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Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews: Scam or Legit?

2021.04.15 20:55 Superb-Bar-898 Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews: Scam or Legit?

Blast Auxiliary AC also called Blast Portable AC is a newly released portable air conditioner that can help you get through the sweltering heat of summer without sweating too much.

2023.03.26 20:48 FlygonPR Malls and Tropical Climates

So ive been planning to read a book called El Mall: The Spatial and Class Politics of Shopping Malls in Latin America. But as someone who lives in the Caribbean, I've always had the opinión that en closed air conditioner areas are extremely useful when the sun is at it's peak. However, many US planners seem to not get this that well. We also often do not have central air conditioner house and schools.
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2023.03.26 20:23 cosmogoblin Fictional version of our world where everybody can teleport at will

This is my first post to worldbuilding, so constructive criticism is welcome.
The world is modern Earth, but every human can teleport. I've considered how this would impact various aspects of society, and will add more as I write them. My main reason for posting is that I would like to write a novel, but don't have the patience, so I expressly give anybody permission to use my work to create something bigger (novel, RPG, etc) - I'd love to read it!
Basic summary
Everybody can teleport freely. This has been the case for all of human history.
How teleportation works
Teleportation applies only to the person - nothing they're touching. During teleport a person finds a region of low density - air - to swap places with. Teleporting takes energy proportional to the mass at the destination. This isn't generally a problem, but it makes it nigh impossible to teleport into solid or liquid objects. Rain is barely more dense than dry air, with no noticeable increase in difficulty. A typical healthy adult can teleport 20-30 times a day without becoming overly tired.
Teleporting does not produce cool Hollywood-style effects. There is no sound, and a person simply appears or disappears. If they teleport into an area with something in the air, such as rain or dust, this will be transported to where they were, and teleporting into wind can leave a brief gust in your absence. It is generally assumed that travel by teleportation occurs at the speed of light, and modern high-framerate cameras have confirmed this to within 0.01%, but only for distances up to about 8 kilometres (after that, the horizon becomes a problem). This, however, is just the time between disappearing and reappearing elsewhere; in practice it takes several seconds of preparation time.
Travel companies
Travel companies are nothing like what they are today. Transport is essentially for freight only, and the equivalent of commercial airlines or train lines are for luggage to be sent on ahead of a planned teleport, and collected or delivered at the other end. Holiday homes as such are rare, but wealthy people may have small rooms, wardrobes essentially, dotted around the world. Every major town and city has a few designated teleport pads, large open spaces with a soft-play surface and absolutely no structures, even temporary ones.
Clothing and accessories
Since clothes don't teleport, clothing is a status symbol. To wear fancy clothes means you don't need to travel far, you have private transport, or you have access to high-quality clothing at your destination; therefore quality clothing is worn by the wealthy to show off their status, and many people do not wear clothes as a matter of course; this means human population density is much higher in warmer regions, with colder regions having wealthy people and those who need to work there (e.g. scientists and miners). Less wealthy people who wear clothes are typically very near where they live, including those who have chosen not to interact with the world (e.g. shut-ins). Travel companies offer clothing for rent (and disposable underwear) at destination hubs; most would rent bog-standard clothing, often only for a few hours. Millions of parents tire of telling their children to put their clothes neatly away, instead of just teleporting out of them. Like clothing, jewelery and make-up are rare, and tattoos almost unheard of, but scarification and branding are common (though far from universal). These are often used to aid identification of individuals or group membership, both voluntarily and as a criminal punishment. Plastic surgery is difficult, and injuries that require stitches or casts make teleporting problematic; people often take a week or two off work to recover from relatively minor wounds. On the other hand, wounds don't often get infected, as before an infection takes hold, a teleport a few metres away can clean the wound very effectively.
Prisons don't exist. Physical security to prevent theft boils down to preventing people from retrieving items; a locked door won't stop somebody getting in, but a lockbox too small for a human to fit in might. Physical security that prevents people getting out is more common. Some secure rooms contain noxious gases, either continuously or triggered by movement sensors. But why do people steal? To make use of an item. A furniture shop, with sofas and beds, will be significantly different.
These days, physical theft is less of a problem than information theft. Patents are really the only aspect of our intellectual property laws that took off here; anybody can teleport into your office and read your notes, but they can't legally use them if they're subject to patents. Patent law is far stronger here than in our world.
Murder is at once easier and more difficult than in our world. If a person wants another dead, they can teleport into their bedroom while they sleep and catch them unawares; but they cannot bring a weapon, and will have to rely on their wits. Guns can't be brought in; strangulation is possible, but the victim will almost always wake up and teleport away. Attempted murder, on the other hand, is a lot more common, and you can't replicate what they do on cop shows, asking neighbours if they saw somebody approaching the house. With evidence harder to come by, the deterrent is extreme: if convicted of either murder or attempted murder, the penalty is death. Official and private bounty hunters track convicts down and carry out the punishment themselves, and the hardest part is often taking the body to a law enforcement station to claim their prize.
Teleportation education
