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2023.03.22 12:53 faremaiden [SC] Can I report someone who keeps getting me sick?

The person who sits behind me has gotten me sick now 3 times. Once was covid and this time may also be covid (haven’t tested yet). They constantly come into the office coughing, snorting up snot and sneezing. They never cover their mouth while doing any of this. Can I report them without it coming back on me? They have no awareness of anyone else around them! Also we have no HR physically in the office anymore, just in HQ and there isn’t a way for me to take a private meeting with them either since I don’t have a laptop to go to a conference room or a private office. Is there anything I can do?
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2023.03.22 12:52 BetiroVal Should Threadlings receive a consistency buff? (PvP)

They do feel a little lacklustre, due to how easily inconsistent they feel (especially compared to PvE)
Just some quick points - Give them (more) HP. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like anything 1 shots them. Anything rapid fire or AoE will shred through a whole swarm. It also doesn’t help that they tend to travel in a single-file formation. Give them a small HP pool (like 40hp) so they don’t die so easy.
Improve their tracking so a.) they lock onto a single target. b.) they can target further. c.) they prioritise enemies instead of coming back to you.
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2023.03.22 12:51 Galuna Several Original and Fandom Prompts.

Hi all. I'm still new to roleplaying on reddit, so forgive me if this listing is lacking in quality.
Here's some information about me. Any of the plays below will certainly include smut..
To prevent you from wasting your time, here are what I expect from a partner up front.
With that out of the way, here's the pitch. I'm looking primarily for a long-term roleplaying partner that I can explore one (or more) of my premises with. If we click really well, then there's the possibility of lots and lots of different roleplays. I write as all genders but prefer not to play a girl alongside a partner playing a guy if romance is involved. I skew very heavily towards FxF pairings. I don't care about what gender you are, or what you were assigned as at birth. I have no problem playing with anything on(or off) the beautiful technicolour rainbow.
I will list the settings I'm currently looking for below. I don't want this to become a huge novel, so I'm going to keep each premise rather simple, but I do have a lot more detail to give. Message me with questions if you'd like to know more.
Fantasy: This roleplay will take place in a Fantasy Setting that I've already come up with a lot of information for. I have a few characters that I'd be interested in playing as, ranging from a Dark Mage to an optimistic, peppy Hero. Generally, it would involve adventuring to new places with a new partnecompanion (your character!) There may also be Video Game Elements in the setting--such as characters openly talking about their 'classes' like it's normal.

Splatoon: While DJ Octavio is in charge of the Octarians, his music keeps octolings mind controlled. One octoling gal is part of a very elite unit, and always shows up hunting a specific agent inkling girl on the opposing side. There's an absolute archenemy vibe. The octoling is a silent sniper, and causes much grief and trouble during fights for the inkling. It practically becomes an obsession--she always targets THIS inkling specifically. That is the target she has been given.
Come DJ Octavio's defeat, despite all her conditioning she comes free from control, but like many octolings has no idea what to do now. How to go forward. Marina scoops them up and helps of course. Integration occurs. One day she passes her former target and is shocked to see her. Naturally, the octoling is unrecognizable. No goggles, new clothes. The inkling is followed into a turf war.
As some fights happen, the inkling gets that weird familiar sense as she comes under sniper fire, and realizes that once again, it's that damn octoling. She basically harasses the inkling in match after match (by going after her exclusively). It's the octoling's only way to feel connected at this point--she was obsessed, and it blossomed into a crush. So. Think for yourself from there.

Yandere: Lexi was just about to leave campus, when she saw some poor girl getting bullied from the rearview mirror of her car. A bunch of people beating on her, messing up her books. She was ready to FIGHT, but by the time she got over there, the instigators had left. She does the next best thing--help up the girl from the ground, fetch her broken glasses, and see what she could do to help. Lexi had no idea just what a profound effect her simple act of kindness would have on this girl. That she would start being viewed as a savior. A savior by an unhinged student who'd immediately grow obsessed with her, worship her, and eventually believe they were soulmates. Take all of her words to heart, and completely grow attached to her.
(The start I outlined is just one idea--the general premise is for one unhinged girl to quickly fall for another girl, likely blowing a simple act out of proportion and thinking it was a sign, or held deeper meaning than it truly did.)

Gundam: I'm a Gundam FANATIC. I'm familiar with all the tropes. I'll play in just about any Gundam Universe, and have plenty of ideas regarding them. In particular, handling things during the One Year War could be quite fun.

Gunpla Battle: Going off of anime like Build Fighters, we'd be roleplaying through our characters meeting for the first time, working on models together and forming a blossoming friendship while dealing with crises and issues that arise as they work towards the top tournaments.

Super Powers: I have a few different powered characters that work well in the setting. A Speedster, A girl with invisibility, A regenerator, and a Sentai-style hero who relies on tech/equipment. This can be done in an original setting, or folded into Marvel or DC.
Here are a bunch of other settings I'm basically ALWAYS looking to play with. If any of them tickle your fancy, PLEASE let me know. I'll let you know what I'm thinking immediately. I can do Canon plays and Original plays. For each of them, I already have ideas on what to do.
Disclaimer: I am not interested in playing males from the Marvel and DC Cinematic universe.
When I say a long-term partner, it means that we'll be writing together for quite a while, and we need to both be able to enjoy the play. I don't want things to be one-sided! I'm always eager and willing to hear other people's ideas as well, as something might strike me as fun to do, so feel free to shoot me a message if there's a role you're looking for that you believe I could fill. You can either send a Reddit Chat Request, or an actual private message.

If you're interested in roleplaying with me, please send me a message with a sample of your writing. Seeing how you write will definitely help in finding out whether we are a good match. The Sample doesn't have to be related to anything in this post or even made up on the spot.
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2023.03.22 12:51 CheeseUs88 Private sessions issues

Anyone else having issues while playing in a private server with friends? After every mission it takes the person I’m playing with out of the server, after E V E R Y mission. It’s getting rather annoying sending invite after invite after invite.
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2023.03.22 12:47 Glum-Definition-1614 M4A - Catfish me in long term! Family RP! support via PayPal! Discord!

