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Before Kent stole the crown Alton was a centre for hop growing with hops extending through East Hampshire towards Farnham and the Hogs Back. For 200 years Romani and city folk would supplement local efforts during the busy season to pick and bag hops for beer making. (Article and pics in comments.) submitted by whatatwit to Hampshire [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 21:40 EvgeniyMart [NoP Fanfic] Terrorist attack [Part 7, FINALE]

[<---- Part 1] [<-- Part 6]
original story author
As you can see, the situation is very heated and becomes extremely dynamic. I decided to notice this by moving away from the usual format of NoP and starting alternating several POVs in one chapter. And don't forget to keep track of time, sometimes these POV intersect to show the same events from different angles!
Date [standardized human time]: October 11, 2136, 18 hours after the hostage taking
Memory transcription subject: Neitin, Krakotl militant
Certain time [standardized human]: 18:09
I walked along all the windows of the second-floor hall, tugging the blinds closed. Everything had already been done in the offices, in the toilets, there were no windows at all.
From the very beginning, we could have hidden from the eyes of predators, but I refrained, fearing that too much ignorance would provoke them to storm. Now I had to force them into an assault, which meant doing the opposite.
I went down the stairs and started closing the windows around the perimeter of the first floor. At Venlil Prime, they were afraid not only of the light from the sun, but also of the heat, so the blinds would hold any heat signatures back as well. Thermal imagers would be practically useless, which meant my plan would be a complete surprise for the predators.
Finally, the shutter of the blinds came down on the last window. I found myself next to the storeroom, where I needed to go anyway, fortunately. I urgently stalked into the room and grabbed several full bags in a wingful, as well as a pack of empty bags, each of which had two holes. With my wings full, I made my way back to the main room.
“Can you tell me your plan already?” Briga asked impatiently when I returned to the lobby of the first floor.
“This isn't for the ears of the hostages,” I said in a whisper as I came closer, after which I quietly chirped in my partner's ear, “We can no longer withstand the pressure of the predators since they've decided to stay in the city. I've told you this before. Now, the time has come. All that's left to do is make sure the predators suffer more losses than we do.”
Briga looked at me sadly, but I had already warned her personally that we would most likely die here killing predators. I told Briga about this because her mental disorder made her content with this potential outcome. Zemel (before his death) and Fofe still believed in my delusional plan to flee through the sewers. Even if there were sewers under HAAC (although I didn't bother to look at the city's communications plan, no one will check my lies anyway), now they should be teeming with predator strike squads.
“Put this on. The longer it takes for them to identify you, the more of them you can finish.” I pulled one of the empty bags over Briga's head. The eyes got right behind the holes. I also took a few scraps of fabric and slightly modified Venlil's clothes so that predator's orientation in appearance would definitely fail.
“And use this,” I said, taking the rifle from Briga and giving out a small pocket pistol, “They will spot your big rifle right away, but with this your attack will be a complete surprise.”
In response, the Venlil only expressed her gratitude through a tail gesture, after which she sat down among the hostages. Now all that remained was to hide her in the crowd.
I went through all the hostages and put bags on their heads. Now the predators wouldn't identify the threat ahead of time. But still, one more little detail was needed.
I made sure that Briga was looking the other way, and carefully laid out two dummy pistols among the hostages. After my partner attacks the predators, they would see the other guns and open fire to eliminate the threat. Terrorists are not popular in society, but killing a bunch of hostages during an assault would also cause intense condemnation.
I also repeated the similar process on the second floor, with the exception that I wouldn’t plant a stool pigeon this time. Even before Briga, I was afraid to lay out dummy pistols directly, demonstrating that I want as many deaths as possible among peaceful Venlil. Fofe will be afraid even of accidentally getting into hostages, which he can provoke by being among them. Also an important point is that I don't want to give him a loaded weapon. Anyway, he is unlikely to be particularly effective in an assault.
After all, I will only have to hide in the storeroom of the first floor and wait for the attack, and then spoil the predators' lives, even at the cost of my own.
Memory transcription subject: Fofe, Venlil militant
Certain time [standardized human]: 18:09
Neitin closed the blinds and left the room, then went downstairs. Finally, I decided to talk to a human.
“He seems to be far away,” I began, hoping that Neitin would not be able to hear us from the first floor.
“I think,” Peter nodded, which in their sign language meant agreement. “I'm trying to figure out what kind of shootout happened here, but I can't guess yet.”
“A shootout?” Sometimes the human's metaphors were slightly irritating by their lack of clarity.
“I mean the quarrel between your boss and... Zemel, if I remember the name right,” explained Peter.
“First of all, he's not our boss-” I began, but stopped mid-sentence. The human's ironic smile spoke for itself (I was able to slightly learn of their sign language during these hours). It was time to admit the truth. Whatever Neitin said, he had in fact put himself in a dominant position in the team.
“Okay, forget it. In any case, try to speak more directly next time. There is no reason to use a shootout, there was only one shot. Zemel, fortunately, had his weapon jam,” I said on the machine. Immediately, I thought to myself… Was it really fortunate?
The human was silent for a few seconds, after which he abruptly widened his eyes and spoke quickly. “Jammed, you say? I have an idea. Take the magazine off your rifle. Don't look at me like that, I'm in handcuffs, I swear I'm not going to attack you somehow.”
