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2023.03.22 14:25 xKitsuneko When should I reapply to Clinical Psych PhD programs?

Hi! I'm sharing this on behalf of my partner:
I'm considering reapplying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs this year but I'm not sure yet.
In 2021, I applied to 6 PhD programs and got rejected from all of them. I didn't get a single interview. I was told by a PI that I had a strong application but I needed more independent research experience in my area of interest. Another PI just said I needed to keep doing what I was doing.
I did get accepted to a Master's program but I turned down the offer to go work full-time as a Project Coordinator at my local VA Medical Center. I've been in my current role at the VA for a year.
I graduated in 2015 with a B.A. in Psychology (3.6 GPA). I have 3 years of post-bacc research experience across 3 research labs and the VA. I was the Lab Manager for one of those labs for a year. I have 1 year of volunteer experience as a Crisis Counselor. I will have 7 poster presentations by the end of the year (3 first-author presentations). I have 2 papers and 1 book chapter in the works but I am not the first author on any of these. However, they are all in my area of interest (trauma and PTSD).
I haven't taken the GRE yet. Most of the programs that I looked at are not requiring it.
I'm considering applying to Master's programs in order to get more research experience and publications. However, most Master's programs don't offer funding.
Should I stay at my job and get more experience or should I reapply to PhD programs this year?
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2023.03.22 14:14 EsterWithPants A Brand New D&D Adventure in South Denver/Lone Tree 5E

We're a fledgling group of three beginner players and an experienced DM looking to take on one more similar (or even more experienced) player to join our D&D group, meeting down in Lone Tree/South Denver, close to the Sky Ridge Medical Center and the Cabela's store. We are meeting every other weekend on Saturday, generally from the afternoon until early in the evening. Our next session will be on April 1st. If interested, please leave a reply and I'll get you into our little group discord to work out the details with the rest of the group.
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2023.03.22 14:02 germanky Medical Assistant MA MD Anderson Greeley Cancer Center

NOW HIRING Medical Assistant MA MD Anderson Greeley Cancer Center-
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2023.03.22 13:58 MemeKingZay33 24 M daily left chest pains (2 months)

24 Black Male 5’10” 170lbs, no medications or prevalent medical issues, USA;
Some time mid January at night I had an issue with my chest. Tightness and pain in my chest it felt like it was having tremors, issues with breathing and staying on my feet or moving in general. I went to ER but my EKG was normal, X-Ray showed nothing wrong with my heart or lungs, and nothing flagged from urine test. The Doc said it was most likely a spasm in my chest but not like an actual heart attack.
Ever since then I’ve basically had chest pains every day in the same spot, a little off center to the left. I want to get it looked into but I’m not really sure how to go about it. Like what am I supposed to do or look for if my test come back normal? Blood test?
I had chest pains before January’s issues but it wasn’t on a daily basis until the “spasm”.
While it’s not accurate I think I’ve had an Apple Watch tracking my BP and I feel like it’s constantly high even when sitting down (80-105bpm) , will docs take those numbers into consideration?
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2023.03.22 13:48 cdogrady Ted Lasso Season 3: Amsterdam Easter Eggs

Last year photos surfaced of Ted Lasso filming in Amsterdam. We know the Dutch capital will make an appearance this season, and I’ve already started noticing some hints in Season 3: Episodes 1 and 2.
Episode 1: In the opening airport scene, you hear a boarding call for a flight to Amsterdam.
Episode 2: When we see Barb’s snow globe collection, the windmill globe from Amsterdam is front and center.
I’m curious if there will be an Amsterdam hint in each episode leading up to the team’s actual visit.
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2023.03.22 13:48 ThePotatoLegend27 Good news in the past few days

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2023.03.22 13:26 kanjotribe [Question]Added another one to the collection! iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2. Does anyone know how to downgrade to iOS 6 perhaps? iOS 7 is slow as a turtle.

