Return of the mount hua sect chapter 47


2021.12.20 21:46 TalseUzerr ReturnOfMountHuaSect


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2023.03.26 20:08 Rein-Sama-VwV Question regarding the final dungeon in WA2

36 hours in and I've made it to the final dungeon, And I'm aware that the point of no return is AFTER the save point so I'm in the loop regarding that
My question is well, HOW do i leave the final dungeon? I still have a few loose ends to take care of so i can platinum this game and i was curious if this was like the first wild arms game where once you reach the final area in the final dungeon you can go to a teleporter and go back to the world map.
Or do i have to go backtrack the ENTIRE way from the final dungeon>Spiral tower>>and THEN the world map?
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2023.03.26 20:08 nolalaw9781 Husky licking himself raw. Is it allergies or stress?

Duration: at least a week.
Vet said it was stress from my leaving town and said to use the betaden and keep him in a collar. He does not seem to be scratching much anymore.
He’s in the collar when I’m not monitoring him closely but he’s managed to lick his leg raw in 2 spots.
The spot he cannot access has turned dry and crusty but the hair has not returned.
Included below are pics of the dried out spot and the fresh one on his leg.
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2023.03.26 20:08 ComicJump Weird Incident At Pool PART-3

Please read PART-1 and PART-2 before reading this one-- ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ PART-1
PART-2 ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
I was standing there in silence, felt like screaming in my loudest voice that would tear my vocal cord. I felt like scratching or tearing my pupils and jumping out of the windowpane. My limbs and hinds were turning heavy in fear. I picked up the metallic chemical tank which was probably used in the pool and threw it outside breaking the windowpane. I didn't desire to live anymore in the lonely world. As I was about to fall from the window a hand gripping me firmly pulled me inwards. My eyes were blurred because of the tears but recognized someone in uniform. As I recovered my senses, I saw he was a policeman and his eyes showed questions he wanted to ask but were assuring me safety. He said that they received a call from this place and heard screams on the call so they came to help. As he was taking me back to the entrance of the room something struck me and I asked him "Was he alone". He said Sudheer and 2 other officers were with him. I asked him where they were at this time. He replied that they went searching on the upper floors and shouted the names of the officers until he saw me. He asked me whether everything was alright. I replied that there were only two floors in this building and pointed my finger toward the end of the staircase. The two officer's bodies were nailed onto the walls. He was panicking and sweating and started to scream for Sudheer. The officer's bodies were nailed in terrible conditions. Their eyeballs were lying on the floor and most of the blood had leaked out. It felt as if they were crushed under a big vehicle and reminded me of the dog I saw on the way. The policeman quickly decided to return to the police office and held my hand proceeding downstairs. He continued calling his friend's name but didn't realize something that caught my attention. I stopped him and told him to look at the floor number plate. He completely freaked out this time seeing that we were struck on the first floor.....................
I know PART-3 wasn't that big compared to the previous ones but I promise to deliver my everything on- Weird Incident At Pool : THE FINAL PART☠️
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2023.03.26 20:07 SoftPois0n The Best of Keanu Reeves: Top 39 Most Memorable Movies

The Best of Keanu Reeves: Top 39 Most Memorable Movies

# Name Year Released Genres
1 The Matrix 1999 Action, Science Fiction
2 John Wick: Chapter 4 2023 Action, Crime, Thriller
3 The Devil's Advocate 1997 Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
4 John Wick 2014 Action, Thriller
5 John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 Action, Crime, Thriller
6 John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum 2019 Action, Crime, Thriller
7 Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992 Horror, Romance
8 Speed 1994 Action, Adventure, Crime
9 Much Ado About Nothing 1993 Comedy, Drama, Romance
10 The Matrix Reloaded 2003 Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller
11 Point Break 1991 Action, Crime, Thriller
12 Parenthood 1989 Comedy, Drama
13 Constantine 2005 Action, Fantasy, Horror
14 A Scanner Darkly 2006 Animation, Science Fiction, Thriller
15 My Own Private Idaho 1991 Drama, Erotica
16 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 1989 Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
17 River's Edge 1986 Crime, Drama, Thriller
18 The Lake House 2006 Drama, Mystery, Romance
19 Street Kings 2008 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
20 To the Bone 2017 Drama
21 The Matrix Revolutions 2003 Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller
22 Something's Gotta Give 2003 Comedy, Drama, Romance
23 Sweet November 2001 Drama, Romance
24 The Gift 2000 Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
25 A Walk in the Clouds 1995 Drama, Romance
26 The Replacements 2000 Comedy
27 Hardball 2001 Drama
28 47 Ronin 2013 Action, Drama, Fantasy
29 The Whole Truth 2016 Drama, Thriller
30 Man of Tai Chi 2013 Action, Drama
31 Destination Wedding 2018 Comedy, Drama, Romance
32 Henry's Crime 2010 Comedy, Crime
33 The Matrix Resurrections 2021 Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
34 Johnny Mnemonic 1995 Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller
35 The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008 Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
36 Replicas 2018 Drama, Family, Science Fiction, Thriller
37 The Last Time I Committed Suicide 1997 Drama
38 Knock Knock 2015 Drama, Horror, Thriller
39 Exposed 2016 Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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2023.03.26 20:07 ReadBrief722 The Return of the Puritans Men and Women of God Who Loved God, Loved the Word and Proved Their Faith in Jesus

