Rare beyblade qr codes


2023.06.05 14:17 Boring_Surprise6628 Explanation?

I gave someone my code a few days ago, and I also get 14 draws, co someone say I dont??don't??? Or is it a glitch?
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2023.06.05 14:10 nolza95 couplebeat - is heart racing?

check physical love compatibility with your partner
heart rate ≈ sexual excitement
# Google smart watch app (heart rate measurement, QR code creation)
# Smartphone web (QR code scan, heart rate graph)
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2023.06.05 14:10 nolza95 couplebeat - is heart racing?

check physical love compatibility with your partner
heart rate ≈ sexual excitement
# Google smart watch app (heart rate measurement, QR code creation)
# Smartphone web (QR code scan, heart rate graph)
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2023.06.05 13:48 Ok_Tradition_2069 Great placement of the code sugergoo you can not see the last letter to log in

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2023.06.05 13:44 LeTigre94 Any good recommendations on a barcode scanner for the QR codes? I bought the latest model of the Tera scanners but they seem to be defective.

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2023.06.05 13:37 Darth_Eevee I have most, but not every, Eevee card. But I’m missing some very expensive outliers

As far as I know, English cards I’m missing are Eevee on the Ball, Radiant Eevee, and the full art Eevee & Snorlax GX and rainbow rare of the same. I’m primarily concerned with collecting one of every art, so like not having the same cards from the eevee decks or the sandstorm eevees with different e reader codes is fine imo
Japanese missing include the alt art neo discovery, a couple of promos from the SwSh era, the Munch scream eevee, th the new yu nagaba promo. These are basically impossible for me to get so I’m trying to give myself some grace lol
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2023.06.05 13:17 El-Cucuy- 1290 xp needed, I am done?

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2023.06.05 13:14 Shadowkiva Why isn't TFATWS considered a good show by fans?

The only criticism I can maybe sort of understand is that it's a circular narrative i.e. Endgame left with Sam accepting the new role and promising to do his best, then on Disney+ he spends another 5 episodes getting back around to that starting point... but even then I didn't mind that so much because it helped expand the MCU post-blip worldbuilding.
I really liked a lot of the new characters introduced especially the ones that will likely show up again in future and I give it bonus points for something I'd never really thought about before as a comics fan - that is that realistically there'd be a lot of people jokingly or even genuinely viciously saying "Uncle Sam? More like Uncle Tom" (hardiharhar so funny🙁). It's rare for a piece of fictional media to shock me out my escapism like that, and I give credit to the show writers for doing that with thoughtful maturity.
I also think the Flag Smashers resolution (especially the "do better" speech) could have been constructed a bit better but other than that I think it was a great show to kick off the Disney+ slate of shows with Wandavision and give a spotlight to these less central characters from the movies. Bucky's deprogramming scene in Wakanda as Ayo recites the activation codes to no avail still gets me very emotional. It was one of the few moments that still make me think Phase 4 is just as much worth our emotional investment as any of the other phases.
Curious to hear what other fans thought of the show whether their opinions on it are positive or negative and why.
P.s I will also agree that Karli Morgenthau's actress doesn't sell the "charismatic, courageous revolutionary social movement icon" very well if at all. But that's about where my cons list ends.
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2023.06.05 12:55 KneeBarbarian Capcom ID Issue fix

I finally fixed it tonight since Capcom support has been silent for 4 days. Make sure you check what your email is under account settings on your playstation user account, it has to be the same email to properly link to your account. My usual email was linked to a second user id I created ages ago. So i actually completely deleted the Capcom ID, it has some scary terminology, but once you delete it you can just create a new Capcom ID with the same email you used before and start fresh. It was driving me crazy but this fixed the never ending popup immediately after linking. I did this all from scanning the qr code on my mobile phone. Unlinking doesn't solve the issue. I was nervous with the wordage they use about deleting the id, but took the chance and viola.
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2023.06.05 12:52 Ghostly_xyz Come pagare i bollettini postali senza commissioni?