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2023.03.22 13:16 lady-biker VA/VMSTEP Question

Good morning fellow feds!
I'm a non-supervisory GS-13 at a center within HHS. I've been with the Fed since 2019. My husband is medically retired out of the Army with a compensable 50% service-connected disability that is also Schedule A eligible. He recently graduated with an Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering technology from an ABET-certified program (this is important later). He received almost every honor out there- he's a member of honors societies, was named "Outstanding Graduate," is a published author, graduated summa cum laude, you name it. He's done extremely well for himself in spite of everything he was up against.
He's been trying to get on with the Fed since graduation, but has been having an extraordinarily hard time getting interviews. Every time he finds a position he's qualified for, he cross-references the duties/responsibilities to his resume to make sure his resume includes everything. He's probably applied to 15 jobs, that he meets all qualifications for, but has only received one interview. He applied with the USPTO, requested a SPPC due to his Schedule A disability, and never heard anything of value back, and the HR person said that someone with OHR would contact him in the future at some point, but it wouldn't be a SPPC.
I know that he's obviously not guaranteed a Fed job just because he's a disabled vet. But my understanding is that because of his background, if he meets the minimum qualifications, he's supposed to receive at least an interview. He's been trying to contact various folks with questions but no one ever gets back to him. After five months we did hear back from an HR rep at the VA who left an extremely unprofessional voicemail essentially telling him to re-write his resume. We had attended a VMSTEP seminar at my agency in November, and the person putting on the seminar said that anyone who had issues could reach out to her with questions. We finally heard from someone yesterday, and it was extremely unhelpful.
Does anyone have any pointers on what to do for this? He is not applying to positions that he's unqualified for. He did get one job offer with a Power Administration place, but we would have had to move 1900 miles to a place that is extremely expensive, and there were no moving expenses authorized. It is so frustrating- I was able to apply once, got my interview, and got hired immediately. When he's applying he includes his disability paperwork from the VA that documents the 50% service-connected disability with the diagnosis, DD214, transcripts, resume, cover letter, everything. I'm just at a loss as to what to do.
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2023.03.22 13:11 ishashikon Boys Planet Human Design Information

Hi all! Soup_dumpling made an astrology post about the trainees. I got inspired to look into the trainee’s Human Design so here I am, sharing about those findings. The intention is see the trainees from the Human Design lens, maybe they correlate to what we see on Boys Planet. Of course, it may not be 100% accurate specially since we only see them from the screen. This is for fun so please take the information lightly.
I like to describe human design as similar to astrology but on steroids. The chart is also dependent on birthday and birthtime. It combines astrology, i-ching, mandala and other aspects together. It can be seen as a manual, which includes how you are in your daily life, your personality, decision-making process, certain skills, relationship dynamics and how you engage with your environment. A lot of people have referred to it as the permission slip to be you as opposed to the you that is dictated by your mind, society, upbringing or other people around you. It may seem woo-woo at first although; those that have applied the human design experiment in their life have found it to be practical.
Human design has a lot of layers and certain aspects are really dependent on the birth time to be accurate therefore, I’ll talk about the most general ones and other things that are really unique with their chart. Before that though, it is best to read about the 4 Human Design Types since I will be using this vocabulary later on. The types are categorized by aura and strategy. In the link below, I wrote a short description (or, tried my best to) of each type.

Human Design Types

Here is another link with additional info

Here is a site to input birth data to see a human design chart

Before I go into some detail of the trainees. I want to describe what the Incarnation Cross means first. Incarnation cross is the overall theme, broad purpose or a storyline of your life. This will show up time and time even if you are totally unconscious about it. There will also be variations of how it shows up whether you are in the learning or embodiment period of it.
P.S. The quote marks in the descriptions below are copy paste of the definition of terms and I've linked the website also.

Sung Hanbin (chart:projector, chart:MG)

Projector or if he’s born after 2pm a Manifesting Generator (MG). This is a bit tricky to identify since I don’t have a lot of info regarding his energy level. If Hanbin has consistent energy level, he would fall under MG. If he tends to work in short bursts with lots of rest, he is a Projector. From what we saw in Mission 1 where he ended up getting the center position, that is a Projector strategy. In that case, Yedam, Hui and others recognize his skill and thus, gave him the invitation to take the center position.
Hanbin’s incarnation cross is Left Angle Cross of Confrontation.
This is energy to come from the outside and take control of what is rightfully yours. In society and business there will always be management or control that gets stagnate over time. This Cross is here to shake things up, usually from the outside. Like a corporate raider who comes in to optimize the pieces of a large business, this is energy to take control and lead to a more streamlined and profitable configuration. This is not just about government or business, this force will take hold in your personal life or community. The real drive here is power and control.
That first sentence totally aligns with him getting the center position right from the signal song and keeping Rank 1 until now! It won’t be a surprise if he does end up with Rank 1 all the way at the end. But then, the flipside is what this part actually means to him “what is rightfully yours”. Is it rank 1? Or, to be in the debut team? Or, something else?