Build up our family together on Discord!
I play as the youngest boy in the family, sorrounded with hot girls. Girls could be celebs or any hot girls (I have few girls in my mind with content). I'm a sexually frustrated guy who is always surrounded by beautiful women. I'm open to any other ideas. We can also structure the scenes as if we were exchanging private messages with each other like on Telegram or Facebook...
Kinks: incest, soft cuckold - like being jealous, jerk in my pants, voyeaur, love rich/high class girls
You: You have to play one character at a time, I will share the necessary content with you, so it is easier for you to send pictures and videos during the play. I am primarily looking for a long-term partner, please write only if you are seriously interested! If you manage to structure it well and we are on the same wavelength, it is possible that I can support you with some money via PayPal.
Discord ID: real-fan2020 -TheCollector#6810
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2023.03.22 12:46 AnotherLoudAsshole Why I'll never care about Europe's opinions on gun control

The common tropes of why gun control schemes from other countries would not work in the US are not invalid. There's simply too much area, too many people, too many guns, too much cultural significance, too many legal hurdles, and not enough money or door kickers to implement effective buy "backs" or confiscation. However, there's another serious problem that very few people recognize: the peace, stability, and relative respect of human rights in basically every western allied nation is upheld by the United States.
Europe is the strongest example of this. Quite simply, the last eighty years of peace in western Europe is not historically normal. We paid for it. We paid for it in military bases across NATO countries to maintain stability, which those countries gladly accepted after the horrors of World War 2 and facing the threats of the Cold War. This not only kept the Soviets from deploying tanks across Europe, it kept those nations from going to war with each other. Of course, the USSR was maintaining their own bases on the other side of the iron curtain, posturing against the west and keeping eastern countries in a state of cooperation - but not with a stellar record of respecting human rights. But then, their people didn't have the means to force their will on the government instead of the other way around, did they?
Furthermore, it was our Navy that deployed and maintained a global force, something no other country has even attempted to match, to clear shipping lanes of pirates and privateers for an historically unprecedented global trade network. Of course, we were really only offering direct protection for countries that denounced communism, but hey, it worked- and the proof is in the dropping worldwide rate of poverty related preventable death, such as exposure and starvation, decade over decade.
Now, I'm not going to sit here and defend globalism or our military posturing as it stands post- cold war. But between the security and economic benefits we offer to the world, it is undeniable that it is in the best interest of western allied governments to remain mostly benevolent toward their people. For instance, if Canada were to suddenly decide that they were going to round up and prosecute a certain class of people, it would be the United States that would spearhead a worldwide response - global shipping to and from Canada would begin to restrict, and in the worst case scenario, military action would be employed. Of course, this example is deliberately ridiculous, but it remains less ridiculous to think that Canada would establish the next Auschwitz than it is to think that we would do nothing about it. There is a very clear carrot (free trade and prosperity) and stick (military action) that keeps western allied governments mostly benevolent.
So, how do we trust the American government to remain mostly benevolent, if it is maintaining the foundation of the peace, prosperity, and approximation of freedom that most of the western world takes for granted? Because I think we can agree that the US government is not worthy of our trust. Simple: a government must respect their people's vote if there exists the means to dismantle that government with force. If a government cannot be held to account with violence, it has no long term reason to not run roughshod over its people. The United States government usually remains in line, because it is afraid of its people. Anyone who tells you otherwise didn't learn any lessons of fighting insurgent forces in Vietnam or Afghanistan. And if there's any government employee who isn't afraid of pissing off American gun owners, it's because they're too goddamn stupid to make a living in the private sector.
To recap, there is a clear chain of accountability that forms a critical cornerstone for world power, stability, and economics: civilians in most countries live at ease because their governments remain mostly benevolent. Those governments would largely devolve into dictatorship, war, and genocide without American military presence and security in global trade networks, as they did for most of their histories. And the American government remains accountable to its people, because Americans reserve the right to revoke their privilege to govern by force.
I believe, wholeheartedly, that if this chain breaks the world will experience unimaginable consequences.
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2023.03.22 12:46 johnny336 On the run

