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Where to buy "x" in Winnipeg. Looking for the best place in town to find whatever it is you are looking for? Then this is the sub-reddit for you! You can post handy buying guides for places you find have the best version of product "x", or you can simply post a question asking where you can find "x" in Winnipeg. This is not a buy and sell forum, just a general "What's the best store in Winnipeg to go to" forum.

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A place the share links and advice on website to buy authentic jordans online as well as other hard to buy sneakers.

2023.03.26 20:48 Das_Maechtig_Fuehrer What is this little cement marker? It's on Bald Hill Rd (route 2) in front of where Pier One Imports used to be.

What is this little cement marker? It's on Bald Hill Rd (route 2) in front of where Pier One Imports used to be. submitted by Das_Maechtig_Fuehrer to RhodeIsland [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 20:47 lizeih Inheriting land abroad and FTB benefits

Hi all,
Just looking for some quick advice before I start throwing all my savings at my LISA.
In the next year or so, I am likely going to be receiving a share of land abroad. It is farmland and has no planning permission of any sort. It’s going to be gifted, rather than inherited, as the family member who owns it is still alive. I do not plan to apply for planning permission, nor build anything on it.
Would having this affect my first time buyer eligibility? Is it best to buy before the land is in my name, and will I lose all FTB perks the moment I receive it?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.26 20:47 alyssadotjpxg What’s the most random thing a customer has gotten mad at you for?

For me, it was when I was dispensing and asked a lady if she wanted me to shut the back of her car… I ask bc sometimes they like to get out and look at how I loaded everything, or other specific reasons. And there’s another time when I was picking where someone got mad at me for trying to weave around them to grab something on the other side of them. This person was parked diagonally across the aisle just staring at a product on the shelf. This was when the store was BUSY, so going down one aisle and around to the other side just wasn’t an option.
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2023.03.26 20:47 Minimum_Fudge2734 Kind of in love with my trainer—need advice and to get this off my chest

Using a throwaway account because I’m active on this sub on my main account.
TL;DR I’ve fallen hard for my trainer. What started as a fun crush has become sometimes distressing. I need advice on how to get over it, if I should move barns, or what on earth I should do. There are things I don’t love at my current barn but I have limited options to move. My husband is amused and says to wait it out but it’s been almost a year.
I’m a (non-monogamously married) queer woman in my late 20s and started riding at my current barn about a year ago. Six months before that, I moved across the country from a major liberal city to a more rural state that’s notoriously socially insular. I struggled to find the right barn when I moved and getting settled into my current one was a godsend. There aren’t many options for my discipline within reasonable driving distance of my house and I took lessons at three places before finding my current barn. My riding has improved greatly, I’m paired with a horse I love, and I’ve finally made some real friends including getting adopted by some self-proclaimed townies. I’ve been half-leasing a horse for the last year who I am purchasing this month.
I noticed I was drawn to my trainer right away and chalked that up to finding a good fit. We really click in a lot of ways. About three months in I realized I was actually extremely attracted to her. (Our arena was being graded and she asked me if I wanted to spend a morning building a derby course with her in the field, and it felt like the hottest thing I’d ever been asked.) I spent the summer amused with myself for the attraction and wondering if she herself was straight—harmless curiosity but a few signs pointed to no and the sleuthing became a light ongoing joke with my best horse friend from back home. The attraction wasn’t getting in the way of my lessons and while it slowly turned into more of a crush, it didn’t feel like it negatively affected my barn time. We hung out a few times outside of the barn and had a lot of fun and I always came home glowing.
In a lesson this fall, we wound up discussing mental health and shared that we both have the same uncommon but not rare mental health disorder. While we were talking about personal things, I decided to just ask outright if she was straight because I was curious. She laughed and told me she’s bi, and that she was actually looking for a relationship with a woman before winding up with her new boyfriend, stationed nearby in the military. Since then, we’ve been able to tickle each other’s humor with very specific queer and mental health related jokes. We make each other laugh very hard and the jokes and conversations feel especially connecting.
We’ve developed a sweet friendship. We’ve bonded over flowers and art too—she went to art school and is a gardener, and I’ve been making collages out of pressed flowers. We discuss techniques and she’s offered me flowers from her garden several times. I gave her an herbal tarot deck for her birthday, and for mine she gave me flower seeds that she thought would be good for drying. She’s brought up a couple times that she wants to take me for “a dessert date” at a dessert bar near me. She likes fine alcohols and I travel to far flung locations for work so I bring her back a bottle of something nice from my travels. And we often hang out in the barn aisle shooting the shit after my lessons.
I really wish with all my heart that I could accept this as a wonderful friendship and maintain an otherwise equestrian relationship. It’s been almost a year though and my feelings keep growing. It hasn’t gotten in the way of my lessons and showing, but the crush has started to feel painful and it’s giving me anxiety. I’m also feeling anxious about the idea of her picking up on the crush. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable in her place of work/home, and there’s a lot to be said about the trainestudent dynamic and professional/client dynamic and how inappropriate it would be for me to come onto her. There have been zero signs I’ve made her uncomfortable so far but it’s a concern.
It feels mutual, but I’m also aware of my wishful thinking. My husband thinks she is into me based on observing us interact at the barn. If this were a more straight forward situation, I’d probably have a direct conversation about it. Without the trainer dynamic and existing relationships, it feels like two queer women dancing around a budding situation.
On to the horse aspect:
There are a few things about the barn that I don’t love, including her coaching sometimes. A few examples: I disagree with some of her methods and don’t feel like she provides enough feedback and support at shows. It’s a full-care barn and they barely use any bedding in the stalls, and the horses have less access to hay when stalled (4/5pm-8am) than I’d prefer. Moving my horse outside full time isn’t an option. We’re stuck in a small indoor arena for about half the year and the footing isn’t great.
However my options to move are limited. There aren’t many other huntejumper barns in the area and I don’t like the trainers of the few within an hour drive. There is one facility an hour away that provides top notch care but is out of budget and would be about 40% more than I currently pay. It’s also been really hard to make friends in my new state and I value my current barn community so deeply—the idea of starting over sounds awful.
My husband and I are buying a house in the next 2-3 years (crossed fingers) but in a different part of the state. I will almost certainly have to switch facilities then.
So, what do I do? Are the factors of less-than-ideal care and my feelings for my trainer enough that I should look into switching barns in earnest? Do I just need to keep sucking it up and hope my feelings change? How do I get over this crush??
Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.26 20:46 SubstantialShift9391 cynthia is getting on my damn nerves + hypocrisy about kenya