Zhang Hao (chart)

Projector. His incarnation cross of is Right Angle Cross of Unexpected 2
You carry the energy that is likely to land you in a place of leadership rather unexpectedly. It will seem to come from nowhere - suddenly you are in the limelight, or at least holding things up. Be aware that you have this energy and at some point will be thrust into a lead role. Get ready to take on the responsibility for this is why you are here.
We totally saw Zhang Hao suddenly being in limelight during the Tomboy performance! After that performance, people are recognizing his skill and thus is a success in regards with the projector strategy of waiting for the invitation/recognition. Now, I wonder what other unexpected limelight or leadership we’ll see Zhang Hao experience.

Lee Hoetaek (chart)

Projector. He only has one channel: Channel 16-48, The wavelength
Here we bring the intuitive expression of logic to the throat. Notice, again that this channel has no direct access to energy. That means that talent and mastery have to be recognized by others when the timing is right. Talent is expressed through practice over time but talent also struggles for resources and money because it has to be seen to be supported. The arts are always hungry for money and support. This is why shows and exhibitions are important for artists of all types. They have to be seen. This channel represents the intuitive expression of talent blended together with repetition over time. Talent is raw and undeveloped without practice. Everyone has some kind of talent. The question is are you willing to practice to become a master? Mastery happens over time. The energy for enthusiasm and depth is contained in this channel. There is right timing in this channel. Do not express the depth with enthusiasm until you are have practiced and achieved mastery...otherwise you look silly.
That channel description totally makes sense why Hui chose to be in the show! He needs to be in a place where he can show his talents and skills to gain support. The tricky part is his fans are divisive whether to vote him to debut or not. This makes sense with him being a projector. Projectors experience success when there is an invitation or recognition. If the fans cannot make up their mind whether to actually recognize that Hui wants to debut will be the factor that can truly affect him and hence, why there’s a lot of resistance with him being in the show. If we’re truly looking at his human design aspects, it doesn’t matter if Hui is old or not. Him only having one channel in his chart means that is his consistent way of energy or being. In that aspect, he is meant to be in places where he can showcase his talent.
Hui’s incarnation cross is Left Angle Cross of Spirit 2 (link: ) Hmmm… I don’t have much to say… but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hui has experienced various heartbreaks in his life whether if its relationship, career or other areas.

Park Gunwook (chart)

Generator. Something unique about his chart is he can either have 6/7 or all 7 gates in his spleen center defined (if born after 8pm)! Spleen center is about survival, intuition and instincts. Having this defined and having a lot of gates present means that he can be very instinctive and intuitive. He has the ability to act in the moment depending on what his senses picks up and how it’s in alignment with his well being. The key here is to be able to pay attention and listen to those instincts. This type of messages only come in the moment and doesn’t linger long. I do think this is why he was able to come up with the KTL plan rather quickly. Additionally, he did have some keen sense on going to Tomboy. (Surprisingly that wasn’t only to his benefit but in a way had a butterfly effect on Woongki… I know Woongki’s experience was sooo challenging but heyyy, maybe that ended up helping Woongki to stick around longer.)
Gunwook’s incarnation cross is the Left Angle Cross of Cycles.
Your design has very powerful, transformational energy to get things done. Your Cross is tied to the cycles that all life experiences. You understand that everything is born and then dies and is then born again. You have an innate sense about the cyclical process. Things are always changing, becoming better and better through the cyclical process of maturation. Your energy is part of this process, so it is most likely your education and career will cycle too. It is not likely you will stay in the same job for 25 years, unless that job can evolve and change with time. You are here to be a master of the maturation process.
When I read that, it kind of made sense to me as to how Gunwook didn’t end up debuting in Wild Idol. I can see that as part of his maturation process and have helped him to be confident with his skills now. (Truly hoping he debuts this time!) I can also see how there's timing for everything in life. Similarly, there’s a cycle of how he was portrayed as intimidating and scary in the first few eps and then now, everyone can see his babygiant self! Anyways, his incarnation cross probably wouldn’t be fully developed or seen fully until later on as he grows older.
His incarnation cross actually makes up two channels (which is not common) so I’ll highlight them here. Channel 32-54: Transformation and Channel 42-53: Maturation From those two channels, we can tell that Gunwook has energy to be ambitious and the sense of knowing if that goal has the support of others. When he enters a project, he has the energy to stay there until completion. He learns by living those experiences and can look back on the lessons when they’re complete. We have definitely seen his ambitious and goal oriented side with KTL!