Everybody needs to learn to teleport. Babies cannot, and so new parents are quite restricted, especially without the consumer-level travel networks our world has. Toddlers can be very annoying if they start teleporting before learning how to control it. An understanding of the destination is required for accurate teleportation; geography lessons are typically compulsory up to school leaving age, and teleportation lessons include:
Basic instruction:
Mid-level instruction:
Advanced instruction:
Technical details of teleporting
Only humans can teleport. Scientists and priests have pondered this for centuries. Many religious people and organisations believe this is a unique gift from God; but scientists have been trying for years to break it down and figure out exactly what it is that provides this ability. If it can be understood, and then replicated, it may be possible to create teleporters for inanimate objects, truly ushering in a post-scarcity future. But while many theories have been proposed, none have stood up to scrutiny for very long. That said, teleportation research is still a potentially lucrative career path, given the reward to humanity if the problem is solved, and billions are poured into this every year.
Teleportation takes energy, which comes from the individual's personal reserves of chemical energy. Most scientists currently believe each cell provides the energy to teleport itself, although given that not all of a human body is made of cells with energy reserves, this is clearly an incomplete theory and research is ongoing.
Some energy is required simply to teleport, around 100 J per kilogram of body mass. A change in height adds further energy on top of the base, equal to the change in gravitational potential energy: 1 J per metre change per kilogram. Curiously this amount is paid whether moving up or down, and scientists are still unclear where the energy goes when moving downward. For a 70 kg person, this works out to 7,000 J plus 700 J per vertical metre. Teleporting three floors up or down is about 14,000 J, or 3.3 kcal. The additional cost is zero when teleporting elsewhere on the same geodesic, even to the other side of the planet. This means it is easier to teleport to the same height on the other side of the world than it is to teleport upstairs in your own house, and most children understand geodesics by about age 13.
A large height change at once is very taxing. 100 metres is 18 kcal, 1 kilometre is 168 kcal, and the formal edge of the atmosphere, 100 kilometres, is almost 17,000 kcal - one week's recommended caloric intake. While teleporting is banned in most sports, athletics competitions include teleportation events in speed, accuracy and height. The best telethletes can teleport in just under a second (a typical person takes about five seconds), hit a target within 1 centimetre (typical 0.5-1 metre), and travel 1.5 kilometres vertically (typical 50 metres), though post-event recuperation can take a week or so. Recovering from one teleport and preparing for the next takes most people a few minutes, but some practised people can be much faster; the world record from sea-level to the top of Everest is 18 seconds in 6 jumps.
To teleport somewhere, it is critical to know the area. Telethletes' 1 cm accuracy is only achieved with line of sight, and they will study the area before the event. Ordinary people can achieve an accuracy better than 5 cm with somewhere they know very well, like their home or workplace. Major teleport pads are very large, and incoming travellers are cleared off of them immediately. Fortunately, teleporting into solid objects is essentially impossible due to the energy required. People "feel" the area before teleporting, and adjust their aim; schools (and parents) teach children to try teleporting into the ground, and aim gradually higher until they can do it. Aim too high however, and you'll teleport into mid-air. Serious teleport injuries are uncommon, but "teleport knee" is a frequent medical complaint, despite PSA campaigns like "Travelling? Relax!" and "Going on vacation? Bend your knees before you put your feet up!" Another complication is that a person's orientation doesn't change during teleportation, meaning that long-distance travel can leave you lying sideways. Experienced travellers can estimate the destination of others by looking at the angle they tilt their body to before travelling, and compasses and latitude/longitude/elevation markings are as common in public places as clocks.
Travel companies take pains to make their location as clear as possible, and expect (but can't enforce) travellers to book in advance. Since many people opt to go to a teleport hub before travelling long-distance, hubs have large waiting/meeting rooms, and scale models of people at different angles with their city on a sign above them. On the other hand, secure locations like bank vaults are often built at a different elevation and/or angle from the rest of the floor. Rumours that the floors are made of fragile glass with a substantial fall below remain unconfirmed.
Children learn early on that while teleporting can change your location, it can't change your velocity. A person who falls from a large height must teleport to the ground immediately, before their speed becomes too great. Some people set up a crash mat in their home, and practise teleporting onto it with precision, "just in case".
Health problems affect the ability to teleport. Mechanical implants, such as pacemakers or artificial legs, don't go with you; biological implants do, and research is ongoing into producing biological implants for all disabilities. Wheelchairs don't go with you, but can be hired from travel companies. These are not a problem for the ultra-rich who can take private transport; and indeed, being able to spend hours or days travelling is a sign of wealth.
Trade and commerce
This is not a post-scarcity world. For one, there are still limited resources, and they can't be teleported, so logistics problems still exist. And for another, post-scarcity implies that things that are not scarce now were in the past. To the extent that it could be called post-scarcity by us, these people have always lived like this; teleportation has been common throughout human history.
Important infrastructure facilities are guarded much more heavily than they are in our world. A power station will have hundreds of guards, armed with lethal and non-lethal weaponry. The kind of alarm that James Bond might set off is useless if intruders can just teleport away, so instant response is called for. Many such facilities have no front door, though of course they have loading doors for cargo.
