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2023.03.20 02:23 Camx223 Wrap Maintenance?

I have a 2017 Toyota 86 special edition, halo white. There are some scrapes and chips on the front bumper and side and I've been thinking about getting it repainted. But I've come to the realization that I'm not going to go to a place like Maaco and get a paint job because the prep work isn't the best I've heard and i don't want to risk it, but I also don't want to spend 6-10k (I live in KC Missouri for context) on a paint job at an auto shop because ;
1 - I only have 2k saved
2- I'm impatient because I want a new look relatively soon
So I may just do a wrap. how difficult is it to maintain a wrap? The only thing I've heard is it can ruin the paint underneath and they only last like 3-5 years? Also it stains easily. Thoughts? Thanks!
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2023.03.07 18:47 triskadekta Is this a stupid idea? Help me out here.

I have a low mileage NC that I got pretty cheaply because the top was trashed and the paint is terrible, someone went at it with a spray can. I’m replacing the top, but I was quoted almost $6,000 to repaint the car, which is WAY out of my budget. $1500 at Maaco would be a stretch at this point.
So. I’m sitting at work and decided to go take a look at Copart. I’ve never really looked at their stuff before. There’s an NC coming up for auction that looks like it has good paint (and headlights and front seats, which I also need), no major damage, just “undercarriage damage”. Would it be a terrible idea to buy a salvage car from them, swap out the body panels and whatnot, and then sell the salvage car as a parts car? I have no idea how hard it is to swap body panels, I’m pretty sure I can at least manage the bumpers and hood. Has anyone done something like this? I’m worried I might be biting off more than I can chew…
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2023.03.06 05:53 Supbroskiii Paint job?

2015 black Camry has some paint oxidation on the trunk, at what point is it worth repainting and how much worth it is a maaco paint job?
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2023.02.26 02:39 mildly_sexy 93. Leaking pretty bad. What are my options?

Small rust around back window. Roof is chewed up from multiple drilled racks. Windows need new seals. Fenders are a little banged up.
I want to stop the leaks and paint it but what are my options?
A proper restoration job will cost me >$20k. Maaco estimated $4. Anything in between? I can’t pay $20k but I don’t want a garbage maaco job. Do I have a good option for $8k?
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2023.02.25 23:54 SnesraEmopp To paint or not to paint

To paint or not to paint
2007 with 140K miles. I've had it for 12 years. Runs great. fluids flushed. oil changed between every 4,000-5,000 miles. Paint coming off. Some rust by the wheel wells.
Should I call Maaco for a paint job? Would it look oddly shiny for its age? Did anyone paint their Corolla here?
A Proud Corolla owner
The Silver Rocket
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2023.02.16 17:21 Alex5097 Maaco Auto Body Shop & Painting Complaints At 108 Westover Dr, High Point, NC - YouTube

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2023.02.12 02:35 Tall_Duty7980 Good auto body shop?

Anyone car enthusiasts in OC got any recommendations? This is for a full project car repaint- not an insurance claim. I’m not interested in Maaco or whatever cheap place for $500. I want a quality paint job where I can trust the shop to properly mask and use quality materials. Also, not looking to have my car sit in the shop for several years…
Please let me know of any good experiences…
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2023.02.10 13:54 ThievingOctopus Does Anyone Have Alternative Paint Suggestions for Laser Red?