Seok Matthew (chart)

Manifesting Generator (MG)
MGs have a tendency to multi-task or jump from one thing and to another rather quickly. I totally see this aspect when he was leading Love Killa team abruptly going from choreo then to the singing. Since the strategy of MG is to respond then, visualize then, inform, it may have been better if he informed his team members way earlier that they would work on choreo from this time to this time and then, move on to singing. The type of informing and giving space to others is really important for MGs so that they experience the least resistance in a team environment.
Matthew’s incarnation cross is Right Angle Cross of Planning 2 Errr... hmmm... I don’t really have much to say about that.

Kim Taerae (chart)

Reflector (most likely... there’s only a 2 hour window (after 10pm) that can make him a projector.)With that being said, let’s talk about Taerae as a Reflector. If he’s a reflector that means he is one of a kind unicorn! There are not a lot of them out there comparing to the other human design types. As a reflector, this kinda make sense with him not having a lot of screen time. Reflectors can be chameleons and can blend in the environment. At the same time, he can magnify energy and be a mirror. So hey, he’s still catching people’s attention that way ;)
Generally speaking, for the reflectors that aren’t too shy, they can actually be good actors since they can sample different type of energies well. Some also have the ability to be able to take on different styles of expression with their voices. Depending on who they’re with they also have a tendency to mimic their way of speaking or even certain habits. We did see Taerae be able to adjust the way he was singing in Man in Love after the mentor suggestion.
Reflector’s signature is surprise. Simplistically, Taerae can experience surprise in life if he's in correct alignment. On a complex note, reflectors has the capability to surprise others. Most of us have experienced surprise seeing Taerae’s Man in Love performance ;)
(I'm a reflector so here's some additional info) Again, generally speaking since we don't see this aspects from the show. It’s amazing to see a reflector in a survival show because it can be both a blessing and a curse. Being in that environment can make Taerae experience various activations. He may feel a lot of energy being around others, which is a great thing and can help with inspiration and motivation. The worse case scenario is experiencing overwhelm from a lot of energies around him. Or, when the show ends and when he has more alone time, that’s when he’ll notice the difference in his energy level. He may even feel he doesn't have much energy to do things. Luckily, he hasn’t been in a team that got really stressful or experienced a lot of conflict since those types of energy can truly affect reflectors in a way that they can embody that energy. At times, this may make reflectors feel confused that it’s their own emotion but in reality, it’s the energy around them.
Taerae's incarnation cross is Right Angle Cross of Maya 2
You have the great ability to discover and remember small details. These details will be important in your life and you will be driven to share them with others. Remember, they may not always want to hear all the agonizing detail. Your gift can be very useful and a great contribution to a profession or organization that requires someone who pays great attention to details.
We did see a glimpse of that with Taerae assisting Mingyu with lowering his singing voice and how he expressed some small details in his suggestion.

Han Yujin (chart)

Generator. His incarnation cross is Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love 2
This is actually my incarnation cross but on the flipped since I was born during autumn equinox whereas, Yujin is during spring equinox. Here's more info than from the link above.
I’ll be honest, I wasn’t drawn to Yujin at first but learning he’s a vessel of love makes me have a softer heart for him. Since Yujin is still young he is still in the learning process of his incarnation cross and how to embody it. Throughout his life, he may experience pain, hurt, shock in life, which is the catalyst to direct him to accept and love himself. The most important thing is to not let the pain harden him but to learn to love all parts of what makes him, him and keep that purity and innocence alive. This is the type of unconditional and transcendent love. When someone has fully embodied this frequency of the vessel of love, their presence alone can be very healing to others. In the future, I won't be surprised if Yujin’s performance and anything he ends up making song wise would feel very healing to others. Now, if he ends up in the debut group or wherever he may end up in life, if he’s able to embody the vessel of love, he can help his team members to love and accept themselves just as they are.
That was a lot, haha! I'm curious to hear what you think of reading this type of information about the trainees?
Also, thank you for reading! Human design is one thing that I can get really excited about and go total geek over it! I’m going to end this for now and continue another time with the rest of the top ranking trainees. I'll shoot to share about the Top 12-15 and probably post on the comments below.
Edited: added link of photos of their human design chart
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2023.03.22 13:00 Seahawk_I_am_I_am Pay attention students. This is homework.