Ciao a tutti, scusate se la richiesta può suonare da poraccio, ma vorrei sapere come pagare i bollettini postali (quelli che arrivano con le bollette), io al momento uso Postepay per pagarlo perché è l'unica app che legge i QR code sui bollettini, dall' app IO tramite pago pa' non mi legge il codice e nemmeno inserendo i dati a mano. onestamente non mi importa di pagare 1,50€ di commissioni, mi dà fastidio che va alle poste che sono dei ladri, qualche soluzione? Grazie
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2023.06.05 11:59 YoTemplar New banger update dropped, new qr code printer added and can't scan it, what secrets lay behind the qr code?

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2023.06.05 11:28 DanielLloyd26 Refund for voided collection?

I bought a tracked 24 label on eBay for collection. But I didn't realize there was a no QR code option for it as I have no printer in the house I couldn't get the label. The postman said he'd void it for me, but when I looked at the email for collection it says the reason was "nobody seemed to be in when we collected the item" and at the bottom of the email says I'm not entitled to a refund as collection was attempted. Surely I can't be charged for this?
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2023.06.05 11:26 1tapcard Buy Visiting Card with QR Code, 1 Tap Cards.

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2023.06.05 11:21 Spazzattck Cryptic flyer

Cryptic flyer
Saw this creepy flyer walking around Echo Park, looks like it could be some Halloween event since it’s on Oct 31 or some cult recruitment. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to open up the QR code because of the low picture quality. Anybody got a clue on these creepy flyers?
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2023.06.05 10:44 LeMetalleuxFou Where is the barcode number ?

Hi there,
has anyone managed to find the Barcode Number to finish the cashless account registration at that step ?
I tried most of the codes on my ticket but i doesnt seems to work.

Edit : found it, it's the random string of characters below the bottom QR code without * signs
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2023.06.05 10:29 ScaryDavey QR code on popcorn bucket

QR code on popcorn bucket
I noticed that on my popcorn bucket it has a QR code that says “Scan To Unlock”. What does this unlock, exactly? I’m reluctant to scan it without knowing what it does.
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2023.06.05 10:28 NightPontiff I don't see why System Shock 1 is an immsim.

Don't shove me into a locker, I'm unironically confused. I'm talking about the original and the recent remake, by the way. So, I can't really approach combat in creative ways since it's all about throwing grenades and finding increasingly more powerful guns, some with rare ammo, but there are no gizmos or strats, not really, just get into a good position quickly and kill the enemy. There's no environmental damage, things like explosive barrels or something, I don't have any choice over say opening doors because I must have the code, there are vents but they don't open alternative passages, they mostly just hide useful stuff. Enemy types don't fight one another... Etc
Honest, I'm not trying to start some argument in bad faith, I'm genuinely confused when it comes to SS1. SS2 sure, it is an immsim absolutely, but yeah.
Edit: I get this isn't a thing in every immsim but no real stealth, no hacking things to turn them against other enemies, besides the mine you can't set up traps. Etc etc
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2023.06.05 10:15 Top-Cupcake7310 If someone would lose their Memory and the first thing they learn about is LOA? Wouldn't they have 0 resistance to it, therefore manifest instantly for believing this to be how reality always worked?

This question just crossed my mind.
If that's true. What actually is resistance really?
i mean, many who get into LOA it doesn't work just for the mere reason of subconscious resistence to their desires. That's why so many recommend to start with Self Concept, while letting go, or going to forget about their manifestation,
they are working on living their most fulfilled and happy life as possible even without their wanted Desire.
Upon this raise, and change in frequency they're emanating cause they are starting to actually feel fulfilled, happy and whole on their own. Belief systems change and their known or unknown resistances which held them back from allowing their Desire to come into existence, just melt away like it's never been there in the first place.
Their manifestations naturally are showing up in their life in areas and forgotten manifestations are going to hunt them down. For some it takes a couple days, some months and others even years. (Seen so many success stories, who were like they got it after 4 or even more years and now they didn't even wanted it anymore. In case for a sp it's really sad imo, but also really awesome since well wow they are happy regardless.)
My thought was just. When Resistance, is nothing more than, a conscious or unconscious Belief about something which contradicts your Desire you want to manifest.
What would be the most easiest, and fun way to let your resistances melt away. Since resistance is coming from some kind of Belief.
The chain is like
subconsciously stabilized Beliefs > (create) thoughts > (create) Emotions
Beliefs > (create reality)
Imagination (= reality = subconscious mind = god according to neville ) > (impresses) subconscious mind / Beliefsystems (cause the mind looks at an imagination/visualisation being literally the same as an event actually lived through if it where happening in the physical reality)
From a affirmation view:
You can impress your subconscious mind & belief system just from even "robotic affirmations" > affirmations repetition & persistency > (impresses) your Mind through repitition and accepts it as being true eventually (some isntantly, some take longer) > (impresses) subconscious mind > creates reality.