The hostage's request was strange… But, for all the time spent in this room, and especially after the recent breakdown of Neitin, I realized that I trusted Peter more than the Krakotl. In any case, I no longer believed in Neitin's fairy tales about leaving through the sewers, so if death awaits me in any case, then I want to at least try to find out what the Krakotl has planned.
“Okay, fine.” I gave up and disconnected the magazine, just like we were taught in training. However, the training did not go beyond this.
“Turn it towards me with the side that was faced inside the weapon,” Peter instructed. I did as he asked.
“Uh-uh,” the human said after a short pause, “Yeah, you've all been lied to here. Take a look inside. You don't have any bullets. What are you going to shoot with?”
I turned the magazine again and looked at the small hole. In training, we never checked the quality of the clips, but now it dawned on me - it's really empty! That's why Zemel couldn't shoot - his weapon just wasn't loaded!
“But why did Neitin lie to us?” I asked with fright.
“It looks like he was afraid of a riot. And he was right, judging by the recent incident,” Peter immediately guessed.
This was the end. Neitin lied from the very beginning. There was not a particle of truth in any of his words. Not about humans, nor about our plan, nor about equality in the team. We were hostages ourselves. He was the only terrorist in the building.
“What… What should I do?" I asked. The human and I were in the same hopeless situation, against an armed enemy.
Peter was silent for a while. It was scary. So… he didn't know what was next either.
“Well, it's pointless to untie me. No matter what you might’ve heard about predators, I can't go hand-to-hand against firearms, at least in the wings of a Krakotl…” Peter began to sort out the options verbally. “Escape... well, I'm sure Neitin has the keys to my handcuffs. Moreover, you can get hurt after a jump from the second floor, and the Krakotl controls the first blocking our escape.”
The man fell silent again. I really wanted to come up with some brilliant idea to atone for my guilt in this takeover. After all, for a while I helped a real terrorist. But so far I haven't had any ideas other than to leave it as it is-
Leave it as it is? Hm.
“Can we pretend that nothing happened?“ I said, "Neitin had already closed all the windows, if his plan included the death of one of us, it should have happened before this conversation.”
“That's a good idea,” Peter replied. “Most likely, Neitin is just stalling for time. But I'm afraid it will end with an assault. If there is anything suspicious, for example, a stomping on the street, or shooting, or a strange cylinder flies through the window, then you need to immediately drop the rifle, lie on the floor with your stomach down and put your hands behind the back of your head. This is a human symbol of surrender; you shouldn’t be hurt.”
I hesitantly memorized all the instructions. All I could do was just wait.
Memory transcription subject: Governor Tarva of the Venlil Republic
Certain time [standardized human]: 18:31
Four elite soldiers of the Venlil army led me down the street to the Acclimatization Center. Something similar had already happened a dozen hours ago upon the arrival of humans; now it seems like it was in a past life.
Of course, the Venlil soldiers weren't half as reliable as human commandos, but it doesn't take much intelligence to keep shields closed in front of me.
“Governor, checking the connection,” the earphone mumbled.
I waved my tail and, just in case, nodded humanly, so that the operators would understand for sure that the sound had reached me.
“Once again, speak very carefully. Neitin is in a terrible situation now, he is cornered and he is extremely angry. Any spark can provoke him to execute the hostages. This is the last chance to succeed through negotiations, governor. If you fail, the assault teams will take the job,” the commander of the entire operation instructed me. I noted Evans' commitment to the peaceful resolution of problems, and it was obvious that if even he recognized the need for an assault, the situation truly was critical. But I had a chance to stop the bloodshed.
We approached the building. The soldiers lined up in a semicircle, still leaving a solid wall around me. I took out a small cone. Humans gave me this device, calling it a ‘loudspeaker'. The name spoke for itself.
I pressed a few buttons and the indicator near them turned green. I brought the sharp part of the cone to my mouth and started talking.
“Neitin, can you hear me?!”
My slightly distorted voice spread all over the street. It was impossible not to hear this.
I waited about half a minute, but there was no response. I had to take the situation into my own paws.
“I know that you're hearing this! To be honest, I do not know what your goals are. I won't even guess. All I know is that you don't really want to kill the hostages! Whatever disputes we have, you don't need this to end in blood!”
If Netin had at least something herbivoristic left, then I had to get through to that.
“Your protests have failed, but I'm not going to laugh! I went to negotiations with you in everything - we removed humans from the Tribunes! We have not yet shown a single act of aggression!”
Ahead was the dangerous part of the text. Evans said that it was intended for terrorists pursuing material goals. For militants working ideologically (which, most likely, was Neitin), it might not work. Unfortunately, we had no other options, so I had to try.
“If you don't trust predators, then listen to me! I promise to give you a green corridor to any spaceport, and even give you a shuttle and provide a safe exit from Venlil territory! I give my word as the governor of Venlil Prime, the predators will not touch you and your friends!”
I was hoping for at least some kind of answer, but nothing happened after half a minute, and after a whole minute, and after two...
“Neitin, please come to your senses! These Venlil aren't guilty of anything, they are civilians! They have a family, friends, a life!”
I shouted in a vain last ditch effort. Nothing.
“You can leave,” the earpiece started working again.
I turned around and the soldiers led me back. Now the assault was the only chance. I just hoped that the humans had enough time to prepare.
Memory transcription subject: Neitin, Krakotl militant
Certain time [standardized human]: 18:32
“Neitin, can you hear me?!”
