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Genshin Impact is one of the most comprehensive free to play games ever, exploration with gacha elements which help build up your party. Here, we'll cover the most important Guides, Tips and Tricks to make sure you can make the most out of your time with Genshin Impact.

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TotK, BotW and AoC discussion discord.gg/botw

2023.03.22 14:41 jamesekeeassociates Criminal Lawyer Forest Park GA

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2023.03.22 14:40 KingMemeFlame M2 Pro 19-core GPU vs M2 Max 30-Core GPU

The title explains it, but I shall expand on it:
I have the option between the two, but the price is unimportant. Instead, I would like to know more about the performance and its difference. Are 11 cores that much of a bump-up? The only stats I could find were versus the 38 core version, which is out of my budget.
I use my mac for these things: 1. Gaming. I want to get into more graphics-heavy games but have been reluctant to due to the limitations of my current laptop. Currently, play Minecraft and Roblox on the lowest graphics I can to get 60fps.
  1. Blender and other 3D modeling programs. I mainly do 3D modeling work in Blender, which takes so long to render. Generating a measly 100 samples with my current laptop takes a while.
  2. Editing. I want to get into using DaVinci Resolve. I used it before. Laggy as hell and ditched it. Now I use CapCut, which is excellent, but I want to get into professional filmmaking.
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2023.03.22 14:40 tonnie_taller Shohei Ohtani delivers epic pregame speech before Japan beats US: ‘Let’s stop admiring them’

Shohei Ohtani played in the biggest game of his career on Tuesday night when Japan took on and defeated the United States in the World Baseball Classic final. While Major League Baseball fans aren’t used to seeing too much emotion come out of the superstar pitchedesignated hitter, Ohtani’s pregame speech to his Japanese teammates went … Continue reading Shohei Ohtani delivers epic pregame speech before Japan beats US: ‘Let’s stop admiring them’
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2023.03.22 14:40 ogreatgames Baten Kaitos Origins: Extraordinary RPG - Gamecube Game

![video](hn66m9baeyy81 " A unique role-playing game that tackles the story of the origin of Baten Kaitos, set in its past. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/baten-kaitos-origins to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#nintendo #gamecube #rpg --
Baten Kaitos Origins for Nintendo Gamecube. This prequel video game tackles the story of Emperor Geldoblame and the world itself. Take the role of Sagi and explore vibrant environments. Fight against enemies using swords. Protect yourself using leather vest armor. Learn and discover the rich origin of the exciting past while completing wild quests. --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.03.22 14:39 Stitty10 Looking for action /fighting games

This is the type of games I enjoy the most, action, fighting games. I’ve played injustice 2, mortal Kombat mobile, marvel contest of champions. Feel like if I went into them games I would be overwhelmed as they have been out many years. Are there any new games out there??
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2023.03.22 14:39 Twosliceofbread We are everywhere

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2023.03.22 14:39 Muscularhyperatrophy Need Dating Advice