Sorry just getting thoughts out here now lmao.
When someone is plagued by recurring thoughts which are not in alignment with their Desire.This means, they still got some resistance aka belief which produces these types of thoughts.
Ways to change these Resistances/Beliefs the fastest. Through a little bit of Self Concept work, or people call it shadow Work. Options:
Note: Not every strategy works for everyone, though it could, but everyone is wired differently therefore certain techniques just work like a charm for someone, while others seem to just not be their cup of tea. And that's just great as it is.
Don't know who said it but probably many great teachers.
"No techniques are required, anything can manifest with just 1 mere thought about it, and it's done."
"any technique is just a Tool, to get us into the state of our wish fulfilled." (and hell yeah find your one or even make your own tools, use what works and discard anything which doesn't vibe with you. That's why there are up to unlimited tools for creation. Also that's why this path of living a conscious life of manifestation is called the Pathless Path. Cause there is no right or wrong, just different Tools for working good or better for differently wired people.)
Note 2: All of them require. Trust. Trust in the Universe that everything works out better than expected. Trust that it is so after Claiming it to be this way. Without a shadow of a Doubt and without Judgement of your Desire.
When i say trust the Universe, it could be God for you. It could be the Source of all existence. Take whatever fits your worldview. Nothing is outside of You. Neville says your Imgination is reality, is God. You are God. In a course of Miracles or 40 days and nights a teaching of love, its said supposedly channeled Jehoshua Ben Joseph aka jesus, that everything said in these books should be looked at as if you are saying these things to yourself to make yourself remember who you are, cause you quite in a literal sense are God, Jesus, Buddha anyone. When everyone is You, you develop love, for you can only love yourself, you wouldn't want to hurt yourself right, so treat everything as you want to be treated. If you can start to love yourself, you can love everyone, and everyone can loves you. This came to mind "They love Jesus because jesus loved them first." it was something like that. So ultimately you can trust yourself, for "the son is within the father, and the father is within the son. They are one." So are you one with God. It's okay to Trust in yourself as being God. I say that because it can feel very weird for some people to claim I Am that I am. Which means I am God as god is referred to I am. I looked at it like some ego thing, how could someone say i am god that's narcistic. But no it isn't it's just the truth even though publicly you would never say that might be weird, but for yourself, for your inner Power for your true might. You are worthy, we are all the Universe, we are all Brahman, we are all God, put ourselves into an human experience making ourselves belief we forgotten that we are god to have a fun experience in remembering ourselves to who we actually are. with these words, just whatever belief systems fits you the best Trust that the Universe or God or Source the infinite intelligence within ourselves is creating everything we manifest for. Without the Shadow of a doubt. And all we have to ever do is, ask for it. "ask and it shall be given unto you." If you just believe it to be true, and give thanks to it as if it's already yours. It's yours. Sorry if it's too bible heavy but i kinda dig jesus words here even though im more leaned into a yogic hindu type of concept.
  1. Do nothing. Yeah lol literally do nothing, and just keep doing your Favorite technique which puts you into a State fulfilled. It's how neville teaches it. Through just Persistence, and Trusting the Universe, living from the end. Your Wishfulfilled over a longer period of time. Beliefs change, and therefore old beliefs starting to vanish therefore their resistances too.From the book Seth Speaks also A Course in Miracles talks about it saying: "There can only be 1 belief at a time." or for those who like the Bible more "You cannot serve 2 Masters." as in You cannot have 2 opposite beliefs at the same time, one is going to take over and it's your choice which one it will be.