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2023.03.26 20:07 rgent006 Redditors on the PCT Week 3 (26 MARCH 2023)

Redditors on the PCT Week 3 (26 MARCH 2023)

At this time we have over 50 hikers signed up to allow us to track their PCT 2023 progress. We have a handful of starters with progress to track and many more that are gearing up to start this week. Our furthest hiker is past mi 209 at the moment while many others are getting wet during this last bout of atmospheric river. We appreciate all of your updates from trail and wish you nothing but the absolute best as your embark on your PCT journey. HYOH and LNT.


to make one's way through, across, or over

If you are hiking the trail this year (Thru or LASH) and would like to be added to these posts, please fill out the survey linked here or comment below and we'll get you added into future updates. These updates will come on a weekly basis and be put out on Sunday PM. If your social media link is private, you will get a follow request from this OP. My name is Rachel, hi :)
If for any reason you'd like to be removed from these updates OR if something does not look right, please message me directly.
Most Recent Trail Closure Updates

Hiker Trail Name Start Date Current Location-ish Update
u/jimmyjamhiker JimmyJam MAR 02 (NOBO) Warner Springs 3/25: Riding out the atmospheric river in Warner Springs
u/Schrodingers-cat-30 Ditto MAR 02 (NOBO) mi 100-200 3/25: no update as of 3/22
u/trailhead42 Trailhead MAR 10 (NOBO) past mi 209 by now 3/25: Skipped up to Idyllwild and strapped on snowshoes and a little while after, switched those out for crampons. Looks like they're with a sizeable crowd. Snow camping! And then broke a tent pole, but hit mile 200!
u/minaretcrew MAR 13 (NOBO) past mi 41 by now 3/26: Officially on trail, forded Hauser Creek and got their first trail magic! Dr Pepper! Stunning photography. "Lake Morena to Mount Laguna, miles 20-41.5: A Song of Mud and Ice.™️"
u/Many_Yellow_1623 Half Pint MAR 18 (NOBO) past mi 40 by now 3/25: Had a rainy start, climbed LOTS to Mt Laguna where they waited out the storm in a cute little cabin
u/juliozz59, Link 2 MAR 20 (NOBO) No update posted 3/25: No update from trail yet
u/thesearereddits MAR 21 (NOBO) Near the border 3/26: Foraging mushrooms in the SoCal desert (no, really) and being a literal chef on trail. Practicing LNT principals like a boss and harmonizing in bathrooms and walking in the rain. Is a wilderness first responder and seems to be posted up at Lake Morena
u/emdem55 Keys MAR 22 (NOBO) N of Mt Laguna 3/25: Trail cheffing for the first two days, had a big burger and fries at Mt Laguna and they're back off into the desert
u/Beefandsteel MAR 22 (NOBO) No update posted 3/25: Gear pic posted! No updates from trail yet
u/jacobburns MAR 22 (NOBO) On trail! 3/26: Day 1 Ten Miles, tent fell down the first night but still smiling! Day 4 woke up with frost inside the tent! Rolled into snowy Mt Laguna
u/ThrowAwayTheAT MAR 22 (NOBO) No update posted 3/25: No update from trail yet
u/Doetastic Doe MAR 23 (NOBO) No update posted 3/25: No update from trail yet
u/7-legged-octopus MAR 27 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/snoopeppers2819 MAR 28 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/frankiehikes MAR 28 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/particularamphibian, Link 2 MAR 28 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/m, Link 2 MAR 28 (NOBO Not Yet On Trail
u/yourgirlbribri MAR 29 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/future_psychology_91 Dundee on the AT. on the PCT ??? MAR 30 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/shardpelt MAR 31 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/chroniclesofvanlife APR 1 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/nataliethisisnatalie APR 1 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/phantom_dong APR 5 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/rooo_22 APR 5 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/interestingtown APR 6 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/shoebinn, Link 2 APR 7 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/evoncassier APR 7 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/tomnomnom17 APR 10 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/wingman Wingman APR 10 (NOBO - SECTION) Not Yet On Trail
u/Beccatravels Pepper APR 10 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/jesshikes APR 11 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/P1L9R1M Pilgrim APR 11 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/Alone_Background5178 APR 11 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/drwolffe APR 11 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/laurelindorenan, Link 2 APR 12 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/calithileth, Link 2 APR 12 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/woodsbearoutdoors APR 14 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/pollyf APR 14 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/stressok3401 APR 14 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/hallroosevelt, Link 2 APR 15 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/Bullish_Bear000 APR 19 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/Just_karo APR 20 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/alex_pct23 APR 24 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/FishingFrank, Link 2 Papa Roja APR 26 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/mschoee MAY 1 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/Loombisaurus Daisy MAY 1 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/sharkdork MAY 5 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/kinn0n14 MAY 13 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/spiderwinder23 MAY 15 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/niccolojoe MAY 18 (NOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/margot380 JUL 2 (SOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/lilmisscactus JUL 8 (SOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/agreeable_ad_5423 JUL 10 (SOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/Sea_counter8398 JUL 18 (SOBO) Not Yet On Trail
u/canthinkofone9 Sweet Rinn JUL 26 (SOBO - SECTION) Not Yet On Trail
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2023.03.26 20:06 EntertainerOk9552 I can't handle my siblings anymore