Hello my fellow lifter ethnostate advocates of moreplatesmoredates . I (31M- trenned up to the gills, 220 lbs, lean, 6 ft, perfect C to B ratio- think zyzz with bigger arms traps and chest) have been pretty decent my whole dating life with getting first dates, however, they never follow with a second date. The most I manage is a phone number and I’ve already been blocked by over half of them. For a while, I thought that the reason for my poor success in the dating market is from my looks- I’m good enough to catch someone’s eye in a photograph, but am intimidating in person however, recently, one of my female friends told me it has absolutely nothing to do with my looks and with how my behavior is like which I honestly have a really hard time fathoming because of how poor dating advice is when coming from women.
I, however, started to think: All of my peers have been married for around 2-3 years already or are getting married/having children soon while I am the only sad lump of shit who would be lucky to even land a second date. Maybe my female friend IS right. In fact, I’ve had around 5 times as many one night stands as future plans after the first date. This to me is a big problem that I need to address if I want to get anywhere with romantic relationships.
What I wanted to talk about specifically is what went wrong with my most recent date.
Last Tuesday I started spitting game with some random QT blonde I found drinking some frappe foofoo shit at the local starbs. Cold approach- because it has worked every time in the past.
The conversation feels organic and eventually works its way to me asking her out on a date. She says yes, (which is what I was expecting, my rizz is on par with early days Connor Murphy).
Tell her dope and ask her if her dad would pick us up around 6 to watch a movie at the local dollar theatre around 7 the upcoming Thursday. To this, she looks at me kind of funnily and pauses. Eventually she says yes (Also expecting this- Tongkat Ali induced pheromones hit different to femoids ig)
Thursday rolls along and her dad picks us up. The drive is awkward and quiet for some weird reason. Was pretty weird with how beta this dad was not even getting to know the name of the dude who would pound the life out of her cheeks like she was the gym twink from my local gym. What a cuck lol.
Anyways, we roll up to the theatre. For the dad’s lack of common courtesy to even ask my name, I asked him to spot me some cash for the movies. This dyel had the audacity to stare at ME for a good 15 seconds before finally shuffling through his wallet to hand me $30. Naturally, to this I scoff. Beef is roughly 32% more expensive per pound compared to the end of 2021. Does this tubby nincompoop not understand that his paltry $30 wouldn’t cover the cost of both loaded nachos AND my movie tickets.
I clear my throat and stick my hand out to which he remains silent for an additional 5-10 seconds before handing me an additional $5.
I’m kind of fed up with his attitude and sarcastically say “thanks, guy” as I abruptly leave his beat up Kia Sorrento.
My date is obviously embarrassed and looks pretty flustered. Who could blame her? I couldn’t ever comprehend having a dad as embarrassing as that.
We approach the ticket window and I turn around and tell her that I only have enough cash for one ticket and a small snack for me and to call her dad to cover her end. At this point she looked like she was about to cry. I felt really bad considering how she had just witnessed her own dad act like a complete miser and disrespect me like that, so I decided to be the bigger person and cover her ticket at the expense of my macros for the evening.
The evening thereafter was pretty uneventful and boring. I tried texting her for a second date but she never responded. I tried giving her a secondary and tertiary text over the next 3 weeks and still… no response. The same as what I was expecting unfortunately.
Anyways reddit, the above was provided for context on what it’s been like in my dating world. Every other encounter went similarly when trying to actually approach a woman. I used to think that the reason for why I’m still single is due to the fact that I am such a high value man that women are too intimidated by me, but if that’s the case, why does CBUM have a girlfriend of over 5 years now while I’m still single? I know I'm pretty fucking yoked, but I'm not at his level yet. What on earth am I doing wrong?!
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2023.03.22 14:39 SnooDrawings5316 20f lookin for a vc buddy

Hi I'm Tara, you're probably wondering how I got myself into this mess... to be honest I haven't figured it out myself. But uh, while I'm here, how about you and I have ourselves a little chat?
I know I know, you don't know me, I don't know you, its weird. So to persuade you, here are some fun facts about me to perhaps make you more inclined to shoot me a dm?
First things first, I love video games, particularly jrpgs. I love nothing more than mashing buttons repeatedly till I get the thing that I can merge into another thing so then that thing can become more things to level up that thingy!!
As well as video games I love art, and if you ask, I will show you my latest pottery project!
I like being active so I go snorkelling when the weather is just right. The beach is one of my safe places, it's so freeing, I love playing in the waves! I even have a recreational Skippers Ticket ;)) .
Anyway I've rambled enough, if you've read the whole thing, I'd love if you could tell me what planet you would be and why? If you can't think of an answer, that's all good. But it'd be fun to discuss!
Last thing, please no minors, i don't feel comfortable talking to younguns. Anyone else is welcome! I eagerly await your response new friend!!!
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2023.03.22 14:39 Paranub Runescape - Araxxi

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2023.03.22 14:39 coastraise Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator (Full)

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To get Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint ACCELERATOR 2.0, contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message
Email: silverlakestore//@//yandex.com (remove the brackets)
WhatsApp/Telegram: +447593880762
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2023.03.22 14:39 c_c_o_e Latest beta bios out for the b450 gaming pro carbon max wifi

Latest beta bios out for the b450 gaming pro carbon max wifi - I'll be glad if you test it to save me bricking my board when it goes stable :D
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2023.03.22 14:38 Headlongbundle Check us out on Product Hunt and let us know if you're as excited as we are!