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2023.03.22 12:59 C0llege0fCle0patra Saturn and it's Cube - The Cycle of Mental Confinement Thread

Saturn and it's Cube - The Cycle of Mental Confinement Thread
Saturn - The Cycle of Mental Confinement
What mental traps are you currently in, unnoticed by you? Lets take a look at the mental side of things. Saturn - the limited consciousness.
Micheal Jackson - Saturn as the head
Saturn - god of time and death. As both are an illusion, I'd like to say that Saturn is god of the illusion itself. He is the Gatekeeper between the material and the spiritual.
In the 5th century, philosopher Proclus explained in his Commentary on Plato’s Cratylus the link between Cronus and time. Among other arguments, he states that “One cause” of all things is “Chronos” (time) which he states is the same as Cronus.
In this post I am going to unfold how you are ultimately Saturn - your own Gatekeeper.
head for Saturn
This is the reason behind things such as Saturn worship in entertainment industry and modern religion. It is the worship of Time/Chronos - the worship of the grand illusion and rebirth cycle. It is a fabricated design to keep you engaged.. to keep you focused on what you desire on the outside.. so that you never understand how to unlock yourself from the inside. The Ego is the true god/beast of external reality. The ego is difficult to tame, as it thrives in both pleasure and suffering. The Saturnian material world is a duality-based construct. Pick a side, any side! Just do not find your centre - because that is the key.
Division within politics "right" and "left", religion "good" and "evil",etc...separateness is part of any societal protrusion. The more you actively take part in exterior sides, the less you actively take part in learning about your inner self - your soul, awareness, consciousness - which needs your full attention to ascend.
I think one very prime detail is commonly overlooked about Cronus/Saturn, which is that he, himself was fooled. Keep that in mind through out, because an axis to my belief is that physical, mortal life is the fools journey - where you gain wisdom through experience, and expand your awareness/consciousness through inner-self development. Learning to master the nature of both your sides - the duality that you escape by finding the centre of the labyrinth - your own mind, where all tricks are revealed and you become the Magician [immortal, full awareness, your true self].
Saturn was son of Uranus[ruler of Universe] and Gaia [Earth]. He envied his fathers power. Uranus hid his youngest children so that they could not see the light, which created opposition between him and Gaia.. On the advice of his mother, Saturn castrated his father with a sickle/scythe, thus separating Heaven from Earth, [Gatekeeper of physical and spiritual]. With his sister Rhea, they had 5 children - of whom he swallowed so they could not one day dethrone him. When Zeus was born, however, Rhea hid him, and tricked Cronus into swallowing a stone instead. Note that the 6th survived, and was concealed. 5 = Man. We have 5 physical senses, the 6th[mental] is concealed. Saturn is the 6th planet.
Rhea handing stone to Cronus, painting by Karl Friedrich Schinkel
Saturn was said to have ruled during The Golden Age - which is when the Egyptian Giza monuments happened to align perfectly with the sky [such as Orion].
"Here is the sky around 36,400 BC.. "..what is most striking is the configuration of the sky above Giza in the year 36,420 BC - the Zed Tepi [Golden Age]. At the dawn of the vernal equinox,all monuments of Giza were perfectly aligned with the constellations as follows:
calibrated by Armando Hei
Observing the astronomical map, all planets, whose names are associated with the days of the week, are on the ecliptic. It is very intriguing to note that the planet Saturn is located exactly in the south-west quadrant, the place of death for Ancient Egyptians." The ancient Egyptians completely understood the rebirth cycle, and Saturn's role. [links at end].
The West, the land of the dead. Where the sun sets, and begins its journey into the darkness, to be reborn in the East. Saturn - gatekeeper of the Underworld, a crucial part of the Fools journey. It is traveling into the darkness of the unconscious, and learning what has been there all along. It is letting go of old beliefs, bad habits, all things ego - and learning to trust the guidance from within. Again, everything in external material reality is designed to keep you engaged, distracted from facing yourself. Only when you let go can you experience a rebirth/transformation. An alchemical transmutation of turning lead [the base metal assigned to Saturn] to Gold[Sun]. What has a mental strong hold on you?