i used to love cynthia. i think her relationship with noelle and leon is fantastic and she often comes across as a funny and nice person. i liked season 7 (?) when she got out from under nene's foot and started hanging out with kenya. i'm currently on season 9.
here's where the problem starts: she is such a rotten friend to kenya. everyone goes on and on about kenya being "disrespectful" to cynthia and i assumed it was true because i could kind of understand based on rhugt, though i didn't agree at all. imagine my surprise when i see cynthia constantly staying silent when people are talking shit about kenya, abandoning her for nene CONSTANTLY (especially in jamaica in season 8, right after kenya's situation with her mom), and TELLING KENYA'S ABUSIVE EX THAT SHE'S A DRAMA QUEEN AND HE SHOULDN'T BLAME HIMSELF. she also keeps insinuating that kenya is overreacting about matt's issues when she literally saw the windows smashed in at moore manor the day before 🙄
i feel like i'm losing my mind here!!!! the way these girls react to porsha and every man that puts his hands on kenya is making me so angry and so sad. with the exception of kandi (though she's definitely been in the wrong a few times) everyone is so mean about it. are people so shallow that they think abuse is justifiable because they don't like someone???? i see people bringing up "kenya's violence" wrt kim fields so often but no one talks about porsha going for the kill countless times. it's ridiculous and dumb.
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2023.03.26 20:46 neckbeard94 [WTS/WTT] Send-it Sunday. Samoilovart Mandalorian Helmet

Helmet photos
Cast and hand painted "Dirty" mando helmet made to look like the scene where mando fights the mudhorn. It is 1:1 scale and wearable or display.
WTS: $350
WTT (differences in value paid with cash):
Eotech exps3-0 tan Surefire m640U scout light pro (tan) Holosun eps carry mrs Ops core or Team Wendy bump helmet (size 1)
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2023.03.26 20:46 synaesthetist Have some clients interested in contract work and believe I would like to form an LLC. If I want to be able to name my business on a website/LinkedIn, what is the bare minimum I need to do legally in MA?

In addition to providing consulting services, my husband is also in a field where he could provide some complimentary services to clients. It would be great to have him covered as well (similar to me being in marketing/branding and him being able to build a website.)
I’d like to be able to create a website, have a presence on social media and LinkedIn under a company name vs. my actual name.
LLC feels like the right call and that we could just use LegalZoom to set this up cheaply/quickly (since we have interested clients) but curious if I’m potentially overlooking something.
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2023.03.26 20:46 secretstripperthrowa AITA for lying to my daughter that I'm working as a stripper?