Rail is the dominant means of overland transport, and cargo ships over the sea. Private land and sea vehicles are luxury or enthusiast goods, and road infrastructure is primarily pedestrian and cycle paths in major cities, with private taxis from local teleport hubs. People don't commute to work; if they wear clothes at work, they teleport into the changing rooms.
Money exists, and operates much as it does for us. But notes and coins are almost unheard of today. Valuable goods have to be transported physically, but few use precious metals and gems as cash. Money is controlled by centralised banks, and accessed via password.
Historically this came with various problems, and meant trade was almost as limited as it was in our world until recently. In the past, local trade typically used local city-state currency, but trading beyond walking range was as difficult with teleportation as it was in our world without it.
With the advent of global computer systems, people could memorise their usernames and passwords. Of course this meant people would have far fewer unique passwords than we do, and scams were common. Most people now use fingerprints or iris scanners, and recovery of a lost bank account is an arduous process.
Resources being in fixed locations, and transport being needed for them, means wars are still a thing. These are curious affairs for residents of our world. Military intelligence is everything. Location on the battlefield is still important, but far less so; a soldier can dodge a bullet as long as they see - or hear - it coming. If you don't take out the enemy with the first bullet, they'll be gone by the time you fire the second. Standard infantry with weapons can be outflanked without warning. A common sight on the battlefield, today and for thousands of years, is a squad of armed soldiers advancing on the enemy, suddenly being beaten and strangled by naked assassins. Point-to-point unarmed strikers are the equivalent of today's marines or yesteryear's ninjas or assassins, and can teleport with a precision of a couple of centimetres. Given the inability to take communications devices with them, strikers rely heavily on intelligence: distance and aerial reconnaissance outdoors, and spotters for enemy bases, who will teleport into a location, quickly memorise their surroundings, and return and relay the information to their comrades. If strikers are the elite, then spotters are the elite of the elite; the skills and training that go into a good spotter mean they rarely risk joining the active assault, and few striker teams have more than one spotter. Other strikers can take on the role if needed but will usually be less effective.
Since there are effectively no nation-states, nation-states don't go to war. Wars are usually carried out between different factions, such as Communities of Interest (see "Political structures" below). Standing armies as described above do exist, but are only a small part of war. Perhaps the most important part is political assassinations. A person designated at-risk by the Assemblies (see below), or a paranoid person with lots of money, will always have armed bodyguards ready to shoot to kill, even watching over them while they sleep.
Political structures
Countries don't exist, or at least not in the way we're used to. Borders can control property, but not people, and it makes little sense for a person to obey a specific set of laws just because they tend to sleep in a specific geographical region. Government is closer to a one-world affair. Rather than communities of geography, people are grouped into Communities of Interest. Each person declares themself to one Community (almost nobody chooses not to); they can change Community at any time, except during the year before the five-yearly election. Communities can be created by anybody, and organise themselves however they like, but they only have any real global power if they have membership of at least 100,000. The election is a simple count of the membership of each Community; for every 100,000 people in a Community, that Community gets one representative in the Junior Assembly (currently 110,000 representatives). Likewise, Junior Representatives form themselves into Coalitions, and for every 100 Junior Representatives in a Coalition, they send one representative to the Senior Assembly (currently numbering 800). Roughly 50 from the Senior Assembly form the Executive Committee to formulate policy, but a majority vote in the Senior Assembly is required to enact legislation. This system has existed in something resembling its present form for thousands of years, and its origins are lost to time.
An exact count of Communities of Interest is not possible due to their fluidity, but political journalists commonly quote half a million. These can include major blocks of tens of millions of people based on religion or broad political principles, special interest communities and single-issue groups with hundreds of thousands of members, minor subcultures with a few hundred people who consider their subculture more important personally than their broader political beliefs, all the way down to families, friendship groups, or even "communities" of one. Only about 12,000 Communities of Interest currently have representation in the Junior Assembly, and while this includes 85% of people, a so-called "direct rep" - a member of the Senior Assembly who is from your Community (rather than just your Community's Coalition) - is the privilege of just 12% of the global population.
There are always some "non-participatory" Communities - those who, due to political indifference, political hostility, or downright apathy, join a Community with the explicit goal of not participating. There are usually a fairly large number of such Communities, each with very small membership; but occasionally one of these can grow to the level of Junior Representation. This most recently happened in 1959, when anger over economic inequality gained the "Just Piss Off" Community 25,000 Junior and 25 Senior Representatives. They dwindled to two Seniors by the next election, and zero thereafter, but their influence is still hotly debated by journalists and political scientists.
There is no single individual at the top. The Senior Assembly forms committees with a specific purpose, and each committee elects a president from their number, but they have little specific power and their position is dissolved when the committee's work concludes. A committee president will generally be the public face of the committee, appearing in public to explain their work, but they have just their own vote during committee meetings. Committees may be a small number of Senior Representatives, but may also invite Junior Representatives and non-Representative experts and members of the public; such people have the same amount of formal power within the committee as the Senior Representatives.