Previously: Reasons
(and waaay more previously: ToTB:22)
Late in the evening, we were startled by the thomping of boots and laughter of soldiers.
Despite his state, Vasily stood up surprisingly fast and agile.
Two soldiers arrived, both could've been drunk based on their slurred speech, and the infinite time of meddling with the keyhole to finally open the room we were confined in.
They stumbled into the room, to their surprise Vasily kneeling the one in front in the groins, making him collapse, then stomped on his neck, killing him instantly. I jumped on the other, twisted his arm upward, then kicked in his knee bend, sending him face down. Vasily finished him with an excessive amount of hard kicks to the head.
"Don't kill them, for fuck's sake!"
He just looked at me, then shrugged.
"Boy, it will be a rough ride if you keep up this recklessness!"
"That one electrocuted my balls..." he muttered silently, pointing to the one with his skull bashed in.
"Fair enough..."
Grabbed their guns, Vasily got into one of the vests, then we peeked out of the building.
The guards at the barrier were busy drinking around the campfire, they couldn't see us slipping out in the dark. But the soldier in the watchtower was looking around carefully. Come on, this shouldn't be the time to act professional, soldier boy, thought to myself.
Couldn't risk running, and revealing our movement, we had to inch forward on our stomachs toward the sewer opening. Which they welded shut. I guess previous wandering of uglies into the open was less welcome.
Change of plans, we hid behind a metal dumpster, out of sight for the guard in the tower.
"Get to the fence, I'll boost you up, then you crawl to cover on the other side. Up the hill, there's another entrance to the underground, but hopefully we won't need it, and we can move away on the surface." I whispered to him.
"And how do you get out?"
"I'll manage."
Waited for the guard to look toward the East, then he climbed up, and fell down the other side. The thud alerted the guard, who turned on his searchlight and scanned the area. His attention turned away from the ladder, I could climb behind him unnoticed, and tackled him from the tower. He cracked some bones, but didn't lose consciousness, and cried out in pain. Heard the other guards gathering themselves all around and it was high time I made my move.
Grabbing the outside of the railing with one hand, the looted rifle in my other, I took a long deep breath before attempting something crazy - I leaped toward the concrete fence, arriving on its top, then immediately bouncing forward into a bush.
The dense foliage softened my landing, I collected my bearings, and followed Vasily, who was gesturing from the top of the incline, then aimed for the tower with short bursts, to suppress the arrived sniper.
The base was now on high alert, a bullet ricocheted off the rumbles above our heads, forcing us to duck, the shots arrived from the roof of the institute; having no viable option to escape, I pointed downwards, and Vasily nodded.
He was the first to climb down the rusty ladder, I followed suit, the thundering gunfire faded out, and the howling wind from the tunnels carrying the stench of decaying remnants from past excursions overwhelmed us.
Do you remember that I said numerous times how wrong I was? Jokes on you, this time I wasn't! The underground was indeed empty. Few human corpses beyond recognition, tushkano carcasses, but nothing of significance. Still, the place was a maze. After the entry point it seemed like linear, but passing a long corridor, and arriving to a pool of acid, we decided to turn back, and look for alternate routes. Another corridor, this time full with electros, Vasily almost walked into one.
But on its other end, some speech was audible, but couldn't make out any of it.
Unfortunately, we had no means to scout them, the layout of the place was unknown, I've never been here before, and any blueprints that might have existed once were carefully destroyed, and as far as I know anyone wanting to survey the place was obstructed or removed from their position. Secrecy, I guess, easier to cover up your shady operations when there are no evidences.
After another thirty minute of wandering, we found a spiral stair leading up, and the sound of speech increasing.
We only had the mags in the weapons, at least those were full.
"Clear and precise takedowns, or we'll die." I said to my companion.
"Semi-auto, aim for the head…I know, thank you…"
"You said you weren't a fighter."
"I never said I can't use a gun."
"Okay, follow my lead…"
Got up to the top of the stairs, opposite of it what seemed to be an elevator shaft with the cabin at level. Gestured him to stay behind, and I leaped over to the lift, then waited in hiding for a few seconds. Nobody heard me. Crouched around the shaft to see three guys sitting around a campfire, a vodka bottle being passed around. I eavesdropped on their conversation:
"I fucking hate this place…why are we even here?"
"Because we were told to be here. They let us be if we occasionally do their dirty work. So wait for the fugitives, then kill them."
"I hate working for the military."
"So do I, but Borov made a pact with them to let us alone, and we handle the more delicate matters. Answer enough?"
"Why is this more delicate?"
"One of them is an ecologist…"
"…and the military can't have the luxury to kill state officials here. I see. What I don't see is why they want him dead."
"Who cares, seriously? It's not the first time an individual would disappear on the orders of the soldiers."
At least I knew what they planned for us, but it got me thinking why the military thinks I'm still an ecologist...
Crawled back to Vasily, and motioned him around the shaft on the opposite side.
The darkness concealed us, the campfire lit our targets perfectly, I took first blood, Vasily joined and kill the other two, when we heard shouts from in front of us. More of them were present, yet not visible, but they didn't make a move, must've been hiding and waiting for us to attack. After all, we had no choice but to go forward.
I saw movement in my periphery, Vasily moved out of hiding, approached the brightly lit chamber, then motioned me to follow him.
"Cover me" he whispered, before peeked in sending a short burst, then rushed behind a pillar among the flying bullets ricocheting from the ceiling and the walls. In parallel, I leaned in, and targeted the remaining gunmen. Without aiming, Vasily just sprayed short bursts toward the bandits' position, placing them in crossfire and suppressing them from moving out of my line of sight, so I could pick them off one-by-one.
With the clicking of his emptied gun echoing in the chamber, he looked at me with a faint smile, then collapsed to the ground.
"Were you shot?!" I rushed to him.
"No, I don't think so, my body just gave up, I'm exhausted."
Sure, it must've been a strain for him to escape the barracks, wander around the underground, then get into a firefight with a great number of assailants.
I rummaged through the bandits stuff, borrowed a backpack which had the less bulletholes and blood on it, and shoved in everything useful I've found - ammo for the AKs, a sidearm with a full mag, medkits, bandages, some cans of food, and flasks of water, a pocket knife. At least we could replenish our supplies after the military stripped me clean.
"We must go on, they are hunting us."
"Just give me a minute to catch my breath, okay? At least less scum polluting the Zone" he smirked looking over the scene.
We found a ladder, and felt the fresh dawn breeze on our faces after emerging from the putrid sewers.
Approached the factory, I was hoping that loners occupy the place just now.
"Wait…" I've heard him faintly calling out to me from behind.
He was laying on his side, streams of blood soaking his pants.
"I guess I was shot, after all."
"You guess?!" I reached for a bandage, and removed his suit, then tore his blood-soaked shirt. A tiny hole on his waist, but the red liquid oozing like a creek.
Tried to stop the bleeding, but it was impossible. His face turned pale, he smiled at me.
"Now, I am free, I'm dying as a free man" he whispered as life left his body with a faint breath, and his eyes stuck in their sockets.
"Your fight has ended, brother. Rest in peace" tears dropping from my chin, creating rose patches on the bloodred shirt upon impact.
Must've been a ricochet lodged in his abdomen, he couldn't feel it because the adrenaline rush, then climbing the ladder moved the fragment out of its place, letting the blood flow. Fucking hell, I should've checked him while underground, he might still be alive, I cursed myself, but regrets couldn't resurrect him.
I dragged his body under a bush, and looked for any tool in the factory, hoping nobody and nothing finds him.
Returned with a shovel a few minutes later, and buried him next to the fence, not caring if any assailant catches up to me, I wanted to pay my respects.
Placed a memorial for him, tore a thick branch from a nearby tree, and shoved it in the loose soil, then got out the pocket knife to carve his name on it, realizing I didn't even know his full name.
"Vasily Liberty" I finished the engraving "you are finally free, brother."
Never was religious, didn't know any prayers, no eulogy came to mind, instead I started humming the tunes of He was a good stalker.
Initially, these were two separate entries, hence the length, but I've decided to merge them, because these are not necessarily parts of this series, more like a closure of the Tale of Two Brothers, and the events only serve as more reasons for Andrey Smartass to stay in the Zone.
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2023.03.22 12:43 AlgaePsychological70 FLR Question

Hi all,
For the documents that need to be added to the application to prove that my wife and I have lived together, it states that the documents need to be spaced evenly over the 2 1/2 years that I have been in the UK since arriving.
How critical is it that they are, for example, exactly 4 months apart?
There was a 7 month period where we lived in an airbnb while between houses and the only official document we received to the address was a drivers license replacement - which I didn't keep.
The application states that you can use documents from the DVLA, can I use my actual drivers license that I had during that time (address is on it) as apposed to the letter from the DVLA?
I have 6 documents over this period for both my wife and I but there dates are rather sporadic. We have a joint bank account that we've had since I arrived here but we opted for electronic statements since the beginning - Natwest changes the address on all statements to your current address, even from 2 years ago (annoying). So I can't even use those.
I have a mix of
With the above in mind, should this be okay for FLR application? (all other docs are sorted)
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.22 12:43 Cat_of_the_woods Which embarrassing situation WYR go through?