I'm a 41F single mother of a 15F. I do have a decent day job and have been on good terms with her father for awhile who is very supportive.
I've had exhibitionist tendencies my whole life which would probably very much surprise you if you ever met me since I come across as modest and and thus have had a fantasy of being a stripper despite never doing so. I have a good friend (38F) who has worked as a stripper before and is possibly the only person I've discussed this with in the past aside from my ex-husband.
A couple months ago I was talking about wanting to get my car finally paid off. She suggested that I could get the money stripping. I thought it was a joke but she explained that women my age in strip clubs are hardly unheard of, and that I'm in shape and look good enough to still make good money at one. She emphasized that perhaps I intended for that to just be a fantasy, but if I was serious and wanted to try it out there was a club about an hour away that I would fit well in and often had women my age dancing there. It was a bit nerve wracking but in the end I went with a YOLO attitude as my time to fulfill this bucket list thing was running out. So one night after visiting a sex store for some heels and choosing some of my lingerie I told my daughter I was just going to hang out at said friend's house for the night and she had the place to herself and headed to the club.
Well...as difficult as it was at first I actually enjoyed it and made great money. So I started returning to the club twice a week, and told my daughter I now had an infrequent night job waitressing that I was only going to keep until the car was paid off and to call me in an emergency. Went well for a few weeks until one day I was an idiot and left my heels in a place where my daughter could find them...and she did. She confronted me about them and asked what they were for. I decided to just come clean and explained I wasn't waitressing and told her what was happening. She had a look of shock and then broke down in tears. I explained it to her that I'm not feeling exploited or abused or forced into this and I actually enjoy it but it'll only be until the car is paid off. She still ran off to her room crying. I gave her some time and knocked and asked if I could talk, she called me a "lying whore" and refused. Normally that would result in some severe punishment but I understood. We eventually talked about it. My daughter told me she just can't get over the fact that she's the daughter of a stripper and is quite embarrassed about it and can't believe I enjoy this, as I said I come across as modest. I assured her it wasn't in a nearby club and it's unlikely anyone she knew would find out aside from my friend.
The next day she apologized for what she said and admitted it's my choice but she's still very angry that I lied about it. It's kind of put a damper on the whole thing but I lied mostly to try to save her from this. So am I an asshole?
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2023.03.26 20:46 Own_Flow_1127 Invisible reticle

So my teammate was kinda shocked that you can basically make an invisible reticle on apex(it’s honestly a pretty old thing) it makes it easier to hit shots at least to me and I was just wondering does anybody else not know about this? If you don’t, basically, you make your reticle color the darkest blue you can make it(0,0,128) and because apex is vibrant and bright it makes your reticle very transparent to a point where it looks invisible. Some scope even just have dots. But yea, I just wanted to know who else knew and didn’t know about this cause I thought this was pretty old news.
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2023.03.26 20:46 Crypto_Kingdom_1 Clear Roadmap & Doxxed team & Audited smart-contract

The Starzz ecosystem is revolutionizing the sports and entertainment industry by employing blockchain technology and a pioneering decentralized autonomous club (DAC) concept. The objective is to empower Champions through recognizing their most loyal fans, unlocking new monetization opportunities, and optimizing the lifetime value of every fan through actively including them in the decision-making process via voting with unique Champion tokens. Additionally, supporters will finally have the power in the decisions and future of their favorite Champions as well as having a degree of engagement with them that they have never had access to.
This holistic ecosystem comprises of 4 core modules:
Supporterzz Platform: The central hub where all the action goes down - fans and Champions can engage with each other like never before.
Starzz Exchange: Facilitates the dissemination and exchange of Champion tokens.
$SRZ token: Starzz's primary cryptocurrency used as the primary payment method within the Starzz ecosystem.
Champion tokens: Grant voting rights that can be exercised on the Supporterzz Platform and are exchangeable on the exchange.
Take the opportunity now by purchasing a Starzz token, which provides early access to the platform and its capabilities, as well as the ability to participate in the governance of the decentralized autonomous club (DAC) concept.
Take action now and be a part of the world of fan tokens by visiting the TG group: STARZZfans and taking part in this exciting ICO.
Voting with champion tokens Marketplace $SRZ tokens DAC and digital currency for sport clubs & celebrities Incentives 🔥 Starzz Social media network
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2023.03.26 20:46 Soillily An experiment on how much I have - won and failed simultaneously ;)