Long story - my family is messed up.
BG: I have 3 siblings that are still alive: B1, S1, S2. (There used to be a B2, but he passed away 30 yrs ago) All a LOT older than me - B1 is 14 yrs older, S1 is 10 yrs older, S2 is 8 yrs older. After B2 passed, we all went our separate ways, it was too hard on all of us, so we're not close. After our mother passed away when I was 15 (late 40's now), my dad decided to move on and get remarried about 5 years later. So he cleaned out the house and memorabilia from my mom, and gave us each part of it - I got my mom's dishes and hutch, S1 got the family pictures, S2 got some other stuff. B1 didn't want anything. B1 has always been lazy, unmotivated and generally self centered. My dad had helped him out with money, older cars, stoves, etc. but he never did anything in return, and after a while my dad stopped helping him and talked about disowning him. Me and my sisters did it all, up until the day he died - S2 was the only one with him when he died in the hospital, B1 wouldn't even go visit, and the rest of us went home to get some sleep. All of my siblings are very "sensitive" - they don't like confrontation - all except me. I take everything head on, and I'm not afraid to cause a ruckus amongst family members if it's warranted. This will be important to the story.
On to the story: When dad passed away, B1 proclaimed himself "patriarch" of the family, as him and his children are the only ones that carry the family name now. He tricked S1 into "loaning" him the family pictures, and won't give them back. S1 is kind of a wuss, and she doesn't want to look like a mean person, but she wants them back. So she wants me to trick him into letting ME see them, so I can give them back to her. I didn't have any idea she even loaned them to him, I could've told her not to. None of this has anything to do with me. With some discreet questions, I found out B1 is actually taking them for his family as heirlooms and has no intention of giving them back, and S1 is freaking out. Dad gave them to her so she could keep them safe from B1. They will go down a black hole with him, never to be seen again, and will probably be destroyed in the process. S1 keeps texting me, asking when I'm going to get them back. I told her I won't do it, it's not my problem, but apparently she says it is?! I'm so sick of this! Part of me wants to get those pics back, they're part of our history, but the other part of my says "Why do I have to do this? It has nothing to do with me! Leave me out of it!" I'm tired of them squabbling with each other and having to be peacemaker, I personally get along with all of them. S2 is staying right out of it as well. FFS, they're all in their 50's and 60's. I want to tell them all to grow up.
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2023.03.26 20:06 kayla_moki Anyones parents overly worried about you being an introvert?