Hi there! As the marketing lead for Hints, I wanted to reach out and share our latest product launch with you. Our AI assistant is a total game-changer - it can help you with all your tasks, both work and personal.
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2023.03.22 14:38 Nym___ Small thing I'm wondering about Coin in Bilgewater

So, for some reason, the base statement for Bilgewater of "Risk and Reward" has always stuck with me as the region's identity. It's something I always have in mind whenever Riot releases a new champion for the region, and by my money I think every champion in the region, with like, 2 exceptions, and 1's Fizz who's now also Bandle City, has a very clear risk in their strategies.
-A lot of Gangplank's damage tends to be tied to him summoning the Barrels, which have the big issue of being vulnerable 0/1 units that you can deal with after they've declared a non-burst spell or skill -Nautilus is very late game focused in a deck plan that revolves around throwing away your cards -Twisted Fate, as much of an issue as he constantly is as seen by him being rotated out in a bit, does still need to be on the board to see you draw 9 cards as a 2 health unit -The same for Miss Fortune, she needs to be on the board for your 4 attacks, and she's not in a region that really has a lot of rallying or scouts so in a lot of instances that'll probably be in 4 turns at least. As a 3 health unit -Tahm Kench's whole thing involves him getting struck to capture units, so not only is he getting hit but he's also holding several possible key units in his gut while he's doing so -Lurk by itself has a pretty big deck building issue of you needing to have lurk cards in the deck, and even the single landmark that can cover that issue for you is something you have to draw -Spawn's all about making and buffing up a single unit, it's putting a ton of your eggs into a single basket and when it's gone then you have to start it all over again with a pretty big hole in your offence.
So to go to the title here, Coins as a theme definitely seem like something that would work in Bilgewater. Like, it's a pirate country, why wouldn't it want to use the coins? But my question is, especially if it ends up being very key to Jack's thing as a champion, where's the risk going to be, at least for it's use in Bilgewater? At least from, literally the first day of reveals, I can't really see that risk in a 1 mana spell that restores as much mana as you save up with it
also apologies if I've vastly misunderstood the bilgewater champions a ton here, I love the region but for some reason I just can't get myself to build decks with it-
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2023.03.22 14:38 TSL37 Does anyone vote on there own Brownlow after every game? It’s something I like to do if you are interested go check out my picks for the best players in my new video. If you can subscribe that would be good too!

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2023.03.22 14:38 Upstairs_Factor7809 My boyfriend (18m) went behind my (16f) back with pedophillic old friends.