My poor 2001 v6 is cursed with faded paint, and a replaced, mismatched bumper and front fender.
The poor girl is just a base v6, but she was my first car so I’m planning on keeping her.
But even Maaco wants $3,400 for laser red, that’s more than I paid for the entire car including the work I’ve done on it. And I don’t like the Chrysler color they suggested as a cheaper alternative (more of a maroon than a red).
Any suggestions for something a little bit cheaper but closer to the original color? I love the laser red, and I’ve been debating just saving up for the real color, I don’t mind the way she looks right now.
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2023.02.03 23:44 ClassicBurner88 Painting an entire car

Hey all, looking to see if anyone has recommendations for a shop in Calgary that can repaint a 2007 civic coupe for a decent price. I know how expensive painting a car can get (10k++) but I’m just looking for a okay job or better (1-3k if possible). Car currently has factory paint, no rust, some scratches. I heard about maaco but not sure of quality over time.
Also, I am not looking to wrap the car. Wrapped a car once and never want another.
Any help is appreciated!
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2023.02.03 21:36 Laserawesome617 Bumper Paint Scratch 2018 Q5

Got a minor paint scratch on my car’s bumper today. I would rather not have my insurance rate increase over this scratch. Online it says that a scratch like this should only cost $600 to repair, but the Maaco estimator tool is saying $2k! What do you guys think?
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2023.02.03 05:21 Shenlong-ren Local county sheriff's office Bell 429 just hovering over somebody's lawn.

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2023.02.01 18:16 Invite_Basic Recommendations to get an affordable paint job?

I have an '88 Toyota MR2 I would like to get painted and quotes are crazy high. Maaco won't do a car that old and have otherwise seen only over 5k. Don't want a bad job of course but doesn't need to be showroom top dollar you know? Hard to tell who is reliable as well though.
Edit: as mentioned, maaco won't. Caliber also won't. Tyrone's I'm sure would do good work, but estimate is 5k plus. Dealer will of course, but not surprisingly, also 5k+.
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2023.01.22 00:52 garibaldi18 Recommendations for auto paint job?

Can anyone recommend a good place to do a paint job on a used car? I know there is Maaco, but wouldn't mind paying a bit more if it means a better quality job.
About how much would it cost? First time car painter here.
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2023.01.20 04:07 Jpear05 Looking at re-painting my Miata

I have a 1992 Miata and I am looking at finding good info on what the ballpark for a proper paint job on a Miata would be. Beyond the usual Maaco paint job, I am having trouble finding what a proper glossy royal blue paint job would cost along with some minor body work (small dent, Scratches in fiberglass body kit). Im sure someone out there has done something relatively similar to this so I am turning to you for some advice.
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2023.01.18 22:58 dpsweeper Should I get a 2nd gen prius with a new hybrid battery, new ABS and new paint job? Or a 3rd gen with original parts?

I should note that the paint job is a 2 step one, meaning it includes clearcoat. Not the cheap Maaco jobs. Both vehicles have similar mileage (130k) but obviously the 3rd gen costs more. I'm wondering if it would be wiser to go for the 2nd gen since I know at least it has those three new things going for it, plus the upfront cost of the car is cheaper (I'm paying cash).
On the other hand, I'm tempted to go for the 3rd gen because its newer, slightly better mpgs (although I'm not sure I drive enough to really notice the difference) but then I feel like it is more likely to have an expensive repair come up since its on its original parts. Maybe there's another benefit I'm not thinking of? At first I thought resale value but I intend to keep this car for a while so not sure that matters either.
My concerns are reliability and cost effectiveness. I plan to keep this car for several years. Need someone to tell me which sounds like the more practical answer for my purposes. I don't necessarily want to go for the newer model just because its prettier or has a fancier feature unless there is a big difference between the two. Thoughts?
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2023.01.02 20:02 noizenheimeramous Approach for diy body work

I’ve got a 1965 project car that I’d like to paint, and it has significant bondo on it, some cracked. In addition, I want to redo the glass install on windshield and side rears (wagon; gloopy polyurethane leaks and looks bad). I’m not interested in getting a shop to do it all for 20k+ Worst case I spray paint it myself.
Here’s an approach I’m considering, which hinges on finding a shop to do masking and spray only, no body work- and getting a mobile glass installer to uninstall/reinstall polyurethane for windshield/rears; does this seem feasible?
My goal is to have a not great paint job that is a different color. This cars body will never be perfect, and I’ll get plenty of joyrides from just a different color.
For shop, I’m considering Maaco (if nobody closer will do just paint shooting), or possibly diy paint (but I don’t have a garage; a tarp/canopy is likely best I can arrange).
Thanks for any advice!
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2022.12.30 08:48 mountainsunsnow 2000 LS OEM+ resto recs?