Pick an embarrassing situation that you would rather be in compared to the other choices. Assume that all actions were completely accidental.

  1. Fart really hard while walking down the aisle at your wedding, and again when you say your vows.
  2. You're working from home and forget to turn off your mic/camera during a 100 person conference call, as you playfully grope your partners private parts and talk dirty to them as they bring you a cup of coffee.
  3. Have a really strong erection or a camel toe while you are holding a microphone on stage, for a televised speech.
  4. Drink a few shots and make out with someone while dancing at a nightclub, and when the lights come on, you find out you were making out with one of your relatives.
(Had to rewrite this question as original poll choices wouldn't show full text.
View Poll
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2023.03.22 12:43 RainMateriall The major companies in the DeFi market are eager to dip their toes into Bitcoin's enormous liquidity pool

It appears that all of the major companies in the DeFi market are eager to dip their toes into Bitcoin's enormous liquidity pool. DeFi protocols lack native compatibility with the Bitcoin network because they were developed on Ethereum or other blockchains, which makes it more challenging to access the BTC liquidity.
Throughout the years, a number of initiatives have developed workarounds to access Bitcoin liquidity; to my view, these include things like wrapped copies of BTC and token bridges. Token bridges are too vulnerable to serve as DeFi's gateway to Bitcoin liquidity, according to many studies, with cross-chain bridges being responsible for half of all DeFi attacks.
DeFi experienced some nasty events last week, but I'm curious about what BTC could be able to accomplish in this area. I might just stick with Flynt Finance because the last time I had an experience there that 1 BTC became 1.2 BTC in like 6 months.
BTC owners want their long-term investment to realize its full potential without introducing additional weaknesses or depending on a centralized third party, just as DeFi seeks to discover the best means to access Bitcoin liquidity.
The idea of using the basic layer of the Bitcoin blockchain for anything other than peer-to-peer fund transactions sparked conflicting emotions from the Bitcoin community, even without the mammoth undertaking involved on the technical front.
What do you think of it? Do you anticipate that Bitcoin's reach will grow in the future?
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2023.03.22 12:41 AlwysBcurious Transfer plates for <2 wks, or cancel & get temps?

GOOD mornin Ohio, Hoping this catches the eye of some bored BMV savant out there in Reddit land. Last week I (OH resident) purchased a 2000 Ford F-350 via private sale in Indiana. With cash in hand I met the seller at his bank and paid off his loan, the title was signed by all parties, notarized, etc etc. and is currently in my possession.
I have the plates from my previous truck, which I sold, and as I understand it (per the BMV website) I cannot get temp tags since I have valid plates, and am supposed to fill out an application to transfer them to the new toy. However, my existing plates expire April 4.
My question is, are there any benefits or drawbacks I might be unaware of to: A) Pay the minimal fee to transfer the plates now, then just renew the registration in 2 weeks. B) Request a cancelation of the existing registration, get temp tags, get the new permanent registration when those expire. (And are both of these even viable options?)
Probably the biggest motivating factor here is time. I'll be making a repair on the truck today and (fingers crossed it'll be road-worthy by supper time) am needing to drive it by NO LATER than Saturday morning...I'd really prefer that I'm doing so legally. My plan is to get the VIN inspection tomorrow morning and bang out the title transfer / registration immediately after.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, either way I hope y'all have a great rest of your week 🤙
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2023.03.22 12:40 floodlightz00 3 Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

3 Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2023
Insights from the Best Wedding Planner in Delhi, India
Now that we're in the year 2023, it's time to look ahead to the coming wedding season and anticipate its top trends. Couples today are getting more creative with their wedding decoration, emphasizing personal touches and eco-friendliness.
Here are some 2023 wedding developments to anticipate as per Floodlightz Wedding Planner, the best wedding planner in Delhi:
Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Wedding Decoration
As people become more aware of how their actions affect the planet, sustainable practices have become an important part of wedding decoration. The number of weddings that incorporate sustainable elements and green design will rise in 2023. Some ways that wedding planners try to go green at their weddings are by using recycled materials for decorations, choosing flowers grown locally, and using organic and biodegradable items.
2. Private Rituals
There has been a trend toward smaller, more personal weddings since the pandemic. More and more engaged couples are asking their wedding planner for a smaller wedding, with fewer guests and more personal celebrations in 2023. This frees up the happy couple to spend their wedding day doing what's most important to them: sharing their joy with their loved ones.
Unique Locations for Weddings
Hotel ballrooms and banquet centers aren't the only options for wedding venues anymore. Many modern-day couples want to ask the best wedding planner in Delhi and other places to make their wedding as special as the couple themselves. Unique wedding venues abound, From historic manors and vineyards to modern museums and galleries.
How to execute 2023 wedding trends in Delhi?
Start by asking newlywed friends and family for recommendations on excellent local wedding planners. If you have ample time on your hand, you can do a search for wedding planners near me and read reviews written by former customers to learn more.
Or you can hire the best wedding planner in Delhi, like Floodlightz Wedding Planner, to make your dream wedding a reality if you're tying the knot in the Indian capital. They will be there to help you through the maze of wedding details and make sure that your special day goes off without a hitch.
Floodlightz Event Management Solutions is familiar with the wedding industry in Delhi and will work with reliable vendors and beautiful locations. With their experience in wedding decoration, you can be sure that your big day looks exactly the way you imagined it.
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2023.03.22 12:39 FestiveSon_2746 [For Hire] Do you need a pro to help with Accounting & Finance or mathematics?