I heard an extremely amplified voice of some Venlil. I think it was Tarva. No, I wasn't about to show myself. It could've been a deceptive maneuver. I was already well settled in the storeroom. It was unlikely that the predators would decide to storm through the explosion of the wall; after closing the windows, they couldn’t know how we could have shuffled the hostages around the building.
“I know that you're hearing this! To be honest, I do not know what your goals are. I won't even guess. All I know is that you don't really want to kill the hostages! Whatever disputes we have, you don't need this to end in blood!”
Tarva, if you didn't want this to end in blood, you wouldn't let predators on your planet without a fight. Although, most likely, she was just a puppet under threat of death. The words were probably written in advance on a piece of paper.
“Your protests have failed, but I'm not going to laugh! I went to negotiations with you in everything - we removed humans from the Tribenn! We have not yet shown a single act of aggression!”
My protests failed because of the incompetence of my government, which underestimated the scale of the problem. But no matter how much I lose faith in my powers, I will never stoop to cooperate with predators. Of the two evils, you need to choose the lesser. Now I understand that, most likely, I was deceived and sent on a suicide mission for the sake of destabilizing Venlil Prime. But I understand my government. Everything was done for good purposes.
“If you don't trust predators, then listen to me! I promise to give you a green corridor to any spaceport, and even give you a shuttle and provide a safe exit from Venlil territory! I give my word as the governor of Venlil Prime, the predators will not touch you and your friends!”
The word of the Venlil Prime governor was equal to the word of the predator puppeteer.
“Neitin, please come to your senses! These Venlil aren't guilty of anything, they are civilians! They have a family, friends, a life!”
Yes, they aren't guilty of anything! My partners aren't guilty either, I deceived them. Yes, there is only one culprit here - ME!
I don't like it myself that it has come to kill peaceful Venlil! But- Really, how did it come to this? In the plans provided by my government, they did not even mention this- So I brought it to this myself?
Did I decide to kill ordinary civilians MYSELF to fulfill my goals?
No, this can't be-
These are the methods of predators! Can’t be!
But to fight predators... damn! I DON'T KNOW! They really haven't shown aggression yet, although I expected the assault much earlier… I don't see any cunning manipulative plan that the predators pursued, constantly following my lead - removing the main forces from the Tribenn (not counting snipers), refusing to storm, refusing sniper attacks…
So far, only my government has really deceived me!
No matter how manipulative the predators were!
I had no moral right to use such cruel methods!
I'm not me anymore…
Memory transcription subject: Unit Maple-3, commando of Green assault team
Certain time [standardized human]: 18:36
“When do you think they'll let us go to the toilet?” asked Maple-2. We had been standing in this small doorway of the now deserted Venlil civic house for about two hours. It was difficult to fit eight people in here, but after the official departure from Tribenn, this entrance became one of the most convenient and hidden positions for waiting.
“If they let us go, then the main thing is not to flush it, otherwise you'll flood out our guys,” Oak-1, the captain of the Blue team, ironically responded. Chuckles spread around the room. The tightness of our situation provoked jokes about the potential assault team that was stuffed in the sewers.
Suddenly, a single shot rang out. The walls at Venlil Prime are usually good at blocking sound. But the silence mode was introduced in the district, which allowed us to clearly hear a shot in the building.
“Was that from the Center?" Maple-2 asked nervously.
“I hope at least now we can begin the assault,” I said. If the shot behind the screen, which probably killed the hostage, wasn’t a reason, then I didn’t know what could make our command finally abandon these stupid negotiations. It was obvious that Neitin was only stalling for time and wanted to disgrace humanity by doing something with the hostages.
“All units, code: Doomsday,” eight walkie-talkies in the room spoke at once, “I repeat, code: Doomsday.” Finally, the command to storm. Apparently, brass couldn’t tolerate the fact that those militants fired a weapon.
“Go, go, go!” Oak-1 spoke and quickly slipped out the door.
Together with Maple-4, I grabbed a small ladder that stood against the wall. The Green team had to go to the second floor.
When I went outside, I immediately heard several single shots. Some windows were broken in the captured building. Unfortunately, after the Krakotl closed the windows, the snipers couldn’t provide significant support with the danger of shooting the hostage. Their functions were limited only to neutralizing the means of detonating mines in the building, as well as removing glass so that we could quickly enter.
Along the wall we quickly approached the HAAC and set up a ladder. Maple-1 and Maple-2 immediately climbed forward on it. Four members of the Blue team ran past. They enter through the first floor, lucky ones.
Maple-1 took out a flash-bang grenade and threw it into the room. Directly after the pop, he took out another one and threw it, this time without pulling out the pin. Immediately after the grenade, one by one, we started climbing into the window.
I heard a few more grenade pops. Groups came in from different directions.
Judging by the absence of shots or screams from Maple-1 and Maple-2, there wasn’t any particular threat in the office. I quickly climbed up the stairs and also got into the window.
The captain of our squad was already holding the door at gunpoint, protecting the room from potential attacks from the corridor. My eyes slid around the office. I saw a human hostage. He seemed to be alright, at least he was alive and looking into the corner of the room. I followed his gaze. There, Maple-2 dealt with the corpse of one of the Venlil terrorists - a corpse? There was no shot... hell, yes, this terrorist was still alive. It seems he just gave up. Well, he made the right choice.
Then I heard shots on the first floor.
Memory transcription subject: Briga, Venlil militant
Certain time [standardized human]: 18:38