2000 LS OEM+ resto recs?
Hi everyone! My wife has had her 2000 LS 5spd since she got her drivers license in 2005, and I’m going to restore it as a Christmas present for her.
We still drive it daily for errands, but now only solo as it doesn’t fit the baby seat… which is ironic because the guy she bought it from in 2005 was selling because he was having a kid.
It has “only” 185k mostly highway miles on it, mechanically runs great and has been maintained wonderfully. The interior is damn near flawless. We had the timing belt done (again) at 182k and I had to replace the clutch cylinders, radiator, and thermostat last year as they all reached the end of life. The distributor is also less than five years old but AFAIK it’s on the original alternator. I drove a family 1997 Honda Odyssey with b-series to 380k, so I know how reliable Honda/Acura 4 bangers of this era are as long as they are maintained properly.
I’m starting with getting the (original!!!) clutch replaced to get the power train all set for the next decade, then moving on to other stuff that I’d like some recommendations for.
Thanks in advance!
  1. Suspension I’ll keep it stock height and do this myself. I did the rear trailing arm bushings myself three years ago, so I’m fairly adept and have a decent tool set, but I’m really not a “car person” from an enthusiast standpoint. What shocks should I go with? Are there any ball joints or other common failure points I should address while I have it up on the stands? CV axles maybe? No creaking or cracked boots yet, but I did those on the old Odyssey so I know I can do it. I changed the front pads and rotors in 2014 and as far as I know the rears are 22 years old and still going strong. Time for a complete new set of pads and rotors, I suppose. Recs for rotors for occasional spirited driving on mountain roads are appreciated!
  2. Body and paint Due to city street parking, it’s going to need new front quarter panels and probably bumper. The headlights are all fogged so I’ll get new ones. Go OEM or something different? Wifey wants it repainted in the same silver when everything is ready. I was going to spring for a nicer MAACO paint job- not the cheapest but nothing too crazy. Good plan?
  3. Antenna and sound Stupid retracting antenna didn’t retract and got ripped off in a car wash. Replace with OEM or will one of those little stationary rubber nubbins work well enough? It would also be neat to replace the stock stereo with something with Bluetooth, though wifey says “how will I continue to play the stack of blink 182 and Green Day CDs that have been in the car since I went to college in 2006?” Yeah, she’s a keeper.
  4. Trunk latch actuator I cannot find this part anywhere! I disconnected it when it died close to a decade ago and we use the key and latch to open it, but it would be nice to be able to pop it with one hand again. Does anyone have a source for a working actuator?
  5. Wiper arms After 20+ years, the black on them became shiny silver. I sharpied the front arms to reduce glare off them, which is a super cheapskate solution but actually works quite well. Is there a better solution? I feel like pulling and rattle canning them would foul up the pivots, which don’t seem possible to disassemble and mask, but maybe I’m wrong.
Thanks again for any recommendations!
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2022.12.29 16:21 stephensatt Anyone know where I can get a full auto paint job, like a MAACO type paint job thats not overpriced?

Keep getting ridiculous quotes over $3k for full paint job. Clear coat is peeling, no other body work is needed. Just respray of the same color, base coat / clear coat job. 2015 Black Mustang.
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2022.12.22 04:56 Saturnino_97 First gen Impreza OBS reliability?