I provide Top Quality assistance in Accounting & Finance. (Corporate, Management, Reporting, Analysis, etc) & Math(Calculus 1,2,3 & Statistics, R studio, SQL, Python) Discord - Hdot#6305 Whatsapp - ‪+1 (608) 686‑2825‬

^ I’m a Math expert with professional experience in Finance and Accounting (ACCA, IFRS standards). I have been a part-time private tutor for 6years now and my colleague is an expert in Chemistry & Biochem. We have successfully assisted many students with their assignments, tests, and exams in the following areas :
*Calculus 1, 2, 3, ODEs, PDEs, Complex Analysis, Vector and Tensor Analysis, Discrete Math, Algebra, Real Analysis, etc
*Intro level probability and statistics
*Accounting & Finance (All coursework, Including Case Studies)
*Chemistry & Biochem .
We treat our clients with respect and professional ethics. Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you need any help with any of the subjects listed above or simply

email: [[email protected]]
Discord - Hdot#6305
Whatsapp - ‪+1 (608) 686‑2825‬

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2023.03.22 12:38 MeanwhileOnPluto I hate how whenever I do something fun or productive I "pay" for it the next day

I already have trouble enough with feeling like I'm defective or broken or like I hurt myself on purpose, somehow. Or that I deserved this. I'm trying to work through that.
But yeah, last night I went and played pool, had a nice time. I haven't been out like that in a long time. But this morning I woke up and I can tell my shoulder is Not Happy. And I have work today! Lovely! So I'll have to get through that somehow. I can't quit yet because I get health insurance through my work! Even though my job caused the injury in the first place! Awesome.
I have this voice in my head that yells at me for not being inert in bed and recovering all the time and it tells me I always make everything worse. I mean, I didn't do dishes for two weeks but that wasn't "long enough" (according to that inner voice) because it didn't go away. It feels like I'm not allowed to be a person. I just needed to vent.
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2023.03.22 12:38 Viren_02 Sublease for Summer 2023

Seven 07 Apartments 1 Room/1 Bath in a 4 Bed/4 Bath for rent from May 31st, 2023- July 31st, 2023 (2 months).
Stunning and clear view of the State Farm center and Champaign itself. (The apartment is located on the 10th floor).
Rent: $825 ( Negotiable)
-Fully furnished spacious apartments
-Most premium apartment on Campus and Pet friendly
-All electrical appliances (Washer, Dryer, Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Smart TV, Air-Conditioner - Thermostat & Electric Gas Stove)
-Parking available with extra charge
-State of the art amenities in the building for break period (Swimming Pool, Ping-Pong Table, All-accessory gym- including Sauna, Basketball court, Cute Study Spaces, Clubhouse, BBQ, Security Personnel on Weekends, Pool Table, Common Area with free Coffee Machines, Vending Machine)
No extra utility fee
Upto $30 electricity cap per bedroom
2 min walk to County Market and 4 minute walk to Target.
Located in the heart of Green Street
Address: 707 South, 4th St. Champaign, IL- 61820.
10 minute walk to Illini Union and Main Quad
Sublet fee of $665 (can be split)
Please reach out through either Instagram, Snapchat, Email or just comment below:
Instagram: virenagarwal_02
Snapchat: virenagarwal_02
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.22 12:37 mhuntoon Are we improving or regressing?

My buddy and I started our channel in late December. We've since worked on a few things - camera angle, graphics, thumbnails, audio, and (hopefully) content.
Originally, we were just putting stuff out whenever we felt like it, but now we're on a routine schedule of shorts on Monday and Friday with a full episode on Wednesday. We hope that some continuity will help to build a better following.
The toughest thing for us (like most people) is getting people to find our channel. Short of putting "sexy women" or clickbait titles on our thumbnails (neither of which are things we're willing to do), it's tough to get clicks and without the clicks, YouTube won't push us out to potential subscribers.
That leaves us with the thought that we need to further improve our thumbnails so someone wants to click and not feel duped.
Secondly, we need to find a way to engage with the audience. We have a good rapport with each other, we're funny and informative (hopefully), and we enjoy what we do. We desperately want more input from our viewers, though.
Lastly, timing of release. We're still in the "not enough information" stage under When Your Audience Is Watching. We've played around a little with it, but am I wrong in thinking it really doesn't matter because YouTube is a worldwide audience pool?
tldr - we would love the following:
  1. Thumbnail suggestions - colors, titles, images, anything
  2. Engagement - suggestions for hooks, prompts, etc that will get people to comment
  3. Does timing matter whatsoever when it comes to release schedules?
  4. If you choose to watch any of our longer videos, is there anything you'd recommend we change? How about the shorts?
  5. Any suggestions for promoting our channel? We're on instagram, twitter, and facebook. Not fans of Tik Tok, so we're not there.
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2023.03.22 12:37 SpkyMldr Questionable booking request

Hey there, my wife and I are new hosts with only a couple of bookings under our belt so far.
I received the following message this evening from an unverified account created this month, with no profile photo or reviews, with an attempt to book for a week. I declined the request and advised them it was due to preferring to keep all transactions within Airbnb and their profile lacks verification.
“Hello ****, i want to reserve your private room since march 26 to april 1, we are 2 people, me and my wife, i do it with my credit card but i prefer pay you cash when i arrive . i hope it could be possible`waiting for your answer thanks”
We have the instant book function on and only allow bookings from users with positive reviews to make reservations.
I’m not sure how I feel about the automatic booking option, or if most hosts prefer to turn this off and manage requests. Does this affect your frequency of bookings and overall rating?
Whilst I don’t feel wrong for declining the request, for the experienced hosts, is it common to receive requests from unverified accounts, or should I be a little more flexible?
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2023.03.22 12:35 chocochipchookies What people see

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2023.03.22 12:35 Icantkeepupwith Parking near Deering Oaks? Portland Pride

I know this is way in advance but my friend has a super busy schedule traveling and I live an hour and a half away. I was mentioning the Portland Pride Parade for June and if she could make it. She generally wanted to know details because she hasn’t been before - she asked about parking I honestly do not remember. I haven’t gone since 2019 and even then I’ve always car pooled because I live so far away - with friends I don’t have much contact with anymore (everyone’s always busy). I will be going for the first time in my own car as well.
For Portland Pride where do you guys end up parking? How early do you recommend getting there?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.22 12:33 wuto Oceania Server Catastrophe (2) Update

Hello, DI community managers and content creators
This is my second post regarding the complete atrocity that is the BG cancelling trolling issues across Baal, Azmondan and Bloodsworn.
We are in week 4 of one or more individuals Cancelling non-stop to prevent 20-40 players (or more) from even having 1 game of BG a day, especially during 10-12pm prime time sessions.
The amazing Lida has made a video on this matter:
The matter remains unresolved. The individual is not banned. An entire bracket cannot play the paid portion of the game.
Please resolve this ASAP, else as I've stated. The entire ecology of the Oceania server will be gone.
Original Thread and MANY comments here

Here is the original Post:
Dear Community Managers:
We are writing as members of Oceania server Baal, Azmondan and Bloodsworn
There is an urgent issue which has been on going - but not addressed, which is rapidly dwindling the players’ ability to play the game, and access its major dynamic content - Battle Grounds.
As of several weeks ago, particular player (s) have been using the “cancel BG” button to create disruption and grief for the server’s top players. This is possible because

  1. The server’s top spenders are bracketed into a “tier” of their own, with a limited player pool that pops less than 3 - 4 games on a good Battle Ground session, sometimes 1-2.
  2. As a result, the disruptive player(s) who for lack of Reso, frustration, or simple delinquency, would cancel games.
  3. This is known, as they would then gloat through DMs, or post in world chat “I cancel BGs / Delicious whale tears”.
  4. Notedly, these disruptive players are part of no major Clan / and do not participate in Rite or any of the significant server events.
  5. The vast majority of other players in the bracket, usually between 500 - 2k reso, are also unable to play a fundamental part of the game.