Food and other essentials
Many industries are nationalised. This is not the correct word in a world without nations; the word they use is "Assembled", much to the chagrin of linguists. In particular, food and water are Assembled. These are the only goods which can be taken by a teleporter (provided they consume them first), and it is simply not possible to carry out food production for profit, nor to not carry out food production. Workers in the food and drink industries are paid by the Assembly, and very little food is distributed; people come and take what they want. Food distribution is reserved for restaurants, pubs, and special occasions, and here, payment is primarily for delivery.
The type of food produced is dictated by a standing Committee, based on voting by the Junior Assembly. This gives everybody with a Junior Representative the opportunity to lobby for an increase in production of their preferred food, and many food companies - and in particular, alcoholic drinks companies - have their own Community of Interest with substantial Junior Representation.
I mentioned linguists earlier. Language is a lot easier here. Humans, it is thought, have been able to teleport at least as long as they've had spoken language, and certainly longer than written language. As such there is effectively just one language, although people still tend to live in a particular region, and distinct dialects exist. Still, just about everybody on the planet can understand everybody else. Language evolves over time, and it is unlikely a time traveller from a thousand years ago would get on so easily. That said, they'd have a better time with written communication. Writing is pictographic; broadly, each concept has a glyph to represent it, and diacritics to add nuance. Liberal use of diacritics is commonly seen as a sign of a good education, and a complete lack of diacritics is perceived as crude and vulgar. Other written forms do exist from ancient times, and the written language of today is assumed to have developed as the human population rose, and relatively isolated cultures encountered each other more frequently.
Separate written languages have emerged in recent centuries to express mathematics and science. This was particularly important in early chemistry, as a single distinct glyph for each chemical name quickly become unwieldy. Modern mathematicians and scientists are essentially bilingual, and have developed their own form of non-scientific written communication using scientific symbols. These symbols number only about 200, many originating as chemical elements, and scientific writing is not only unintelligible to the untrained, but also significantly longer; a page of normal writing using glyphs and diacritics, translated into scientific notation, could easily run to twenty pages. Schoolchildren learn the basics of scientific notation, but only those who take advanced scientific study will become fluent.
A BRIEF NOTE: I am not a bigot. Or at least, I think I'm not; I try not to be. Many people believe in a god, and many people don't, and what I'm describing here is one version of my imagined historical revision based on a world with teleportation. I'm not an expert in any faith, even my own, and there are surely many errors in my historical understanding. The increased or decreased prevalence of a religion in this fictional world is in no way an indication that I think this SHOULD happen; I do not. If you don't like what you read, don't use it. I don't mean to cause any offense, and I apologise if I do.
Religions, as mentioned, exist. There is little difference from our own world in the desire for faith, although there are differences in how religions came about. Monotheism is less common, with many monotheists believing in a divine spirit of the universe rather than a specific individual God. Eastern Dharmic beliefs and Western esotericism have been more popular, and many modern people follow a fusion of the two, called The Path. A minority of Pathists take the name literally, and do not teleport; members of this offshoot are called Walkers.
Buddha existed, and his teachings are more or less unchanged from our world. Buddhists are relatively common.
Judaism does exist, but as the primordial monotheistic faith, rather than a distinct lineage of people. Major events in the real-world history of Judaism include the enslavement of the Israelites and their forty years wandering the desert; this did not happen, and so Jews did not become a tight-knit community, and there is no modern Israel. Today there are a few enclaves around the world, with a third of Jews living in such small groups, and the rest spread among the general population.
Islam is also founded in part on the holding of lands by Muslims and non-Muslims. These events did not happen, and if Mohammad existed, his teachings have been lost to time.
Jesus did exist, and Christianity is very similar. During Jesus' life there were autocratic religious leaders who strictly controlled what the people were allowed to say and do, under penalty of death; although food-poverty never really existed, these leaders lived in luxury at great cost to others. It was this that Jesus preached was sinful. Jesus is particularly noted for surrendering himself to the authorities, in a world where anybody can evade capture if they see it coming. Crucifixion was invented specifically for him. Christianity spread, but not as much, and there is no such thing as Catholic or Protestant; just different flavours of belief.
Atheists are less common. The simple fact that humans are unique in their ability to teleport leads most to believe in something that makes humans special, even after developing an understanding of evolution.
Technology followed a similar path to our world, with the notable exception of mobile phones. People have cabled computers in their homes and offices, but mobile devices are both less useful and less useable, since you can't teleport with a phone, but you can just teleport back home if you need to use a computer. The internet is just as widespread, and personal cloud computing is even more common; most people have an account with a hosting service, and most computers allow remote logins to access your desktop and files. Internet cafés are very common as meeting places where people can work together on whatever they want to do. Since portable devices never really took off, fixed computers tend to be larger and more powerful.
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2023.03.26 20:17 NeoCriMs0n For those who have finished the very long and edgy "Frozen Corridors", how was your experience with the story?