ice CUBE
As you know, Saturn has a hexagon storm/vortex. A hexagon is a 2D cube.
storm of Saturn
The storm represents the chaos that comes with the nature of duality. Constant war and battles, inside and out.
La Tete Caree -a library in France
Ancient Egyptians referred to the soul/life-force as "Ka" - the soul in transition after physical death is "Ba." It is you with wings.
Ka Ba - Cube. The Ka Ba/Cube Rebirth cycle. After physical death, if Ba is disoriented it will loop back to be physically reborn. Disorientation comes from material attachments and ego-based desires. In mythology, the River of Lethe in the after-life will make you forget.. it does not have the ability to quench thirst, but the more you drink the more you forget - so if you have are living through external self you will over-drink. If however, you learned your true self and nature while experiencing physical life, and how to conquer and reign from the centre.. Ba will know exactly where to go, and would have no desire to drink from the river of forgetfulness. Ba will be in the stream of Higher Consciousness, escaping Saturns lower, limited perception.
The Platonic solid for Earth is cube.

The devil in the fools journey is his ego and external attachments. His sides/dualistic nature
Both sides restricted, keeping the devil up
Saturn is usually equated with "Satan." The Hebrew word Satan means "accuser" or "opponent." This automatically indicates a side(duality), which also implies the word Satan can act as a pendulum and swing to eitheor. Each side is Satan to the other. How can something be truth, if it is so easy to switch to the other side with the drop of a detail? Only the center, the truth, can be unaltered. Another detail is that originally there were no vowels used, so it would have been STN. Those three letters could become many words depending on what you add and how: SaTaN, SaTurN, SaNTa. You get it.
When you see depictions of horns [it is indicating a protusion[of power], a ray [like a ray of light] are projections ..Hebrew "QRN"- This means illustrating horns or rays of sunlight are two different portrayals of the same thing. Both horns and rays of light represent a certain emanation that comes hand in hand with a power. Power emanating from the head..
projection of Saturnus
ray of light
\"Satan\" horns
In astrology, Saturn is Karma/Judgement. The "Hard Task Maker." So much Time spent judging others and being opposed. The one true judgement is of yourself. Face your darkness, unlock consciousness. It is a hard task, which is why we stay trapped.

horns of Ammon
[Horns of] Ammon means "hidden." Our true nature concealed from us, by us [of course ego/fool rejects responsibility and continues engaging with the lower physical nature. What is there that you do not see? THE CONCEALED 6TH SENSE. THE SUN/SON [remember the 6th son Zeus was part of the trick, and was hidden].
Saturn and Jupiter are two states that coexist in our universe[duality-based construct], where the realm of Kronos, considered the supreme dialectic representing the culmination of the intellectual order of the gods, corresponds to the intelligible world; while the realm of Zeus, representative of the reason operative in the physical world, corresponds to the sensible domain. In order to justify the difference between divine Providence and fate, Proclus in-terprets this myth by connecting his exegesis with the demiurgic making of the world.
If you do not escape through the top horns/power (unconscious, that which is hidden), you rebirth through the lowebottom (the material cycle).
What is Time concealing? Only Time can tell..
above link was for photo.
If you like this content, please check out my other sub TheAnkhKey
my Great Sphinx post:
My River of Lethe post:
Armando Mei and the Golden Age/Ancient Egypt connection
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2023.03.22 12:57 Medstaruae Leading Pediatric Doctor In Dubai