  2. For those who Option-1 doesn't work. I found Revision, also teached by Neville, and Mental Imagery by Colette Aboulker-Muscat or dr. jerry epstein. Can work wonders. Simply look at one of your neurotically reoccuring undesired thoughts. And ask yourself:"Is there any type trauma, event involved which creates these thoughts?" For you already thinking about that past event, or memory.Now Visualize take 3 deep Breaths, make it a short one, if you prefer longer then longer, but shorter ones tend to be just as effective like 1 round of a 10 second scene which you may want to just loop once or 3 times.- Make this scene and turn it into an event how you would have liked it to have turned out, your ideal case. try to live it, with all your senses, feel it. (if you can't visualise or see images, You can, but it still works even if you can't feel anything about it, your intention counts.) feel this scene to be real up to a point where you just think, okay i felt it, it's done, for some reason i just know it's done.- Then. Take a deep breath in and out. Start to get back into your body wiggling your toes and stuff you know it. Open your eyes.- Just feel happy, be grateful and Trust that is how it happened. Usually, for many at this point. It's done, you might even totally forget whatever you thought about it before. For others, if it still comes back, start to relive your REVISED version every time and feel grateful for this day and event because it played out exactly like that. After some time, you'll start to forget about it, or even just get reminded of this revised version.- Note here: "Whatever you can Visualize. Literally exists in a timeline. Everything is already created, as neville says. The Fact that you are even able to visualize it, is the fact that it exactly happened like that in one of the infinite universes so Claim it, it's yours anyway." "Also we are not here on earth to be punished by the universe, We are the universe and the only person who is going to be able to punish you is yourself. Karma is not a thing, any karma is self inflicted as Bashar says."
  3. Affirmations: With a pencil Write down whatever undesired thoughts and beliefs trigger you.Let empty a few spaces. You gonna need it afterwards.Keep going, write everything on it which relates to that.Now take a Pen and write down the opposite Desired state of this belief or thought.This sentence has to be an I AM in the Present tense desired outcome statement. LikeNobody loves me > "Everyone and everything loves me."Money doesn't grow on trees > "I'm great with Money. Large sums of money always flows to me from all kind of different sources."My dad spanked me with a tree branch on christmas eve in a scary nikolaus costume while saying bad kids don't get gifts. That's why i believed myself to be unloving and evil. > "I'm the most loving person. People around me always keep telling how loving and kind i am." (yeah that's a real one, shame lul)- On Day 1 you this paper, and read both of it. Without any judgement. Read your pencil writing once and just don't judge it, read it as its the most normal thing to read, without any reaction, just acceptance, okay cool. (The purpose is to take off any resistence or loaded energy you got on them, by just reading it without reacting or judging it, just acceptance, you just made meets and with it, became indifferent to it, took your power back and dislodged charged energy from it, freed it to be put into something else. Congratulation, unknowingly your problem might have just been solved by itself. Sometimes, these thoughts, or beliefs, are just like a crying inner child which wants to be acknowledged and once it got its acceptance, love and attention, its free to go and make room for another child."Whatever you observe without judgement, is instantly accepted and healed." If we would understand the weight of this saying i think it's from Zen Buddhism, we could literally just observe our thoughts and they would vanish like clouds into nothingness just by looking at them once with acceptance and without any judgement.)- On day 2 take a rubber and remove what you have written down in pencil.Now read your new Beliefs, statements like Affirmations. You can do it robotically or put emotion into them, your choice. Read them once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Some may just feel a sense of piece after day 1 or after day 2.- Keep on reading it once or twice daily. You are done when your old stuff vanished, or your new beliefs and thoughts align with your desired statements, or just got that type of feeling of peace knowing it just doesn't bother you anymore. Or even all of those 3 together or even just one.- Your can start a new list, if new things come up you want to change.
  4. The Blank State: Joe dispenza does that, in his meditations. Recreate your Life meditation. Other youtubers made a Blank State meditation too. I like that one from Neyah how she explains it, you can do it on your own https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fklEEqW0mtA. Her version is like a Hooponopono approach but put into a Blank state joe dispenza style meditation.
