a mirror of her mother.
“There is some court business to attend to yet, but we will be joining you in our private dining hall shortly.” The king was about to continue when another male voice spoke up.
“Lady Moriko, perhaps I can escort you there and keep you entertained awhile?” The speaker was a young blonde man in his teens, though tall and unusually solidly built for his age, with a moderately tan complexion that contrasted with his fairer hair.
King Yoshihiro smiled slightly as he gestured toward the boy. “Lady Moriko, I should like to introduce you to Prince Gou, my youngest.”
Moriko gave the young prince a shallower curtsy than she’d given the king and queen as she considered how best to respond. “Ah, it is a pleasure to meet you, your highness.” Prince Gou’s smile was a touch too warm and eager to please, and Moriko wanted to make sure she defused any vague hopes quickly. She doubted that he had any specific ideas in his mind beyond wanting to show off and be admired, but the young could become over-focused quickly.
Then she spied Princess Kagami looking at her youngest brother with an expression Moriko was certain she’d worn herself, and the perspective change gave her inspiration. “And I would be happy to be escorted by such a dashing young man.” She pitched her voice to make sure that ‘dashing’ sounded more like ‘cute’ than ‘handsome’, and had to suppress a desire to laugh as she took the offered arm with a smile. “You remind me of my younger brother, he’s always so earnest. I do hope you are a better swordsman than him however, it wasn’t too long ago that he lost a spar to a rabbit actor. Admittedly, the rabbit was a dungeon creature, but he’d only been a three-foot-tall humanoid for a few weeks.”
The twitch in Gou’s expression told Moriko that her verbal combo had hit his ego, but the prince only briefly stiffened before he inclined his head. “Well, maybe I can visit your dungeon someday and test myself against the same actor, and we could see.” His smile still seemed genuine enough, just a bit less intense, and Kagami’s smirk looked satisfied, so Moriko was fairly certain that she’d struck the right balance. He got to treat her like another older sister, no more.
As he showed her the way to the dining hall, Moriko replied “Well, if you have a good showing, perhaps my husband or I could have a spar with you as well. Don’t forget that I am a disciple of the monastery.” Well, that got his interest focused, and the resulting conversation was more about martial techniques than anything else. He really did remind her of Galan, though more composed and broadly educated. They’d either be best friends or consider each other rivals. Though the difference could be hard to tell sometimes.
The dining hall was maybe not quite as big as her family’s home back in Riverbridge, but they also had a larger home than average for their town. It not only held the large dining table but had enough space around it for servants to pass by each other while pushing carts, with furniture decorating the walls as well. If this was the private dining hall, the banquet hall had to be bigger than her monastery’s dining hall.
The rest of the royal family filtered in shortly after their arrival and Moriko finally got to meet the heir, Prince Ailwin, as well as the royal spouses; Prince Zarod, Princess Amhis, and Princess Catherine. Princess Tiriana’s fiance, Lord Ilimater, was currently in his homeland. He would acquire the title of Prince as well, once they were married.
There were a lot of names and faces to remember, even with having met the royal princesses two days ago and having studied the notes her master had given her. Prince Zarod was a little taller than Moriko was while she was wearing these boots, with curly, light brown hair that was kept barely tamed. He seemed affable enough and clearly doted on his wife, but to Moriko’s eye any apparent softness was an illusion, he had a solid sort of confidence that suggested he was reasonably capable at the least.
Princess Amhis was the least physically imposing member of the royal family. She was dark-haired with dusky skin, and barely taller than Kazue but not as slender, which led to a slight excess of curves. However, she was energetic to the point of effervescence, always ready to join any conversation while managing to keep track of everything going on in the room, and broke smoothly away when she was needed by one of the servants. She was quite the contrast against her much taller husband, but they also fitted against each other charmingly when she had a moment to rest in his arms.
Princess Catherine on the other hand was like a narrower, sharper version of her wife, Princess Kitiara. Both tall and blond, Catherine was more of a ‘rapier’ compared to Kitiara’s ‘broadsword’. Comparing them to weapons seemed apt, as neither took any care to hide their military bearing.
Moriko found herself swept into different conversations, not quite guided along a set flow so much as the center of a concerted effort to ensure that she was entertained and occupied until the King and Queen arrived. Following a bit of advice from Mordecai, she took the time during these conversations to make sure she complimented each piece of jewelry she’d been loaned for the occasion, borrowing some of her terminology from Kazue and Mordecai but keeping her compliments sincere. Her favorite was the necklace, a string of spectacular blue opal beads woven into a rope of gold threads, the beads flashing with occasional hints of fiery reds and yellows.