Finally, I had the opportunity to avenge my family to my heart's content. I once again replayed the memories in my head.
We hid in our house. We hoped that the Arxur raid was just for some strategic objective. We hoped that they wouldn’t start exporting cattle in the near future. How wrong I was.
The predators decided to take over the planet with a rush, but they underestimated our forces, and were thrown back. Waiting for reinforcements, they decided to check houses in the occupied zone. My children and my husband hid in the basement. My husband had a small blade for protection, he was ready to die for the sake of his family. But I decided to run to the kitchen for more knives. It was at that moment that the door to the house was knocked out. They went straight to the basement, so I managed to hide in the kitchen cabinet.
I heard screams, it seems my husband was still able to hit the predator once. Then there was the cry of Venlil. Everything went quiet.
Soon three Arxur appeared in the kitchen. They brought my children and husband here.
One predator with a large wound in his leg hobbled after them.
“Would you like to be treated the same way?” the wounded Arxur shouted and plunged a knife into my husband's foot. I barely restrained myself from screaming.
“Stop it!" one of the grays shouted. I thought that there was at least a little kindness in them, but he immediately continued. “I would start with the children, let him see how they suffer!”
“That’s a great idea!” said the wounded Arxur with malice. With a sprawling gait, he approached my son. “Now taste the consequences of your decisions!” He shouted and plunged the knife into my son’s shoulder. A heart-rending scream rang out. Fortunately, my consciousness began to fog up and I perceived what was happening less and less…
The Arxur continued their torture for another half hour… They were taking revenge for a small wound in the leg that my husband inflicted while defending himself... and the entire time, I had knives… I had to jump out, I had to finish off one of them. Sometimes they stood with their backs right in front of the closet. Or maybe I could have killed my children to end their suffering. But I couldn't overpower my own fear…
I didn't dare to help my family then. Now I would take revenge on the predators in full. As I sat there quietly, I noticed some rustling from the back entrance. The main thing was that they didn't notice anything strange with the hostages ahead of time.
I prepared to send as many bullets as possible into the newcomers.
But instead of entering, the predators threw a strange cylinder into the room for some reason.
A blinding light flooded my eyes, and a deafening sound burst into my brain, leaving no room for anything else.
It was terrible. A white world in front of my eyes, a buzz in my ears. I was deprived of my senses.
I pulled out my gun and began to shoot by touch in the direction where, as i remembered, the predators were.
One could only hope that they-
Error of memory transcription. Cause: biological death of the subject.
Memory transcription subject: Unit Oak-1, commando of Blue assault team
Certain time [standardized human]: 18:38
To my right, Team Green installed a ladder and began climbing the second floor. I took out a flash-bang and threw it into the hall.
After the pop, I took out the second one and threw it without the pin. If someone managed to hide from the impact of the first, then he would hide from the second again, and at this moment we would breach.
We burst into the hall and immediately haphazard single shots whistled past. They passed close by, but, fortunately, the flash-bang grenade did its job and disoriented the shooter.
The terrorist hid among the hostages. The plan was tricky, but now it was in plain sight. Several synchronous bursts laid the shoother dead.
I moved to the center of the hall. There were no hiding places here, so if there was any other threat, then it would be another terrorist among the hostages. I noticed some pistols on the floor.
“We eliminated one terrorist in the lobby of the first floor, they may hide among the hostages,” Oak-3 said into the radio.
I was very rude to the hostages. I was shoving them, laying them with their noses on the floor. But I managed to quickly throw all the pistols against the wall and make sure that only civilians remained.
“One terrorist surrendered, on the second floor,” the radio said. Only the Krakotl remained.
It was time to get back to the task of my squad. We had to check the storeroom. It was the most closed place on the first floor and it would be logical to see Neitin or his underlings there.
I ran to the door, where the team was already waiting for me.
I just nodded to them, because a phrase spoken in a voice could warn a terrorist of danger.
Oak-1 opened the door a crack, and Oak-2 threw a flash-bang grenade there. Then a false one.
I was the first to break into the room.
Neitin really was here. With a bleeding hole in his chest. The rifle was still clamped in his left wing. The poor guy couldn't stand the pressure.
The injury was obviously incompatible with life. The building had been completely cleaned. All that remained was to leave with the hostages and let the sappers in. The mission was a success.
Archive recording: Gal News TV channel report
“Yes, we have an emergency report from Venlil Prime right now. It seems that right now humans have decided to forcefully suppress the crisis. Litlis, can you hear me?”
The camera turned on, showing the Kolshian reporter, and the Acclimatisation Center in the background.
“Yes, I can hear you well,” the reporter replied after a delay caused by the peculiarities of FTL communication. “It all started about a minute ago and now the shots have already calmed down. We don't know what's going on, but-”
The reporter stopped mid-sentence, noticing that all the journalists began to gaze to the Center’s entrance.
The camera zoomed in and the human soldiers got into the frame.
Several more fighters followed them, carrying exhausted Venlil hostages under their arms to the ambulances that were quickly approaching the building.
“One, two, three… So, there are three hostages here, and... another batch comes out, four, five, six, seven! Yes, all of the hostages are here! The humans were able to resolve the conflict without any civilian death! This is some kind of miracle! Although… Wait, there was also a human hostage. Ah, I see him. But who is thatnext to him?”