  5. The Hooponopono. Whatever thought is bugging you. Look at it nonjudgmental, accept it. Say to it.I'm sorry.Forgive me.Thank You.I love you.- trust it's released now.- Note: On forgiveness, the only one you really ever have to forgive is yourself. If you can forgive yourself, you have forgiven everyone. Everyone is You, Separation as yogic teachers say, everyone of them. There is nobody else than You. If you Forgive yourself, everything has forgiven you. Also makes us understand that everything we inflicted upon ourselves. And Before that triggers some people, because it just can seem like a brutal truth, how could i have brought this upon myself rage, or sadness. i gonna jump to another topic swiftly and get schwifty. Just some words though, It's not your fault, especially being unconscious about it or being a kid and stuff happened. At some point we just have to take responsibility for it and accept it, for whatever reason it may have happened, we have the opportunity to make sure it never happens again by taking responsibility, taking our own power back to us and off the charged event, circumstance or thought and belief. I don't know how it works and nobody can give like proof for it, but Dolores cannon, and others who claim to be able to channel and stuff. They say we kind of chose things we are going through even before we decide to incarnate into an body, for reasons i don't really get, but it's supposed to just have this experience, or just learn something from it. Even though on a grand scale, we are the means to give live meaning. Even though i don't belief in Destiny, there seems to be something like a destined life path some people are going to follow through. The best astronomy life readers in india, there was one who always been accurate and he said, it's very rare that someone differs from his destined life path, people are always on it, even without knowing it, most people he got he can tell their past to a accuracy of 99% like weird stuff, when they found their partners, how many partners how it turned out, what type of injury they or illnesses they gotten at what age, and stuff like that. And it only differs as for the people he was able to read from like 1%.Now even though there might be a path of destiny, it doesn't matter. Because it's the season of Aquarious of truth, of breaking from Chains, and everyone got the right, and ability to life your life how you want to be at all times and it ever has been like that. It really doesn't matter if there is destiny or not. You are always exactly where you want to be right now, it's what neville says. (This sentence is quite more profound then it seems like, but everything up to this point, we have manifested, we are literal masters of manifesting and we don't even wake up to that fact. Because we are flawless in creating our life second by second. Even if some might not like to belief so we always manifest it couldn't be any different. So when do we chose to manifest what we do want and get out of our victim state, into the state of wishful filled. And that starts by being Happy and fulfilled now, by working on yourself, start to do things which excites you the most, having a short manifestation session of our desire and keep on focusing on what does make us happy right at this moment at all times. Then our beliefs change, our thoughts, our frequency vibration raises, and things we desire are starting to chase us because we are fulfilled and happy with ourselves. Desires start to chase us even without doing manifestation techniques because that is our natural state Abundance and Love.)
  6. Rip your Contract. From Dolores Cannon about karmic relationships. Here is a nice explanation of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE4tJOUvhp8&t=9s
  7. Invocation:Choose your subject of Trust, the Universe, God, Buddha, Jesus, angels. And just sayI'm giving all of my worries, all of my burdens to You, to transmute it. Thank you for taking care of everything.- Just trust in your heart it's done. You might feel a sense to weight having taking off your shoulders.
  8. Burning a piece of paper:- write down whatever bothers you.- read it again observingly, non judgmental, accepting without reaction.- If a reaction comes up, Observe it, its a thought? a Emotion? Pain somewhere in your Body?feel into this sensation, try to focus on it in your Body like if you would go with your mind into that sensation as a small soul ball energy ball like in a way. Stay there non judgmental just having mere presence pure awareness of it until this feeling, this pain subsides.- Say or think: I forgive you, I thank you for your Service and what i learned from it, I don't need you anymore, You can leave now. I love you.- And just burn the paper.
  9. EFT - Tapping also a great tool for releasing Trauma, a lot of stuff on it on youtube.
  10. Emotion Coding 2.0 - Look it up or watch the Series on Gaja on it.
  11. Please show me your coolest techniques, im striving to be something like a coach some day and appreciate to learn new things at all times, to have in store what flows, vibes best for all types of people :D
Just put down my thoughts here, i don't expect any replies regarding this chit chat, just about the titles question. Kinda written all of that and now i just leave it. May it be helpful for someone who comes across lmao.
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2023.06.05 10:05 remeruu Street Fighter 6: CAPCOM ID Issue