Hello! My parents were always super worried about my introverted personality. I am now 22 years old and my mom in particular still worries about it. Ever since I was a teenager she would push me to go out more and would seem sad when I would return relatively early, saying stuff like: "Why did you come home so early? Kids your age stay out all night having fun". It would make me feel really shitty about it and annoy me. My parents also switched me schools at 15 because of this reason. Up until then, I went to a private school and I had 3 friends there who lived in neighborhoods far away from me. They thought that me going to my local public school would make socialising easier for me, as my classmates would all live near me.
The thing is my mom still worries in extent. She will be like "Why won't you celebrate your birthday? You should throw a big party with your friends". Like first of all, why do you still ask about my social life? Lol. I'm an adult. Second of all, I haven't celebrated my birthdays since covid. I feel like I'm too grown up for this and I don't feel like it. I don't have a big group of friends to throw a big party. I have 6 really close friends who I can absolutely trust about anything and I'm fine with it. But she is still worried. If I happen to call her on a Saturday night she'll be like "Why are you home on a Saturday? Why don't you have a night out? Don't you go out with your friends?". Honestly, it's gotten to the point where I just avoid her because of this. Anyone else had parents overly worried because of them being an introvert?
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2023.03.26 20:06 LoveMangaBuddy Read Experience Distribution Ability; Solo Life of the Strongest Point Gifter in a different world - Chapter 10.3 - MangaPuma

Fildo is suddenly fired from "Light of Glory," the top guild in the country and a black guild. Although Fildo was mercilessly expelled from the guild, his experience value increased remarkably due to the effect of the Point Gifter "Experience Distributor" skill, and he became the most powerful man on the continent. On the other hand, "Light of Glory" lost a great deal of experience and faced a cri ... Read Experience Distribution Ability; Solo Life of the Strongest Point Gifter in a different world - Chapter 10.3 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.26 20:05 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 may feature a map of Vice City and Liberty City

As rumors continue to circulate about the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, fans are speculating about the game's possible setting and features. One theory that has gained traction is that the game will feature a map of both Vice City and Liberty City.
Vice City, the fictional Miami-inspired city that was featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, is a fan favorite and has long been rumored to make a return in the series. Meanwhile, Liberty City, the game's version of New York City, was last seen in Grand Theft Auto IV.
The theory is based on a number of clues, including a tweet from a reliable leaker who claimed that the game would feature a "smaller" map than Grand Theft Auto V but with "more detail." This could suggest that the game will feature multiple cities or locations.
Of course, until Rockstar Games makes an official announcement, fans can only speculate about what the game will feature. But regardless of what the game includes, fans can be sure that it will be a highly immersive and exciting experience.
For those looking to enhance their experience with previous games in the series, GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪 offers a variety of mods and accounts that can make playing GTA V even more fun and engaging.
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2023.03.26 20:05 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 to have a revolutionary new storyline and characters 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪

Rockstar Games, the studio behind the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto franchise, has confirmed that the highly anticipated GTA 6 will have a revolutionary new storyline and characters. According to insiders, the game will take place in a new location and feature a fresh cast of characters, all with their own unique backstories and motivations.
Rumors are circulating that the game will take place in a fictional city based on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a focus on the criminal underworld and the struggles of everyday people caught up in it. The game is said to tackle themes of corruption, poverty, and social inequality, with players able to choose their own path through the narrative.
While details about the storyline and characters are being kept tightly under wraps, fans are already speculating about who might be involved. Some are hoping to see the return of fan-favorite characters like Trevor, Michael, and Franklin from GTA V, while others are looking forward to meeting brand new characters with their own unique personalities and abilities.
Regardless of what direction Rockstar takes with the story and characters in GTA 6, fans can expect the same level of high-quality gameplay and immersive open-world environments that the series is known for. The game is expected to be released on next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as PC.
For those who can't wait to get their hands on GTA 6, GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪 offers a variety of mods and accounts to enhance the GTA 5 experience while we wait for the next installment in the series.
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2023.03.26 20:05 SpookyRibcage Mattel is down bad for this LMAO ADVERTISING THE DOLLS MONTHS AFTER THEY SOLD OUT 😭😭💀

Mattel is down bad for this LMAO ADVERTISING THE DOLLS MONTHS AFTER THEY SOLD OUT 😭😭💀 submitted by SpookyRibcage to MonsterHigh [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 20:04 dharma_knight Benjamin Sisko's return to Starfleet wouldn't involve a return to the command division