The camera turned back to the entrance. From there, despite being in terrible conditions for a long time, Peter Bogdanov came out on his own feet. Behind him, several commandos led a handcuffed Venlil.
“Yes, it seems that this is one of the terrorists. Did he surrender himself or was he disarmed in the fight? But then what about the rest of the militants- Oh, damn, I shouldn't have asked.”
The last two Venlil and one Krakotl were taken out of the building. The commandos tried to cover the corpses, but the blood was still visible. Finally, they found black bags and removed the bodies from the eyes of the journalists.
“It seems that I have it all, I'm sure we will soon receive official comments from the Venlil government, but in the meantime I'm going to sleep. I've spent the last sixteen hours in the heart of this event for you. My name is Litlis, and this has been GalNews. Thank you for tuning in.”
Archive recording: Federation Today channel political talk show
“Today's main topic of the day is the resolution of the Tribenn hostage crisis,” the Kolshian presenter said, “To everyone's relief, none of the civilians were injured. Three of the four terrorists were killed and one of them was detained. His fate is unknown. I would like to give the floor to the experts.”
“I want to start by saying that, unfortunately, not all hostages have been saved,” the Krakotl expert began. “You forget about the detained terrorist. As you correctly noted, he went missing after being arrested by humans. Inatala only knows what the predators will do to him. Personally, I think they have reasons to avenge such a critical situation, from which they managed to get out only by a miracle.”
“Excuse me for interrupting, but are you saying avenge?” the Gojid expert intervened. “It seems to me that thanks to this situation, humans have only managed to strengthen their political position. They demonstrated their tolerance by delaying the assault as long as possible. They managed to save two hostages bloodlessly. In the end, they were once again able to demonstrate their strength, and they did it legally. Now members of hundreds of local self-defense forces on many planets are asking themselves if they want to fight those who have cleared a hostile and trapped building in less than a minute.”
“Are you supporting the predators?” the Krakotl expert asked sarcastically.
“Of course not, I'm not out of my mind yet. But still, in today's situation, I consider these humans’ actions to be deliberate and the best that were possible. By the way, how would you comment on the rumors that your government was involved in the terrorist attack? Humans have already published photos of OTRE Corporation equipment, which works under the strict supervision of the authorities of the Krakotl Alliance,” the Gojid expert went on the attack.
“The humans had enough time to prepare falsifications. It is advantageous for them to blame our government for the crisis, if we think about the approaching attack on Earth. I'm afraid that the predators will be able to escape to Venlil Prime after the destruction of their planet, and then I do not know what we will do with them.”
“Are the rumors about the involvement of OTRE Corporation in sponsoring terrorism truthful?” the presenter burst in. “What will the process of relocating predators to Venlil Prime look like and how will the Federation react to this? We will discuss these issues after the advertisement, back soon.”
Archive recording: Governor Tarva’s address to the nation
“I am happy to announce the favorable ending of the Tribenn crisis. All the hostages are alive and are undergoing rehabilitation courses right now. Two terrorists were killed before the assault, one was shot during the attack. Among the human commandos, no one was injured. Another terrorist surrendered during the assault. He has pleaded guilty of his actions and is at the moment providing information about how preparations for the capture of the building took place. This may prove useful for the investigation, which we will conduct together with human specialists.
Speaking about that, first of all I want to thank humanity. It was their determination and professionalism that helped us get away from this mess without civilian casualties. Once again, the humans proved that they are our greatest friends. While the Krakotl government is trying to deny the involvement of OTRE Corporation in the situation and confine themselves to routine statements condemning terrorism, humans just silently come and solve problems. My personal thanks go to Adam Evans, the commander of the entire operation.
Second, I would like to thank the entire Venlil society. Yes, it is you, fellows. Each of you has seen Neitin's appeal calling for demonstrations against our friends, but we persevered, and we did not succumb to provocation.
We have a better future ahead of us. One carved by humans and Venlil. Together.
This is the end of the Terrorist attack. But, before leaving, I would like to clarify a few things.
First, I would like to thank Bobafet395, Sworishina, Towerator and ThatGuyBob01 for their invaluable help. As many might have guessed from the first chapter, I am not an English speaker. Therefore, in this series I provide a plot and a draft version. These guys make everything beautiful and readable.
Second, if you suddenly have a little time and aspiration, then please leave a detailed review. For me, as a writer who wants to evaluate his work from the outside, this is very important. Don't be afraid of a subjective assessment, that's what I need. Tell me which events seemed to you to be the best, which really intrigued you and made you worry about the characters. And, conversely, what moments turned out to be weak, and how, in your opinion, they could be corrected (of course if you can quickly come up with a fix, don't bother if the fantasy doesn't want to work). Tell me which characters seemed more spelled out to you, did you like them. Which turned out to be poorly spelled out. Is this series something unique among the rest of the HFY series (or at least NoP Fanfics), if so, what exactly.
Third, I would like to ask if you would like to see anything from me in the future. Soon I'm not going to return to writing due to lack of time (maybe only some one shots), but this problem should disappear in the summer. If so, what would you like to see?
It was a great time, goodbye!
[<---- Part 1] [<-- Part 6]
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2023.03.26 21:40 Shiverlynn May I get some help figuring out my blood work?