Have you guys experienced not being able to properly link the Capcom ID to their PSN account. I am located in the Philippines and my PSN Account Region is on the US.
I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong. I just scanned the QR code and created a CAPCOM ID and linked it. I tried using both the mobile and desktop version. Every time I login it prompts me the grey screen. Already tried unlinking/linking multiple times already but to no avail.
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2023.06.05 09:50 ano-nomous Balance Adjustment Patch Notes - 1.7.82 Org Server

The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.
[Balmond] (↑)
We're adjusting Balmond's Ultimate to be more suited as a finisher that all heroes should be wary of.
[Skill 1] (↑)
Slow Effect: 30% >> 60%
[Ultimate] (↑)
Damage: 400 + 60% of Total Physical Attack + 20%-30% of enemy's Lost HP >> 150 + 70% of Total Physical Attack + 30%-45% of enemy's Lost HP.
Removed the slow effect.
[Joy] (↓)
Joy is still putting too much pressure on her opponents in the early to mid game with little effort.
Damage: 200 + 80% Magic Power >> 100 + 100% Magic Power
[Ultimate] (↓)
Base Damage: 180-270 >> 150-270
[Arlott] (↓)
Further reduced the damage potential of a Defense build Arlott.
[Skill 2] (↓)
Base Damage: 135-335 >> 110-310
[Wanwan] (↓)
The recent Basic Attack updates have greatly enhanced Wanwan's ability to dash continuously, giving her too much mobility and survivability in the late game so we're nerfing this aspect for balance.
[Passive] (↓)
Slightly lower the Movement Speed bonus gained from her Attack Speed.
[Novaria] (~) We have noticed that it was extremely difficult to deal max damage with Novaria's Skill 2, so we decide to optimize this while not changing her overall damage. We also increased her Ultimate's cooldown to lower her pickrate and banrate in high rank games.
[Skill 2] (~)
Slightly reduced the distance required for the sphere to gain a stack of damage buff. (You will gain 1 more stack on average compared with before.)
Base Damage and Magic Damage Bonus: 260-385 + 50% Magic Power >> 230-340 + 45% Magic Power
[Ultimate] (~)
CD: 45-35s >> 56-485
Mana Cost: 150-0 >> 100-0
[Angela] (↑)
Angela has been a bit weak lately, so we hope to strengthen her single-target protection ability.
[Ultimate] (↑)
Base Shield: 1200-1800 >> 1200-2400
[Bane] (↓)
Reduced how fast Bane could kill the Turtle in the early to mid game.
[Passive] (↓)
Percent damage dealt based on enemy's Max HP: 5 (+0.2Hero Level) % >> 3.5 + (0.3Hero Level) % Damage Cap against Creeps: 500 >> 200 + 20*Hero Level.
The damage growth for Gloo's Skill 1 was too high, so we decide to reduce the damage of the first hit while maintaining the current damage of Goo explosion. We hope to reduce Gloo's damage in the mid game with these changes.
[Skill 1] (↓)
Base Damage: 100-200 >> 80 at All levels
II. Battlefield Adjustments
[Antique Cuirass] (↑)
Most heroes who rely on Physical Damage skills have a high damage base, so we hope the following changes will make these equipment a stronger counter against them.
[Unique Passive - Deter] (↑)
When hit by a skill, reduces the attacker's Physical Attack by 8% >> reduces the attacker's Physical Damage by 6%.
[Dreadnaught Armor] (↑)
[Unique Passive - Deter] (↑)
When hit by a skill, reduces the attacker's Physical Attack by 5% >> reduces the attacker's Physical Damage by 4%.
Ill. Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed an issue where Amon's Ultimate was dealing incorrect damage in rare cases.
  2. Fixed an issue where Alpha's Ultimate had an increased stun duration in rare cases.
  3. Fixed an issue where Joy's Ultimate showed an inconsistent cooldown time between Active mode and Inactive mode.
  4. Fixed an issue where Freya's Skill 2 could not be cast in rare cases
  5. Fixed an issue with Silvanna's Skill 2's description being incorrectly displayed.
  6. Fixed an issue where the tasks in Hero Mastery Code could not be completed for certain heroes.
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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2023.06.05 09:47 KweenJeramie32 20% off of all these amazing brands on iHerb!

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2023.06.05 09:19 Great-Razzmatazz5434 LF/ PoGo research mysticals and QR code Magearna FT/ Shiny Zeraora, Marshadow, Hoopa, and Shinies

LF/ PoGo research mysticals and QR code Magearna FT/ Shiny Zeraora, Marshadow, Hoopa, and Shinies
All shinies are caught by me.
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