Hi everyone,
it's more sort of a journal that I can share with you and would love to hear your reflections & suggestions.
I asked you, lovely people, for some advice on moving some time ago and I'm super grateful. This time, I wanted to share an experiment where I took just a one specific kind of items and packed it into my car. The same car that should contain my whole life in one go, preferably, when I'll be moving overseas.
a teenage Peugeot 107. Google that giant four-seater xD It's tiny but it's not a toycar... I have already travelled twice across the country (500km) in it and back, so... it's awesome for a single woman who needs to find a parking spot in a big city and doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg for the petrol & insurance. Still... it's not a moving van by any means. It's also unimmune to heavier luggage, so the car should not be loaded till the roof. Ever.
My dolly boxes with 7 SD-sized BJDs (they're like 58-62 cm each) and 7 containers with clothes + accessories.
5 walks from my flat to my car and back.
Turns my whole car luggage space + two rear sits folded were taken. There'd be NO room for all my clothes even, but considering I had downsided, it'd be just enough for the dolls, some clothes and most important documents. Forget makeup/medicine/jewellery/sentimentals/my favourite tea pot, etc.
I have to take a really, REALLY hard look at my life choices.
I'm super happy I began 4 months before my planned move (it's only 3 more to go now). I'm super happy I spent an entire afternoon and 10 walks on that silly experiment (meanwhile I took out the rubbish at least :P).
Also, I need to really realise that UNLESS something is very exceptional and would be potentionally hard to replace on the other side (say some of my dolls, some fabric & craft supplies that I particulalry love, some favourite kitchen utensils, some medicine & make up brans) I need to GET RID OF IT. I just have to be more ruthless, really!
One sad realisation - this is a hobby and this should be fun and bring peace. The issue related to its volume is now really stressful, which is far from fun & peaceful.
I plan to devote the upcoming next several weekends and afternoons to decluttering, photographing, listing and posting on buy-nothing groups. Also, calling my friends meanwhile, because they have the priority ;)
I just really cannot get attached to stuff like mugs, appliances and all hobby items i've gathered!
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2023.03.26 20:46 logantyler002 I sent some money to an online romance scammer. How can I get my money back?

Private investigators have a wide range of tools at their disposal, all of which are designed to rival the sophistication of the techniques the scammers use. By using the latest technology and highly skilled research methods, your private detective should be able to trace the source of the fraudulent activity. Depending on the type of scam and where the individual is located, you may be able to get the police involved to bring the fraudster to justice.
To talk to us about your situation, feel free to contact me, [email protected] will support you through the process and do everything possible to get you justice.
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2023.03.26 20:46 Geee33 Do dlcs transfer from console to pc?

I have most of the dlcs on console and i want to know if possibly with the paradox account if they will transfer to pc. I think I already know the answer but i really dont wanna need to re buy all the dlcs on pc.
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2023.03.26 20:46 Floppywasnotthere Does anyone know how to play cossett's world without the physical version ?

The physical version is now unable to buy, and I was wondering if there would be a way to play a digital version.
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2023.03.26 20:46 Mission-Employee4249 Should I give up on trying to get my account unbanned?