Hello there, I'm back here again, trying to figure out along with my doctor why my physical transition is at a complete standstill. I'm going to see her soon and I'd like to check in with the experienced people here to figure out what to ask of her during the visit.
Here's the figures:

Result Previous result
LH (IU/L) 1.2 2.2
FSH (IU/L) 0.2 2.0
Total T (nmol/L) 1.22 11.71
Free T 0.008 0.121
% bioavailable T 15.904 24.195
E1 (ng/L=pg/mL) 94 76
E2 (ng/L=pg/mL) 105 117
Progesterone (µg/L) 0.2 0.16
SHBG (nmol/L) 127.7 82.3
DHEAS (µmol/L) 5.08 3.80
DHT (ng/L) 97 Not previously tested
Delta 4 andro (µg/L) 0.56 0.82
3a-ADG (µg/L=ng/mL) 2.60 Not previously tested
Regimen: E2 monotherapy, 4 pumps of estradiol gel daily (2 morning, 2 evening)
So the issue I had previously was elevated T (on 3 pumps of gel) and E2 that is still low (for me, I do not personally like it this low). Going from 3 to 4 pumps visibly resulted in lowered T, FSH has dropped but it seems like LH is still too elevated? Now my main issues with this test: 1) SHBG levels seem way too high, 2) DHT seems way too high. This is the first time we've tested for DHT and androstanediol glucuronide. I don't know much about ADG but its levels seem in the normal range for adult women.
So mostly it seems like I'm dealing with elevated DHT for which I could ask for dutasteride and E2 that seems to be disappearing off to somewhere. I'm not sure what to do about that other than further increase the dosage. I'm not sure either regarding what can be done to further lower LH/FSH. What do you think?
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2023.03.26 21:40 Baraka_1503 Married but a mess