It's a coming-out story for the once idealistic and dorky air conditioner that has now graduated into a badass edgy "Ice Queen"! Yep, I still personally call her Jin Kisaragi's Waifu as a meme. Definitely the most edgy story we've gotten, so far. God, even her theme music is utterly dark and edgy but awesome.
She has now fully embraced what it means to be a total Anti-Hero, still willing to do what is necessary for the good of the world, but is willing to make herself our enemy if need be.
Oh, the added bonus of her kinda like proposing marriage to Edel was HNNGHHH!
"I want you. So, become mine!", indeed.

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2023.03.26 20:15 insinkerator122 Can anyone help me with this noise when I turn on the air conditioner?

Can anyone help me with this noise when I turn on the air conditioner?
I get this weird bearing / whirring / high-pitched noise when I turn on my air conditioner. It seems independent of the fan. I’m having a hard time figuring out what it could be and would appreciate any help!
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2023.03.26 19:57 Dsg1695 Does anyone else that has thick hair deal with this? Or am I losing my hair?

I have long thick hair, I have Brazilian blow outs done to make it more manageable. I can go a few months without washing with dry shampoo & it won’t look flat I wash when there’s a smell or too much hair falls out. My hair falls out a lot but it’s no more than 50 strands a day, isn’t that standard? Plus it looks like more bc my hair is by my waist.
Something strange happened when I washed my hair last week, it looked very full air drying bc my hair is very curly & even full right after straightening. But after a few days it looks very flat to the point where my hair shinieless frizz but the dead ends look more obvious bc my hair looks limp since I last washed. Usually I can go long without washing & it looks full for weeks on end I tried a new deep conditioner but idk if that’s the cause. Again I’m not losing more hair or balding, why is it losing its volume quicker?
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2023.03.26 19:51 Lifted2222 Fans are better than air conditioners

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2023.03.26 18:18 yuri_2022 Biden Admin Now Going After Air Conditioners With New Regulations to "Reduce Nation's Carbon Footprint"

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2023.03.26 18:13 Rouz-z Sensory issues on neck?