We are among Dubai's top centers for pediatric specialties. To address the requirements of kids of all ages, we provide a comprehensive range of services. Our group of devoted pediatric professionals is committed to giving our patients the best possible care. For kids with medical, developmental, and behavioral health problems, we offer all-encompassing care. Our doctors have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to identifying and treating a variety of pediatric diseases. In addition to physical examinations, diagnostic tests, and nutritional and lifestyle advice, we offer full evaluation and treatment services. For kids and families, we also offer continuing assistance and follow-up care. The greatest possible care for every child is what we strive to provide.
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Why choose Medstar?
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Our Services
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Nebulization, abscess/boil drainage, RSV testing, fast strep testing, influenza A and B testing, suture removal
Surgical Techniques
The cauterization of umbilical granulomas, the treatment of prepuce and glans adhesion/fused labia, and other surgical operations.
Blood Test
Comprehensive diagnostic blood tests for routine examinations, vitamin deficiencies, and/or screening for suspected health problems
Tongue Tie
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To treat allergies in children, receive thorough, individualized medical care.
Our Team
Our pediatric clinic in Dubai, UAE, is staffed by experienced and highly qualified doctors who have completed specialized training in the care of children. Our team of Good Pediatrician In Dubai includes specialists in different areas such as pediatric surgery, pediatric neurology, pediatric cardiology, and more. We understand that your child's health is of the utmost importance, and we are committed to providing the highest quality care for your little one. If you have any questions about our pediatric clinic or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us.
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2023.03.22 12:52 Worshipnodevil999 I am asked for further follow up after my medical test for emplyment, can anybody tell me why does it happen ?

I received the following test after my medical for Dubai employment visa, can anybody tell me why ?
Dear****** - App Ref: ********, You are kindly requested to attend Block - 7 at Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Center in 2 working days for further follow-up, From 7:30 AM To 14:30 PM, Monday to Thursday. Friday From 7.30 AM To 11.00 AM
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2023.03.22 12:46 hors3y My local hospital has a chart letting patients know what job the different colored scrubs indicate

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2023.03.22 12:36 eskihomer Strange sensation in lower abdomen. 43M

Difficult to describe but almost feels like something is moving or rubbing up against the inside of my skin. I’ve come across search results calling it vibrations or internal tremors, but I’m hesitant to describe it like that.
It is located just to my right of center lower abdomen. I had an appendectomy about 25 yrs ago and hernia mesh surgery in that general area about 5 yrs ago
No pain at all or even discomfort really, just the sensation. The experience isn’t new - I’ve noticed it before infrequently and slightly in the past - but seems to have really picked up in frequency and intensity these past couple days and this morning especially.
I plan to make an appointment with a specialist (Gastroenterologist?) but asking here if there is a need for urgency to get looked at immediately
No noteworthy medical issues or life changes to report, other than a new job and packing up for a move which has certainly been stressful, but feel I am handling it well (but also well aware how impactful this can be under the surface so worth mentioning)
Sincere thanks in advance for any and all thoughts on this
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2023.03.22 12:29 AcademicShare3514 Foodsafety Courses

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2023.03.22 12:29 vijay_75- Top 10 eye hospitals in Bangalore with latest technology

Get the best eye care treatment with advanced technology at The Eye Foundation, ranked among the Top 10 eye hospitals in Bangalore with latest technology. The Eye Foundation is committed to providing personalized care and attention to its patients. It offers a range of services, including outpatient and inpatient treatment, diagnostic tests, and surgeries. The hospital also conducts regular community outreach programs to raise awareness about eye care and preventable blindness. In addition to its medical services, The Eye Foundation also has a research and training center that conducts research on eye diseases and trains ophthalmologists in the latest techniques and procedures.
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2023.03.22 12:09 athulyatransorze World Water Day

World Water Day
Water is crucial for all life. Yet, billions of people everywhere lack access to it!
Be responsible to save water daily. Water saving should be and is the universal responsibility of every human being, living on this Earth.
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2023.03.22 12:08 Sensitive_Bear_662 Next year continuation (Year 2) PT.1 *FANWORK, *Subjective

Seirin High currently the defending champs (Winter cup), remaining lineup in year 2, PG- Izuki, Sg-Hyuga, Sf-Kuroko Pf-tsuchida C-Mitobe 6th- koganei 7-furihata 8-Kawahara 9-Hiroshi Transfered/injured- Kiyoshi & Kagami

Without kagami & no teppei it's unlikely that they win it all, but they still in the top 8,They get new 1st year talents, a skilled flashy 3 level scorer but lazy, immature and stubborn (jordan poole-nick young like SG), a 1st year center post-up machine and can shoot at the perimeter, hardworker,model personality, polar opposite of the 1st year SG(karl anthony towns-sengun like) and PF, fan of kagami back in middle school , raw, similar play with kagami but different(jason richardson like with 3pt++). Now lineup 1st year C & PF starts , SG 6th man, 7th-Mitobe, 8-Tsuchida, 9-Furihata, 10-Koganei.They lose in the 1st early preliminary against Shutoko