Hi. Looking for advice. Have been in therapy a few times and have taken SSRIs on and off for a decade. Cheated on my wife once before and think it was driven by low self esteem and feeling the need to prove to her that she’s not too good for me.
Now I often feel the need to flirt with random women or to kiss them. It’s worse when I drink or smoke door. I tend to binge drink. I know that if I stop drinking it’d be better, maybe. I don’t want to have sex with these randoms, though feel the need to be close to them.
Any advice? What’s the source of my problem? Is it a relationship issue or a substance abuse issue or something else?
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2023.03.26 21:39 SpaceDetective Chelsea disappointed after Thomas Tuchel makes move for coach Anthony Barry

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2023.03.26 21:39 hippstr1990 Puppy vomiting, unsure why

My 16wk poodle puppy finished her last puppy shots (DAPP, canine influenza, rabies) Friday morning. This morning, almost exactly 48hrs after her shots, she didn’t show much interest in breakfast (normally super excited about kibble) but did eat some. We went for a walk and she was her normal energetic self but did throw up right at the end of our walk. I figured she was just overly excited or I gave her too many treats and brought her home right away. She was sleepy but again figured it was a result of the walk. This was around 8:30/9am.
She threw up again around 11 but it was just bile and it is not unusual for her to throw up if her tummy is too empty so I gave her some more kibble but had to really coach her to eat.
She just threw up a third time about 30mins ago. I called a 24hr vet since mine is closed on weekends and the receptionist put me on with a vet who said it could be any number of things or could just be an off day or an upset tummy, keep an eye on her and give some chicken and rice in a few hours and if she’s still vomiting try to get her seen.
We JUST are getting over a case of kennel cough so I’m a total wreck and feel so badly for her. I’m not really looking for medical advice (though I’d certainly take it if anyone has ideas) but some reassurance that she’ll be ok and maybe solidarity from others who’ve been through this would be great.
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2023.03.26 21:39 LorraineBoedeker Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2 (Updated)

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2023.03.26 21:38 Hthiago [technique] My bags won't grow :( Started misting them like 3 weeks ago, twice a day. Nothing, not even something that looks like growth. Gave up, any advice? It's Pleurotus Colombinus

[technique] My bags won't grow :( Started misting them like 3 weeks ago, twice a day. Nothing, not even something that looks like growth. Gave up, any advice? It's Pleurotus Colombinus
5 bags that I worked really hard on. I already grew oysters before, the only thing I did different was using half of the measurment of boiling water when hydrating the wood pellets because that way they broke up waaaay easier than with cold water. But I waited for the pellets to cool before sterilizing and they where still at the correct hydration. I'm thinking of putting them in a shotgun chamber with perlite, but i'm really dissapointed. The moment I put them to fruit there was a heat wave in My country, but after that nothing grow either. Now we are entering fall but still no sings of growth or primordial. Excuse My english
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2023.03.26 21:38 DisastrousMonument Best Oral Probiotic For Bad Breath Of 2023

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2023.03.26 21:38 warship_me Store glitch

This just happened. I was at Walmart shopping for household cleaners and went to look at the dishwasher pods. I was looking for cheap powder ones, without fancy gel inserts, because my dishwasher seems to like those the most. I see the kind I want at a reasonable price. Then I look down and see a bag of those by my feet. It was not there before and I did not see or hear it fall. I can’t think of an explanation other than maybe I grabbed one, dropped it and blacked out for a moment. But I ended up picking it up and buying it.
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2023.03.26 21:38 Recent-Tea6128 Why are women scared of reporting abuse to police?

So recently, I reconnected with an old friend. She told me why she disappeared last year . Apparently her ex boyfriend assaulted her in middle of a street , verbally and physically abusing her . My first reaction was did she file a FIR, she was like "obviously no " , I was baffled by her casual attitude about the whole situation. According to her , she would end up ruining his life if she files a complaint also it would damage her reputation. He also broke her phone and threatened to kill her , slut shamed her infront of a huge crowd and no one bothered helping . Her situation makes me more apprehensive about the whole dating scenario. Also why are women so scared of reporting to the police ? Why do women care about their abusers so much?
Sorry for this rant , but this situation makes me feel so angry . Also this incident happened in bangalore. If something like this can happen with someone I was so close with, it can happen with me as well. I have met that guy twice , I have followed him on instagram, he seemed like your everyday dude . He even used to casually post about women rights and how man need to take accountability for their actions etc.
I don't know how I can help my friend in this situation we're in different cities and we're both students . I just hope, she gathers some courage and files a police complaint ( which seems very unlikely, as this thing happened almost an year ago) . I've just lost my faith in dating after listening to her ordeal . I would rather not prefer dating then go through something like this and she's not the only one , so many women go through this kind of bullshit .
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2023.03.26 21:38 hauntedGerm had a dream avgn coached leborn james up in the nba

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2023.03.26 21:37 ReiTheDrawer BFBTR 4 oh my god I need to post something that I like instead of BFB

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2023.03.26 21:37 pppbala how can i get a replacement bag for these kind of laundry bags stands? im into diy but not into it that much

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2023.03.26 21:37 alpha_bionics MMA News - And, before that, it was UFC Fight Night: “Pettis vs. Moreno” in 2017. Hopefully, since it is only March, UFC will change its mind and schedule an event for Mexico.