My boyfriend and I began having a rocky relationship (currently we have been dating for a year and one month) ever since he started doing things behind my back, he always knew I was against vaping and I understand it's his body and his choice but I expressed I wasn't a fan of it and he decided to quit for a long time and suddenly he felt temptations and started again and kept being caught by me. We began arguing about it one day in his bedroom which resulted in me going into a very heavy dissociated in fear state because he yelled at me. I have unknown psychological issues where when triggered I go into states where I don't know what I am doing and I feel like I'm out of control of my body so I felt stuck in this drowning numb feeling and began acting kind of childlike. Even though we had just had a heated argument I clearly showed I was not in my normal state and he knew about my states and that I didn't know what was I doing during in them and he decided to have sex with me whilst he kept saying "I don't know if this is okay, this feels wrong." And he would ask me if I wanted to be having sex with him during it and I kept saying "I don't know." And he just continued anyways and afterwards I began crying because I had felt violated and from this moment on it started months of misery.
Due to this, I felt it was reasonable to "break up" with him even though I knew I really in reality wouldn't be so I only "broke up" with him for like a day but he decided to go behind my back and go back to his old friends which are these bad people including this girl that had at (18f) was having sex with a (13f) and that whole group he was with were just reckless and horrible influences that clearly supported pedophillia. And since I had as a kid been molested by a female the girl he knew really bothered me and I never would of thought he would go back to them but little did I know, every time he would be ignoring me for hours and being cruel to me and defending that pedophile girls actions saying "it was love, you just don't understand" and saying he would start treating me better, it was all just a lie as he would go behind my back with these weird group of girls and all these girls he was hanging out with he had made out with a bunch of times in the past in spin the bottle games and doing sexual shit with each other in the past. Which I expressed without knowing he was doing it that I would be extremely uncomfortable if he hungout with them especially if he doesn't even allow me to have guy friends and he knows that they're bad people, but of course when I'm asleep after worrying all night of when he would be rude to me next he was out with them, shit talking me and making up lies about me because he didn't like seeming like a bad person so he shifted his insecurities onto me.
On Halloween in of course 2022 my boyfriend and I had decided to do weed which I had done once in the past a few months prior but I didn't know this night would lead into a night of horror because suddenly out of nowhere when I had one cone (in the past I only had half a cone) I believed a delusion that a bunch of time went past and that I wasn't real and I was screaming like I was being murdered uncontrollably for minutes and shouting and asking if I was real and I kept experience weird ticklish sensations all over my body and the whole room didn't look the same and so the ambulance eventually was called and I was hallucinating seeing people and even believing for a short period of time that I was watching a facecam on a discord call and hallucinating people saying my name and to add to the experience the staff weren't treating me well and ignoring me and refused to get me any water or help me up when passing out on a chair.
My boyfriend vowed to never do weed again out of respect for the traumatic experience I went through where for over a month I'd live flashbacks and still believe I was in the moment again and he saw the living hell I went through. I recently yesterday just found out he of course did weed with the old friends he was hanging out with even though he promised he never would. I am so sorry to dump all this I just feel so lost and alone and I'm sick of not having advice from anyone. My boyfriend tends to get angry and take it out on me and take advantage of my attachment to him by saying he will ignore me or go out somewhere in a way to insinuate he could be going behind my back and laughing saying "I do things that I know hurt you in order to get my way." So fucked up to say when I had been put through so much shit from him that's just way too much to be put on this. This is my first time ever making a post on reddit. Thank you so much for reading this and advice would be heavily appreciated on what to do and how I should feel. He doesn't hang out with them anymore and I got him to say he doesn't want to continue his friendship with them back in January this year but I'm still so hurt.
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2023.03.22 14:38 Ill-Tangelo-3671 Kingdom Hearts Randomness