My ultimate ironman account was falsely banned recently for macroing (major). In a fit of rage and confusion I quickly submitted an appeal which was promptly rejected. I then proceeded to reach out to Jagex Support on Twitter who replied saying that their decision is final and the ban is irreversible. They didn't supply me with any evidence whatsoever, other than claiming "the use of illegal 3rd party software" which is simply not true. I've only ever used RuneLite and its default plugins, and mobile a handful of times.
I really want to fight this thing but I'm slowly loosing the will. After coming to Reddit and reading this thread: https://www.reddit.com/2007scape/comments/ph4wy3/we_need_to_talk_about_false_bans/, I have come to realize it is highly unlikely that a real human being will ever look into my case, and that Jagex will very rarely overturn false bans, as this would be admitting that their bot detection system isn't 99.9% accurate like we are led to believe.
I made the account a couple of months back after becoming inspired by Settled's Swampletics series. I finally decided to give my childhood game another shot after not having played properly in a few years and fell in love with the play-style straight away. The whole reason I made the account was to play the game in a more wholesome way - to enjoy the content in its most pure form. Botting is literally the last thing I would do and I am absolutely bewildered as to how this conclusion was reached. I didn't put a huge amount of hours in (that is by today's standards) as I work long hours as a chef, but cherished those times where I got to unwind after a long day and really engage in the game like never before. I had around base 40 combat stats which I got from questing, 80-something firemaking from wintertod, 60 agility (mainly from Canafis course and pyramid) and 46 construction which allowed me to build my costume room and most of its components.
I do have a possible theory as to what might have happened but this seems a bit farfetched. I live in a staff accommodation block owned by the ski resort that I work for. The network is used by probably just under 100 people daily. I connect to the public wifi through a VPN 99% of the time but yesterday morning I decided to set up the mobile client so I could play on my break at work. It was when I logged into the mobile version on the unprotected wifi network that I got the fateful message: "your account has been involved in serious rule breaking". I didn't think much of this detail at first but when I looked at when the ban took place, it was around the time I tried logging into the mobile client. Is it possible that the i.p address of this shared wifi network had been flagged at some point for using botting software? Or were my agility clicks just that good?
I have every single RuneLite screenshot showing my level-ups and quests right up until the date I was banned. I'm hoping this would help my case as it would disprove their claim that I used "illegal 3rd party software".
In conclusion I'm at a bit of a crossroads. I'm completely frustrated at the sheer injustice of this situation and I really want to keep fighting this thing. The other part of me is somewhat disillusioned by the thought of never wanting to play the game again, due partly to the possibility of being banned again out of nowhere, but more the sad realization that Jagex will never look out for normal players like myself. By not having any real channel for player support, or even bothering to look into my case after I resorted to contacting the social media accounts of Jagex moderators, I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth that I don't think will ever go away now. Should I keep trying, or call it a day and quit the game for good? A lot of you guys are gonna call me guilty and that's fine. I'm ready for the "smackdown". I know I'm innocent and I know that making this post probably won't get me unbanned. At this point I just want to bring awareness to a reoccurring issue that Jagex refuses to address.
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2023.03.26 20:46 SpectralVoodoo [CoH2] How do I get around the File Length error in the Mod Builder?

< This is a modding question / not installing mods, but modding >
Thought about editing a couple of old mods I made.
Downloaded CoH2 + Tools
Loaded up the .mod file in Mod Builder, opened the xml attribute editor and made some changes.
But when I try to build the mod, I get the error - "file path is too long" (something along this, Im paraphrasing)
If I try to move the .mod file and folders to a folder with a shorter file path. It bugs out (probably because the file paths are broken / not where the program thinks they should be)
- - -
Help please! I don't want to have to start making a mod from scratch :(
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2023.03.26 20:46 TheBeanTownRadish Is this a bug? Please help.

I can’t for the life of me get Louis’ personal ability, Admiration, to trigger.
I will have him attack an enemy unit, then move 2 female units within 2 spaces of where he’ll attack, and the predicted damage on him doesn’t change one bit.
This is a huge bummer for me, because I’ve been building him to have as many damage nullifying abilities as possible (e.g. Gentility, Arms Shield, Allied Defense) to stack with Admiration.
Am I just missing some other kind of activation requirements? I tried making it so that he had 2 female units nearby who he has supports with, but nothing changed.
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2023.03.26 20:46 Vegetable-Growth-426 The real reason why the AOT ending was ruined

Ik there have been a thousand posts such as this, but genuinely AOT is like poop being used as icing for one of the most delecious cakes in the world.
The real reason why the ending got ruined:

Its not a deep analysis, i cant be bothered to do that rn, just finished reading it, ill do a deep extreme detail analysis later.

Anyways, the ending was terrible, so many plotholes and poorly executed, the main feeling was that everything that happened until now felt like it was a waste. Erwin's sacrifice, all the soldiers that died and stuff. Felt like a big joke
Characters were super fucking dragged on - They killed off decent characters such as Zeke, but its not even about the likeable ones, its just the marley titans felts so dragged on.
The jaw titan died but got eaten by the little kid, that was fine and good, glad he survived but other characters were overused:

Reiner: Bro just doesnt die, literally, reiner was super dragged on, he shouldve died back during the reclaiming of wall maria but got his ass saved and made it out alive in the end. WASNT HE THE ONE THAT BREACHED THE FUCKING WALLS WITH BERTHOLDT IN THE FIRST PLACE??
Annie: she was fine till she was locked in a cage, but then she gets released and starts gaining sympathy from the people she killed??? That was dumb writing, people like armin are fanboying over her and the girl that gave her food after she was free from the crystal, just wth, didnt she kill Marco? and several others?
Gabbi: GOSH i cant describe my hatred, this one is based off pure hatred, HOW THE FUCK DOES SHE END UP WITH A GUN, DOES IT JUST SPAWN OUT OF YMIR'S ASS? First time when she killed sasha we saw where she got the gun from, second time when she shot eren, HOW THE FUCK IS A LITTLE GIRL ABLE TO HOLD SUCH A BIG SNIPER AND SHOOT IT, WHERE ARE THE PHYSICS AT? THEN WHEN SHE SHOOTS FLOCH, WHAT THE FUCK.
The cart titan: This mf shouldve died back when she was blown off during the marley invasion LIKE HOW DO YOU SURVIVE THUNDERSPEARS UP YOUR ASS.
Furthermore the hypocrisy of eren's so called friends, just too much. Commander Hanje, mikasa and armin + others were all happy and well when eren was about to use rumbling to destroy marley. If he had destroyed just marley, the entire world would wanna destroy them, so whats the point? its all back to square 1. He decides to destroy the entire world except paradis and the all turn on him TF?? they call it genocide however isnt that what they were about to do to marley, was that not wrong? all of a sudden this is wrong?? (it is wrong but still hypocrites). They all forget about Gabi's racism towards eldians at paradis, the stuff that commander mcgrath said, people that died to the hands of titans sent by marley?? Where did all that go?
Mikasa and Eren step sibling romance: Just what the fuck
Overall the ending sucked, a better ending wouldve been having something ironic like "eren becoming ymir's slave" or "eren stuck in the paths forever" the kid who wanted freedom the most is now a slave or something like that, instead of the bullshit we got, along with eren's death or trapping all the 9 titans and their weilders die, all the colossal titans comne back and turn into walls once more never to be disturbed and are ordered by eren to protect the eldians at any cost whenever they in danger during the future, alongside all the pure titans turning back to humans. No more titans world is a normal place.
Elimination of titans would also stop eldia hate, no reason to be scared of them since all titans are gone.
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2023.03.26 20:46 Waste_Treacle2291 Melatonin/Sleep Question

I thought I would check-in with the Reddit community regarding some sleep issues I am experiencing. So I have historically been a chronic insomniac, but overall sleep wellness has improved substantially over the past few years.
Unfortunately, over the past 6 months I started to deal with occasional sleeplessness, but started using melatonin to address this issue. Honestly, it worked really well, put me to sleep very quick and I began to take about 10mg every night for a few months (NOTE I did check with my doctor about this dosage and the frequency, they indicated it was fine)
Over the past few weeks however, I’ve noticed a distinct negative trend where every night out of four nights I would have terrible sleep (either 7 hours of poor sleep that would make me feel as if I had really only gotten 2-3 hours of good sleep) or 2-3 hours of sleep, always waking up around 2 or 3am in the morning and not falling back asleep.
Any suggestions as to different troubleshooting options I should try? I’ve picked up a few other supplements to try out instead (ideally would like to take nothing, but have had chronic bouts of insomnia since I was 15) - outside of having to take melatonin, everything else routine wise for getting ready for bed seems pretty healthy - don’t eat within two hours before bed, don’t drink alcohol/drugs, go to bed at the same time every night, have a good diet, exercise - just this persistent sleep imbalance one out of four nights.
Sorry for the long post, any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!
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2023.03.26 20:46 DIVINExxAVENGER How to *FIX* Black hair when in damaged or low health state. DB Legends Pack.

So I've had this issue for a while when in photomode or any situation where you get "scratches" or low health your hair goes pitch black if you use DB Legends pack.
I managed to find a fix. In the EMM you need to edit the values. Below is for the Broly Fury hair but I imagine it'd be the same for the others.

Also, if your hair detail goes away (the black lines) make sure you don't set the hair to 001. Set it to 000 or any other value. This is all based off my experience and how I fixed it. I'm not the best modder but I thought I'd share what worked for me. Hopefully this can help someone.
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2023.03.26 20:46 ibPolaris Where to find used / secondhand pens?

I know about pen_swap but what other places are there? I've been searching for the BENU Polar Night since it sold out and can't find it anywhere so I'm looking for other avenues
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2023.03.26 20:46 Crafty-slug Storage Units?

Hey! I was just wondering if anyone knows of any places where I can store a few boxes during the summer (hopefully close to campus). Thanks in advance!!
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