I having a very odd problem right now. I know I'm very sensitive around my neck/shoulders. I can't handle people touching my shoulders! Recently I moved to another room, I was in the only room with air conditioner, but I always have it low, not too cold neither too hot. But my mother always want it to be very cold! So I decided to move at another room with a electric fan. And here is the problem, lately is toooo hot and so I have to use the fan at max level. But in the next day I have an unbearable tickling over my neck and shoulders! I don't know if this is because the sensitive over my neck and the wind of the fan all the night.
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2023.03.26 17:34 bittertongue_96 Portable Air Conditioner for bedrooms? [ Pre-Summer Shopping]

Hi everyone,
I've been on the market for portable air conditioners. I'm looking for two units to cool our bedrooms. I live in an apartment complex where air conditioners are not included in the lease ( or building! ) so I just wanted to ask if you guys have any recommendations for us.
Currently I'm looking at this LG Portable Air conditioner 14000btu on Home Depot, but $798 before tax seems a little steep for a 'first time' item on my list. Especially when I'm looking to get two of them.
Anyone here ever tried using portable air conditioners before? If so, how was it? Was it worth what you spent on it?
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2023.03.26 17:23 asdnmsdndhboc tutorials male celeb feet window air conditioner chris evans nudes leaked android file transfer best free dating apps 2018 appl stock apex legends vs fortnite reddit how many oz in a cup ghana leak videos kraken crypto bbw ass fuck chinese money plant cardi b leaked sex tape

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2023.03.26 17:20 akabell Removing cigarette smoke smell from dolls, clothes, cloth accessories, shoes

I have a super hard time with this recently. I bought a lot from a smoker house on eBay (knowingly) and it was so bad I could smell the cigarettes even before opening the sealed package I received. This process I’m describing here worked for me except for one doll whose hair degraded ( I made a post with picture, you can check it on my profile):
  1. In a sealable Tupperware I made a “bed” of dry baking soda, put the naked dolls in, covered with more baking soda, and sealed it. Did the same with the clothes in another container.
  2. They stayed in the dry baking soda for a total of 4 weeks. This reduced 60% of the smell and I could work on washing things without having a head ache.
  3. Washed the clothes and shoes with soap (be careful the colours might bleed). The clothes have a light scent of smoke but the shoes are still at 60%.
  4. Washed the dolls with dish soap (didn’t use conditioner because I was afraid it would “fix” the smell).
  5. Put 2 dolls in each containers with: 2 full scoops of oxi clean, 2 tbsp dish soap, 3 scoops of baking soda, warm water (not boiling or hot) to top it and cover the dolls. Leave it for 4h.
  6. Shoes in a smaller container with 1 scoop oxiclean, 1tbsp dish soap, 2 scoops of baking soda, water to top. Leave it for 4h.
  7. After I took everything out, rinsed, and pat dry a bit. The dolls still had 10-15% of smoke smell. The shoes had a bit more of smoke smell.
  8. Spot clean the dolls and shoes with generous amounts of rubbing alcohol on cotton balls.
  9. After the alcohol the dolls and shoes still have a faint smoke smell. I proceed to wash the dolls hair with dish soap and condition the hair with fabric softener.
  10. It’s been a couple days that everything is out and airing. Some shoes still have a faint smell of smoke and I can only smell it on some parts of the dolls bodies. The dolls hair are perfect except for Amaya whose hair tips look terrible.
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2023.03.26 17:07 gecko11-the-game-cat Does anyone know how quiet these usb air pumps are?