She hadn’t been certain where they were going to seat her, but she was only a little surprised to find herself seated between Queen Phaedra and Princess Kagami. Her new status as a Lady certainly didn’t put her there, but as an ‘ambassador’ and a specifically invited guest for a private meal it made more sense.
The dinner that was served was closer to a feast, and it came with the difficulty of restraint. Moriko was certainly not a messy or noisy eater, but eating in careful, small bites at a relatively slow rate was not the same as normal polite eating. It made talking during the meal easier, but it also made eating take at least twice as long, and Moriko tended to eat quite a lot. The conversation was kept social during the meal as well, ‘business’ talk waited until after dessert had been finished and the table cleared, then a selection of lightweight snacks and drinks was placed. The serving staff filtered out, leaving more items covered on the sideboards, but one new person entered. A young man in scribe’s robes, carrying a small portable desk and a couple of folders full of paper as well as a wax tablet and steel scribe for taking notes.
“Well, I suppose it's time to get down to business then,” Phaedra said softly. The scribe set up his desk and materials a discrete distance behind them. “We would like an official relationship with your family and dungeon. The very first thing we’ll need is an official name for the territory.”
Moriko took a moment to consult with Mordecai and Kazue, who had been spending a fair amount of time on the idea already. “Well, there have been a few thoughts. ‘the twin core dungeon’ was proposed, but dismissed due to possibly creating too strong an association with The Twins, and the same for being called the Kuiccihan dungeon. There weren’t any other descriptive title sort of names that anyone strongly wanted, so going back to geography, we’ve decided on being The Azeria Mountain Dungeon.” She smiled slightly. “Riverbridge is about the same distance as Azeria Forest, but I have to admit it doesn't have quite as strong a name."
King Yoshihiro chuckled. “Should I take offense that you wish to keep some distance from the Kingdom? No, no, I understand. Remaining distinct like that is for the best, it avoids confusion. Hmm.” He gave a thoughtful frown for a moment. “The mountain range itself is the Raincatcher Mountains, but as far as I know nothing is keeping the mountain and its foothills from being named Azeria Mountain. Assuming it doesn’t trip any existing treaties, we have no problems acknowledging that name officially.”
“Speaking of,” Moriko replied, “Could you go into some more detail on that? It’s not exactly something Kazue or I paid a lot of attention to, and Mordecai was rather out of the loop.”
Prince Ailwin took the lead here. “The basics are not complicated, though the treaty itself goes into a lot of specifics, exceptions, and conditionals. Throughout the mountain range are many tribes and small nations, plus a dwarven kingdom deep below. Most are considered Independent and are simply in a trade agreement mixed with a mutual defense treaty, as well as delineating their rights to travel freely as individuals inside of Kuicchan. Most of the burden of defense is left to the kingdoms, but the tribes can not let hostile forces traverse their territories without some level of challenge, unless clearly outmatched. In addition to those, other tribes are more closely tied to us, and have the status of Vassal State. They rule themselves independently but follow all of our applicable laws. Individuals of those tribes do not owe taxes to Kuiccihan, but the tribe as a whole owes some sort of duty to the kingdom.” He smiled slightly at that. “As most tribes who chose to be that independent and prefer the mountains also tend to have unique traits or talents, they also tend to be suitable for training the Marked, and that availability is usually accepted in lieu of tribute.” The prince paused a moment before he continued. “There are also some other arrangements involved with that, but it starts to get complicated, and they don’t affect your dungeon, so I think it best if we skip it for now.”
Moriko pursed her lips thoughtfully as she spoke with her spouses, then turned her attention back to the royals in front of her. “Alright, so what form of relationship are you seeking with us?” The princesses had talked about it with her the other night, but this occasion was stating it more formally.
“Something in between,” the King answered, “Namely, an Associated State. You would have more duty to us than the independent tribes, but the laws of our land do not automatically apply in your territory, unlike the vassal states. You would have a more complete sovereignty, just a formalized duty to be allies. In exchange for this, you gain our protection, and while our laws would not apply to you or yours inside the dungeon’s territory, they do apply to any of our citizens who are in your territory, and should you have grievance against a citizen of Kuiccihan who has left the dungeon, we can either judge the citizen by our laws or extradite them to your territory, depending upon your preferences.”