At the end of DS9, Captain Sisko joins the Prophets in the Celestial Temple. It's ambiguous as to how long he'll really be with the Prophets - while Sisko's understanding of linear time will doubtless be helpful, it is ultimately the Prophets who are in control of him and his fate. Sisko theorizes he could be back "yesterday" indicating his time in the Celestial Temple could be over quickly, at least from the perspective of his loved ones and crew.
Sisko's lastest TV appearance is just a mention in Lower Decks. In 2381, we know that Sisko is apparently "working hard in the Celestial Temple." Whether this means Sisko has remained there continuously from DS9's ending, or that Sisko enters and leaves on his own is unknown. It does mean, however, that Sisko is still involved with the Celestial Temple, Bajor, and the Prophets.
In the many novels, comics, and stories feature Captain Sisko, the common trend dealing with his character is that he is thrust back into the captaincy. In other words, these stories take him away from Bajor, the Celestial Temple, and the Prophets. Such is the life of a career Starfleet officer. One assignment is not necessarily their forever home. Sisko is no stranger to moving from post to post; for example, after entering the command division on the Okinawa, Sisko is fast tracked to an first officer position under Leyton, yet, within roughly ten years, he becomes first officer of the Saratoga, but Wolf 359 cuts Sisko's rise to captaincy pre-DS9 short. The loss of losing his wife and ship sets Sisko's career back and he takes a "safe" posting as an administrator on the Martian shipyards. It's likely that if Wolf 359 never occurred, Benjamin Sisko would find himself captain of a ship shortly around the time DS9 starts. But the issue with viewing Sisko as a career officer that accepts one prestigious posting after the other is that it discards his character development. Sisko became utterly infatuated with Bajor, and not just because of his religious connection to the planet. He genuinely wanted to build a home their for his family.
That leads me to the point of this post - Sisko would not return to the command division of Starfleet if he returned from the Celestial Temple on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. He would not go gallivanting around the galaxy exploring and investigating. I put forward that Sisko would transfer out of the command division, if he remains in Starfleet at all. Sisko would very likely become the Federation's ambassador to Bajor. He's already ingratiated with the native politicians, the culture of Bajor, and the geopolitical aspects of that region of space. With Cardassia a smoldering ruin, the Dominion/Changeling threat hidden until ST:Picard's era, there is no major threat to Bajor except itself. While no one can doubt Sisko is a good solider, one who takes his orders and follows them, the time for soldiering is over. Especially when that soldier ascends to demigod status.
Sisko as ambassador to Bajor would likely oversee the integration of Bajor into the Federation - a very likely reality in my opinion. Bajor only remained independent because of Sisko's visions that joining the federation prior to the Dominion War would result in Bajor's destruction (because the Dominion would lay waste to the planet first during an invasion). Once Bajor is joined with the UFP, it's likely that Sisko would live out his life in peace with his family. Sisko, no longer needing to be an ambassador, could likely join archeological efforts as a civilian on Bajor, uncovering more ruins and researching the historical influence of the Prophets on Bajor.
In summary, Benjamin's Sisko's connection to Bajor and her people would result in him not accepting a new command following a permanent or semi-permanent return from the Celestial Temple. He is far more likely to accept a position in which he can stay close to Bajor, as an ambassador, for example. Sisko's future and life are intrinsically tied to Bajor - he would not leave that all for a new starship and new command half way across space.
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2023.03.26 20:04 LoveMangaBuddy Read Martial Streamer - Chapter 24 - MangaPuma

TaeMin was a student taking a gap year, when he ended up electrocuting himself while trying to become a Youtuber. However, he ends up being reincarnated as Zhao Ga-hui in a world of martial arts, with livestreaming abilities to boot! With the special ability to access Youtube when he closes his eyes, he starts streaming his daily life in ancient China, with the goal of becoming the ultimate mercha ... Read Martial Streamer - Chapter 24 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.26 20:04 logantyler002 How do I recover stolen bitcoin and recover money from a supposed recovery specialist who was a scammer, as well?

[email protected] is an investigation company that uses it's superior assets tracing technology to trace the paths of lost assets. Before we dive in, it's pertinent to note that recovery of stolen cryptocurrency is a complex process and it requires the cooperation of the victim for a successful recovery. Cases with losses above $100K and where a claimant provided all requested evidence are most likely to be investigated if you're willing to pay a decent retainer for the recovery of your funds. After intensive investigation, we will issue an alert to blockchain services (i.e. exchanges) receiving the stolen funds and have it returned to the victim.
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2023.03.26 20:03 RPLetsGoIsles Newbie here. Recommendation for 4K Projector for 4K Ultra HD Blu-Rays?