Olette: Nice work everyone. Added to what we started with, we now have…three pennies and a ladybug. Hayner: You’ve got to be kidding me. To make matters worse, the ladybug took two of the pennies and flew off. Everyone could’ve sworn they heard a tiny voice laughing mischievously. Olette:…Ok, make that one penny.
Roxas was swinging a stick and threw it. It hit a hooded individual. Roxas: Oh sorry. The figure started sobbing. ?: You are a meanie! (Runs off to the Sandlot crying.)
Roxas and the others were looking at photos that were recovered by a thief. Pence: It’s a GIRL! Olette: You look happy. Roxas took the picture, crumbled it up and ate it. Hayner: What?! Roxas ran off. Everyone looked at each other in confusion.
Xemnas was asking Roxas something. Xemnas: Roxas, you must fix my computer. Roxas: What about Vexen? Xemnas: He is on a mission. Ten minutes later, a furious Xigbar dragged a dusty Roxas back to Xemnas. Xemnas: What did you do?! Roxas: You know how the computer works on electricity? Well…I used a thunder spell and it blew up. Everyone throughout the castle heard Xemnas yell Roxas’s name at the top of his lungs.
It was Halloween and Xion had something important to say… Xion: Roxas…I have a crush on you. I always had and- Roxas: I’m Ven. We dressed up as each other. Xion: Aw man. Ventus: By the way, he’s behind you. Roxas WAS behind her. He fainted out of shock.
Riku: Take care of her. Sora: I’m not losing you again! Sora jumped through the door as it closed. Sora: Yes! I found you. Riku: Good, now find Donald and Goofy. Sora soon realized his mistake. Meanwhile… Donald: Did Sora just… Goofy: Yep.
Riku: Take care of-OW! The Door to Darkness jammed his foot.
Halloween again. Aqua was giving Ventus another Wayfinder. Aqua: I’m so happy we’re together again. Ven: Aqua… Aqua left to give Terra his Wayfinder. Roxas decided to give the Wayfinder to Ventus. Poor Roxas regretted switching his and Ven’s clothes for Halloween.
Roxas and Axel were on top of the tower reminiscing about Roxas’s first day. Roxas: I acted like a zombie. Axel: Right, that first week, you could barely form a sentence. But come on- Axel patted him on the shoulder but Roxas fell all the way down. Axel:…Whoops.
Roxas: Axel, I think Xion is mad at me for some reason. Axel: Well maybe you pushed her buttons. Roxas didn’t remember playing on her Xbox but he has been known to play video games in his sleep. The next day Axel saw his two friends arguing. Xion: You sleep played with my Xbox?! Roxas: I can’t help it! Maybe Axel should’ve been more specific.
Xemnes: I have the power over nothing…I said nothing…What? That’s odd…Oh well, everyone introduce your powers. Xigbar: I have the power over space. Xaldin: Wind. (Whoosh) Vexen: Ice…No, I’m not Elsa’s Nobody. Lexaus:…Earth… Zexion: Illusion! In fact, I’m not even here. (Fades away.) Saix: Moon. Roxas: Like Sailor Moon? Saix: No. Axel: Fire. Demryx: Water, which is convenient since I am too lazy to buy a water cup. Luxord: Time. Marluxia: Flowers…Yes, flowers. Larxene: Lightning. Roxas: And finally I’m light. Xion: Me too!
Larxene: I’m supposed to teach you magic but I don’t want to. Go to Hogwarts. See you in seven years. (7 Hours Later.) Roxas: I graduated.
Xion: I can’t use the Keyblade! Roxas: Oh no! (Next Day) Xion: I can use the Keyblade. Roxas: Well that’s fast. 14. Sora was bribing Aladdin. Aladdin: Fine. Genie, I wish Sora had a genie with unlimited wishes. 15. Ventus was looking around Dwarf Woodlands when he saw an old lady. Ventus: Have you seen a guy named Terra? Lady: No, but can you give this apple to Snow White? Ven: Sure. He found Snow White and gave her the apple. As soon as he left, she plopped to the ground.
Roxas: Who else will I have Ice Cream with? Xion suddenly stopped fading. Xion: Axel, Saix, their somebodies, those three kids you see around Twilight Town? Oh, and me.
Lexaus was in his room. Lexaus When you walk away You don't hear me say please Oh baby, don't go Simple and clean is- Roxas was right behind him with a camera. He ran off as soon as Lexaus saw him. Later… Lexaus: Where’s Roxas?! Xion: I don’t know? Don’t you? You are Simple and Clean. That’s why Aeleus doesn’t like Roxas.
Vanitas: Prepare to die Ventus! Ven: Can I take a break? Ven started break dancing much to the confusion of Vanitas who just stood there. Meanwhile, Aqua was baton twirling her Keyblade. Braig: Are we gonna fight or what? And as for Xehanort he was asleep while waiting for Terra to finish his 7000 push-ups.
Terra was reading when he heard Ven scream at the top of his lungs. He ran up to Ven’s room and saw a Shadow. Terra: Daaaaaaw… Ven: It’s a Heartless! Terra: It’s so cute! Terra went over to pet the Shadow before it pounced on him. Terra: Not Cute! Not Cute! Not Cute!
Eugene was dying. Rapunzel was trying to bring him back. Eugene: Hey, Rapunzel… Rapunzel: What? Eugene: You were my new dream. Rapunzel: And you were mine. Then Eugene felt something. Eugene: I’m ok! Sora: Well duh, I just used Curaga.
Aqua saw Sora and Riku and jumped off the bridge which sprained her ankle. Aqua: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! WHY DID I DO THAT?! OOOOOWWWWW! Sora: Should we get help? Aqua: No, C-Cuuuuuuraaaaaaaaga! Unfortunately, saying the spell that way made her leg go backwards. All three of them screamed at it.
Eraqus was giving his students their Keyblade Armours. Terra: Why do they look like rejected Power Ranger outfits? Eraqus: Well I always wanted a Power Ranger Team.
Aqua kissed a sleeping Ven and he woke up. Aqua: My kiss worked. Ven: What? Did you just-? Ven ran away screaming. Ven: COOOOOOOTIIIIIEEEESS!!!!!! Terra and Eraqus saw him ran past them. Terra: Hey look, Ven’s awake. Eraqus: Must be the power of cooties.
Sora won the Phill Cup in Olympus Coliseum and everyone cheered…and by that I mean disembodied voices. Sora: Where’s this cheering coming from? Hercules: Them. Sora immediately left.
Aqua caught Ven who was dropped off a cliff by Xehanort. Aqua: Ven, are you ok? Ven: I’m a human popsicle and I hit some rocks during my fall! What do you think?! Aqua: Oh, I guess not.
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2023.03.22 14:37 Mooniovee I want to cry

