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Escort and accomplices charged with murder of alleged client

2022.08.12 05:03 huntsmilfs Escort and accomplices charged with murder of alleged client
The girl is a well-known lower-end escort in the area, going by the pseudonym "Polish Princess".
I never saw her but the guys on the local USASG board have confirmed it is indeed her.
You can see her TER page here:
And here is one of her old ads:
The article is light on details, but rumor is the victim had called off work and withdrawn $500 from an ATM on the day he was killed. So you can connect the dots.
Very sobering to see this sort of thing. This girl was known to have a pretty serious drug habit, as many of the lower-end ones do.
Stay safe out there, fellas.
Update: The rumor going around now is the guy got scammed / was unhappy with the service, tried to take his money back by force, and was killed. Keep in mind this is just a rumor, but if true, it certainly does paint the story in a different light. More info in the comments below.
Update 2: A couple other guys are now saying that the whole thing may have actually been a setup to rob / murder the client after all. I have to admit the fact that the victim had $500 on him is suspicious, because Polish was not that expensive of a girl (not even close). So maybe there is more to it. I guess we won't know until they go on trial.
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