I had a projector years ago, but the game has changed. Going to set up a projector in my basement. It will mostly be to watch 4K Blu-Rays on a PS5 for now.
What are my best options if I have a budget of around $1500? Even lower would be excellent, closer to $1000 if at all possible but I’d rather spend for quality than save a few hundred bucks.
Basement setup is adaptable, so throw distance, ceiling mount etc aren’t huge considerations. I just want it to display real Ultra HD in 4K when I watch those discs, and probably looking for at least 120 inches.
Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!
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2023.03.26 20:03 DrBlackJack21 Of Men and Dragons, Book 3, Chapter 36

Other stories of mine can be found in my
For those who want to go back to the beginning, here's a link to book 1 chapter 1.
An image of Lon'thul
Of Men and Dragons, Book 3, Chapter 36
Lack'nul was exhausted. Trying to live up to his predecessor would have been difficult in times of peace, but doing so now, while actively at war, was a nightmare. Usually, standing guard for the first shift at night was a relatively easy watch, but he'd been up extra early the last several mornings to get in his practice before running everyone through the same drills Ger'ron had a thousand times before. He was leaning on his spear more than he used to, trying to leach a little more strength from the wooden shaft supporting a good portion of his body weight.
The guard captain jerked awake as someone shook his shoulder. He started to bring his spear up defensively, only to find Orth'kun standing before him with his hands raised in surrender and a giant grin that belied his posture. "Heya boss didn't mean to startle you or anything, but your watch is over. Time for me to take over!"
Lack'nul blinked furiously. His shift shouldn't be anywhere near over! So that meant he'd fallen asleep... Which meant this part of the camp had gone unwatched for who knew how long...
His friend just grinned at him before answering the confused expression on his face. "Relax, boss, it hasn't been that long. Jar'maal noticed you were looking kinda out of it and got me to replace you a bit early. Go get yourself some rest. I'll take over for you."
Lack'nul shook his head as he stood his ground stubbornly. "It's my job to stand watch just like the rest of you. I can't start slacking just because someone threw a new title at me! And what’s with all this ‘boss’ talk?"
Orth'kun simply raised an eye ridge. "Well, I call you boss, because you’re the boss. One of them anyway. What’s more, you're in no condition to stand watch right now. You need some rest. You won't do anyone any good if you're so tired you can't spot a giant like me walking right up to you like I did. You didn't see old Ger'ron standing watch all night long, and neither should you! You're acting like some young pup with something to prove!"
Lack'nul still refused to yield the watch. "Well, maybe I do have something to prove. I didn't earn this spot the way Ger'ron did!"
The larger argu'n simply rolled his eyes. "You know as well as I do that Ger'ron started out a gate guard, just like you. He was just the right guy at the right place at the right time, also like you. So I guess what I'm wonderin' is, who do you need to prove something to, us…or yourself?"
The inexperienced guard captain shook his head as he leaned against the spear again. "I don't know, maybe both? Either way, we can't afford any slackers in the camp these days. I gotta pull my own weight around here."
Orth'kun laughed and slapped Lack'nul on the back. "Well, good thing you got a lot less weight to pull than me! But seriously, you won't help anyone if you're too tired to run drills in the morning. Get some rest, and if you're worried about whether or not you're doing enough around camp, just ask me. I promise I'll tell ya if you start to get lazy on us!"
Finally, Lack'nul relented and handed over the spear with a quick, "Yeah, maybe you're right." before trudging back to his tent. His legs felt almost as heavy as his eyelids. As he climbed into his tent and prepped his sleeping pad, the guard captain worried about the same thing that had been bothering him for a while now. How could he live up to Ger'ron's legacy? What did he bring to the hunt to make his presence worthwhile?
Vox'thon felt lost and confused. Not physically lost. Given the sensors Angela had installed in her new body, the AI had a perfect map of where she'd been relative to where they were, but rather, she was morally and mentally lost.
She agreed with B'arthon's plan, in principle, to unite the argu'n people and put an end to all the useless bickering between villages and tribes. A strong centralized leader would go a long way toward helping the people to better specialize, reduce waste, and trivialize emergencies that once would have wiped out entire villages. In a way, the success they'd already seen in overcoming the few villages that resisted and leading the new empire to finally deal with the hill people was proof of the plan's viability. She'd even go so far as to say that his plan had a significantly higher chance of initial success than Jack's, which depended on the argu'n people learning from his example rather than just taking what he offered and returning to their old ways, albeit in better houses.