Had a really bad string of games today, the first run was good and I stayed the same rank which I was hoping for. The second one I currently have 2 wins and 5 losses, but that’s not the issue here.
I had someone I thought had good intentions friend me. They started calling me names like a parasite because I was duoing with my friend and I’m plat and he’s diamond. They said why do I only play mercy or moira and I said I played Ana too and they said I was shit at Ana when I didn’t think I was doing badly, I’m still trying to do my best at her. They said I should play someone useful, when I’m really flexible and can play many characters, I just find it easiest to rank up as moira and I play mercy if I want to be harder to hit and think the dps need more help.
They told me their duo is masters and my friend sucks at the game. They said I’ve won 66 games and am still in plat, I ranked up from gold 5 to plat this season and I’m really trying my best. I’ve been playing a lot to improve rather than win so it rlly makes me feel sad.
I was hoping to rank up or stay the same rank again except last game I glitched out at the start of the game because I have bad wifi now I can’t play for 8 hours and I know I’m just going to rank down. All this really wore me down I’m trying to get better. I didn’t even say anything to them the whole game.
We got them 3 games with them consecutively, I played mercy and my friend played Ashe and he carried that game and they kept yelling at me for no reason when I was on higher ground and dipping down to heal, even though the “masters” person was right in front of the kiriko he kept blaming me. And someone in the enemy said I was doing really well, too. They threw our next games then we avoided them cuz the kiriko refused to heal my friend.
Anyway it just feels really shit I’m just tryna play to have fun and improve.
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2023.03.22 14:37 maneIich low income international student somehow makes it to a top LAC!

Intended Major(s): applied to different majors at different schools, but mostly sociology and/or data science
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
  1. research assistant for the research director at my country's top research centre + co-author of a research paper. the paper is pending publication.
  2. research assistant + mentee of a professor at my country's T5.
  3. interned as a data operator during the phase III human trial of a certain coronavirus vaccine.
  4. vice president (12th) & general secretary (11th) of my school's english literary society.
  5. editor-in-chief (12th) & sub-editor (11th, 10th) of my school's yearbook, newsletters, and magazine. published school's first yearbook.
  6. organizer of [redacted].
  7. host of my school's podcast series.
  8. volunteer for a local NGO; play guitar as a form of music therapy for children with cognitive disabilities.
  9. self-taught guitarist + luthier. genuinely my passion; play for the school band; go-to handyman for guitar setup at my school.
  10. content-writer and ambassador for a local NPO.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
self-appraising your LORs and essays is a little silly but i'll give it a go regardless.
Letters of Recommendation
(Briefly describe relationships with your recommenders and estimated rating.)
i don't know her.
(Briefly reflect on the quality of your writing, time spent, and topic of main personal statement.)
good. my first draft blew my guidance counselor away; he genuinely told me it's the best first draft he's ever read. but then again, no one at my school has ever matriculated at a t20 so ehhh what would he know?
supplements were arguably better than my personal statement, but it might just have lost its novelty since i've read it a thousand times at this point. talked about mcdonald's, femininity, patriarchy, and gender.
my supplements focused more on my ECs, specifically the [redacted] and my volunteering at the nursing home. some folks over at the a2c discord server were gracious enough to look over a few of my essays and remarked that i was ivy bound (?). others were surprised that i'm a non native english speaker.
i won't lie, most of my essays were super rushed, but i believe first drafts make the best essays.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Waitlists: * wellesley college * bowdoin college * middlebury college
Acceptances: * amherst college!! w/ $92k in aid per annum :')
Awaiting: * vanderbilt university * bryn mawr college * mount holyoke college * vassar college * smith college * SIX!!! ivies * stanford
Additional Information:
i was outright rejected by all but one of the WASP lacs—and the only one willing to take a bet on me happened to be need blind. i wonder why? ;)
to my fellow low income internationals, this process is a crapshoot. apply to all sorts of colleges—need blind, need aware, far reaches, whatever. your decision effectively hinges on institutional priorities. amherst hadn't accepted an applicant from my country in two years. it's super random, and i'm super grateful.
also, there's hope! i'm one of two daughters in a single-mother household. i live in a patriarchal country. i've never boarded a plane before and i've barely been to a different city, let alone a land many miles away from home. family cautions my mom against sending a girl (gasps!) all alone to a different country. but i've made it out, and i've changed the lives of my mom and my sister in the process.
it's surreal.
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2023.03.22 14:37 oneidamojo APE Market Cap of 127.56B