Kuroko grew a bit in height 5'6-8 and now training to be a true PG this isn't middle school anymore he cant hide and limit himself as a shadow forever, metamorphosis is much needed also because he's the MC so i'll give him that MC luck, his 16-17 currently, there's a slim chance he makes the NBA at 23 or at 25 he goes undrafted. That's 6-9 years of training, he has the work ethic and IQ plus I'll give him a height of 5'11 and a half. Kagami NBA, Hyuga, Teppei(B league japan league\) Teppei gets picked up in his late 20s by an NBA team, *Izuki** becomes a coach, Riku head of training staff for Japan engaged to hyuga, Mitobe becomes a baker(since he has finesse, good at using hands) Koganei advisoteacher HS
Too Academy lost early to Seirin in year 1, remaining players SG-Sakurai, PF- Aomine, C-Wakamatsu, and former too bench, Graduated- Imayoshi & Susa. Kobayashi from Onita high new addition transferee PG, a former PF bench promoted to starter(Kleber-Batum like) , Aomine slides to SF and a 1st year SG 6th man, gritty, scrappy always challenges aomine full court defense, motivates aomine due to his intensity, nature and common interests *new buddy lol (pat bev-kirk hinrich like)

Interhigh they lose to Rakuzan, Winter Cup, training arc, every one gets a buff, Wakamatsu improved his overall physique, speed & athletism tremendously, dunks lobs more often and outrun opposing bigs, ability to switch against non bigs improved too, asks Momoi what nebuya strengths and weaknesses are to surpass him, becoming a counter to nebuya, he learns a polish long mid range shot,set screens roll & pop, high handoffs to keep nebuya away from the paint force him to play out his comfort zone by speed and mismatch against guards/forwards who can shoot and are shifty. Also playing by outspeeding, skill and outwit him, Sakurai adds a pick and roll maestro skill with wakamatsu and PF becoming a bit of a combo guard( like mark price)

They play more like a team including Aomine which losing again to rakuzan he realises he needs to get his teammates involved to match the firepower of rakuzan, character development from stealing a lob to wakamatsu to throwing lobs to him, to finding shooters from getting double-triple team, then setting screens for others which would open the offense more extremely hard to stop aomine playing with a screener & setting. Kobayashi guards hayama, Aomine guards Akashi, Wakamatsu Vs Nebuya, sakurai vs reo plus new SF to clamp of the bench, New rakuzan PF vs Too SF, they beat them in the winter cup. Wakamastu and sakurai graduates then Aomine becomes captain *Responsibility and forces aomine to train, lead more lmao. Aomine NBA, Wakamatsu EUROLEAGUE, Sakurai B League/KBL(korea) or retired,Kobayahi pro overseas(europe), Momoi head of scout, and part of training staff on team JAPAN
Rakuzan High defending champs(Interhigh) back to back, runner-up winter cup same team difference is Mayuzumi graduated. After losing to Too Mibuchi, Nebuya, Hayama now graduates, Nebuya focused more on power lifting & body building, Hayama plays in China , Reo is a Medical Technologist. Akashi grew in height 5'8- 6'1 in year 3 added more bounce and a bit of muscle, his the type to complete college then after play in the NBA at 22 yrs old height (6'3)

Yosen, Kaijo, Shutoko and others I'll do them justice and more on them in part 2 Year 3, again this is my story*** but feel to comment your own view/story
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2023.03.22 12:03 athulyatransorze Happy Ugadi

Happy Ugadi
Ugadi is a Hindu festival, celebrated in the south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana. The festival marks the beginning of a new Hindu calendar year and is celebrated on the first day of “Chaitra” month, which falls in the months of March-April as per the Gregorian calendar.
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2023.03.22 12:03 remote-enthusiast I've collected 100 remote jobs, tech + non-tech

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2023.03.22 11:58 flipflop63 SBS🐸

Tony, an SBS corporal, at the height of the action in Qala-i Jangi on November 25, 2001. He was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his heroism that day. Photo taken by CIA medic Glenn.
The medic was Tony, a stocky, no-nonsense corporal who had been on a training exercise in Oman on 9/11 and feared he would miss the war. Despite his decade-plus of service, he had yet to see action. He hadn’t even been to Northern Ireland and was beginning to think he was destined to be left out of the action forever.
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