The problem lay in his plan for dealing with Jack and S'haar. For one thing, she thought of them as a kind of distant family. They were like aunts and uncles that she rarely saw, but the gifts and kindness they'd given her were something the AI wouldn't soon forget. Without them, she'd likely have lost power and "died" long ago, never having seen the world or B'arthon, her father's, face. So it pained her to see them in danger.
On the other hand, she had to admit her father had a point that if they were allowed to set up their own nation near his own, they'd likely create the same kind of rival for this empire that the villages were to each other now. What kind of death and waste would be expended in the conflicts between two such powers? The AI mentally shuddered at the thought.
But that brought her to the second issue of dealing with Jack and S'haar, the threat they posed now. Twice now, Vox'thon had thought for sure they'd be captured or slain by her father's greater manpower and maneuvering, but the first time they effortlessly wiped out one of his armies, and the second, they slipped through a supposedly impregnable wall of argu'n without a single loss. Not to mention the times before this, when her father told Vox'thon of them overcoming unbelievable odds. In short, even cut off and surrounded, they posed a significant threat, and judging by B'arthon's constant state of annoyance and stress, he'd come to the same conclusion.
The hunters had told them they'd be meeting up with A'ngles' army in another day and a half, which meant they'd already made considerable gains since launching an offensive into the hills. But that might be a mixed blessing.
Right now, B'arthon was lying back on his sleeping pad, but judging by his breathing, he was far from sleep. With the hunters far enough away, the AI decided to speak up for the first time tonight. "Sounds like your father's progress has been pretty straightforward so far."
B'arthon cracked an eye and glanced over at Vox'thon. "Yes. From what I've gathered from the scouts we've passed, he's already taken the survivors of several hill people tribes captive to be sworn into the empire. That's good news... and bad."
Vox'thon was somewhat relieved to hear his thoughts echoing her own, though she decided to voice her concerns anyway. "Yes, my thoughts exactly. Lord A'ngles' early success will likely drive many tribes to unite with Jack and S'haar. Though they won't have time to give them new equipment or significant training, each new member of their growing army will likely account for far more than their individual abilities would suggest."
B'arthon sighed. "You're not wrong. I might have suggested leaving the hill people be and just combing the mountains for their encampment, but on the other hand, there's no guarantee they wouldn't have slipped through our grasp again and simply united the tribes behind us, thus cutting off our supplies from the villages. The virtue of this plan is twofold. For one thing, it reduces the number of possible enemies to complicate our plans. Second, while each new tribe increases their numbers, they also make it harder for them to slip past us unnoticed again. They'll have to finally stand and fight, and we'll know whose plan was superior.
They'd had this part of the conversation several times before, but Vox'thon couldn't help but voice her question again. "And what if it turns out their plan is stronger?"
B'arthon sighed and settled into his pad a little more. "Then at least I'll know we've left our new empire in good hands."
That brought another concern to Vox'thon's mind. "But how do you know they'll take over your empire rather than simply disband it back into the villages it was before?"
B'arthon cracked his eyes open again and grinned slightly. "Because they'll have no choice. Even if they win and I die, the villages have been upturned, and the people shifted to the point they can't easily go back to being individually self-sustaining. So it will take a keen mind to step in and redirect aid and work through the villages to keep them alive through the coming fall and winter. By then, it'll be too late. The people will have seen how their survivability and quality of life improve as a united people rather than squabbling villages. They'll insist on someone taking over rather than disbanding. They'll insist on Jack and S'haar. And Jack, unwilling to sit by and watch people suffer, will step up when called. In one form or another, this empire will stand."
Vox'thon was amazed at B'arthon's calm demeanor in considering his potential loss and death. His own life was truly a secondary concern for him, so much so that he'd even incorporated its loss into his plans. But, of course, his death was not something the AI was so ready to accept. If he wasn't willing to fight harder for his own survival, Vox'thon would just have to find a way to fight for him. But how? Unlike Angela, she wasn't capable of self-motion. So, if she wanted to influence the upcoming battle, she'd have to fight in her own way. Of course, that brought her back to her ethical dilemma. Could she bring herself to fight against the people who'd been so kind to her? Would not choosing not to fight be the same as fighting against B'arthon? There didn't seem to be any readily available answers, and as B'arthon drifted to sleep, the AI continued considering the possible ramifications of the choices ahead of her.