I got an email back from Wealthsimple when I inquired about the cap. Here's what they sent me below.
"Thanks for getting in touch, it was a pleasure speaking with you!
With respect to $APE's market cap showing up indirectly, I want to firstly thank you for bringing this to our attention; I know it can be worrying and frustrating to see wrong data displayed on anything you're invested in, especially a stock you're passionate about, so thank you!
As for resolutions to the issue, it appears as though our 3rd party vendors had been sending in incorrect data. Our back end teams are now reaching out to those vendors to root out the problem, and we on the WS side are not privy to how they make their calculations or where they source their data from, I actually never even saw who the vendors were, they were just referred to as "vendors". So I'm afraid all I have to say is that it's being investigated at the moment.
I hope this information is helpful, and if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always here to help!
The Wealthsimple Team"
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2023.03.22 14:37 rwdorman How will you handle 90 day SSL expiration?

TL;DR - Google is looking at erroring out on any cert older than 90 days.
For commodity web servers this isn’t that difficult… a bit of ACME, Certbot and LE.
For OTHER things this is going to be a nightmare… Exchange, Remote Desktop Services, NPS, VMware if you use 3rd party certs etc etc.
Thoughts? Tricks and techniques I haven’t thought of for the above platforms?
I get the impetus to tighten up trust but this seems to invite alert fatigue for regular users who will learn to type “thisisunsafe” pretty quickly.
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2023.03.22 14:37 NarrowBoysenberry I thought DC was getting out of the Omnibus game?

There were news how a person had a source from DC and DC would no longer publish pre-Modern age books then another one with a vague statement about how they saw a ton of book on massive clearance and it's not looking good. Turns out it's all just fear mongering.
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2023.03.22 14:37 EligibilityAdvocates Coverage Discovery

The Solution to Uncompensated Care & Unreported Coverage Challenges

Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Challenge: Uncompensated Care

According to the American Hospital Association, hospitals have provided almost $745 billion in uncompensated care to patients since 2000.
The AHA defines uncompensated care as “care provided for which no payment was received from the patient or insurer” or “the sum of a hospital's bad debt and the financial assistance it provides.” It does not include other unfunded care, such as underpayment from Medicare and Medicaid, that further impairs a hospital’s financial health.

Challenge: Unreported Coverage

Patients can fail to accurately present their health coverage or other personal information to their providers. They may have unknown or forgotten health coverage. They may move, change employers, have overlapping, secondary, and tertiary coverage, or switch insurance carriers, among other possible explanations.
When a provider is unaware of existing insurance coverage, they may pursue the patient for the cost of care rather than the insurer. Valuable time is lost which can impact timely claim filing with the existing but unknown payer. It is essential to pursue the proper payer as early as possible in the revenue cycle to prevent claim denials, reimbursement delays, and wasted time and resources.

The Solution: Coverage Discovery

📷EligibilityOne offers an all-in-one coverage discovery solution.
With a large self-pay population, as well as more “underinsured” patients whose insurance coverage can leave them with high out-of-pocket expenses that they cannot afford to pay, hospitals need a comprehensive solution for addressing uncompensated care and unreported coverage challenges.
A coverage discovery solution is the answer. This technology enables hospitals to automatically find any existing coverage so they can appropriately direct collection efforts and maximize reimbursement.

EligibilityOne’s Coverage Discovery Solution

EligibilityOne offers an all-in-one solution that truly sets a new standard for coverage discovery:
Contact us today to learn more about how our coverage discovery solution can help you find and verify unreported coverage while reducing uncompensated care for your facility.
By Stephanie Salmich
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