From there it became a matter of negotiating the fine points and then reviewing the finalized treaty after the scribe used his notes to edit the papers with an enchanted quill. Once everyone agreed on the finalized version, the scribe brought out a scroll case and a small stamp. He stamped each of the pages in order, then tapped the scroll case. The papers merged and flowed into a single sheet of paper as the scrolls case opened up, creating a single continuous document that then wrapped itself into the scroll case. All that was left was to sign and swear oaths to the intent and purpose of the treaty. When completed, the enchantments on the scroll case finished activating and the contents were fixed into place. There was no more editing that treaty, if anything needed to be changed it would have to be a whole new treaty written, witnessed, and signed.
It went a lot easier than it would have if Moriko didn’t have Mordecai and Kazue sitting in her head. Moriko didn’t have to process what she was reading, so she could just quickly scan over the lines and let the cores do the memorization and double checking everything was written correctly. Mordecai was the focus of analyzing it, given his experience, but Kazue’s passion for reading made it easier to take all the information quickly as she was used to reading fast.
It was late into the evening when everything was done, and much of the dessert and snack foods were gone. The King, Queen, Princess Kagami, Prince Ailwin, and his wife Princess Amhis were the only ones involved for most of the process, the rest had relaxed into a more lightweight socialization mode, coming and going as they pleased, though occasionally offering thoughts and opinions.
“Well, one more thing needs to be done tonight,” Queen Phaedra said with a smile. “Give us a moment, we need everyone back here, but they shouldn’t have gone far.”
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2023.06.05 16:20 ciaociao62 Diagnosis Help!

Diagnosis Help!
This guy has been here for a few months and has seemed pretty happy until this past week. It got very droopy and one of the large bottom leaves is yellowing quickly. Have been fertilizing every other watering and watering once or twice a week depending on how hot/sunny it is and how dry the soil gets. This corner can get pretty sunny in the afternoon, so I’m thinking it needs a more indirect spot (square windows behind are west facing, sliding doors to the left are south). No sign of pests that I can see. Please let me know if you guys agree or if there’s something else I may not be considering!
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2023.06.05 16:20 Then_Marionberry_259 JUN 05, 2023 MAG.TO JUANICIPIO ACHIEVES COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MAG Silver Corp. (TSX / NYSE American: MAG) (“MAG” or “MAG Silver”) is pleased to announce that commercial production has been achieved at the Juanicipio Project (56% / 44% Fresnillo plc (“Fresnillo”) and MAG, respectively) effective June 1, 2023.
Following a successful commissioning period, the Juanicipio mine, processing facility and other vital systems are operating in line with, or rapidly approaching design capacity. The Juanicipio mill is operating at approximately 85% of its design capacity of 4,000 tonnes per day (“tpd”) with silver recovery consistently above 88%. On a 100% basis, approximately 3.2 million ounces of silver have been produced from the Juanicipio processing facility from March 2023 to the end of May 2023, and production is expected to continue to increase steadily through Q3 where it is envisioned the plant will be running at design capacity. All major construction activities have now been completed and Juanicipio is demonstrating its ability to sustain ongoing production levels. The operations team is continually seeking opportunities to improve and optimize the mine, plant and other critical systems to achieve and potentially exceed design capacities.
“Reaching this important milestone of commercial production at Juanicipio completes our transformation from developer to producer,” said George Paspalas, President and CEO of MAG Silver. “Today marks the beginning of a very exciting and dynamic growth phase for MAG as we combine stable, high-margin silver production with the ongoing high-grade exploration potential that has made and continues to make MAG so unique.”
About MAG Silver Corp. ( )
MAG Silver Corp. is a growth-oriented Canadian development and exploration company focused on becoming a top-tier primary silver mining company by exploring and advancing high-grade, district scale, precious metals projects in the Americas. Its principal focus and asset is the 4,000 tonnes per day Juanicipio Project (44%), operated by Fresnillo Plc (56%). The project is located in the Fresnillo Silver Trend in Mexico, the world's premier silver mining camp, where in addition to underground mine production and processing of mineralized material, an expanded exploration program is in place targeting multiple highly prospective targets. MAG is also executing multi-phase exploration programs at the Deer Trail 100% earn-in Project in Utah and the Larder Lake Project, located in the historically prolific Abitibi region of Canada.
Neither the Toronto Stock Exchange nor the NYSE American has reviewed or accepted responsibility for the accuracy or adequacy of this press release, which has been prepared by management.