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2023.03.26 16:58 nfd15 Conditioner & Hair dryer

Hey! Ten days ago, my daughter did not wash the conditioner off her hair well, my wife helped her dry her hair, as always, with hot air. She lost a lot of hair, any advice? What shall we do now?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.03.26 16:43 Gibson45 TBM indoor Biochar TEK

Wakefield biochar for medium Use it for rooting and growing.
Heating pad
200 watt heater
Temp controller
Air pump
Air Stones
Organic Salmon fertilizer
Great White Mycorrhizae
12"x6" glass vase
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2023.03.26 16:39 crmfwmezzp 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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Faith wasted no time. She grabbed a wooden pole positioned against the wall and broke the window, trying to get as much of the glass as possible. Chase followed her lead only a second after, grabbing an axe and doing away with the wooden grill of the window. The man could only watch in bewilderment as the two madly destroyed the window and jumped out of it, with Chase going first and then helping Faith through it after.
"I like that you got a sundae," I commented, "most girls are like 'I'll have a scoop of nonfat, dairy-free sherbet.'"
Lidia licked her lips several times before responding., "hi Jax. Ya, it's right here...."
Enjoying the sensation too much to move he remained hilt deep in his sister long after his cock had deflated. He grabbed the camera and looked down where he was still joined with his sister. He felt his cock growing inside her as he recorded. Round two he hopped would last longer. And indeed it did. He lost track of time as he pumped his sister the second time. Juliana had started moaning in her sleep by the time he felt his second orgasm approaching. He picked up the pace hoping to push his sister over the edge first. He was losing control as he pounded her. Just when he thought he could hold it no longer Juliana started bucking and twitching which was more then enough for Newlyn. He empty his balls for the second time that night into his sister.
“Yeah,” I answered.
The soft sweet voice of my sister questioned. I didn't want to say too much, so I cleared my throat to let her know someone was there.
“Y-yours.” Eve groaned through gritted teeth as my thumb managed to go particularly deep. My smile managed to get bigger. I wanted more fun too so…
“Well. I was born in 1987.” She censored herself (she didn’t know him yet and hoping she’d be able to fill in the gap later). “I was adopted by a State Department lawyer named Harold [last name omitted] and his wife, Ruth. Ruth’s sister is the woman I call my aunt. Harold was one of the ‘behind the scenes’ guys for the Americans in the Rwanda peace treaty. I was visiting my aunt and uncle who finished raising me when my adopted parents crashed on the way to their second honeymoon. My adopted brother, for lack of a better term, turned 18 a few days later, he inherited the mansion... the plantation Harold and Ruth owned.”
“Wait,” I said, pressing a hand to his chest to stop his approach, “you named you penis Clark? Why?”
"I think I'm going to be moving with my mom. My dad refused to give my mom the house!" He continued. "He said it would be a cold day in hell before she took the house from him."
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"We should," she said. "Let's get out of here. I'll go, you stay a minute. It'll look better that way."
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A mournful silence drifted through the room as her blue eyes sought out his. She felt the weight on his shoulders as if it was her own. She spoke the only thought on her mind, her voice cautious and delicate.
"So... does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend then?" She asked. "Please be my boyfriend? I know it’s weird because I’m your sister and all but Jason I love you with all my heart! I always have and now I know that you feel at least somewhat the same way about me! Jason I’m so in love with you I don’t think I could survive not having you..."
I pulled the belt until it seemed to push into her arms.
“Yeah, but I don’t want to see my brother pitching a tent. Besides, you and me need to have a little girl talk.”
“Hey! Where are you going?” Jane asked.