The significance of this event is a catastrophic failure in game design, with one or more players (few) abusing a mechanic meant for convenience.
As a result
  1. Top players responsible for the game’s main trope “Immortal” cannot compete in Battlegrounds
  2. This impacts performance badges of top clans, including its members.
  3. Takes away the motivation for continuing to enjoy DI, which is the purpose of the disruptive player (s) for a significant volume of legitimate players.
  4. Reporting process and investigation is underway, however, the root of the problem remains.
  5. The longer this takes to be resolved, the more players are lost and as such, the dynamic and balance of the Immortal / Shadow Clan system will be disrupted /
The Changes we would like to see implemented
  1. The removal of the brackets entirely so that player pools do not impede trolls using the cancel button.
  2. Or, the simple addition of an accumulative timer, so that those who Cancel are given 1, 5 , 10 minute CDS on their ability to re-que.
If nothing is done, and the community / managers / DI devs feel no need to address this issue, then the loss of an entire REGION’s ecology will be Netease / Blizzard’s reward.

Yours Sincerely
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2023.03.22 12:33 Rehman1011 Adventure Water Park in Dubai UAE

Adventure Water Park in Dubai UAE
Situated inside the premises of Inn Atlantis in Dubai, Aquaventure Waterpark is each adrenaline junkie's pleasure! With north of 105 record-breaking slides and encounters, and spread over an area of 17 hectares, Aquaventure is the world's biggest waterpark. From engaging music, in-park games and notable slides, Aquaventure Waterpark passes the energy check with regards to the 'beat the intensity' saying in the mid year.
Umrah Packages from Sharjah 2023
One of the most famous amusement parks on the planet, Aquaventure Waterpark offers a wide assortment of slides and attractions, something for everybody in the family to appreciate. Here are the top features for you to encounter the waterpark flawlessly.
Aquaventure Waterpark is one of the significant attractions in Dubai, which makes it challenging to get your hands on the tickets assuming you visit the spot without earlier appointments. Purchase your tickets online well ahead of time and partake in an issue free encounter sliding down the attractions at the amusement park.
Umrah Visa from Dubai 2023
Aquaventure Waterpark allows guests to appreciate in a gathering, as they can jump on the gathering rides with loved ones. Be it the Odyssey of Dread that makes you race down the world's tallest waterslide, or Shockwave, which is the world's longest family water napkin or the exciting Zoomerango, it offers each sort of tomfoolery.
Stream down Aquaventure's record-breaking body slides and experience thrill more than ever. Plunge from a level of ninety feet directly through a shark-filled tidal pond at the Act of pure trust, fall down a close upward drop with Power outage and afterward race through marvelous 360 circles and consecutive turns in the Vortex.
Umrah Package by Bus from Sharjah
Experience probably the most stunning rides of Aquaventure Waterpark, as the water napkins treat your goading faculties to various cool curves and drops. With rides, for example, Medusa's Den, Shark Assault, Flood, Falls, Stinger, Tempest and Plunge, you can provide your body with a test that could only be described as epic, and prepare for hair-raising experiences.
Umrah Package by Air from Sharjah
Ride the longest stream in the district as you rage through spouting rapids and turning deluges in the Aquaventure Streams which are one of a kind extraordinarily made rides for every individual who needs to set out on a considering watering frolic! Various huge pools with open sun decks permit guests to dunk in and plunge out whenever the timing is ideal.
Desert Dream Tourism offering best umrah package by bus from Dubai Sharjah in 2023 that includes a variety of hotels accommodation options ranging from 3star to 5 star umrah hotel accommodation with free shuttle service during your umrah journey with us.

#waterpark_dubai, #umrah_visa_dubai, #umrah_package_sharjah, #umrah_by_bus, #umrah_by_Air,
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2023.03.22 12:32 Tall_Strategy_2370 Admissions Accomplished: Updated - Part 1