This release includes certain statements that may be deemed to be “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements in this release, other than statements of historical facts are forward looking statements, including statements that address our expectations with respect to the timing and success of commissioning activities and the full-scale ramp up of milling activities, processing rates of development materials, future mineral production, and events or developments. Forward-looking statements are often, but not always, identified by the use of words such as "seek", "anticipate", "plan", "continue", "estimate", "expect", "may", "will", "project", "predict", "potential", "targeting", "intend", "could", "might", "should", "believe" and similar expressions. These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements. Although MAG believes the expectations expressed in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, impacts (both direct and indirect) of COVID-19, timing of receipt of required permits, changes in applicable laws, changes in commodities prices, changes in mineral production performance, exploitation and exploration successes, continued availability of capital and financing, and general economic, market or business conditions, political risk, currency risk and capital cost inflation. In addition, forward-looking statements are subject to various risks, including that data is incomplete and considerable additional work will be required to complete further evaluation, including but not limited to drilling, engineering and socio-economic studies and investment. The reader is referred to the MAG Silver’s filings with the SEC and Canadian securities regulators for disclosure regarding these and other risk factors. There is no certainty that any forward-looking statement will come to pass, and investors should not place undue reliance upon forward-looking statements.
Please Note: Investors are urged to consider closely the disclosures in MAG's annual and quarterly reports and other public filings, accessible through the Internet at and
LEI: 254900LGL904N7F3EL14

For further information on behalf of MAG Silver Corp. Contact Michael J. Curlook, Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications Phone: (604) 630-1399 Toll Free: (866) 630-1399 Website: Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.05 16:20 Ganbarisa Theme World Tycoon

Released the first playable version of my theme park management game. Containing some basic features: Theme park seasons, finance system based on visitors, new ride hype and population, flatride and rollercoasters and more. Will add more features in the future but currently curious about any bug or balancing issues:
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2023.06.05 16:20 sir_padalot Male 30, sore eyes

I’ve been dealing with an on / off red and slightly itchy eye for the past couple of years.
I’m reaching out to this community because I’ve been seeing doctors in the country where I live (Japan) and trying different changes - but no success.
The symptoms come and go when they please. But most commonly in the mornings when I wake up. Although I’m sitting here now at 11pm and it has flared up in the past 20mins or so.
One doctor said it was allergies, so I took an allergy test - all clear aside from house dust. Now I’m no Mary Kondo, but my house is clean. Definitely cleaner than when I was both single and a Uni student! But I still put extra care in and ensured our house was cleaned frequently and thoroughly. No symptom changes.
The symptoms subside with some standard OTC eye drops, and actually it feels kinda good when the drops hit and eye and you can feel the liquid spreading across the eye ball… this leads me to think it is some kind of dry eye syndrome… although I read this is usually in both eyes?
For context I work relatively long hours with a computer screen.
What I would like to know is, from the pictures, can a professional tell what kind of red eye I am getting?
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2023.06.05 16:20 ThrowRA13582057105 My bf (M26) and I (F27) run out of things to say. Missing connection

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. We're mostly long-distance, as he works out of state and is only close to my hometown one week per month. The rest of the time we stay in touch through calls.
We are both very shy and introverted, but around the right people we both open up socially. We met online and connected quite easily on our shared interests through text, but after we met face to face, things seem to have become more awkward. It seems harder to keep a conversation going, even through texts.
Now that we're together and we have seen each other quite a few times, I do feel like our interactions become easier each time, but I still find myself hastingly trying to find topics to talk about when things fall quiet, and the conversations bleeding dry soon after. If I don't start conversations, he usually doesn't either. He is more shy than I am, and I do see how wonderful he is under all of his shyness, but it makes me feel like I'm missing a deeper connection at times. We're unable to keep deeper topics going. We both hate small talk, but we often resort to that because we run out of other things to talk about. He also doesn't really ask me personal questions (I think it's likely he's afraid of prying).
I'm sure it's a matter of time and he is worth being patient for and really giving it a proper shot, but I really struggle with this.
Does anyone have experience with this from either end of the situation? How do I make it easier to talk to my boyfriend, and create a space for him where he feels comfortable too?
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2023.06.05 16:20 EfficientAmount2715 PhD life in Dublin - pros and cons?

Hello folks,
I recently received an offer for a PhD Stipend of around €1500 per month. While I'm thrilled about the opportunity, I can't help but worry about my financial situation. I was wondering if there are any ways to make some extra money without sacrificing too much of my social life. On another note, how's the housing situation looking these days? I really want to find a place that's not too far away from the university or the city center.
By the way, as an EU citizen, I have the option to apply for PhD positions in other EU countries that offer higher salaries. So, I'm weighing the prestige of the PhD stipend in Ireland against potentially better-paying opportunities elsewhere. What are your thoughts on this?
If you can share your general experience of the PhD life in Dublin with me, i would be infinitely grateful. Looking forward to your input and thanks!
Greetings, a worried graduate student.
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