First gen Impreza OBS reliability?
I just went to look at the pictured 1997 OBS; it drive solid and had minimal rust, but unfortunately the owner had painted over the original two tone paint with a British Racing Green MAACO job. Also, the exhaust was obnoxiously loud and even came into the cabin with the windows down, and would require an exhaust shop to cut and weld in a new muffler. Power steering fluid was also leaking, but that could be worse at 235,000 miles.
On the plus side, it was on a Forester suspension and had a rear disk brake conversion, though the latter has made the parking brake inoperable; apparently an easy fix with a new wire from an 02 WRX.
Anyway, I'm wondering if a car like this would be a good buy at $2500? I know the EJ22 is known as a solid motor, but are these still reliable and cost-effective to keep on the road these days? I'm leaning towards replacing my 96 Tacoma with one of these and pocketing the difference.
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2022.12.11 08:04 trogdoor-burninator Any suggestions for getting a car repainted in phoenix?

Specifically east valley?
Have a fixer upper that has terrible paint fade/peeling that I'd like to get corrected once the mechanical stuff is done. Is Maaco the place to go or are there better options?
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2022.12.04 19:16 Just_Michael1138 Rogue I (Or, Why I Am Always Broke)

Rogue I (Or, Why I Am Always Broke)
I haven't driven her for almost a year because of her bad ECM, but man, I can't wait to get a new engine in her and stage it out. New engine because I'm pretty sure antifreeze was leaking into the crank case from a failing head gasket caused by bad ECM causing bad timing. I'm definitely not a purist. I am trying to turn her into a Swedish version of KITT, tbh.
Feel free to AMA. Yes, I'm nuts. No, I don't like other cars (their avionics are boring). Yes, it's a bit over the top. The tertiary fuse box is itself on a fused line to the battery, so it's double-fused because I wanted to make sure there was no interference between the accessories I am planning on adding. Basically, I was making a moonshiner vehicle--the scanner and CB and radar detector guarantee I can open up her turbo and be back under the speed limit before I hit that speed trap.
Saab was the best car ever made, bar none. If I have my way, I'll never drive anything else. Just need to find me a
So far: Slotted & Drilled Rotors Ceramic pads Powder-coated Calipers Smoked tail lights Euro spoiler for rear window and trunk Custom Trunk Badge (Viggen "SAAB" emblem) Eyebrows BSR Intake New water pump new timing chain new timing chain guides Powder coated valve cover sprayed coil cover CD player removed (all modules reprogrammed onto the 0 bus except CD player so car doesn't look for it) President McKinley SSB CB Radio Stryker SR-A10MM Antenna + $7,000 or so worth of repairs and work over the course of 4 years including control arms, tie rods, ignition, etc, all documented with receipts
To be done: Complete strip down and rebuild from ground up. No, seriously. New engine block New transmission or rebuild Stage IV kit for ECM (including internals like forged rollers, cams, pistons, etc) HX35 Diesel Turbo Custom turbo intake Custom hood (dual asymmetric scoops, one for the turbo, one for the intake) KITT-style scanner bar in green on bottom half of lower grille between the doggies (one led cluster per slot--will be having one 3D printed with a clear acrylic front to protect lights) RTX Poison 17" rims External blindspot and rearview cameras with in-cabin dedicated LCD monitors Uniden SDS200 Scanner Radio (dash mount) Trunk-mount antenna for the Uniden External PA system (so I can tell people what I think of their driving on the highway at 80mph) New front left qtr panel New trunk lid Viggen "jet" badge for hood Aero-style rear bumper cover and spoiler (for dual exhaust below) Thrush Hush muffler system Aero-style rocker panels and front spoiler New power steering pump (powder coated) Custom Driver's HUD on oversize optic acrylic Infrared nightvision camera (front bumper mount) tied to HUD Custom Dashboard (eventually) Rear right quarter panel needs rust removal and painting, but paint will come last because I want a one-stage high gloss DuPont Black and that will be like $20K. Might have to settle for Maaco! lmao
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2022.11.17 20:17 YourFriendPutin [1966 Ford fairlane 500] Is a maaco paint job a good way to go for this cheap daily/commuter? Never have gotten a car painted before

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