Hi all, I ended up condensing this story a lot and I changed the trajectory of some of the students. I added a new student (Rachel) and took out another (Sarah). Hopefully you all liked this story! I took out some of the "fluff" scenes and decided just to focus on college stuff for the most part.
This is it *phew*. I had to split in two parts because Reddit has a 40k character limit.
Link for Part 2 below Reddit - Dive into anything
IntroductionEthan Green:
Julie Green:
Priya Rabinowitz:
Matthew Hernandez:
Rachel Lee:
David Anderson:
Minho Park:
Alicia Davis:
Alex Madrigal:
Taylor Chen:
Raj Singh:
Mary Sinclair:
Chapter 1: Beginning of Senior Year The crisp autumn air swirled around Green Hills High School, a prestigious public high school nestled in the suburbs of New York City. A sense of urgency and anticipation permeated the school, as the college admissions season had arrived. The pressures of academic achievement and looming deadlines weighed heavily on the shoulders of the senior class, who each bore their own unique dreams and aspirations. Among them were twelve students, each with distinct backgrounds and stories, all vying for a chance to secure a place at their dream colleges.
Ethan Green, an academically gifted slacker, found his once-promising future in jeopardy due to personal struggles and substance abuse. However, a stunning 1590 on the SATs breathed new life into his aspirations, rekindling his desire to attend the University of Chicago. With the unwavering support of his twin sister Julie, a straight-A student with a passion for music, Ethan began the arduous journey of repairing his tarnished transcript. Julie, on the other hand, had her heart set on Duke University, where she hoped to pursue a career in journalism.
Priya Rabinowitz, a brilliant, mixed-race overachiever, was the epitome of a perfect student. Her dream was to attend Brown University, driven by her passion for social justice. Despite her many accomplishments, she harbored a secret fear of not being "good enough." Her best friend, Rachel Lee, shared a similar sentiment, feeling inadequate in comparison to her academically perfect older brother Brian, and her high-achieving friend, Priya.
Matthew Hernandez, a top student with perfect grades and a near-perfect SAT score, dreamed of attending Harvard University, but his impoverished background made paying for college seem like an insurmountable challenge. At the same time, David Anderson, the school's star quarterback, yearned to attend Stanford and study business, but feared that his intelligence would be overshadowed by his athletic prowess.
Minho Park, a computer science prodigy who moved from South Korea at a young age, aimed to attend a prestigious school like MIT, Caltech, or Stanford. Alicia Davis, one of the few black students at Green Hills High School, aspired to attend Georgetown University and become a lawyer, her warm personality making her a natural confidante to her peers.
Alex Madrigal, another top student with a passion for math, science, and soccer, focused on getting into Stanford University. Meanwhile, Taylor Chen, a recently out nonbinary student, sought a college that would provide a safe and supportive environment for them to thrive.
Raj Singh, a senior at Green Hills High School who excelled in debate, hoped to attend Yale University. Lastly, Mary Sinclair, a talented artist who faced the pressures of being a double legacy at Brown University, worried that she may not truly be qualified for the prestigious institution.
As the college admissions season unfolded, these twelve seniors navigated the treacherous waters of self-discovery, friendship, and ambition, their journeys intertwining and shaping one another in ways they could never have imagined. The story of Green Hills High School's senior class was one of hope, heartache, and the relentless pursuit of dreams, all set against the backdrop of an unforgiving, competitive world.
Chapter 2: Applying Early The sun had barely risen on November 1st, the day when early college applications were due. A flurry of last-minute edits and double-checking consumed the lives of Green Hills High School's seniors as they prepared to submit their applications. The twelve friends, united by their dreams, sat together in the school library, each nervously finalizing their college applications.
Ethan, his heart pounding, reviewed his application one last time before hitting the submit button for Early Decision at the University of Chicago. He felt a mixture of excitement and trepidation as he considered the possibility of attending his dream school.
Julie, sitting beside her twin, took a deep breath and clicked submit on her Early Decision application to Duke University. She allowed herself a brief moment of relief, knowing she had poured her heart into her application and showcased her love for journalism.
Priya's hands trembled as she applied Early Decision to Brown University, her anxiety about being "good enough" momentarily set aside in the hope that her passion for social justice would shine through.
Rachel, her heart racing, sent off her Early Decision application to Columbia University, trying to shake off the pressure from her family and praying that her talents as a writer would be enough to secure her a spot at the prestigious institution.
Matthew, his jaw clenched, submitted his Restricted Early Action application to Harvard University, knowing that his future depended on receiving sufficient financial aid. He hoped that his stellar academic achievements would make it impossible for Harvard to turn him away.
David's eyes were filled with determination as he sent off his Restricted Early Action application to Stanford University, after completing his football tryouts. He hoped that the admissions officers would see his potential both on the field and in the classroom.
Minho, his fingers tapping anxiously, submitted his Early Action application to MIT. He had poured his heart into his computer science projects and was eager to showcase his passion and talent in his application.
Alicia, with a supportive smile from her friends, applied Early Action to Georgetown University. Her dream of becoming a lawyer seemed closer than ever as she hit the submit button, the pride she felt in herself evident in her eyes.
Alex, filled with anticipation, sent off his Restricted Early Action application to Stanford University. He knew that his academic achievements and passion for soccer had the potential to make him stand out in the competitive applicant pool.
Taylor, their hands shaking with nerves, applied Early Decision to Swarthmore College. They hoped that the accepting environment of the school would allow them to embrace their nonbinary identity and pursue their artistic passions.
Raj, his heart pounding, submitted his Restricted Early Action application to Yale University. He knew that his father would have been proud of his accomplishments, and he hoped that his debate skills and determination would be enough to secure a place at his dream school.
Mary, her face a mixture of hope and worry, applied Early Decision to Brown University. Despite her double legacy status, she longed to be admitted based on her own merits and her passion for art, rather than her family connections.
As the twelve friends hit the submit buttons on their applications, a collective sigh of relief filled the library. They had taken the first, crucial step in the college admissions process, their dreams laid bare for the admissions officers to see. The waiting game had begun, and their futures hung in the balance, but for now, they took solace in their shared journey, knowing that whatever the outcome, they had each other's support.
Chapter 3: Early Admissions Results
It was a chilly December evening when the early decision and early action results were released. The twelve friends gathered at Ethan and Julie's house, huddled around their laptops and phones, each waiting with bated breath for the email that would determine their future.
Ethan opened his email first, his eyes widening as he read the words, "Congratulations!" He had been accepted to the University of Chicago! The room erupted in cheers and applause as Julie hugged her twin, her pride in his accomplishment shining in her eyes.
Next, Julie nervously opened her own email, letting out a squeal of joy as she discovered that she had been accepted to Duke University. Her dream of studying journalism at the prestigious institution was now a reality, and her friends celebrated with her, sharing in her happiness.
Priya's hands shook as she opened her email from Brown University, only to find that she had been deferred. Her heart sank, and she tried to mask her disappointment with a smile. Rachel, whose application to Columbia University had been rejected, wrapped an arm around her friend, offering silent support.
Matthew's face fell as he read that his application to Harvard had also been deferred. He fought back the fear that his family's financial situation might prevent him from attending his dream school, even if he were ultimately accepted.
David beamed with pride as he announced that he had been accepted to Stanford University to play football. His friends cheered for him, although Alex couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy, knowing he was more academically qualified. Alex's own email from Stanford revealed that he had been deferred, causing the disappointment to settle heavier in his heart.