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2023.03.26 20:03 nygirl818 Please, Please, Please Chance a Very Scared Freshman!!

Demographic: white (middle eastern), female, freshman
Schools: NYU, Boston University, Barnard (my dream 😭)
Current Major: Natural Science (BS), but I am changing it to English
College GPA: 3.454
HS GPA (W): 96.06 (11 APs)
- Dog walker and sitter (paid and continuation from HS): My primary responsibility was to walk dogs and occasionally look after them when their owners had other engagements. I provide food and water, maintain a walking schedule, and ensure the dog's physical safety. This a continuation from my 9th and 10th grades of high school. As I am self-employed, my work schedule is based on my school schedule, thus I am in control of my work hours.
- Science Club: I am a member of the newsletter committee in which I research current discoveries and science-related news to be added to the newsletter and accessed by other students.
- Member of the United Students Government (continuation from HS): I am an active member of the United Students Government Club. As a member, I aided in organizing community events such as a Thanksgiving food drive and clothing donations to women's shelters. This is a continuation from high school as it is similar to the Student Government club I was a member of.
- HEAL Clinical Shadowing: I partook in an online symposium where medical school students and varying doctors were taught about the importance of taking care of patients. The instructors provided different case studies and engaged those shadowing in the steps that were taken to find a diagnosis.
- (HS - Senior) Co-Treasurer of my National English Honor Society Chapter in HS: I was elected to be Co-Treasurer in my High School during my 12th-grade year. My responsibilities included: managing the club's budget, collecting club dues from members, and aiding my co-officers with organizing meetings. Collectively, we would discuss ideas for members to be involved in writing and literature-related activities.
- Depop seller (continuation from HS): I manage a second-hand shop, promoting sustainability. Through selling my own clothes and thrifted goods I acquired skills in negotiation, customer service, and marketing.
- Volunteer at 7Cups: I received training in order to properly engage with people who need to express their current emotions via an online chat
- Volunteer at Zooniverse: I test projects prior to their release and check to see if they work properly. At the end of the beta test, I fill out a questionnaire that aids the researchers in finding and checking for flaws or issues. Also, I am able to choose from a variety of projects and I classify the data contained within the project.
- English Tutor: I tutored family members whose primary language isn't English. I helped them in improving their grammar when speaking and writing. I organized lesson plans and developed games for enhancing language comprehension.
- AP Scholar for AP Lang and Comp
My English professor as she is the only prof that I have been able to form somewhat of a relationship with and has been able to evaluate my progress in the course
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Is anyone else finding the second chapters to be insanely difficult? Most of my party is well above the recommended levels and most of my party is being killed in one shot by the boss. I found this with Partitio chapter 2 so I figured I’d come back to it later, but then same problem with Hikari chapter 2. The lead up is easy, and I’m not struggling in the open areas, so this is really making this tedious rather than fun.
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2023.03.26 20:02 galacticmang0 AITA for not mixing pasta noodles with the sauce?

My husband and I have had this ongoing debate for the entirety of our relationship. When he makes pasta, he will mix the noodles and sauce together straightaway. When I make it, I leave the noodles and sauce separated until just before serving. If there are leftovers, I will store the noodles and sauce separately. Although each of us have our preferences, we typically leave it up to whoever is doing the cooking to decide how the sauce/noodles will be served and stored.
I recently came back from a 2 month work assignment, and my return also happened to coincide with a bunch of my in-laws coming into town. My husband wanted to host a dinner at our home for his family and asked if I could take on all of the cooking.
I'm normally the one to do most of the cooking in our relationship. I enjoy it and I would say that I'm pretty good at it - objectively better than he is. I've been complimented many times from many different people over different meals I've made. However, I am by no means a professional and I've never been asked to cook for such a large group before. I wasn't totally comfortable with taking on that role for this occasion, and plus I kind of wanted to chill and be lazy for a while after being away for work for an extended period of time. But my husband really wanted to impress his family so I begrudgingly agreed.
I ended up making several different dishes, one of those being a bolognese sauce with pappardelle noodles. I made sure to plate it up really nice and topped it with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and basil. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Later that evening, my husband pulled me aside and was clearly unhappy that I hadn't mixed the noodles and sauce altogether. His reasoning is that he and his entire family prefer everything mixed, and that I should've made it according to their preferences since I knew that. He said it made no sense to make it according to my preferences when I was the only person out of 15 that liked it that way.
I told him if it were really that big of a deal, that he should've taken on all of the cooking. We went back and forth for a bit and I finally said, "If I'm the one cooking, then I'm going to make it the way that I think is best. I don't care what everyone else's preferences are." That irritated him even further and he basically expressed that he thinks I was being rude and inconsiderate.
It's not like I ignored anyone's dietary restrictions - there were none. Cooking a multiple course meal by yourself for a large group is a lot of work and the fact that he had the audacity to complain about noodles and sauce is beyond irritating.
It's been a couple of weeks since this has happened and I haven't been cooking our dinners as I normally do. I told my husband that since he seems to be such a picky eater, he can figure it out himself.
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