And, before that, it was UFC Fight Night: “Pettis vs. Moreno” in 2017. Hopefully, since it is only March, UFC will change its mind and schedule an event for Mexico. Maybe the third, I was like, ‘Eh, you know, that was maybe a little bit close,’ but I thought that I was bagging the other ones. Whether or not that’s what’s next, Barber will do what it takes to make sure it happens. “If they give me the spot, then I’ll take it,” Barber said. But, we’re not, we’re not looking at [an event]. Something went wrong. In the first two rounds, Sandhagen stepped right to Vera, standing tall and attacking aggressively with low kicks, body shots, and shifting combinations. 25, 2023) via social media. “So we’ve been keeping a little secret for the last 14 weeks … we’re expecting,” Esparza wrote. I can’t wait to share that with you, actually; you know, the renderings for the UFC PI in Mexico — it’s gonna be badass. Yes, UFC likes that crazy guy, he’s playing like his face is always serious. “When you fight these tops guys, especially when they’re knockout artists kind of like Marlon is, you just have to fight them in a certain way. But at the same time, I’m never going to create excuses because Alexa Grasso is an amazing athlete and fighter, but that was a camp I’m not proud of. … Obviously, I lost to her, so obviously, I want that fight back. “At the same time, the next girl they put in my way, I’m going to wreck her too. If not, the promotion can always hit southern California, which absolutely always goes nuts for Mexican fighters. So yeah, [the split decision was] confusing, but that’s the sport of MMA. I want to fight the best guys, so that when I do get the title, I can defend it because I’m experienced. Steven Peterson[lawrence-related id=2627677][autotag]Lucas Alexander[/autotag] (8-3 MMA, 1-1 UFC) has earned five of his eight career victories by decision. Preston Parsons[lawrence-related id=2627675][autotag]Trevin Giles[/autotag] (16-4 MMA, 7-4 UFC) improved to 2-1 since he dropped to the welterweight division in January 2022. Chidi Njokuani[lawrence-related id=2627681][autotag]Albert Duraev[/autotag] (16-4 MMA, 2-1 UFC) has earned both of his UFC victories by decision. Daniel Pineda def. He can fight in heavyweight, light heavyweight – he’s big. ” Pereira certainly didn’t seem undersized while sparring with 290-pound Olympic boxing medalist Zhilei Zhan. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.26 21:37 DragonPunchInput Help with electronics

Little over a week ago i stayed the night at a friends apartment, slept on an air matress. Around 3 in the morning i went to the bathroom that was connected to one of the bedrooms, and saw a begbug crawling on the floor. Talked to my friends and they say they dont have them and that maybe it came through the ac from another floor. The vent was right above where the bug was found. So anyway panic set in. When i got to my house i went through the gate into the back yard changed outside and threw all my clothes into garbage bags and washed them as soon physically possible, high heat on wash and left them in the dryer high heat for an extra hour just out of spite. Now the issue is, i brought over some electronics with me, a pair of headphones(the earpads were removed and thron into the wash), a nintendo wii, a nintendo switch, 4 gamecube controllers and a gameboy. These will not survive the dryer(i dont think) how do i make sure to potentially debedbugs these before bringing them in. For refernce these where thown into indivual ziplock bags than thrown into a garbage bag.
Please help what do i do?
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2023.03.26 21:36 peeved_af How should I (26f) respond to my friend’s (26f) odd/toxic relationship where I do not wish to hang out with her partner (27m) who assumed I should invite them out with my bf (28m)?

I (26F) have a close friend (also 26F) who had never dated before and was super insecure about being single so she started dating our mutual friend (27M) because he “acted right” and strung him along for over a year where she was seeing him and other people. During the year, she could not decide if she liked him but then decided to “test out the waters” under her conditions with him. she said she was okay with him bc she hasnt been treated respectfully before. Thats great and all for her but she also spends lots of times telling me about how shes not really that attracted to him or their physical chemistry and does not agree with his lifestyle/beliefs/future. I had told her it does not take over a year to decide if you like someone and that theres nothing wrong with liking a connection with someone but that beliefs aligning can be important to consider.
She told me many times that she plans on finishing her PhD in 4 years and moving away/ the chances that he will be in her life after that are slim to none as the love of her life is in another city where she plans on moving after school. He however, confessed his love to her after 2 weeks of officially dating and is always initiating hang outs but expects her to be his social lifeline while assuming she is to connect him with all of her friends who are now his friends by the transitive property. I mean, it is what it is, however, seems kind of fucked up to string someone along for the entertainment while youre in a city for school.I dont honor the way she is acting and her bf certain views on women/politics that I really do not agree with and he does not know how to not run his mouth all the time (fact checking, arguing, debating..) I feel sorry for her but I realize that I just dont like being around this kid. My bf also does not like him as they met through other mutual friends and never publicly shared it but prefers not to be around him d/t his narrow minded view on the world. I only hang out with her alone/us togethegirls and its been okay but Her bf has mentioned to her (per her reporting to me) that he is shocked that I do not bring him and her and my bf together.
Her bf has no friends even though we all grew up in this area and has just fallen out of touch with everyone in his life. I think it’s just the way he lacks communication but he also assumes that it’s his gf job. I asked why they didnt ask to go get dinnedrinks as it has never been brought up and she told her bf its bc my bf doesnt vibe with him and asked him to ask me to get dinnedrinks which he never did.
I guess I would want a close friend to call me out on my shit, but I feel like it’s not my place? I also don’t want it to be misconstrued to where it seems like we avoid him to be dicks…bc thats not the case. Im sure that if they offered or tried to meet us in the middle, we could do occasional double date dinners… or is it better to not interact as I don’t respect the relationship?
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