Minho's face lit up with joy as he discovered that he had been accepted to MIT. His friends congratulated him, knowing that his hard work and dedication to computer science had paid off. Alicia, too, had reason to celebrate, as she was accepted to Georgetown University, one step closer to her dream of becoming a lawyer.
Taylor's heart raced as they opened their email from Swarthmore College, only to find that they had been deferred. They tried to remain hopeful, knowing that the college search was far from over.
Raj's face paled as he read that he had been rejected from Yale University. The disappointment stung, but his friends rallied around him, reminding him of his incredible accomplishments and assuring him that he would find the right college in the end.
Finally, Mary opened her email from Brown University and was met with the news of her acceptance. The room filled with cheers and congratulations, but Priya couldn't help feeling a twinge of jealousy. While Mary was a strong student, Priya's test scores and grades had been higher, and she knew that Mary's double legacy status had played a role in her acceptance.
As the evening came to an end, the twelve friends had experienced a roller coaster of emotions. Some had reason to celebrate, while others were met with disappointment, jealousy, or uncertainty. Despite the various outcomes, they knew that their friendship would remain steadfast. Together, they would continue to navigate the ups and downs of the college admissions process, their bonds only growing stronger as they faced an uncertain but hopeful future.
Chapter 4: A Few Random Scenes Before RD Decisions Income Brackets The twelve friends gathered at a local park on a sunny Saturday afternoon, enjoying each other's company as they picnicked and played games. As the sun began to dip in the sky, they sat on the grass in a circle, sharing their thoughts and experiences.
Alicia, ever the good listener, brought up a topic that they had all noticed but rarely discussed: their different income brackets. It was a sensitive subject, but Alicia felt that it was important for them to acknowledge and understand the unique challenges each of them faced.
Matthew, who came from a low-income family, hesitated before speaking up. "You know, sometimes it's really hard being one of the poorest students in our school. I've had to work a part-time job to help support my family, and that's meant less time for studying or extracurriculars." His friends nodded in sympathy, recognizing the additional pressure that Matthew faced in trying to balance his responsibilities.
Ethan, Julie, Minho, Alicia, and Taylor, who all came from middle-class families, shared their own struggles. "It's not always easy for us either," said Julie. "We may not have to worry as much about making ends meet, but we still feel the pressure to work hard and achieve our dreams without having a financial safety net to fall back on."
Priya, Rachel, David, Alex, and Raj, who were considered upper middle class, acknowledged the advantages they had but also shared their perspectives. "Sure, we have more resources," admitted Priya, "but it sometimes feels like there's an expectation for us to succeed no matter what. That pressure can be really overwhelming."
Mary, who came from an upper-class family, listened to her friends' experiences and nodded in understanding. "I know I'm fortunate," she said softly, "but it's not always easy being seen as the 'rich kid.' Sometimes people assume I don't have to work hard, or that I don't have my own problems. Money can't buy happiness, and it can't guarantee success either."
As the conversation continued, the friends found themselves opening up about their fears, insecurities, and the unique challenges they faced because of their different financial situations. They began to understand each other's perspectives more fully, realizing that no one had a perfect life, regardless of their income bracket.
The sun had almost set by the time the twelve friends decided to pack up and head home. As they walked together, they felt a renewed sense of unity and support. They knew that their friendship was more important than any financial differences, and they were grateful to have one another as they faced whatever challenges life had in store for them.
The twelve friends were seated in the school library, working on a group project for their history class. Their task was to research and create a presentation on the American Revolution, and each student was responsible for a specific aspect of the project.
As they discussed their findings, Julie mentioned a piece of information that she couldn't quite recall. "I remember reading something about the Battle of Saratoga, but I can't remember the exact details," she admitted, frustrated.
Ethan, who had been quietly browsing through a book, glanced up and said, "Do you mean the fact that it was a turning point in the Revolutionary War because it convinced the French to support the American cause?"
Julie looked at him, surprised. "Yes, that's exactly it! How did you know?"
Ethan grinned sheepishly. "I saw it in one of the books we were using for research last week. I just happened to glance at the page, but it stuck in my head."
His friends exchanged glances, impressed by Ethan's uncanny ability to remember things he had only seen briefly. It was a talent they had all noticed before, but never really discussed.
Curious, Minho asked, "Ethan, do you have a photographic memory?"
Ethan shrugged. "I guess you could say that. I've always been able to remember things I've seen or read, even if it's just for a short moment. It's just something my brain does."
The group marveled at Ethan's unique skill, and they began to ask him questions about various historical events and figures. To their amazement, he was able to recall an incredible amount of information, often down to the exact page number where he had seen it.
As the group continued their project, they couldn't help but feel grateful for Ethan's extraordinary memory. His ability to retain and recall information made their research more efficient, and it quickly became clear that his talent would be a major asset in their project.
The friends were not only impressed by Ethan's photographic memory but also inspired by the way he used his gift to help the group. It was a reminder that each of them had their unique strengths, and when they worked together, there was no challenge they couldn't overcome.
Rachel The twelve friends had gathered at Priya's house for a relaxed weekend hangout. As they lounged in the living room, a pile of their old middle school yearbooks lay on the coffee table, stirring up nostalgic memories and laughter.
Raj picked up one of the yearbooks and flipped through the pages, pausing when he came across the "Creative Writing Club" section. He looked up at Rachel and said, "Hey, I remember you won a couple of writing contests back then. Are you still writing?"
Rachel blushed and nodded. "Yeah, I've been working on a few short stories recently."
Her friends exchanged glances, intrigued. "Would you mind sharing one with us?" Alicia asked gently, her eyes full of genuine interest.
With some hesitation, Rachel agreed and disappeared into her bag, retrieving a small notebook. Her friends gathered around her in anticipation as she flipped through the pages, searching for the story she wanted to share.
"Okay," Rachel said, taking a deep breath. "This one is called 'The Timekeeper's Daughter.'"
As she began to read, her friends listened intently. Rachel's words painted a vivid picture of a young girl named Lila, who lived in a world where time was a tangible currency. Lila's father was the town's Timekeeper, responsible for managing and distributing time to the citizens.
The story was filled with imaginative details and intricate descriptions that transported the friends into Lila's world. Rachel's writing was both elegant and engaging, seamlessly weaving together the threads of the plot as the story unfolded.
As Rachel's voice carried them through the emotional highs and lows of Lila's journey, her friends found themselves hanging onto every word. They felt the young girl's joy and sorrow, her determination and fear, and the ultimate resolution of her story.
When Rachel finally closed the notebook, the room was silent for a moment before it erupted into applause. Her friends marveled at the beauty of her storytelling, praising her extraordinary writing abilities.
"Rachel, that was incredible!" Julie exclaimed. "I felt like I was right there with Lila in that world. Your descriptions were so vivid, and the story was so unique and compelling."
"Yeah, you have a real gift," David added, his admiration evident in his voice. "You should consider writing a book someday."
Rachel blushed again, overwhelmed by their compliments. As her friends continued to praise her creative writing talents, she felt a newfound sense of confidence and determination to continue honing her craft.
For the twelve friends, the experience of listening to Rachel's story brought them closer together, as they were reminded once again of the diverse talents that each of them possessed. Together, they celebrated Rachel's extraordinary writing abilities and the unique gifts that each of them brought to their circle of friendship.
See link below for Part 2!
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