Apparently the girls were a bit thirsty too as they all wanted one too. I walked onto the kitchen and got a nice eyeful. Dad and Uncle Scott were no longer in the garage like I had originally thought. They had somehow made their way inside. Dad was seated on a chair at the kitchen table with his pants around his ankles while Aunt Sonja was on her knees between his legs with her mouth swallowing half of his hard on. His head was thrown back and his mouth was open in silent ecstasy with one hand on the back of Sonja’s head. Mom however was bent over the sink with her legs spread. The only thing she was wearing was a loose fitting t-shirt. Uncle Scott was positioned directly behind her wearing pretty much the same thing. He was heartily fucking mom from behind. I stood there watching the spectacle for a couple of minutes before walking over to mom and Scott for a better look. It was then that I realized that Uncle Scott had his dick in mom’s ass giving it to her with all that he had. Mom was moaning softly as she was obviously enjoying it as much as she was enjoying it when I was fucking her in the shower the same way earlier this morning. Standing next to them, I reached up under her shirt and fondled her braless tits for a moment as I heard her moans grow heavier. Her nipples were very prominent and erect as I gave them gentle tweaks. As much as I wanted to join in, I knew there would be plenty of time for that later so I went back to retrieving our drinks and leaving them to finish what they were doing so I could get back to the girls in the living room.
After her tidal wave of pleasure subsided and her body relaxed. I sat up and wiped my face clean with my beach towel that was sitting nearby. I looked back at Abby and her face was flushed red, and her body laid slack on the seat like a bag of jello. I couldn’t help but sit back and admire my handy work for a moment.
"Follow me."
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Evan's mind was racing.
‘No worries,’ smirked Harry as he watched Luna begin to redress. Harry took one last look at her small but perky breasts until they finally became hidden by her dress.
“Where's Gloria?”
She opened her mouth and let out a long moan, and the words came through loud and clear;
"Nooooo .. John .. Nooooo .."
Both girls giggled at my reaction.
We sat down at the table and she all but sat in my lap. We ate as her co workers all came back and talked to us.
I opened my mouth, then shut it, looking away from Paul in thought. I thought for a long time about every interaction I had with Nicole, then everything I ever said and did with Megan. Hell, even as much as it left a bitter taste in my mouth, May popped into my head as I wondered the question. Everything before freshman year seemed irrelevant as I looked over the three unique situations.
reached back between them and took hold of the mighty weapon
We continued to sleep with each other every night from then on. About two weeks into school we had a heat spell. It was just plain hot and humid. Our air conditioner in the apartment was trying to keep up but for some reason we never felt cool. That night I got into bed and kicked all the covers onto the floor. I was not going to have any of them on me tonight. Sarah was a bit of a furnace herself and I figured I wouldn’t need them; not in this heat. As Sarah came in the room I could see her silhouette and noticed she was wearing something different. Tonight she wore a long t-shirt and white cotton panties as opposed to her regular pajamas. I could see the outline of her long legs as they disappeared under her t-shirt.
Miss Bradley raised a brow and smiled, “Well I had made a promise to you and I plan to repay it.”
It’s graduation day as I hide under the bandstands that has the families of the students. I am dressed in jeans, a muscle shirt, and shades. I stand here listening to Jasmine speak with a beautiful voice that I will miss hearing.
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-85- Alldocube iWork GT i3-1115G4 8/256GB 11 Inch Windows Tablet
🛒 https://bit.ly/3OLfGEu
💲 Price: $479.99 / Lowest: $529.99
-86- ENGWE S6 18Ah 48V 500W Electric Scooter with Seat [EU]
✳️ https://bit.ly/3lGzXBQ
⭕️ Price: $559.99 / Lowest: $558.6
-87- Alldocube iWork GT i5-1115G7 8/256GB 11 Inch Windows Tablet
🔗 https://bit.ly/3PaXh4e
👌 Price: $609.99 / Lowest: $689.99
-88- NIU KQi 3 Pro 48V 486Wh 350W 9.5x2.5inch Electric Scooter [EU]
🌐 https://bit.ly/40gsUPp
⭕️ Price: $719.99 / Lowest: $728.84
-89- DRVETION AT20 48V 10Ah 750W 20x4.0inch Electric Bicycle [EU]
🔗 https://bit.ly/40wr5xo
🔹 Price: $1149.99 / Lowest: $1159.99
-90- K2-P PRO 48V 15Ah 750W Electric Bicycle [EU]
🌐 https://bit.ly/3ZnoMeZ
💥 Price: $1215.99 / Lowest: $1239.99
-91- YYG ZM21 48V 20Ah 1200W 20x4.0inch Electric Bicycle [EU]
👌 https://bit.ly/3FTXGFE
🔹 Price: $1669.99 / Lowest: $1689.99
-92- ENGWE M20 13Ah x2 Dual Battery 750W Electric Bike [EU]
✌️ https://bit.ly/3FME724
🚨 Price: $1671.99 / Lowest: $1671.99
❤️ Coupon: BGc8e14f
-93- LAOTIE TITAN TI40 Pro 72V 43.2Ah 8000W Electric Scooter [EU]
👉 https://bit.ly/3Fi84r0
🔹 Price: $2299.99 / Lowest: $2299.99
💵 Coupon: 495b9d
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2023.03.26 15:17 -8--__--8- LPT: It's getting warm again, don't forget to keep your air conditioners condensation drain line clear, and clean it out once a month to prevent clogs.

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